i love these two guys so much

Okay, guys, I’m gonna talk about IbuAtsu for a minute because I was looking at things about love languages yesterday, and I realized that talking about this ship in terms of love languages makes it really easy to explain why I love it so much.

Like, okay. For both of them, acts of service is an important one. For Atsushi, it’s probably his primary love language, and for Ibushi there’s no competition. It blows all the rest out of the water. So it’s sweet to think of the two of them helping each other out and doing things for each other. But then like… I think Ibushi is such a private person that any other love languages he favors, to a much lesser extent, must be quiet and indirect in the same way. Quality time, I think, and gift-giving. Meanwhile, Atsushi also appreciates quality time, but I think once he gets to a certain point in a relationship, he wants words of affirmation (though not too cheesy pls or he’ll blush) and some degree of physical touch as well. Gift-giving probably wouldn’t really move him.

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This is so far out of what I usually post, but I was looking for goat pictures in my tangled mess of hard drives and found this. I didn’t know I had this. These are my grandparents, Guy and Perla, just before my grandfather shipped out in WW2. They’re both gone now, but they were so much in love, you can see here how much they truly loved each other, and I was struck with the urge to share.

My grandpa and his two best friends joined the Canadian navy the day after the City of Benares, carrying evacuated children from Britain to Canada, was sunk by German torpedoes.

How my grandparents met is the best. I don’t know the full details, but grandpa took the train back from college and the friends who were supposed to collect him (I’m guessing those two lads up there) from the train station didn’t. Grandma drove past him sitting there, waiting. Then drove past him again. And one more time. And then she picked him up. The rest, as they say, is history.

My grandma was kind of a badass.

Whoever that dude is, he doesn’t approve. Perla could give a good goddamn.


i’ve been super busy today but i checked my followers out of the blue and wOW! i’m actually kind of shocked i made it this far. do you guys still like me????? strange, buT EXCITING! ANYWAY THE POINT OF THIS MESSAGE WAS TO SAY THANKYOU FOR TWO THOUSAND FOLLOWERS! THATS A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT MAY OR MAY NOT READ MY STORIES NEVERTHELESS I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY OR NIGHT OR WHATEVER a kiss to all of you! feel the love 💜

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I'm going through my first break up. We've dated for over 2 years. I love him so much but we both know us splitting is for the best. He's twice my age and that's part of the reason for the break-up. He doesn't want me to resent him in 20 years when he's 70 and I'm 45. Ultimately two questions: does it get easier? and does age matter?

Well everyone’s love is different. The age difference between me and my guy is 7 years and it sounds like the difference between you guys is 25 years. In my experience, yes even 7 years difference is a big difference, so I can’t imagine what 25 is like. But does it get better? Yes it does. It may never see like it but it really does get better. It’s a just a long, difficult and upsetting journey till it does.

hey guys, i’m kayleigh ( 21, she/her yadda yadda ) i love dogs soooo much !! like if you’ve seen that meme of mike wazowski from monsters inc. freaking out about cute dogs,, that is me !! anyway onto my lil bumblebee mira,, i’ve thrown together some dot points about her and wanted connections under the cut so check ‘em out and let me know if you’d like to pick up one of them otherwise i’m down for anything !!

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“Thank you for everything up to now”

While this show is not without its share of flaws, it gave us one of the most gorgeous couples to grace anime. And I’m not really ready to let these two go in a couple days (ಥ﹏ಥ) at least I got around to drawing them being in love in Barcelona. 

Also shout out to the entire YOI fandom, you guys are amazing, it’s been so fun running around tumblr seeing all these fantastic fanarts and episode analysis and all around support for this show. Much love to you all ~ ♡


Jumin Han // Viktor Nikiforov outfit swap~

I just wanted to draw Viktor in his suit (because that’s my weakness) but as I was sketching it was beginning to look a lot like Jumin… so then my brain went like: ok but consider this. these two guys are ruining my life at the moment.

The differences between Darkiplier and Antisepticeye

Obviously we see Anti and Dark as two similar beings because they’re both the evil counterparts or the demons of two great guys who are best friends. Though I think that they’re also very different for many different reasons. Let’s break it down a little and spot the differences, shall we?

Let’s start with Anti.

