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Heart Spice (Derek/Stiles)

@sterekseason requested Stiles/Derek:  we were both lovers over a decade ago and now we meet again to battle it out on this cooking program. our rivalry is strong and just because the camera operator caught us making out in the pantry doesn’t mean i won’t defeat you with the power of truffle oil AU

For winning first prize in my Birthday Giveaway, Hannah gets two fics. This is the first one based on the prompt above. I hope you enjoy it! Fic #34 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

Heart Spice. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

When Stiles was twenty-two, he had his heart broken when Derek chose his career over their relationship. A little over ten years later, they meet again on the set of a reality TV cooking competition. Derek wants a second chance, but Stiles isn’t really in a forgiving mood.

“Glad you could make it, Stiles.” Cora nods at him, offering a friendly half-smile that’s the equivalent of a wide, toothy grin from anyone else. It’s a little surprising, and also a little suspicious because Cora usually isn’t smiley.

“I almost didn’t come,” Stiles admits. “Lydia forced me into the car and drove me here before I could, how did she put it, wimp out like a whiny dork.” Stiles rolls his eyes. “For the record, I wasn’t wimping out. I was just having second thoughts because of reasons.”

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Spock is sooo drama-queen. I mean, in The Naked Time, he’s all “Bwaaaa, my poor mom, living in Vulcan, without love!!!” And later we meet Amanda and she smiles and she’s so in love with her dorky husband, who’s clearly in love with her too.

And he’s also “omg, Jim, you totally don’t understand, I feel SHAME when I feel friendship for you, must this torture never end?!”. But then in Amok Time he says “btw, Jim, according to vulcan tradition I can bring my BFF to my vulcan wedding”, a tradition that wouldn’t exist if Vulcans weren’t supposed to have friends. 

And then we have all the moments of:

SPOCK: Life is precious, Jim. we must respect all living beings.

JIM: Look at this little insect, Spock, it looks like a cute ant.


And this:

Like, calm down, precious baby.

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I have just realized that there are only four issues that are usually used to summarize Tim and Kon’s Friendship. Batman-Superman #26 (Tim’s eulogy at Kon’s funeral), Teen Titans #37 (cloning Conner, though it started in 34), Adventure Comics #3 which I’ve talked about in length myself (the “I know you and support you” issue) and Red Robin #9 (the hug and gazing at each other’s eyes issues). But besides AC#3 they’re all mostly about Tim, so how about I give you one good “summary” issue of their relationship but for Conner.

Superboy v4 (2011) #7.
In this issue Conner helps Psionic Lad who intercepted a space ship calling for help. Basically Conner ends up being a victim to the lifeform found on the ship which makes him see his worst fear play out as if he was in a virtual reality game. In his case, he “travelled to the future” only to find that he really is Lex’s boy and he ended up destroying the JLA and most of the other heroes only leaving “C-list” ones.

Basically this nightmare could have taken him at any point of this ‘future’ but he ended up in a destroyed Smallville with one of his civilian friends (his cousin, no matter how they try to pass it since she is Lex Luthor’s niece : Lori) being deadly afraid of him (for good reasons, as I said, Conner has killed pretty much every one and everything he loves). Which is when we get this :

Here we see that Conner truly believes that Tim can turn any one into worthy heroes, that’s his level of faith in the guy. He also believes that if anyone can survive him, it’s Tim because he’d have the knowledge (as his bff) and the intelligence to deal with Superboy but also because obviously it didn’t happen all at once which means that the little ‘good’ part that was left in him is what kept Tim from being a direct victim…. at first.
Mostly, as I said, this nightmare could have taken him at any point in time during his killing spree :

He could have found himself at the moment he killed Cassie (while I don’t like the ship and think they were mostly crushes and not actually in love -which is another story- they still cared a great deal about each other and at this point either were together or had just broken up). But he didn’t.

Because his worst fear is the moment he gave up enough good that he tried to kill Tim, that Tim Gave Up on Him. Tim doesn’t give up on Kon. He’s the one person whom Conner trust to keep him from going too far, to stay by his side. But here ? Tim gave up to the point that he doesn’t hesitate to get Conner killed. Tim ! the one person who couldn’t stand Conner’s death.
It also shows how well he understand Tim, again. That he knows Tim can get to the point where he’ll have someone killed if they go too far, as we see in Red Robin #26 which was released 4 months after this issue, but in RR he’s still at the point where he gives himself excuses, where it’s insidious. Here Conner drove Tim to the point where he asks for Conner to be killed without a second thought, without an excuse, directly. Well he still asks for someone else to do it which supposes that maybe Tim can’t bring himself to do it.

