i love these two beautiful idiots

Marry me. I don’t expect you to believe that I’m sorry or that I love you just because I say it. I need to show you. Marry me. I figured out that I’m an idiot. I’m intellectually challenged, maybe even blind. I couldn’t see that everything that I was looking for was right here, in you. I have a lifetime of work to do to make things right. But, I can’t imagine doing it without you. Being human means I get to grow old with my best friend, means I get to help my wife raise her two beautiful children and their children after that, means I get to fight to be the man that you deserve until the day that I die. I love you. Will you marry me?
—  Stefan Salvatore proposing to Caroline Forbes for the second time (8x14)

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dicta do you have any larry fic recs? nothing specific but just any fic that you loved a lot? thank you, your opinion on fics means a lot to me, and i feel like you'd probably know the really good ones!

Oh my gosh anon I love the wording of this ask so much. I’ve been meaning to make a larry rec list for going on a year but it just feels so official/overwhelming? But this, fic I loved a lot??? I can absolutely do that!!! and aaaaah there are SO MANY!!! I am not as organized about larry fic as drarry fic so this is, basically, like, a list of fics that stuck in my brain and/or heart and that are all so so good. SO GOOD! (and tbh there’s a whole other list of stuff that i’d rec but would want to reread before attempting commentary, and I have so many things marked for later and like….yeah….there’s a lot of good fic out there) And really, what better rec is there than “this is a fic that stuck in my brain and/or heart”?? Everyone should read them all!!

an act of faith against the night by @elianefics- M, 65k - It’s a clear path, drawing itself in Harry’s mind – where they began, how they ended up here. It’s not hard to convey all the events that led them to this very moment, with all of their twists and turns, not when Harry has been going through them again and again every night, albeit searching for something else.  “Did you know?” When Harry replies, it’s a question, not an answer. “Did you know, that it would end like this?” [Harry and Louis had never imagined that, when they would finally go back to New York, it would be as spies.] (part two of the landscapes of war series)

  • The war from ‘a prayer for which no words exist’ (recced below!) is over, or at least as over as war can be for the people who were there, which is to say….not all that over, just taking different shape. I have endless love for the way this fic treats that aftermath, the way it shows how deeply and irreversibly harry and Louis were shaped by being fighters, and it is a stunning mix of beautiful prose and important ethical questions. It also does some really fascinating meta work with Simon Cowell, the Azoffs, and the Cordens taking on central roles in the post-war nation-building project. It’s a lot for one fic to do, and this one manages it beautifully, and throws in some more beautiful NYC cityscapes, heartaching and conflicted nostalgia, and taut but unwavering H/L love, you know, just for good measure.

another hazy may by deLILAh - M, 41k - louis is a terrible poet and harry lives in the now and they have six weeks to fall in love but, really, it only takes six seconds. bookshop meets military meets summer romance au ft. marlboros, the backstreet boys, and underrated literary devices.

  • It’s been over a year since I’ve properly read this all the way and I can still see parts of it as vividly as if it had been last night. Harry’s hair, cigarette smoke curling upwards, hardwood floors, the rhythm of Harry’s feet as he runs to stay in shape for the job that will take him away from Louis, the feeling of seconds slipping away, and each of them more precious for being so few in number. This is one of those fics that made me nostalgic for somewhere I’d never been - except who hasn’t felt as though time was moving simultaneously quickly and too slowly, as though there is something precious that could fall apart at any second? And that’s one of many things this fic does beautifully: gives us the universality of their story, and reminding us of our own.

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart by @conscious–ramblings - M, 19k - Louis and Harry had been childhood best friends, but had been separated by evacuation as the city they grew up in was destroyed around them. Now, twelve years later, they are both back in London, and through chance they meet again. In a time when you can’t admit to being gay, for fear of arrest, admitting to your best friend that you love them seems like an insurmountable obstacle.Featuring boxer Harry and mechanic Louis, much pining, and a lot of post war Britain

  • There’s often a moment in fic where they’re trying to figure out if the other one is gay and/or available, that’s full of a certain kind of tentative hope because there’s some kind of attraction there and what if, what if it was everything they think it might be? This fic takes that to 11 in the most meaningful way, because it’s the 40s, and being gay is a crime, and it’s not a question of whether they’re reading the right signals - neither of them can afford to send any - but of trying to accept that it could never, can never be. Set against absolutely simmering chemistry (the moment Louis first sees Harry in the ring is a thing I’m still not over) and wonderful research and settings (loved the feel of it, the way it all came to life, how present the remnants of the war were as they went about their lives) and fab secondary characters (Niall is a gem, and Liam is so how I think of him, and really everyone was just perfect) and this incredible click where you can feel the ease and understanding between them, feel the sense that they are destined and absolutely belong together…it takes that tension and longing, already at an 11, to a 12, and the ending is cathartic and beautiful and means so much more for knowing how rare and lucky and precious that moment is, and how much they’re willing to risk, and how it’s kinds of risk that are sometimes very specific to being queer in a moment when it’s illegal and how many of them are universal, and how incredible and enormous and moving a thing it is when both kinds of risk pay off.

Don’t Look Down by zarah5 - M, 92k - AU. In which Louis is a solicitor at one of London’s most prestigious law firms and Harry happens to apply for the position as his trainee. And everyone else is around, too.

  • Harry is unbelievably charming here, and it makes total sense that Louis falls for him, and as the story unfolds the clarity and meaningfulness of their connection gets more and more apparent even as Louis is fighting it tooth and nail. But it’s not miscommunication and it’s not self-loathing, it’s that Louis’ reasons are genuinely thoughtful and important (professional ethics!!!!!! With real implications!!!!) and that they’re genuinely in a difficult position and can’t be together without betraying things that mean a lot to both of them, which made me love this version of him even more and root for them that much harder. And I was already rooting for them pretty damn hard. They fit together beautifully from the first, understand each other on so many levels, are drawn together just magically…and then there are these beautiful moments (Venice omg) and heart-wrenching moments (after that dinner and that one morning and then that other one omg) and hold-your-breath moments (what is Louis gonna dooooo) and heart-pounding momebts, and I could not put it down.

Fake you’re full and feel tomorrow by theglitterbee - NC-17, 21k - Louis is a high class prostitute and the best at what he does. Harry is a hard to please 17 year old who wants to give himself completely to another man. [It contains prostitution, d/s, daddy kink, silly banter and two idiots in love.](The one with the text messages.)

  • listen this is gonna sound like a weird rec but bear with me. this fic was one of the first 1d fics I read, and on face is almost entirely made of things i don’t like, and yet, here it is. It did that alchemical thing where it just worked and it did all these things really well - like daddy kink was 100% squick for me before this and it’s still like 80% squick but this fic explained it in such a way that i got it and could understand it and see why it worked for them and what it meant for them and that psychology made it work (and made me get why it was hot? which is pretty massive for something in the squick category). and i was hesitant about their ages but it wound up being (i think not unrealistically) part of a fundamental kind of self-discovery that was part of why things between them felt so critical and important. and i was v skeptical about social media stuff in fic but this one did it so well that i got it and felt like it really enriched the story and showed a particular kind of progress and dynamic in their interactions that needed to be done that way (and wound up being really cool and impressive). and i was nervous about the potential for the dynamics to not work but they are both full people who needed each other in this very specific way and fit together beautifully and it did some of the best stuff kink fics do imo, where the kink reveals something about who they are and what they need and why they work and who they are individually and together, and so here we are, a fic with tags i wouldn’t usually touch, reccing away and considering a reread. this kind of rec can be kind of ~, i know, but the tl;dr is that this fic is so good it overcame every hesitation and left me totally engaged and impressed and invested.

Hold Me Closer by balanceds - NC-17, 36.5k - Louis Tomlinson is one of the most promising dancers of the English National Ballet, on track to become the youngest principal dancer in the company’s history. That is, until forces conspire to significantly complicate his life, including: a surprise ballet, an unfairly attractive guest choreographer, and being pushed into a rivalry with his best mate. Featuring lots of wine, dancing, pining, and a happy ending.

  • I was so surprised when I looked up the word count for this bc I would have sworn it was at least twice as longc there is so much story, and so much development, and so many moments that stick that. Watching Louis come to terms with who he was as a dancer and and person was this beautiful process that was so rewarding to read, and it was unusual and fresh in this way I really want to talk about but really don’t want to spoil. Along the way there is spectacular chemistry, zayn and Louis taking on gay swan lake, so much yearning and despair and happiness and reckoning and growth, an amazing and deeply satisfying Simon moment, and one of those h/l relationships where they make each other strong.

like a boomerang by @youwilll- M, 52k - AU in which Harry gets trapped in a lift, Louis gets stuck in a Wednesday, and it’s always February 2nd. Until it isn’t.

  • This fic is so so utterly charming in like nine different ways. Harry and Louis slot together so beautifully you can practically hear the click, and then they do it again and again and somehow every time feels fresh and important, and through it all the stakes get bigger as Louis contemplates the meaning of their repeated day and all of these deep questions sneak in, and a bit of a mystery, and a bunch of self-discovery, and a bunch of personal growth as Louis learns and thinks, really thinks, about what he needs to do, and realizes how willing he is to do it. It was so perfectly balanced between being gentle and exciting, between destiny and action, between grand gestures and quiet moments, and it settled like a warm blanket and I looked forward to every chapter so much.  And then, at the end…it was one of those stories that made me want to add and place to my travel list because the relevant moments are so well located and satisfying that you just want to be there, and it captured this particular instant - the way it wound sound and smell and how the air would feel and the electricity of it - so vividly. Lovely through and through.

Love Is A Human Right by @conscious–ramblings- M, 41k - The one where Louis has spent years getting over his ex, Harry Styles, and was almost successful. That is until Harry is elected as an MP, and Louis is given the task of getting him to support an Act of Parliament. Through tears and arguments and a heavy dose of LGBTQ+ politics, their lives finally line up. Will Louis be able to forgive? Will they still want the same thing? It’s difficult to let go of five years of hurt, but even more difficult to be close to the love of your life and let them walk away again.

