i love these two. especially their friendship


tfw your gf and bf sass you


#thankyoubones week: day 10 → 3 other favorite ships/friendships 

I love every single friendship on Bones, especially since to me, they are all this huge makeshift family. But these 3 listed above are my utmost favourites. Why? I’ll tell you why: 

  1. Brennan and Angela - to me, these two represent the most iconic best friends on television. Sure they are polar opposites, but they have been best friends for such a long time, and would do almost anything for the other, and I do hope to find a friendship like that myself one day. 
  2. Booth and Cam - these two have had the longest friendship on the show, over 20 years worth by now, and have remained good friends after all these years. While I was never a fan of them as a couple, their friendship certainly works for me, and they incite a special nostalgic pang in my heart whenever I watch scenes of them together because I can’t help but think back of their long history with each other. 
  3. Booth and Aubrey - this friendship is fairly new yes, but one that I will certainly miss dearly. Considering how Aubrey joined the team after Sweets’ death (rip dear Sweets), he has managed to earn Booth’s trust, respect and affection, and really, any scenes of them either talking about life or enjoying a meal together makes me really happy.

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Least favourite ships and why?

Snily. I could honestly write an essay on Snily.

Okay first up Lily does not owe Snape anything for his friendship. She doesn’t have to love him simply because he reveres her, especially not when he used slurs against her and supported those who viewed her as an inferior being. Lily Evans is fucking brilliant and she doesn’t have to stand for anyone treating her as lesser simply because of her family

Also the entire basis of Snily is founded on infatuation. It’s the perfect example of an unhealthy relationship. The two are not equals, Snape holds Lily to such high standards and overlooks her flaws rather than accepting them and a relationship like that is not stable

Despite that, Snape still always puts his wants and needs before Lily’s. A relationship should be based on compromise and understanding whereas Snape constantly assumes he knows what’s best for Lily rather than listening to her. He is prepared to bargain the life of her husband and son to let her live, proving that he really doesn’t understand Lily’s priorities

As a character I’ve become more open about Snape and I can accept that he has many flaws but isn’t entirely evil, however Snily as a relationship is founded on an unhealthy friendship and would be detrimental to both the characters involved

Saw Beauty and the Beast last night.

Seeing it tomorrow morning…and Sunday morning…probably more.

Why can’t every movie be this perfect? The original was done justice in my opinion, nothing was left out yet we were given so much more.

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My favorite thing about this story is that for once it’s the Prince that needs saving and the educated/fearless/head strong woman does the rescuing. 

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No love at first sight, instead we see a friendship blossom and an unexpected love emerge. It’s beautiful.

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The cast couldn’t have been more spot on, like seriously, they were born for these roles, especially Luke Evans, what a scene stealer.

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AND MIGHT I JUST ADD how happy I am that Lefou was LGBT. Praise! It’s 2017 and I am proud to say my daughters weren’t traumatized by it but instead loved that the two boys danced at the end. Like I said, beautiful.

Plus Beasts solo, Evermore, well lets just say I ain’t mad at it. Get it beast, feel that sorrow filled love!

Basically, everyone should go see it. Immediately. You won’t be sorry.

Ski Jumping Awards - Poland

1. Athlete of the season (male): Kamil Stoch. It was such a good season for polish team it was hard to choose just one, but I’ve decided that he deserves this the most. He won 6 competition. Was lider of WC the longest. He won 4HT and joined to the club of ski jumpers who won everything (Crystal Globe, World Championships, Olimpics and 4 Hills Tournament).

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2. Athlete of the season (female): All of them. Because they were not allowed to compete in Lahti (because our stupid chairman decided so) it was hard to compere them so they’re all winners.

3.Team of the season: Piotr Żyła, Dawid Kubacki, Maciej Kot, Kamil Stoch #every podium of the season and gold at WC squad.

4. Top newcomer/breakthrough: Maciej Kot. He finally achived something more than 5th place. He won 2 competition (was on the podium 3). He was 4th in 4HT. He was 2 times in TOP 6 and won gold in team in Lahti. He was one of the four jumpers who jumped in every series of every cometition and was the only one to always be in TOP 20 (the lowest place was 18th in Oberstdorf (ski flying)).

