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Imagine Being Part of The Flash Family

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“Oh my god, why us?” you whispered to Wally as Bart appeared, food in his mouth as he skidded to a stop.

“At least it wasn’t as bad as that time Barry got his costume caught in his ring,” he pointed out.

“Or the time you showed up for a debrief in beachwear,” you giggled.

“Or the time YOU ended up ditching your date because of ‘track practice’ and you did a whole fight while tripping over your prom dress,” he nudged you.

“SHUT UP!” you shoved him. Jay frowned between the two of you, and you quickly tried to get Wally to calm down by means of a sharp elbow to the side.

“Ow! Quit doing that!”

“Quit being a loser!”

“You’re the loser, loser!”

“You wanna race me on that, Beach Boy?”

“Any day of the week, Miss Congeniality!”

“Three, two…GO!!!”

Barry and Jay just stared as you and Wally took off across the cave.

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give me cute, domestic rusame

give me ivan writing cute little notes with hearts on them and putting them in alfreds lunches

give me ivan carrying a sleeping alfred to bed became he doesnt want to wake him up

give me alfred sneaking up behind ivan while hes trying to cook and hugging him, covering his cheek and neck with kisses

give me ivan and alfred going shopping together

give me ivan and alfred getting kicked out of the store that they were shopping at for playing around with the items and being too rowdy

give me cute, domestic rusame

Imagine skyping the boys and Jimin and Suga flirting with you which made Jin jealous

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Good luck with your new blog :D May I please have a scenario where Haise is planning on proposing to his s/o, but then he overhears his coworkers talking about how they're concerned for s/o's safety because Haise is a ghoul?

Thank you! And gosh I love Haise, he’s such a lovable dork. I don’t know if you wanted what happened after with his s/o so I added that in anyways. :)  

There were times that Haise Sasaki really despised having enhanced senses. When he walked past the bathroom and someone was clearly, ah, dropping a log, for one, or when someone drops something heavy near him and he jumps three feet in the air because it sounded like a gunshot to him.

But this, this, tops all of his previous misfortunes concerning his enhanced senses. He was already sitting in his office so there was nowhere for him to run to, and their voices were loud and clear from down the hall as they voiced their opinions about Haise and his s/o’s relationship.

“He could hurt them, you know? Imagine if he succumbs to his hunger and they’re the only one near. He could kill them so easily, and his s/o would probably let him, they’re too…. soft.”

The other man agreed, “They don’t deserve that.”

Haise’s hand gripped the small box in his pocket tightly. They certainly have good timing, he thought sarcastically. It was only this morning before work that he had went out and bought the ring. He spent nearly an hour looking for the perfect ring, and he had eventually decided upon an emerald cut ring with a pink diamond. 

He had talked himself into finally asking them to marry him tonight, and then… this.

“He’s dangerous, I just don’t know what they’re thinking staying with him.”

Maybe I am dangerous… Maybe they really aren’t safe with me… Maybe this was a mistake…

He laughed quietly to himself letting his head fall down against his desk, and he still had to get through the rest of the day.

Haise got home fairly late that night, he was barely able to finish all of the paperwork. He made his way to his room, the dark halls of the Chateau kind of creeping him out. The Quinx must be asleep, he decided as he passed by their rooms and they were all silent.

He walked into his room and blinked when he saw his s/o sitting crosslegged on his bed reading one of his books. They paused and looked up, smiling when they saw Haise, “Ah, there you are. I’ve been waiting forever.” they complained with a grin, “Come on.”

His s/o noticed his hesitance immediately and narrowed their eyes, but decided not to comment on it. Yet.

Haise sat on the bed next to his s/o and grinned, “So, how was your day~?” he sang, nuzzling his head into their shoulder. He had noticed that his s/o recognized something was wrong so he quickly diverted their attention.

Unfortunately for Haise, his s/o knew him far too well, “Pretty well.” they said with a sigh, “I’ve got a ton of work cut out for me though. Anyways, what about you?”

Haise grinned, “I finished all of my work in the office.” he bragged.

“Lucky you.”

“Come here.” he said, holding out his arms, and his s/o climbed into his lap, laying back against his chest and holding one of his hands. He rested his head against their shoulder and smiled, wrapping his other arm around their waist.

