i love this anime so much you don't even know

A fine recommendation:

Don’t watch anime.
It starts off slow,
And before you know it,
It consumes your soul.


Boyfriends in ep2~

  •  “Don’t go bb!” - “That’s ok darling, don’t worry~”
  • *Agreeing with everything bae has to say*
  • “Bae! Protect me from that scary alien!”
  • *The look of love~*


I ship them so much!! Even the gorgeous alien can’t come between them.

Ok, actually I wouldn’t mind if he came between them, if you know what I mean…;) 

Will anyone sprinkle the ocean over my head?

I want to be showered by submerged fish and sun

Inspired by Zankyou no Terror ED.

When I noticed that a hand pulled Lisa up, I thought that it’s highly possible that it’s Twelve!


You don’t really get to choose who you fall for.
It’s embarrassing after all the horrible things I’ve said about him!!!

  • Japan: everybody loves nendoroids so much!!! They are small and cute!!
  • The USA/Europe: hmmm... you are right but they still look so... weird. What if we replace these anime eyes with two huge black holes that will stare into your soul.... Oh, and make their heads even bigger!
  • Some evil person: "creates first F*nko Pop figure"
  • The USA/Europe: Now that's what we can call cute. Need more of this!!!

I love how in Toshi’s “No Might” form (let’s call it that) his eyes smile for him, but in his “All Might” form it’s his mouth that’s just so well done I can’t. (Oh, and Deku and Kacchan’s moms are best moms of every shonen manga/anime ever for me)


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Can I ask you something? If you love the original anime so much, then why don't you watch THAT and leave Crystal alone? I mean, really? Just because the show has some ugly frames here and there, it doesn't mean it sucks. Every anime has ugly frames, even the old one.

It’s ok to have ugly frames, every anime has that, but when you have a complete episode full of ugly frames then you know that something is not right.

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if you don't like lizzy you should read the ship arc in the manga because i guarantee you will love her after that. the anime didn't really develop her well so she's disliked because people don't know her.

Ah darling believe me I have read the many a many,many,many times. And I am terribly sorry but her character is not to my liking.you guys might think that what she is very noble and so on,that she is doing the right thing but not in my eyes. She is pushing too much into,is oblivious, pretty much selfish since she wants the old Ciel back witouth even trying to understand the one having now before her. She is very impulsive and is hiding her true self,yes she is doing it for Ciel-to get the lil naive boy back who found her cute and smiled a lot….I mean here is once again her wish,her desire—-she wants old Ciel so she throws herself onto him and suffocates him ,she wants him to find her cute so she plays an innocent baby, right in the Campania arc she refuses to get her dress off when for gods sake she could have acted more mature and push through to save herself AND Ciel….what she does?she pretends again.
I know that as a girl or woman you had it hard in Victorian time,believe me I do,I made so much research on this that my head hurt.but that again, her mother is a strong woman and shows it with pride,while she still lives in her dream world of her Ciel.She is strong both mentally and physicaly but omg she …she is 14 I know and therefore does not know many things but she is downright forcing it all on Ciel instead to listen and it pisses me off so immensly. Yes she can use swords….wow…a shocker. Is am sorry but did you notice that all more important women in Kuro have two faces????
Madam red - lovely aunt that went through hell but is so damn amazing,she is my favorite female here, BUT she is a murderer and can do things with her little knives.

Frances - another aunt who is fierce,brave and can handle swords,guns……BUT is a woman with a broken heart since she has to watch her daughter suffer.she had to give her only baby girl to the Queens Watchdog.she had to train Lizzy into a sword mastering machine because she knows that with Ciel her life will be in danger 24/7 .have you people ever thought of that???
Lizzy DESERVES BETTER, Ciel loves her…as family and the last little human he has from is warm past,but he is a danger for her and already now makes her sad.

Then we have Mey-Rin - a clumsy maid ,who actually can shoot you from a distance of god knows how many meters - again two sides of her and again ONE IS HIDDEN

I know many hate the anime but - Angela was the same,a little scared and loving maid who is actually quite a strong angel and can slice you up.
Same for Hannah - a timid and obedient maid who is a damn demon that holds more weapons than your whole country.
And Ran Mao - silent,pretty girl that seems shy…but oh boy once she gets her weapon out you are going down.
Beast as well - a broken girl wishing for love, but can starngle you with just flick of her wrist and whip.

I just mean I was so not surprised that Lizzy went ‘bad ass’ ,not with Frances as her mother. There are so many other things but the females in Kuro all then out to be masters in sword art,with weapons,or are a bit psychotic. Yana has a pattern here,kinda…..and I dont like hate Lizzy but all her cuteness and smiles are so…fake to me. Maybe because she reminds me of my ex-best friend that honestly fucked me up a bit, and you can’t forget that Ciel most likely has a mental disorder? and srsly needs some space and quiet as well. Lizzy needs to start see behind her own selfish desires and finally get a grip on reality which is not nice. I really would love to see her happy,she just won’t be with Ciel and all this shit happening around you know.

So yes I do not hate Lizzy I just find her character as ‘not to my liking’ and she irks me ._. I’m really story but that is just how I feel ._.