i love these little bff moments

Spock is sooo drama-queen. I mean, in The Naked Time, he’s all “Bwaaaa, my poor mom, living in Vulcan, without love!!!” And later we meet Amanda and she smiles and she’s so in love with her dorky husband, who’s clearly in love with her too.

And he’s also “omg, Jim, you totally don’t understand, I feel SHAME when I feel friendship for you, must this torture never end?!”. But then in Amok Time he says “btw, Jim, according to vulcan tradition I can bring my BFF to my vulcan wedding”, a tradition that wouldn’t exist if Vulcans weren’t supposed to have friends. 

And then we have all the moments of:

SPOCK: Life is precious, Jim. we must respect all living beings.

JIM: Look at this little insect, Spock, it looks like a cute ant.


And this:

Like, calm down, precious baby.

(Gif by spacekirk)


Tomorrow I will do two years of friendship with @mewzet

Thank you ,thank you for everything! You are an awesome friend! You are here always for me , You help me when I need . You make me happy when I’m sad; w;

And.. I’m so sorry for all moments when I upsed you ;w; …!

I never want to lose you..

Thank you again ,you’re an awesome friend and I love you si much!!!

Art by me
Characters belongs to me and @mewzet

I have just realized that there are only four issues that are usually used to summarize Tim and Kon’s Friendship. Batman-Superman #26 (Tim’s eulogy at Kon’s funeral), Teen Titans #37 (cloning Conner, though it started in 34), Adventure Comics #3 which I’ve talked about in length myself (the “I know you and support you” issue) and Red Robin #9 (the hug and gazing at each other’s eyes issues). But besides AC#3 they’re all mostly about Tim, so how about I give you one good “summary” issue of their relationship but for Conner.

Superboy v4 (2011) #7.
In this issue Conner helps Psionic Lad who intercepted a space ship calling for help. Basically Conner ends up being a victim to the lifeform found on the ship which makes him see his worst fear play out as if he was in a virtual reality game. In his case, he “travelled to the future” only to find that he really is Lex’s boy and he ended up destroying the JLA and most of the other heroes only leaving “C-list” ones.

Basically this nightmare could have taken him at any point of this ‘future’ but he ended up in a destroyed Smallville with one of his civilian friends (his cousin, no matter how they try to pass it since she is Lex Luthor’s niece : Lori) being deadly afraid of him (for good reasons, as I said, Conner has killed pretty much every one and everything he loves). Which is when we get this :

Here we see that Conner truly believes that Tim can turn any one into worthy heroes, that’s his level of faith in the guy. He also believes that if anyone can survive him, it’s Tim because he’d have the knowledge (as his bff) and the intelligence to deal with Superboy but also because obviously it didn’t happen all at once which means that the little ‘good’ part that was left in him is what kept Tim from being a direct victim…. at first.
Mostly, as I said, this nightmare could have taken him at any point in time during his killing spree :

He could have found himself at the moment he killed Cassie (while I don’t like the ship and think they were mostly crushes and not actually in love -which is another story- they still cared a great deal about each other and at this point either were together or had just broken up). But he didn’t.

Because his worst fear is the moment he gave up enough good that he tried to kill Tim, that Tim Gave Up on Him. Tim doesn’t give up on Kon. He’s the one person whom Conner trust to keep him from going too far, to stay by his side. But here ? Tim gave up to the point that he doesn’t hesitate to get Conner killed. Tim ! the one person who couldn’t stand Conner’s death.
It also shows how well he understand Tim, again. That he knows Tim can get to the point where he’ll have someone killed if they go too far, as we see in Red Robin #26 which was released 4 months after this issue, but in RR he’s still at the point where he gives himself excuses, where it’s insidious. Here Conner drove Tim to the point where he asks for Conner to be killed without a second thought, without an excuse, directly. Well he still asks for someone else to do it which supposes that maybe Tim can’t bring himself to do it.

And Tim gets killed because of him. Because of his plan.This is Conner’s worst fear. Not just killing everyone he loves. Being responsible for Tim’s death, for Tim’s descent into “coldness” (here’s the guilt for dying on his friends yay), for taking away everyone Tim loved. 

Despite being about Conner’s general fear of his Luthor genes taking over :

[BTW this is Simon, Conner’s best (and pretty much only aside from Lori) civilian friend who apparently goes on to become Conner’s greatest friend and greatest enemy according to the Legion (which I will only accept if this is because his friendship with Tim can’t be put into this simple of a category). He’s pretty much a boy genius. Apparently he’s been helping Conner wipe out everyone.]
So as I was saying, Despite it being about Conner’s general fear of turning into a Luthor, it focused heavily on Tim, on how this change would affect Tim, on how Tim is used to represent the effect on the hero community and the world in general.

Bonus point of this issue : when Psionic Lad tried to reach Kon through his “dream”, his voice took Ma Kent’s form instead of Superman, making Ma Kent the Anti Lex Luthor in Kon’s eyes.


Rogue: Sorry you nearly died because I made the mistake of not watching you like a fucking hawk.


