i love this arc a lot

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I started listening to the adventure zone recently because I saw it on your blog I'm like half way through the petals to the metal arc and I am loving it, especially taako, thanks for getting me hooked on it!

aaaa get ready to cry at the end of that arc! also in every other arc! just get ready ! for a lot of fun and pai,n !! i’m so glad so many people are listening to it!!!!!

I love that the basketball match is not just a basketball match. There is actually lots of substance in the arc.Like, you know, character development, backstory on the characters, some seem just to be random bullies but they can be real sweet when they want to. Look, someone gaining self-esteem, another character slowly realizing she’s hella gay…and so on. 

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2, 14 & 26 for the ask-meme, please?

Thank you for the ask :)

2. What is your favorite class and why? And/or list the player classes in order of most -> least favorite

My heart belongs to Mercenary heal. Except for a short phase after 1.2 I always loved healing with the Mercenary.
A ranking is difficult. I prefer my Assassin for H2, but play my Marauder in raids. I play the other tanks, and my sniper least.
My favorite story is the IA’s.

14. Favorite planet story arc?

Voss for both factions because of the mystics and Belsavis Empire side, the latter not least for its relevance to the story arc of the Dread Masters. Also I have some vivid memories of Taris with Ciner, my SW. In headcanon he deserved a lot more DS points than he actually collected ingame.

26. Who is/are your favorite non-companion NPC(s)?

Master Timmns, SW Belsavis; Sharack Breev, SW Tatooine.
Watcher Two and Keeper
Nariel Pridence, Smuggler Tatooine

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Hi! I really like your blog, especially the Star Wars stuff you post since I'm starting to get back into the fandom. I'm currently debating on making some ocs such as an ARC Trooper, Jedi and Padawan, and maybe a Clone Assassin (they appear in the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith game). I'm still debating on the ocs though, but all I gotta say is I love your blog and your ocs as well. ^^

Thank you a lot :) I’d be curious about your OCs tbh, they definitely sound interesting. I haven’t played RoS the game, but I’ll have a look at those clone assassins.


i’ve found the strength to grow so much more
a whisper to a roar
no more crying
it’s time for me to soar

Discworld for Beginners

So, I just typed this out in a group chat because I got carried away and I thought I would make it into a post since some people might be interested in Terry Pratchett’s amazing comedy fantasy series, Discworld. So here are some great starting points.

1) Guards! Guards!
Cop noir about a drunk city watch captain and the beginning of his arc towards becoming an amazing city watchman. The series as a whole focuses a lot on racial and class prejudices as well as, of course, crime.

2) Mort
About a young boy becoming apprentice to Death. Death is one of the most beloved characters in all of Discwold and his novels focus a lot on humanity, what it means to be human and the nature of the universe.

3) Wyrd Sisters
My personal favourite series, but this isn’t the first book featuring The Witches, but a better starting point than the first one (Equal Rights, if you really want to start there, but it’s rough). This novel is largely a play on Macbeth, but the series expands to play on fairy tails, fey and other storytelling tropes and what it means to be a witch who cares for a community.

4) Wee Free Men
A soft reboot of The Witches focusing on a young woman learning to become a witch and is possibly one of the best YA leads of all time. The series really is about growing up and responsibility. (There is a metric tonne of stuff I can say and unpack about Tiffany and her books, but this is a short post). Probably the best starting book as it stands alone very well, is largely disconnected from Discworld as a whole to begin with and is Pratchett at his best.

5) Going Postal
A beautiful disaster of a human being who is a conman becomes a the head of the postal service and a captain of industry. Hijinks ensue and the novel becomes a defamation of capitalism as a whole.

6) Monstrous Regiment
A fantastic stand alone about a girl joining an all male army to find her brother who went off to war and didn’t come back. Talks a lot about gender roles and has a few trans characters. 

Terry Pratchett tackles a lot of social, moral and occasionally religious issues in his Discworld series and as much as I love his writing, there is a significant lack of racial and sexual diversity in his writing. 
Also, please do not read the first 3 books of the series to start your Discworld experience, doing that is like eating raw flour and eggs to see if you like cake.

15 Reasons Nygmobblepot Will Still Be Canon

Yes, I’m doing another one of these. I’d appreciate it if I wasn’t judged for this. A lot of people need to feel positive right now, including me. And these are things that need to be mentioned 

  • The whole season so for has been dedicated to Oswald falling in love with Ed. Oswald’s only other arc was becoming Mayor. Writers don’t normally waste half a season without utilizing the elements they used and built up. 
  • Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor “Living” for Nygmobblepot and both being part of the LGBT community.
  • Cory and Robin looking happy in most new set photos. 
  • Robin putting a green and purple heart underneath a set photo of Ed and Oswald by the docks.
  • The actors/writers never saying outright that they won’t end up together along the line and teasing us with tweets and pictures sometimes supporting Nygmobblepot romantically. 
  • TV Shows/Dramas like to throw their audiences off track with smartly twisted lies and words, and they like to build up a lot of drama to make us keep coming back and watching again every week. The drama between Ed and Oswald right now almost means nothing. 
  • Episode 15 of Season one is where Oswald and Edward met. Episode 15 of Season two is where Edward and Oswald met again for the first time after becoming (best) friends. Also Cory said his “favorite scenes with Robin” were in Episode 15 of this season: How the Riddler Got His Name.
  • Episode 14 is where Ed and Oswald “come to an understanding” after dealing with their problems “face-to face.”
  • In response to someone being distraught over Nygmobblepot (”Nygmobblepot is killing me”), the Gotham Writers on Twitter said “There’s still a lot of episodes left this season.”
  • 90% of negativity and pessimism about Nygmobblepot being fan’s or article writer’s opinions and speculation.
  • Cory Michael Smith liking a tweet that said something along the lines of “I hope this doesn’t end up being queerbaiting.”
  • Gotham has never shied away from surprising us, throwing out plot twists, teasing us, torturing us. This is nothing new.
  • Ed and Oswald work together against Jerome (and presumably the trio) later in Season 3.
  • Ed has been known to double cross, and like working alone. He especially doesn’t like working with specific people below his intelligence level. (Butch, Barbara, Tabitha)
  • Everything done in the Ed and Oswald arc this season thus far all would be for nothing. Legitimately. For nothing. Would the writers be that stupid?

