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We tried to make it work. We fought all odds and tried to be together. I guess we were just two halves of a broken heart that didn’t fit together. This doesn’t mean that this has to be the end, though. Maybe we’ll meet again. We’ll meet as two whole hearts living, breathing and completely free. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so hard to love with our entire beings. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so scary. Maybe then it would work out for the better. Until then, I guess I have to build myself a whole heart and just wait. Wait to fall into your arms again. Until then, goodbye, my love.
—  Dream Soluna
Arkos Pregnancy Au

here it is folks. What started out as a way of making me feel less depressed spiralled out into this beautiful au.

are you ready??? (also please keep in mind that I only did some research into pregnancy so if something is wildly inaccurate its because I’m lazy)

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Katsuki Yuri is a talented figure skater whose skill-set did not instantaneously come from Victor Nikiforov’s coaching. 

Katsuki Yuri was Japan’s ace before he met Victor.

Katsuki Yuri was one of the top six skaters in the world before he met Victor.

Katsuki Yuri is a talented skater due to his determination and diligence, not just because of Victor.

Okay guys but what about a Supercorp Legally Blonde AU where Kara is dating Mon-El because that’s just what’s expected and she’s very good and devoted to him and he pulls a Warner and is like “I need someone serious if I’m going to further my career so byeee” and Kara is all like “well I’ll seriously get into law school.” And so she goes to law school to be with Mon-El and win him back. And one of the TAs is Lena Luthor, who is having to work extra hard to prove that she’s intelligent and getting by on her grades, her brain and her own merit and not just because she’s a Luthor and Lena agrees to help Kara study and improve her grades and then they fall in love and Kara wins a case (with Lena’s help) and Mon-El cries because he’s forever alone and a dick.

  • An actual conversation with my coworker:
  • Her: (seeing my anti-possession necklace) oh yeah I was thinking of you last week during the episode -
  • Her: - because we saw the colt again and I remembered us talking about it.
  • Me: ..... oh. Yeah. The colt. Sure. That's totally what I focused on.

I received my copy of the @naruhinafanzine today!! It’s beautiful and so much hard work was put into it, I feel very blessed and grateful to have been invited and included to participate. So many wonderful artists and authors were included in this project, and I’m humbled to have been allowed to join them! The print by @popimitaya and the charm by @ladie-bug are seriously darling, thank you so much!! And thank you so, so much to @artistari-chan who pulled it all together with such love and dedication and made it such a special project ❤️


hello this is a happy birthday post for @leejinklies bc i think she’s p cool and i don’t have the skills to make her cool internet things, but here is a card i was going to get one of my friends and a photo of some cupcakes i made that u cannot eat bc they are long gone, but they look fine also it’s just an excuse to put the photo on tumblr happy birthday soph!!

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hey im a lesbian but i love and appreciate junkenstein he worked hard for his evil science degree and i love him

thank you we appreciate your support….I’m glad we can all agree that junkenstein is out there doing some good good bad science

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What is your favorite thing about Edd’s character in A Fistful of Ed? Is there more of a reason behind why he is upset?

When it first came out, I loved A Fistful of Ed for a lot of reasons!  First of all, Raven’s scenes are the highlight of season 5 for me, I had loved her art since before she worked for the show, so it was really exciting to see her do the bulk of an episode, and for it to be upgraded from an 11-minute story to a two-parter.  

Secondly, Edd was a hard character for me to understand, he has a lot of traits and a fairly consistent only-rational-character role in the series, but AKA didn’t always try to connect his actions to details about his life outside of each episode, the way that the writers clearly understand Eddy’s home life even if they rarely address it. I can’t remember where/when it was brought up, but season 5 was suggested to be thought of as Edd’s season, after season 4′s finale revealed the spotlight to be on Eddy.  While Edd did take the focus more often at that point, I didn’t feel like anyone but Raven was digging into his inner life and making him as much of a main character as Eddy. So it was even MORE exciting when it became clear how much the episode was turned over to Raven’s understanding of him.