I’m paraphrasing, BUT ALSO NOT REALLY.

Which is great and all, but because Evo Rogue and Kitty BFFs is like MY FUCKING JAM, I have GOT to spend a few thousand minutes flailing about a tiny little moment in this exchange.

Okay first there’s how FUCKING LOVING Kitty is looking at Rogue right now. Her hand on Rogue’s arm, the head tilt. Rogue’s apologizing for her part in Kitty NEARLY GETTING VERY DEAD, for no reason other than Rogue is a full-time action junkie and part-time asshole. But Kitty, too, is like “We both know I am the agent of my own destruction, this isn’t all on you.”

And it’s hard to really illustrate long-term context of this exchange for you guys since I’ve only liveblogged a couple of Evo episodes and this is functionally THE LAST FUCKING ONE. But Kitty and Rogue start out the show so unbelievably contentious, to where Rogue LOOKS at Kitty and Kitty’s all “SHE’S STILL A BAD GUY SHE’S GOING TO KILL US ALL IN OUR SLEEP PS: THIS IS A LITERAL MANSION WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE TO HAVE A ROOMMATE AT ALL LET ALONE THE ACTUAL EMBODIMENT OF EVIL". To this, where Rogue, however accidentally, really COULD have gotten Kitty hurt, and Kitty’s just “I know this and I love you.”

So please know that I am the biggest fucking friendship trash for that head tilt. But it’s the arm touch. THE FUCKING ARM TOUCH YOU GUYS HOLY FUCKING SHIT

Again, this lacks a certain context within the show itself, but it’s also pretty much true for Rogue always at all times whenever (possible relatively recent comics canon aside). One of the Rogue’s greatest tragedies is her isolation, how her powers prevent her from even the simplest, most basic of human contact. She’s never been hugged without needing twelve layers of clothing protection and worrying about where her head’s going to go and never ever ever being able to fully relax into it just in case her cheek touches the other person’s skin and she’s sucked them dry. She’s never felt a pair of lips touch her forehead in a moment of affection. She’s never just smacked a friend’s leg after a shitty joke without stopping to double check that they’re wearing pants and she’s wearing gloves. Just think of any time you’ve touched another person, think about how much those little touches increase the closer you are to them, the more affection you feel for them. How those moments communicate those feelings. Now consider how there is literally no such thing to Rogue as a casual physical contact. IT DOES NOT EXIST FOR HER. She and everyone around her are perpetually aware of how to touch her is to risk yourself. Everything you are, everything you ever were, every thought you’ve ever had, every feeling you’ve ever felt. And that’s AT MINIMUM. Depending on your canon (or where you are in that canon), it could even cost you your life.

That’s something I’ve always enjoyed about Evo Rogue in terms of her clothing. Each character has two “default” outfits, this one being Rogue’s second. And for her, it’s really quite daring, with the big scoop top leaving her neck and shoulders exposed. It fits Rogue in Evo, who channels her pain and isolation a little more to the aggressive side. Her exposed skin is a warning: “TOUCH ME, I DARE YOU” (which of course means emotionally as much as physically, BUT THAT’S A WHOLE DIFFERENT RABBIT HOLE).

But you guys: THAT’S WHAT KITTY DOES. And she does it without thinking. She reaches out, physically connecting with Rogue, the most casual, reaffirming touch, that she’s not mad, that there are no hard feelings. I’d have to have rewatched the series far more recently than I have, but I THINK this is the first time Kitty’s ever touched Rogue in this kind of way, and that it comes here, at the end of the series, hits me SO HARD. It wasn’t necessary to the scene, it’s that little bit extra, that makes me so certain the creators had so much more they wanted to explore in Rogue and Kitty’s friendship, if only they’d had the time.


I love how in the manga, Naru actually gets a little flustered here and shares a very sweet BFF moment with Mai and looks at her like, ‘Ugh NOW look what mess you’ve gotten me into!!’ In the anime, Naru was a bit more composed and seemed a tad dismissive of Lin’s outbursts, but here you can see he is actually a bit apprehensive of him. I like this version better.

And then the threatening, “Mai… I’ll remember this,” that he says to her. Lolol. I love these two.

Honest Thoughts from an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon, Cancer Rising (Aries Dom)

Aries - generally do NOT get along with me. Typically I find them tough competition for whatever we are trying to “win” so I just don’t associate with them in order to make myself seem better (ha). I’ve met a couple Aries GIRLS whom I can get along now with but they usually had soft moon signs (cancer, Taurus) as well.
The Aries I come across never like me either.