Antisepticeye, otherwise known as Jack’s evil counterpart or demon, has made many appearances already - even recently. His look can be interpreted however you want, but he has been portrayed a certain way on the channel for some time now. He seems to look exactly how Jack does whenever he appears. But during one longer appearance, he was seen with all black clothing (a black shirt and ripped jeans) and some ear gauges (you can see this in Jack’s ‘Say Goodbye’ video). You could assume that this is Anti’s regular style. We’ve also seen him with black eyes (also in the ‘Say Goodbye’ video) which could possibly mean that he’s a demon.

Anti’s appearances have been brief for the most part. He appears in the form of glitches in Jack’s face cam (you can see a lot of this in Jack’s ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s - Sister Location’ videos) and only stays for a few seconds, though his appearances grew gradually more frequent as the end of October got closer. The only video in which he’s made a longer and much stronger appearance is in Jack’s ‘Say Goodbye’ video.

A quick example.

Anti’s voice is also far from normal, as far as we know. It’s very distorted and sounds like there are multiple people speaking at the same time, all in different pitches. This kind of matches his glitchy appearances.

Another thing about him is that he’s very violent. In multiple appearances, Anti has been seen using his fingers as guns and holding them to his head, strangling himself, pulling at his hair or face or mouth, or with blood somewhere on his face. In the ‘Say Goodbye’ video, he even goes as far as making Jack slit his own throat. He’s displayed as a crazy character, even borderline psychotic.

Picture it this way: if Anti was given the opportunity to torture someone, he wouldn’t hesitate. He would use all the pretty little toys he had and make it as enjoyable as possible - for him. He is merciless, violent and crazy and this could be due to Jack’s excessive amount of energy being manifested into something evil. His idea of fun is extremely dangerous, bloody and painful.

So, Anti is practically a psychopath.

Now, onto Dark.

Darkiplier, otherwise known as Mark’s evil counterpart or demon, hasn’t made nearly as many appearances as Anti. There were theories about him in Mark’s earlier videos ‘Don’t Blink’ and ‘Dont Move’, but he’s been nothing more than a theory since then. People came up with their own ideas and conclusions while Anti was around. But he has finally made an appearance in one of the paths you take when you go to Mark’s video, ‘A Date With Markiplier’ (to get to him you have to click ‘Pay’ and then click ‘Horror’. If you want to follow through then you have to click on ‘Freedom’ and finally, kill the guy on ‘Left’.)

So far, his attire is different from Anti’s. Of course, he was wearing the suit that Mark was wearing during the date, but it oddly seemed to suit him (pun intended). Already off the bat, this leads us to think that Dark may prefer cleaner or more professional attire as opposed to black t-shirts and ripped jeans. Another thing is that he seems to like wearing black eyeliner, unless that’s some sort of natural dark circle around his eyes. Either way, creep factor.

Dark’s appearances haven’t been as glitchy as Anti’s. There are a few moments where he’s seemed to glitch out slightly, but for the most part he’s more ‘stable’. Although, there does seem to be some sort of layering effect in his appearances or some sort of 3D filter - like there are duplicates of him. His stance is also very proper, with his hands gingerly held behind his back as he talks. That, and his appearances have been longer than Anti’s. He sticks around to even converse with the viewer, whereas Anti will only stick around for a few seconds in the face cam, just long enough for someone to notice him.

An example for Darky.

Dark’s voice is a lot deeper than Anti’s, kind of like Mark’s is deeper than Jack’s. Though, it’s almost abnormally deep for someone with Mark’s face. It’s also very echoey, as though he was appearing in a vision or a dream.

Now this is where the major difference comes out.

Unlike Anti, Dark looks very calm and reserved. He speaks slowly, carefully and clearly - as though he’s having a conversation with a colleague at work. He doesn’t seem violent in any sort of way and doesn’t imply that he wants to cause harm to anyone. It’s just that his entire demeanor and way of speaking is very … Dark. I guess he lives up to his name. Rather than being crazy and excitable like Anti, he’s just cold and intimidating.

Picture it this way: if Dark also had the opportunity to torture someone, he wouldn’t go about it the same way. He would most likely use his words to slowly drive the person mad, to frighten them out of their skin. His definition of fun wouldn’t be to hear the person’s screams or see a gory scene - no, his fun is all in the scares. Sure, eventually he gets around to the torture, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who likes to make a mess, you know?

So, Dark is a cold, merciless killer.

Anti and Dark are very similar but also very different, which makes them that much more interesting to observe and analyze. The two of them working together would be the perfect recipe for a vengeful murder. Of course, they’re super fun to watch from afar.