And Tim gets killed because of him. Because of his plan.This is Conner’s worst fear. Not just killing everyone he loves. Being responsible for Tim’s death, for Tim’s descent into “coldness” (here’s the guilt for dying on his friends yay), for taking away everyone Tim loved. 

Despite being about Conner’s general fear of his Luthor genes taking over :

[BTW this is Simon, Conner’s best (and pretty much only aside from Lori) civilian friend who apparently goes on to become Conner’s greatest friend and greatest enemy according to the Legion (which I will only accept if this is because his friendship with Tim can’t be put into this simple of a category). He’s pretty much a boy genius. Apparently he’s been helping Conner wipe out everyone.]
So as I was saying, Despite it being about Conner’s general fear of turning into a Luthor, it focused heavily on Tim, on how this change would affect Tim, on how Tim is used to represent the effect on the hero community and the world in general.

Bonus point of this issue : when Psionic Lad tried to reach Kon through his “dream”, his voice took Ma Kent’s form instead of Superman, making Ma Kent the Anti Lex Luthor in Kon’s eyes.

Let me point out my thoughts.

First if you are an SM stan for over 5years i bet you will understand me very well, I am an SM stan and i think the company management and work is super genuis BUT i see no one more evil than this same company.

Over the years from SM first boybands in a certain points things get for the band in a tight spot that makes everybody lose their mind, if we go back in history you will see every SM boy band get to massive troubles after every SUPER hit.
DBSK mirotic
Super Junior Sorry Sorry
As i said, if you an old fan you will understand my point.

Secondly why i started this Exo and Kai, oh no i mean Jongin, Kim Jongin.
SM loves building up otps, but they get on trouble later when the otp get too close “yunjae, hanchul” and in this point we have Kaisoo, Jongin is pretty close to Kyungsoo i am not a delulu but honestly you wont stare at your bro/bff for longer than 5s, and you wont get all smiley blushy or even sexually frustrated because of them, Kaisoo are a little bit closer than bro.
All the mess and trouble start exactly after the first statement of some “same-sex pair uncovering” then Kaisoo moment start lessen, and becomes distant or at least they put someone between them (victim Suho or lay), then out of the blue Kaistal was born i am not hating on them, but if they were already declared as a couple why dont they go out in public more? Why they shoots comes out only when the public ‘suspect’ something? Why they both dont look 'that’ pleased? Why Kyungsoo at the showcase seem like crying and Jongin seem so hurt and lost?

And honestly Jongin have gone through A LOT, from fans, sm, maybe band members like he is soo targeted i feel like he is a timing bomb that will blow soon.

I think Kaisoo have something, maybe Kaistal are close, and maybe Sehun was just testing and preparing the fans for something.
You can hit me with any question or remark or even criticize you all free


Unknown feelings

I was so excited today, I’d just realized that I was in love with my bestfriend, and I couldn’t hold it in. I was going to confess my feelings to him, and hoped he would feel the same way. I mean we already lived together and we have had our moments of romance. But lately he’s been a little distant, so I thought our BFF night out would do us some good and bring us back to how close we were together. I mean we cuddle when there are thunderstorms, mainly because I’m afraid but he’s always been there to calm me down and stays with me throughout the night.

Remembering this I can’t help the smile that’s on my face when suddenly my phone starts to vibrate. My heart rate picks up thinking that it’s from Jack, but I’m being mentioned in some Twitter post by a fan. Opening it up I see jack kissing Madison, this cheek he’d been hanging out with lately. He’d swore to me when I asked him that they were just friends and that I’d be the first to know if anything changed. I could feel my heart breaking as I went, texting Jack.

*after their text convo*

Quickly I rushed up to my room taking down all the picture frames and throwing them into the card board boxes I’d gotten from our neighbors. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I through my clothes into athletic bags and garbage sacks. My phone continued to vibrate but I didn’t pay it anymore attention. I knew that Jack worked about an hour and a half away. Theist text I read of his said he was coming home at three so I needed to be out of here by 2. I wiped at my tears as it became hard to see. I wanted to sit down and curl up in a ball, but I had to get this done first. I called Nate, begging him to come get me and to help me move out.