Taurus - I appreciate your slow thinking methods but I absolutely HATE it at the same time. Like can we speed things up here?? God help me if I find one of these people attractive, literally romance with them would never happen in this decade due to a delay in emotional response. Otherwise, these people typically entertain me quite well and listen to my rants, the ones I know are very generous and buy me/cook me food ALL. THE. TIME. so I keep them around. :,)

Gemini - YOU folks keep up with me so well that it’s scary. I tend to think of myself as fast paced and unpredictable but you guys are SOMEHOW always one step ahead. I like that, it’s so refreshing. Gemini’s have never been two faced to me, so I personally don’t know how that’s a thing. Very intellectual people. My favorite sign to smoke weed with. :-)

Cancer - AS a cancer ascendant myself, I can honestly say that…. Y'all care too much. Get over your emotions and get out of your comfort zone. Thankfully cancer is in my 12th house so this part of me only ever really comes out when I’m drunk (which is actually pretty helpful imo) but like…come on. Other than this, cancers share a special type of humor with me. They all know how to make me laugh so hard I cry. When you guys get angry it terrifies me.

Leo - I. LOVE. LEO. BITCHES. THIS sign is my number one hoe. Both of my best friends are Leo’s. We just go SO WELL. Y'all are the only ones that will do crazy shit with me without a second thought!!! But also you guys keep me sane cause you’re a lot more logical than I. Always have solutions to my problems. Always got everyone’s back. Such cute social butterflies I love it :,) all Leo’s are my bffs!!!

Virgo - you guys……. You guys just. Need to relax. Not everything has to be PLANNED and BLUEPRINTED okay??? but I CAN relate a little cause Im Virgo Mars so Heaven help me if I’m ever in a group project with one of you Virgo bitches…. 👀 I love roasting people with you guys though. You are always the first to have all the tea and you wait until just the right moment to spill it, I’m so envious. Would never piss you off.

there’s more to life than Netflix I SWEAR and it’s like, GOOD ??? To go outdoors?? Or like, experience life??? Every once in a while??
Other than that all my libra bitches pretty as hell, amen. Can Charm my pants off any day. A little too romantic for my taste, like, cut the shit lets just get to the point already. Clingy. But also got your back no matter what.

Scorpio - I…don’t…particularly like you people. You’re too intense and every Scorpio I’ve met gives off this energy of “get this done for me NOW or you die” and it makes me really nervous. I feel like none of you want friends unless it’s beneficial to you. Other than that you’re very hard working and clever and I admire that about you #jealous

Sagittarius - my second favorite bitches. Love talking shit with these people but… I can never be intellectually deep with y'all. Kind of superficial. Either way you are good for entertainment purposes. All seeking adventure and I like that shit!!!! So cool hiking buddies yes ah very nice. Very generous people. So gorgeous. Rlly weird obsessions tho….

Capricorn - CHILL the fuck out and SIT the hell down caps. You can’t control everyone. You can’t manipulate them when you don’t get your way. (I am very biased here I’m sorry)…. But stop doing life so hard. I mean I guess it will pay off in the long run??? But just have fun right now ??? Y'all are pretty fun when you open up and let your guard down.

Aquarius - I don’t know many aquas but the ones I do are…. So emotional lol. Too much for me. You guys…. PLEASE get therapy if you think you need it like. Seriously don’t bottle all those emotions in that giant brain of yours. Rlly good taste in music. Super nerdy about stuff and it’s so cute aw aw aw!!!!

Pisces - get out of your own head. You all seem to think the world is against you when rlly y'all the ones I personally wanna see succeed most cause you have so much POTENTIAL like ???? How. Too emotional for me, you guys get #triggered so fast omg. Ummmmm very helpful. Sweet lil angels until you piss them off then they’ll do some mad shit talking.

i almost forgot about the little Sashea moment last night!

Sasha talked how she expected all of us to see her “bff” Shea when she comes because she is amazing and she said she’d love to come , but she will be in spirit. It was the cutest thing

One Year: Carnation Books Staff Q&A- Lee, CEO

What do you do for Carnation? 

I like to describe myself as the Captain of this Starship, but I guess you can technically also call me the CEO (that’s my legal title). I was fortunate enough to be in the right time and place and have the resources to bring Carnation Books to life, but it’s been a tremendous group effort as well, bringing a company up from zero with no outside investment. We’re 100% fandom-powered, and everyone who’s involved with us is also involved in fandom in some respect. As the Captain, I guess I steer the ship, but there are a lot of great people who actually make it go. 

What’s your main fandom? 

BBC Sherlock was the unquestionable impetus for Carnation’s creation. It was the catalyst for me getting back into fandom after a long axe battle with depression over the better part of a decade. I first got into Sherlock when I was stranded and terribly bored on the worst vacation ever, and I was in the mood to read something completely new. “I do love murder mysteries,” I said to myself, “and I’ve never read Sherlock Holmes. And that Benedict Cumberbatch fellow is very handsome, isn’t he? He was so good as Khan in Star Trek, and isn’t he Sherlock on television? And Martin Freeman is a cutie, too, and he’s Watson… Well, I wouldn’t mind imagining Holmes solving some mysteries together with his BFF Watson!”

Ohoho, little did I know how much my life would change, from the first moment that Sherlock “gripped” John’s hand at the beginning of in “A Study in Scarlet.” This was in early 2015, I think? It was well after Season 3 had ended, and just before the special episode “The Abominable Bride” was announced. Since then, the BBC Sherlock fandom (and specifically Johnlock) has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined. And when people ask me this question about my main fandom, my instinct is to say Sherlock.

