i love these set of photos

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Just bury me after that last photo set. NO ROOM FOR JESUS. And happy, so happy!

YES!!! I mean come on! Toes pointing at each other. No room for Jesus. Cait’s boob is flat it’s so squished. Megawatt smiles. This is the Sam and Cait and that I love and want to see all the time.

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So... Are we going to talk about that photo/gif set of them meeting fans in Edinburgh, with Sam casually keeping his left hand on Cait's back while she's signing something in the last gif? 😍

You mean this one (credit to @lulu-tan79)??? 

Yes let’s talk about it. It makes me think of this picture.

I don’t think these two understand what personal space is. I love how no matter what they’re always finding a way to touch each other, even if it’s just for a couple of seconds. Please direct me to another pair of costars who behave the same way. I don’t think there’s any. 

“La Vie En Rose” Love Spell

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Note: This spell is not intended to be used on an non-consenting individual and is just for fun. I was inspired by the song.


- 1 single red rose 

- two pink candles

- rose or vanilla perfume or oil

- the song “La Vie En Rose” sung by Daniela Andrade 

- a picture of who you love


On a Friday night closest to the full moon, set up an altar with a single red rose and a pink candle on either side. Have the picture of your beloved to the side. Say “Aphrodite” 5 times to get her attention. Then anoint both candles with the perfume or oil and light them as an offering. While lighting them, say:

Hold me close and hold me fast

This magic spell I cast

This is la vie en rose

Next, kiss the photo of your loved one and say:

When you kiss me heaven sighs

And though I close my eyes

I see la vie en rose

Now hold the photo to your chest and say:

When you press me to your heart

I’m in a world apart

A world where roses bloom

Lastly, place the photo under the single red rose and say:

Give your heart and soul to me

And life will always be

La vie en rose

Blow out the candles and silently thank Aphrodite. Leave the photo under the rose for the rest of the night and your spell is cast!

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You are hands down the best fan page (that I know) on this site; you're depth of resources are incredible and you are so warm, kind and generous to others. You truly are a credit to Stevie Nicks. I wanted to say that 1st because you are generous almost to a fault and I don't want to be an extra burden on you, but I did want to request (if you have time) a set of photos of Stevie with her mic stand decorated with roses and baby's breath. I love that opulent 80s look. Thank you in advance. <3

You are too kind, thank you so much for thinking so highly of me and my blog. You’ve inspired me to actually try hard to be all these beautiful things. ♥

It’s not a burden at all, I love requests. I’m just too slow. :D I’ll post a set for you asap. ♥

Hello fishblr I am tentatively joining your ranks!

I spent the last 2 months slowly and painfully cycling a 20L (just over 5g) tank. Yesterday I went out with the intention of buying a new siphon from the pet store to give the tank a good cleaning out now the cycle was complete, figuring I was too busy to head to the aquarium to pick out a fish that day anyway.

And then I came home with Penelope and Parker.

Penelope is a lovely female betta, she is very clever, and quite bold - immediately set about exploring the place, picked out her favourite spots, terrorised the elodea, posed for a few photos. She was eating happily by this morning.

Parker is a juvenile bristlenose catfish roughly half an inch long, and they refuse to be photogenic.

Pictures from the Obama Presidency

I love this picture of restaurant owner Scott Van Duzer giving Obama a bear hug in Florida. While not technically brilliant or beautiful, the photo shows a genuine moment of exuberance, and the look of shock on the face of the man on the far right is fantastic

Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Image

Obama fist-bumps custodian Lawrence Lipscomb in the White House. Captured by official photographer Pete Souza, this was a moment of courtesy and camaraderie - informal and unscripted, trademarks of his presidency

Photograph: Pete Souza/The White House

Obama talks with his daughter Malia on the swing set outside the Oval Office. Obama has always found time for his family despite the demands on his time, and this is a real ‘dad moment’, symbolising the importance of their relationship

Photograph: Pete Souza/The White House

After meeting with Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney, Obama mimics her ‘not impressed’ look. His jokey nature and willingness to make a fool of himself has been a large part of his appeal

Photograph: Pete Souza/The White House


Prompto’s Photos, chronologically - 38/?

- Photogenic Gigantuar Edition!

To quote a friend, re: the first one: “THE BEST PROMPTOGRAPH”

Yuuri has a framed photograph of Victor on his table.

At the end of Ep 1, just before Yuuri finds out about the video going viral, there is clearly a framed photograph of Victor right in the middle of Yuuri’s table.

It’s a copy of this poster:

In ep 2, on the very first night that Victor stays over in Hasetsu and tries to sleep with Yuuri, we get a shot of his table and it looks like this:

So… in the days after the video went viral, where he avoided all contact with the outside world by switching off his phone and holing up in his room, he decided it would be a good idea to put in a new photo of Victor. More specifically, a close-up of Victor’s FACE.

Even as he frantically disassembled his Victor shrine, he left behind the framed photo.