 THIRD, I couldn’t believe I was finally getting what I’d always been asking for. GENUINE EMOTIONS!  As much as I value simple slice-of-life stories, the way the style developed toward complicated expressions was begging for a more serious tone than just the show’s usual topics of outrage and failure.  When the storyboards were being pitched, there was push-back behind the scenes because it was so unusual to play a scene as outwardly dramatic and break the characters down to tears.  But from what I hear it was actually Danny who was most interested in seeing Raven’s vision through, and gave it the green light. I am so grateful that we got the story the way it was originally pitched, because there’s really very little else in the show that suggests how strongly Ed and Edd feel about each other and their group, and we need to see them finally erupt so that Eddy’s exposed backstory in Big Picture Show doesn’t feel out of place in an otherwise numb universe.  That they managed to find such an emotional story while not letting up the violence at all is especially impressive.  For once, beating people up feels cohesive to the character development, instead of a shortcut to slapstick.  It’s also a humongous relief after the focus on the Eds’ increased suffering for the past two seasons, it puts a really nice bow on everything without actually being an ending.

I should also probably bring up the 3-day marathon of the first 5 seasons, leading up to the premiere of Fistful, which was being advertised as the last episode ever, despite ads running during the final day for the Invaded special (and the fandom being completely aware that two winter episodes and a movie were on the way as well). “The Best Day Edder” marathon in April 2007, making fun of a similar-but-disappointing “Best Day Ever” SpongeBob marathon from November 2006, was a dream come true for me, a brief moment where EEnE was treated like CN’s proudest project and celebrated for being the network’s longest-running series.  The end of the episode left me quaking, I was so satisfied and excited to see the Eds start winning and protecting each other.  The whole marathon was a really inspiring experience for me.

Compared to that, I was pretty depressed leading up to the next series finale, Big Picture Show.  It felt significantly more final, and more than two years passed between Fistful and BPS, so it was really nerve-wracking waiting to see if AKA could pull off another big emotional feat.  But when information about Edd’s deleted dodgeball-incident-retelling was presented to me, it really cemented my love for the show and permanently renewed my obsession with Fistful.

Basically, after starting school in another town, Toddler Edd was targeted in dodgeball by the other students, who were presumably a little older and jealous of his advanced grades. This provoked Edd to build a dodgeball cannon and go around the school mutilating other students.  He ultimately regretted seeing how much damage he could do to the human body and was further traumatized by the shame and ridicule after being arrested, forced to give a public apology and kicked out of his first town.  He moved to Peach Creek, hid any evidence he had of the incident in his hat so he knew where it was, and attempted to reinvent himself. It works phenomenally as a backstory for his warring morality and dark side, it would’ve worked well to finally put him on the same level of “bad but improving” as Ed and Eddy, and most of all, it does nothing but support and reinvent previous episodes without retconning anything.

It affects one scene in ‘Ed in a Halfshell’ and one scene in ‘Every Which Way But Ed’, but it affects ALL of ‘A Fistful of Ed’, because Edd’s clumsiness isn’t just being misinterpreted as him being a tough guy. The kids frame it as “it’s always the quiet ones,” suggesting they think Edd has finally snapped from their bullying, and the severity of their injuries makes them treat him like a soon-to-be killer.  They have no idea Edd has actually been through that reality already, but it very clearly wears on him throughout each scene, until he’s finally crying in front of everyone on the cafeteria floor.  Edd struggles to defend himself for an impressively long time, but the final straw being Ed’s mom banning Edd from his friends suggests that Ed and Eddy are the only people who give Edd the strength to forget he was ever MORE violent than the rest of the characters. When I watch the scene of him alone, in the dark, working and crying in the botany room, it’s now very easy to see that he’s not just thinking about the events of Fistful.  He’s stepping back and taking a look at his life, everyone he’s hurt, wondering if he can ever escape it or if it will eventually return to haunt him in every town he ever lives in.  Edd probably struggles a lot with forgiving himself– he knows he has to if he’s ever going to move on, but he’s completely betrayed his morals and in retrospect it probably explains why he accepts so much abuse in Peach Creek.

Big Picture Show is the other half of the dodgeball incident coming back to haunt Edd.  Fistful makes him think about the acts he committed and the judgement he faced, but it probably helps Edd make it to the cafeteria scene that he knows he didn’t actually do anything and that he was hurting himself at the same time these acts were occurring.  In Big Picture Show, the scam not only forces him to see the kids gorily injured, with chunks of their bodies missing, it also causes him to be banished from yet another town by yet another set of angry schoolkids.  This (and ‘A Town Called Ed’) plays into why I approach Eddy and Bro’s backstories with so much “history repeating itself”– almost ALL of Edd’s story has been about him having to face the same guilt over and over with slight changes.  I wish that the final cut of the movie had included his backstory so that we didn’t have to piece the most important part of his character together from insider info, but it’s still impressive enough to me that so much of it IS visible, even if only through Edd internalizing it in Fistful and BPS.