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5. Most imperssive win of the season: Klingenthal team. First team competition of the season, first ever win for Poland with 40 points of advantage over second place. Hats off! 

6. Best competition: Bischofshofen. Kamil was first, Piotrek third, Maciek K5t on his favourite position, Dawid, Jan and Stefan also did well (with 234 points to Nations Cup). The emotions were great. The final was terrifying. But everything ended well.

7. Best podium: Lillehammer 2nd day. It was really hard to choose, but this was the first time this season when they showed that they’ll be strong this season. Both Kamil and Maciek (for the first time) on the podium. Delightful.

8. Best Jump: Kamil Stoch - 251,5 m, Planica. Polish national record (don’t argue with it). Amazing fight jump by Kamil. Before this season almost everyone did’t believe that polish eagles could fly. But they can and this jump (and Vikkersund team competiton) proved it.

9.Most touching moment: Piotr Żyła winning bronze and polish team winning gold in Lahti. I know these are two moments but I just can’t pick one. When Piotrek won bronze he didn’t really know what he had done. The funny, always smiling guy suddenly become silent, shy man. He even dedicated that medal to his kids.

 Team competition was so emotional I couldn’t even sit. I was so nervous before every jump (especially Dawid’s in second round). But as soon as Kamil landed I started to cry like a little baby. They did it. For the first time in history. 

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10. OTP of the season: Piotrek and Maciek (Żyłot, Kyła, Wiewiórokot?) Their friendship is awesome. Love them together. They always live in the same hotel room and they support each other so much.

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11. Crush of the season: Kamil and Maciek. It’s a tie. They’re both the most handsome when they’re smiling and they were smiling a lot this season so I couldn’t choose one of them.

Ski Jumping Awards 

My Age Headcanons for the Paladins

So I was discussing these with @not-just-any-fangirl​ and since we had a few laughs, I thought I would share them.

  • Shiro and Pidge are 25 and 14 respectively. I don’t debate this at all. It makes a lot of sense to me.
  • Hunk is 17. He’s maybe about 9 or 10 months younger than Lance but they’ve been in the same year since Grade 3 when Hunk was pushed ahead a grade because of being really good at things like maths.
  • He has never regretted being young for his year, especially since he’s always been a large guy, and this way he stood out slightly less
  • Also he never felt the need to jump any further ahead, especially since now he had formed such a strong friendship with Lance and their joint love of space
  • So Lance is also 17
  • Keith is 18, but he’s only just turned 18 and is only around 2 months older than Lance
  • He holds this over Lance constantly - Lance is bitter about it
  • It’s even funnier when they’re dating
  • When Keith finally turns 20 he teases Lance every single day for like a month - he’s such a little shit
  • ‘Gross dude I can’t kiss you you’re still practically a child’
  • goes on about “damn teenagers”
  • it drives Lance insane
  • Lance rages and Keith and Shiro share an 'adults know better’ look
  • BCUS shiro is also a little shit (let’s be real; Shiro is probably the instigator of half the shit that goes down in the Castle, he’s just subtle about it and then watches the chaos unfold around him while sipping his coffee)
  • Lance tries to look to Pidge for support but she’s just as bad
  • “Respect your elders, Lance”
  • “who? me? I’m just a child like yourself, lance. what would I know?”
  • When Lance finally turns 20 there is a huge surprise celebration to make up for all the teasing
  • Keith gives him lots of kisses
  • Until they sneak off halfway through the party to “be adults together” whoops

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I have a Hartwin prompt for you.... How about one is a fanfic writer and the other is one of his most enthusiastic readers?

>u> NICE


AGentlemanSpy posted a new chapter!

Eggsy opened the link eagerly, not caring that he was in a crowded pub. His back was to the wall and he could always minimize in time.

He was waiting for Ryan and Jamal, but they wouldn’t be there for a while, which gave Eggsy time to read the next chapter in his favorite James Bond fic. AGentlemanSpy posted exclusively fic about spies and espionage, but that was fine; he was excellent at it. His writing always got hundreds of comments. And Eggsy liked to think he was AGentlemanSpy’s favorite commenter.