  • This fic is basically everything I want in a fic, but together so amazingly well that I would never be able to put into a prompt because it’s the *how* that makes it so perfect. I mean, politics, check, LGBTQ politics, check, larry, check, vivid settings, check, emotional stakes, check, pining, check, everything, check. But the kicker is the beautiful complexity to all of it, that the story really truly understands the complexity of coming out and why people  do and why they don’t and what it mean and how it works and the ways it plays out in queer communities, and these gay leads aren’t incidentally gay, but engaged in identity and politics in a way that feels true and resonant, and that manages to both say really important things about queer communities and tell a beautiful love story about coming to terms with who you are and what you stand for and how love shapes (but doesn’t always determine, and I love that about this fic too) your priorities. Then add some simmering UST and simmering RST (hot damn i mean really) and viscerally, deliciously painful pining and hilarious side plots (SGIL!! Ziam!! Nick’s guessing games!!) and a background story that had my heart twisting for them from the first and settings that felt so real they were popping back into my head for weeks and just…superb. Superb.

a prayer for which no words exist by @elianefics - M, 65k - “Louis is a few seconds away from blowing up a rather important section of the New York subway when he sees Harry for the first time.” (part one of the landscapes of war series)

  • War!AU in NYC! Another one that I will admit fit my interests beautifully but it’s the execution that makes it work so beautifully. From the second they meet, there’s an urgency and fragility to Harry and Louis’ relationship that is a perfect fit for the politics and the newness of it all. At the same time, their connection is so certain and solid, and whether they’re waking up in the Brooklyn penthouse loft that I am still not over or getting ready to run into battle, their love casts everything else into relief and brings out some of he human consequences to why people fight and what they have to gain or lose, and shows what all they’re risking. Left me breathless in the best ways, and so glad to have gone on this journey.

Pull Me Under by zarah5 - NC-17, 140k - AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career,  it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed  relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)

  • This was the fic that tipped me right over the precipice and properly into the fandom; how could I not rec it? Even if I wasn’t personally attached, how could I not rec it? It’s so bloody beautiful, watching Louis come to terms with the idea of being out, and to take steps towards it, and to see how his interactions with Harry change that and what develops between them. The pacing is amazing, the depiction of internalized homophobia is chest-tightening in the good illustrative moving way, the world is so immersive (like I went to get the link and 20 minutes later I was still reading and totally entranced), and their relationship 100% made my heart sing, in both the big triumphant moments and the little ones.

things have gotten closer to the sun by starseas - M, 49k - it’s strange, making the choice to face his past—it almost feels like he’s heading for the sun straight on, like he’s screaming come on and burn me, i deserve it.-when a solar flare is announced to end the world in twelve days, harry reunites with the people that he used to know better than the back of his own hand.

  • I’m not even entirely sure what to say about this fic that won’t give it away or send people running because here’s the thing: it is heartbreaking. It is worth it. It is sad, yes. It is also exhilarating and beautiful and about why love, platonic and romantic, makes the risks worthwhile, and how we know, viscerally know what is important to us. Real talk pt. 1: read it because I had terrible pms and really needed to cry. Real talk pt. 2: it worked, in that very particular way thar also made me sit and think about who and what is really important and had me sobbing in the best, most cathartic way. That lasting, deep way that’s making my chest a little tight just thinking about it, but that also means that I can smell the snow and feel the frost and see the brilliance of the sun and feel the boys’ love as - more - constant than the sun, and what the heck else could you ask for?

These Inconvenient Fireworks by mdasch and everydayslike - NC-17, 190k - Future AU in which nobody tries out for X Factor but the boys end up finding one other eventually anyway. Louis is a jaded bastard who owns a cat named Duchess and teaches drama to teenagers, Harry is an idealistic aspiring photographer/part-time footy coach, Zayn teaches English lit and wears leather jackets, Liam saves people from burning buildings, and Niall is Niall.

  • this is one of the top ten most affecting things i have ever read in my life. i don’t know how. i don’t know why. i do know that i couldn’t put it down for days and wound up finishing it in a blanket fort on a friend’s couch at 4am, literally doing that feet-kicking thing where you’re so full of feelings you can’t actually physically contain it but have to be quiet and still because the rest of the world is asleep during your emotional revelation. it restored my faith in love and hope. i am still not recovered from the thing on the soccer field at night before the train or the star tattoo or harry taking picture after picture or basically anything about it. clear your calendar if you have to but read this fic and then pls come talk to me about it because like i said i am deeply affected and possibly forever changed.

walk my days on a wire by sunshiner - M, 38.5k - Harry hums, staring at his hands in his lap, and Louis can still feel their smoothness, how solid they were in between his own. “Do you think it’s the same for us? Are we here only because of the likeliness of our jobs? Of our lives?”
“We’re here because we have inventive managers,” Louis says, giving Harry’s leg a little nudge with his knee, but all that’s going around in his head is, I think I’d be in the same spot in every possible universe.  or, when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

  • There’s this one moment in Cannes when they kiss and I both really want to talk about it bc it is amazing and really would not dream of talking about bc you have to go read it yourself. So like the summary suggests, they’re in a fake relationship, and they know that that’s what it’s supposed to be, but of course - of course - there’s more to it than that. Like instantly more in this way that you can feel rolling off the screen, that is about sexual chemistry but also a certain kind of very precious fitting together. Watching them see themselves through each others eyes is beautiful, as is seeing how much it means to them to have someone else who understands the pressured of this rarefied, panopticonic world of celebrity, and who loves and validates the ott celeb performer and the human underneath the facade. It’s interesting to read in the context of this fandom, and entirely universal at the same time - who doesn’t want a partner who can love them at their most extreme and most mundane, most accomplished and most afraid, right in the middle of a stadium or right in the middle of taking up the whole damn bed?

whispering of fields half-sown by @elianefics- PG-13, 7k - “And how ironic is it that even now, at the end of all things, Louis’ mere presence makes Harry want to believe that anything is possible again. That the earth isn’t close to collapsing on itself, that the tomorrows are bright and shining and full of promises. Harry hates Louis for giving him something to look forward to when the sky only keeps getting darker. Harry loves Louis for it. ”[All of his boys come back to him in the end, but it’s Louis, Harry has been waiting for all this time.]

  • heartbreaking, lush, moving apocalypse!fic wherein it is absolutely the case that through fire and water and earthquakes and ice, there is one person Harry needs by his side. There’s Liam and Niall and Zayn, too, and what it would mean for all of them to say goodbye, really goodbye, who they all are and what those friendships mean. And Louis. Oh, Louis. My eyes got mysteriously damp in the really good way, and it made me want to sit down and write just to make words like this. The conversation at the end of this stayed with me like whoa, and my chest is getting a little tight thinking about it again. That may make some people want to X it off the list; think twice before you do. This is worth it.

Young & Beautiful by velvetoscar - M, 227.5k - Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

  • absolutely beautiful. so vivid i dreamt about it and then went and got a whole bunch of flowers and spent a while wandering around in fancy clothes just because it felt as though i was already living in the story so why not? And how could you not want to be part of this world that is complex and nuanced and subtle and gorgeous (which is not a way i expected to feel about a fic about rich kids btw but this fic makes them so full and the story so engaging that it happened and not only a little). Dimensional characters, wonderful tension, simmering slow burn, complexity, believable and complex psychological motivations,  theme parties, a falcon named cleopatrick, long nights, loaded touches, meaningful subplots, love, resilience. The only possible complaint is it made me want a champagne fountain, and that is not any sort of complaint at all. (lmk if you have a champagne fountain though, it’s been a few weeks and i am really still about wanting to live inside this fic, and also champagne)

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hey there, i'm writing an essay about how destiel is real for a friend of mine and I was wondering what you think the most important pieces of meta that i should put in? can you recommend anything?

Hi - wow, that’s some dedication. All I did for my friends was send them some links - and, on one memorable occasion, I spent one entire 30 minutes conversation occasionally glancing at my (female&blinded by heteronormativity) friend’s lips instead of looking at her eyes, and by the end of it she was uncomfortable af and half convinced I was into her, and that’s when I presented her with a list of gifsets like -

- and basically dropped my mic and sashayed out.

(Man, I wish my hair was long enough to be flicked back.)

She changed her mind after that, by the way. And it’s really weird how most behaviours and gestures are used on screen precisely because we understand them as human things we all do on a deep level, and yet we’re suddenly unable to figure out what they mean if they’re not about a man and a woman. Uh.

(That applies to me as well, by the way. We see what we know about, not what is actually there, and that’s just inevitable - but can be unlearned, with some patience and many, many mistakes.)

Anyway, here are a bunch of things - I hope they’re useful.

Also, the entire S8, which was basically a demented Jane Eyre AU, and the entire S11, because, again, that Amara thing didn’t make sense without Destiel subtext, and finally @deanswingsbothways’ drunken rant (spoiler: contains the line “Destiel is not a story we are telling each other. Destiel is a story we are being told.” and bless).

You should also consider pimping your essay a bit, because there are a lot of posts and gifsets about how Destiel is regularly paralleled with canon couples on Supernatural, or follows the same rules as romantic relationships in movies. Here’s a bunch of them: Destiel and Sam/JessDestiel vs Dean/AnnaDestiel vs Sam/Amelia, Destiel vs David/VioletDestiel and Spuffy, Destiel and Clexa, Destiel and Phoebe/ColeDestiel vs Charlie/Gilda, Destiel vs every other couple on SupernaturalDestiel and Lucifer having funDestiel and romantic movies, Destiel and the Doctor, Destiel and Belle/Rumplestiltskin, Destiel and Tangled, Destiel and Saileen, and, of course, the beautiful and despairing trainwreck that was Repo Man.

And finally, there was that one time I went crazy and spent an entire weekend mapping every single love trope they’ve ever used around those two idiots in love, because I was just that fed up and the thing’s there, okay, and the more they say it’s not the more layers of tropes and mirrors and longing glances and narrative parallels they keep slathering on top of this thing, so, whatever and who even knows. At this point, you’re free to say it’ll never go canon because they’re homophobic or assume their audience is homophobic, and you’re free to say it’ll never go canon because of internal narrative reasons (God knows both Dean and Cas are never going to believe they’re actually good enough for each other), but to say there’s nothing there at all - that’s beyond whatever.

Anyway, my post is here, and these were the final conclusions:

As you may have guessed, this is something I’m sort of interested in - I came for the monsters and started to reblog stuff out of spite when I realized I was being treated like a crazy fangirl who sees love everywhere because women (right). If you’re looking for more sugary goodness, I tag stuff as destiel, spn meta (my own opinions), awesome meta (other people’s opinions), love tropes and parallels, and you can also have a look at some excellent meta writers who have eyes and therefore see Destiel and sometimes discuss it - people like @elizabethrobertajones​, @grey2510​, @tinkdw​, @bluestar86​, @mittensmorgul​, @floralmotif​, @k-vichan, @treefrogie84, @thevioletcaptain or @postmodernmulticoloredcloak (and I know I’m forgetting someone - that’s what sleeping four hours does to you, sorry). So, again - I know this post is a bit ‘join our cult’ (which is what you asked for, but still), but really - what I like about this fandom is that we can talk about stuff and we can disagree about stuff and still be friends, but this new idea currently spreading in the real world like wildfire - that not only you can have your own opinions (totally legit), but you can also have your own facts - nope. I hope your friend reads your essay (you’re welcome to share it, by the way) and sees that yes, there’s objectively something going on. If they still don’t, the final test is, “What if Cas were a woman? Would you see it then?” 