Should there be a part 2 tell me what you think

Bitty’s hiding so many things from his mother at this point, a few mason jars ain’t a thing.

(A moody Bitty, in his jam haze, maybe being a little introspective. I know, he looks sad – he’s got a lot on his mind at the moment, I think. Not that he’d admit it.)

Bamon meta: 7.21 [SPOILERS]

Ok, so now that I’ve rewatched the episode and gathered my thoughts, I’m ready to share. Brace thyself, this is kinda long. Slightly anti BJ and DE, but not really. Now, before I go into any specifics on Damon/Bonnie/Bamon scenes, I just want to point a few of general things I noticed in this episode.

1.Enzo calling Bonnie his girl multiple times, once in a scene right before Damon tells comatose Bonnie that he’s skeptical of the Bonenzo relationship (right before holding her hand I might add), and Damon later referring to Elena in a similar fashion in The Porch Scene. I think BE is cute and I’m not even going to deny the validity of DE, but scene placement and parallels call to question the nature of both relationships. Both are CANON ships, both have each half of BD in love with other people, but when it is framed like that, it suggests that neither was meant to last. Atm DE is done and dead, and now there is a hint that BE will soon be like that too. (Can’t say I’m too bummed, since I’m a Bonkai and Bamon shipper first and foremost, but it’s good to see Bonnie get some genuine RECIPROCAL loving - looking at you baby Gilbert.)

2. Speeches about respecting choices and doing horrible things for the people you love. This was talked about and paralleled EXTENSIVELY in relation to several relationships: Steroline, Stelena, Baroline, AND Bamon. (Notice only one of these relationships is 100% for sure platonic.) Damon makes his choice to be mean to Bonnie after his phone call with Stefan. Beforehand, he was nervous about going in with Bonnie because he was afraid that with her still so angry at him, he wouldn’t be enough to wake her up. Her oldest friendship couldn’t do it, her relationship with her boyfriend whom she really loves (and even though I think it’s a filler ship, she does genuinely love him and admitted the way he loves her - protectively, equally (unlike beremy, cough cough) - is something she’s always wanted. Which is heart breaking bc Damon, her undefined relation, loves her in the same way, more intensely) couldn’t do it, so how could he? Damon makes his decision to ignore Bonnie’s choice to die (AGAIN? Wtf?) once all that has been said. In regards to his ‘Stefan approach’ about respecting her choice, he says “I gotta be me” then he dived in to annoy her into wanting to live. At first I was upset about Damon doing this bc it took me back to the toxic, abusive aspects of DE, but then I realized: Damon isn’t making a choice FOR Bonnie he’s making his choice AGAINST one of hers. She wants to martyr herself, he wants her to live, and he’s going to do it BY BEING HIS ANNOYING ASS, DORKY, DICKWAD SELF. This is something beautiful bc in all his previous romantic relationships, Damon had to change who he was. Become more dark and selfish for Katherine, become less dark and selfish for Elena…neither of which were really him because he falls somewhere in between. With Bonnie, he’s himself and it’s enough.

3. Constant Elena mentions in SC/BD dialogue. This does several things: reminds us of Elena as an obstacle to romantic BD, reminds of Damon’s intense love for Elena and how he is basically letting it go to try and get Bonnie back to herself and living, and it brings up a catalyst to who Bonnie is and how the DB relationship started. Bonlena was never developed the way it should have been, but Bonnie and Elena are supposedly like sisters, and in all of season 7 we never got to see her truly mourn the girl. Like yes it’s been about 4 years, but Bonnie kinda latched on to Damon as her new bff and never really seemed to revisit any feelings that she will NEVER see her “sister” again. Caroline, as a vamp, doesn’t have this problem, so it’s weird. Damon uses Elena to remind Bonnie of the love she felt for her friend and in doing so, reminds viewers of how Bonnie and Damon first met and how their relationship has evolved since. It’s an important call back.

