i love these soooo much

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OH MY DOG!!! You watch Merlin!!!?

YEAH I LOVE MERLIN!! I love the BBC version soooo much - I miss it intensely D: Colin Morgan is the cutest aaaaah I wanna tug on his ears :P 

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Hi!!!!! I love your art soooo much 😘😘😘 do you have any check please fanart in your original style??? I saw some recently and I think your art style is super cute 😊😊

Hi! Thank you so much!! you know, I haven’t yet tried it in my style. It’s weird because I usually like to do fanart in as close to canon style as I can because that’s how I personally prefer it, but I’m actually really flattered that you are interested in seeing it in my own style <3 <3

It would look something like this! (and the coloring would probably be pretty similar to N’s because I also do hard cell shading most of the time because it’s so much easier :)

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I SHALL CREATE THE SUPERSHADICX250 PROTECTION SQUAD!! WHO'S WITH ME?? (I love both of you soooo much and I'm so sorry there are people out there that manipulate and belittle you guys, you don't deserve any of this crap, but you still have a lot of actual fans and supporters that will always have your back. Keep this in mind please 💙)

Thank you 😆😊 And I will

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tv aesthetic → the office

I’m not superstitious, but… I am a little stitious.

travelling with jimin 💝🌷