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“I can’t make that work either.” He groans, rubbing his temples. “I have a meeting, and then an interview. I can’t do dinner because I have another meeting and then I have to go to the studio to record.”

“It’s okay Shawn.” 

“No it’s not, I promised you that I wouldn’t let my career get in between us.” 

“Shawn it’s not getting in between us.”

“Yes it is, I never see you anymore.” He says becoming more worked up. “And don’t you dare say ‘You’re seeing me now.’ because it’s a fucking face time. I mean I wanna see you in person.” 

“Okay.” She nods, knowing how frustrated he is and how her smart ass comments aren’t gonna help.

“I just need a day. Day to spend with you.” He sighs.


“No you have class.” He says raking a hand through his curls.

“Then why don’t you come over to mine, relax a bit. Sleep or watch a movie. You can eat all my food, and then you’ll be here when I get home.” She smiles, trying to lift his spirits.

“Yeah okay.” He nods. “I just wanna be with you, lay with you and learn how to breathe again.” He says focusing on her on through the screen.

“We can do that.” She says nodding. 


She skipped class. Know’s he’s gonna argue her on it, but with the way they ended the day yesterday she knew he really needed her. 

His meetings had stressed him out even more, resulting in them adding more tour dates and making him miss his Dad’s birthday. He was way stressed out and she watched as he fell asleep on facetime, forehead creased, expression angry. 

She’s making breakfast, he said that he was gonna come over first thing in the morning and hide away at her place.

The doorknob is jiggling as she’s just finishing up his tea, the door opens and she can hear as he walks in, closing the door behind him. 

He makes his way to the kitchen, following the smell of bacon. 

“Hey Baby.” He says, smile appearing. “I thought you had class.”

“I do.” She says, going back to flipping the bacon.

“Then why are you here?” He questions, jumping up on the counter.

“Shhh, don’t tell. But I’m skipping.” She says, looking over at him. 

“Babe, why are you skipping?” He says, becoming serious.

“Because you needed me.” She says, suddenly feeling small. 

“Okay, yes I need you but not to the point of you skipping school.” 

“I know, but I wanted too. I really didn’t want to go to class, and it would have been a waste because I would have just sat there thinking about you the whole time.”

“That’s sweet.” He says smiling at her. “Any chance I can drive you to class, you’ll only be a little late.”

“Nope.” She says popping the P.

“Okay.” He nods, laughing a bit. “What are your parents going to think of me, I’m becoming a bad influence.”

“Shut up they love you.” She says walking over, handing him his tea.

“I love when you make me tea.” He says taking the mug.


“Your tea is always so fucking good, I don’t ever want to drink any other kind. Like I had tea yesterday during my meeting and almost spit it out because it was awful.”

“Shawn.” She laughs, standing between his legs.

“You look cute.” He says, taking in her look. Black yoga pants, one of his grey t shirts, hair in a messy bun, glasses on.

“I look like trash.” She laughs turning to walk away. 

“No you don’t.” He says grabbing her shoulder, making her turn back to him. He leans down and kisses her smiling as he pulls away. “Hello Baby.” He says staring into her eyes.


“What are the plans for the day?” He asks letting her go back to making breakfast.

“Breakfast and then a lazy day.” She smiles. 


“Come on Babe, I wanna watch the next episode.” He whines from the couch. 

“Do you want more tea or not?” She asks.

“Sorry.” He chuckles from the couch. 

They are like living on the couch now. They started watching ‘The Good Doctor’ and they have one more episode till they are caught up. They have heaps of blankets and pillows, which aren’t being used because they just end up laying on each other. 

She walks back in, throw blanket tied to look like a cape. He smiles at her and she grins, handing him this third cup of tea. 

“Ok, I’m ready.” She nods sitting next to him. He takes a sip, setting his cup down. He presses play, then moves so he’s laying on her. Head in her lap, rubbing circles on her calves.

“Feeling better?” She asks, during one of the commercials.

“Yeah.” He looks up at her. “You always make me feel better.”

“Good.” She smiles, playing with his curls.

“I’m so happy right now, like I don’t think I could be happier.” He smiles at her.

“I’m happy too.” 

He starts to roll back to face the TV and the words slip out of his mouth before he can stop them.

“God I love you.” He breathes, then freezing because he realizes what he’s just said. She doesn’t really react, fingers still playing with his curls. At first he thinks she didn’t hear him but then she goes.

“I love you too.” 

He stays still but then slowly looks up at her. 

“That’s the first time we’ve said that.” He says softly, she looks at him smile running across her lips.

“Yeah, well for me. You talk in your sleep.” She giggles.

“Wait what?” 

“Yeah, said it like a week ago I think.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Thought that you would tell me when you were conscious when you were ready.” She shrugs. 

“I’m ready.”

“I know, you just told me.” She smirks.

“God you have a comment for everything don’t you.” 

“Yeah, your talent is singing mine is being a smart ass.” She laughs.

“Yeah but I love it.” He leans up.

“Do you?” She teases. 

“Shut up.” He takes hold of her chin, she laughs at him. 

“I love you too.” She giggles, he pulls her chin down kissing her. He kisses her passionately, putting everything he can into the kiss.

“We’re missing the show.” She whispers against his lips.

“Oh well.” He says, moving so he can pull her to sit on his lap. 

“Shawn.” She laughs when their heads bump together. 

“Are you okay?” He says in between fits of laughter.


“Not my smoothest moment.” He grins.

“Have you ever been smooth?” She teases.

“Yeah, you told me. The night we first met.”

“Oh yeah, Cinderella right?”

“Yeah, who knew Cinderella wore a sexy black dress with red heels.” He grins connecting their lips together.

