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My Girl

Author: Juju

Warnings: fluffy fluff, and hints that reader is bi??? could be ignored tho

Summary: All the questions are about you in a live stream and Shawn couldn’t be happier.

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: I don’t really like this but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but if you like it, send me your favorite line from this fic.


You were sitting in Shawn’s dressing room, enjoying the peace and quiet before the show. 

He was currently doing a live stream for his perfume launch. You would usually tag along and stay behind the cameras during interviews But not tonight. You decided to be lazy and have a little nap. 

Maybe that wasn’t the best choice.

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Chat Noir’s social media - headcanon
  • So, Adrien isn’t…he doesn’t have much social media. Nathalie requires him to update his instagram and twitter, but it all has to be approved by some poor intern of a publicist
  • Chat Noir, however, has a helluva following. 
  • Chat Noir has the following platforms: instagram, snapchat, and twitter, because they can all be easily maintained from a burner phone.
    • it’s a lot but the teenaged, sheltered boy has a lot to say about his life, so let’s go over what he posts on each one. 
    • it’s under the cut because it’s…longish?

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anonymous asked:

Sorry for this weird question, but, do you know how the Japanese fandom sees Sieglinde? (she is loved? hated? popular? neutral? xD)

Hi, don’t worry, it’s not a weird question at all! As far as I know, she’s loved by most fans, at least I’ve never seen any negative comments about her. She placed 22nd in the popularity poll, so she might not have many avid fans like Sebastian and Ciel do, but most people seem to find her cute and adorable (I’ve seen a lot of comments like that on twitter), and many fans seem to have enjoyed her story with Wolfram (ch.104+106). Btw, she’s called either ‘Sullivan-chan’ or ‘Ojou’ in Japan =D

source: twitter + official popularity poll :)



I know many people didn’t like chapter 104 and 106 (mainly because they were short), but if you pay attention to the flowers drawn in those chapters, they’re actually very meaningful and touching.

cover illustration ch 104: In Japanese flower language the meaning of raspberries is “remorse” and “deep affection”.

ch 106 p 11: I’m not sure what flower it is, but probably a kind of angraecum. Its meaning in the flower language is “blessings” and “together forever”. 

Isn’t that cute? =D

The Fact That I Have To Even Say This Is Bullshit. . .

even if a ship ins’t real you have NO right to tear someone down for loving it. You might not like it but that is YOUR choice and you shouldn’t feel like you have the power to troll and hurt someone over what they love. They like it and that’s their own choice for their own life. Nobody cares if you don’t like it. Shipping septiplier or phan or ANY ship is totally fine. Even if you like the sexual stuff that’s cool also. Don’t go thinking every single fan will automatically be trolling signe and hating on them and sending death threats. i ship all ships and i also love septiishu and amyplier more then my own life. my twitter is @/FellowHomoQueen and i want you to go look at my post about amy, signe and marzia. Respect all ships. don’t let ships ruin friendships and don’t troll people for loving it even if you don’t. Report them if they are offensive and out of hand but DO NOT troll them for it…. septiplier was actually something that made me very happy and i got up in the morning so happy i could see them be weird together in their letsplays and i loved the silly sexual jokes they made that made the fandom question them. now mark acts like the gay thing is weird when it comes to him and jack because people spend so much time sending death threats to amy or saying septiplier away when him and mark are together. they dont even take selfies at events anymore… please leave everyone alone and try to get along ffs

“With that recent tire fire that was that Reddit post, you sure have some thick skin, Ben Brode mentioned that being sorta the face of a game opens you up to brunt of the community’s attacks when people asked why him and Yong Woo didn’t do more designer insights. Do you feel it’s important for a dev to have thick skin when dealing with this stuff.”

I don’t think you can be a good game designer if you have thin skin. You have to subject your ideas to the crucible of review, whether that happens internally or after players see your design.

I do think you can be a good game designer if you have thick skin, but don’t have thick enough skin to open yourself up to direct communication with players. Some of my favorite games have been made by people that can barely stand to have a conversation with other humans, let alone open themselves up to the internet.

But if you’re going to go that route, you just have to be really, really good at what you do. You need a purity of vision or an ability to foresee problems that just isn’t that common in developers. I don’t have that. Way back at Ensemble, when we weren’t sure if design A or design B made more sense, I said “Let’s just ask players what they think.” 

You don’t have to ask up front. You can launch a feature, monitor the response, and then iterate on that feature. But you have to get that feedback at some point. Lead Champion Designer Riot Scruffy the other day said something like “Even when you’ve really thought about it, tested and iterated, your chance of nailing a great design is about 70%. So you have to be prepared to iterate based on player feedback. You have to leave time for the follow-up work.” 

