i love this anime it's so hilarious

It’s another Xellos the Mysterious Priest!! (Still literally one of the dumbest ways to introduce yourself.) I’m really happy how this picture turned out, this sketch had been abandoned on my computer for a while before I finally decided to paint it lol. I really wanted to have two kinds of lighting in the piece in order to capture his two-faced personality. (I need to sketch some funnier ones, I’m so dramatic all the time!) I love the The Slayers anime, it’s possibly my favorite of all time! I think I’ll be working on Lina Inverse and the rest of the gang next~

description copy and pasted from my deviantart ‘cause i uploaded it there first ;v;

“ this would probably look better with a bg but i didnt wanna soooo please just pretend qwq

i really like resident evil 7
i didnt play it myself ‘cause im genuine garbage at survival horror games but i watched a lets play (dont mind meeee i like watching lets plays a lot ;v
i think i wanna watch some playthroughs of other resident evils too 'cause like, even though 7 is apparently pretty different, i feel like id like the others tooo (or at least the first 3 i think id like those, i know nothing about 4-6)

i love ethan
i have a huge soft spot for player characters in general but the fact that ethan kinda seemed like, mildly peeved after like a monster just comes up to him is hilarious to me i loved it
*arm gets chopped off*
“aw darn this sure is a pickle”
thats an exaggeration but its kinda the vibe he had
also hes so dedicated to his wife
but yeah i loved him so i drew a thing of him

he doesnt have a face in the game so i kinda didnt give him a full face and instead just gave him one of them weird anime face shadows
i think his model is found somewhere in the files and he has a face there maybe? but i dunno i like faceless mcs so hes got no face in my interpretation
i have no clue what kinda shoes he wears
i cant draw guns for shit
i decided to try some new drawing techniques
this entire drawing is a disaster but im proud of it ;v; i was watching a video earlier today where someone was talking about their colouring techniques and while i didnt really emulate it entirely, i did try out a more painterly mess inspired by that video
it was fun but time consuming qwq ”

also ive noticed i have a bad habit of drawing short legs plss dont mind meeEE i try my best i swear q-q

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YOUR BLOG MADE ME WATCH GEKKAN SHOUJO NOZAKI-KUN AND OH MY GOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I just finished the anime today~ so cute. But I wanted that kiss!!!!!

aww i’M so glad you watched it and liked it!! i hIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECCOMMEND reading the manga though like you get SO much more including

* NOZAKI’S YOUNGER BROTHER MAYU who is HILARIOUS with his mikorin interaction  + chiyo’s supportive younger bro + seo’s older bro + nozaki’s lil sis
* just amazing moments like seo pretending to be mikorin’s girlfriend and kashima getting a makeover and nozaki and mikorin acting like school punks
* chiyo touching nozaki’s butt

Wow, 100 Followers

HaThis is amazing, 100 people went to follow a blog that does nothing but post cute anime girls and a meme or two, this is something pretty huge. Whelp, i guess its time to say thanks

First off these nerds, I like their blogs and their guts (Mostly their blogs)

@tsunglasses (Some NSFW) (11%)

@lewdest-lounge (Lots Of NSFW) (7%)

@a-zombi (More NSFW) (5%)

@weeaboosupreme (Very good guy) (5%)

@toomuchmoe (Also a very good guy) (5%)

@hexagon431 (One of the big boys, but still one of the boys) (5%)


@darkrai10 (Good taste) (4%)

@complacentmoon (Pretty cool guy) (4%)

NOW THEIRS SOME PEOPLE I WANT TO GIVE SPECIAL SHOUT OUTS TO, BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE THEM (Some are repeats from above, sorry, they are that good!)

@tsundiere This is Zach, hes a really good friend of mine and is one of the few people I know who will put up with me! He has a really nice blog and post the occasional anime girl (Usually the good ones too). He has personally helped me with a lot of things, including my theme (and some more personal stuff) so please consider checking him out!