This chapter was scary. There was kidnapping, and allusions to torture, and scrambled trails as James fought to get Q home safe. It wasn’t 00Q (though Eggsy was into that); but it was written to show a deep friendship and trust between the two. Eggsy loved it.

He also loved that he was the only commenter AGentlemanSpy ever consistently replied to.

Fuck this one was great! I especially love Q’s lines to the kidnappers.

I’m glad you liked it. I took inspiration from your comment on the last chapter.

Eggsy resisted the urge to go all soft and melty inside. Fuck, mate, you don’t gotta keep taking inspo from me. What’re your other muses?

No others. I would’ve abandoned this fic without you.

Eggsy blushed and fought a smile. He was not home and safe; he was in public, where anyone could demand to know who he was texting. Careful, I may just take advantage.

You may try. I doubt you’ll be able to.

Oh, is that a challenge?

Suddenly, a different commenter popped in; Father_of_Quartermasters. Another of AGentlemanSpy’s favorites. Stop flirting, you two, you’re making everyone jealous.

Including you? AGentlemanSpy asked.

Stop it. And get back to work.

Eggsy sighed. Next week?

Next week.

“Oi, Eggsy!”

Eggsy’s head snapped up and he hid his phone in his pocket. Ryan and Jamal were coming towards him, both looking excited. Ryan threw himself in the booth, and Jamal slid in beside him. “Did you read the new chapter?” Ryan asked eagerly, leaning forward.

“Fuck yes!” Eggsy answered, grinning. “What’d you think of it?”

“This may be the best one yet! Oh, and the author kept flirting with that agentgareth person. Just thought you should know.”

Eggsy hid another smile. “Thanks. What about the kidnapping? D’you think it was realistic? I did.”



the “chapter 238 cleared my skin” ramble and also a little rambling about kageyama and hinata’s characters

anyway;;; i h*cking love kageyama and hinata being dorks together;;;;;; here’s a summary of kageyama and miya’s conversation

miya: yea lol ur team sucks kageyama: i dont suck tho
miya: /points to hinata/ ya okay but what about that shortie he looks like he sucks

just. kageyama believing in hinata. kageyama standing up for hinata in front of miya.


also i’ve been rereading the haikyuu manga and this one moment when kageyama was subbed out for sugawara in the interhigh seijoh match, hinata just storms right into the substitution zone and tells him “i told you i was gonna beat you!! you’re not allowed to lose to anyone until you lose to me!!!!! so you can’t lose!!” was so touching.

hinata’s (mostly onesided) “rivalry” with kageyama is something that a lot of people gloss over when writing his character;;;; but it’s such an important and fundamental part of his character?? along with being a selfish individual, relying on entirely instinct, not knowing when to quit and having no capacity for wanting to get better, and being oblivious. just. hinata’s character is so good. it’s so deep. it’s so realistically sized. honestly so is kageyama’s. i love both of them with all my heart.

also, whenever hinata says “i’m going to beat you!” i always get the feeling it translates into “i want to keep up with you so i’m not left behind, and you won’t move on without me.” like, even someone like hinata wouldn’t simply want to beat kageyama– especially since the two of them are best friends now– and it’s not something that they’ve hinted at at all. however, recently, they’ve been hinting toward’s hinata’s fear of being left behind (the entire training camp arc).

arghh, their friendship is so dynamic and cute;;; hinata just wants to keep improving so he can keep up with his best friend;;, kageyama wants hinata to keep improving so the two of them stay on the same playing field;;;; god, what a pair of cuties

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do you ship kalex

I decided to give more than a yes or no answer because I get so little chance to explain why/how I ship them.