“You remember what I wore that night?” She asks pulling away.

“Yeah.” He says nodding.

“What else do you remember?”

“I remember your friends staring at you like you were crazy when you danced to my song.” 

“Oh yeah.” She giggles.

“I remember being so mad at Brian for making me lose you.” He says shaking his head. “I remember that once I found you I didn’t want to lose you again, and that I knew I had to chase you around that house. I remember Doris’s note.”

“Her what?” 

“Doris wrote a note on the receipt.” He says digging into his back pocket for his wallet. 

“You still have it?”

“Of course I still have it.” He says taking the receipt out of his wallet showing it to her.

“It’s lost the order, but still has her note.”

“She’s right, I really hoped you wouldn’t break my heart that night.” 

“I won’t.” He says looking up at her. “I won’t break your heart I promise.” 

“That’s cheesy.” She says blushing. 

“I love you.” 

“I love you.” She says back leaning in to kiss him. 

“Wait, I wanna put this back.”

“Okay.” She giggles.

“Sorry, I just don’t wanna lose it.”

“I like how important this is to you.” 

“I look at it when I miss you, reminds me of that night and how happy I was and am that I met you.”

“You’re cute.” 

“You’re cuter.”


Woo, I did it! Ego Collection part 2: spooky edition! Not all the egos, because the list just keeps growing and this is late as it is. This is a bit of a mix bag of different styles and experiments, older and newer pieces and various levels of creepiness. I’m especially proud of Marvin and I really liked how it turned out. Going to repeat myself but I love septicart week and I am very excited to see even more amazing art. So glad I could manage to do this again. @therealjacksepticeye

P.S. The first three are reposts from the past few months. I didn’t have time to draw new ones for each ego and I really like these, so I wanted to showcase them all together. Okay, thanks bye

Art Freebie Masterpost!

Free art. Everyone likes a bit of free art right? Right? If you’re seeing this post & nodding, then good for you, you’re in the right place! See, every now and then (okay, more now than then, I like drawing =P) I like to randomly draw pencil portraits for people of their lovely OCs, like these;

Look okay, don’t they? (please don’t say no, I have fragile feelies sometimes XD) If you’re still with me and haven’t wandered off to get a snack during this long post, (thanks ;) and are wondering how to get yourself a fancy doodle of your OC, then wonder no more.

So here’s the deal. I can be lazy. I want to draw art but that means hunting down pretty chars. You enable my laziness, I give you free art, it’s a wonderful symbiotic relationship.

So to help me (give you a free thing XD) , simply reply to OR reblog this post with the tag (or tags) that I can use to search in your blog for references of your character/s - I am opening this to Dragon Age, SWTOR, Mass Effect & World of Warcraft chars ONLY currently (that may expand).

There must be AT LEAST ONE decent VISUAL reference in there (ie: good sized, and not terribly lit, can’t drawn what I can’t see & I like to work from actual visual references like a screenshot for my freebies ^_~)

You can suggest one char or many - however that’s all you can do, I’m not taking clothing requests or any specifics, these are freebies after all ^_~

And that’s about it! I’m going to leave this open ended as I plan on returning to it throughout the year (please note that I won’t be going through requests chronologically, I draw the things that inspire me in the moment, so please don’t think you’ve been missed or skipped)

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Omg could i get rfa+saeran+v reaction to mc calling them drunk because mc is spending christmas all alone and is like "lol btw i love u lmaoooooo isnt that funny anyway this wine is really strong wow but i love u ahahahahha im so alone" (ALSO CONGARTS ON 404 FOLLOWERS AND HOPE U BOTH HAVE HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!)




-He’s the one who called you!
-Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas again (not like he said it 50,000 other times today)
-He knew you were spending it alone and felt really bad about it!
-Offered to spend it with you but you insisted you were okay, and that he should go spend it with his family!
-Once you answered, he wished you Merry Christmas and listened for a little bit as you rambled off a thank you
-You sounded a little funny? You words kept slurring and he wasn’t sure what was wrong
-”Oh, no. No no. I’m not okay.”
-P A N I C
-”I’ve a little too much to drink tonight. I didn’t even realize I had that much? But hey, ya know, you’re rreeeaaaalllllllyyyyy cute. I’d love to let you show me that you’re really a man.”
-Stuttered out that he had to go and that he hopes you sleep soon, and blushed SO HARD for the rest of the night!!


-Jumin is actually really sad that you’re alone on Christmas
- he might have had a little too much wine as well
-You two were in the messenger for .5 seconds before you decided to just call him and talk
- totally not because you couldn’t see straight enough to type anymore
-???? MC? What a weird greeting
-You asked him about his day, so he told you every detail. He started to trail off and talk about C&R’s stocks, when you suddenly interrupted him
-”Damn Jumin, you’re real cute. I just love you. Like, wow. How can I get you to love me like Elizabeth? Should I wear cat ears? *whispers to self* holy shit i should buy cat ears”
-He was shocked! Did you just drunkenly admit you love him?? He knew his feelings towards you, so all he did was respond with,
-”MC. I love you as well. I think you’re extremely fascinating. Now, what was that about cat ears?”


