i love this

i’m finally watching rebels and honestly it healed me

a+ poc characters

a+ representation of a healthy relationship

a+ support, friendship and political complexity

but like where was sabine my whole life if 7 year old me knew there was a badass star wars girl that liked purple i woulda lost my goddamn shit

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Why is [emotional content in stories] so powerful? On one level, every one of us has to wake up in the morning and choose to go on, to resurrect ourselves in the face of fate and circumstance, the memory of loss and almost unbearable struggle, and our own sense of weakness and vulnerability. The stories we are drawn to, that resonate in our direct emotional need, in general, are those that give us a reason to make the decision to go forward. They inspire us. The very word inspire, in its archaic meaning, is to breathe again. Stories encourage us to take one more breath, to swim up to the surface, above our despair, and live.
—  Joe Lambert, excerpt from Digital storytelling: Capturing lives, creating community
[31/?] Endless list of favorite anime songs❤️:
  • Let It Out [Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood ending 2]