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Swan Queen (B4)

I haven’t drawn these two in forever! I missed drawing Regina’s hair SO MUCH. This is for @magicsophicorn from the expression/couples memes I reblogged on my personal account. 

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‘Single, Taken, Eddsworld’ Throw Pillow by CrazeCakes
This is a perfect way to describe your Eddsworld fandom obsession. • Also buy this artwork on home decor, apparel, stickers, and more.

Hello, fellow Eddheads! I made myself a RedBubble account and already made some apparel for you all! This pillow is just one of the many types of items you can get with either this picture, or another one! Sadly the two pictures I have at the moment come with a white background, so if you choose to buy a shirt, it will have to be white until I figure out how to make the background clear. Otherwise, please check my account out! I’d love if you would buy even something such as a sticker, because I need to make money in order to start in animation. It would mean the best.

vminkook ramblings #4

imagine vminkook sneaking out together to get some drinks bc it’s been far too long since they’ve gone out, just the three of them.

  • when they arrive at the bar, everyone is excited, especially tae bc he goes straight to the counter to order three tequila shots for him and jikook
  • jimin raises an eyebrow and goes like “woah, woah, you really want to start off like that?”
  • taekook give him a confused look bc “why, what’s wrong with it?”
  • “kookie, tae is a lightweight! did you already forget?” jimin says and tae immediately interrupts, saying “aw come on jiminnie”, and while shrugging his shoulders, he gives jikook that specific don’t-worry-i-can-handle-this-look.
  • jungkook just snorts at that but remains silent while jimin hits tae on his shoulder, giggling, “okay but i won’t be the one who picks your ass up off the bar floor, so don’t get too wasted!”
  • only 3 tequila shots, two beers and 30 minutes later, tae starts to have a mental breakdown (according to his own words), with his head resting on his arms at the bar counter he talks about what a sad life he would have lived if he hadn’t met jikook and the other members and just how much he loves both of them “jimin, jungkook, i love you guys so much, let’s get married
  • when it didn’t seem like tae would stop talking or continuously harrassing the barkeeper, kookie takes tae’s hand, loudly whispering “hyung, no disrespect but I’m totally serious, get your shit together, we just got here!”
  • jimin just laughs at tae’s rambling and it takes every bit of him to not say “told ya guys
  • it doesn’t take long until jungkook is gone as well and when he starts to complain about how tae wouldn’t shut up already, jimin decides it’s time to leave the bar.
  • jimin knew this would happen, so he stuck to that one tequila at the beginning and didn’t drink anything alcoholic after that bc “mother instincts”
  • he didn’t think it would be this bad though, bc taekook are way too heavy for jimin to carry on both his shoulders, so he starts to take a break at a small park near the bar. actually, on the opposite side of the bar. yes. right. he couldn’t even make it for 5 minutes
  • jimin decides to let taekook rest on a bench and tells them to sit there and stay still, “i’ll get sth else to drink real quick. and with drink i mean water bc i can’t pick up both of your dumbasses at the same time”
  • taekook don’t really give him a reply but start to talk gibberish again and jimin lets out a heavy sigh, “i’ll be right back, don’t move or go anywhere.” and he leaves with taekook screaming “jiminnie we love you!” in the background.
  • when jimin comes back, he didn’t expect to see taekook falling asleep together, head-on-head, with their mouths wide open and he can’t help but smile and decides to take tons of pictures first before he calls jin to help him.
  • jin picks up his phone with a loud groan “park fricking jimin do you know what ti-” and jimin would interrupt him with “hyung please pick us up, taekook are totally drunk and I can’t get them home right now”
  • “why?? just hold their hands for guiding if necessary! and wait, what– where– you’re outside?!”
  • “i’ll explain everything later hyung please, just pick us up, they’re sound asleep and too heavy for me!” jimin then says, sighing, bc he knows jin probably won’t stop nagging if he doesn’t end this phone call soon
  • jin groans again, so loud that jimin’s sure if passengers had passed him right now, they would have heard it
  • “i’ll be right there” jin finally answers, defeated, and jimin thanks him in the sweetest tone he can manage
  • after jimin told him the adress, jin arrives 10 mins later just to see jimin taking even more photos of taekook sleeping
  • taekook wake up the next day to see 80+ messages in their group chat and all of them are pics of them sleeping outside with weird poses + comments from the other members and they swear never to overdo it ever again

I don’t know who’s behind kookmin9795 on twitter (if you’re not a follower yet, you should go follow), but it is a really sharp shipper account, you guys! (The owner is Korean.)