-He understood that you wanted to be alone, he’s been the same way for years
-What he couldn’t understand, though, was why you kept texting him about aliens?
-Normally he’d just play along, because he sends you the same type of texts, but…
-The amount of rambling and typos makes him think you’re possibly drunk
-When you called him, he was excited to see what your drunken mind had to say to him
- afterall, sometimes drunken minds are the ones that’ll speak all of the truth
-He sat through all of your rambling about aliens and carols, but didn’t expect what you said next
-”Ya know, you’re such a dork. But you’re a great dork. I love you. I lllloooovvveee you. Hearts beating, hearts soaring, yeeeeaaaahhh!”
-”MC you…you’re just so cute. You’re going to kill me, do you know that?? Don’t worry, I have this recorded so I can replay it for you in the morning, when you forget~”


-Why did you want to be alone
-You have him now, just hang out with him
-Wants to treat you like a princess but nnnoooooooooo you gotta stay home alone
-Freaked out at the fact you haven’t texted him in a while??
-The moment he saw your name pop up on his phone, he answered it
-Before he got to talk though, he could hear you talking to yourself, slurring your words
-You realize he picked up the phone and you were so excited!! “SAERAAAAAAAAAAN~ Hhhhiiiiiiii~ I might have drank to much but that’s okay, but I gotta tell you something. I have a secret. *giggle* sshhh, listen,,,,,, I looooove you! Yes I do! I do I do! *giggle*”
-Honestly SUPER SHOCKED that you love him? And that you admitted it? Holy shit? Quickly regains his composure and fucking smirks this lil shit
-”Oh, do you? Go ahead, go on. You love me? I love you too. Now, tell me how you’d show me just how much you love me…” woah there saeran, woah, down boy, down


- he didn’t get why you wanted to be alone??
- This boy got you SO many gifts and he has to give it to you on Christmas Eve and not Christmas???

- His face lights up when you call, omfg he’s so excited and his chest feels fuzzy
- “RAT TAIL!!! You’re so handsome *hiccup*”
- he’s really shocked because when do you drink? You don’t even take a sip of wine at the RFA parties, wtfisthis
- “MC…are you drunk?”
- “Nooo…well, only a little bit *giggle*, I’m drunk on my love for youuu~” MCtIdon’tthinkthat’showitssaidbuturdrunkoffurasssoit’sokay
- youbetyoursweetassthisboyisgoingtothrowpartybecauseofthis
- “Princess, I know you won’t remember this, but I love you. I love all your quirks, mistakes, giggles, and stupid jokes. I love every single piece of you. I love all the bad times and good times ahead with you. I love you more than any obstacle that we’ll have to overcome. I just love you so much.”


- she didn’t really mind that you wanted to spend Christmas alone
- Jumin was probably going to make her work anyway hoeasstrustfundkidstophURTINGMYBAEHEE
- Luckily she got a day off but she felt so lonely without you!!!
- it’s okay though, she respects your privacy
- but when she hears your ring tone, she runs to her phone andtripsandknocksstuffoverontheway
- “Merry Chrismas!!! I bet you’d make a good Mrs. Claus…omg can you wear a mrs. claus themed outfit next year? *hiccup*  eVEN BETTER CAN YOU WEAR CHRISTMAS THEMED LINGERIE?
- omg the poor baehee is so flustered, first ur drunk and now you say this?? You’retryingtokillher
- “I don’t think that would be very appropriate, MC…”
- “Why noooot? My mom always told me when two people loved each other, they do a little…frick frack *giggle*”
- “I mean your mom isn’t wrong, but-”
- W A I T
- you just said love
- oh my god you love her and she loves you

- “MC, I’m going to come over, is that alright?” sheneedstokissyouohmygod
- “Yeah~ Just don’t wear anything, you’re so pretty with nothing on~~~”
- omgMCurbadatthis


- This poor soul is so lost when you say you want to spend Christmas alone
- he obviously respects your space, but this lil bby just wanted snuggles, Christmas movies, and hot chocolate
- he’s so excited when he hears your ringtone!!! Hahacausehecantseeurnameonthescreenimsowitty
- but when he answers he hears sobbing?
- W H A T
- he always knew you were a crying drunk buT IT WAS NEVER THIS BAD???
- “Hi V.. *sniffle* you know you’re cool right? Like you make my heart beat fast and i catch my breath when i look at you kind of cool? Because you’re really cool *sniffle* and it really hurts you know? *SOBBING* because I just love you so much and i know you’re terrified of a commitment like that again  and Rika was your sun and I can’t ever compare *moresobbing* And I just feel so bad because you had to go through all that pain and things never worked for you two because you just deserve the world V. You’re so precious and pure; you don’t deserve anything you’ve gotten”
- holy shit
- you’re in love with him???

- Oh man you’re right this boy is so terrified
- But he is sure of one thing
- He may be scared to love you right now, but he will NOT walk away from this
- “Listen MC. Never compare yourself to Rika, okay? But if you’re going to, I want you to know this. Yes, she was my sun, but you know what you are? You’re my moon. You shine so brightly that I can see my way out of the dark. You’re the one who guides me. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can ever compare to what you mean to me. I may not be ready now, but I can say with certainty that one day, I will say “I love you”.”


i cant stop listening to this song for three days now

so Anatomically Incorrect Gay Doodles are a must


       “You don’t know me.”
Sam Winchester Creations Challenge
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Come And Get Your Love

Pairing: Peter Quill x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 1482

Request:  I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog!!! Its fantastic and you are fantastic!! I was also wondering if I could request a long-ish peter quill x fem!reader fic where the reader is dancing around the ship in her underwear because she thinks the ship is empty but surprise! Its not and peter sees her and thinks its adorable and fluff (or smut?) ensues. Thanks and you’re amazing!! ❤❤ by @zaire-is-worth-it

Author’s Note: I’m so so sorry it took so long to post this. I had such a hard time thinking of how to write this and like ugh. I hope you like it, like really, I do. Thank you to the amazing @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this. She ma hoe.