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You are a really amazing human being and I'm sorry you're having to deal with all this negative nonsense. I'd like to see those anons try writing and running a blog as much and as well as you do. They don't know how hard you work and it's easy to be critical when they are not contributing anything to the fandom. Anyways, you are appreciated and loved. Thanks for all you do!

Thank you for your kind words I love you too!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕 so so much

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Completely different anon but I want to back them up in saying that your work really helps get me through some rough times and has done multiple times and I just love going back over and over again to re read them. That's all I have to say about that. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤



*attack snuggles you so hard*

I am so pleased I got to help you in some way, that really makes me happy. I hope you are doing okay and I am sending you lots of hugs. 


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I love the feeling of not eating and starving and the thought of losing weight and getting skinny finally is so addicting and I am so committed to losing weight this time and I've been working very hard to exercise along with it :')

Good luck!

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Imma give you the same one I gave @meleedamage because now I'm curious: Love Mercenary.

Love Mercenary:  

Darcy Lewis is totally cupid.  No joke.  There was a reason why she worked really hard to make sure Jane didn’t move on from Thor back in London.  She has a perfect record and she will ALWAYS have a perfect record.

That is, until she gets a new assignment.  James Buchanan Barnes and Natasha Romanoff.  She’s got to get these lovers back together and even with her bag of tricks (getting them stuck in an elevator doesn’t work since they’re both technically ninjas), they are proving to be difficult in their stubbornness and unwillingness to visit their mysterious past.

She needs help.  Enter Steve Rogers, best friend of the targets, super hero, and super sexy.  The Love Mercenary may have just met her own match.

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Girl, thank you so much for your hard work on researching all of this stuff. You're a fucking genius! Too bad we can't do much more than support the girls. Those fuckers only care about money and I only want my girls to be healthy and loved. Because recently I've realised that they can only be successful if they agree to this shit show and that makes me feel bad about them :(

thanks dude. Yeh I know - I kind of want to expose this stuff to the fandom because we have a different relationship to the girls than the general public have. I think it’s important for us to know that not all the negativity is real. But at the same time, I know that all this bullshit is necessary to keep 5H and C afloat. The girls probably know they have to do all this publicity stuff if they want to carry on making music for a living. it’s a competitive environment so you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Do you go for a vintage look in what you yourself like to wear (clothes/make up -wise)? And if yes, what sort of era stuff do you like? :)

I feel like the 90′s fits me the best, makeup and fashion wise. I think that it works on most women too. Lipsticks from that era really focused on nude brown’s and finding those colors are kinda hard because now, it seems like nudes are just pale pinks and it doesn’t go with my tone at all lol. All I wear are crop tops and high waist mom jeans/skirts. It’s accessible to find pieces that are 90′s inspired too. Also, there’s so many variations of 90′s style from Seattle grunge to Calvin Klein minimalism. Plus, a lazy bitch like myself loves the anti-conformist approach– this decade truly emphasized the casual chic look and it being ok to add some menswear into your wardrobe :)

Just Friends spoilers

God I really do love Star so much, she’s trying so hard to set her feelings aside and be a good, supportive friend even though it’s eating her up inside, my poor child. I’m not sure if she keeps forgetting how much seeing Marco and Jackie together bothers her, or if it’s more that she’s trying to force herself to get over it(and it ain’t working).

I like how the boy band song lyrics echoed the whole situation, without feeling like they were laying it on too thick. Also all the lip-synching bits were adorable

The whole episode was a hoot, up until the emotional gutpunch at the end. A solid 5/5, might be my favorite 11-minute ep(maybe second after Mewnipendance Day)

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Ashley I Just read Say Yes & It was AMAZING like everything you write. What I noticed in your writing, that really sets you apart and that draws me to your work, is that you manage to capture the voice & tone of tv Rick and Michonne (I'm not sure if that even makes sense). There's this consistency & similarity in the way you write Richonne that closely resembles tv Richonne. That speaks highly about your writing, and really helps the stories you write to be creditable & authentic. I Love it!!!

It does make sense, and I can’t thank you enough! I try very hard to do exactly that, and I don’t always know that I’m succeeding, so this just really means a lot. And I’m so happy you enjoyed Say Yes! It was pretty fun to write. ☺