Look at this! This gives me so much feels just looking at this! 😭😭😭

We could be wrong and that JK didn’t really check his paper when JM revealed his team, but I’m pretty convinced that he did! Every single day, JK gives me more and more reasons to love him! I am seriously all for JK for JM! Please, God, let them have their happily ever after! What a shame for these two precious boys and their hearts to not end up together like they’re destined to! 😭😭😭

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of 3x9 was the part where Ed was wrapped up in his Sadness Burrito.

Specifically, the part where Oswald called his behavior scary and Ed mistook his meaning and assumed that he was calling him scary.

This season of Got Ham has been hammier than usual when it comes to these two, but I love that they still have these subtle moments. That one little moment said so much.

I think that was the first time Oswald realized that something he said could hurt Ed. Oswald is the type who never says die. He doesn’t account for failure. The reason he thought it would be fine to straight-up murder Isabella is because he assumed that Ed would use his shoulder to cry on. (And Ed has never said or done anything to indicate to Oswald that he thinks of him as anything less than his perfect hero.) But here’s Ed… Looking depressed, very out of sorts. And that’s scary to Oswald. That’s not as planned.

He must have been thinking of Ed’s affection as just another thing he could grab for himself. It means more to him than that, of course, but Oswald only knows one way to get what he wants - by stealing, be it by murder or manipulation. As Ed tried to show him already when he took the money out of Oswald’s mayoral campaign, love is something you should receive without effort, but that message failed to fully deliver to the Oswald who’s had to fight his entire life for things like validation and acceptance.

I just love the sort of surprise and genuine dismay that crossed Oswald’s face when he realized that he said something he shouldn’t have, even if it was accidental. It’s the teeniest, tiniest bit of development, barely even a step forward, but I saw it as the beginning of Oswald’s evolution. He realized that he can hurt Ed, and he honestly wants to see him being happy, but he doesn’t know what to do because it’s out of his control. This is bound to hit him on a much larger scale once he’s confronted about Isabella’s murder. He made a massive mistake and he’s going to need to figure out how to fix it.

Nnnn, it won’t be easy, but I believe in this bird.

my complaint to the bbc

Complaint Summary: Queerbaiting and poor quality

Full Complaint: This show spent the last 12 episodes - over 5 years - setting up a romance between Sherlock and John, through countless hours of subtext, the overt text of the show (see: the end of S4E2 in particular), comments made by the actors and creators, and even the social accounts around the show (“who does Sherlock love?”). 

The most recent episode threw all of that away and not only didn’t pay off 5 years of waiting, but threw that hope in the faces of the many young, queer, marginalised fans. 

This isn’t ‘my ship didn’t happen so I’m mad’, this is 'we were promised something that was ripped away from us’. 

Representation is so important - the BBC itself says as much, but where is it? We thought with this show, we were going to have two male characters get under the skin of the public before being revealed as gay/bisexual and in love. And in doing so, the public who weren’t looking at the subtext would have a great example of how it’s not wrong or weird to be gay, how 'normal’ people can be queer but they’re still the same people they always were. But instead, nothing. And an episode which just went nowhere. 

The BBC needs to do better. There need to be healthy representations of queer/non-binary/trans people on the BBC. London Spy isn’t good enough. Sherlock isn’t good enough. In the Flesh isn’t good enough. Please, do better. 

So much good could have come out of Sherlock and John being together romantically in this show. It would have helped to normalise gay relationships in the public’s eye. Instead we had two villains in the episode who were both queer-coded. 

So that’s the pay off of this whole show? Two men stuck in heteronormative hell despite everything, and the only true representation of queerness a pair of murderous psychopaths. 