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It really sucks being a mentally ill person who’s really into the horror community. Pretty much every video, especially analysis videos, always have that one bit that makes you flinch. There’s always one line like “this person is clearly a psych*path” or “this person isn’t right in the head” or something along the lines of “they did X bad thing because they are mentally ill.”

I love the horror community. I love ARGs. I love analysis and theory videos. But we have to combat the ableism in these communities. 

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pairing: lafayette x reader

a/n: hi, friends! i must apologize, 1) for this lame chapter name (i can’t think,, it’s getting late where i live) and 2) because i did not update five’s company this weekend. i was busy with school + there was just some stuff i was trying to figure out before i sat down and wrote something. i’ll try to get it up asap. thank you for your patience!

i hope this little drabble makes up for it. (it’s similar to a john one that i’ve written before!) i just had a bit of a busy week this past week and i wrote this to kind of help me cope, i guess? if you will. i hope this helps some of you if you’re having a bad day/night/week/month. i love you and you’re going to be okay. let me know if you need anything. i’m so glad that you’re here + i wish you lots of good days/nights to come.

t/w: hinting at suicidal thoughts

“L-Laf?” You called out. 

You felt your hands begin to tremble, your eyes water, and your head started to spin. You needed him. Needed him here. Needed him before you got -

 "Yes, mon petit?“ He looked down at you. “Are you alright?" 

 You shook your head no, wiping your eyes. You sniffed a little, reaching out to him. 

You never really gave in this easily if he knew you were frustrated or upset. You’d let out a quiet “I’m fine” or “it’s alright.” For you to admit defeat told him that you really weren’t okay.

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Here it is

I’m a little bit proud of this

I know I could’ve done better… But I’m running on a time limit. I hope it looks okay. You can see where I screwed up the shading… and blending… and colors in general… But today I tried a new way of making the outline. I’m pretty happy with the results.

@princeofmints has been one of my favorite artists for a while. Similar to Moho, Zachary is great with anatomy. He can made amazing works of art with so many layers that it makes my vision blurry. Or I just need glasses. Anyways, Zachary is always fun to check up on. I love seeing new art and this artist’s happiness generally makes me happy. I can only wish him the best, and hope that he doesn’t let anything bring him down. His OCs are awesome looking, and from what I’ve read about their personalities they’re really creative and cool. I wish him the best in life, because in my opinion, he deserves it. Zachary, from what I’ve seen, really is a sweetheart. I think that others who admire him like I do will agree. I hope one day I’ll be able to draw bodies similar to how he does. I don’t want to be just like him art wise. I want to be able to envision what I want and draw it out like he does. Whenever I watch a speedpaint, I’m always baffled at how he creates his lineart. He can always get better. Everyone can. Still, you can tell that he puts a lot of time and effort into what he does. You can see the results of hard work and practice. Out of all the things I admire about Zachary, that’s probably the biggest one. Not only for him, but for all artists who do their best.

He’s a truly amazing artist, and this is my gift to him.

“So You Chose Her…”


Ring! Ring! - Hey this is Justin, I can’t get to phone right—



I felt the tears ran down my eyes as I looked at my phone at the 50 sometimes I called and text and never got one answer. I didn’t understand why…. We were fine actually great a few days ago until now. Justin and I have been together for almost four years, we met during his dark time, we became best friends and slowly we became more. I sat on the cold marble floor off our bedroom as I tried to piece together what have I done to deserve this because I honestly couldn’t think of anything. We were always smiling, happy, our arguments always turns out funny and we’ll laugh about it.



I grip the pink and white stick laying next to me on the floor… looking at it I was been happy and devastated at the same time. I didn’t know if I should smile or cry…






I heard the front door of opened and closed. Justin?



I shot up running down the stairs to a sight I never thought I would of seen. My heart shattered into a million pieces right there, I felt my stomach dropped to my feet. Justin laying on top of a girl… I couldn’t see her face because it was buried into Justin’s neck. I felt my body growing weak grabbing at the tiny table with vase of flowers at the bottom at the stairs causing the vase to hit the floor catching their attention.



The look on his face I could he was shocked. “Y/N..?” he whispered grabbing his jersey off the floor. I finally saw who the mystery girl was… none other than Selena Gomez. It all made sense now, of cause. If my heart was into a million pieces it’s now into a billion pieces. I could feel the tears beaming at the bottom of my eyes. Justin slowly walked towards me as I glared at him he stopped in his tracks.



“Y/N… I didn’t know you were here… I thought you left..” he paused in between his words… I couldn’t believe he was saying this to me, so he’s basically saying he had hope I had already left our home…. He wants me to leave..



I could feel the anger building inside me but I didn’t know to get it out. My body was numb. I didn’t bother to answer him as I just pointed at Selena.



“So this is where you have been?” I asked sternly, a guilty look appeared across his face as he nodded. I felt the tears rushing down my cheeks.



“We started talking a few days ago, we were hanging out and we realized how much we l-” I raised my hand signaling him to stop, I honestly couldn’t hear those words come out of his mouth.



“I’m so sorry Y/N….” Selena sympathize and that’s when I exploded.



“BITCH! I DON’T NEED YOUR SYMPATHY! YOU ARE JUST USING HIM FOR FAME AND IT’S A SHAME HE CAN’T SEE THAT! Even after four fucking years he’s still blinded by you…! Abel wasn’t enough for you huh? You just love messing up other people’s lives… that’s who you are! A fucking homewrecker!” I screamed throwing the tiny table at her and that’s when Justin grabbed me by the arms.



“Y/N! Stop it! It’s not her fault.” he said as I pound on his chest. “All I ever did was love you! How could you do this to me?! Why Justin?! Answer me?!” I screamed crying my eyes out. “I love her okay! She has always been my one true love!” he shouted shaking me a bit my body went numb at his words.






