i love these teasers

i really love the way yuta talks. i mean his choice of words? like his instagram posts when his teasers were released and during his abnormal summit days. i know he can be savage(and while we’re at it, he’s very witty) but he gives beautiful opinions and advice. he can also turn his experiences into life lessons. i think he’s very gifted with knowledge and wisdom? i love him

When Alec first read Magnus’s file they weren’t dating. At the time, he didn’t even know the Warlock. So he tries not to feel guilty about the weird information he knows about the man he’s going on a date with. 

He has also decided not to mention that he’s read his file. That feels like an invasion of privacy, a thought he hadn’t considered until he realized he was going on a date. Suddenly, the cold, calculating air of “Warlock Case Files” felt funny in his mouth. 

It did make the date complicated because occasionally Magnus would say things and Alec would be forced to pretend he didn’t know the information Magnus was referencing. He’s never been all that good at subterfuge and it doesn’t seem like that reputation is going to change today. 

“Anyway,” Magnus said with a characteristic flourish, “I was a Real Estate agent, briefly in the 1880s.”

“I thought that was in the 1980s,” Alec says without thinking.  

Magnus’s eyes narrow immediately. Alec didn’t even realize the trap had been set before he fell for it. 

“Um… I mean, uh, really?” 

“You’ve read my case file,” Magnus says. It isn’t a question. His eyes are completely blank. 

“Well… I mean… Not before the date! And not after I got to know you! I just… It was when… I just…” 

Magnus watched him stutter for a few more minutes before breaking down into loud laughter. His face completely lit up with a broad, white, toothy smile. Alec doesn’t even have it in him to be mad when faced with a face like that in front of him. 

That doesn’t stop him from being confused, though, “what?” 

“Nothing, nothing, darling,” Magnus said his laughter finally dying down. “It’s just… My file is filled with mostly lies.” 

Alec tilts his head in confusion which makes Magnus smirk in amusement again. 

“I mean… Darling, the words “Real Estate” agent are in quotation marks. That didn’t throw you off?” 

“I wasn’t paying that much attention… The last time I read it was before we met you to get Clary’s memories.” 

Something in Magnus’s eyes softened, “you really didn’t read up on me before tonight?” 

“Why would I? I already know you’re a good person.” 

Magnus reached for his hand on the table, the warm weight felt soothing and electrifying. The heavy weight of his rings contrasting sharply with his skin. 

“So you weren’t a real estate agent in the 80′s?” Alec asked after a few moments of tender silence. 

“Oh goodness, no,” Magnus said gesturing with one hand. His eyes went devilish as he continued, “I was a stripper.” 

Alec choked on his drink and Magnus erupted into laughter again. 

He had a feeling dating Magnus Bane would keep him on his toes, and he was excited for every minute of it.