(And we all know the answer to that question, don’t we?)

Seriously, good luck.

EDIT - More great meta

( @destielisgonnabecanon - you’re welcome! Go win that bet! 😁)

veritatem inquirendam [seek the truth] (frank castle)

(gif source)

(original request: AU in which Frank is younger, and he and reader are college students. There’s a heated debate in class and everyone disagrees with Frank except the reader. After that, Frank starts paying more attention to the reader and hanging out with her after class, until he realizes he’s falling in love but she has no idea he is until her best friend tells her.)

(this is terrible i LOVE college frank i love this soft soft boy. what a nerd. i hate him. no warnings on this one except mentions of food and some sexism early in the story!!!)

(tagslist: @doct0rstrange, @caryled, @kurtwxgners, @atari-writes ! if i’ve forgotten you or you wanna be added to the tagslist, just send me a message!!! <3)

The professor is wrong. She knows it, but she can’t say it. You can’t say “you’re fucking wrong” in front of a classroom of fourty kids. Instead of speaking her mind, she bites her tongue and clicks the cap of her pen up and down, up and down, trying to tune out the professor’s voice.

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  • James: what?
  • Sirius: how dare you not tell your BEST FRIEND
  • James: what is it oh no what did i do?
  • Sirius: you KISSED that BEAUTIFUL hufflepuff GIRL last night?
  • James: the one everyone says she's the most beautiful girl in the school? why yes!
  • *later*
  • James: alright did evans hear that?
  • Remus: her and the entire common room, yes
  • Sirius: how did she react?
  • James: did she look jealous?
  • Sirius: was i convincing?
  • James: do you think it'll work?
  • Sirius: how was my dramatic face?
  • Remus: yes james, i totally believe that now that the supposedly most beautiful girl in school was supposedly into you, lily will now fall madly in love with you. brillant plan. no flaws. and sirius are you for real
What Archie Doesn’t Know, Can’t Hurt Him [Jughead Jones]

Fandom: Riverdale

Character: Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 1,314

Warnings: None

Needed to write a imagine for this beautiful creature. Please send me Riverdale or any fandom requests in general as I would love to write for you guys! Hope you enjoy this imagine! x

Why the hell are we doing this?” You whispered to your friends as you watched Cheryl pull out two more objects from the hat.

When Cheryl had invited you to her party you had been happy; finally you would have a chance to let out steam after summer, to have fun and dance like an idiot, but no, Cheryl had to suggest playing seven minutes in heaven.

“I have no idea.” Jughead grumbled beside you; his expression dark and his arms crossed over his chest.

You gasped suddenly, “Oh my God.”

“What?!” Veronica hissed beside you as all of your friends turned to look at you.

You leaned forward and grasped your twin brother by his shoulders; your expression fearful, “Archie, what if she pulls out us?”

“Ew!” Archie crinkled his nose in disgust, “Twincest? No thank you.” He chuckled, looking between you and Jughead sat next to each other on the sofa, “I would rather see you and Jughead making out; and that’s saying something.” He shivered as he thought about it, “My best friend and my twin.”

You froze at his words, suddenly becoming very interested in the hem of your leather skirt. Sometimes you thought you and Archie were mentally linked; like when he knew you were craving food so he would throw a packet of sweets at your head on the way to his room. Other times, you doubted this mental link as he would be completely oblivious to what you were thinking. In this case he was oblivious to the massive crush you had on his best friend, Jughead. You hadn’t meant to fall for him; you had always thought he was attractive with his dark curls, lean and muscular body and that wicked smile, but it was only when Jughead had moved in with you, your twin and your Dad where you had really started to develope feelings for him.

“Well that’s never going to happen.” Jughead mumbled from beside you.

Your heart fell at his words, a sting of hurt running through you. You knew he didn’t reciprocate your feelings; but did he really have to reject you so hard?

Betty’s hand found your knee, her hand squeezing it subtly before she leaned her blonde head on your shoulder. Betty was your best friend, which meant she was well aware of your feelings for Jughead.

“Are you ok?” She whispered; obviously knowing you were hurt after Jugheads words.

You only shook your head.

“Looks like Jughead and Y/N are about to get very cosy.” Cheryl called from the middle of the room.

Your head snapped up in confusion, your eyes widening and mouth falling open as you saw Jugheads button and your keyring dangling beside each other. You glanced at Jughead, only to see that his expression mirrored your own.

“No way!” Archie growled, shaking his head furiously.

“Sorry Archiekins, it’s the rules.” Cheryl sighed before she smirked mischievously, “Besides, it’s either Wednesday Adams or Manwhore Reggie.” Cheryl motioned to Reggie with a perfectly manicured nail.

“Come on.” Jughead said quickly, grabbing your hand and practically dragging you towards the closet.

“Seven minutes you two.” Cheryl reminded you before winking, slamming the door closed and locking it.

Jughead and you stared at each other from opposite ends of the closet. The closet was dark and cramped, the only source of light was a blue night light that had been plugged in before the game had started. You peered at Jughead from under your eyelashes, drinking in his handsome features. He was looking down at his hands; as if he were almost scared to look at you.

“Am I that disgusting?” You blurted out before you could stop yourself.

His head snapped up, his eyebrows pulled down in a frown, “What?”

“You can’t even look at me?” You snorted, crossing your arms over your chest, “I get it, I’m Archie’s sister, but I’m still a girl.”

“I’m aware of that.” Jughead chuckled. “What are you trying to say?”

“Do you think I’m pretty?” You questioned in exasperation.

Jughead wet his lips, a choked laugh escaping his lips before he ran his hands through his hair beneath his beanie.

“Y/N, I think you’re fucking beautiful.”

Jughead took a step towards you; almost as if he couldn’t help himself. Your heart pounded in your chest at your close proximity. The walls of the closet seemed to shrink around you; forcing you both together; not that you minded. You inhaled his familiar scent, the smell of smoke and spices; you had always found it intoxicating.

“You do?” You whispered, looking into his dark eyes.

“Yeah, but it’s not as if I can tell you that is it?” Jughead shook his head in frustration, he went to take a step away from you but you reached out and grabbed his hand, tugging him back towards you.

“Why?” You pressed urgently.

“Because you’re Archie’s sister,” Jughead said coldly, his jaw locking in anger, “And if he ever knew how I feel about you, he would kill me.”

“Wait…” You started, “You have feelings for me?”

Jughead bit his lip before nodding, “I do.”

“You do?”


“You have feelings for me?”

“Look I’m sorry, please don’t be creeped out, it’s pretty obvious you don’t feel-”

“Jughead, I have feelings for you!” You interrupted him hurriedly, “Like big feelings, so big they are ridiculou-”

You were interrupted by Jughead’s lips crashing against your own; hot and needy. You melted into him, your hands gripping his shoulders as he guided you backwards so your back pressed against the wall. His lips worked against your own furiously; his kiss hungry and desperate as he slipped his tongue into your mouth, one of his hands reaching up to cup your face. You curled your hands into his t-shirt, your heart pounding in your chest as you kissed him back just as furiously.

His lips found their way down your neck, nipping and sucking in all the right places. His hands gripped your wrists, forcing them either side of your head as he continued his torturously good assault on your neck. His teeth nibbled at your earlobe and you ground your hips against his own, moaning at the friction. He growled lowly at the back of his throat

Fuck!” He cursed against the skin of your neck, “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this?”

You wriggled out of his grip so you could wrap your hands in his thick dark hair; knocking his beanie off in the process. He bought his lips back to yours, kissing you desperately, his hands running up your skirt so that his fingers caressed the tops of your thigh.

Yes Jughead-” You started to moan just as the door opened.

Cheryl blinked in surprise at the sight before her. Jughead immediately stood in front of you, sheltering you from the blinding light that now flooded the room. You quickly fixed your hair and swiped at your lips incase your lipstick had smudged.

“Cheryl, do not say anything.” You warned before you walked out of the closet with Jughead.

You glanced at your group of friends; sighing with relief when you saw that they were too engrossed in their conversation to notice you and Jughead had walked out of the closet. You quickly grabbed Jughead’s hand and pulled him into the empty kitchen.

You immediately wrapped your arms around him; burying yourself in his chest. His arm wound around you; clutching you closer to him as he kissed your hair.

“What are we going to do Y/N?” Jughead murmured softly.

“I don’t know.” You sighed, “All I know is that I can’t go back to pretending I don’t have feelings for you, not after that.”

“But what about Archie-”

You cut him off by pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“What Archie doesn’t know, can’t hurt him.”

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prompt: arin rages so hard at a game that he actually starts crying. dan quickly turns off the capture and then they both lie on the couch as dan strokes arin's hair and shooshes him and tries to calm him down.

okay so i’ve got a few prompts in my inbox, but the minute i saw this one, i immediately sat down and wrote. i love this so goddamn much.

it’s got everything–caring, warm danny, emotionally compromised arin, and feelsy hurt/comfort. add in egobang and you’ve got the perfect mix.

i love them. thanks for the prompt! i hope you like it!

One thing that Danny was pretty proud of was his ability to sense Arin’s mood and general emotions at any given time.

For example, when he first was getting to know Arin, he’d get worried after a con when Arin would suddenly go quiet and enter a slump. When he’d asked Suzy, she’d just explained that Arin “got like this” after cons, and was perfectly fine. He just needed some time to recuperate.

Now it was Danny who explained to concerned friends what was happening to Arin after cons. He’d always get a sort of swell in his chest, as though he were oddly proud to know Arin this personally.

That was to be expected, though. Especially after realizing he was in love with Arin a few months ago.

After a lot of confusion involving Danny avoiding Arin for two weeks and a confused and hurt Arin practically breaking down Danny’s front door, he and Arin had shared a personal conversation involving feelings and fears. They’d immediately gone to Suzy, because she had an important place in this conversation, too.

But that was the past now, and Danny still marveled at the fact that he could call Arin his boyfriend casually and it was considered normal. Arin and Suzy were husband and wife, but he and Arin were boyfriends.

He was happy with that. Arin had more than enough love to share, and Suzy thought it was marvelous that they made each other happy. He still couldn’t believe a person as kind and understanding as Suzy existed.

Which brought him to his current situation.

Arin was frowning at the screen, his brow furrowed as he attempted the boss battle for the sixth time. Danny was beginning to worry about him.

Arin had been working extremely hard the past few weeks. He’d hardly spent any time with Danny, as he’d been flying from one project to the next. Danny had also been very busy, but he knew Arin had a tendency to overwork. He was worried that Arin hadn’t been taking proper care of himself.

Danny had asked earlier, tentatively, if Arin was doing alright. Arin had chuckled and kissed Danny’s forehead fondly, telling him that he was fine. But Danny watched him now with concerned eyes; it was just like Arin to worry about everyone but himself.

Now, as Arin died for the seventh time, Danny bit his lip.