Hey guys! I feel freaking terrible for not uploading anything with these two lovelies lately but times been…. well you have your ups and downs i guess heh, and i haven’t felt like drawing them as much:( or when ive tried i didn’t get pleased at all, but i did this today and felt i had to post something for u guys c’:! Oh i also sort of made a redbubble account to make shirts and stupid stuffs like that…. eh… -embarrassed- But i have bad economy and im trying at least heh always fun if peoples likes what ur doing^^’! heh so this one is available there as well-


well guess thats all heh im trying to get back here but dang its difficult sometimes… motivation is a thing i lack XD heh well i really hope all of u are alright and thanks for sticking around! much love to ya all!


Request: HEY! I love love love your account! I was wondering if you would be able to do a scenario with Fred Weasley and him proposing to his s/o? Thank you! –Anon

A/N: Thank you so much! :)

You didn’t know how Fred had managed to convince Bill to let the two of you stay at Shell Cottage while he and Fleur went to France to visit their family. But were you glad he did, it was your second night staying there and you loved it. Being so close to the beach and away from the stress of the wizarding world, it was your perfect get away. And who better to spend it with than your boyfriend of four years.

You smiled to yourself as you slipped on a warm coat and began to make your way towards the beach for the starlit picnic Fred had planned for you. Your eyebrows had rose in surprise once you saw the scenery ahead of you; a small makeshift tent had been decorated in colourful fairy lights while the inside contained sheets and pillows for the two of you to lie on, a wooden picnic basket had been placed beside the opening of the tent and shells which had candles in them were lay out in a walkway. “Oh Fred, it’s beautiful” you grinned once you spotted him.

“I’m glad you like it” he smiled back as he gently took your hand and led you into the tent, whilst picking up the basket and emptying it to allow you both to fill your plates.

“Y/N?” Fred asked, cutting into the silence once all the food had been eaten and the rubbish put away into the basket.

“Yeah?” You replied leaning up and pressing a chaste kiss to his jawline, the two of you were laying down within the tent, you pressed up against his chest.

“I love you”

“I love you too”

“You mean everything to me, we almost lost each other at the battle and it made me realise something. I don’t ever want you to not be in my life. Whenever I picture my future, be it 10 months or 10 years from now, I always see you in it. I love you, I love how you are beautiful inside and out.”

“Fred?” You interrupted, your eyes wide and filled with tears as you watch him fumble around in his jacket. Your mouth going slack as he pulls out a small black box, flipping the lid open you stared at the glistering ring which sat comfortably in it.

“Marry me?”

“Oh, my god, yes. A thousand times, yes!” You cried as you through your arms around his neck and crashed your lips onto his, kissing him passionately. Tears running down your cheeks as he slipped the ring onto your finger, he quickly pulled out his wand and with a swift flick towards the sky, fireworks off all different colours exploded. Contrasting beautifully against the dark sky.

The gifs used are not mine, credit to the owners


Request: Hey, I love your writing so much 💗 Could you maybe write something about Y/n looking through fan accounts & fan fictions of Shawn & Shawn gets home & gets really uncomfortable 💗 it would mean a lot :))

Your name: submit What is this?

It wasn’t often that you stalked your boyfriend’s tag on tumblr.  It was a quick and easy search: Shawn Mendes.  Thousands upon thousands of search results would come up, and with nothing better to do, you decided to see what his fans were up to.

On your own tumblr, you followed about two or three blogs about Shawn, you know, just to keep up with him when he wasn’t answering his phone.  The ones you followed only posted pictures of him though, nothing else.  So when you came upon a few pieces of writing, you became interested.