@toomuchmoe Did you just say Too Much Moe? Wuh… Joking of course… I hope he is… ANYWAYS, this guy right here is really good, his blog is nice and he actually talked to me! so thanks!

@cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga He gave me advice and helped me when I was really starting out, and was the first big blog to follow me! Thanks man!


@tsunglasses David is… uh… yeah…

@weeaboosupreme Really cool dude, and I like to tag anime girls to him, because we have similar taste… and good taste… well… he does at least!

@darkchunni Really funny guy who was the first real person I talked to, it was nice, and pleasant 

@animegirlssocuteyoullsuckadick You just reblogged some stuff and i found your username hilarious so uh… hey?

@suikaqueen Mara is like me, like, stupidly alike… SO CLEARLY I LOVE HER, SO GIVE HER A CHECK OUT! SHES LIKE, A NICE GIRL, AND STUFF!




7069 POST,




FT Memories - Episode 49

So its pouring rain where I am today and it got me thinking about a certain FT episode…

Episode 49 - Watch Out for the Guy You Like!

This is honestly my go to episode if I’m having a really horrible day and need a good laugh. I mean, who wouldn’t laugh at the guild going crazy after Juvia gets conned into buying a love potion? :P

Exhibit A: You are my rival!

Exhibit B: Curse you wretched pillar!

Exhibit C: Pose Off

Anyway, there are way too many screen shots one could use as reference :p This is just one of my favorite FT Memories and was hoping that people would enjoy it! :)

Hey everyone I can see BNHA is really popular right now (of course) so I want to take a moment to shamelessly promote another of my favorite series with a superficial similarity in that it’s also about heroes: Senyu.! (My brain is simple and likes to work in simple comparisons like that…)

Senyu. is a comedy anime and manga series that follows the story of Alba, one of many heroes who have been sent out by the country’s king to seal the revived Demon King. What I love about it is that even though it involves a lot of adventuring and gets serious sometimes, it always remains a comedy at heart, especially with the blatant RPG parodies (which you’ll probably get if you’ve played games such as Dragon Quest.) So even though it has its share of intense moments, it’ll keep you laughing the whole time. The characters are all wonderful and hilarious and many, including my two favorites, are also serious badasses. There’s not much not to like about this series, in my opinion! (But I’m also easygoing and optimistic so who knows whether I’m a good judge)

The anime is on Crunchyroll, and each of the 26 episodes is less than five minutes long, so it’s not exactly a serious time commitment compared to other series. If you get the chance, I highly suggest you read the amazing manga as well, since the anime stops short of the ending (as anime often do) and the manga is where you’ll get to know the characters and see the more serious parts of the story best.

Here’s the very catchy second season opening to give you a taste! I hope it’ll leave you wanting more!

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Choose between: Ochako and Tsuyu~ AND/OR Kaminari and Kirishima!


Ahhh for the first one Uraraka has always been a Best Girl for me but I suppose I will choose Tsuyu this time because now that I think about it, I think I’m more like Tsuyu! She’s quieter but when she talks, her words have an impact or meaning. Also she kinkshames Mineta and calls him out on his shit all the time which I think is hilarious and so good of her

As for the second one although I love them both equally, I will go with Kaminari because Kirishima has gotten a lot of well-deserved attention lately and I would like Kaminari to have more appreciation, our favorite dank electric boy

Make me choose between two things~

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AnonPhantom: I like how everyone in game likes Mimikyu and see it as this cute and lonely pokemon that just has a Pikachu costume and wants a friend while the anime takes a more scary and creepy route with it being an spooky and vengeful pokemon who hates and despises Pikachu. The game is favoring its fairy typing and the anime is leaning in favor of its ghost typing. Though I remember Mimikyu being a nightmare to catch.

That’s why I love it so much! In the game Mimikyu’s super sweet and just wants friends, but in the anime it’s a savage little bastard that wants to not only defeat Pikachu, but /kill/ it. It’s absolutely friggin’ hilarious and it’s so cool to see both sides of the coin. It just makes the little bean that much more fascinating!

