i love these kids and everything they choose to do

I think what annoys me most about the ‘Hermione deserves better than Ron’ argument (aside from the obvious and blatant vilification of Ron, of course) is the fact that it completely disregards Hermione’s right to choose.

Hermione chose to start a relationship with Ron. She chose to date him, she chose to marry him, and she chose to have kids with him. She may not have chosen to fall in love with him, but she definitely chose everything that happened after.

By saying ‘she deserves better’ you’re implying that she made the wrong choice. That she doesn’t know what’s best for her. She doesn’t know what she wants. (Alternatively, you could just be saying you don’t really care for her choice, which is- well.) And aside from being just a tad misogynistic, it also takes her character’s agency away.

TL;DR Hermione doesn’t deserve ‘better’ than Ron. You know what Hermione does deserve? She deserves the right to choose. And she chose Ron.

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favorite song from teen wolf and favorite lydia, malia, kira and allison outfits!

omfg i have so many favorite songs from teen wolf, if i had to choose one it would have to be “start of time” because it literally has become so iconic and important and vital lol but theres so many!!

oMG outfits wait theres also so many idek what to do rn lmfao so here goes

lydia- i love her outfit in 3x15 but also loved her outfit esp her half bun with her outfit in 6x05 and also was huge fan of her 6x01 look so ok im cheating bc i who am i kidding i love everything lydia martin has ever worn and/or done AND LIKE YOU GUYS….THE PEACOAT
malia- honestly i loved her 4x07 look, looking back on it
kira- 5x07 camo jacket with floral skirt bc i love mixing patterns
allison- i loved her look in 3x01 back at school with the denim shirt and also i loved her 3x23 outfit :///// and that time she wore overalls for a hot second

thanks love! :)

send me “what’s your favorite…” asks :)

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Do people want her writing about her cats like I don't get it. She's said over and over again that she will always write about love because it intrigues her and it's the biggest part of her life. 1989 still had breakup songs in it most about Harry and how he was a bad driver and almost killed her! She'll write about love through her perspective and around her like a song she did for Jack and Lena. She'll write about her feelings and the best way to get that aggression out she says is writing.

well i wouldnt write off the cats completely. Smelly Cat 2.0 could be  a thing one day? 

Here’s the thing (again): I’m not picking sides. I love both of them and I get where they’re both coming from, but I also think they’re both wrong here. The only side we should be choosing is Sofia’s side. That’s how custody battles go, you choose the kid’s side, because that’s who matters.

Callie has been in this rollercoaster of a journey. When she loves, she loves with everything she has. I do believe that there’s some truth behind Arizona’s statement of “falling in love with the feeling of being in love”. And right now, we’re supposed to believe she’s in love. So, as per her character, she goes all in. This is a person who has been hurt by every person she has loved. Her whole family disowned her, her mother abandoned her on her wedding day, the two people she has married cheated on her, her best friend died. This is a person who has felt like she isn’t enough, over and over again, someone who’s felt like she’s never a priority. So I get her wanting to hold onto that feeling. She’s finally happy after everything she’s been through. She realized she jumped the gun and apologized sincerely.

And then we have Arizona. She grew up a military brat, and she never wanted kids, it was not her dream. And suddenly, she comes back from Africa, Callie’s pregnant and she’s all in. This is an Arizona who had never completely trusted Callie because she wanted to know she was different from George, and Erica and the girl from the coffee cart. Arizona, who had this deep rooted (kind of biphobic) fear that Callie would leave her for a man, specifically Mark. And she comes back and Callie’s pregnant with Mark’s baby. And then, she was told she was nothing, and I think that’s her deepest fear and insecurity, not feeling like she’s enough. So now, there’s this possibility of Callie taking Sofia.  And once again, she feels like she’s nothing, because she feels like she doesn’t have a say in this, so she decides to fight for her the only way she can think of right now.

Fridiary vs Commenting on Comments


1.) Fridiary is my favorite form of video on your channel. Not in the “I’d choose it over everything” way, more in the “if NTD, random video, and fridiary were my kids, I’d like fridiary a lil more but I genuinely love them all” kinda way.

2.) I enjoyed commenting on comments a lot and I think its a fun way for you to interact with us and I love that.

3.) Although what we want from you plays a big part, please do what you think will make you most happy, both in form of content and just your overall stress level.

4.) Maybe for a month alternate? So that fridiary isn’t just like BYEE!

5.) If commenting on comments wins, can snapchat have like a daily goose update??? Bc goose is my favorite and is truly the star of the show.

6.) I like change. Its fun when you start doing new things on your channel so if commenting on comments wins I’m 100% here for it :)

7.) Thank you for asking our opinion. Thank you for being nice. Thank you for constant content. You do a lot helbig, probably more than we realize bc you’re always working on something secret. So thank you for making time for videos, and for us.
Those all my thoughts. You are wonderful!