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Keeping things grounded

There are many things to love about the most recent episode of GGF, but can we talk about how delightfully efficient it is? Like, last we knew, Anne was uncertain whether Gil still loved her or not, and whether he had moved on with Christine. Most shows I’ve seen would draw that out into like, three episodes of drama (at least), letting Anne and the audiance wonder and worry for weeks on end, but this is Gilbert Blythe we’re talking about. He-who-is-not-to-be-sidetracked. He sees the video, and the very first chance he sees Anne he rushes over and…talks to her. Clearly. Honestly. He just comes out and says what Anne needs to hear.

I feel like this wonderfully emphasizes the one of the points Anne made in “Lost Chances”: Gil keeps Anne grounded. “Hey, can we talk for a sec?”  It’s not romantic metaphors or flowery poetry, but it’s so Gil. And it’s even more beautiful than poetry because he cuts right through the drama, and the angst, and the worries born of imagined worst-case scenarios and he keeps things grounded.


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