Just don’t piss them off.

Post-Reveal: The Other Guy
  • Marinette: You know, I used to say to myself that if there was no Adrien, I might have developed feelings for Chat Noir.
  • Adrien: *blushes* Y-Yeah?
  • Marinette: Sure. He's a great guy. Loves his city, saves the day, treats me like a princess... *grins at him* He's kind of pawsome.
  • Adrien: I love you so much right now.

So I loved pretty much everything about Moana but two things I really felt like pointing out that were big deals for me were

1) the body diversity and positivity - They went out of their way to show a diverse range of body types. Maui was a BIG guy, not just muscular. And Moana was curvy and healthy, with obvious hips and strong calves and arms. They also showed guys who were obviously working a lot but skinny and women who were bigger and some who were thin.

And 2) ALMOST EVERYONE HAD TATTOOS! Even Moana’s grandma had a big amazing stingray tattoo on her back across her shoulder blades and talked about how she loved it and picked the right one because she wanted to come back as a stingray in her next life. It’s awesome to see tattoos in a Disney movie at all but to also see them celebrated as part of a culture is just beautiful.


TOP 10 TV SHIPS  03. Luke and Lorelai

“I don’t think I ever really loved anyone. Until Luke.”


Biggest OTPs of my life (in no particular order): Seth & Summer [The OC]

“It’s always been you, Summer. It’s always been you. I’ve tried to fight it, and I’ve tried to deny it. And i can’t. I can’t do it. You’re undeniable.”


Finally ….After that crash I redrew it ^^

I saw a little bit too late that I drew the wrong dress

In Trickstar Star wears the other green dress …Well sorry for that ^^(also in the two lasts panels They are smaller …. wierd..^^’‘‘)

So this is how I turn a normal scene into a starco scene ^^

I already reached 1000 followers Thank you so much for that!!!Love you guys !!<3<3<3

I think I won’t draw a lot for the episodes next week cause I’ll be in Paris until Thursday T_T

Boyfriend! Jungkook

Dating Jungkook would include:

  • first things first guys
  • you’re always stealing his sweaters
  • “y/n what the fuck come on I was gonna wear that”
  • if he can’t find it he knows you have it
  • secretly loves it
  • so many inside jokes that the boys get bothered
  • jimin always says “what does that even MEAN” 
  • when you and jungkook tell each other an inside joke
  • so many tickle fights turned make out sessions
  • ya’ll make out in the prep room
  • the studio
  • between dance practices
  • in the dorms
  • right in front of jin and namjoon, who just sigh and roll their eyes
  • sex is occasional but when it happens
  • FIRE literal fire bc you guys are so needy for each other
  • the sex is always really sensual
  • never rough, very vanilla
  • and that’s the way you two like it because the only thing on your mind is that you’re with him and that you love him
  • “i miss you”
  • “can you come cuddle with me”
  • “y/n I’m lonelyyyy”
  • opens his arms when he wants to cuddle
  • carries you bridal style upstairs where the two of you bury yourselves in blankets
  • he likes when you’re pretty much laying on top of him
  • because that’s the closest you two can physically get
  • always very worried about you
  • wants to make sure you’re comfortable and wants to help you when you’re sad or stressed
  • always offers to help you with your English homework even though he’s not that great at it
  • literally the sweetest and brings home your favorite food after a particularly rough day
  • always always always trying to teach you how to dance
  • catches you when you trip then slips himself
  • you make fun of his obsession with timbs but when you buy yourself a pair he just smirks at you
  • laughs when you trip but when he trips you make a point to laugh harder
  • usually jimin joins in laughing at that point
  • he’ll get quiet when he’s mad
  • doesn’t smile or talk to anyone
  • you guys don’t fight a lot but when you do it gets the two of you really sad
  • when you fight it’s usually over bigger things like not spending enough time with each other
  • you think he’s overworking himself and he thinks you’re being over dramatic
  • but eventually in the middle of the night after the two of you fought
  • he’ll come upstairs from the couch and lay in your bed and pull you close to him as a way of saying sorry
  • he’ll whisper “y/n i love you”
  • you’ll just hum and roll over so your forehead is touching his chest
  • when you cry he’ll just put you on his lap and stroke your hair and wipe your tears from your eyes
  • and when he’s upset
  • you’ll sit with him and stroke his face and remind him of the inside jokes you two have
  • he always thinks about how grateful he is for you

other members versions coming soon!