Even in Ep 4, the framed photograph is still there, although it’s not clear what’s actually in the frame. (damn you reflective glare)

From these shots, it is obvious that Yuuri has moved the photograph from the middle of the table to left, so that his laptop doesn’t block his view of the photograph. The photograph is now placed prominently to his left with nothing obstructing it. So he can stare at it all he wants.

Like this:

Ok, he’s looking at his phone in this shot, but it does not negate the fact that his workspace has 1) his laptop 2) his notes 3) A PHOTO OF VICTOR’S FACE.


15 Reasons Nygmobblepot Will Still Be Canon

Yes, I’m doing another one of these. I’d appreciate it if I wasn’t judged for this. A lot of people need to feel positive right now, including me. And these are things that need to be mentioned 

  • The whole season so for has been dedicated to Oswald falling in love with Ed. Oswald’s only other arc was becoming Mayor. Writers don’t normally waste half a season without utilizing the elements they used and built up. 
  • Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor “Living” for Nygmobblepot and both being part of the LGBT community.
  • Cory and Robin looking happy in most new set photos. 
  • Robin putting a green and purple heart underneath a set photo of Ed and Oswald by the docks.
  • The actors/writers never saying outright that they won’t end up together along the line and teasing us with tweets and pictures sometimes supporting Nygmobblepot romantically. 
  • TV Shows/Dramas like to throw their audiences off track with smartly twisted lies and words, and they like to build up a lot of drama to make us keep coming back and watching again every week. The drama between Ed and Oswald right now almost means nothing. 
  • Episode 15 of Season one is where Oswald and Edward met. Episode 15 of Season two is where Edward and Oswald met again for the first time after becoming (best) friends. Also Cory said his “favorite scenes with Robin” were in Episode 15 of this season: How the Riddler Got His Name.
  • Episode 14 is where Ed and Oswald “come to an understanding” after dealing with their problems “face-to face.”
  • In response to someone being distraught over Nygmobblepot (”Nygmobblepot is killing me”), the Gotham Writers on Twitter said “There’s still a lot of episodes left this season.”
  • 90% of negativity and pessimism about Nygmobblepot being fan’s or article writer’s opinions and speculation.
  • Cory Michael Smith liking a tweet that said something along the lines of “I hope this doesn’t end up being queerbaiting.”
  • Gotham has never shied away from surprising us, throwing out plot twists, teasing us, torturing us. This is nothing new.
  • Ed and Oswald work together against Jerome (and presumably the trio) later in Season 3.
  • Ed has been known to double cross, and like working alone. He especially doesn’t like working with specific people below his intelligence level. (Butch, Barbara, Tabitha)
  • Everything done in the Ed and Oswald arc this season thus far all would be for nothing. Legitimately. For nothing. Would the writers be that stupid?

Have. Faith. Everyone. Do it so the homophobes don’t win. Do it so that lgbt audience members can know that others believe in this relationship. Do it for them. Do it for us. Don’t let our ship sink until there’s literally nothing left. And does it look like we have nothing??^^^

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Youmacon Photoshoot Set 2/5

This set is of me as Error by @loverofpiggies​ (with glasses).  I love how these turned out so much!!  The last photo of this set is suppose to be a Blueberry doll, lol, as I was gifted that awesome crocheted Sans head by a friend as she found us doing our shoot :) It all will sort of make more sense in the 3rd set, heh. Alary, thank you!

Stay tuned for more, and follow me if you want to see more!

I love how Matt’s reaction to an unflattering screencap of himself going around the internet was to facepalm, set fanart of it as his twitter avatar. and be a good sport about it all around.

Sam’s reaction was to create a t-shirt with Matt’s face on it, paste it to the bottom of his novelty oversized mug, and carry around an envelope full of copies of it on photo paper to hand out.

Is Victor actually learning Japanese OMG

Don’t know if this makes sense, I just noticed it now

In ep10 Victor is taking photos for Chris at the pool …

… using his own phone


In the ED of ep10 both Victor, Chris and Yurio’s phones were shown

This one is Chris’ , in English

This is Yurio’s, obviously in Russian and look how he cares about Yuuri he got 33 photos that night

And this is Victor’s

English right? And I love that his latest photo in the album is our drunk cinnamon roll Yuuri

Remember that instagram Victor let Yuuri take for him and Makkachin in ep02?



We all know how Yuuri learnt Russian vocab like “вкусно” and “Спасибо” from Victor, but I’ll be really happy to know that Victor is also learning Japanese because he met Yuuri <3


Please don’t be in love with someone else,
Please don’t have somebody waiting on you

- Enchanted, Taylor Swift

Lmao I didn’t knew about your AU when I took this photo from my window but now all I can think about when I see it is that Victor “set fire” to the sky because Yuuri didn’t notice him iT WAS LIKE A KISS BETWEEN THE NIGHT SKY AND THE DAY SKY I AM DYING