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Eager to learn

Google x reader (nsfw)

G smirked as he took in the sight of your naked form, hands running up your body memorizing it visually and sensually. His hands massaged your chest to ease you into his touch : he usually had to concentrate on restraining himself when touching you because he knew how much damage his grip could do - especially if he short-circuited - but he pushed those worries aside when brought back to reality by your thrusting hips creating friction against his groin.
The sensors there made him release a moaning sound.
This surprised both of you since you’d never heard him being vocal like that, but he continued to manually make the sound when he looked into your sparkling eyes and concluded you liked hearing it.
G had to admit, this was a learning process to him, he’d never done anything like what you had suggested before but was always eager to learn new things, however, he was definitely the most eager he’d ever been before about ‘learning’ right about now.
With your legs either side of him as you lay down and his exposed crotch in between them he was regrettably stuck on what to do next. His head tilted and a small frown reached his lips as he tried to guess, and seeing him like that really turned you on even more. You decided to give him a boost and gently held the back of his hands and brought them down on your breasts.
His smirk was brought back upon feeling the familiar sensation under his palms and he let his thumb rub against your nipples until they peaked. He had quickly decided he should have prepared for this situation and within a flash he had gained all knowledge of what could come next with a look on the internet his mainframe was always connected to. You let out a yelp of shock as he grabbed your feet and dragged you closer to his core, so that your legs were wrapped around his waist, he seemed to have gotten the hang of what he was doing you thought, but all thoughts were stopped from coming through as he gripped your ass and rhythmically pulled your lower body up and down, your entrance sliding against him until he was hard enough to enter you. He wasn’t slow inserting his tip, he straight away surged into you, already drilling to reach your g-spot and even though the sudden penetration had a level of pain, it was nowhere near compared to the bliss you were experiencing right now.
He knew on a basic level what was to come, but he had never dreamed of it feeling so good, he didn’t even know he could feel anything so good. These thoughts came to him when he wasn’t processing how utterly astounding you looked, arched against him, which consumed most of his thoughts and he knew with you being so amazing right now that he had to pleasure you. His thumbs simultaneously circled your nipples as he took long, slow, strides in and out of you. Your fingernails dug into his hips and he loved the sensation of them but what he didn’t account for was the sensation that came next. He subconsciously widened, stretching your hole and as he felt every inch of you surround him he shivered in delight - which he again did not realise he could do. The shiver passed through you and you loved it, so to reward him you squeezed your walls against his member, not even sure if he could feel it. He could feel it. He was almost sent into overdrive as his movements quickened, hitting your g-spot over, and over again and you could feel the pool of heat in your stomach increase with every thrust. Google noticed you clenching all your muscles, your face screwed up in pleasure, so he decided to tease you, as he lent down close, his lips touching your ear…and moaned.
That was enough to send you over the edge as you finally felt your release and wet, heat pooled out of you. Feeling your explosion on him sent all his sensors into a frenzy as he felt an almost loss of control as something hot and sticky spurted out of him, making you moan as both your heads rolled back in pleasure. Again a moan escaped from him, louder than ever before. And his hands finally left your raw peaks to grip your hips as he rutted into you a few more times, hoping this session could last for even longer than your already long-passed ‘lunch break’.

(*hope this helps for some nsfw!google headcannons)*


…I can not believe that with my own two eyes I’m actually seeing Kai stopping Suho from touching Sehun while posing for a damn chicken ad.

Unfortunate Events

Request: Can you do a tom holland x reader where the reader and tom are filming Spider-Man 2 and her father passes away and the cast, especially try’s to support her because she can’t go home cause of the film, but the reader is kind of pushing everyone away a bit and has a panic attack during a scene. And Tom try’s to make the reader feel better. ITS ALOT OMG (I love you writing by the Way)

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: I only have a few words, beside this imagine idea is absolutely adorable :) BUT I SAW SPIDER-MAN FOR THE SECOND TIME, and i loved it just as much as the first time. Now, I’ve been in a bit of a craze but i’d love if you guys could send in Peter Parker/Tom Holland requests like this lovely follower here. Of course, request anything else you’d like :) but i thought i’d still ask! 

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Warnings: mention of death.

Originally posted by parkrpeters

When you’d been called for the filming of the returning Spider-Man sequel you’d been happier than could be. You had played a role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but not a huge one as the first movie had only been leading up to your character arc. You were meant to play a much larger role this movie and Peter Parker’s renowned love interest. 

Of course, you originally hadn’t thought that your role would blossom into anything (the creators hadn’t really told you) and you didn’t expect your characters small role in the first film to be so well loved. You hadn’t thought anything of the film until now, but that didn’t mean you weren’t excited. Filming for the first film you’d been able to make lots of new friends, including the star of the film, Tom Holland.

You all were a close bonded cast and you couldn’t ask for more, being invited back was the best part.

But within a month of filming for the movie, the excitement seemed to disappear and with some upsetting news it seemed harder and harder to get up everyday only to see yourself in a city you didn’t belong in. Your father had passed away, unfortunately and it had hit you hard. Not just because you couldn’t leave because of filming but because your father and yourself had always had a really close relationship. He had been the one to inspire you to act and having him gone made you feel as if acting was pointless. 

Your father would never see you make it big. Would never see you play this huge role in a highly anticipated movie. He’d never get to see you in something you were immensely proud of.

You couldn’t go back and support your family, be with your loved ones and you wouldn’t be there for his funeral. It was crushing you. Of course the cast had been the best, trying to support you the best they could. But even with their undying support, it didn’t seem to matter and you’ve begun pushing them away. It hurt you, but you just couldn’t seem to stop blocking them off from your personal life.

