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I’m a little late but… HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY MIRACULOUS LADYBUG! I can’t believe it’s already been two years since we were first introduced to these lovable dorks and their story. I love contributing to this fandom and making you guys laugh despite all the ups and downs. Thank you Thomas Astruc and everyone who worked on making this series. Can’t wait for the future seasons to come!

May my sunshine man Minato brighten your day just as much as he brightened mine! <3 

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Aka when I’m feeling depressed, I’m drawing skater boys. The goal is to turn all of them into skaters probably. So who’s next?

Madara & Tobirama skater boys

give me cute, domestic rusame

give me ivan writing cute little notes with hearts on them and putting them in alfreds lunches

give me ivan carrying a sleeping alfred to bed became he doesnt want to wake him up

give me alfred sneaking up behind ivan while hes trying to cook and hugging him, covering his cheek and neck with kisses

give me ivan and alfred going shopping together

give me ivan and alfred getting kicked out of the store that they were shopping at for playing around with the items and being too rowdy

give me cute, domestic rusame

taehyung-the-baehyung  asked:

changkyun (monsta x) - "our flats are opposite each other..."; only if you have time, love! good luck i can't wait to read it :)

3:06 AM.
Sent from: Kihyun
What are you still doing up?? Turn off your lights and go to sleep!!!

The notification flashes across your computer screen with a barely audible ping, but it’s enough to momentarily distract you from the paragraph you’ve been editing. Suppressing a yawn, you scan the contents of the threadbare message and roll your eyes as best as your heavy eyelids will allow. Go to sleep? That’s a bit on the rich side, coming from a guy who stays up every night of the week to indulge in his anime marathon sessions.

Ping. Another message from Kihyun, this time accompanied by a slew of emoticons that make you think the man has entirely too much fun abusing the instant messaging system.

3:07 AM.
Sent from: Kihyun
I’m serious, I’ll go over there and tuck you in bed myself if I have to

You send him a poop emoji in return before closing the chat window. Behind his exaggerated nagging and endless stream of messages he means well, you’re well aware of that. But what you’re also aware of is the fact that three in the morning is perhaps (or at least, in your opinion) the best time to write and breathe to life all of those untold stories waiting to blossom in your chest. Your literary creations, your life’s most gorgeous accomplishments (“you mean your porn fics?” Kihyun had snorted when you’d tried explaining this to him), they simply glowed with a magic that only 3 AM could bestow upon them.

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Young Love (Kurt Wagner X Fem!Reader)

Character: Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Xmen

Warnings: None


Request: Can you write something with Kurt Wagner (night crawler) x reader? They’re in the school together. She’s very popular and pretty she falls for him. But some other students say she can do better and she should leave the freak. She defends him and starts lots of pda cause she loves him so much and doesn’t care what other people think

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They say that your mutations reflect you in some way or other. Your mutation was seen as beautiful and eye catching, like you. You had the ability to control light. This meant you could adjust the light around your hair and skin to give it a glow and to make your hair appear a different colour. You could blind someone and create rainbows. It was pretty awesome.

Not only did you have an impressive power, but you were also known as one of the most popular girls in the school, but despite this, you were known to be very kind.

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Imagine Being Part of The Flash Family

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“Oh my god, why us?” you whispered to Wally as Bart appeared, food in his mouth as he skidded to a stop.

“At least it wasn’t as bad as that time Barry got his costume caught in his ring,” he pointed out.

“Or the time you showed up for a debrief in beachwear,” you giggled.

“Or the time YOU ended up ditching your date because of ‘track practice’ and you did a whole fight while tripping over your prom dress,” he nudged you.

“SHUT UP!” you shoved him. Jay frowned between the two of you, and you quickly tried to get Wally to calm down by means of a sharp elbow to the side.

“Ow! Quit doing that!”

“Quit being a loser!”

“You’re the loser, loser!”

“You wanna race me on that, Beach Boy?”

“Any day of the week, Miss Congeniality!”

“Three, two…GO!!!”

Barry and Jay just stared as you and Wally took off across the cave.