What I like about Fairy Tail

I’ve seen alot of people saying they don’t like Fairy Tail, and I respect that of course it’s their opinion. Which means this is also my opinion, please don’t try to take anything personally.

1. The characters

Fairy Tail is full of interesting and different characters. I don’t mean just the main group, but everyone.

I love the heartwarming way the characters act together and I also love their bonds and relationships. I enjoy seeing animes where there isn’t alot of love triangles constantly being throw in your face, or drama between characters. My favorite character is Lucy Heartfilia, she’s cute, smart, nice and tries to protect her friends dearest to her. I know she isn’t the strongest wizard but she doesn’t care, she still tries to help out her friends in need.

I love the members of Fairy Tail, aswell as the other guild’s. They are so interesting and unique and it’s so nice.

2. The ships

I know, everyone has different ships within fairy tail and that’s alright but these are my own ships. Natsu and Lucy are adorable, and they have a relationship based on mutual trust, and friendship. They are one of the most developed relationship I have ever seen in an anime. You can really see the difference from the first time they met to now. Levy and Gajeel always had a bit of sexual tension, and I always expected them to get together before everyone else. Its the “bad boy and good girl,” trope that gets overused but in fairy tail it works pretty well. Jellal and Erza are one of the most obvious ones that make me scream. They knew each other since they were small babies and they obviously care for each other. He sees Erza as his saviour and light in the dark and she gives him hope. She sees him as the small child that once was her best friend. I really do hope they end up together because they would make one bad add couple. Juvia and Gray is the obvious Senpai ship. Juvia is obsessed with Gray and Gray tried to deny her. Yet, the character development is crazy. He sees her as a strong wizard and a caring person, and even though she does annoy him he still cares about her. I do think Gray has changed his mindset about Juvia since she joined the guild.

Some ships I do ship, but not really based on alot of evidence is Mira and Laxus, and Happy and Carla. They are cute but I haven’t seen any development.

3. The magic

I love the magic in this anime, it’s so pretty, cool and interesting. Espically the different types of magic, I thought it would get boring since there were multiple people with the same magic but no, it’s the opposite. The idea of only a certain amount of people having the same magic is fascinating.

4. The humor

Fairy Tail is definitely comedic, it’s very funny. I have enjoyed the humor in this anime for a while now and I have never stopped. Its hilarious!

5. The drawing style

Yes I know the anime and manga are different but I love the manga. The drawing style is so simple yet so beautiful. I have never gotten tired of how pretty and detailed hiros comics are.

6. The length

For someone just joining Fairy Tail it may be bad that it’s so long! But for me, I’ve been here since the beginning and I love it. I like longer manga and anime series and it also doesn’t end right away…which makes me sad.

7. The plot

I have always enjoy the plot in Fairy Tail, the twists and turns and character development and cool magic and cute outfits. Who wouldn’t love it? I enjoy the intense plot and interesting facts about this other world. I love it

Those were a few things I love about Fairy Tail, hope you enjoyed. If you want me to make another list of something, let me know.

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Actually here’s a chip story with a simple punchline that needs a lot of context that I absolutely love, so last year (2 years ago??) they were cosplaying mettaton & broke into my room so when I walked in they were just on the floor posing which was heckin hilarious so I made a post about mettaton breaking into my room & they reblog it with ‘tag yourself I’m mettaton’. then when we went to anime boston my favorite con story happened, the whole ‘sans cosplayer offered a snack and as a joke gave me a packet of ketchup which I immediately ate to his shock and horror’, & after I posted that they reblogged it with 'tag yourself I’m mettaton’. They really were.