(I also don’t mean to imply that asking players on Reddit or forums is the only way we gather feedback.)

Now, I don’t subscribe to the idea that players should just be able to say whatever the hell they want to, and developers should just suck it up because that’s their job. I value communication, and communication is easier if you treat each other like human beings. But I also recognize that players get emotional or frustrated, and I recognize that the power dynamic between passionate player and developer who just doesn’t get it can exacerbate that frustration.

But there are limits.

I don’t block a lot of players on Twitter, but I do block them. I don’t answer stupidly rude questions, except to make a point of the fact that they aren’t going to actually bring me to tears. Sorry.

I’ve had weird phone calls in the middle of the night. I’ve had death threats. I’ve had Blizzard security offer to monitor my house. I’ve had designers who had to work with the FBI on threats. I’m also an upper class, straight, white dude, and I know developers who aren’t who have gotten much, much worse from players. There’s no reason for that. We all love games. That already gives us a lot in common.

I try and remind players all the time that your communication is going to be more effective if you’re professional about it, because then you’re actually talking about the problem and not venting about how neglected you feel. If you have a job or go to school, you probably have coworkers or teachers you disagree with that you still have to treat like human beings. Developers deserve the same respect. I know it might score you internet points to attack someone in an over the top matter. You’re better than that. Resist the urge.


Q&A YouTuber Connor - Jonnor Fanfic

The Boyfriend Tag

The Smoothie Challenge

Connor and Jude were comfortably laying in Connor’s bed, binge-watching a show on Netflix, snuggled up, and getting tired as they finished up another episode. 

Connor checked his phone for the time, seeing it was pretty late. Jude yawned as Connor asked, “are you staying here tonight?" 

"What time is it?" 

"Almost two,” Connor stated. 

“Yeah I’ll stay." 

Then Connor realized he still had to film a video for his channel. "Shoot!” Connor exclaimed, making Jude flinch. “Sorry.. I forgot to make a video. I was supposed to do a Q&A earlier." 

"Can’t you do it tomorrow? It’s late.”

“We can just do a quick one. Please?” He begged. Because he knew Jude would cave. 

“Fine, but if I fall asleep, it’s your fault,” Jude warned, but a smile broke through. 

Connor closed Netflix and decided to just record from his laptop. He pulled up Twitter, and then minimized it to open the camera screen. He whispered a count down from three, and hit record. 

“Hey, what’s up guys, it’s Connor,” he said, lacking the usual enthusiasm from his regular videos. “And Jude.”

Jude smiled and waved, despite being tired. “Hey." 

"So, excuse the lighting, and the quality, it’s currently two in the morning and I figured a Q&A wouldn’t need the high quality set up. Also, as I said, it’s two in the morning, so we’ll see how this goes. It could get interesting. I asked you guys yesterday to ask us questions using the hashtag #AskJonnor on Twitter and Instagram, so we’re just going to be answering a few of your guy’s questions." 

"And sorry in advance for any of my answers,” Jude said. 

“Why?” Connor asked as he returned to the Twitter page. 

“You always say I’m mean when I’m tired." 

"Oh yeah. Well I’m sure they’re used to your sass by now, babe. Oh, and I’m not gonna edit this, because I’m too lazy, so bare with us.” He scrolled through the hashtag, finding something to start with. 

“This could’ve been a live stream then,” Jude said. 

Connor shrugged. “Okay here’s one. What’s your favorite memory together?”

“Can I just say all of them?" 

"Yeah but pick something specific.”

“What’s yours?” Jude asked, laying back down on Connor. 

“Getting lost in LA when we first moved here. We kind of ended up just touring the city all day, and we had a really good time,” Connor answered. 

“That’s your favorite?” Jude looked up at him as best he could while still laying down. 


“I like that." 

Connor smiled to himself as he continued scrolling through Twitter. He passed Jude his phone, "here, you can check the hashtag on my Instagram.”

Jude took it, typed in the four digit passcode and opened Instagram. “There’s some pretty weird stuff on here,” he mused. 

“Oh, you should see some of these questions…” Connor laughed. 

“Show me.” Jude sat up slightly, and Connor pointed out a few. 

“Here’s a normal one: Please tell us the story of your first kiss, love you guys!” He read. “Well thanks, we love you too. Um, okay well then there’s kind of two stories. Jude, you tell the tent one." 