They stayed like this for a while and those dark thoughts came rushing back to Haise.

How do they even trust me? How are they laying so carelessly on me when… When I’m nothing but a monster…

What if… what if they’re not safe with me?

“Not safe with you?” his s/o actually laughed, “Haise, you’re the only one I feel safe with.”

Haise looked up, eyes wide, though his s/o couldn’t tell. He chuckled ruefully and rubbed the back of his neck, “Uh, did I say that out loud?” he smiled nervously.

“Yes.” His s/o rolled their eyes, “Where did you even come up with this? You weren’t like this yesterday, ever since you got here you’ve been acting weird.”

“… Nothing.” he forced a smile, “It’s fine.”

His s/o saw right through his fake smile. They shut their eyes briefly, “You’re lying to me, Haise. What’s going on?” they said as they spun around so they were facing Haise in his lap and their legs were on either side of his waist. They put a hand on his cheek, forcing him to look at them. They smiled, “Come on, talk to me.”

“It was just some guys at work saying some things.” Haise explained briefly, “Don’t worry about it, s/o.” He smiled at them again.

It didn’t take long for his s/o to put two and two together and realize what happened earlier. “Haise…” they trailed off.

“Honestly, its okay. Lets just be happy together, alright?”

For a moment, it looked as if his s/o was about to pursue the subject, but instead leaned forward quickly and pressed their lips against his. Haise smiled against their mouth and wrapped his arms around their waist. They pulled back far too soon, resting their forehead against his, “Haise, I love you. I love you so, so much that words can’t even describe it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, okay? I want to be with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a ghoul, nothing matters as long as we’re together, as cliche as it sounds.”

“I like cliche.” Haise murmured.

“Trust me, I know.” his s/o responded bluntly.

“I feel like you’re saying that as if it isn’t a good thing.” Haise laughed, a real smile gracing his face as his s/o laughed.

He didn’t know where the spur of confidence came from, maybe it was his s/o’s words or maybe he was just over tired, but the words flew from his mouth before he could stop them. “Can I make this situation a little more cliche?” he asked them.

“Depends on how.” his s/o teased.

“Marry me.”

His s/o’s eyes doubled in size, “Wh-what?” they stuttered.

“Marry me.” he repeated.

“Are you being serious, Haise?”

“The Sasarious is always serious.” he deadpanned, before pulling the small box out of his pocket and opening it, “Does this answer your question?”

His s/o’s hands flew to their mouth and their eyes seemed to glisten. “Yes.” they breathed out, knocking him back on the bed as they lunged forward, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. Haise laughed, slightly relieved and beyond happy. His s/o cried into his shoulder, “Yes, I’ll marry you, Haise.”

The Quinx are definitely outside the door listening.


I love you all so much.

Imagine walking by Got7 and they do this. (Internally screams and faints)

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i’m so happy hayley atwell exists

sooo why do people hate jaune from rwby

i relate to him so much unfortunately, he’s clumsy loser trash nobody seems to like

but i don’t understand WHY people hate him? he’s inspiring and relatable. he tries hard, he tries his best, is friendly, and is a lovable dork.

i expected everyone to love jaune, but it seems nobody does…


Sourin Week
Day 7: Special Occasions | Let’s do this again next year! (*¯ ³¯*)♡

Rin cried in all the movies they watched that day.

Who says Sosuke is the only one who can’t say no to Rin? Rin can’t say no to Sosuke either! <3 Which leads to silly fights. They are such dorks–lovable, silly dorks! Ah~ how I love ‘em…  ( ◡‿◡ ♡)

ONE MORE!! Must finish thy mission! ヽ(゚〇゚)ノ

More Days: 123456


Cookie Tease

(Inspired by the cookie box scene in “burlesque”. And I just love writing Will being a lovable dork.)

“Hey Nico, want a cookie?”

“Put some pants on, Solace.”

“Oh come on! These are your favorite…..”

“Wiggling your hips isn’t gonna get you anywhere.”

“But wiggling my hips makes the cookies in the box shake and I know you can’t resist that sound.”

“Well, I’m resisting.”

“Pretty please?”

“Stop pouting. Fine, I’ll take a cookie.”

“Come and get it then, lover!”

“Dammit, Will, get back here with my cookies!”