Kida Masaomi was my first Yosuke ok

I mean he follows the same “hilarious cityboy sidekick bff who’s kind of rude most of the time and secretly harbours jealousy for the main character but we love him anyways” type as Yosuke from persona 4

And Durarara came first so

I need to find a way to draw him properly it’s hard to capture his flippancy sorry

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Thank you so much for this blog! Not only for its hilariousness but thanks to your last year anime recommendations I watched and LOVED Mawaru Penguindrum, which led me to love Night on the Galactic Railroad which then led me to today's purchase of fabric related to it. Thank you so much. Crystal's season 1 was worth it just for the creation of this blog.

Mawaru Penguindrum is epic and iconic no wonder why you loved it!.

And I’m really happy that you discovered Night on the Galactic Railroad because is a totally must see as well!.

So happy that you discovered some cool stuff that you loved and now own it in form of fabric!

Thanks a lot for your sweet words!.

Candid bitching about Unpretty Rapstar 3

Episode 1. Let the mess begin.

I love Nada for real but watch me bag on her.

I swear they tell them to come at different times just to build pressure

So do they ask someone to start mess?

Soyeon vs Nada, its lit.
There’s Soyeon, enthusiastic and real and Nada, shady like there’s fucking sun out

Miryo is a goddess. Let me just slip that in.

Kassy looks bomb, who’s Nada to come for her clothes?

I like the Grace and Euna bonding moment. More of that please.

Grazy Grace

WHAT. Is YDG wearing???

Jidam gives no fucks

Giant Pink. I love her why??? She’s just so wondersome

Janey grew so much woah, she badass but still cute af


Grace brought her damn set with her.

Kassy came dressed to slay. That is all


This is the best cypher track on unpretty. Season one was horrendous, season 2 had the ugliest hook of all time, this season is better

Speaking of season two. Its obvious this season will be WAY better, yeah?

Grace’s trolls are distracting

Euna is always so happy, bless her (can you tell I love her?) And her rapping is bomb

Jooyeon… Baby J or whatever… Eh, she alright

The sound effects when Kassy moves her head. Is this an anime?


Nah but for real, Giant Pink intimidating Nada was hilarious

Jidam is disappointed

I’m with Jidam though

WAIT IT WAS GRACE’S HOOK. I’m proud for some reason?

Idk why I like Grace. Her rapping I’m not crazy about but I love her.

Nah wait. Jidam don’t act like you above anyone. Miryo is there. Only she is allowed, toodles honey.

Miryo puts Jidam in her place. Enjoyable.

*whispers* Burn it down, burn it down, burn it down

Nada’s makeup. Who’s dick she sucking lookin all…? (Jk jk)

Soyeon, dazzle everyone.

Giant Pink vs Nada?

Nada been taking L’s :(

Miryo making everyone see the light

GP is competitive eh? I like her more now.

I thought Nada would be spiteful when choosing between GP and Miryo. I’m glad she wasn’t. A bit of my faith has been restored.

Jooyeon forgetting her shit again. OK

Miryo professional as FUCK. My mother, my love.

Jidam became high maintenance? Janey is an innocent bystander

Giant Pink. That’s what matters.

I love one take videos but fucking hell that looks difficult.

Grace been bringing shit from her MV. Gotta clear the company’s storage room.

are Grace and YDG competing for worst outfit?

Nada went back to the loud and bubbly girl I know her as. Thank you.


Grace be crazy as fuck

Why was the arrangements changed live? I like that version. But this sounds great too.

I love Euna. But she looked sick and was out of sync :(

GP feeling herself

Appreciate Soyeon, yes.

Her gestures were cool, I’m glad they noticed.

Anyone know GP’s insta? 👀👀

Dramatic ass editing ugh

Jooyeon cries a lot. Wow.

Miryo is everyone’s mum

The music belongs on Attack On Titan, not here.

Jidam’s laugh is demonic, what was that?

Euna’s verse was really good she just messed up during shooting

I feel like I shit talked Jidam a lot. I still love her tho

Can I be one of those dancers? Mnet hit me up when you need a black girl.

Will be updated when sub’s are out 👀


OH MAH GAWD, this anime is a MUST WATCH. Clannad will make you cryyyyy, especially if you let it, are open minded, and really get into it. Not many animes are 10′s but Clannad is DEFINITELY a 10/10. 