“Wanna take a break, dude? This boss looks pretty rough.”

Arin’s head jerked, his eyes darting to follow his character. “Nah, man, it’s fine–shit–totally fine. I’ve got this–goddammit!”

The game over screen flashed in front of them for only a moment before Arin started it up again, throwing his character back into the fight. Danny glanced at Arin, unsure.

“Okay, but only a couple more tries. Then we’re stopping.”

He’d tried to sound firm, but Arin didn’t even seem to register his command as he pushed on. “The trick is, to, um…just…”

With a sickening crack the game over screen flashed at them again, and Arin seemed to still, his face bright red.

Danny prepared himself for the outburst of curses and yells. 

But they never came.

Arin continued staring at the screen, his eyes dropping in defeat. He took a deep breath, glancing up again, and opened his mouth.

Arin burst into tears.

It was so startling Danny jumped, not used to seeing Arin so distraught. In fact, he could only recall seeing Arin cry before a handful of times, and never like this. It was uncanny to see the normally cheerful man look so…small.

He did the first thing that came to mind, which was reach out for Arin. He sought Arin’s familiar form, curling his arms protectively around him. “Hey. Hey, Big Cat. C’mere.”

Arin dropped the forgotten controller, curling into Danny’s chest. His hands gripped Danny’s old t-shirt, but he didn’t give a shit. He stroked Arin’s back soothingly, resting his head atop Arin’s. “Let it all out, big guy. Shh, I’ve got you. I’m here for you, baby.”

The cries were heart-wrenching, tearing a hole in Danny’s heart. Arin sounded so desolate and unhappy that Danny just wanted to wrap him up in a safe little ball and never let anything bad touch Arin ever again.

After a few sniffles, the wails subsided, and Arin’s grip on Danny’s shirt loosened. “Sorry,” he whimpered.

Danny stroked Arin’s hair, feeling terrible. “Don’t feel sorry, Big Cat. You’ve got nothing to be sorry about. I’m worried about you.”

Arin stayed hidden for another moment before turning his head upward to look at Danny. His heart ached at the sight of Arin’s puffy eyes and wet face. “I just…sometimes all the work catches up to me…and I miss you so goddamn much and feel guilty because I hardly get to spend any time with Suzy…and then I just feel all the weight of everything on my shoulders, but it’s my job…I’m supposed to be able to handle all of this, Danny.”

It’s the way Arin says Danny that really breaks in heart in two. Arin doesn’t use the affectionate term very often, and the way he says it so tenderly yet brokenly makes him hold Arin even tighter.

“You don’t need to do all that by yourself, baby,” Danny murmured, gently wiping the tears off Arin’s cheeks. “We’re all here to help you. No one expects you to do everything alone. We’re more concerned about you taking good care of yourself.” Danny smiled down at him, feeling an overwhelming rush of love and affection. “I’ll take care of you properly, I promise. But you need to let me help, okay, Big Cat?”

A smile flickered across Arin’s face, and he sighed, resting his head on Danny’s shoulder. “You’re the best. I love you.”

It’s a simple statement, but it makes Danny’s heart catch in his throat, and a tingly feeling shoots down his spine. He swallowed his giddiness, letting a smile stretch across his face as he buried his nose in Arin’s hair, kissing the top of his head. “I love you, too. So, so much.”

They stayed like that for a bit, letting Arin’s breathing return to normal and a feeling of warm comfort surrounded the pair. It’s moments like this that remind Danny how he fell in love with this hardworking, generous, talented, beautiful man in the first place. His heart swells with love and pride. Taking care of Arin feels better than anything he’s ever done before.

Finally, Arin shifted to sit up properly, wiping across his eyes one last time. “I needed that. You always know how to make me feel whole again.” He smiled somewhat shyly at Danny, and it’s the cutest goddamn thing Danny’s ever seen. He has to bite his lip to keep from grinning like an idiot.

“I’ll get everything set up. Just two more recordings, I promise. Then we’ll nap,” Arin decreed, walking over to retrieve the controller.

Danny watched him, adoration burning in his chest for this man. 

He never thought it was possible to feel so much devotion to another person, but if this is what it was like to take care of someone you loved, then it was the best feeling in the world.

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Hello dear, could you do a Draco Malfoy imagine where his wife gave birth to twins ( boy and girl) and his parents come to visit them. They are really happy about being grandparents and please have a special moment with the babys and Draco, and with the reader and Narcissa . Thank you 💙💙💙

Yes! Yes-yes-yes! Have I mentioned ‘yes’? It is a bloody brilliant idea! YES!

[I called the kids Arial and Scorpius]

And I have no idea what I did. But it does sound nice for me.

Name: My little Malfoys

“Y/N, dear,” Narcissa walks into the kids’ room and smiles at you, as you stand by a window holding your son. “Hi. Draco said you were trying to lull the little ones.”

“Oh, only Scorpius. He does not like staying quiet,” you smile, as Narcissa walks up to you and hugs you, gently kissing you on forehead. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Oh, yes,” she carefully takes Scorpius from your hands and rests his head on her elbow, murmuring something very sweet. “Hello beautiful.”

“Does he look a lot like Draco when he was a kid?” you ask her, as you sit down on the couch, Scorpius making annoying, yet sweet sounds.

“Oh yes,” Narcissa smiles, stroking his soft skin. “Not as loud though.”

“So Draco was loud? He says he always was a sweet quiet child,” you lean back, as Narcissa takes your hand and squeezes it slightly.

“I suppose, the two kids are loud enough,” you both smile, quite happy that Arial is asleep in her little cradle. Scorpius starts whimpering, and, as you are about to take him back, Narcissa quickly calms him down. You sigh with relief, and Narcissa looks at you a little suspiciously. “Are you happy, dear?”

“Yeah,” you grin, taking Scorpius’ tiny hand and stroking little fingers. “I am. Exhausted, but… Yeah, I am very happy. Double happy, if I may.”

“You have no idea how happy I am, Y/N,” Narcissa tells you, smiling at Scorpius with so much kindness, you stop wondering how Draco ended up being such a gentle man (at home). “Lucius and I… We have always dreamed of grandkids. And we got two at the same time.”

“Hey,” Draco walks in the room, holding a glass of wine which he hands his mother, then sits down next to you and plants a short kiss on your cheek. “Missed me?”

“You bet,” you turn your head and quickly kiss him. “How is your father?”

“Right,” he grins and turns to his mother. “He got a letter from Director and has to go to the Ministry as soon as possible. He said he would come and say hi to the little Malfoys, but probably then he won’t get out of here until tomorrow morning,” Narcissa sighs and carefully gives you Scorpius. “Sorry, mom. I know that you wanted to spend more time with these little devils.”

“I can still come at some point,” Narcissa smiles at you, strokes Ariel’s forehead, and quickly leaves, hurrying to not make Lucius wait for too long. After the war, Lucius got better, but Azkaban really hurt him mentally, so the man often had anxiety attacks, and you were doing your best to help him.

“How are my Malfoys doing?” he smiles, resting your head on his shoulder. You grin.

“Quite quiet,” you tell him, and a second later, Ariel wakes up. He giggles, as you hand him Scorpius and head to the cradle to pick the girl up. “Hey, Ariel. Why are you upset, sunshine?”

“She just misses her father,” you hear Draco’s comment, so you just return and sit down next to him, murmuring something, as Ariel keeps looking around, as if wondering what is going on. “Oh, come here,” Draco carefully takes her from your hands and gently kisses the tiny nose. “Aren’t you beautiful?” Ariel sneezes.

“Who knew you are such a sweet father?” you ask, trying not to smile.

“You did,” Draco grins, holding both of your kids on his hands, smiling like an idiot. You stay quiet for a few minutes, just listening to the kids breathe, then Draco turns his head to you, pressing his lips against your temple. “Y/N?”


“I know that we don’t sleep a lot now because of two kids, but…” he looks you straight in the eye, as you turn your head to face him. “I love you so much, Y/N. These kids… Scorpius and Ariel… My… Our kids… They make me… very happy.”

“And sleepy,” you add, smiling, as you lean forward and slowly kiss him. Draco grins and kisses you back, resting his fingertip on Ariel’s palm. “I love you, too.”

“She will be the most stunning girl of them all, huh?” he asks quietly, staring your daughter’s face. You smile and nod.

“No doubt… And she will have a twin brother to take care of her when she starts dating,” you see how Draco frowns, not ready to accept that this small ball of happiness will belong to someone else, so you laugh quietly. “I am kidding, Draco. It won’t happen soon. For some time, she will be running around here and throwing food around, as she doesn’t like it.”

“You know,” he adds after a short period of comfortable silence. “I am so… grateful… that Potter killed that moron,” you realize that you are discussing Voldemort. “If it wasn’t him, these two would not be safe. Or born.”

“Because you wouldn’t ever walk up to a muggleborn if you had his eyes on your back,” you nod, resting your chin on his shoulder. “Harry did a great job.”

“True… You think it will be wrong to make him a god-father of Ariel?” Draco asks suddenly. Obviously, he’s been thinking about it for some time now, but he must have really considered other options if he offers he ex-worst enemy. “She will be safe, as no one will go against Potter the great,” you both grin.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” you answer, closing your eyes.

“I will talk to him,” adds Draco. “We’ve been working for quite a while, and I hope that he will understand that she is… so beautiful.”

“I am sure he will.”

“Thank you,” he whispers, his fingers running through the hairs on Aaron’s chest. His muscled, gorgeous, chest made all the more beautiful for it being Aaron’s.

“For what?” 

Aaron’s hand runs absentmindedly through Robert’s hair, gentle and soft and so loving Robert just sinks into it. Their relationship has always just been something Robert sinks into; after a long day, or a hard day, or any day, they fall back to each other, touching and kissing and talking with an ease that sometimes scares him.

“Today,” he says, his head lifting to meet Aaron’s gaze. 

Their legs are entangled, their naked bodies pressed against one another, still warm and slightly sweaty. They are relaxed in a way only really felt after intense release, and it’s almost the facet of their relationship Robert loves the most. Almost. 

“I can’t remember the last time I had such an amazing birthday,” Robert says and the corners of Aaron’s mouth lift in a small smile. 

“You’re just saying that because of all the s-”

“No, I’m not,” Robert interrupts. His hand goes to Aaron’s cheek, thumb caressing the skin there, before bends down and presses a sweet kiss to Aaron’s lips. 

“I love you Aaron,” he says, their lips inches apart. Their foreheads touch and it’s grounding, his mind overflowing. He has been in love before, but never as all-encompassing as it is with Aaron; heart bursting, toe-curling, ‘I can’t stop smiling’ love, and it’s moments like these where Robert doesn’t know how to contain it. 

Aaron pulls him back down, letting him rest his head on Aaron’s chest again as he continues running his hand through his hair. 