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I love you all so much.

Mystery to everyone

Requested: Yes by the lovely @dramioneronandharry

2,112,118 with Remus x reader?

Warnings: Hurt Remus. 

Pairing: Remus Lupin X Reader


Prompt 2- “Not you again.”

Prompt 112- “Why are you bleeding?”

Prompt 118- “Are you mad at me?”

Authors Note: Thanks for your request! Hope you like it! Not edited.

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Remus Lupin was a mystery. 

He seemed to vanish once a month and was withdrawn for a long while after he got back. He would show up to classes with more light pink scars than he had the week before. The amount only seemed to grow along with your suspicion. It took you a while to connect the dots but eventually you did. 

Remus Lupin was a mystery to everyone but you. 

It was a particularly cold night, the sun had gone down hours ago and the now black starless sky, held a glowing full moon. The winter breeze swept through the air and picked up leaves as it did so sending a haunting chill down your spine. 

It was late and you were freezing but you stayed glued to your spot on the rolling green grass hills. You promised you would wait for him even if at the time he didn’t understand what you meant, he will soon. 

Hours passed and soon the moon was gone and the bright sun was rising again bringing in the new day with it.

 That’s when you saw him in the shadow of the yellow sun. 

His light brown hair was pushed up in all different directions, his shirt was torn and barley holding together, and once again he had new scars. He looked exhausted and broken. 

Pushing up from your spot on the green grass you took strides towards him, pulling him into a tight hug. You arms wrapped around him and you buried you head in his chest, careful of his new found cuts and scars.

 He responded hesitantly, his tired arms raised and wrapped around your waist while he rested his chin on your head. 

“(y/n)? Have you been out here all night?”

“I told you I would wait for you.”

You pulled back from him and searched his eyes for emotion. You saw hurt, fear, and hidden behind the horror you saw love. You ran your hand up his arm to provide comfort but you came in contact with a warm, wet spot. Pulling your hand away you saw the shade of crimson drip off your hand. 

“Why are you bleeding?”

You knew why. You knew how he got his scars and why he dissapered but you wanted him to tell you, but instead he just shook his head and looked down.

“Remus. Tell me please.”

“It’s nothing (y/n).”

He started to walk away and back towards the school. 

“I know.”

The two words seemed to stop his tracks and he turned to look at you.

“I know about you Remus.”


“You disappear once every month on nights that just happen to be full moons, you come back with knew scars and a haunting, tired look in your eyes. Plus your friends call you Moony.”

He sat on the grass hill and put his hands over his face. Approaching him you sat next to him and took his hand in yours.

“I’m a monster (y/n).”

You let out a sigh and gripped his hand tighter.

“No you are not Remus.”

“I am! You need to stay away from me. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Not you again.”

You mumbled out the words and caused him to lift his head looking directly into your eyes.


“I don’t like this Remus. He’s always so worried of hurting people he’d rather push them out. Where is the Remus I love? The intelligent, semi sarcastic, lovable dork who folds his socks?”

That caused the corners of his lips to turn up, a small smile breaking out on his face. 

“This Remus has Pistanthrophobia.”

Remus raised his brow at you with a smile.

“You know the fear of trusting someone.”

Remus chuckled lightly and pulled you into his side placing a small kiss on your hair line. You sighed contently and closed your eyes.



“Are you mad at me?”

You pulled away from him once again to look in his eyes. Pacing both hands on his face, you smiled softly.

“Of course not. Remus I could never be mad at you for this. I understand why you didn’t tell me. But you need to know I would never judge you for this and I would never leave you.”

He pet your hair softly with one of his hands.

“You could walk away now, I wouldn’t judge you.”

“Remus Lupin. I’m never going to walk away from you.”

Remus smiled at you and placed a soft kiss on your lips. 

“I love you (y/n).”

“And I love you Remus.”

With a smile Remus stood taking your hand and pulling you up with him. 

“Let’s go get some sleep.”

With a nod and another small smile you two walked hand in hand to his dorm before falling asleep in each others arms.

He was a mystery to everyone but you.

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