i love these lovable dorks

i’m so happy hayley atwell exists

Imagine walking by Got7 and they do this. (Internally screams and faints)

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give me cute, domestic rusame

give me ivan writing cute little notes with hearts on them and putting them in alfreds lunches

give me ivan carrying a sleeping alfred to bed became he doesnt want to wake him up

give me alfred sneaking up behind ivan while hes trying to cook and hugging him, covering his cheek and neck with kisses

give me ivan and alfred going shopping together

give me ivan and alfred getting kicked out of the store that they were shopping at for playing around with the items and being too rowdy

give me cute, domestic rusame

Imagine Being Part of The Flash Family

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“Oh my god, why us?” you whispered to Wally as Bart appeared, food in his mouth as he skidded to a stop.

“At least it wasn’t as bad as that time Barry got his costume caught in his ring,” he pointed out.

“Or the time you showed up for a debrief in beachwear,” you giggled.

“Or the time YOU ended up ditching your date because of ‘track practice’ and you did a whole fight while tripping over your prom dress,” he nudged you.

“SHUT UP!” you shoved him. Jay frowned between the two of you, and you quickly tried to get Wally to calm down by means of a sharp elbow to the side.

“Ow! Quit doing that!”

“Quit being a loser!”

“You’re the loser, loser!”

“You wanna race me on that, Beach Boy?”

“Any day of the week, Miss Congeniality!”

“Three, two…GO!!!”

Barry and Jay just stared as you and Wally took off across the cave.

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Imagine skyping the boys and Jimin and Suga flirting with you which made Jin jealous

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