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you,” Aaron says quietly. “I wanted to show you how much I love you.” 

Robert’s heart swells, and he wraps his arms around Aaron’s middle, squeezing, holding him close. The nights he spent alone, on a sofa, sleepless, fitful, awful run through his mind and he holds on tighter to the most important thing in his world.

“You have,” Robert whispers, pressing his lips to Aaron’s skin. “You’ve given me something I never thought I’d have; you’ve given me a home, a place I feel loved and protected and wanted.”

“Likewise,” Aaron says. 

Robert keeps his right arm around Aaron’s waist, his other arm curled up beneath his body. His breathing slows, his mind peaceful, tired after a day of being so relentlessly happy. 

“Good night, Mr Dingle,” Aaron says as he presses a kiss to Robert’s temple.

“G’night, Mr Sugden,” Robert manages through his exhaustion. Sleep takes him soon after, wrapped in the peaceful arms of his husband.

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HELP! So I've been an avid sterek shipper for the past 2 years and they are definitely my self-proclaimed OTP, but recently, I have begun to lose interest in it, and I'm sadly becoming numb to it... is there anything I can do to respark that love for them???

//Anon, I am sorry to hear that :( Sometimes, that happens. We move on, even from things we love. But if you want to respark your love, I will try to help. 

The main thing I do to keep my love alive is to separate the pairing from the fandom and the show. That helps me the most. I love Stiles and Derek. Sure, I love TW and the other characters, but the reason I’m obsessed with anything is Sterek. I love Derek’s stupid face and his grumpy eyebrows and his tough exterior and his soft yet resilient interior. I love Stiles’ stupid face and his beautiful eyes and his ramblings and his idgaf attitude unless he loves you, and you better watch out if he loves you bc he will burn down the WHOLE WORLD to protect you.

Maybe you need a good fic. When I get on a string of blah fics, I lose interest. But a good fic, that period where you are pulled in and you can’t stop reading about these two idiots falling in love for the 239802394th time…it’s magical. I can rec you fics if you want, fics that make me love the pairing. Or you can go trope hunting, which is what I do a lot. I want…historical! I want sports! I want coffeeshops! I want college! I want kids! I want deputies, prostitutes, slaves, amnesia, magic!stiles, human!derek, high school…there are so many possibilities. Find fics instead of relying on rec lists. Read outside of your comfort zone. I think sometimes ppl get stuck reading only what they like and don’t branch out and find new fics that can be exciting bc it’s different. I read two fics recently that are not usually my thing. One had a lot of pot smoking, the other was hate sex/enemies to lovers. Neither are my tropes and I usually avoid them. But they were recced to me highly, so I gave them a try. And I LOVED both of them. They were different than what I usually read, but it helped me get excited and think about the pairing in a different way. Read a long fic, esp if you avoid them. I avoid long fics a lot of times bc I’m a slow reader and have limited time. But some of the best fics I’ve read are over 100k. Read short fics. I don’t read much under 10k, but there are some great short fics that can give you a quick fix.

I guess where I find the most feels for Sterek is when I think about them together in ways I want to see. I write fic, so I do this a lot, but I have friends who don’t write fic who come up with ideas all the time. I just love thinking about Derek and Stiles’ lives, in so many different ways. 

Like, I like to think about them being domestic, coming home from long days at work and bickering over who didn’t do the dishes the night before and what to watch after dinner. Taking baths together and washing each other’s backs and pressing each other against slippery bathroom walls and dropping to their knees to blow each other right in the shower. Derek helping Stiles keep from getting too obsessed with anything and practice moderation, and Stiles helping Derek learn to open up and accept that he deserves good things, like a partner and a house and a Pack and a family. Waking up together and snuggling together, maybe lazy morning handjobs while they’re kissing and don’t even care about morning breath. Derek being there with Stiles in the hospital when his dad goes in for something, and Stiles going to Derek’s family’s plots to put flowers on their graves. Derek sitting in the car while Stiles goes to his mother’s grave and refusing to listen as Stiles talks to her. Stiles and Cora ganging up on Derek when they play board games, watch television, choose a restaurant, or do anything really, but Derek doesn’t mind bc he loves that Cora loves Stiles and just stares in awe as Stiles interacts with her like he’s known her his whole life. He thinks about how his mother and father would have loved Stiles, and how he wishes his family could have known him. He thinks about Stiles laughing with Laura and running through the woods with his human siblings, imagines his mom watching them with tears in her eyes bc she’s so happy for them. Stiles sometimes hovers in the doorway when Derek and his father are standing in the kitchen cooking together, or sitting on the back porch drinking beers, or sitting in the living room watching baseball games. Stiles knows that Derek can sense him, but Derek never lets on, just keeps talking to the sheriff. And Stiles can see the love and pride that the sheriff has in his eyes when he looks at Derek, and there was a time he thought he’d be jealous, but he’s not jealous, oh no. He’s so fucking happy because he loves Derek so much and Derek deserves someone to be a father figure, even though he knows it’ll never replace his own father. But he sees the way Derek almost craves the sheriff’s touch on his shoulder, his approval, the way Derek’s chest almost puffs up when the sheriff calls him “son” and the way Derek just lights up when the sheriff hugs him. He never thought his dad would accept Derek, but he’s adopted him like a second son. And they grow old together, get gray and get wrinkles, and they’re still sneaking off to blow each other in public bathrooms and pulling over on the side of the road for a quick handjob at 50 bc if anything, they’re more in love at 50 than at 25, and they’re both in such good places, with adopted kids and a strong Pack and it’s good, and Derek’s accepted it.

Or maybe Derek shows up in DC after Stiles moves there for school. He’s there bc he’s been making his way across the united states and now he’s stopping in DC, and he catches Stiles’ scent on the street and thinks, no, this can’t be Stiles. But he follows it one day, and sure enough, sitting at a table on the quad of a college campus, surrounded by stacks of books and clicking away on a laptop is Stiles. And Derek watches him like a creeper and feels something he can’t put into words- is maybe too scared to put into words - and then he leaves bc he doesn’t want to disrupt Stiles’ life. But Stiles, of course, befriends the wolves on campus and ends up at a full moon pack party and guess who is there? Derek fucking Hale, all long limbs and Henleys and scruff and Stiles is just fucking angry, but happy to actually see him, so he acts cool and sarcastic, and the other wolves are confused about what’s going on, which is to say NOTHING about the confusion Derek and Stiles feel, and they aggressively snipe at each other for weeks when they HAPPEN to cross paths (bc Derek just happens to go to the coffee shop and public library near campus, and Stiles just happens to pester his wolf friends to invite him to things) and after weeks of being sarcastic shits and angry at each other, Derek ends up pressed against the brick wall in a side street bc Stiles pushed him against it and just kisses him stupid and they’re pretty sure they would have rubbed off on each other right there against the brick wall if someone hadn’t said something as they walked by. But they end up kicking out Stiles’ roommate and fucking each other into the mattress and Stiles doesn’t even care when his roommate comes back and gets an eyefull of Derek’s glorious ass bc he just tapped that ass all night long.

But maybe you want to think about them in AUs, like Derek as a baseball player and Stiles the batting coach, and they spend hours together training and have sweaty sex in the locker room. Or maybe they’re both turn of the century lords in fancy houses who need to get married bc it’s their duties, but they’re in love with one another so they’re sneaking around at London balls just to have a moment to kiss each other or to hold hands. Or maybe Derek is a mermaid and Stiles is a marine biologist who saves him from a net he’s been caught in, and Derek is terrified of him, but Stiles is like “dude, I just want to observe you for science!” and they fall in love as Stiles learns about merpeople but he never betrays Derek’s confidence, even when Derek introduces him to all his merfamily and Stiles could change science forever.

You may be ready to move on. You may pick up a new fandom or love, but you can still love Sterek. My first otp was Harry/Ron from harry potter, and I still love them though I’m not as active in the fandom.I still read fic sometimes. I’ve currently been obsessed with Downton Abbey and took a sterek reading/writing break, but I plan on writing again soon. Sometimes we need a breather just to renew our love.

Most of all, just remember that you love that grumpy werewolf and that rambling human, and despite all their bickering, they love each other and care about each other and will protect each other.

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a/n: yippee an imagine!! i have a love hate relationship with this but oh well,, please tell me if you liked it xx

pairing: chris x reader

word count: 1012


There was no better feeling than being with the person you adore the most, to you at least. You would’ve never thought that you’d ever feel like this in anyone’s company, yet alone Christoffer’s. The whole concept of being in a proper relationship was new to both of you, both lacking experience in the domain of how to keep one up. It was a mutual agreement really when you decided to keep your feelings behind closed doors, if you could say that. The last thing you both wanted was to people make comments or speculations about it.

It was really hard for you two to not make it totally obvious that you were dating, when you could barely keep your hands to yourself when it was only the two of you. That was probably why moments like these, when it was only you two were so precious to you. You were laying on Chris’ couch, watching as he tried to play a game on his console but failing in it terribly. He was aware of the fact that pretty much he sucked in it, annoyance visible on his heavenly features. You couldn’t help but laugh a bit, making him turn around with a pout on his face.

”You’re supposed to be nice and supportive to me, you’re already failing as a girlfriend.” Chris said, the pout turning into a small smile. Your heat probably always skipped a beat when he smiled, it was one of your favorite things about him.

”You just really suck in that game, I’m supportive in a realistic way.” you told him, poking your tongue out at the boy. He let out a dramatic sigh, closing the console before throwing himself on top of you carefully enough that you don’t get hurt from the action, his cheek was squished against yours.

”Chris, what on earth are you doing?” you asked, doing your best to not laugh at him once again. In the end, he was a huge dork and you were surprised when you discovered this side of him. It was also one of the few things you could tease him about. Chris repositioned himself so that he was now hovering you, staring into your beautiful eyes. He didn’t mind that you brought out the dorky side of him out, as long as it made you happy he was alright.

It was surprising how different he was around you, his eyes literally beaming with pure admiration. Chris, the kid who previously had serious committing issues and fear of catching feelings, was head over heels for you.

”You’re just really comfy and pretty, princess.” he said, making you blush in the process. He had the nickname even before you started dating, but it still made you feel all warm and fluffy on the inside. Chris smirked, seemingly proud of the fact that he was still able to make you blush.

Chris leaned in, his lips meeting yours. The kiss was simple and sweet, but it still made both of your heads spin. It wasn’t like this was your first kiss ever or anything like that, yet it still made them both feel in someway, like it was all new. Chris pulled away, his eyes were still closed and his nose was touching yours.

A small laugh escaped your mouth as you were staring at Chris, who’s eyes were now open and his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

”Remember how we used to throw popcorn at the television when an annoying couple or a kissing scene came on?” you looked into his beautiful eyes, wondering if he remembered all of those little things you used to do when you were friends only. Those were the memories you probably cherished the most, even with the whole dating thing going well.