Yes I do, I love the potential there is for them as a romance, the angst…I live for angst lol. Their love is so profound, no one knows and understands Kara the way Alex does. Kara slept for 24 years and traveled thousands of light years all to be dropped off at Alex’s doorstep (literal soulmates in canon. Platonic or romantic). Alex is Kara’s home on Earth and Kara is the reason behind so much, if not everything, Alex does. Chyler and Melissa have so much chemistry, possibly the best chemistry in the entire cast. I know it’s taboo for many people because they consider each other sisters and I get it. But it’s not too far fetched to think that maybe Alex and Kara did like each other when they first met, we know in canon Alex struggled with “weird” feelings when she was young and buried those feelings so deep within for years. Who’s to say she never felt something for Kara or that Kara never felt something for Alex, the girl she spent day and night with, the reason she stopped using her powers and then the reason she revealed herself to the world. Those feelings forced down because Eliza was constantly telling them they were sisters (despite the fact Kara has never seen her or Jeremiah as parents), that Alex had to look out for her sister, etc. I wonder if they would see each other as sisters if Eliza had let them decide on their own what their relationship would be. Would they see each other as sisters or just best friends? It’s an interesting idea imo. What if they chose to stick to sisters because it’s what was expected of them? What if they do feel more but choose to ignore it because they have been sisters for too long, and maybe they think the other just doesn’t feel the same? It’s a much more complex story than “Supergirl” would ever tell, especially when they are already doing one similar over on the Flash. 

 But that doesn’t mean I don’t love their relationship as it is in canon. I love seeing a relationship between sisters (adoptive sisters at that) as the main relationship in a show. Their love and support is so pure and unwavering. We get to see many stories of brotherhood and male friendship but so rarely get a story of sisterhood. Every time I have cried during the show has been from a scene between the two sisters, or from a scene between the Danvers’ with J’onn. The found family is the most important dynamic of the series. This is why I am so sad to see this relationship sidelined so much during s2. 

They are my OTP (romantic and non-romantic)

Best Friend Imagine #2

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Ashton x Reader

Summary: Ashton and you have both been Best Friends since the third grade, always were there for one another, supporting one another goals in life. You finally get the chance to see him play live after all these years, little did you know that the other boys had something underneath there sleeves.

Word Count:

Warnings: None

A/N: I maybe making this a regular thing, with the Best Friend series. I just need ideas y’all

Ashton and yourself have known one another since the third grade, becoming inseparable when the both of you found out that you lived just three houses down from each other. As the years rolled on by the friendship grew stronger between the two of you; He was always supportive of your love for animals always telling you that you would be a great Veterinarian one day.  You being just as supportive of his music career, especially when he was contacted by some kid named Michael, asking him if he wanted come over to his place and play on the drums since his band was looking for a drummer. You remember telling him that he should do it, that you never know it could turn into something remotely big.

That’s what happened, the boys started making covers for songs and posting them to YouTube with Luke account. None of them seeing that in just a couple years that they would be going on tour with One Direction in America and then headlining their very own tour.  Ashton and yourself always kept in contact even if at times it was difficult since he was never really in Australia most of the time. Sure you would still go over and visit his family, just for old times sake, you did practically watch Lauren and Henry grow up before you.

Now you were sitting outside with Anne drinking a glass of water while she was telling you about the most recent things her younger kids were doing, “Henry is starting to play the guitar. I don’t know what I will do if he starts a band and then leaves me to travel around the world playing shows for hundreds or even thousands of people,” She spoke softly taking a sip of the wine that was in her glass. Nodding my head agreeing with her, she took it kind of hard when Ashton left to travel the world, but then slowly came to grasp that her oldest first born was happy making other people happy.  Bring the rim of the glass to your lips, mumbling in reply, “You can handle it I know you can,” tipping the glass back trying to think of something else other than Ashton. “Have you heard from him lately?”

With a shake of the head, “No I haven’t, but I am going to the show in San Francisco next week. I made sure to text Michael about it, even got front row seats.” She nodded her head, and then we both sat in silence listening to the noises around us. Once Lauren arrived back, I said my good-byes and left, heading home to start packing since the concert in a couple of days and my flight was in two days. The next couple of days were a blur, heading to the airport was probably one of the worst things ever, since I had never flown anywhere. Michael was the one to pick me up after the fourteen hour flight, telling me that I would be staying in the same hotel that him and the others were staying in. When we both arrived there he was the one to get out in the front, since there were some girls and paparazzi around filming and taking pictures. “I don’t want to get out right here, I’ll take the back,” I had told him, he agreed with me reaching over to grab the bag that was on the ground, “I agree, I like you but I don’t want anyone thinking we are together or anything.” A chuckle escaped past us, we both agreed fully on that one reason.