"Okay, so in seventh grade, our class went camping, and at the time, our friendship was kind of awkward and distanced because of his dad-”

Connor interrupted, “I have a whole video about my relationship with my parents. Basically, he tried to prevent us from being friends by banning sleep overs because he thought Jude was gay." 

"Right. And to be fair, it was true, but I was still… Like figuring that out I guess. So anyway, on this camping trip, his dad told Connor that we weren’t allowed to share a tent, but guess what? Us being the rebellious children we were, decided to share a tent anyway. My mom was the vice principal and she was on the trip with us as one of the chaperones. So after bed check, we pretty much just stayed up talking, and Connor brought up a time where we played spin the bottle with two girls from our class. When it was Connor’s turn, it landed on me, and we almost kissed, but my sister walked in and practically terrified us. So anyway, he was talking about how he was curious about, if we actually did kiss, and then I don’t even know how it happened, but he kissed me. It was literally less than a second, but we were pretty freaked out and agreed to keep it a secret." 

"And then Jude told his moms like five minutes later,” Connor added. 

“Okay, it was a few days later, and only because I thought your dad… You know…” Jude defended. 

“I know, I know, I’m just kidding. So the second story was like, our first real kiss I guess. And by that, I mean kiss that wasn’t a terrified one second peck.”

Jude snorted. “Oh, the four second ‘Jude shut up,’ kiss?" 

"Yes, that one.” Connor looked back at the camera to explain, “Jude was mad at me for sending mixed signals and basically, mid speech, I kissed him to both, shut him up, and kind of prove that I did have real feelings for him." 

Jude opened his mouth to object, but quickly rethought his words. "Yeah which was kinda more confusing because the next day… Daria…”

“Okay let’s not rehash our relationship from when we were thirteen,” Connor laughed. 

“Sorry, yeah just feel free to shut me up. I don’t want you to get hate comments,” Jude said. 

“Oh yeah, all the 'oh my gosh, Connor’s a terrible boyfriend,’ comments. Those sound great,” Connor said sarcastically. 

“Guys, we were thirteen, just remember that. Connor’s the best boyfriend, I promise." 

"Jude’s better,” Connor fake-whispered. 

Jude hitched the blankets up higher and got more comfortable. “Okay, next question. And we’ll try to keep the answers short." 

Connor scrolled through more strange questions, and unrelated things. "Did you find anything on Instagram?" 

"Not really. A lot of random fan things." 

"Have either of you ever dated girls?” Connor read. “Um, before dating Jude, I dated a girl for a few weeks. It didn’t even really count though." 

"And I never have,” Jude answered. 

“Here’s a random one… Do you trust each other to cut each other’s hair?" 

"Um… No? I don’t trust anyone who’s not a certified hair dresser,” Jude said quickly. 

“Yeah, I don’t even trust myself with scissors,” Connor admitted. 

“For good reason. I found one on Instagram. @OfficialConnorStevens you and Jude have a really good relationship, so I was wondering if you guys ever had an actual break up before? Love you!” Jude read. 

“Thank you, I love you more! Um, yeah, again, we started dating at the age of thirteen, so of course there were small things back then. But anything serious? Yes.. I actually have a video from about a year ago where I told you guys that Jude and I broke up. I left it vague, and didn’t go into detail about the situation, but that lasted about a month. I think the video was titled 'my breakup,’ but of course, we’re still together, and everything is perfectly fine." 

"And no, we’re not going to go into detail now either. Can I answer this next one?” Jude asked. 

“Go for it,” Connor smiled. 

“Do you guys have any funny inside jokes? If so, tell us. Okay, we have a really old one.” Jude cleared his throat dramatically and Connor prepared for what Jude would say. “I’m not gay, but my boyfriend is!" 

Connor burst out laughing, just glad that it wasn’t something totally embarrassing. "Oh wow. Okay, before Jude was out, he kinda had a denial phase, not wanting to label himself, so I bought a shirt that said 'I’m not gay, but my boyfriend is,’ as a joke. He hated it, but now it’s just kind of an inside joke.”

“We have a lot more too, but I can’t think right now, and I’m sure most aren’t appropriate anyway,” Jude added. 

“And I’m not editing this. Also, can you sit up for a sec?" 

Jude sat up and Connor moved his arm, which had long since gone numb. The pins and needles feeling soon replaced the numbness as it regained feeling. "Okay, I’m going to look at the comments on our last video together for the next question.” He rested his arm and Jude curled up to him again. 

“How many more questions are we doing? I’m tired." 

Connor opened YouTube in another tab and scrolled to their last video, then looked at the comments. "A few more. Don’t fall asleep.”

