i love these two on the show so much

what pissed me off the most about this week’s ep isn’t even the fact that we got only 7 minutes of sanvers in an episode that was supposed to be sanvers centric and even winn and his girl got more time. it wasn’t even the fact that it was pretty much just another episode of keeping up with mon-el and not supergirl. but it was the fact that when kara was faking that she doesn’t like mon-el she was actually making valid points. she was making valid points about why they can’t be together and yet at the end of the episode they got together. because apparently when a girl says no it just means that you have to try harder to get her. (which reminds me wasn’t the point of this ep to show that no means no?? but like they keep doing the opposite with mon-el so i’m really confused here…) the great feminist show that supergirl was in season one is really gone. and as  much as i love season two for sanvers and alex’s coming out i’m really sick of it. because kara’s relationship with mon-el is inherently toxic and yet they keep shoving it down our throats. the great feminist show is telling girls that when they think they don’t like a guy they actually do and they just gotta think harder about it. like him even though he is not good for you for so many valid reasons.

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I know rn the crew treat it like shit but still im so glad that something like amedot exist rn, its just so progressive because: a fat girl and a tomboy, the fat one is the most ''feminine'' but also the most dominant between the two. Amedot in itself is breaking all the boundaries and its me and my gf so it meant so much that the crew even hinted at these two, its way more than I could ever ask, it gives me hope that in the future something like amedot will fully be embrace. I love it sm!!

Amedot is such a good ship for all these reasons!! Personality wise and visually they contrast each other amazingly!! And even fit the opposite colours attract thing going on in the show, like ruby and sapphire, and steven and connie. AND even had the “fall on ur crush” trope. I just love this ship so much  hhhh

Also it’s super cute that you and your gf relate to them!!

I just hate that the cast crew just ignore it but openly talk about other ships like??? what gives??

Three (Tattoo Artist!Jungkook)

Plot: Tattoo artist!Jungkook with a second son

Word Count: 967

A/N: so someone requested this not too long ago and I thought it sounded cute, they requested a part two to a drabble I did a wh ile ago called Trouble (here) it’s basically just tattoo artist!kook as a father but at the very end, there was a hint that there could be a third bby on the way so they requested what would happen if said bby was born and I love me so father!kook idk why but I love writing about the twins so much bc they’d be such cute lil trouble makers just like kookie and I honestly want a TV show with this shit happening bc yeS PLZ, the links for this are the tattoo artist post (here) and as always, all of the father related posts are here

Jungkook had always been a doting father, from the first day he knew he would be having a child to the current day. He had nurseries planned for either gender, he had clothes for every size, he had hats, shoes, bracelets all ready for his future child. It didn’t surprise you to see him cry during the birth or during the first time he held his youngest child, another son, he had done the same with the twins. It melted your heart to see the confused but curious eyes of your daughter and son looking at their new baby brother, Jungkook holding them up so they could see him. They had a million questions about him, where he’d come from, what his name was, if they could hug him. They weren’t sure what to think of him yet since they’d never been around a newborn baby but they liked him so far.

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Your McHanzo comic is so mcfreaking amazing. I love all the little details and how these two dorks just work together. Also, a big thank you for showing that Hanzo and McCree are older men and probably aren't all that ripped. Gah, I love your art so much.

aww thank you anon!  They do work well together :) Yeah I think McCree is big yet a little soft and Hanzo will be the grandpa still busting ass in the gym at 70

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I love you so much btw, your the first blog I've seen that ships sheith and like !!! Just I'm so happy, thanks for the sheith

Heck man, there are already too many nasty anti Sheith/Shaladin blogs… there needs to be more friendly/tolerant spaces. 

It’s gross how so many people in the Voltron fandom police what others are and aren’t allowed to enjoy. This is fiction. It’s a fictional show and shipping two MADE UP people isn’t hurting anyone. What IS hurting someone is slandering their name or sending them death threats just because they don’t like what you like. 

Anyway, yeah. Sheith is great. Will definitely be reblogging more Sheith later. 