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From two years ago to today 💗.  I posted this on my other social media accounts as well, but I’ve had a lot of people say (and do!- @tinylou-13 @in-silent-screams13 @operationgena) really kind and loving things for me today simply in memory of the amazing experience two years ago. After a pretty rough past year+, I have to say the memories of this day have given me something to always look back on and smile about. I will never understand why Taylor chose us (while I may know that Leyton deserved it, I could certainly never feel like I did), but I’m so thankful to her for this and for so much more. I’m thankful that her music has helped me through the two toughest times of my life, and still is. I’m thankful for her “Clean” speeches, which have helped encourage me to find myself again despite loss. And just as importantly, I’m thankful for every single one of you (many of whom she has brought into my life, others who she made our friendship stronger) who have been such an amazing addition to me and Leyton’s lives. Thank you for all your loving support the past few years, and for giving me a second family this past one. I love you all so, so very much. 💕

give me a Sky High sequel

like, it’d be just about the right time (a year or two late maybe) for a 10 year reunion

bring back as many people as possible, even if some of them are very brief appearances (just a day on set or something, c’mon) and we can see how everyone’s doing with their world-saving and who decided to just go into accounting or who turned villain for some reason

and please give me Warren and Layla, honestly friends

Sky High Reunion

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A few months ago I watched the Australian movie “Holding The Man” for the first time and was so moved. The actors Ryan Corr and Craig Stott had fantastic chemistry and really sold their on screen relationship. After finishing the film, I was mesmerized at what I had seen. I discovered that there was an original memoir in which the film was adapted from, and I ordered it off Amazon. I waited months to read it after I had completed my spring semester at college, but I don’t think I was ready.

When I finally came around to reading it a month or so later, I was on vacation and kept leaving my family to read it alone. I couldn’t stop reading and it was honestly one of the most compelling things I’ve read. I felt so moved and inspired by such a vividly crisp account of two men’s unconditional love tested by the HIV epidemic. The movie was fantastic, but the book was impeccably stellar. I’ve never been affected so much by a work, but I’m sitting here hours after finishing the book and I’m lost in my mind. I keep thinking about the two men, how inspiring their story was, and how great their beautiful love was and still is. Timothy Conigrave paints a painfully honest picture of himself, his lover John Caleo, their relationship and the grueling times they endured. Tim was no perfect man, and sometimes you wonder why he does the things he does. You feel bad for John. But you start to understand Tim, and you really know that Tim loves John. Through his perspective, I developed a love for John and eventually for Tim too. I understood and felt as if I knew the two of them like they were my best friends.

When John dies, I too feel the pain and the loss Tim endures. And knowing that Tim dies, I feel a horrible loss and an emptiness in my heart. I’ve become so consumed by their story that I’m physically ill at the moment as though I’m mourning the loss of some good friends I knew; because I did know them through this haunting and intimate memoir. So my purpose in writing this was to share my affecting experience with this memoir, hopefully finding solace by posting all my thoughts that are currently flooding my head, and to inform someone, whoever is reading this, on how their (and many others’) contributions to the gay community need to be carried on.

I feel that the last generation of gay men and women have fought for the treatment of HIV as well as the social awareness of being gay, bisexual, transgender, lesbian, and anything in between. But that’s just awareness and there’s some unfinished business. I feel like all of the work done by the last generation must be carried on to create acceptance. We have not completed the last generation’s fight to have all things LGBT acceptable and commonplace throughout our society. Tim Conigrave made relatively big waves in his time alive by his involvement in gay advocacy groups as well as working a call center for HIV infected men and women among many other things. Of course, Tim left behind a monumental story and legacy with Holding The Man, but in the time he was here, he did small things that had big impacts. And it inspires me to think that maybe I and many others could do the same in this transition from LGBT Awareness to Acceptance. I think we shouldn’t settle for tolerance, there’s nothing to tolerate because we are just beings like everyone else. We love who we want, wear what we want, and think what we want just like everyone else and that’s the freedom of individuality.

I’m thankful for this book and had no idea that this memoir left behind by two beautiful men would inspire me into such deep thoughts, big dreams, and hopes for our future. Thank you Timothy Conigrave and John Caleo for your enduring story, you two have left an indelible mark on me. Let it be known that you and many others who died so soon from HIV/AIDS/ or as a result of being LGBTQ are not forgotten and have not died in vain. The fight that you all started will continue, we will push on and continue to fulfill your legacy.

I know I will start small, and be more proud of who I am. I haven’t always been proud of being gay, and I think that’s the first step in personal change. This book has helped me discover a catharsis, and I’ve began my path to self acceptance and healing. I hope one day to make some contribution that can change things somehow, someway.