“No promises." 

"Top comment with three hundred likes, is, Jude should get a channel!”

“Guys, we basically share this channel,” Jude said. 

“Well yeah, I mean you’re in like, ninety five percent of my videos, so there wouldn’t be much point in us both having one,” Connor continued. 

“Yeah. And I’m not nearly as dedicated or patient, so my channel would be pretty dead. But I do appreciate your guy’s support and I love you guys too." 

"There aren’t many questions on YouTube so let’s go back to Twitter.” Connor closed YouTube and found more on Twitter. “Connor, why’d you start YouTube? I’ve talked about this many times on my channel, but basically it started in high school as an outlet. I had an unsteady home life, and my relationship with my parents wasn’t the greatest, so YouTube was an escape, and it just sorta stuck." 

Jude grabbed Connor’s phone again to check Instagram. "Can I open DM’s?”


“Okay, this one is, what are your future plans? Do you want kids, pets, etcetera?" 

"I don’t think we’ve planned that far ahead, to be honest, but currently we’re both in college, um, kids? I think someday maybe.” Connor looked at Jude for his answer. 

“Yeah someday. And we’ve talked about getting a dog,” Jude said. 

“This one on Twitter says: have either of you ever considered proposing?” Connor asked. 

“I think we’re kinda young to think about proposing, but it’s definitely something for the future,” Jude answered. 

“This next question is funny, it’s: Hi, I’m not trying to be rude, but are you gay? No offence.” Connor blinked slowly a few times, trying not to laugh, but they both burst into laughter. “Um, hey, you must be new to my channel.”

“I’m not gay, but my boyfriend is,” Jude blurted, laughing. “But yeah, we are, to answer your question." 

"Duh. Okay next one, also from Twitter, You and Jude seem to always be together, but you sometimes talk about 'Jude’s house.’ Do you guys live together?”

“No,” Jude said simply. 

“Well… We might as well. Okay, so we both live in different apartment buildings, but they’re a five minute walk away. Jude doesn’t like his apartment, and he’s practically always here,” Connor explained further. 

“My apartment is fine, honestly, but I usually just end up staying here.”

“Sometimes vice-versa though. Just depends. Like tonight, Jude’s staying here because we binge-watched a show on Netflix and now it’s late.”

“Speaking of late, are we done?” Jude asked. 

“Almost, almost. And, you guys will be the first to know, that we are looking to get a place together. So next question: Do we have nicknames for each other?” Connor asked. 

“I call you Con, but so does everyone. You call me Judicorn, but that was a nickname my sister came up with when I was twelve. It just stuck.” Jude finished his sentence through a yawn, getting even more tired. 

“And the last question we’ll answer is, What’s your weirdest fan experience, and do either of you ever get recognized in public? Uh, weirdest fan experience… I don’t really think I’ve had any weird fan experiences,” Connor admitted, trying to recall anything specific. 

“You had someone follow you from the mall, didn’t you?” Jude asked. 

“Oh! Yeah, someone followed me home and asked for a picture. That was probably the weirdest. But yes, we do sometimes get recognized. Jude finds it really weird.”

“Cause we’re not famous. Also, I get shy about it though,” Jude said. 

“So guys, next week, Jude and I are going back home to San Diego, to spend time with family, so I’ll be vlogging that, and we’ll try to film some challenges or tags. Leave suggestions in the comments! We’re tired, so I think it’s time to sleep. Sorry if this video was boring, it was kind of last minute, but I love you guys, and I’ll see you all next week. Goodnight!” They both waved, and Connor turned the camera off. 


Lori McCreary: “Filing @MadamSecretary at the @UN today” (x)

Erich Bergen: “Filming in the real U.N. today! ‪#‎MadamSecretary‬” (x)


Erich Bergen: “Um.. Quick question..” (x)

Erich Bergen: “Things are getting weird… ”. (x)

Wallis: “Live from the United Nations, DP Jonathan Brown and I are very serious about these translator earpieces #MadamSecretary #UN @madamsecretarycbs @gradyville” (x)

Wallis: “Shooting in the United Nations today #MadamSecretary @madamsecretarycbs @erichbergen @geoffreyarend @patinamiller” (x)

Joe Mellon: “#MadamSecretary at the #unitednations bldg #generalassembly #onlocation #setlife #nyc #work” (x)

it’s 2am and i was abt to sleep but then i checked my follower count and there’s apparently 15k of u guys now tysm i love y'all im hungry and tired gooooodnight 😴😴😴

Anon: can you write about Luke really liking y/n but he is shy about it so he goes to the other guys for advice.


