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What do we want? A couple that breaks up over little things? A couple that sweeps everything under the rug and never grows together? No. We want a believable couple that faces problems, makes mistakes and, in the end, comes out stronger and better for it.
—  Fangirlish, Once Upon a Time 6x05 Review: Secrets & Lies [x]


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anonymous asked:

Do you think Joji would look hot as a Greaser? Like the whole black leather jacket and slicked back hair and shades thing?

ffuck???? yes. he’d carry a dagger and always have an unlit cigarette dangling from his mouth, and he’d carry his cigarettes in one of those fancy-ugly silver cigarette cases that old ladies always have? he’d be really intimidating when he needed to be, but deep down he’d be the softest, sweetest thing ever with a heart of gold. and max and ian would call him Georgie to annoy him, and he’d always get super flustered around girls despite being the tough guy of the group.

Stop Writing Sixpenceee Stories

by sixpenceee user theoddcatlady

Stop writing these stories.

No seriously, stop. Sixpenceee, I know what you’re doing! Who the hell do you think you are? You won’t stop me this time, you’ve deleted my documents, killed my phone battery, you’ve even fried my hard drive, but you won’t stop me. Not anymore. You can’t stop me from telling the truth.

These people have a right to know you’re using them.

I’ll start from the beginning.

I’m from an alternate reality. 

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