Important Bamon moments:

Since I literally just talked about Elena being a call back, I’m going to talk about that ending with Damon and Enzo and this little snippet from Damon to Bonnie:
“See the history that we have? Depth and feeling, I mean it’s almost like -”


BD literally have the single most complex and layered relationship on tvd. They’ve been enemies, allies, frenemies, best friends, and something that’s not officially NAMED lover status but in nature is, just w/o sex (for now 😏). They’ve been abusive, toxic and violent. They’ve overcome that to be healthy and reliant with inside jokes and friendly 'mind reading’ and very much ride-or-die, this-is-my-person-and-i-will-fuck-you-up-if-you-breath-at-them-wrong attitudes. They have felt literally felt every emotion and thunk every thought a person can in regards to each other. So when we’re reminded of that through their Elena dialogue, when we hear him mention how deep their story goes, it’s just one aspect of why he’s so damn heartbroken when he says to Enzo “This isn’t a celebration… I couldn’t get through to her. I would’ve been just another notch on her belt if Matt Donovan hadn’t stepped in.”

The other aspect has to do with THE PORCH SCENE THAT RENDERED MY DAMN HEART USELESS and that fucking tear jerking Bamon fight.

Right before Bonnie wakes up, she psychically links herself to Damon by ripping his heart out. (And can I just mention HOW SYMBOLIC that is? Damon’s signature move, on Damon and the fact that she literally held his heart in her hand? And when she wakes up, he’s all clutching his chest and low-key flirting with her to hunt him down, #icanteven.) BONNIE FEELS WHAT DAMON FEELS AND KNOWS WHAT DAMON THINKS. So when Damon is laying it all out, telling her he admires her, believes in her, loves her, is begging her for forgiveness and genuinely willing to die at her hand even though he’s hoping he’s enough for her…she knows he’s being genuine. We can see it in his actions and expressions but she can literally FEEL it. That’s why she hesitates. That’s why she’s crying before the hunter instincts take over again. Because Bonnie knows Damon means it when he says he love her (Which is why I’m not even sweating the Elena tack on. He hesitated before he added it anyway, probably bc he thought his love alone wasn’t enough, especially since Bonnie just said she hated him.) and she FORGIVES him. And that, my fellow Bamonators, is what really wrecked my shit tonight.

There’s so much more I could add, but it’s past midnight and others have probably already said it. So TL;DR - when has your ship ever?

Waterfall Fun - Carl Grimes Imagine

Originally posted by walking-deadquality

It was some kind of hot out. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and sun was beating down on my head. I looked to my side, where my boyfriend Carl was standing.

“It’s too hot.” I whined. I usually didn’t whine, but in this case it was necessary. I looked at him, knowing when he was thinking. We haven’t been boyfriend/girlfriend for long, but I’ve known him for so long I feel like I’ve known him all my life, so I know when the cranks are turning in his head.

“We could go out swimming.” He suggested, a smile spreading over his lips. I smiled back at him, knowing just where he was talking about. The other day, Carl and I were venturing into the woulds, a little ways away from the walls, when we heard the sound of rushing water. We of course followed it and soon enough we had found our waterfall.

I was so beautiful, it was almost crystal clear. We had decided to keep it a secret for just the two of us, our little luxury.

I leaned in to peck a small kiss to his lips, but of course my best friend had but in. (Y/BFF/N) looked at us, smiling that little smile she had when she wanted something.

“Can I come swimming with you guys?” She asked happily.

“You’re always snooping around when people want a little privacy, aren’t you?” I asked, avoiding her question. She shook her head and pointed a finger.

“If you don’t let me and Bernard come with you, I’ll tell Rick you sneak out.” She said. I looked at Carl, then at (Y/BFF/N).


We were walking through the woods, making sure to keep quiet. It wasn’t everyday that we got to do this. Not to mention getting all four of use out of the community without being seen.

I could hear the rushing of the water as we were getting closer. (Y/BFF/N) walked a little faster so that she was ahead of me. I watched her and shook my head, smiling softly. I guessed it was a lot better being with both my boyfriend and my best friend. You never know when something might happen.

We got to the waterfall and we all smiled as we looked at it. I was the first one to pull off my shirt, having no shame in the way my body looked. I shimmed out of my pants after kicking my shoes off. I then climbed up onto a big rock and jumped in. It felt perfect, cooling off my body from the hot sun rays.

Carl was the next one to dress down into his undergarments and jump in. He landed in beside me and resurfaced with a smile. “This was a great idea.” He said.

Bernard and (Y/BFF/N) jumped in together after they pulled off their clothes. We were all swimming or just floating in the cool water.

“This is one of your greatest ideas ever.” I told my boyfriend. I swam closer to the actual waterfall and laughed as the water came down on me.

