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i just read some post making fun of, and i quote, "weirdos who think bees can't consent" [to having their honey stolen] and basically saying that this isn't a reasonable argument against stealing honey from bees. so like.. either people really want to believe that stealing honey is something comparable to, idk, for example, sterilizing your cat –as in, the animal can't consent, but it's so overwhelmingly good for them you do it anyway. or they think animals can consent. which is disturbing. wtf.

People just love to pretend they don’t understand how consent works as soon as they stand to gain something from exploitation. Dogs cannot consent to being euthanised when they are in pain, or castrated, or operated on when they need to be. The only reason it is ethical to do these things when necessary is when the action being taken is obviously in the animal’s greater interest. It can be argued that keeping bees may be in their greater interests in some circumstances, but the same cannot reasonably be said for taking their honey from them and selling it. 

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Guess my type: I'm moody and random af. I feel everything and then I feel nothing. I use both logic and feelings but sometimes I prefer feelings over logic, especially when I have to help people.I love art and adventures but at the same time I don't want to risk that much (it depends on my mood so idk). I start projects and I don't finish them because I get easily bored. I love languages and music. I help people everytime (It's like I'm a therapist) and I can be very manipulative. Thanks ⭐️

You sound very INFJ to me. Your Fe is obviously very well developed since you understand the needs of others and you try to achieve interpersonal peace. Auxiliary Fe + dominant Ni can easily give you the manipulative skills.


A couple of people have asked me irl if i would write other fics than CC, like Bughead or Mixen or Canaryfire and i’m like “Uhmm yeah sure”. But in reality i’m not really sure if i even can. IDK. I feel like i am only inspired for CC or CC/Rogue Canary or just CC w other ships in it. And it’s weird because i do love other ships so much and i just can’t seem to write them. 

And i have been having writer’s block for a bit now and just… everything sucks yep. 

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Okay but JJP look at each other like they are each other's whole world. Idk if it's wishful thinking but idk sometimes it feels like there is more to them than meets the eye

EGGZACTLY!!!! That’s what I’m saying!!!! Like sometimes people say they’re just best friends because they’ve been with each other for so long, but idk. Their interactions seem more than best friends??? Like the stares are too long, and too soft and too loving to be “just friends”

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why cheat on someone? why not just break up with the person if you aren't happy? and i'm not asking you this in a malicious way, i just don't get cheating idk

hm. it’s complicated. i cheated because i was unhappy and just honestly too scared to leave the relationship, because i didnt know what to do without her, because i was angry at how i was treated. because i self sabotage. because i love proving to myself that im a bad person. i don’t know, and it doesn’t make it right. 

people make mistakes, and of course they should be held accountable for their mistakes, but they shouldn’t be defined by them either (to a certain extent, of course) 

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fav tumblrs: @shyjimins bc she is my soul partner ☆, @astro-child bc she is the cutest sunshine, @tanktoptiger bc she Lovs me so so much and i Lov her too, @strawberrywhaliens bc she makes my life colourful :') also @seokjinsfinger means more to me than she will ever know ♡♡♡, @crackedgrace is a fluffball i loVE HER, (also rin, idk u v well but, ur pretty wonderful urself ^^)

OH MY GOD THANK YOU FOR SENDING! I love these kinds of asks because they can put a smile on people’s faces 😊

@shyjimins definitely a sweetheart~
@strawberrywhaliens someone appreciates you!
@astro-child my child Shanel look!
@tanktoptiger Keila the cutie!
@crackedgrace someone loves you!

@seokjinsfinger sending you good vibes!

And omg anon you included me too ;-; you’re so sweet, so so so so so so incredibly sweet. I’m sure these people are very lucky to have you. Thank you for sending this! You made a lot of people happy ❤️️

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jax jackson?