The guys, y/n, and I were sitting around in Michael’s mancave. Ashton was asking too many questions about the FIFA game going on between Michael and Calum. Y/n was absent-mindedly scrolling through her social media accounts. First Twitter, Instagram, then Tumblr. 

I didn’t realize I had been staring until y/n snapped at me.

“Take a picture Hemmings, it’ll last longer.”

“Okay.” That’s exactly what I did. It took longer than I thought because I took so many honestly.

I loved looking at her. Not in a weird stalker way, but in an admiring way. I loved the way her hair fell down her shoulders and how she laughed whole-heartedly when nothing was really that funny. I loved how when she was laying on the couch and staring at her phone she had a slight double chin. How when she laughed a certain laugh her eyes crinkled and how her one dimple showed. I loved simply just watching her be her. 

I shifted my position on the couch to right beside y/n. Y/n placed her head on my shoulder. It was one of the most greatest moments of my life. The way her head just seemed to fit perfectly on my shoulder made me want to stay in that moment forever.

“Alright boys, I’ve got to go pick my brother from school.” Y/n jumped of the couch, straightened out her shirt, picked up her keys, and headed out the door. I watched her walk out when Ashton started laughing at me. 

“Dude, could you want her any more? Like come on. You’re starting to drool.” Ashton said through his laughs. 

“Yeah come on Luke, I didn’t even have to watch any of that to know that you swoon whenever she’s around” Calum said with his eyes still glued on the TV.

“I just don’t know what to do you guys. I really like her, but she just started seeing that one guy and she seems happy.”

Michael paused the game and looked at me. “Well have you ever though of how happy she’d be if she were dating you. I mean we all see how she looks at you especially when you’re doing something you like to do. It’s sickening actually.”

“You really think she likes me? What should I do?” I didn’t even know she even considered thinking of me like that. 

“I think you should go for it.” Ashton said with Calum and Michael agreeing.

“I think I will." 

#25 Gif about You

Harry : You were interviewed in a TV Show. That was the first time you appeared in TV after lots of gossip about your love life with Harry. At that time, you currently answered the questions from the fans in twitter. The interviewer said, “Okay, you’ve got question from @fans_twitter, and I think it’s kinda personal but I will ask you anyway.”. “Okay, I’d love to answer weird question.” you answered and laughed. “So, here it is. How do you describe your sex life with Harry?”. You were kinda shocked to hear that question, then you laughed. You were confused how to respond it but you finally knew how. You raised metal hands and you thought it was the perfect answer. People laughed and screamed, so do you. The interviewer said, “What was that?”. You answered, “My sex life is rock and roll!”.

Liam : You were being interviewed and got some questions about how your relationship with Liam. The interviewer said, “How does Liam affect your life? Does he makes you feel comfy or loved or what?”. “Liam knows that I am insecure about my self. So he always supports me and make me feel confidence.” Then you said, “I like the way I feel when he looks at me. Like I wanna believe in myself.”. The interviewer said, “It looks like that Liam really loves you.” “Yeah, and I am very lucky to have him.”

Louis : The boys and their girlfriends got an interview for a TV Show. The interview was fun and hilarious. Then, the interviewer asked, “Ok boys, one more question. How do you spend your free time?”. Harry and Niall said they will be hanging out. Zayn answered that he will be sleepind all day. Liam said that he will visit his family. “How about you Louis?”. Louis smiled and said, “Well, I am not gonna lie, but I will have a nice sex with Y/N.”. The audience got crazy. You just laughed and you gave the “I want you” looks to Louis and the camera filmed it.

Niall : You and Niall planned for hanging out to a fancy restaurant. It was his day off. “Come on babe, I am hungry.” Niall said. “A minute, almost done.” you said. While you did your make up, Niall was recording you in his phone. “Say something babe. I am filming.” Niall said. You were busy with your make up, so you just gave ducky face. Niall laughed, and said, “It is cute! Your lips looks bigger.”. “‘That’s the new sexy.”, you answered and winked.

Zayn : Zayn was still on tour, and you missed him. So you and Zayn planned to do facetime at night. Zayn was really happy to see your beautiful face so he recorded the facetime in his MacBook, so he can saw your face everytime he want to. Sometimes when you talked, he just looked at your eyes and stared it for whole time. He admire everything in you. You didn’t know that he recorded the facetime until you found the video in his laptop. “Sorry babe that I didn’t tell you. I just miss you and I want to see you every time.”. “It’s okay babe. I think it’s cute.” you said and giggled.

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