But, to answer the actual question, uh, my fandoms and ships are:

-BBC Sherlock (John/Sherlock and Greg/Mycroft)

-Star Wars (Kylo Ren/General Hux and Matt the Radar Technician/Clan Techie (the “crack ship” that blindsided me with feelings so strong I cried literal tears))

-Harry Potter (Draco/Harry and Remus/Sirius)

-Star Trek (Reboot Kirk/Spock and some miscellaneous pairings; I share this fandom with my husband!)

-Cabin Pressure (Douglas/Martin and Arthur/Martin, I love them both)

-Hannibal (Hannibal/Will, aka The Only Ship)-Marvel (Steve/Bucky)

-Tolkien (Sam/Frodo and Thorin/Bilbo)

-Kingsman (Harry/Eggsy)

Also, my main hobby outside of western media fandom is video games, which is kind of a fandom in itself, in addition to fandoms for individual games that spin off great fanfiction and fanart. I’m also in the Game Grumps fandom, which, as a comedy Let’s Play channel, is kinda peripheral to video games.

What’s your OTP?

I have three answers to this question:

1) My first OTP (before the phrase “OTP” came into frequent usage) was Mulder/Scully from “The X-Files.” I had a yellow accordion folder full of G-rated fics that I carried everywhere with me for the entire summer of 1997, including on three vacations. (My parents were pretty tolerant of their quirky kid.) I read a handful of slash fics (mostly Mulder/Skinner) but I definitely didn’t ship Mulder with anyone but Scully. I mean, they’re totally canon.

2) My OTP for my whole adolesence was Sirius/Remus from Harry Potter. From 7th grade on, I was well obsessed with Harry Potter, and after the third book came out, I read and re-read it, and carried it everywhere with me. It was my first slash pairing where I really saw the romance, and really believed that the characters were meant to be together (and, in the case of Sirius/Remus, had already been together in the past). I read hundreds of Remus/Sirius fics during high school–definitely a formative time in my personal and fandom development. (And really, aren’t they the same thing?)

3) The OTP that changed my life, John/Sherlock. What can I say about these two that haven’t been said by people much cleverer and more passionate than me? All I can add here is that I’ll love the two of them forever, no matter what.

What are your favorite tropes? 

FAKE RELATIONSHIP! I’ve been on that fake relationship drug since Mulder and Scully had to pretend to be married to solve cases. It’s just as good when John and Sherlock have to do it. I love all the attendant tropes, too, like bed-sharing, awkward PDA, mutual pining, and that kiss that starts out awkward but blossoms into the real thing and leaves both characters breathless. You know, the usual.
I don’t know if this counts as a trope, but I only read fics with happy endings. You can have as much angst as you please, but as long as no good guys die and the pairing ends up happily living together and in love, then it’s good enough for me. I love some good old-fashioned hurt/comfort, but “Happy endings only” is kind of my personal motto. 

Most fic read in one sitting? 

My longest total fic binge would probably be that one holiday where I did nothing over a 4 day weekend aside from reading the complete masterpiece “Children, Wake Up” by Holly Hark, @hollyhark aka hollycomb on AO3 (https://archiveofourown.org/series/386986). It was absolutely glorious.

What are you reading right now? 

Right now my imagination is totally taken with the Johnlock surfer AU “Gimme Shelter,” by @sincewhendoyoucallme-john (https://archiveofourown.org/works/11578941/chapters/26020017). It’s a total breath of fresh summer air. I don’t usually read WIPs, but this one’s like a vacation to the beach. A sandy, salty Pacific ocean beach in the 1970s. Listen, just read it.

I’m also slowly making my way through the back catalogue of @berlynn-wohl​ (http://archiveofourown.org/users/berlynn_wohl/), but I’ve been at it almost a year, and my progress is frankly a bit embarassing.

What are you working on for Carnation right now? 

*conspiratorial whisper* a lot of secrets! Keep watching our blog for a ton of awesome book announcements coming so very soon!  

What would you like to tell people about Carnation Books? 

The number one thing I want people to know is that we’re doing everything we’re doing for the love of fandom. The company is 100% devoted to fandom and fanfiction writers. We’re doing this out of love for fandom, with the sole goal of uplifting and celebrating fanfiction writers.
People should also know that we are a startup, we’ve only been around for a year, we’re entirely bootstrapped with no outside funding, and we’re pretty much a ragtag gang of plucky outsider underdogs when it comes to publishing (although we’ve gotten professional assistance where it counts, like our great publishing specialist lawyer and our accountant). We’re just fans who are trying our best to support other fans, because we believe in the power of the fandom community. If you believe, too, then we want you to join us.

I also want anyone reading this to know that we fully believe that the world of books is big enough for everyone. We support other publishing companies, and we support writers who choose to publish elsewhere. We just wish everyone the best :)

I am incredibly lucky to have the circumstances that enable me to captain this starship, and I also understand the tremendous responsibility inherent in caring for other people’s creative endeavours. I wish I could personally thank every single person who’s ever said an encouraging word about us, or to us. I’ll have to just say it here–thank you so much for your support. We look forward to proving you right over the next 12 months.

