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Pure Bread Cat

The White bread, common in North America, are known best for their soft and sweet nature.  They also tend to be the fattest of all the other Breads.

When I heard this pun I couldn’t help myself XDD  I try to rate these puns by the number of times my husband hits his head on his desk when I tell them to him.  This one was a good tier of 3 Head-Desks!

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I honestly though I was immune to the dream voyagers, but I had a dream that I was playing with the cat in a department store and was trying to tie a red string around Prius's collar, but she didn't like it so she unraveled it and dragged an unraveled spool of red thread around the store and honestly it was so so pretty, red thread flying behind her like a magic cape. Chalo was a good egg and got a hunter green thread boy with no naughtiness.

This is magical, and I’m filing it away as a vignette in the inevitable Chalo and Priya children’s book.

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Ooh okay I think I sent sth along the line of Lena and Alex being leader of their house in the Duelling Club and competing fiercely against each other just because & they have this love hate relationship but eventually bond over Kara cause they love her like A LOT and Alex giving Lena "the talk" hurt my sis and you'll be going to classes as a FERRET for the rest of the year luthor & Lena pointing out Alex plz stop undressing Maggie with your eyes just get with her already u huge baby gay-Knee


Unintentionally hilarious moments from the French dub of back to the future.

When I mean unintentionally funny, I mean unintentionally funny to an English speaker that can only understand and speak a few words of French.

I love the guy that dubs over Marty. He’s totally rocking it. I think they knew what they were doing when they cast him. Also, he has a higher pitched scream than Michael does in the English version, which I didn’t even know was possible.

Also note that in the French dub, Lorraine calls Marty “Pierre Cardin” instead of Calvin Klein.