Clannad is full of all kinds of emotions, its hilarious, tender, sad, and loving. The ROMANCE in this story goes above and beyond and is so Beautiful (to me Clannad + Clannad after story = 1 anime), What i really love about  is that the story goes from high school to even their lives after. In other words, the whole anime isn’t stereotypically building up to “the big confession” for the last episode. Just letting people know CLANNAD HAS AN EQUAL/REASONABLE NUMBER OF MALES AND FEMALES.

THE MUSIC is really amazing(Jun Maeda is a boss, so is the rest of KEY). Also the art and scenery in the show is truly gorgeous. ( I really admire how the anime uses the seasons for most color choices), Key is a really good company that produces lots VN’s(visual Novels) 

Out of All animes I’ve seen, this one BEST, the romantic and emotional impact it has, by far.

                 other suggestions if you like Clannad

  • Little Busters( made by Key)
  • Angel beats(made by Key)
  • Kanon(made by Key)
  • AIR(made by Key) I highly recommend this of you liked clannad
  • Kimi Ni Todoke
  • Toradora
  • Say “I Love you”
  • Ao Haru RIde
10 anime that impacted my life

Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Ten anime you’ve seen that will always stick with you. List the first ten you can recall in no more than 10 minutes. Tag 10 friends.

Tagged by Brigid, thanks girl! I’ve opted to go for series only (so not including movies like Ghibli) and I’ll write a little bit about each one because why the hell not? 

1) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
This was the first anime I ever watched properly and I’m SO glad. The quality is just top notch - an amazing heartbreaking but clever story, balanced with gold humour, with family ties and loyalty at its forefront. It still remains my favourite to this very day, simply because of its emotional resonance.

2) Ouran High School Host Club
I feared I would hate this when it was rec’d to me by Laura but I ended up falling in love with everyone 5 minutes in. Absolutely hilarious and manages to take the mick out of itself and the entire genre whilst having some fantastic messages underneath the silliness. It’s extremely close to my heart. <3

3) Shingeki No Kyojin
I thought the concept and style were very cool - it has fantastic character design (such good facial diversity hell yeah!) and a soundtrack that could give most blockbuster movies a run for their money. 

4) Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
I started watching this for a joke thinking it would be awful but instead found myself on the slippery spiral into sport anime hell and became completely obsessed. It’s beautifully animated and the story is a lot less shallow than I first expected. Themes about growing up/friendship/finding your own path in life always tug my heartstrings.

5) Sakamichi No Apollon
This is a really beautiful and profound series. Again, friendship/growing up/forging bonds are its core themes and the cast of characters is so wonderful. 

6) Kuroko No Basuke
I..I don’t really have anything to say about this one except it’s utterly ridiculous and takes sport anime to a whole new level of bonkers, but it’s hilariously enjoyable all the same. I ended up getting fiercely attached to everyone without even realizing, plus the soundtrack’s awesome.

7) Tsuritama
Short, sweet, colourful, and about friendship. It’s such an endearing series, and always reminds me of summer.

8) Cowboy Bebop
Gotta throw in a classic here somewhere! I love Watanabe’s work and I’m so weak for misfits that make a family with each other. Well worth its amazing reputation as one of the greatest anime of all time.

9) Yowamushi Pedal
All I’ll say is, if you are not watching this, you are seriously missing out on a lot. Everyone is a gem. Everything is hilarious. Pedal is just amazing. It will change your life for the better. It will make you cry for all kinds of reasons. 

10) Death Note
Well, it’s another classic so how could I not? I swear, everyone and their dog has watched this even if they aren’t really into anime at all. I marathoned the whole thing over a space of 3 days, oops.

I’m gonna tag Lara, Ami, Laura, Angela, Grisselle, Daniel, Viria, Janet, Lillian and Michaele! Don’t feel you need to do this if you don’t want to though ofc! :)