  • General Opinion:  REMOVE | Dislike | Eh | Okay | Like | Love | WOULD FOLLOW INTO HELL
  • Best Trait: Smarter/braver/stronger than anyone gives him credit for and won’t let you forget it
  • Worst Trait: He’s gotta be surrounded by a bunch of yts
  • OTPs: Kidstorm
  • OT3s/OTNs: none
  • BroTPs: Wally West, Cisco Ramon, Sara Lance, Amaya Jiwe
  • Characters I wish they’d interact with more: Amaya, Cisco
  • Characters they should stay away from: idk white people in general i guess

i guess it just hurts that i was practice. that you will love the next one more fiercely. that you will not do them wrong the way you hurt me. that you will be better at communicating. you will be better at asking for what you want instead of going behind peoples’ backs to get it. you have learned how to be honest. you have learned how to kiss, how to touch, how to make somebody feel wanted. you have learned what destroys a relationship and what keeps it going. and i guess it just hurts that i taught you how to love someone who isn’t me. i guess it just hurts that i was practice and now i’m nothing.


5/365 Days of Jung Daehyun   : I like his mouth a lot 

Sometimes I wonder how normal people manage to not get obsessed about…literally everything! Im in love with at least 23729 bands, books, tv shows, historical characters, movies…idk stones?
I mean how do they…live? How can the even breath without wanting to talk about those things 24/7? God that must be so boring.


Okay but real talk… Kip is actually really under appreciated?? Like okay yes everyone can enjoy Eric and Dylan’s home movies and Tj’s prison boyfriend writing to girls parents and what not. amazing. But people don’t talk about Kip enough?? Like the kid was fucking 15 years old and seriously mentally ill and sentenced to 112 years in prison with no parole request until 2110. That’s fucking insane. He even asked to get moved to a mental hospital back in like 2013 (I think) and that got denied?? He literally told people he had voices in his head that told him to kill people anD PEOPLE BRUSHED IT OFF BASICALLY 

idk you guys. i love kip. i wish more people talked about him and cared. 

for all the people who are like “yeah but why would zoe like evan back? it seems so forced.”

-zoe is in a severely compromised situation rn and is dealing w/ a lot of shit about not “mourning in the right way” and is looking for someone that isn’t her parents and isn’t the people at school who pity her to just kinda be there.

-evan is a nice kid. he’s probably a direct contrast to her brother and everyone else around her, because he’s awkward and pretty forward and seemingly isn’t consumed by connor’s death

-also evan puts zoe on a pedestal, he has a whole song telling her how wonderful she is. i mean, that can be really nice sometimes

-zoe is very very very very very intelligent and strong, she doesn’t want pity and she doesn’t want someone else to be in control. she wants to be in control over something, anything in her life which seems so panicked and haphazard rn, and maybe malleable evan, who seems willing to go along with whatever she wants, is that something

-zoe is literally 16? 17? years old, i’ve seen 16-year-olds get together and break up w/ someone they don’t even sorta know in the span of 2 days, so their relationship being kinda flimsy is actually more realistic

-and, like, have you seen ben platt (aka evan hansen)?????

^idk about you but i think ya boy is v attractive/cute, so maybe like it was all just superficial (also the show is definitely commentary about the superficial nature of social media, as evan’s “love” of her despite only really knowing her through instagram (in the beginning) is actually quite a main statement) 

-(also evan has a nice personality, too, i firmly believe, so)

-it was a while between the 1st act (the kiss) and the 2nd act (dating), and we don’t know what happened in the time between, and we can’t judge the circumstances and intricacies of their relationship with so little information

-also they don’t end up together, so maybe there’s a reason their relationship wasn’t built solidly, but rather as a more sudden thing, to emphasize why it all fell apart

aromantic hubris
  • Me in theory: I bet I would be great at sorting though people's romantic problems, relationships are so much easier to understand objectively when you don't get caught up in all that falling in love nonsense yourself
  • Me in practice: idk, have you tried.... not.... having romantic attraction???

I’ve been drawing Widow with this skin lately and I’ve also had people asking me about that outfit, so I thought I should just design it once and for all. :>

I mean like fuck.. Idk.. I don’t normally like impractical clothing?? But for some characters i do? Like I could imagine Amelie to like showing skin but i don’t see (for example) Pharah as someone who likes doing that if you catch my drift? Anyways lmao… I love jackets.


commission for @gaycynder! still quietly working away, i haven’t forgotten you guys at all! <3 i do see things tagged for me, and like from my main blog @doteverett!