The driver drove to the back entrance, making sure that there were in fact no one around. “Here is the key, you’ll be on the fifth floor. Yes we already checked you in and everything, “ He told you handing the key over, dropping the large suitcase right in front of you. With a simple ‘Thank you’, grabbing the top of it making the long walk towards the elevator that would bring you to where you wanted to go. After situating yourself in the hotel room, it was the first on the list to take a shower, then sleep for at least two days. That’s exactly what you had done, sure Michael would try to have you come out and see the others but the jetlag was just something that was totally new and horrible to you.  Well that was till the night of the concert, when the others finally figured out that you were staying in the same hotel that they were in.

A knock was heard at the door while you were tugging on a pair of ripped jeans, biting your lip with annoyance not really knowing who was there till you heard an all too familiar voice speak up, “If you don’t let us in Y/N/N, we will break down this door!” Calum hollered in fake anger, smiling you picked up the 5SOS shirt that you had bought when they first came out with band march that had their faces on it. “I’m coming,” You shouted over the music that was playing in the background, swinging open the door you were greeted by four boys tackling you to the ground.

“You all have missed me that much? Seriously?” Laughing as they all nodded their heads in agreement, well that was till someone cleared their throat. “Come on boys and ladies, you can catch up on the way to the venue.”

“It’s good to see you again,” Ashton whispered into your ear, jumping back not realizing that he had been right behind you. “It’s lovely to see you as well ketchup,” You said using his old nickname, receiving a dirty look in reply. You all walked to the van that was waiting to take you all to the venue, the boys on the way there asking about how back home was and how their families were doing, and trying your best telling them all that you knew. Finally making it to the venue, they all were whisked away for sound check, you on the other hand arrived early. Making it the perfect time to just wander around, taking in the sights even talking to some of their fans that had also arrived. They luckily didn’t know who you were, since Ashton had agreed to never post anything of you or talk about you. You didn’t want to be in the spotlight at all, you weren’t about the fame life of always getting bombarded by fans and nasty comments on Instagram or even twitter.

Finally at around five or six, Hey Violet came on playing there music for the opening act. Though you just went and picked up some food, being almost overwhelmed with the line, deciding against it when you heard that the boys were on stage.  “Just a thing of nachos please, “ Asking nicely as the girl behind the counter took your money and in less than five minutes gave you the food. Speed walking back to your seat making sure not to spill the food that was in your hands, and then the boys finally came on stage. The lights dimmed, the crowd grew quiet, right when Michael came out waving the lights brightened just a bit, with each boy they grew brighter and brighter the crowd getting even louder if that was even possibly.

By the second song the food that was with you was gone, now you were one of the many others around you dancing to the songs and singing the lyrics the best you could. Though you got some lyrics confused, not realizing that they had changed some of the words in the songs that they had sent you in the beginning.  The seventh song you were breathing heavily, and sweating like no other, taking a long drink of the water bottle.

“How are you all doing tonight?!” Michael practically screamed into the mic, the crowd screaming a mixture of ‘Goods,’ and ‘Fuck me,’ which was just straight up strange.  

“That’s good to hear. Now there is someone in the crowd that we know right now, and no it isn’t anybody in the way back. This person would be in the front row, between the two girls with a dark red shirt and a light blue shirt,” Luke spoke into the mic, pointing a finger at the girls on the left and right of you.

Oh dear god no

Was all that you were thinking, “Her name is Y/N, she has known myself since third or fourth grade. We lived just three houses down from each other, she was the one that pushed me into going to Michael house for the band rehearsal-” Michael spoke into the mic, cutting off Ashton, “Didn’t have him change out of that awful-” “ It wasn’t an awful purple shirt! Anyways without her, I probably wouldn’t be in this band. Tonight I was wondering if she would come up on stage and play the drums with me. Or at least take out for me, while we sing a special song for you all.” The security guards were in front of you in a flash helping you out of the seats, with shaking legs and butterflies in the stomach. You were then on the stage, walking towards Ashton without looking at the crowd that was screaming in front of you, “Do you remember how to play English Love Affair?”

