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i started reading throam again. jesus take the wheel.

Dangerous Woman

Pairing: Agent!Y/N/!Military!Michael

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 2.500+

Summary: Living the double life, Agent Y/N and military Michael are married together but do not know know they secretly beat each other’s asses every single night. 

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So update to my life: I woke up this morning to hear all my neighbors praying at the mosque that is a couple blocks down from my house. It seriously sounds like one unified sound, and is beautiful.

So I’d like to take a moment to say Eid Mubarak to all of my Muslim followers out there!! I hope you all have a fantastic Eid.

Much love, xoxo.

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So Otabek is canon DJ. This means he canonically can play at least piano and most probably guitar too. Also, he must be very good at music computer programs and there's a chance he can even read and write music, hell, he might even be a great singer. Oh I'm picturing this classic 90's rock silky deep voice that goes just right with his motorbiking dude aesthetic 😍😍😍😍 so what do we do with this info? Im telling ya, you really can't DJ without playing the piano even a bit ;)

And you know what else? Otabek getting into DJing happened most probably as a way to solve his routine music impulses, while getting a hobby off the ice and relieving the economical charge on his parents back on Kazakhstan all at the same time. It could have happened in Canada. You know who else is into the music world? JJ. I can totally picture JJ noticing Otabek’s music while practice is original made and taking him to know his music friends, giving him contacts. They’re my brotp haha (2/3)

Ok this is the last one I promise xd you see when you get into the music world you get sucked into a dangerous “live fast die young” world. They really don’t care if you’re just a kid, maintaining some distance is vital. I really can see this being one of the reasons why Otabek can come off as wary at first; he saw some shit while in there. Up until today some real shady dudes will come and say hi to him when going out with Yuri, and he always seems to be relaxed, even in the darkest alleys O: (3/3)

thank u for these beautiful HCs omg!! as someone who played piano for 16 years i LOVE the thought of otabek being able to play piano :’’) that mans would slay the fuck out of some rachmaninoff. also i live love and breathe jjbek and now i need 500 fics of them making music together and also Falling in Love (blease let otabek protect my small faux-edgy son yuri plisetsky)

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since someone pointed out here that yousef is the next phil dunphy, i can't look at the modern family the way i used to because everything claire and he does is ultimate yousana in 10 years


@sandy-sims damn it Sandy you schooled me………….i remember listening to those dudes having a bachelor gig at some club on the citadel and tbh i find it really interesting and also kind of weird like… what do the asari REALLY look like? i gotta know. also if they’re only PERCEIVED to look like a certain race how is it they’re able to wear their different amours despite having different builds? Is it purely an aesthetic change or do their bodies actually morph like some sort of intergalactic eldritch horror? from a lore point of view they’re incredible don’t get me wrong

ever want to see what a horse and her girlfriend look like? here it is. they have been inseparable for 5 years and freak out if they aren’t near each other. they do literally all the signs of like how a stallion would act with his mares in a herd. they’re totally dating

_________________________________________ Omgg they’re lesbian horses!! Thank u for submitting this, god bless. I hope they have a lovely life together 😭💜