Here’s to Carnation Books: Year Two!

We’re all really lucky, and really happy to be working with Lee on this amazing adventure. All of Carnation Books’ staff wishes Lee and this wonderful dream of theirs a very happy birthday. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings. <3

Letter to Tay Tay

@taylorswift My name is Bruna, Bruna Santos, I’m Brazilian, student, unemployed and I have cancer. I have two cats and two puppies (I love all the kittens and puppies of the world), I have a wonderful family that is formed by my father and my brother, I have incredible friends, not many, but they are the best. I am a person of few excesses, but the excesses that I have,  make my life better and more complete, they helped me to be a better person. My greatest excess is my ability to love, I love, and I love being able to love, I love having the opportunity to love. Loving makes us better and more interesting. Today I wanted to talk about one of my greatest loves, a love that does not know me, but was always one of the loves of my life, and my BFF. I was just a little girl when I heard Taylor’s songs, almost 11 years ago. My English teacher taught us her songs, it was incredible, I loved it. I remember when I first heard “Love Story” on the way to school with my father, I will never forget, I was there, by side the person I love most in life, and it was at that moment that I became a real Swiftie, and that I started to love Taylor Swift. I grew up a little, but I have the privilege to say that I had Taylor Swift always by my side, helping me through their songs. Taylor made me stronger, more brave, and more fearless. Taylor helped me through the hardest times of my life. She was with me when I lost my mother, the woman I loved the most in life, the person to I always sang “The Best Day”, was a difficult time, and I miss her every day, but I got over it , and believe it or not, I found strength in Taylor’s songs. Taylor was with me when I discovered that I had cancer, and in my head I could hear her say “Now, you have to wear the your best dress FEARLESS” and since then I try to wear that dress every day, I’m not alone, I know that she is with me, I know she’s dancing with me in this storm in her best dress fearless. It may seem crazy to you when I say that Taylor is my BFF, but don’t for me, true friends do that, they help to overcome difficult times, they are the comfort and word of comfort, they are the shoulder that welcomes us, and they are the light that guides us when our world is in the dark, that’s what Taylor is to me, that’s what Taylor did for me. She helps me every day in my battles, she helps me every day to defeat my dragons, and she helps me every day to illuminate my darkness, daily I fight a cancer, daily I fight against the longing I feel of my mother, and everyday Taylor is by my side through their songs. Taylor is been my BFF for 10 years, she is one of my greatest loves, she is my person, and I love her with all the love I have in my heart. Maybe I’ll never meet Taylor, and I said MAYBE, but I know I’ll always love her, and  she’ll always be a part of my life. @taylornation

Boruto Episode 17

So it has been a long time since I’ve done this. (I usually just rant and express my observations in episodes). Plus I only watched like the first 4 episodes of Boruto: Next Gen, ep15, and now this episode. So yeah, here are my thoughts about this ep. -Shino teaching the kids chakra control by walking on water. At least they’re teaching it in the Academy now. Lmao. -The Uchiha House. Damn, that’s a pretty big house for just two people living in it. I like it though. So minimalistic. And the Uchiha crests……..😍 Too bad it’ll be destroyed later. -Finally, Sakura has lines. -I hate denki. -“A dad would be nice” sad and funny at the same time. -Thank God they emphasized that Sakura is working too hard and just got a day off. -That note Sakura wrote. Soooo sweet. “I love you, Sarada. From Mom.” And it made our little princess smile. -Shizune appears!!! Yay!! -Fuck. They keep showing Denki. I hate him. -Looks like Sarada inherited Obito’s helping-old-people trait. Lmao -ChoSara friendship!!! Reminds me of SakuIno friendship. I love how Chocho helps her bff. -A mention of Chocho’s mom. Ooohhh. And we all know who it is. I am still waiting for how Karui and Choji got together. -I love the SakuIno moments. It’s so nostalgic, ya know. I love how Ino always helps Sakura unwind. It was so thoughtful of her. -OMFG!!! A mention of Sasusaku first date?!?!?! Bless you, Ino. I have so many headcanons now but the one hc that stand out is: While SS were on that bench, Naruto and Kakashi were lurking.lmao. then Sasuke noticed and told Sakura that they should leave. That’s why it was cut short. Then Naruto announced it to the whole world, that’s why Ino knew..lol . Japanese fans on Twitter are talking about this date!!! I’m so excited for the upcoming fanarts and fanfics about these. -Chocho cheering Sarada while she was walking on water. -Sarada’s first Shanaro! -denki again?!?! Fuck. -UCHIHA SASS!! Our little princess also inherited the famous Uchiha sass. Lmao. “Walking on water? That’s ridiculous. Why do we have boats, then?”, “It was hot so i took a swim. Is there a problem with that?” ROFL!!! My final thoughts: I like this episode. I love Sarada. This episode gave us different sides of her: sassy Sarada, prim and proper Sarada, dorky Sarada, independent Sarada, determined Sarada, responsible Sarada etc. This is why i like her character. She has a lot to be explored. Plus Kokoro Kikuchi did an amazing job voicing her. 👍 I think this is an average episode before we transition to Gaiden. I would’ve loved if there was another episode before Gaiden that’ll show that Sarada has underlying daddy issues nefore it becomes a big deal in Gaiden. We’ll just see…

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A REF FOR DAT BOI. I love this extra demon. 

