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Can you confirm that Jim hooper swoooooooned when he saw his girl in his shirt???.....or his hat?????


the first time hop sees his girl in one of his huge flannels, she’s making breakfast and humming to herself in the kitchen, and hop is barely awake, stumbling out of the bedroom, looking for his bed buddy.

he rubs his eyes and catches sight of her, hair messy, legs long and bare, and one of his damn flannels barely covering her. she only bothered to button a few buttons, so he stands there, just watching as she moves around the kitchen, each big movement causing the flannel to part, allowing him to catch glimpses of her panties and bare breasts.

and let me tell you. hopper swoons. he puts a hand on his face to muffle his groan, and he has to go sit down on the couch before he either falls over or attacks her….

so yeah. hopper likes his girl in his shirts 😉

quotes from the teuvo interview on the fan (99.9):
  • “it was a pretty good week” – teuvo on getting first star 
  • “it’s been a fun week”
  • “i had couple text messages from friends and family.” - teuvo about hattrick
  • “Toovo ter-vynan" 
  • "shooting more, you know, the pucks … it’s going in more so that’s good.” - teuvo’s offensive strategy
  • “like seabass he didn’t score for like 15 games and now he’s scoring like every game."  –teuvo bragging about sepe in response to question about TSA line
  • "i feel like I need empty netter so I can score…sometimes I think i get lucky, lucky enough to score.” –teuvo understimating himself
  • “Hockey gods are alive right now” – teuvo saying he’s only doing well bc of luck
  • “why tsa good?” “uh it’s pretty good. i think it’s good chemistry. I think jordo’s pretty good and good two way forward.” – teuvo on tsa line
  • “does anyone speak finnish besides you and aho?” “i know the swedes know a couple words [of finnish] but it’s a tough language.” “the answer is zero isn’t it." 
  • "not supposed to speak finnish in locker room but we do because the swedes speak swedish.” – teuvo on there apparently being locker room courtesy to speak english but no one pays attention to it or cares and there’s no actual rule unlike SOME teams. 
  • “can you trash-talk jordan staal or something and he can’t tell?” “well, nothing bad about jordo.. but we [aho and him] do speak finnish together …seabass and I both speak some swedish so the swedes can’t talk about us without us knowing.” – teuvo being iconic
  • “is finland more scandinavian or baltic” “in language or–” “no as a country” “…..it’s scandinavian” – teuvo dealing with stupid questions about finland (technically it’s nordic but like. more scandinavian than baltic jesus christ)
  • “thanksgiving is … not that big in finland.” –teuvo continuing to deal with stupid questions about finland

My favorite thing about Thor 3 is that when Frigga died in Thor 2 it had such an impact. You saw the way it affected Thor, how it affected Odin, how it affected all of Asgard. She’s the focal point of the funeral, and you can see how much her people loved her, how much Asgard will suffer with her gone. You feel that through the rest of the plot. It’s the emotional climax of the film.

Odin dies and it’s no big deal. Like, it’s a problem, but only because it means Thor and Loki can’t go running back to daddy. He’s just whoosh, gone. Who gives a fuck. Absolutely zero grieving on-screen by either boys. Asgard had time for grieving the last time they were attacked by an evil power that wanted to destroy them all, but for Odin? Pssssht why even bother.