I felt arms wrap around me and turn me around. I smiled at Carl and splashed him. He splashed me back and I laughed. He then pulled me into his chest and pulled me under the water with him. He came close to me and pressed his lips to mine. I had always wondered what an underwater kiss was like.

When we came back up to the surface, we saw Bernard and (Y/BBF/N) were gone. I looked around for then, hoping nothing bad had happened to them.

“Boo!” I jumped and turned to see the two emerging from behind the waterfall. They were smirking at me. They hadn’t  scared Carl. I crossed my arms over my chest as Carl nuzzled his face into my neck.

“They were just playin’ around.” He mumbled into my neck, causing me to giggle. It tickled. I looked at him, bringing his head up to look at me.

“I know, but that wasn’t really funny.” I said. I looked over at my best friend as she swam over to us.

“I didn’t think you would get so scared.” She said.

“I was worried about you, dumbie.” I said and laughed a bit. I then splashed a bunch of water in her face.

‘You’re in for it now.” She said and splashed me back. After the little splash war, we decided we’d play chicken.

I climbed onto Carl’s shoulders and he held my thighs tightly so I wouldn’t fall. (Y/BFF/N) did the same with Bernard. We then started fighting. (Y/BFF/N) and I locked hands and started trying to push each other off our boyfriends. Nothing was working. Carl got me a little closer to her and I pushed her shoulders, but she wouldn’t budge. Finally, (Y/BFF/N) pushed me and I fell back, bringing Carl with me.

He let go of my thighs and turned to face me as we were under the water. He grabbed a hold of my waist and pulled my close again, pressing his lips to mine for another underwater kiss. When we resurfaced, we were still kissing.

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He pulled back a moment later and smiled at me. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I told him and swept some of his wet hair out of his eyes.

It had been a good day.

iwillsinkwithmyships  asked:

Au where Dean is 4 years older than Sam and Cas. Cas happens to be Sam's nerdy best friend. They are freshmen when Dean is a senior and Dean knows that Cas has this adorable crush on him and just winks and teases him to get him to blush, but he doesn't see it as anything more because he's "just a kid. and sammy's bff" Then he leaves for college (to become an engineer because he's a genius) and for whatever reason doesn't come back home or just doesn't see Castiel. (Part 1)

then Dean coming back from college for Sam’s graduation after not seeing Cas for the past 4 years… And finding that the shy little freshman he left behind has turned into sex personified and now the one blushing and stuttering is Dean. He’s also not as shy anymore, as proven by the fact that the moment they were alone Castiel jumped into his lap and began kissing him and telling him how he’s dreamed about this since realizing he liked boys and how this time he wasn’t going to let him go as easily

Ahh! I love AUs were Cas is Sam’s BFF and Dean doesn’t notice how much of a cutie he is until Cas is all grown up and still crushing on Dean.

My LT Experience: Alvin Ailey 10/01/2014

Les Twins Alvin Ailey 10/01/2014

I apologize for the length of this…

Ok guys, so how about I found out about the workshop just two days before. I usually like to be prepared weeks in advance. Anyway, before I go there, let me take you back….way back. So about a week and a half ago, I’m browsing around Sgalo’s Instagram page. For those of ya’ll who don’t know, Sgalo is the guy that makes those 88 and Les Twins shirts that the boys wear. I’ve even seen Jay and Bey rock some of his stuff. So I liked one of his pics thinking nothing much of it. So then, I see a couple hours later, he likes a video that I posted up of Larry. In the video, Larry was wearing a Jmenfou shirt, so Sgalo comments a hashtag #jmenfoujmenfiche. So I comment back “I want one.” So then he direct messages me. So we start up a little convo about how I can get a shirt from him. So we go back and forth a little bit just discussing. So boom, I finally order the shirt. Mind you, at that point I didn’t even know there was going to be a workshop.

Come Monday, I just had this gnawing feeling in my heart to check the Alvin Ailey website. I knew the boys were in town so I’m like, what the heck; let me see if they’re also ding a workshop. Thank God I checked because if not, I would have missed the whole shebang and I would’ve been tight! So I find out about the workshop on Monday, and lo and behold The Good Lord made it so that my shirt arrived on Wednesday, the exact date of the workshop. God is good yall!!! So I thanked Sgalo and he says that he’s excited for me and he knew the boys would be happy to see me with the shirt.

Anyway, workshop time! They had the chairs set up right in front of the mirror this time. I didn’t know if the boys would love it or hate it. Come to figure, one loved it and the other hated it. Guess who? Larry hated it and Lau loved it cus he doesn’t want the dancers to focus too much on the mirror. But that’s just a side bar.