Catching both of us attention the stick hit the floor face forward showing two bright pink lines. He slowly release his grip from me stooping to pick up the stick, he stared at me.


“Y/N! Answer me! What’s this!?” he shouted, I just took it from his hand looking at it as the tears pour down my face.



“Nothing–that–ma-tters to you. You chos-e her tha-ts all that mat-ters.” I stammered before grabbing my car keys running out the door. I could hear Justin shouting my name but I didn’t care, he chose her…. so it’s just me and ou- my baby.


A/N: Sorry if this offend any Selena fans. It’s just a imagine. I hope you enjoy! Let me know if I do a part 2. 😊

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Noob from Japan

A Cyborg-Bunny short story for @albanananana

I thought maybe you could use a “pick-me-upper” 💕

Hana set down her controller, shutting off the game she’d been playing. She just wasn’t in the mood to play today. She didn’t feel like doing anything at all. Something was on her mind, and it had been eating at her for days. Every time she logged on, he wasn’t there. 


She’d met him online a few months ago. He was a noob from Japan. She loved to tease him about how bad he was, but he accepted the teasing and was eager to learn from her. She tried to push him away at first but he was very insistent on having her attention. She thought it was cute. 

Then, their first webcam call. After many talks inside their group chat in game, they’d grown to like one another and were anxious to see what the other looked like. She was so nervous, her cheeks blushing. She didn’t pick up his call right away. Her heart was pounding as she let the call ring several times. Finally, after taking a deep breath, she clicked on the green button, answering the call. 

She smiled like a dork, giving him a peace sign with her fingers.

“Hiya.” She spoke first.

“Yo.” He replied. His Japanese accent melting her to pieces. 

His smile was so handsome. He also had green hair, which she thought was really cute, considering his age. He was much older than her by sixteen years. At first she was nervous, feeling as though she had no business getting involved with an older man but after she’d seen war and fought in it at such a young age, she felt like she was grown enough to make such choices. 

“You are so beautiful, Hana.” He spoke again, making her blush even more. 

She quickly hung the call, embarrassed. She lifted her knees to her chest and buried her head in them. 

“What am I doing?” She questioned herself aloud. 




He was calling again. She looked up at the screen, unsure of what to do. 

A message popped up in the chat. 

“I ᴀᴍ sᴏʀʀʏ, Hᴀɴᴀ. I I ᴍᴀᴅᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴇᴇʟ ᴜɴᴄᴏᴍᴏʀᴛᴀʙʟᴇ. He wrote. 

She bit her lip and began to type back a reply.

“Yᴏᴜ’ʀᴇ sᴜᴄʜ ᴀ ɴᴏᴏʙ.” She teased him, masking her nervousness with a joke. 

“Pᴇʀʜᴀᴘs :P” He replied with a tongue-out emoticon. 

She smiled and hit the call button. He picked up on the first ring. 

“I’m sorry, Hana.” He frowned.

“It’s okay, I still love you.” She said without thinking her words through. She gasped, covering her mouth. 

She couldn’t believe she said it aloud. She could feel her face blushing crimson. 

He smiled a big grin and scratched his head, also blushing slightly himself. 

“And I love you, Hana.” He confessed. 

His reply threw her off. She felt numb, like she couldn’t move or speak. 

Though in two different countries and never seeing each other in person, they’d both grown to love each other’s personalities. It wasn’t hard to do. He was always so sweet to her, even when she was mean to him. 

But that call was the last time she saw him….

Hana popped a piece of bubblegum in her mouth, and began to chew it furiously, attempting to settle her nerves. She needed something to distract her. Leaving her dorm room of the Overwatch facility, her hands shoved in the pockets of her sweatshirt, she took the stairs down to the ground floor where she kept her Mech. 

Walking to her Mech she stood there for a minute, staring at it. Her intention was to make a few repairs but as she stood there, she became more angry. She picked up a wrench from the toolbox and chucked it as hard as she could at the mech. Tears swelled up in her eyes. 

“Was that necessary?” Soldier 76 said from across the room.

She hadn’t realized anyone was there. She looked over to him, her emotions overtaking her, she began to break down. Her tears spilling over her cheeks, she sobbed, letting out all her frustration she had been holding in for days. She watched with teary, blurred vision as Jack began to approach her. Without any hesitation, she threw herself against him, hugging him tight, burying her her face in his chest. She felt him tense for a moment, but then his arms were around her.

“What’s wrong, Hana?” He asks her, his voice quiet. 

She didn’t want to talk about it. She just wanted to be held. She let out a few more sobs before stepping back and wiping her nose with the sleeve of her sweatshirt. 

An alarm sounded over the intercom, just then. 

“Emergency. Help needed in the med bay.” Athena’s voice spoke. 

Jack immediately began to run in the direction of the med bay, Hana followed close behind. It was unusual for the med bay to need help. She wondered who had gotten badly injured. As they entered the med bay, Angela’s arms and hands were covered in blood, as well as the entire front of her clothes. She was leaned over a man, unrecognizable. Hana tried to get a closer look, wondering who it was. The man’s face was badly deformed and the rest of his body was practically ripped to shreds. Hana gasped, losing all the breath that she had in her lungs. 

Green hair…

“Genji!” She screamed, and began to run towards the man but Soldier 76 grabbed her, holding her back. 

Everyone was trying to help Angela get Genji stabilized. The heart monitor kept flat lining every few seconds. 

“Stay with us.” Angela kept repeating to Genji as she tried to stop him from bleeding out further. 

