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Just read your post about Rikyako... my heart hurts hearing about all the past struggles of the love live seiyuu :( do you have any sources for them though?

Ah, whoops…I’m in this little bubble of seiyuu fans, so I tend to forget that not everyone knows these things.

Well, at the very least I thought the thing about Kussun working at a maid café would be well-known. It’s even on her Love Live! Wikia page - she was a part-timer at the Akihabara cafe “Cafe la vie en rose” prior to her debut as Nozomi.

The stuff about Pile is also kinda general knowledge…? At least, I always assumed that was part of the reason why so many people liked her (the giving-up-music thing basically made her a real life Maki). Her past debuts show up on her English Wikipedia page. Pile even wrote a secret message to Maki in her song “P.S. Arigatou” by bolding certain characters in the lyric booklet to spell out: “Maki-chan, I’m finally able to say it… Thank you for everything up until now. I was able to make it this far because you were here. Please gently watch over me. P.S. I truly thank you.”

As for King’s single, you can find it here, along with previews for the tracks! There’s also the video promo for it on the official Victor Entertainment YouTube channel, which you can see here (Note: the video’s blocked in the US - and possibly a few other countries - so you might need a VPN to watch the vid). The mini-album is called “Bonjou Cinderella no Shiruke no Aru Onegai”, and was released in 2012.

Other stories about the seiyuu working in part-time jobs and such are mainly from their past blog entries and social media posts (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), or conversations from interviews and radio programs…which I’m kinda too lazy to look up at the moment. Sorry, it’s just kind of a lot to sift through to find the exact source. _(:3 」∠)_

Observations about the seiyuu not finding any work or not having major successes in general are pretty much drawn from the fact that when the cast was announced, everyone went, “Who?”

For example, in the case of µ’s, about half of them were well-known in the seiyuu world: Mimorin, Soramaru, Ucchi, and Jolno. Even for the recent PDP seiyuu announcement, some seiyuu fans recognized a couple of the girls at the TGS event. In the case of Aqours, while some of them did have previous experience, LLS was pretty much the major breakout role for everyone in terms of voice acting. As a seiyuu fan myself, the only person I recognized on sight when the cast was announced was Anchan - but that was due to her role as Ino in the Naruto stage play, rather than seiyuu work.

Basically, you can go to their Wiki pages or agency profiles and figure out kind of work they did in the past. If you hang around message boards around the ‘net and go through the backlog of their blogs and stuff, you can find some interesting stories as well. For example, back in 2015 Shukashuu and Rikyako were pretty active about answering fan questions on Twitter. That’s actually how people learned about Rikyako living in LA. When a fan asked what country she liked, Rikyako chose America for the memories she made there and explained how she used to live in LA.

tl;dr: A lot of the information out there is “common knowledge” by now, but if you look hard enough, you can definitely find a source. For the most part, info is available on Wikipedia, agency profiles, and past social media posts.

Harry Naming His Children

I just can’t stop thinking about James and Sirius and Remus in the afterlife, watching over Harry. And when he has his first child, James and Sirius are ecstatic that Harry chooses to name him after them. And Remus smiles benevolently and doesn’t say anything of course, but maybe feels just a tad left out. Sirius can tell and he pats him on the shoulder, saying, “Next time! You’ll see!” 

And then next time arrives and what does Harry choose? Albus Severus. And Remus understands, and he’s really not upset. But Sirius is. Sirius just cannot believe that Harry would choose to name his son after Snivellus, the man who had made his godson’s and his own life miserable (so what if he loved Lily), before he honored Remus. Remus, who had been a mentor and friend to Harry. Remus, who had named Harry godfather of his own child. Remus, who was one of the best men Sirius had ever known despite having a childhood that was probably much shittier than Snape’s. Remus, who deserved to be honored by Harry every bit as much as Sirius did, and certainly a thousand times more than Snape.

And for the first time in his life, Sirius is truly disappointed in his godson. And he can’t even let Harry know. And he just has to live with this awful feeling for years and years, and nothing Remus says can make it any better.

Until one day Sirius notices something. He notices how there are always four kids at the Potter house. He’d always thought it was just Harry being nice because Andromeda was getting pretty old by now, but once he starts paying attention, he notices how every time Harry talks about “his kids,” that includes Teddy Lupin. How Teddy is in all of the Potter family portraits. How James, Al, and Lily refer to Teddy as their older brother. 

And one day Sirius is watching as Teddy risks himself to save Albus from falling off his broom, and then proceeds to fuss over Al without once worrying about himself. And Harry runs over in a panic, and goes immediately to Teddy, who took most of the damage, checks that he’s basically alright, looks at him with tears in his eyes, and says “Teddy Remus Lupin, thank you. Thank you for saving Al. You are so much like your father.” And then he hugs him tightly and doesn’t let go for the longest time .

And Sirius’s anger evaporates just like that, and he looks over and sees that Remus has been watching too and now they are both silently crying as they watch Harry, their Harry, take care of two of his sons.

And it’s suddenly so obvious why Harry didn’t name his youngest son after Remus: because that was already the name of his oldest.


Heroes in training  ノ*:・゚✧

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Okay I'm not even kidding my boyfriend says I have an unhealthy obsession with Lotor but I think he's just jealous honestly

A Guide to Major Junior Hockey Names
  • QMJHL: French names (Maxime, Alexandre, Cédric, Pierre-Luc, Benoit-Olivier, Philippe)
  • OHL: Common white boy names (Ryan, Dylan, Michael, Nathan, Mitchell, Matt)
  • WHL: Uncommon white boy names + 50 different spellings for Brayden (Skylar, Braylon, Cross, Krz, Kale, Jaeger, Bode)

The Librarians: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


this stream was a complete blast thank you so much to everyone who came and hung out!!! we got some real great work in lmao…..


Steven + Lapis Lazuli = SPIRIT QUARTZ

edit: Added a w/o wings version

Back view bonus

I’m not usually one to like the things that I draw but… I kinda love them 😅
I can’t decide on their name though, I’m stuck between
Tanzan Quartz and Spirit Quartz mostly
Open to suggestions though?

I went with Spirit Quartz but feel free to think of them as your own choice!

Gilbert Blythe checking Anne Shirley out

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