”Yeah, I do. Why are you thinking of that when I was having a deep and sentimental moment like characters in books?” Chris asked, his head tilted to the side.

”Funny how we’re now in a similar situation, you know, the two idiots slowly falling in love.” you shyly said, not sure of how Chris would react. ”If everything goes like in movies and television series we should be married with a kid in a few years or we’ve broken up and hate each other guts.”

”I’d rather not break up with you, guess we’re more likely going towards the first option.” Chris’ hand was now on your cheek, softly caressing it.

Chris wasn’t sure if he could say that he was in love with you, after all the whole concept was new to him. He really liked the idea of being in love with you, though. He couldn’t imagine kissing anyone else than you ever, the idea of going on a date with someone else with you was unheard of, just the thought of him being with someone else made him feel nauseous. Was it silly? Probably. Could it be helped? Probably not.

The idea of falling in love with you was appealing to him, it was almost like the normal thing to do. After all, even if you hadn’t spent that much time together as boyfriend and girlfriend it felt inevitable. You had been friends since you were small kids, you were his happiness, the one who never failed to make him smile. You were the one who encouraged him when things got rough, the first one to tell him that everything will eventually get back to normal. You were the only one who had ever managed to get him blush, make him feel those butterflies in his stomach that everyone always talked about.

”That sounds nice to me, I’d like that.”

It was the ideal scenario for a long lasting relationship, friends since small kids, trust, you knew each other better than you knew yourself. Two teenagers slowly falling in love, learning about the world and life after high school together. Maybe it would take years to admit those feelings or not even a month, but it was all worth it as long as you were happy together.


Captain Swan thinking that the other doesn’t care but them telling each other that they do.(Season 2 Finale | Season 3 Finale)

423: Contagious

Drabble request by @thevioletthourr​: Hey! My request would be song 423 with the sentence “Storms don’t last forever.” 

Word Count: 875

A/N: This song gets stuck in my head so easily. I don’t know what it is about Boys Like Girls, but this girl definitely likes those boys (see what I did there? Huh? Huh? Wow. Tough crowd). Anyway, they have tons of good songs. I definitely recommend them!

Version en Español: 423: Contagioso

Song 423: Contagious by Boys Like Girls

“Dude,” Sam slid onto the stool next to Dean. “That was the third girl you turned down in the last hour. What the hell is going on with you?”

“Just not in the mood, Sam. Leave it alone.” Dean nursed his beer and tried to think about the hunt. Some sort of monster with an appetite for children. That had to be the number one priority right now. Monsters eating innocent kids? No way Dean was going to let that bastard live.

“Seriously. Are you sick? You’ve had that same beer for the last two hours. You haven’t been speeding lately. You barely touch your food. And you haven’t even looked at a chick in—“ Sam cut off in sudden understanding once he did the mental math, but Dean wasn’t about to let that string of conversation happen.

“You keeping tabs on me, Sammy? I’m flattered, really. Maybe you should turn your powers of observation toward the case.”

Sam sighed. “Dean, you left her, remember?”

“I know,” Dean spat out, remembering every single detail of that rainy Wednesday night when he walked away from you. “You don’t have to remind me, Sammy.”

Dean’s animosity was palpable, so Sam shifted the conversation toward the case and away from you.

For the next few days, Dean pushed you as far from his mind as he could. The monster. That was the only thing that mattered. But as soon as the son of a bitch was dead, Sam was right on the warpath again.

“What are you doing, dude?” Sam asked as they drove away from town. “You’re miserable. She’s probably miserable too.”

“I’m not talking about this.”

“You guys had something great and you’re just going to let that go?”

“What am I supposed to do, Sam? Take her on the road with us? She’s the dinner and movie kind of girl and I don’t do that shit. She has money and I wear holey clothes that have blood stains on them. She’s lives in the rich, new Mercedes world and we deal with demons on a daily basis. You of all people should know that the hunter life isn’t meant for relationship crap.”

For the next few weeks, Dean deflected the conversation each time Sam tried to bring it up. Then Sam left his laptop open one day and Dean happened to catch a glimpse of your Facebook profile on the screen. At first, he managed to tear himself away without giving into his curiosity. But after walking past a few times, he found himself sitting down and scrolling through your timeline.

There were a few pictures that you were tagged in with your friends, but your smile was off. It wasn’t the bright, excited smile that Dean had fallen in love with. Then he reached a status that you’d posted a few weeks after he broke up with you and he couldn’t breathe correctly.

Y/N posted: Storms don’t last forever? Then why can’t I see the end in sight?

As if moving on their own volition, Dean found his fingers scrolling through the comments. So many of your friends expressed concern and support, but it didn’t seem like any of them knew what you were talking about. Then he got to one comment from your brother.

Anthony commented: Do I need to kick some douchebag’s ass?

Y/N replied: He’s not a douchebag. Just a misguided, overprotective idiot.

There were more replies, but Dean’s eyes focused on the last word of that comment and his mind traveled back to the first time he kissed you.


“I don’t fit in here.” Dean motioned to the entirety of your New York penthouse. “I grew up in shitty hotel rooms and ate vending machine snacks more often than not.”

You shook your head with a soft smile painting your lips and scooted closer to him on your couch. “If you think how you grew up matters to me, then you’re an idiot, Dean Winchester. But you’re my idiot. So you fit in wherever I am.”

Dean looked away from the expensive décor and focused entirely on your beautiful eyes. You reached out and rested your hand on the back of his neck, urging him closer to you. It didn’t take much pressure at all.

Just before you kissed him, you laughed lightly. “Besides, I grew up in a one bedroom apartment with my single mother, my brother, and my two sisters. We’re not that different.”

“Are you calling yourself an idiot too, then?”

Another magical laugh escaped your lips just before they touched his.


That kiss was the moment that you infected Dean with whatever love bug he’d been feeling.

Suddenly, he couldn’t take it anymore. He was out of his seat in one second, and sprinting up the stairs towards the door in the next second. The revving of the Impala’s engine in his ears cemented his purpose and it wasn’t long before he was going ninety-five on the highway, pointed towards New York. He really was an idiot, letting you go like that and leaving his heart behind. Now he was going after you and nothing would get in his way.

Storms may not last forever, but what he felt for you definitely would. 

Lyrics & Tags Under The Cut

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anonymous asked:

can you rec some supercorp fics?

Howdy anon!

Sure I can…not sure what strikes your fancy so I’ll rec a whole bunch!

Obviously going to rec mine! (Shameless Plug!)  - ive done a few one shots, lots of fluff, and a multi chap fic childhood to adulthood AU that i’m prettyyyyy proud of. all happy endings because i’m a fucking sap and i love lena.

My Sun by nyxaqua aka MY WRITE OR DIE … she’s the angst master and it kills me every day.. this fic is AWESOME and super creative

Everyone’s favorite right now: My Youth is Yours by lynnearlington….the break up to make up fic that is ruining everyone’s lives & her other one shot that is GORGEOUS I just want to love you in my own language 

Say Something by C_AND_B is a beautiful one shot from Lena’s POV where Kara is getting married to Mon-El and it’s killinggggg her….. amazingly done (they have several fics that are all great!)

Write on me by capricious wind is an awesomely fluffy multi collection of one shots where our two clueless idiots keep kissing each other’s foreheads and avoiding feelings until….one day they dont :) 

To Protect and to Hold by yesbothways….a supergirl reveal that is really well done with some angst 

Everything by uhpockuhlipz - i love her one shots, but of course her multi chap We Need a New Song is a unique AU with beautiful characterization 

Care for some smut? sure of course you would!

Duality by MSirEy…lena has a purely physical relationship with supergirl, but feelings for kara… smut, but a really well done story too

Anger & Release or Trust Me by nominare …incredibly written…plus now i’m all hot and bothered

Red Earth & Pouring Rain  by automaticheartache is AWESOME and a great use of 2nd person… it’s got RedK Kara with a twist, and our beautiful lena

Phantoms & Demigods

2438 fucking words this is the longest thing I’ve written for this blog are you kIDDING ME ???

also have a drawing of Danny dat I did in spirit of this imagine because I ain’t shit.

ask : Can you do a Nico di Angelo/Danny Phantom head cannon thing? Like how’d they interact, Danny meeting everyone and him annoying Nico type thing?


(tbh when I saw this in the inbox shit had me shook I had to answer it as fast as I could)

warning : lmao shit I guess swears ? y'all know how I am this isn’t new.

“Danny, be careful. Be back soon, you don’t know what’s out there.” Sam’s voice flowed through the ear com. Shaking his head, Danny sat atop the Empire State Building, his legs swaying in the air.

“I’ll be careful Sam. If only you were here, New York is gorgeous.” Danny sighed, looking out at the skyline.

“There he goes, being all sappy and shit. You better bring me back one of those I heart NY shirts, or we’re no longer friends.” Tucker said seriously, and Danny laughed.

“Sam, want anything?” He asked, running a hand through his glowing white locks. Glowing green eyes looked down at the street below.

You think you could bring me back a-”

“What, a thick, black choker with the words ‘I hate everyone’ on it?” Tucker interrupted, and the two friends bickered relentlessly.

“Bye guys!” Danny said, before turning off the ear com. He sat in a comfortable silence, finally able to relax by himself for the first time in forever. Unfortunately, that peace was taken as quickly as it showed up. Roars echoed throughout the streets of Manhattan, and Danny turned his head, squinting to see where the commotion was coming from.

If Amity Park had ghosts, what did Manhattan have? Danny didn’t want to find out, but the screams of innocent people and his curiosity got the best of him. Flying towards the sound, he ended up hovering miles above a battle between eight teenagers and a giant. “WE JUST ALL HAD TO GO TO MC.DONALDS HUH?!” One shouted, fire escaping his hands. He nearly toppled over, as another girl caught him.

She spoke to him, before leading him away from the battle. Danny cocked his head, wondering how people around could react so calmly. Wanting to help, Danny blasted the giant with green blasts, turning all the attention towards him. “He’s dead-” Danny heard one of the guys say, and watched in horror as the giant turned around and looked up at the ghost boy in pure anger.

“Oh, he’s not a jolly green giant.” Danny muttered helplessly, before becoming intangible and flying through the beast. Skidding to a stop beside a guy who reminded him slightly of Sam, Danny looked at them.

“You’re dead. But, not dead- Who are you?” The boy asked, messy black hair falling into his eyes. Danny looked at the rest of the group, who were looking at him in confusion.

“Danny. Danny Phantom.” He said quickly, before turning his attention to the giant, who seemed as though the curly haired boy and the brunette girl with the pretty eyes were interesting.

“PIPES LOOK OUT!” The tall blonde shouted, and Danny flew over, grasping both of them tight, and flying through the closest building with them in his arms. Slamming against the wall, Danny groaned, letting go of the two teens.

