i love these scenes!!!

  • Peter: [watching Steve lose to Red Skull] Oh, fiddlesticks.
  • Wade: Okay, hey, I know this is a tense situation, but I promised Cap to make sure you watched your fucking language.

You’re the woman I love. You’re the one who kissed me outside of a pool house when it was pouring rain, took me to shoot tommy guns on Valentine’s Day. You’re the one who proposed to me with a stick of beef jerky in her hand even though you’re a vegetarian. That’s who you are. This is you. Temperance Brennan. You.                                                    You’re my partner. Don’t forget that.


Sam Winchester + Stanford
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Can you do the scene when Daryl comes back to the prison with Merle and Carol goes to his cell?

Your making it impossible for me to stay away or is that your plan? ;)

But anyways you managed to pick one of my favorite scenes ever. I mean its still in my top 5 and considering i’m in a good mood today and this scene makes me happy I figure i’d do a write-up before I went out :)

So we have Carol being adorable, running her fingers along the cell bars before peeking her head around the corner, checking with our grumpy boy to see if it’s ok to come in. No barging or just walking in but sort of checking with him first. Daryl is fixing his arrows, which to me looks like something he does when he’s stewing and needs a distraction. Everyones been give him shit today and he just needs his quiet time.

But he’s always got time for Carol it seems. She is the one exception. The one person he actually wants to see right now.

“Didn’t get a chance to tell you earlier.. but i’m glad your back..”

Daryl takes a look around. “What to all this?”  There is just this big old raincloud sitting over his head today it seems.

She walks over, with Daryl watching her as she comes closer and sits down in her fashion with him. Never too quick just easy peasy. She’s wearing this pretty yellow shirt and the sunshine just seems to be following her in.

“This our home..”

“Its a tomb.” Way to be cheerful Daryl :)

Carol isn’t put out by this and just keeps talking in her easy way with him. “That’s what T-Dog said..” And when she says that you can see Daryl’s head look up from what he’s doing to concentrate on her. “And I thought he was right.. until you found me..”

She smiles at him softly, and we see him give her this adorable little half smile as remember that, yeah he did. And she was sitting in front of him, all pretty and liking him. And they have this prolonged eye-contact that is….well… gaaaah  (serious scientific level chemistry for you know… research) and its a pause before she speaks again. Finally getting to her point.

“Hey’s your brother.. but he’s not good for you.. don’t let him bring you down..”

And anyone else talking to him about Merle these days would’ve gotten lashed out at but not Carol. Because there is nothing in her voice but concern for him. She’s not judging, making him choose or telling him what to feel, she’s just telling him she understands and that she cares about HIM. She knows the dysfunctional relationship he has with Merle, how destructive it can be sometimes. And that that its not easy to walk away from that. Its complicate. She’s just telling just him she cares about him and has his back. And Daryl knows this. He’s completely at ease now.

And she adds a little something at the end. “After all look how far you’ve come..” And Daryl takes a look around and realizes just how funny that was and that she made a funny and  well…

Cutest thing ever…. that little shy head dip giggle. My heart…

I love it cause it really shows how much she gets him and how she’s just different from everyone else. She can take him from being grumpy, to chuckling like this very quickly because she gets him. Can put him at ease. And vice-versa.

One of my favorties ever Nomy thanks for the ask :)

lmao I have a dilemma bc I want to make a typical love triangle story but I know that if I were to write one I would be laughing more than actualy write


Say, Can I Tempt You? - by define_serenity

 (Seblaine Cruel Intentions AU)

Hunter makes a bet with Sebastian, his stepbrother, that he won’t be able to take Blaine’s virginity. If he loses, Hunter gets the Jaguar, if he wins, Sebastian gets Hunter.

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tbh i think everyone in nct is rly like. caring towards everyone? so i doubt they would be homophobic or anything, none of them seem like the type that would treat anyone badly bc theyre different :/

totally agree!!!! i think johnny is totally okay w gay people and all. so is ten! i think hes all for equality in general and hes so humble as well i just cant see him as a homophobe or racist or whatever especially after seeing his tweets where he literally said every race is beautiful and im like. hes amazing. yuta seems to be totally ok w trans people and all that as well and he voiced his opinion on abnormal summit which i love. i think theyre rly caring and like since theyre a bit younger and fit to the newer generation i think they know about the issues about racism, sexuality etc. but i mean… i could be wrong as well like maybe they could be doing some problematic stuff near the future like i mean it hasnt even been a year w them… i really have hope for them though. they seem super sweet and just like stupid dudes who love to dab and have fun jdjssgshddj.

I love these two together now because of you. I just recently found your blog and totally fell in love with the little interactions between Alphys and Sans. Kori is a total cutie hands down. Please continue doing content, I love it !

Awwww, that’s very beautiful and colorful~  Speaking of colors, they do fit the sunny weather in many ways as well. XDD Thank you so much and I’m so happy to hear that you love everything I’m doing~ (there’s gunna be salphys scenes in Timetale in future, so brace y’urself~  :B Na just kiddin’~ XDDD)

trying to figure out the timeline for homecoming is so confusing rip