Name: Crara
Age: Over 100 (looks about mid thirties)
Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Height: 5′ 6″ (with boots) 
Abilities: Can steal powers from those he touches
Relationships: Kingsley (Cousin) Indigo (cousin) Sven (BFF) 
Orientation: Pansexual 
Personality: Eccentric, bitter, loud, flashy, jaded, does what he needs to to survive
Bio: Crara is a demon who’s abilities allow him to steal other abilities. He’s also dabbled in magic and is a decent magic user, albeit a little reckless with it. He had a lover who he unfortunately left mute with his magic, and as such that person doesn’t want anything to do with him at the moment. Being related to Kingsley makes him probably just as flashy as his half brother, albeit a bit more toned down. For playing with magic, his soul is now represented in the flames on his horns, which also, depending on the color, show off his emotions. He lives in a cave in Hell but sometimes he’ll visit and stay with either Sven or Kingsley. (Or he goes to reaper HQ and tries to win back his ex-lover)

Today my BFF and her family took the toddler for a few hours so I could get a much needed haircut and catch up on crazy busy work.  She is an angel and a wonderful friend.  I went to pick him up and apparently he and his best buddy (their son) had put themselves to bed before 7.  

I went to pick him up and these two sweet little boys were snuggled into a double bed.  It was one of those moments I’m just going to carry with me as a reminder of how lovely parenting can be.

…She also sent me home with a plate of enchiladas pre-wrapped for my freezer.  I love her so much.

Let me point out my thoughts.

First if you are an SM stan for over 5years i bet you will understand me very well, I am an SM stan and i think the company management and work is super genuis BUT i see no one more evil than this same company.

Over the years from SM first boybands in a certain points things get for the band in a tight spot that makes everybody lose their mind, if we go back in history you will see every SM boy band get to massive troubles after every SUPER hit.
DBSK mirotic
Super Junior Sorry Sorry
As i said, if you an old fan you will understand my point.

Secondly why i started this Exo and Kai, oh no i mean Jongin, Kim Jongin.
SM loves building up otps, but they get on trouble later when the otp get too close “yunjae, hanchul” and in this point we have Kaisoo, Jongin is pretty close to Kyungsoo i am not a delulu but honestly you wont stare at your bro/bff for longer than 5s, and you wont get all smiley blushy or even sexually frustrated because of them, Kaisoo are a little bit closer than bro.
All the mess and trouble start exactly after the first statement of some “same-sex pair uncovering” then Kaisoo moment start lessen, and becomes distant or at least they put someone between them (victim Suho or lay), then out of the blue Kaistal was born i am not hating on them, but if they were already declared as a couple why dont they go out in public more? Why they shoots comes out only when the public ‘suspect’ something? Why they both dont look 'that’ pleased? Why Kyungsoo at the showcase seem like crying and Jongin seem so hurt and lost?

And honestly Jongin have gone through A LOT, from fans, sm, maybe band members like he is soo targeted i feel like he is a timing bomb that will blow soon.

I think Kaisoo have something, maybe Kaistal are close, and maybe Sehun was just testing and preparing the fans for something.
You can hit me with any question or remark or even criticize you all free


Unknown feelings

I was so excited today, I’d just realized that I was in love with my bestfriend, and I couldn’t hold it in. I was going to confess my feelings to him, and hoped he would feel the same way. I mean we already lived together and we have had our moments of romance. But lately he’s been a little distant, so I thought our BFF night out would do us some good and bring us back to how close we were together. I mean we cuddle when there are thunderstorms, mainly because I’m afraid but he’s always been there to calm me down and stays with me throughout the night.

Remembering this I can’t help the smile that’s on my face when suddenly my phone starts to vibrate. My heart rate picks up thinking that it’s from Jack, but I’m being mentioned in some Twitter post by a fan. Opening it up I see jack kissing Madison, this cheek he’d been hanging out with lately. He’d swore to me when I asked him that they were just friends and that I’d be the first to know if anything changed. I could feel my heart breaking as I went, texting Jack.

*after their text convo*

Quickly I rushed up to my room taking down all the picture frames and throwing them into the card board boxes I’d gotten from our neighbors. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I through my clothes into athletic bags and garbage sacks. My phone continued to vibrate but I didn’t pay it anymore attention. I knew that Jack worked about an hour and a half away. Theist text I read of his said he was coming home at three so I needed to be out of here by 2. I wiped at my tears as it became hard to see. I wanted to sit down and curl up in a ball, but I had to get this done first. I called Nate, begging him to come get me and to help me move out.