Have. Faith. Everyone. Do it so the homophobes don’t win. Do it so that lgbt audience members can know that others believe in this relationship. Do it for them. Do it for us. Don’t let our ship sink until there’s literally nothing left. And does it look like we have nothing??^^^

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Watched the Yagyuu arc again so I doodled one of my fav shot from the ep 80 with their both hair styles UwU which Kyuubei-kun do you guys like the most?~

Drew is probably mean as a defence mechanism tbh, like she found out her sister was the spy then she died and then she was in a war all within the same day? That’s a lot.
I’m not saying it excuses her behaviour, but I feel like she deserves better.

to my stars and the light of my life, my wonderful qpp @chiackii-nanamii <3 ur perfect in so many ways thank you for staying with me <333

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the thing that gets me is that if written properly, an arc about peridot falling in love with someone could have been awesome.

in a lot of ways, romantic love is shown to be something of the earth, not of homeworld. attraction definitely exists among homeworld gems but actual, equal, romantic relationships don’t. peridot doesn’t understand earth’s idea of love. she doesn’t understand the romantic arc presented in camp pining hearts - she has to frame it through the idea of fusion and mutual strength, and still doesn’t get it. it’s only when garnet explains it to her - “i’m percy and pierre” - that she starts to figure it out.

so, peridot falls in love. could be with amethyst, could be with lapis, who cares. and she has no idea what’s going on. she wants to be around this person all the time but she’s so nervous! she wants physical contact with them even when it’s not necessary or doesn’t make sense. she wants to spend time with them and hang out with them, but for some reason this makes her completely lose her cool. it makes no sense!

and then, over time, she works it out. she goes to steven to ask if this is an earth thing, and he tries to explain it to her, but eventually tells her to go ask garnet, because garnet’s the expert. and garnet is!! so excited!! she sits peridot down and explains how love works - how you can find someone who just fits together with you perfectly, and who you genuinely adore and want to impress. you want them to be happy but you also want them to be happy with you.

peridot: “…oh. oh! OH!!!!”

it would fit so naturally into peridot learning about the earth and learning about herself. it would be an arc that could tell gay kids everywhere that what they feel is good and natural and right, and that these developing feelings aren’t something to be scared of but something to be embraced.

and come on. shy nerd peridot trying to romance someone with something out of a romantic drama she binged on for fifty hours straight, backed up by overly-excited wingman garnet acting like a parent whose kid is having their first crush, would be hilarious.

I want to make a point on the “lesbians sleeping with men” trope

There is an over abundance of stories about lesbians falling in love with or sleeping with men.

There are a ton of shitty examples (Chasing Amy, Kissing Jessica Stein, The Kids are Alright) in mainstream media.  For some reason filmmakers in particular love to tell this story (though literary adult fiction does it a lot too).  It always ends with the lesbian either staying a lesbian, turning straight, or adopting some vague no labels bs so she can be with the dude.  

I know no lesbians who like these stories.  They are sick to death of seeing them.

There is a dearth of stories about ‘lesbians’ falling in love with or sleeping with men and realizing that they’re actually bi.  

 You never ever see this in media.  Seriously I’m struggling to name an example.  Maybe Tina from the L Word?  But that’s kinda a stretch since her character arc was an inconsistent train wreck so it was hard to tell what she was realizing there.  Erica Moen has written about it in her comic work that is autobiographical, but I can’t think of any fictional stories about this besides the upcoming Ramona Blue.

Bi women love these stories.  They are desperate for more of these stories.  They hold onto the aforementioned shitty example movies because they’re all we can get.  I’m a big believer in needing more bisexual-using-the-b-word representation in media for bi people but frankly in a desert, sometimes you drink sand.   I know plenty of bi women who have a soft spot for films like Chasing Amy because for years it was the closest thing to bisexuality or their story of bisexuality that you could find on screen.  We understand they are problematic, but we still cling to them.   Its deeply unfair to heap scorn on bi women for cherishing those scraps when scraps are all we’ve been given.  

This is a clear case where the lesbian experience with this as a trope and the bi experiance with this as a story is very different.  For people who don’t understand why stories like Chasing Amy and Ramona Blue are wanted and cherished by bi women, this is your chance to listen to what we are saying about our real life experiences and how it plays into our desires for these stories.  You have a chance to learn here.  Please consider doing so.

- Sarah 

Like I’m just a little tired of hearing that Piccolo and Vegeta were better dads than Goku. Both of these characters have these great redemptive arcs that revolve around the kids they raise, and their moment of redemption is a lot less subtle than Goku’s, because where Goku is becoming a less dismissive father, they’re both working up from being evil, manipulative jerks who’ve both mentally and physically abused Gohan and Trunks, respectively.

Goku doesn’t particularly have this poignant heel turn with his son because unlike the other two, he’s loved his kid from the very beginning.

And I like both Piccolo and Vegeta, I really do, and their redemptions have a lot to do with their likability, but just remember that Goku didn’t start his foray into dad-hood by kidnapping a child for their combat potential and completely resenting his future son for being stronger than him.