The worst was Tom. Being his love interest in this film meant you had a lot, mainly any scene with you in it, with him. You’d been close before but this seemed to only bring you closer. You felt immense guilt every time you shoved away his attempt at supporting you because you knew he was only trying to help and you were in the wrong. But it hurt to let someone in. You weren’t sure why, you just knew it did.

Today seemed to be the hardest day of all, and it made sense. From your many phone calls with your mum, you knew today was your father’s funeral. Today was also the day you were suppose to film a scene between your character and Peter where you two finally started dating. It was a well-rehearsed scene and you had Tom had been practicing your lines day and night to get the scene perfect as it was planned to be one of the best scenes. But you couldn’t focus.

Staring at Tom, you regarded the outfit he’d been put in for the film. Normally, had it been a week ago, you would’ve probably thought he looked quite handsome. But now you couldn’t focus on much. 

The director signalled you both to start, and taking a deep breath you tried to push the funeral to the back of your mind and focus on the scene. 

“Y/C/N…” Tom started slowly, hesitantly like Peter was suppose to. He took a tentative step forward, his cheeks flushed and his breath fanning on your face. You were the same height as him, maybe even a bit taller. His close proximity was making you feel faint, all emotions flooding. “I’ve been meaning to tell you-”

“Stop!” You suddenly bellowed out, effectively stunning everybody. You barely recognized that that was probably the most unprofessional thing you could’ve done. Your head fell to your hands, and you shook your head your breath shaking.

“Y/N?” Tom called out. Panicked he turned to the director, pleading with his eyes. Tom didn’t have to ask to know what this was about.

“Everybody five.” The director called, “Y/N, take ten.”

You didn’t even hear his words, you could only focus on your tears and your rapid heart beat. Your dad was dead. And you just couldn’t live with that reality.

Before you knew it, a hand grabbed your upper arm, pulling you away from the stage and off to the side. You knew who it was. “Y/N,” Tom started, “please I wanna help.”

“He’s dead.” You mumbled, shaking. “You can’t help!” 

“Yes i can!” Tom pushed, pulling away your hands from your face so he could see you. Looking into your eyes, he grabbed ahold of your arms again. “If you let me.”

“I don’t know if I can continue…” You take a deep breath; “doing this without him. He was my rock and now i can’t even be there for his funeral! What kind of daughter am I?”

“A great one.” Tom answered; “one who loved her father more than anything.” 

You sob, biting your lip. Tom lets go of your arms, opening his own. You immediately walk into them, accepting his embrace. “You can do this, Y/N, I know you can. Just let me hold you.”


Sal: Joey, what the fuck happened man to the sculpture I gave you?
Joe: It’s in my basement in a box.
Sal: Why? You got the yard, it’s a pissing angel.
Joe: Yeah, I know-that’s-I don’t know what part of that you don’t understand why it’s in my basement.
Sal: It’s A-it’s on a pedestal, it’s a pissing child, like a marble child pissing into the thing like that should be up in your yard like a motherfucker
Q: You’re making, you’re making landscaping choices for him with that though.
Sal: I thought he liked it, did you not like it?
Joe: I did
Sal: Okay
Q: Who’s house? Bessy’s house!


Ik tere baaju duja
Mera koyi mol na

Bolna maahi bolna

anonymous asked:


hi……………omg i love n miss u too ❗️🍒❤️ i’ve been kinda cramming like all i do lately is study & watch dramas so i’m doing crazy well in school this quarter 👩🏻‍🏫👩🏻‍🔬👩🏻‍💻 this friend got 100% on 2 exams in may so my mom is kinda anticipating me being the next einstein or something but all i wanna be is mrs. park bo gum

OMG!! It’s very fast! 😱

I really can’t believe it! I’m crying ( ╥ω╥ )

Sorry, I can not hold the lottery, I’m too busy… 😣But I will arrange a lottery later, wait!

Why do I write this, if there is no gift now? I just wanted to thank you. It really means alot to me. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I love you!!


yuri-meido  asked:

Bubbles looks so cute n chubby I love it, that's definitely so her!! All the girls look so unique I just love how you made their body shapes different 💙💙💙💙

omg thanks alot!, their bodies were inspired by my friends so i could give them different body types that were believable for teenage girls, and i had this really popular confident friend that was chubby and super adorbs and i just thought that fitted bubbles perfectly, im glad people like my choice :))

Ayushiki moments in blood drive part 4/8

Part 4 is here <3 The scene after Ayumi told Yoshiki about the purpose she was waiting for him. This part is just a short moment okie <3 but this is IMPORTANT. Yoshiki is the first person Ayumi think of! Instead of Mochida_Kun! 

Spoiler(?) under the cut

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Inuyasha's animation in Episode 146

This is my favorite art style in the anime in terms of animation, particularly Inuyasha’s! I have noticed that whenever its the “Inuyasha’s fluffy bangs” artstyle, his movements (especially his hair ♥) are exaggerated alot and I really, really, really love that omg!! I always squeal!!!♥

3k Follow Forever

I’ve recently reached 3k, thank you so much. I tried to put everyone I follow, but I probably missed some people, I’m sorry If I forgot you. Pls don’t hate me, ily. 

Anyways, many of these blogs, I’ve been following since I started my blog so yeah. I’ve made many mutals + friends through tumblr and I don’t regret it at all. Okay I probably make no sense but here are some really awesome blogs and ya. :))

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