Just some thoughts

‪This episode was disappointing. The only good thing about it were the scenes with Maggie and Alex but Sanvers shippers were robbed this episode… Honestly, I feel like they’re only forcing Kara and Mon-El’s obvious unhealthy relationship down our throats because they are too afraid to have the only canon couple on the show be two lesbians, so they have Mon-El shoved in our faces to try and please the homophobes & heteros. What annoys me even more is that Kara herself has blatantly stated multiple times that she wasn’t interested in Mon-El, how much of a jerk he is, etc. Ya’ll already know how bad he is so I don’t even need to elaborate on that. yet somehow “She’s in love with him and just confused about her feelings.” I swear 99.9% of there scene together is just arguments, insulting each other and talking about how they don’t have feelings for each other, apparently that’s supposed to be cute? It ain’t. undeniable chemistry? Bitch Where cuz I wanna know. Kara deserves sooo much better. They literally lead us to believe it would be a Sanvers centric episode and that we’d get to know more about Maggie outside of their relationship but all their scenes were so short, we still know very little about Maggie outside of their relationship, I mean for fuck sakes even the things we learned about her past were centered around a love interest, she deserves an actual storyline that’s more than just the love interest…

My hope is that the writers don’t fall back on the old TV trope where the couple gets together, now it’s time to break them up for drama. It would be lazy imo.

I’d much rather see a couple figure it out, go through rough patches, come out the other side. It’s a nice message for people out there that sometimes it can work out, not everyone breaks up, relationships can last hard oeriods. And thst even working, independent strong women are allowed love and to have a vulnerable side.

I just have this feeling we’ll get a temporary break up, maybe in the finale. But I’m not even worried. These two are clearly end game. Mon-El doesn’t even have his suit yet! And there’s room for more than one hero, just ask The Flash. He’s around for the long haul, I just hope that if the antis hate the shows direction so much that they all just leave and then the feedback will be so much more positive for the people involved in the show.

I feel so bad for Chris Wood having to feel like a large portion of fans don’t support him, but I saw so much love for them last night too it really lifted me up!

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I'm so happy the wedding is finally happening and bless the boys for doing justice to these characters but seriously bless Ryan, poor thing was limping the entire episode and I know it's because of the surgery Ryan had but that couldn't have been easy, limping around for hours while they filmed. I just love how dedicated it shows Ryan to be about everything and Danny as well for as much shit and tough, angsty scenes they put Danny through. What did we ever do to deserve these two pure angels?

this ask is beautiful anon

(i felt so bad for ryan’s knee omg stop making him walk places @ emmerdale lmaoooo)

Sorey: @aruarudayo
Mikleo: @koreanmermaidpuke
Photo from @makkura-taichou

I was at Katsucon this weekend and had an amazing time! I don’t usually like posting photos of myself but I worked for two months to make this cosplay and want to show off ( *`ω´)

Back in June or whatever I instantly fell in love with Sorey’s formal outfit from Tales of Asteria so I went to one of my best friends and was like “so what if we cosplay formal Sorey and White Day Mikleo and go to the Katsucon ball” and we somehow pulled it off. My friends weren’t going to the ball so we shot some pictures of us dancing together by the waterfront for them, though this one is actually a candid photo of us goofing off hahaha

I discovered I don’t have full body pictures of myself on me but when I find some, I’ll post those too. If anyone saw me at Katsucon and took pictures let me know!


“Thank you for everything up to now”

While this show is not without its share of flaws, it gave us one of the most gorgeous couples to grace anime. And I’m not really ready to let these two go in a couple days (ಥ﹏ಥ) at least I got around to drawing them being in love in Barcelona. 

Also shout out to the entire YOI fandom, you guys are amazing, it’s been so fun running around tumblr seeing all these fantastic fanarts and episode analysis and all around support for this show. Much love to you all ~ ♡

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I've seen that you also like Brooklyn99, and i was wandering if you ever have doodled something. I like your style so much, but i had a break from tumblr for two years so i don't remember if you ever did something about the series. :)

Aw thanks! I do really love the show and the characters but I haven’t done any art for it, no. I should really fix that.

Here’s a little Holt doodle

edit: now available as a sticker


“ I have known what you truly are since the day we met. Long may you reign. “


“From the beginning to the end, stand by my side and don’t let go.”

I started the first one before the finale dropped, and here we are! The two pieces are sequential (the end of a pair skate lift), so even if their costumes changed, Victor and Yuri are moving continuously between the two drawings! They move forward together on the ice and in their life. ;u; 

So I loved pretty much everything about Moana but two things I really felt like pointing out that were big deals for me were

1) the body diversity and positivity - They went out of their way to show a diverse range of body types. Maui was a BIG guy, not just muscular. And Moana was curvy and healthy, with obvious hips and strong calves and arms. They also showed guys who were obviously working a lot but skinny and women who were bigger and some who were thin.

And 2) ALMOST EVERYONE HAD TATTOOS! Even Moana’s grandma had a big amazing stingray tattoo on her back across her shoulder blades and talked about how she loved it and picked the right one because she wanted to come back as a stingray in her next life. It’s awesome to see tattoos in a Disney movie at all but to also see them celebrated as part of a culture is just beautiful.