Hana stared at Genji’s hand, dangling over the table as blood dripped onto the floor. She felt so numb, she’d lost all reason to cry. 

Angela managed to get a tube down his throat and connected him to a life support unit. His heart rate began to stabilize as the machine breathed for him. Everyone in the med bay managed to help stop the bleeding. Angela patched up what she could. Using her staff, she began to heal him, though with his condition it wouldn’t do much but heal his wounds. 

“It’s going to take a lot more to save this man.” She looked to Jack with worry in her eyes. 

Jack looked to Hana, and placed his hands on her shoulders. 

“I think it’s best if you go get some rest. We’ll do our best to save him.” He assured her. 

Though Jack and everyone else were unsure of how Hana knew the man who laid practically lifeless on the table, they all seemed to sense her pain. 

Hana nodded, still feeling numb. She slowly left the med bay. 

Days went by, and Hana was restless. She would spend hours at Genji’s side, holding his hand while Dr. Ziegler came up with a plan to help him. She would hear whispers in the hall. She kept hearing the word “Cyborg.” Were they to turn him into a Cyborg in order to save his life? Hana didn’t care as long as she had him back. 

Hana still hadn’t worked up the nerve to ask Angela what had happened and how they found him. She wasn’t sure if she even wanted to know. As she was lost in thought, she felt Genji’s hand move. 

“Genji?” She stood up, still holding his hand.

He peaked open his eyes a little. He was unable to speak, with the tube in his throat, but his facial expression told her that he recognized her. 

“Genji…” Tears swelled in her eyes. 

She felt his hand squeeze hers, but then he drifted off again. She allowed her tears to spill over her cheeks. She ran into the hallway where Angela was speaking with Soldier 76.

“He opened his eyes! Please, you have to do something!” She begged Angela.

“We’re doing everything we can, Hana.” Angela assured her. 

Jack pulled Hana aside.

“Angela is working on a suit that will help stabilize him. He’ll be able to operate better than before.” He explained.

“What do you mean?”

“The suit will improve his abilities. He’ll be able to function better.”

Hana looked back to the med bay, unsure if she liked the idea. But since it would save his life, she accepted it. 

After a couple weeks, Angela was able to remove Genji’s life support unit. He had healed enough to be able to breath on his own. As he woke up, Hana was by his side, holding his hand like she had been every day since he arrived. 

“Hana…” He spoke with a raspy voice. Most likely due to the tube being in his throat for so long. 

She sat on the edge of his bed, and ran her fingers through his hair gently. He closed his eyes, enjoying her touch. 

“Dr. Ziegler has made a suit for you to wear.” Hana explained, looking down with a frown on her face. “She said it will help you function better…”

Genji reached up with a weak hand and touched her cheek softly. Hana reached up to touch his hand, holding it to her face. 

“What happened to you?” She asks, trying not to let herself cry.

Genji took a deep breath and shook his head. He didn’t want to tell her. 

“Who did this to you?” She yelled. 

“My…brother…” He managed to speak out.

Hana’s heart felt like it broke in two and fell into the pit of her stomach. How could his brother do such a thing?

Angela entered the room with pieces of his suit in her arms. She laid them down on a table with a huff. 

“I’ve built you a suit Genji. It will allow you to function all your limbs properly and also improve your mobility.”

Angela spent a couple hours piecing the parts over his body, and making sure they worked well. She’d ask him to move his arms, legs, fingers, ankles, knees, and elbows. Once she was sure it was good to go, she smiled to him warmly. 

“You’re good to go, Genji.” 

“Thank you, Doctor. Ziegler.” He bowed to her, placing his hands together. “I will not waste this opportunity.” He paused. “I will be forever grateful.”

“You’re very welcome, Genji. We are happy to have you with us.”

Hana didn’t realize until that point that Genji would be working with them now that Overwatch and Angela worked to save his life. 

Genji walked over to Hana, his Cyborg suit completely pieced together, he lifted up his face shield, revealing his scarred face, and warm brown eyes. 

“So it looks like we’ll be working together, Hana” He said raising his hand to make a peace sign. His eyes squinting, as he smiled beneath his mask. 

Hana didn’t say anything. She wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head against his cold, metal armor. He accepted her hug and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. 

Whether he was a noob from Japan, or looked like an xbox, she didn’t care, as long as he was at her side. 

The End! 💕

Feel better soon, Al banana 😘

XoXo 💋


bagelbees  asked:

Hi! I'm getting a betta fish soon and I'm really excited! Do you have any tips and any products that are a must have? Thanks!

Hello there @bagelbees! :p I’m really excited for you! :p Definitely share your new fish and your setup when its all done :DD

My “must haves”:
- Seachem Prime. its just The Best water conditioner. It helps keep parameters down in a pinch and removes chlorines AND chloramines. its just A+ stuff.
- Water change bucket. it’ll make your life so much easier! you can get 5 gallon buckets at walmart, home depot, lowes, etc. I also got this caddy in a “going off to college” basket type thing a few years ago and it ended up fitting on top of my bucket perfectly! the caddy holds a ton of supplies i use often :3
- Siphon. will also make your life easier! you can get a mini siphon on amazon for a few bucks :p if you have lots of little tight spaces in your tank, you can just use some airline tubing as a siphon.
- Live plants. not everyone has live plants in their tank and that’s 110% okay. i just personally love that they look great and they only benefit the tank :3
- High quality foods. I feed bug bites pellets, new life spectrum community thera +a pellets, and frozen brine shrimp right now :p i like to add variety to their diet!
- Adjustable heaters. i live in texas in an apartment that has wonky air conditioning so temp fluctuates quite a bit. i highly recommend adjustable heaters.
-Hides + decor. betta fish are curious little fin kids and they like having cover and things to hide in and explore! don’t be afraid to redecorate or rescape every once in a while too :p

Handy Dandy Links:
I bought a betta, now what do I do!?
The Betta Basics
Setting up a fish tank (the nitrogen cycle / cycling a tank is explained at the end!)
All about water changes
Dollar Store Fish Tank
- DIY Aquarium Decor
- Deals and Steals 

if anyone else has any advice, tips, or “must haves” please leave a comment or a reblog!