A evil smirk came across your face, “Of course I do. I helped write that song, along with showing you what you should do.”

Rolling his eyes before moving out of the seat, handing you the sticks to start hitting on the drums. “Okay everyone let’s see if you all know this song,” Calum spoke up watching Ashton grab the guitar from one of the crew members. That’s when you all started to slowly play the song, Michael leaning in singing, “ Woohoo.”  

“It started in a weekend in May, “ And with those simple words the crowd got even crazier, along with yourself while watching Ashton and the boys play and jump around through the whole song. Along with the other three songs that you helped out with.  That was when you realized why the boys loved this so much, the adrenaline was everything and watching others singing to your lyrics that you wrote was everything. And you couldn’t be more happy and proud along with kind of envious of your best friend.

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Khr Question: Do you think Tsuna every really (truly and full heartedly) harmonized with his gaurdian? It's just that in Cannon they never really acted how I'd expect someone who've you SOULBONDED with would? Is it just me??

Hmm. By the time of the Future Arc, I like to think he was on the way? One of the things that I did really like about KHR was that there were no immediate “Oh we’re best friends forever and everything is normal” friendships. Tsuna liked most of his Guardians from the beginning (except Mukuro, for obvious reasons) but it took him a while to love them, and I felt that was pretty realistic, especially with all the other things going on. 

By the Arcobaleno Arc, it was getting more and more obvious that they were bonding, but it was a gradual process. If the manga had shown us a year or two into the future, I think it would have been the full soulbond idea, but at that point it was too early. And that was totally okay with me. 

Imo KHR is pretty cool in that it subverts a lot of the standard shounen tropes while still managing to play them more or less straight. It’s Tsuna who’s willing to sacrifice for his friends, but who’s still learning how to say “I can” instead of just giving up, and actually building friendships with the people who’ve become attached to him. There are a lot of the usual ideas, but more than being about flashy battles and “I’m going to die for my friends” it’s Tsuna figuring out how to care and realizing that he can actually do things. More than in most manga, his friends give him a reason to try, and I think that’s beautiful. 

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what's the difference between queerplatonic relationships and best friends? i'm genuinely wondering

Okay. First I want to apologize for taking so long to write this. This is one of those topics that, since it’s more a fringe aspect of my sexuality at best, I wanted to make sure I handled well.

Second I want to point out that the difference between QPR’s and best friends depends just as much on a person’s definition of “best friend” as it does on their definition of “queer platonic relationship”.

And third, I think it’s important to note that whether or not everyone agrees with the answer I give and whether or not they agree that there’s a sufficient difference between QPR’s and best friends, the concept of QPR’s within the community is ancient even if the terminology is not. We as a community, especially surrounding the AIDS crisis, have a very long history of building life partnerships and families and even children off of relationships that did not involve romantic love but was clearly and definably made of something in addition to friendship. On a slightly personal note - my own birth is literally a great example of this. The two people who combined genetic material to get me had zero romantic interest in each other. But they spent several years together, as life partners, and decided to have me together. There were many things that bonded my bio parents, but romantic love was never one of them. And yet I don’t think it is exceptionally common for two best friends to spend multiple years living together and trying to have a child together.

And yet, within our community, stories like mine are incredibly common! Especially pre-accessibility if things like IVF. It was extraordinarily normal when I was growing up to hear about my “cousins” so to speak being born from the intimate partnerships of two people who would never fall in romantic love with each other. Some of them were not asexual or aromantic and were best friends. But there were some of my cousins who grew up in homes where their genetic parents were both living together, keeping house together, and raising families together. My whole life, my uncles lived with their child’s mother and she was an important part of their life and their family in ways my own mother (my uncle’s best friend) was just not. And when my uncle died, his partner and his child’s mother still lived together and grieved together and were life partners in their own way even without him. Again. This was incredibly common.

