i love this adaptation so much idc

yo yo yo just so you guys know we’re going to try and get #EmbraceTheWaffleDan to trend on twitter when i get home from school (i only have a half day since it’s the last day so I’ll be back p soon) bc he always gets on himself for talking about things we like and i want to make him feel appreciated bc i love him
you can tweet like anything from the tags, idc, pictures, compliments, whatever. just no negativity pls and don’t bring up phil too much if you can avoid it bc although he is my beautiful sun and i love him like my own this is more so about dan and trying to make him more adapt to expressing his opinions rather than dismissing it right away
is that cool? good? don’t start until i get home pls bc i wanna be a part of it too, and spread the word!
(if this ends up being a flop and no one else tweets we’re gonna forget it ever happened k)