Thiam - Real or not real?

okay so this is a bit dark until the end so sorry if your not into that :P also kinda smutty-ish? I don’t really know.

anyways. enjoy!

Theo Raeken was not a good person. That was possibly the only thing Liam could be sure of when he thought of the chimera. Theo was evil and manipulative, he may not care about taking anyone’s power anymore but he cared about self preservation. Liam knew him well enough to know that it was in his nature to care about himself above all others. He wasn’t capable of love, he was to smart to fall into that trap.

Damn Theo with his black painted nails and liner that surrounded his eyes like shadows that he apparently just discovered made him look like a god. People warned him to stay away, but of course he was to stubborn and didn’t listen. He was stupid enough to dive in head first into the darkness that surrounded this beautiful boy, before realising he didn’t know how to swim in it and was pulled under. Because that’s exactly how it feels to be around Theo. Like drowning. His breath leaves his lungs with something as simple as a single glance is his direction or a brush of an arm against his. He hadn’t been prepared.

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  • first god to bring someone back from the underworld (rescued his mother, semele) by bypassing thanatos and then turning his mother into a constellation. a man named prosymnus lead him in exchange for dionysos to be his lover, but he died before they could make love, and dionysos honored his memory by literally making the first dildo and placing it on his grave
  • when the ruler of thebes, penthenus, doubted dionysos’ godship, dionysos lured him to one of his groups of devotees, where he then used his control to turn everyone crazy, causing said devotees to rip penthenus apart with their bare hands
  • when king lycurgus of thrace found out that dionysos was in town, he locked up all of his nymph followers as punishment. what did dion do? he made lycurgus go mad, and chop his own son to bits and pieces with an axe. then, he even cursed the whole kingdom of thrace with drought, until lycurgus died, which made his people capture and murder him

SO BASICALLY: yeah dionysos is a chill guy who marks graves with dildos, but if u anger him he’ll rly fuck u up

hey guys! I just wanted to make a post on something ive been meaning to get on the topic of for a while since its pride month and now seems like a relevant time

i wanna clarify i have voiced my opinion on my sideblog before but realize ive kinda done so poorly so i want to word this very clearly and carefully and do so on this blog.

i dont believe aces and aros belong in the acronym lgbt. this does not mean All aces and aros should be discluded from lgbt communities of course, just that being ace/aro doesnt immedietly make you lgbt (like if you are a cishet aro/ace or a cis aroace, you shouldnt use words like q/eer or gay to describe yourself. if you are ace/aro and also trans/gay/what have u, u are still lgbt of course) lgbt people have the right to be uncomfortable with cishet people using community exclusive terms for themselves considering a lot of those terms are slurs aimed specifically at gay and trans people.

im not saying there arent problems people face being ace or aro, but I think its a complicated and different set of problems compared to being l,g,b,t and etc. i think it would make sense if aces and aros had a community separately but of course, once again, being ace or aro doesnt mean you arent Also lgbt.

i dont think the split attractions model is something everyone should be forced to use for themselves and calling people allos is homophobic and harmful. at age 15 I felt obligated to put “panromantic+pansexual” in my bio even though I shouldnt have to tell people I feel sexual attraction at that young (really, nobody should Have to specify anything about their sex life publicly at any age). calling people allos is grouping gay people with straight people as the same “dirty sex lovers”, it should be obvious why this is unsavory.

i made this post because frankly im a little tired of being called an ‘aphobe’ and being accused of wanting to kick gay/trans aros/aces out of lgbt spaces. pls feel free to send me an ask if u have any questions but please be nice about it. okay, now back to regularly scheduled pokemans :P

Truth or Dare (Riverdale, Pt.3)

Summary: Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, and Y/N are spending the night at Y/N’s house. Kevin suggests Truth or Dare at some point and they all decide to play. Shenanigans ensue and eventually certain feelings are shared, but will they be taken seriously or laughed off? Possible angst.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader (maybe), Kevin x Reader (platonic), Archie x Reader (platonic), Betty x Reader (platonic), Veronica x Reader (platonic), Cheryl x Reader (platonic)

Beta-ed?: No

A/N: Okay real talk? This was pretty difficult to write. Not necessarily a tear-jerker like the first two, but I think I more than made up for that by making this part ridiculously long. I’m putting a ‘read more’ because of the length. Again any comments are welcome!

Part 1, Part 2

Previously: Veronica gave me a kiss on the cheek before making her way back to the couch, one last tear falling out of her eye before she wiped it away. “You’re grounded by the way,” Kevin spoke up, pretending to be mad. “I said no more tear-jerking speeches.” Everyone laughed at that, still wiping away some tears that wouldn’t stop coming. I took a deep breath, trying to calm down before I looked around at everyone. “Sorry, but you said to tell everyone what I really, truly thought of them, so deal with it Keller.” I grinned. “So, whose next?”

