i love these pics ok


Graduation trip to Mallorca is quickly coming to a close, but look how cute I was going out to a bar last night!🥂🍹


acotar meme ☆ ( 1 / 4 ) friendships / relationships

With a wink, Rhys pointed toward Bryaxis and the Carver. Another figure appeared. The Carver stumbled back a step. And I knew — from the slim, female figure, the dark, flowing hair, the one-again beautiful face… I knew who she was. Stryga — The Weaver.


i mean can you blame him????

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh

Well guys I need your help. I just found this pic and it was tagged as BNior but I’m not sure. Can anybody tell me if the one on the left is really Jaebum? It seems to me that it’s Yugyeom cause I see him taller than Jinyoung. Help me please!


Hey everyone!!! MY BUDS

by the time u read this i’ll be in Puerto Rico visiting my fam and getting my tan fleekd!!! So basically what im trying to say is, I’m going 2 be M.I.A. for about a month & a half :( since i wont have my computer with me SIGH

& i WISH i was like those simmers that just build up like 2 years worth of a queue lmao (i wish) SADLY Im not gonna be posting for a bit!! DONT MISS ME TOO MUCH! i might be able to answers asks here and there though!!!

anyways ya thats it see yall on the flipside love u all u all mean the world to me ty for ur support !!!!!! ILL BE BACK