Should there be a part 2 tell me what you think

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Bamon meta: 7.21 [SPOILERS]

Ok, so now that I’ve rewatched the episode and gathered my thoughts, I’m ready to share. Brace thyself, this is kinda long. Slightly anti BJ and DE, but not really. Now, before I go into any specifics on Damon/Bonnie/Bamon scenes, I just want to point a few of general things I noticed in this episode.

1.Enzo calling Bonnie his girl multiple times, once in a scene right before Damon tells comatose Bonnie that he’s skeptical of the Bonenzo relationship (right before holding her hand I might add), and Damon later referring to Elena in a similar fashion in The Porch Scene. I think BE is cute and I’m not even going to deny the validity of DE, but scene placement and parallels call to question the nature of both relationships. Both are CANON ships, both have each half of BD in love with other people, but when it is framed like that, it suggests that neither was meant to last. Atm DE is done and dead, and now there is a hint that BE will soon be like that too. (Can’t say I’m too bummed, since I’m a Bonkai and Bamon shipper first and foremost, but it’s good to see Bonnie get some genuine RECIPROCAL loving - looking at you baby Gilbert.)

2. Speeches about respecting choices and doing horrible things for the people you love. This was talked about and paralleled EXTENSIVELY in relation to several relationships: Steroline, Stelena, Baroline, AND Bamon. (Notice only one of these relationships is 100% for sure platonic.) Damon makes his choice to be mean to Bonnie after his phone call with Stefan. Beforehand, he was nervous about going in with Bonnie because he was afraid that with her still so angry at him, he wouldn’t be enough to wake her up. Her oldest friendship couldn’t do it, her relationship with her boyfriend whom she really loves (and even though I think it’s a filler ship, she does genuinely love him and admitted the way he loves her - protectively, equally (unlike beremy, cough cough) - is something she’s always wanted. Which is heart breaking bc Damon, her undefined relation, loves her in the same way, more intensely) couldn’t do it, so how could he? Damon makes his decision to ignore Bonnie’s choice to die (AGAIN? Wtf?) once all that has been said. In regards to his ‘Stefan approach’ about respecting her choice, he says “I gotta be me” then he dived in to annoy her into wanting to live. At first I was upset about Damon doing this bc it took me back to the toxic, abusive aspects of DE, but then I realized: Damon isn’t making a choice FOR Bonnie he’s making his choice AGAINST one of hers. She wants to martyr herself, he wants her to live, and he’s going to do it BY BEING HIS ANNOYING ASS, DORKY, DICKWAD SELF. This is something beautiful bc in all his previous romantic relationships, Damon had to change who he was. Become more dark and selfish for Katherine, become less dark and selfish for Elena…neither of which were really him because he falls somewhere in between. With Bonnie, he’s himself and it’s enough.

3. Constant Elena mentions in SC/BD dialogue. This does several things: reminds us of Elena as an obstacle to romantic BD, reminds of Damon’s intense love for Elena and how he is basically letting it go to try and get Bonnie back to herself and living, and it brings up a catalyst to who Bonnie is and how the DB relationship started. Bonlena was never developed the way it should have been, but Bonnie and Elena are supposedly like sisters, and in all of season 7 we never got to see her truly mourn the girl. Like yes it’s been about 4 years, but Bonnie kinda latched on to Damon as her new bff and never really seemed to revisit any feelings that she will NEVER see her “sister” again. Caroline, as a vamp, doesn’t have this problem, so it’s weird. Damon uses Elena to remind Bonnie of the love she felt for her friend and in doing so, reminds viewers of how Bonnie and Damon first met and how their relationship has evolved since. It’s an important call back.

Important Bamon moments:

Since I literally just talked about Elena being a call back, I’m going to talk about that ending with Damon and Enzo and this little snippet from Damon to Bonnie:
“See the history that we have? Depth and feeling, I mean it’s almost like -”


BD literally have the single most complex and layered relationship on tvd. They’ve been enemies, allies, frenemies, best friends, and something that’s not officially NAMED lover status but in nature is, just w/o sex (for now 😏). They’ve been abusive, toxic and violent. They’ve overcome that to be healthy and reliant with inside jokes and friendly 'mind reading’ and very much ride-or-die, this-is-my-person-and-i-will-fuck-you-up-if-you-breath-at-them-wrong attitudes. They have felt literally felt every emotion and thunk every thought a person can in regards to each other. So when we’re reminded of that through their Elena dialogue, when we hear him mention how deep their story goes, it’s just one aspect of why he’s so damn heartbroken when he says to Enzo “This isn’t a celebration… I couldn’t get through to her. I would’ve been just another notch on her belt if Matt Donovan hadn’t stepped in.”

The other aspect has to do with THE PORCH SCENE THAT RENDERED MY DAMN HEART USELESS and that fucking tear jerking Bamon fight.

