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I was researching the city Hasetsu is based off of/inspired by and found this little tidbit: "In Karatsu, pottery fanatics will be in their element, viewing earth-toned vases and tea bowls that sell for more than a luxury car." Which made me think 1) AU where Yuuri is a master potter and 2) "Yuuri this cup costs more than my skates. My skates were expensive." "It's a very big thing here." "A cup has like one use I don't understand" "Well there's a lot of histo-" "I'm getting three"

YES I LOVE THIS Victor is a skater who comes to Hasetsu for ~reasons~ and he’s exploring/shopping and finds the pottery shop. He’s hopeless from the start tbh and starts buying pot after pot and Yuuri starts making custom ones for him and then, obviously, there’s a scene where he’s teaching Victor and puts his hands over Victor’s own to guide him

I havent drawn anything in eternity , this is all i could afford :333333333333333

( originally i wanted to draw thicc watermelon man but i decided , i dont wanna get slapped ) ALSO BAD LIGHTING , SHET


Wait for me to come home. - 24/1/16

Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived in Baltimore. I just want to know how many of you are going to the March on Washington? [Cheers and whoops] You guys are going to the women’s march, right? [More shouts and cheers] Okay, a round of applause for all the nasty women on board. [Raucous applause] Stay safe. Stay hydrated. Have a good time. Watch out for your fellow sisters. Just remember, we don’t take no “ish” from no man.