We as a community have always bonded together into partnerships, into families, which don’t fit the mold. And giving language to those who need it is a good thing.

So that said. The difference, as most people see it, between best friends and queer platonic relationships is that best friends tend to be people you love, people you consider family, people you might do almost anything for, but not people you would consider to be intimate life partners for you. QPR’s on the other hand, while not involving romantic love and while likely existing as a friendship as well, DO involve being life partners, in all the details that may represent. Things like marriage, raising children, living together, sharing beds, perhaps (for some) a sexual relationship, are all things that can occur within the confines of a QPR normally which are generally considered pretty unusual for friendships.

Another place where QPRs tend to be common is non-monogamy. In such relationships, you may not be in a romantic partnership, or even a sexual one, with all of the people in your partner’s network. And while hopefully you get along with most or all of them, that isn’t required either. What can sometimes happen though, between people-who-are-not-romantically-involved among the polyamorous network, is that you become life partners anyway. You care for each other in ways outside of the friendship you also built. Sometimes this is called metamours (an older word than QPR, though only slightly) and sometimes it’s called a QPR. It depends a lot on the people naming it and the relationship they feel exists.

In short, while the language is relatively recently developed, the existence of life partners in the community who are not and have never been romantically attracted to each other is a far reaching tradition. It tends to differ from friendship partly by role and partly by emotional response. But in the long run, it is up to individual people themselves to decide whether the distinction between QPR and best friend is clear enough for them personally to need the language. People’s experiences are not universal, so just because some people find it a valuable and meaningful distinction in their lives does not mean everyone will.

I have struggled with new events being divorced. First birthday, first Halloween. I think primarily because the aspect of change. My ex isn’t especially good about gifts. He seems to think people won’t like his choice of gifts so he doesn’t get one. But, he and my mom took my son shopping and found these cute necklaces for me. Along with the belting out on multiple occasions, “Happy Birthday Mommy”, how could I not feel surrounded by the most peaceful intense atmosphere of love.

We don’t need holidays or birthdays to show love to those around us. I saw it in the friendship of two older ladies on their respective scooters fussing over a dog. Love freely and make the day brighter for others…it can’t help but rub off on you.

My personal review of Beauty and the Beast! Man the feels!! (NO spoilers)

Just finished watching “Beauty and the Beast” and it was like seeing it again for the first time … really indescribable feels!
Every scene, every costume, every character, everything perfect … I read so many negative comments on the choice of Emma Watson as Belle, but instead guys, I’ve found her just PERFECT! She IS really Belle! She’s born for that role!
Luke Evans & Josh Gad also were PERFECT as Gaston&LeFou, the latter can be said is the character who most evolved than the Classic and I liked it! Loved every their scene and Gaston’s performance … man how I loved that performance (together w/Be our guest and the dance scene)!! Oh and, btw, amazing chemistry between the two!
Last but absolutely not least a great Dan Stevens as Beast/Adam, from the initial flawed to end up in his inner change. Every movement expressed fantastically and impeccably!
And what about the others ?! Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts), Kelvin Kline (Maurice), Ewan McGregor (Lumiere), Ian McKellen (Cogsworth), Audra McDonald (Mrs. Wardrobe), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Plumette) impeccable from start to finish!
Btw Emma you seriously are a perfect Mrs. Potts exactly like Angela Lansbury, at that time, was … I’m sure she’s proud of how u portrayed the character❤
Alan Menken between the old musics and songs that we already know, imprinted in our hearts, and the “new entries” drags us even more in the magic!
Side note: as said before chemistry between Josh&Luke is undeniable but, to say that, the chemistry is amazing between just all the cast🌹
Moral of the story I cried without any dignity, especially in the end, but this movie has brought out many memories and made me realize, even more, why this is my favorite fairytale and why every time I fall in love with it always more❤
So thank you from the bottom of my heart💖

5 Years of Mrtflr

So as some of you have seen, I added onto @illeaslockedbluebox‘s post about the 5th year anniversary of The Selection but not everyone saw it so this is the official post talking about it. 

