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In this way, Tarquin is also symbolic of an older time when stories were more likely to be formulaic or cliched–and less diverse. It’s no accident that he’s a wealthy old straight white man losing his marbles over the fact that the tale he is experiencing doesn’t focus on the other straight white man at the expense of the black man, the woman, the genderqueer person, and even the latino guest star. 

By rejecting his insistence that he take the lead, Elan is also saying that no, it’s OK for not every story to have a blond white guy in the lead. It’s OK for them to be the supporting character sometimes. They can still be part of the overall tapestry of the narrative, and sometimes maybe they’ll get great focus episodes (Like this one!)

As an author who is, himself, a straight white guy, it’s difficult for me to always make a statement on the experiences of other demographic groups without running the risk of talking out of my ass. But i 𝘤𝘢𝘯 make a statement about what i think we, the straight white men of the world, should be doing. And that’s for us to recognize that it’s not always about us, and that it doesn’t make us weak just because someone else is the hero for awhile. I’m sure the Tarquins of the real world will read this paragraph and lose their own marbles about it, but i don’t see any point to writing if I can’t express my own views.


Rich Burlew, from the author commentary of Order of the Stick Volume 5: Blood Runs in the Family

Please read Order of the Stick

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Jack has a crush. A really, really obvious crush. Shitty knows, and he’s not going to meddle; honest.



My friend @whovian-potterhead01 pointed this out: 

So you know in Buon San Valentino (the comic) there is this part at the end where they show pictures of Chibitalia? It has been speculated that this is Germany’s flashback to when he was HRE (theory). 



While most people (like me) skip over it and assume that the hand is Italy’s…



If you notice in the previous slides, the dress Chibitalia is wearing is a SLEEVELESS dress. And additionally, HRE wears LONG SLEEVE all black clothes. 

So yes, it’s actually HRE’s hand. 

So now the question is… what does this mean?

This means a WHOLE LOT, actually. This confirms that this is a flashback of some sort, and that it’s from HRE’s perspective. (he hand seems to be coming from the viewing angle, as if someone was filming someone else and the filmer person reached out their hand).

And since it was showing Germany in the last few slides prior to this, it would make sense that he was the one having the flashback. 

So that thing at the end of Buon San Valentino you’ve always wondered about? That is an HRE FLASHBACK. 


Boom. Mind blown.