i love these owls man


Okay so theory time. I’ve seen the spoilers saying that Babs is going to persuade Ed to go after the Court of Owls, to stop them and tear them down. What if during this time, Oswald is working along side them, regathering his powerbase once more. He lost everything in the fall, his home, status and power. It is only natural he would seek out those that could be of benefit, those being Fish and Strange, as well as the Court.

Is this how Ed and Oswald will cross paths again? I for one am very intrigued to see what the Court has install for Oswald and how Ed will fit into all of this.

me and my friends watched more miraculous. it continued to be a wild ride

part one

stuff that’s not in quotes is me, anything in quotes is one of my friends

(note: some nsfw stuff, including sex mentions this time)


  • “i think alya’s my favorite so far”
  • “alya’s thicc”
  • i like how she hides
    “that’s what i would do”
  • “i hope he hears it”
  • [if he does i’ll die of shame]
  • “[adrien]’s a sexy beast”
  • [it’s locked!]
    “no SHIT it’s called a LOCKer”
  • [what does ladybug see in him?]
    “god only knows”
  • “i love how i relate to the butterflies because they’re all like on the ground around him, but when they see the harsh light of day they all *hisses*”
  • [the thought makes me puuurrrr]
    “*shudders* can we NOT”
  • [of course adrien would own a high tech phone]
    mari you do too
    “pfff yeah it’s right there”
  • “why won’t this thing come off? because it’s extra”
  • [transforms] “extra”
  • “*points to chat* yellow”

(more copycat, as well as dark cupid, pixelator, animan, darkblade, the pharaoh, timebreaker, and the gamer under the cut)

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i love team owl/team cats _(´ч` 」∠)_ in casual clothes cuz i love casual clothes!!! 

tumblr really kills horizontal images wehh

You know how we… have theories about vmin and taekook being real and all? But… Taejin?? Taejin is the realest ship out there.

Imagine they flirt with other people to hide their relationship but whenever they are together they can’t keep hands off each other. 

Remember their Christmas V Live? Taehyung and Jin were sitting together and Taehyung was all dom on Jin. IDK MAN I LOVE TAEJIN, REALEST SHIP OUT THERE.