“Pipes, he’s a fucking ghost. He’s a fucking ghost with superpowers.” The boy gestured wildly at Danny, before giving the ghost boy a lopsided smile. “Hi, I’m Leo, Leo Valdez. Son of Hephaestus, you know, the best god out there. This is Piper-” Danny blinked a few times, before shaking his head and holding his hands out.

“Hold on. Did you just say you’re the son of a god?” Danny asked, and Leo gave him a look like he was an idiot. A blush of embarrassment spread across Danny’s cheeks, and Piper grasped his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Leo’s an asshole. Yeah, we’re all the children of Greek gods and goddesses, demigods we’re called. I’m the daughter of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.” She smiled, warm enough to heat up the chill of the night.

“What the fuck..” Danny muttered, and Leo clapped his hand on Danny’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry amigo. It’ll all make sense soon. For right now, we have to kill that giant thingy outside-” Piper cut Leo off.

“Yeah, and this idiot blew his fuse way too early.” Piper smiled lovingly at Leo, and Leo flipped her off. Danny, confused, looked at the two demigods.

“How can I help?” Danny asked, and Piper furrowed her eyebrows, looking at Leo. Leo sucked on his teeth, before looking straight at Danny.

“Yeah, you might want to ask Annabeth how you can help. Good luck, she’s fucking terrifying.” Leo shuddered slightly, and Piper punched his arm.

“Who’s Annabeth?” Danny asked, and Piper laughed slightly.

“She’s the blonde with the curly hair. Percy’s the one with the sea green eyes, Nico’s the one with the black, messy hair and the skull shirt, Jason-”

“HER MANS!” Leo interrupted, and Danny couldn’t help but laugh. “See, he gets it. I’m funny.” Leo laughed, and they both exchanged a fist bump. Piper, slightly amused, described everyone else with the shake of her head.

“Alright. Stay safe-” Danny stopped. He wasn’t talking to Sam and Tucker, he was talking to two different people. Realizing the mix up, Piper shot him a smile. “We will.” She responded, and Danny let out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. Flying back out to the rest of the group, he felt uneasy. Both Annabeth and Nico gave him death glares, and Percy and Jason both looked like they wanted to kill something. Danny retreated to the two who looked the least fierce, Hazel and Frank.

“Hi-” Danny breathed, and Hazel shot him a quick smile, before stabbing at the giant’s legs. Frank aimed his arrows at the giant’s eyes, and an idea popped into Danny’s head.

“Guys, I can take over the giants body, and then you could kill him easier.” Danny spoke, and Percy perked up.

“You can?!” He asked happily, and Danny saw in his eye that he was tired of killing monsters. Danny knew the feeling, he was sick of getting rid of ghosts too.

“Even if you did it-” Nico spoke up, and Danny jumped slightly. “-you might die. You’re still half alive, right? So doing that to help us would end up with you killed, if we kill the body you take over.” Danny chewed on his bottom lip.

“I can’t just let this town be destroyed.” Danny muttered, and Hazel grasped his shoulder.

“Nico, he’s willing to help, let him help. You could bring him back, right?” She asked her brother, and Nico scowled slightly.

“If it helps, I won’t kill you that badly.” Jason joked, and Danny shot him a weak smile.

“Thanks.” He muttered, before flying into the giant. The next few minutes were a haze, as Danny blacked out for a while. Man, the shit he got himself into. He has an essay due tomorrow.

Waking up, Danny groaned, clutching the side of his head. Sitting up, he saw Leo, sitting criss-crossed at the end of the bed, fiddling with a sphere of some sort. “Leo-” The curly head Latino looked up, and shot Danny a smirk.

“Ah, the ghost boy’s finally up. How do you feel?” Leo asked, setting the sphere aside, tucking the screws and bolts into one of the many pockets of his tool belt. Danny closed his eyes, wincing at the light slightly.

“Like shit. What time is it?” Danny asked, his now blue eyes flicking around the room that he was in.

“About ten thirty. In the morning. You passed out for a while.” A blonde walked into the room, handing Danny a glass of water and two pain killers. “I’m Will, Camp Half Blood’s resident healer.” The blonde flashed Danny a smile, before stepping back.

“Jesus-” Danny cursed beneath his breath, getting up abruptly. A sharp pain shot through his head, and he fell forward slightly.

“Whoa there-” Will grasped Danny’s arm, and Danny gritted his teeth. Looking up, Danny’s gaze focused on the door.

“Guys, I have to get back home. My parents are going to flip.” Danny muttered, but Will sat him back down on the bed.

“Relax. You’ll get back. You’re kinda messed up because of that battle.” Will muttered, and Danny took the pills. Groaning, he laid back down again, black messy hair resting on the pillow once more.

“Yeah, Phantom, you’re gonna have to stay here for at least a day.” Leo spoke, and Danny shot up.

“A fucking day?!” He exclaimed, strands of black hair falling into his eyes. Leo laughed slightly, reaching out and resting a hand on his new friends shoulder.

“Don’t worry, you can hang out in here, in Bunker Nine with me, or hang around camp with the others you met yesterday.” Leo spoke, but he frowned slightly at Danny’s distressed look.

“I had an essay due today. It was gonna bring my grade up, I-” Tugging at his roots, Danny slammed back down onto the bed, groaning into the pillow angrily. “Does anyone have a phone I could use?” He asked.

“Well, us demigods aren’t allowed to have phones, because that attracts monsters, but go see Annabeth. I’m sure she has a phone.” Will rubbed the distressed boy’s shoulder slightly. “You’ll be alright Danny.” He sighed, and Danny swung his legs over the side of the bed, standing up abruptly.

“Thanks, you two.” Danny shot them both a weak smile, before walking out the infirmary. To say he was overwhelmed next was an understatement. The camp was filled with people relatively wearing the same orange t-shirt, littered with the words 'Camp Half-Blood, Long Island Sound’. Danny felt wary, as various glares were sent his way. Walking with his head ducked and his arms tucked in his pockets, Danny frantically searched the crowds for Annabeth.

Finding Piper with Jason, Danny made a b-line for them, not realizing that people were chasing him with weapons as well. Hiding behind the couple, Jason frowned at the multiple swords pointed at him and Piper, that were meant for Danny.

“Guys, what the fuck.” Jason sighed, and Piper pulled Danny beside the two, wrapping her arm around his shoulders.

“He isn’t one of us, Grace. Can’t you sense it? He’s fucking dead-” A pang rang in Danny’s chest, and he let his head drop. A familiar head of black, short wind-swept hair followed a head of blonde, curly hair.

“Shut the fuck up. All of you. Danny saved us from a giant attack, and yeah he might not be a demigod, but he’s fucking better than half of you would ever be.” Annabeth’s deathly calm voice rang through the crowd, and the crowd dispersed in fear as quickly as it formed. Danny felt confused. He thought, for one, Annabeth didn’t like him. Two, he’s never been defended by anyone but Sam and Tucker before. And maybe Jazz, but those three never had the same effect Annabeth has.

Danny concluded that having Annabeth like him enough to defend him is a good thing. “You alright Fenton?” Percy asked, a worried look settling into his sea green eyes. Nodding, Danny looked up, fiddling with his fingers.

“Uh, Annabeth, can I use your phone to call my parents?” Danny asked, and Annabeth shot him a warm smile, handing over a silver flip phone.

“Make it quick Danny. I’m not trying to be busted by Chiron.” Annabeth spoke, and Danny nodded, flipping the phone open. Dialing a familiar number, he held the phone to his ear.

“Hello?” His sister, Jazz’s voice flowed through the phone. Danny breathed a sigh of relief.

“Jazz, it’s me. Danny-” Danny was cut off quickly.

“DANNY WHAT THE FUCK WHERE ARE YOU WE’RE ALL WORRIED SICK!” Danny winced at the screams from the phone, before chuckling slightly.

“I’m alright, and safe. With a couple friends in New York. I’ll be back by tomorrow, I promise.” Danny muttered, and he heard Jazz sigh on the other end.

“Alright Danny. I passed in your essay for you today, by the way. Don’t die, stay safe please. I love you.” Jazz spoke softly, and Danny smiled.

“I love you too.” Hanging up, he handed Annabeth her phone back. Danny glanced around camp, stomach grumbling in protest. Percy laughed slightly.

“Mess hall is that way. I’m pretty sure Nico’s in there, you could sit with him.” Percy pointed to a large building, and Danny nodded, thanking the four and walking towards the mess hall. Finding Nico easily, he grabbed an empty plate, and sat in front of the son of Hades.

“What’s with the empty plates?” Danny asked, and Nico looked at Danny through his eyelashes.

“They’re magic. Think of what you want to eat, and it’ll pop up.” Nico muttered lowly, and Danny frowned at the plate slightly. He didn’t think it was possible, but then again, he was half ghost, and he’s in a camp with people who are half god, so what exactly was possible? Sooner or later, a breakfast popped up in front of Danny, and he smiled slightly.

“You alright?” He asked Nico, taking a sip of his orange juice. Nico finally sat up, looking at Danny.

“Fine. Why?” Nico asked, arching an eyebrow at the ghost boy. His warm, dark brown eyes looked at Danny in slight confusion. Danny shrugged.

“Just wondering.” He answered, and felt death radiate off of Nico. Looking down, he stabbed his fork into his scrambled eggs. “You get judged, don’t you?” Danny finally looked up, watching the expression on Nico’s face carefully. “The aura of death. Not feeling you belong? Fuck-” Danny sympathized heavily with Nico. Danny only felt it once, imagine staying here for years. “It must be hard on you. I’m sorry.” Danny muttered.

“Don’t-” Nico stopped, watching Danny’s expression. “Sorry. I’m fine. It doesn’t bother me much anymore.” Nico mumbled, wondering why he was opening up slightly to someone he barely knew. They sat in an awkward silence for a while. “What you did yesterday, that was really brave.” Nico finally spoke.

Danny flashed him a quick smile. “It was, wasn’t it? I mean, I could’ve fully died, and I still did it.” He spoke cockily, running a hand through his black locks. Nico snorted slightly in amusement.

“You wouldn’t have came back if it wasn’t for me.” Nico shot Danny a sly smirk, and gladly watched the cockiness slip off the ghost boy’s face. “They don’t call me the Ghost King for nothing.” Nico said, taking a bite of his plum.

“Ghost King. Touché.” Danny and Nico exchanged a smile, and Danny already began planning on when he could come back to New York to see his new friends that make most of the people in Amity Park look boring.

Despite nearly dying for good, Danny was eager to come back to the demigods that made his crazy life a little more exciting.


(i m  s h o o k)

- nez

Kiss Me

Author’s Notes: This is a purely fluffy little piece of fluff. Drabble that I wrote because I was thinking about how Mulder and Scully may react to one another in a relaxed, isolated setting. This is basically two idiots in love. Hope you enjoy. 