Guys, I’m so proud of our boys. They were only like 3 minutes late! What an improvement! They both came in decked out in these fire jackets that I truly just wanted to swipe. Larry had that oxblood jacket and Lord….forgive me my wayward thoughts. Lau had those damn hoop ear rings that I’m unfortunately starting to get used to and about a million chains and layers on. He didn’t even take off his jacket while he was dancing though. I know he was hot. So they do a little rock paper scissors to see who goes first. I don’t even know how they decide though, seems like it was some twin understanding.

Lau goes first and he does Often by The Weeknd. And he just sexes up the whole song. Yes Gawd! I loved catching the little glimpses of his abs when he would pull his shirt up to wipe his sweat. BFF and I would have a little praise party every time he did it. But I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Lau is mean. But I get it, he wants the dancers to give it their all and be the best.

So tell me how, as his phone is hooked up to the music, it goes off with a text message and everyone hears it through the sound system. And he goes, “oh that’s my friend”…with a little mischievous look in his eyes. Then his phone goes off again and he goes, “Ok, I have two friends.” Lau Lau….we already know the deal. Somebody whispered “is that Aimee?” I was crying! Real tears! Knowing Lau, it could be Aimee, Cynthia, Jessica….a number of women…we will never know, smh.

Larry ends up stepping out for a good part of Lau’s class, and when he came back in Lau was all like, “thank you for supporting me brother!” Clown! He was hurt though, lol. At one point when Larry comes back, he lays down on the floor like 2 chairs away from me. LT Ladies…the thoughts that ran through my mind, I was tryna sneak a picture, but didn’t wanna seem like a creep, lol.

Come dancing time…he pulls out the little shorty. This little girl straight rips it! She is a star and I know her mama is proud. Later on during Larry’s class, Lau went outside and he was speaking to the little girl’s mother, giving her words of encouragement. BFF said that she overheard him saying that God is the reason behind their success, or something to that effect. You better preach that gospel Lau Lau!

Now Larry’s class begins and he is so cool and calm and collected. I love it. Much less talkative than Lau…which I like. Let me tell you how BFF caught herself tryna catch feelings for him….had to tell her to fall back. From time to time he would do a little beat boxing thing, and it’s super cute. What I liked the most was that he would stop from time to time and think of the song in his mind and make the dance moves…without even listening to the music….so dope. By the way, he did Amnesia by Cherish, which I loved! At some point, some girls were just giggling and he goes “why you laughing?” At the same moment, BFF gets up to go use the bathroom and Larry goes, “how would you feel if as a dancer you have girls laughing at you and one leave?” He’s such a clown, BFF didn’t even hear him talking about her.

Anyway, the cypher breaks out and its cool and all. But shout outs to BFF who is always on target. She finds a way to get us to the front of the line for pictures. When it was my turn, I came and kissed the both of them, and Lau looked like he was taken aback by it. Don’t act brand new now Lau. So I pull out the shirt and they’re all like hey, that’s cool. Larry asked me if I knew what the jmenfou means. And I go yeah…it means I don’t care. He goes “no, it means I don’t give a fuck.” And Lau is like “no…it’s just I don’t care.” So they go back and forth bickering, and I’m laughing at their silliness. So they end up just signing it and we took our picture.

Oh and another tidbit. I asked Larry why he not wearing the earrings and he goes, they changed colors, they cheap, so he needs a new one. He asked if I had one for him and I’m like no…not this time boo. I told him that I was offended and embarrassed that he called my gift cheap, but he meant no harm by it though.  

Ok, so security kicked us out…very rudely might I add. BFF and I roam around until the twins come outside. When they do, I asked Lau for another picture and he reluctantly says yes, only because he had said no more pictures before. And then, I tell him that sometimes I’m afraid to approach him and say hi, and he goes “why?..just say hi, I say hi back.”

Then we went over to Larry and BFF tells him that he has a beautiful spirit and she asks for a hug and he gives her one. He says that that’s what he loved the most, the love and the hugs…no pictures.

And that was that for that. The end of a very beautiful and very long night. Thank God.

As always my loves, this was super long, but I just want you guys to feel like you were there with me. Til next time my loves.

And by the way, big shout out to Sica, it was great seeing you boo :-*


~ LTFirstLady