By this point Jughead had stopped pretending to ignore us and had put his laptop to the side. He looked calm, the corner of his lip barely turned up, Jughead’s version of a smile. I smiled at him, and when he noticed me watching him, his eyes widened a fraction before he dropped his head slightly. As I kept looking at him I could’ve sworn his face started turning light pink. “Jughead,” I called with frightening authority in my voice, and I saw his whole body tense up as he froze. Everyone turned to look at him, expectant looks on their faces. I smirked at him before speaking. “Who do you think I should talk about next?” His body visibly deflated while everyone else groaned in frustration. “C’mon Y/N, do Jug next!” Archie called. “Yeah!” Chimed in Betty.

“We all wanna know what you have to say about our favorite beanie-clad boy over here.” Kevin spoke, amusement in his eyes. I glared at him before I shook my head and looked around the room, trying to will away the slight blush that decided to bloom across my face. “Nah, I think I’ll save him for last Kevin.” From the corner of my eye I saw Jug tense up again. I continued looking around the room before my eyes finally settled on a person.

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Date (Part 2)

Date:Part two
(NGHHHHH once again Goth - nekophy Palette - Angexci )
Goth’s pov
Palette grabbed my wrist tightly and started pulling me along with him.We were walking to the bathroom “W-what?!Palette?!Why are we going in there!?"I blushed,my mind was filled with sinful thoughts of what would happen.We went into a stall and palette suddenly pinned me to the wall,his hot breath was blowing against my neck,and suddenly he licked my neck,i blushed very hard,then he nibbled it,i’ve never thought this would happen between me and palette.Our bodies were almsot completely pressed together his nibbles on my neck were made me started to feel aroused too."P-palette…."I said."Sorry…Goth i can’t help myself….can you help me just once…?"Palette replied,i could feel the heat from his body,especially from his crotch.This is like every dream i had except this time it’s real.Palette pulled down the blouse of my maid outfit and started licking my back too,it was my sensitive spot,i could feel the movement of his tongue on my back.He placed his hand on my thighs.The sensational was real,i was already startign to get wet from all this little pleasure from palette,my desire grew stronger and stronger.His hands started moving up,slightly massaging my thighs.He turned my head and kissed me deeply,our tongues were tied (just a pharse),a string of saliva was on our lips as they parted.My body already is feeling hot,i suddenly pushed him onto the closed toilet,my face was face,i wasn’t able to control ym urge anymore.I unzipped his pants and grabbed his ecto cock and started licking the top and the sides of it palette was holding in his moans but i knew he felt good,so did i i was wet,really wet i want his ecto cock inside me so much.I started sucking the tip of his cock and soon started to suck it in a medium motion,his cock was so hard i started to get faster,Palette’s cock was throbbing inside my mouth,it didn;t take long for him to cum.His warm and thick cum filled my mouth,i thought it was delicious though i gulpped it all down and licked my lips (?).I sat on his cock moving back and forth a bit before slowly inserting it into my entrance,it slightly hurted but it was covered by the pleasure,Palette’s face was red and his expression was absoultely delicious,i started moving in a medium speed,my insides were wrapping tightly around Palette’s rock hard cock.I moved even harder we were both about to climax,"P-palette i’m c-cumming!"i said "M-me too!” Palette replied,be came together ,i was filled with palette’s cum.We both panted.I never felt such pleasure,i loved it.
We both got dressed and got out of the stall.Paperjam was standing there completely red,“i guess we were a bit loud…aren’t we palette?"I said,Palette just blushed.I placed my finger on my lips "This will be a secret between us okay?"i said,Paperjam just nodded and left.

anonymous asked:

just wanted to point out, on that immortal fic rec post, you wrote "immortal Yoongi and mortal Yoongi" !! but ;; is there any really good new smut/fluff oneshots?

Here’s a little list to help you out.  And also thanks for the headups on the mistake, I changed it right away. And P.S all these fics are rated.

I’m your guilty pleasure (You can’t get out. Never) by Jiminahs

Yoongi has just discovered his neighbor that he thinks is too damn loud is actually an internet camboy.

Chaos ensues when they start seeing each other. Things get hard–literally.

The Result of Love by idyllic_hummingbird

When Yoongi returns after being away from campus for a week, he tries to figure out if it’s just in his head that Jimin’s acting a bit different.  (Some fluff and smut)

Miscalculation by SlimeQueen

“It’s okay, Jiminnie,” he says, but he’s not so sure it is. Jimin’s already swaying unsteadily from side to side, eyes glazed over and rapidly becoming incoherent. Seokjin’s thinking of a million ways to get Jimin outside and back home without attracting everyone’s attention.
And then, at the worst time possible, the door cracks open.
“Jin-hyung, we need—“ Yoongi’s low voice stops abruptly as something sinks in Seokjin’s chest. Of all the fucking people in the studio, it just has to be the only unbonded alpha. At the sound of Yoongi’s voice, Jimin cries out, teary glassy eyes seeking out the alpha over Seokjin’s shoulder. The second they lock eyes, Jimin’s legs give out and then Seokjin is supporting him completely. “Fuck,” Yoongi groans, “Jimin, fuck.”

awake by blueberrytae

the silence was broken by a voice still laced with sleep. “are you having a good time, baby? playing with yourself first thing in the morning?”

basically, yoonmin have sex at dawn.

The Last Laugh (is mine) by wonthehoe

Jimin learns teasing Yoongi about his bandanas is a very, very bad idea. Or maybe a very, very good one.
(Basically Yoongi fucks Jimin into oblivion because of fashion choices)

Give it to me Slow (Then Wash Away) by Sharleena

Jimin has worked in the Blood Brothel for a long time, he’s had his fair share of clients, knows how to do his job and what to expect from his customers.
That’s why it is to him a shock when he gets a boner from being bitten by one of their new clients, Yoongi.  (This one here is so good.)

Enjoy the recs.