Rating: PG

Paring: MSR

Shout out to my beta @puzzlingpeace for her help on this. 

”Kiss me.” 

I crack my eyes open as her face appears above me, waves of red hair falling around her fair face.

“Mulder. Wake up and kiss me.”

I squint against the sunrise and struggle to sit up. She moves back and perches on her feet, her cotton clad legs tucked against her chest.

Her blue eyes shine with amusement as I scrub at my five o’clock shadow and glance around at the canyon in all it’s wondrous beauty.

The canyon itself is breathtaking, but the sight of Scully so fresh and bright eyed in the natural light of the desert does things to my heart that no one has ever done to any part of me before. Wonderful things.

I stare at her for too long and she shifts uncomfortably until she’s seated fully on her backside.

“Scully…” I reach towards her and run my fingers through the soft tendrils at the side of her neck. My fingers brush her impossibly soft skin, and I feel goosebumps raise along my arms.

“What is it, Mulder?”

I merely smile and lean in, pressing my lips full against hers. I feel her intake of breath, and I smile against her mouth.

She is usually so composed, and I relish that my kiss can cause her to lose her breath. It’s a fact that she revealed one night after consuming far too much wine, and after paying attention - in the interest of research, of course - I’ve discovered that each time our lips touch, her breath catches.

She doesn’t know that the only reason I don’t breathe in is because she’s already stolen every breath from my body.

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And in turn the boys clustering s/o? (If can keep s/o gender neutral that’d be super cool)

Operating under the assumption that you meant “flustering”!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • “What did you just say??”
  • You’re gaping at him
  • He meets your stare level-headedly, and calmly replies
  • “I said that out of all the people I’ve met and heard of, you’re the most fascinating to me.”
  • What
  • But, you’re nothing special -
  • Or, so you try to tell him, but he’ll hear none of that.
  • “You should believe in yourself more. I’m not one to say things like that without reason, you know. I think you’re incredible.”
  • You’re unable to speak for a full ten minutes afterwards

Amami Rantarou

  • He’s teasing you way too much
  • He’s got your favorite plush, and he’s holding it up in the air, just high enough that you can’t reach
  • You’re whining at him, because hey, when is he going to give it back
  • He laughs and says that he’s holding it for ransom
  • “Well?? What do you want??”
  • He takes a moment to think it over
  • “Hmmm… You know, I think something like this would be fine.”
  • Leans in
  • You think he’s going to whisper what he wants to you, but instead
  • He full-on kisses you
  • It’s a really sweet kiss
  • And a deep one
  • When he pulls away your face is really flushed and you’re staring at him with wide eyes
  • He just chuckles, hands your plushie over, and pats your head before leaving

Kokichi Ouma

  • Ouma also participates in some “healthy teasing”
  • It gets really bad when the two of you go on a walk around a nearby park
  • He makes a game out of seeing how many times he can get away with kissing you
  • A kiss on your cheek when you’re looking to the side
  • A kiss on your hand when you’re telling him a story
  • A kiss on your neck when you take a break and sit together
  • He’s kissing you everywhere except your lips and it’s so frustrating
  • Eventually you find yourself blurting out “Hey, why don’t you just -”
  • Gives you the smuggest grin you’ve ever seen
  • “Oh? What was it you wanted from me?”
  • You find yourself lost for words, but he leans in and smooches you anyway
  • On the lips, finally
  • You’ve lost your composure and it’s all his fault

Shuuichi Saihara

  • You’ve been spending a lot of time reading with Saihara
  • Sometimes you’ll just silently spend time reading side-by-side, and sometimes (like now) you’ll take turns reading aloud to one another
  • He’s just finished reading a passage about the love interest of the story, who is described as “kind and precious in every way”
  • You were about to continue reading, but you notice that he’s staring at you
  • “What is it?”
  • He just smiles and tells you “You remind me of that person, that’s all. Since I think the same thoughts about you that the protagonist does for them.”
  • He doesn’t even seem to realize what he’s said
  • Your face slowly heats up
  • “Eh? Is something wrong??”
  • He’s shy a lot of the time, but…
  • Other times, Saihara drops stuff like this on you without warning
  • He doesn’t even realize the power he has

Kaito Momota

  • Kaito witnesses some guy hitting on you and gets jealous
  • Walks up and puts his arm around you
  • “Wow, I’m so glad to be here with MY DATEFRIEND. Did you miss me, cutie?”
  • Glares at the other guy who’s hitting on you
  • You try to tell him it’s no big deal, but he starts talking before you can
  • “Wow I really missed you, y’know! So much. Let me show you how much”
  • This motherfucker full on dips you
  • Stares into your eyes
  • And then kisses you
  • Right in front of everyone
  • In this public place
  • It’s an understatement to say that you were a bit flustered


  • He flusters you without meaning to
  • You were just joking around with him about some of the ignorant things people have said to him
  • You were getting a bit snarky about the idiocy he’s endured, and so you were making fun of the stupidity of some of the questions he’s received
  • At one point he throws his head back and laughs, really laughs in a way you’ve never heard him do before
  • If he was human, he’d be clutching his stomach and complaining about how he couldn’t breathe, that’s how hard he was laughing
  • It was so cute
  • When he calms down, he kind of tilts his head and inquires why you suddenly got so quiet
  • It’s because he’s way too cute, goddammit

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta makes you super flustered because he won’t stop talking about how amazing you are
  • The two of you were out on a date
  • You’d just finished ordering some ice cream, and Gonta was about to order his own when the employee commented on how nice you looked
  • So Gonta takes a deep breath, and launches into a speech
  • “They look this amazing all the time! Gonta sure is lucky to be with someone so perfect! If he had to choose between them and the rarest bug on the planet, he’d have to choose them!! Not only are they beautiful, but they’re kind, gentle, and smart! Gonta’s kind of an idiot, but he can rely on them and be fine! And another thing…”
  • You’ve got your face in your hands
  • He just keeps going

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He has all these feelings that have just been continuously building up for you
  • One night, while the two of you are spending time together, he just blurts out without thinking
  • “I love you”
  • For the first time!!
  • He caught you so off guard
  • After all, you’d only been watching a comedy together
  • You were laughing at some of the jokes, and then suddenly
  • “I love you”
  • You kind of froze for a second
  • And then you could feel your cheeks getting really hot
  • You manage to stammer out that you feel the same way
  • The two of you can’t even talk after that
  • You’re both just reeling in the aftermath
Your Wedding dress + Venue




“Is it too much for him?” you asked your best friend as the saleswoman placed a beautiful sheer veil upon your head.

“Are you kidding me? Too much? He’ll be worried because he will not only see his wife but the hottest woman on earth in front of him.” She squealed happily.

And it was true; the moment he saw you his heart beat a little faster, and he realized just how lucky he was.

“I think the woods would be a great location for our wedding, babe.” You heard Derek mumble as his eyes diverted from the screen to your eyes.

“The woods? Like, the ones you run in and become all scary in?” You weren’t mad, just worried about the supernatural taking an interest in your wedding ceremony.

“It’s my second home. I want to feel connected to the earth where my ancestors fought for people like me to have the ability to get married to someone who accepts me.”

And so it was done. Once all your guests had arrived, your maid of honor was able to surround the premises in mountain ash, so nothing could come in and ruin your fairytale. Of course, Stiles had no issue brushing it all off when the festivities were over.


“Wow, girl. Brett has an amazing sense of style.” You heard Lydia say as she saw you wearing the dress that he wanted you to try on.

“I know. It’s beautiful. I’ll just have to tell him it didn’t fit, or that I didn’t like it.”

“Why?” She asked with a long laugh.

“Because this is the dress I’m walking down the isle in and its bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, hm?” You responded, knowing your fiance knew you way too well.



“Okay, don’t tell Y//N, but I am totally getting married in here.” Brett told his best man as he bounced his lacrosse ball off the wall.

“Bro, it’s like totally abandoned.” Brett heard his friend say.

“Nah, give it some love and a wicked makeover, and you will find the venue of your dreams. Let’s buy it.”

“Alright,man…let’s find the owners.”

And he did find them. They were confused, but boy did he make you happy with the most beautiful location ever.


“You know, getting married in Mexico is crazy. But no, you’re also flying all your guests over in two days AND planning your wedding in three days while you’re on vacation.” You heard your best friend say over the phone as she was on the plane from France to Cancun, where your beloved Isaac had proposed to you only a week ago. It was sudden, but he wanted to get married to you as soon as possible; even if that meant during a short two week stop in Mexico before your flight to Beacon Hills. 

“I know, kid. I just love him so much, and its pretty exciting as well.” You explained as you grabbed a beautiful white dress off the rack.

“I think I just found my dress…” You said before she could even reply.

“Really? Snapchat it to me you gorgeous idiot!” You heard her whisper-yell, knowing she would be much louder if she wasn’t on a plane.

So you did, and she agreed. That, my friend, was your dress.

Tomorrow was your wedding, and all your guests had arrived. The only issue was, there was no venue. You and Isaac had spend hours searching for an easy venue, yet most were booked or had a long process for renting. You decided to take a stop at a cute little beachside restaurant. The view was beautiful, and it was jam packed since the area was quite a tourist hub. You were eating, when Isaac let out a long laugh.

“Babe, that’s my old 5th-grade teacher!” You heard Isaac say as he nodded toward an older man who was making his way over to you two. 

“Isaac Lahey, well if it isn’t you! You still look just like the young troublesome lad from all those years ago. How are you son?”

Isaac laughed and grinned excitedly, introducing you before explaining how you two were only visiting for your wedding.

“Say, why don’t I take some good cuisine I’ve learned from my time here in Mexico for your wedding. Where is it at?” He asked before chucking and resting his hands on his hips.

“We actually don’t know, we haven’t been able to find an affordable and quick venue. It might just be in the middle of the desert.” Isaac said with a chuckle. You were quiet, letting them reconnect and enjoy each other.

“Well consider that a non-issue. I’ll rent out this place to you guys in exchange for an ability to cater the wedding.

“Oh, sir…you own this place? You are way too generous. Thank you!” You said before letting a small tear roll down your cheek from all the excitement.

“Mister.Kendrick, I will forever be grateful. I don’t know how to repay you. This is a dream come true, because your restaurant is more that my fiance and I have ever dreamt of!” 

The old man just laughed and patted Isaacs back, before giving you a cheeky smile.

“A wedding is a gift. And one day, I just wish you will bring your children and remind them of that.” He said.

You have never been happier.

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“Turn your music down!”

“You can’t make me!”


“Rebel against the patriarchy!”

“Anxiety, it’s two in the morning!”

“Fight the system!”

“I need my beauty sleep!”

“No you don’t.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t wanna be an American Idiot- One Nation controlled by the media!”