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Hi! I got into BTS about two months ago and I'm only following a few blogs about them on here, I was wondering if you could recommend some BTS blogs to follow? ☺️ & you're such a lovely person! I love your blog so much 💗

any FY accounts are really good because they give really good updates :) 

other accounts i like are

@jimiyoong @ji-min @fyminsuga @fykook @fykimtaehyung @bangtan @kths @minblush @the52hertzmachine @sweaterpawsjimin @pdsuga @jjks @park-jimizzle @jiminrolls @hwasuga

i follow a lot of accounts but these are some of my faves 

hope this helps my love!!!

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Art raffle~

So, for the 520 follows Imma do an art raffle. Sorry for not drawing pics. They take too much time that can be used for practice. Anyways,

An Art Raffle will be held on this account by moi, so I hope that peeps get interested and join in! I would love that. I won’t do the classical Art Raffle with a full body prize as first, but I’ll make something like this:

3rd  prize: chibi! (full colour) -three smols-

2nd prize: head-to shoulders drawing (full colour) -three smols-

1st prize: head-knees drawing (full colour) -two smols-


-Don’t reblog 203937893292 times pls, just once.

-You must be following me hun~

-A reblog with “I`m in” counts as an entry.

-Have fun!~ 

Hope you all join in!~

This will be fun! :D

Dress Up in You (Trixya) - Chapter Four

AN: Hello everyone! Thanks so much for your lovely feedback again. You can find parts 1-3 in my tag if you want to catch up, or message my sideblog artificial-eve for details of my Ao3 account. I sat down and worked out a proper plan and I think this story has 13 chapters including the ones we’ve already had, but we’ll see how things go - just to let you know that there is a plan and that we’re headed somewhere.

Warnings: swearing, smoking, mentions of drinking

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The second thing I’m grateful for in 2017: that post about Percy and Oliver being roommates gaining notes because I can see those thousand people realising this and jumping on this glorious bandwagon that this friendship/ship is and it is amazing. Welcome to the world of meta about the two most neurotically ambitious characters in the whole Potterverse, remember that Oliver is a perfectionist, a morning person, and respects no boundaries (that creepy morning when he loomed over Harry’s bed because dawn practice? yeah.) and remember that Percy loves quidditch too, so much so that he bets on the Gryffindor team, and that Molly could not account for a lost Puddlemere United sock in the Burrow in Deathly Hallows.

Just saying.

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hello!! ive been following you for quite some time now nd my dash is dry... i was wondering if you had any blog recs? like maybe one blog for each member? ☺️ if all are too much, then maybe just dream?

Hi anon! I’m actually really happy you sent this in. I’ll try to rec and account or two for every member just to help you out :)

Taeil: I love my buddy and fellow taeil stan @1aeil so if you don't follow I really recommend it! Also @taei

Hansol: I’m pretty sure everyone knows @hansoulji but yea they’re the only hansol stan i really know.

Johnny: Even tho Ana dumped him Ima still say @tennysgirl and also @princeyoungho

Taeyong: @ncitytrash and @teewhytrack :)

Yuta: @yutasings and @iloveyu-ta

Kun: I can’t think of any sorry :(

Doyoung: @spicypancakedoyoung is nice 

Ten: Honestly there are so many ten stans but @sentimentalfly and @tntxjeno are nice (also ten is the one Ana dropped Johnny for so 👀👀👀

Jaehyun: @yourjaehyun and @renjund

Winwin: @ouchwinwin is the only one I can think of rn 

Mark: @sammymunchiecheerios and @trademarklee are iconic so 

Renjun: Ummm I really can’t think of any atm :(

Jeno: @jenowhat @angelicjeno @jenothanks and @flawlessjeno

Donghyuck: @dongsookies @donghynck @donghyukslee  @haechannie and @haechansgf 

Jaemin: @dreamingjaemin and @jaeminnana

Chenle: I only started following recently but @officially-chenle

Jisung: @bubblyjisung  

I hoped this helped anon :)