i love these webcomics

i do hope you don’t mind that i made,, a thing?? for elsewhere university. i love the place and webcomic so much, i couldn’t resist!! anyway, here is the gal who lives in the sewers. she steals hair that washes down the drains and trades it to fae who want revenge. she probably holds her ss’s for too long and is hard to understand. also she will probably eat you if u try to talk to her in the first place.

i hope you do not mind that i wanted to share with you, i admire u a lot!!!! thank u


i found this and please just read hussies comments on vriska because im almost in tears i cant believe ive never seen this before…. shes my FAVE and i will eat up literally any commentary made abt her 

When I was about to launch into the Hivebent arc, I thought one cool opportunity that presented was to introduce a very major character out of nowhere, who we had literally no foreknowledge of other than one shot of a strange looking horn cropped off panel. The entire profile of this character was always meant to be “someone who is in some way involved with practically everything", and the scorpio sign seemed suited to this. This aspect of her profile was conveyed up front in her introduction, and hammered repeatedly with almost every scene she’s been in. Hivebent was a good introduction to the ways in which she entangles herself nefariously with everything, and slowly but surely, this has been revealed to be the case in the main plotline. It was unclear before, and indeed unclear that this was even a question that needed to be answered, because she had not been introduced yet. And personally, I think there's something kind of exciting which that proposition injects into a story.

Before Hivebent, most of the trolls were portrayed as incompetent at trolling. And when the roster was expanded, the question was begged: are any of these trolls any good at trolling? So part of her profile was also to serve as the ultimate troll. Karkat was an effective troll insofar as he was loud and angry and obnoxious, but that’s about as far as it went. Vriska was designed to be a good troll in the purest sense of the word. She gets people legitimately riled up. Both in the story, and even more importantly, outside it. There is no other troll, or really even any other aspect of Homestuck, which generates more debate. This was intentional, and continues to be. 

Hey!...If I published a Web Comic...

How likely are you on reading it?

A)  DEFINITELY will read it all! I’m super interested in your art! I love reading webcomics.

B) Will check it out for sure! I’ll read at least a chapter to see if I like it or not.

C) Scroll through a couple pages, just to check the art. 

D) Not interested at all.  


Please be honest! Trying to get some information from you guys! <33

lifeisanillusion23  asked:

I thought the creator of Tumblr was a female for some reason because it feels like a more female dominant place versus a male dominant place. I do love you. This is where I can enjoy all my ships and my love of anime, manga, cartoons, webcomics and other TV shows. You are one crazy man.

Honestly the biggest compliment I’ve ever received


Webtoon Recs  [2/?] The Moon That Rises In The Day

A man stuck in time and a woman who flows with time. The story of a strife that goes back and forth between the present and the past.