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Hi! I'm a nt singlet trying to learn about neurodivergence (and systems) so I can be a better ally. If you don't mind me asking, what do you think I should know about bpd (and anything else you have, because a lot of people seem to have multiple diagnoses)? Like the basics of what it is, how I can be an ally, and how I can be a good friend if I meet a borderline irl? I hope this wasn't invasive or rude, also feel free to correct my terminology because I'm really new to all this ❤

do my eyes deceive me??? a nice neurotypical in my ask box??? of course i will help u….(besides im bored and have nothing better to do)

firstly, being in a system is neurodivergent. you sort of separated the two, idk if u meant to do that.

i think u what should know is that borderlines are people too. people love to condemn us and say we’re manipulative, abusive. in reality, a lot of borderlines have high empathy for others (to the point where it hurts us if we see someone else in pain). we’re not bad people by default.

even doctors and psychiatrists call us abusive and manipulative. the belief actually comes from them. back when bpd was first coined as a disorder, it was seen as “the borderline between psychosis and non-psychosis” hence the name borderline. doctors back then couldn’t understand why borderlines kept ending up back at hospitals treatment after treatment, how we were so driven by emotion, why regular therapy would not work. they concluded that borderlines were manipulative, sought attention, and were on the borderline of psychosis and non-psychosis, deeming us “hard to deal with.”

ive heard so many stories about borderlines being treated extremely negatively back then, to the point where doctors and psychiatrists would give up on their cases, tell them they were unfixable and manipulative. if they wanted help, they wouldve worked for it by now.

thing is, borderlines don’t respond to cbt/talk therapy. psychiatrists failed to see that we weren’t failing on purpose. their treatment was not up to par. from the cbt i’ve worked with, ive noticed that cbt assumes one has a stable identity and is always aware of themselves. borderlines are not.

dbt was created by marsha linehan. dialectical behavior therapy was made specifically for borderlines. it combines elements of cbt, behavioral science, and zen buddhism. and serious…this stuff is amazing. it works. dbt is split up into four modules: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation.

mindfulness is the teaching of always constantly checking if youre in the present. it is by far the hardest module to master, but it’s extremely rewarding once you understand it.

interpersonal effectiveness is on interpersonal relationships. y’know, because abandonment.

distress tolerance teaches you what to do in a crisis. and it isn’t cbt crap docs hand you and expect you to master in a day. whereas cbt tells you “just breathe, count to ten” when you’re distressed, distress tolerance teaches you three steps: distract, relax, and cope. distract yourself from the situation, relax using your five senses, and cope with the situation by weighing the pros and cons. i use this nearly everyday.

emotional regulation teaches you to do the opposite of what your negative emotions tell you. it teaches you that you are more than your emotions. while you may not be able to control them, you can certainly stop the snowball effect of emotions that trigger thoughts, which then trigger more complex emotions, and more complex thoughts, and so forth.

being a good borderline ally is simple: dont spread needless hate about our disorder, don’t infiltrate our spaces, and advocate for fair treatment.

if you meet a borderline in real life and you are even just a smidgen nice to them, congratulations: that borderline is your new friend. also in retrospect, don’t be mean to them. they will hate you very much.

if you ever become the fp of a borderline, always try to be there for them when they need you. encourage them to talk to you about their emotions. some borderlines are quiet and won’t talk about their negative emotions, even if it hurts.

also, they are constantly afraid of you abandoning them, it is a constant fear. reassure them as often as you can that you do not have plans to. also, don’t ever tell them they’re a handful, or “a lot,” even in a joking manner. they most likely have heard so many borderlines like them being called “abusive” and will wonder if “they are too,” because of their emotions.

well, that’s what i have to say. i might do another thing like this on systems. maybe. depends.

So I’ve had this blog for just under two months and just hit my first thousand and I’m ??? like thank you so much to everyone who follows me. I love you all. So for 1k I figured I’d do a follow forever to celebrate all the people who’s blogs I love and yeah. I’m sorry I’m shit at thanking people idk how to do this I don’t deserve any of this and everyone who follows me is too kind.

Special thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to talk to me, either in messages or by dropping asks in my inbox. You guys make me smile and I’m so grateful for all the ways I’ve interacted with the various members of this fandom. 

Also to all my mutuals who have given me mini freak outs when they followed me because I am not worthy.

(Nobody’s bolded because I love everyone and felt bad.)

And, uh, here we go?

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