Right before Bonnie wakes up, she psychically links herself to Damon by ripping his heart out. (And can I just mention HOW SYMBOLIC that is? Damon’s signature move, on Damon and the fact that she literally held his heart in her hand? And when she wakes up, he’s all clutching his chest and low-key flirting with her to hunt him down, #icanteven.) BONNIE FEELS WHAT DAMON FEELS AND KNOWS WHAT DAMON THINKS. So when Damon is laying it all out, telling her he admires her, believes in her, loves her, is begging her for forgiveness and genuinely willing to die at her hand even though he’s hoping he’s enough for her…she knows he’s being genuine. We can see it in his actions and expressions but she can literally FEEL it. That’s why she hesitates. That’s why she’s crying before the hunter instincts take over again. Because Bonnie knows Damon means it when he says he love her (Which is why I’m not even sweating the Elena tack on. He hesitated before he added it anyway, probably bc he thought his love alone wasn’t enough, especially since Bonnie just said she hated him.) and she FORGIVES him. And that, my fellow Bamonators, is what really wrecked my shit tonight.

There’s so much more I could add, but it’s past midnight and others have probably already said it. So TL;DR - when has your ship ever?

Waterfall Fun - Carl Grimes Imagine

Originally posted by walking-deadquality

It was some kind of hot out. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and sun was beating down on my head. I looked to my side, where my boyfriend Carl was standing.

“It’s too hot.” I whined. I usually didn’t whine, but in this case it was necessary. I looked at him, knowing when he was thinking. We haven’t been boyfriend/girlfriend for long, but I’ve known him for so long I feel like I’ve known him all my life, so I know when the cranks are turning in his head.

“We could go out swimming.” He suggested, a smile spreading over his lips. I smiled back at him, knowing just where he was talking about. The other day, Carl and I were venturing into the woulds, a little ways away from the walls, when we heard the sound of rushing water. We of course followed it and soon enough we had found our waterfall.

I was so beautiful, it was almost crystal clear. We had decided to keep it a secret for just the two of us, our little luxury.

I leaned in to peck a small kiss to his lips, but of course my best friend had but in. (Y/BFF/N) looked at us, smiling that little smile she had when she wanted something.

“Can I come swimming with you guys?” She asked happily.

“You’re always snooping around when people want a little privacy, aren’t you?” I asked, avoiding her question. She shook her head and pointed a finger.

“If you don’t let me and Bernard come with you, I’ll tell Rick you sneak out.” She said. I looked at Carl, then at (Y/BFF/N).


We were walking through the woods, making sure to keep quiet. It wasn’t everyday that we got to do this. Not to mention getting all four of use out of the community without being seen.

I could hear the rushing of the water as we were getting closer. (Y/BFF/N) walked a little faster so that she was ahead of me. I watched her and shook my head, smiling softly. I guessed it was a lot better being with both my boyfriend and my best friend. You never know when something might happen.

We got to the waterfall and we all smiled as we looked at it. I was the first one to pull off my shirt, having no shame in the way my body looked. I shimmed out of my pants after kicking my shoes off. I then climbed up onto a big rock and jumped in. It felt perfect, cooling off my body from the hot sun rays.

Carl was the next one to dress down into his undergarments and jump in. He landed in beside me and resurfaced with a smile. “This was a great idea.” He said.

Bernard and (Y/BFF/N) jumped in together after they pulled off their clothes. We were all swimming or just floating in the cool water.

“This is one of your greatest ideas ever.” I told my boyfriend. I swam closer to the actual waterfall and laughed as the water came down on me.

I felt arms wrap around me and turn me around. I smiled at Carl and splashed him. He splashed me back and I laughed. He then pulled me into his chest and pulled me under the water with him. He came close to me and pressed his lips to mine. I had always wondered what an underwater kiss was like.

When we came back up to the surface, we saw Bernard and (Y/BBF/N) were gone. I looked around for then, hoping nothing bad had happened to them.

“Boo!” I jumped and turned to see the two emerging from behind the waterfall. They were smirking at me. They hadn’t  scared Carl. I crossed my arms over my chest as Carl nuzzled his face into my neck.

“They were just playin’ around.” He mumbled into my neck, causing me to giggle. It tickled. I looked at him, bringing his head up to look at me.

“I know, but that wasn’t really funny.” I said. I looked over at my best friend as she swam over to us.

“I didn’t think you would get so scared.” She said.

“I was worried about you, dumbie.” I said and laughed a bit. I then splashed a bunch of water in her face.

‘You’re in for it now.” She said and splashed me back. After the little splash war, we decided we’d play chicken.

I climbed onto Carl’s shoulders and he held my thighs tightly so I wouldn’t fall. (Y/BFF/N) did the same with Bernard. We then started fighting. (Y/BFF/N) and I locked hands and started trying to push each other off our boyfriends. Nothing was working. Carl got me a little closer to her and I pushed her shoulders, but she wouldn’t budge. Finally, (Y/BFF/N) pushed me and I fell back, bringing Carl with me.

He let go of my thighs and turned to face me as we were under the water. He grabbed a hold of my waist and pulled my close again, pressing his lips to mine for another underwater kiss. When we resurfaced, we were still kissing.

Originally posted by r-e-l-a-t-i-v-e

He pulled back a moment later and smiled at me. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I told him and swept some of his wet hair out of his eyes.

It had been a good day.