I propose in celebration of 5 years today or tomorrow (depending where you are; either way the date is 24th April), we should talk about when we joined the fandom and how it has impacted our lives since then. Since this is being done on such short notice we will keep it quick and easy, just reblog this post, add your joined date and impact and tag all your Selection friends or any Selection blogs you admire to get the word to spread around. Also use the hashtag #5 Years of Mrtflr I’ll go first: 

When I Joined: Probably late 2013 or early 2014 because I remember waiting for The One to be released. I really only joined the fandom when The Heir (2015) came out and I was totally invested in Eady and her generation which spawned my Where Are They Now miniseries.

How This Fandom/Book Series Has Impacted Me: First I wanna talk about what America and Eady taught me. They taught me that I can be a princess if I try hard enough (Watch out Prince Harry I’m coming for you) but on a serious note, they taught me to be brave and strong and that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. The book series especially taught me that I can be girly and badass and those two things can be mutually exclusive. As for the fandom, where to start? I have made so many friends through this fandom, many of whom I trust my life with and will take a bullet for. I will tag the other friends whom I love very much but a special shoutout to my soulmate Rose aka @not-your-dear who has been with through the hard and fun times and has always had my back since the beginning of our friendship. I love you so much Rosie thank you for existing and being in my life. 

Special thanks and love to my friends/I tag: @illeaslockedbluebox @prince-consort-lolz @eadlynschreaveofillea @thedandelioninperspective @da-real-hijabis-of-illea @eadrik-maxerica @princess-may-singer @hearttoheartzz @camilleschreave @ladyanj @fangirlingforinfinity

Yurio's Mysterious Past – Yuri on Ice Meta/Analysis

I’ve been thinking about Yurio for a while and his mysterious past. Mostly about how he’s changed over the years. We first see him looking like a vulnerable little child in his flashback in Episode 3.

So how does he change from this child…

To the Russian Punk…

and then to this beautiful and strong skater


  • Yurio is a next generation skater.
  • His grandpa raised him in Moscow for a time.
  • At 10 years old, Yurio moved his home rink from Moscow to St. Petersburg.
  • He’s been the main provider for his family since his days in the rookie division.
  • Yurio won his past 3 junior championships.

So as you can see, there are some gaps in the timeline, which leave room for questions. The beginning of this speculation will all be about filling in the gaps and then how he grows throughout the show.

QUESTION #1: Why did Yurio move to St. Petersburg?
Well, the most obvious answer would be to train under Viktor’s coach, Yakov. The anime leads us to believe that Yurio admires and looks up to Viktor. At this time, Viktor would have been 22 and since he’s won 5 consecutive GPF that would have been during that time.

Once Yurio arrives there, he participates in Yakov’s summer camp (where Otabek also is). I do think this was a “make it or break it” moment for Yurio. Reflecting on it, Yurio tells Otabek, “I was desperate. I decided I wouldn’t complain until I was good enough.” Something happened in his family, something tore them apart. Possibly this is also when Yurio became the main provider for his family. He either needed to make money by skating, or do something else that could bring money.

What really sells me on the pain Yurio encountered is this line:

I think this speaks deeply to the pain Yurio has gone through. Soldiers aren’t just strong. They go through hardship after hardship, they’ve experienced pain, and seen things far beyond their wildest nightmares. The eyes of a soldier. Yurio is pleased to be described that way. Finally someone noticed how much he’s been through.

But he gets this look like: “Me? Am I really worthy of being called that?” And then he seems to lose himself to memories.

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Old Friends » Connor Kenway

Request: How about where the reader and Connor are friends and he wants her to see his village, and when she’s there she’s playing with all the kids and him and Kanen'to:kon are speaking with one another (in a perfect world where he doesn’t die) and he sees Connor smiling at her with the children,and asks him when he’s going to tell her how he feels?

Requested By: @native-snowflake

Pairing: Connor Kenway x Reader

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed

Words: 1004

A/N: I’m sorry about taking so long, darling! I got side-tracked by other requests! ;-;

Originally posted by aerloria

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