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Always Okay

Sorry, its not 30 days of Jensen and Dean, but it’s a little something I felt compelled to write. Hope you enjoy.

“Dean, I’m pregnant,” you spit out as he watched you carefully, his brow furrowed slightly.

You hadn’t been expecting his response.

“Yahtzee,” he said, making a proud little face and taking a swig from his beer.

You gawked at him, unable to believe that he was taking this so well.

You knitted your brow together and sigh heavily.

“And it’s yours, Winchester,” you huffed, still not fully accepting his aloofness. There certainly had to be a meltdown hanging just around the corner.

He finished off his beer and set it on the table, stepping toward you and pulling you off the bed and into his arms. You steadied yourself by placing your hands on both sides of his tie, his pecs twitching slightly at the contact.

“I’d certainly hope so, princess,” he said smiling down at you, his lips rapidly approaching yours. He kissed you fiercely, his large hand pressed into the small of your back, holding you firmly against him.

You pushed away, staring at him in disbelief.

“Wait,” you breathed. “How are you kind of even a little bit okay with this? How are you not screaming that this is insane?” You panicked, stepping away from him. “That we have no right to be doing this,” you rambled. “Bringing a kid into this life is selfish,” you added, running your hands through your hair. Apparently you were going to have a meltdown for both of you since Dean had clearly lost it.


Dean grabbed your elbow and pulled you back to him, silencing your rambling with his lips pressed firmly against yours. You melted into him.

“Y/N, we both let this happen. Call it carelessness. Call it a mistake. Call it reckless. I choose to call this perfect because I love you. Sure bringing a kid into this world is massively stupid living the way we do, but if it’s with you, I know it will be okay,” he shrugged, his arms wrapping around your waist and holding you against him.

“How are you so sure, Dean?” you breathed, the fear creeping into your voice.

“Cause with you everything is always okay. In fact, it’s perfect,” he smiled, kissing you sweetly.

“Okay,” you whispered against his plush lips as they moved in time against yours. He backed you against the bed and you toppled on top of it. He swiftly crawled over you, his hand immediately caressing your cheek.

“Okay,” he said as if that settled it.

He rolled his hips against yours, kissing you with passion. You knew Dean loved you. This was better than anything you could have hoped for.

For sapphics who want to raise (a) kid(s) with another woman…

Imagine the first time you’ll see your child. Whether that be from you giving birth, your wife giving birth, or the adoption being finalized. Imagine the warmth that you and your wife will both feel, the immediate feeling of unconditional love. 

Imagine your child’s first day of school. You and your wife help them pick out a cute outfit for your kid. You both fuss a bit. And when you see the bus pick them up, or when you drop them off… you can’t help but shed a few tears. You’re scared. But you’re also excited.

Imagine teaching them all the different ways love can exist, and modelling that with your own relationship. You’ll teach them that regardless of whether they fall in love with a boy, a girl, someone outside the gender binary, or nobody at all, you’ll always support them.

Imagine helping them with homework, teaching them about the world, showing them new things, helping them grow into someone more well rounded.

Imagine the fights you’ll inevitably have, but you know deep down that no matter how bad it gets, you’ll always love your child. Nothing can break that.

Imagine your child growing up. Imagining you and your wife talking about how it felt like just yesterday that they were so little. Imagine the bittersweet, but ultimately warm feeling you’ll get, knowing you raised someone so incredible. They’ll always be your baby.

Imagine them graduating high school. Imagine the pride both you and your wife will feel, the tears that will be shed as you hold each other, the way you’ll practically scream as you cheer when their name is called and they collect their diploma.

Imagine them moving out. You and your wife are old now. You look back on raising this beautiful child and all the twists and turns, the bumps on the road… and you feel so happy. You feel this overwhelming sense of joy that you got to partake in such a beautiful thing with the woman you love.

Maybe your pride and joy will get married now. Maybe they’ll give you grandkids. Ultimately, it’s up to them, because you taught them that as long as they’re happy and don’t hurt others, you’ll support whatever they choose to do in their life.

For the sapphics who want to someday have (a) kid(s) with another woman… I hope you manage to get that, and I hope it’s as wonderful as you imagine it. Remember that regardless of what bigots may say, having two mothers doesn’t have a negative effect on children… and in some ways, it’s even better. Remember that families with two moms are beautiful.

Kristoff Lullaby Lyrics

Pabbie said to keep you warm, and you have got to rest. I got you.

Thank you.

You’ll be ok. Just… think of Hans. Hold him in your heart.

You said Hans was a fault(?) and I was a fool.

No I didn’t.

Yes you did. And you said I was dumb for believing in true love.

Don’t listen to me.

I’m just a nomad living up here in the wild
I’m used to silence and snow
And I’ve been on my own since I was just a child
So what the heck do I know?

You’re not a fool to me
You live life fearlessly
Braver than the bravest of us do
You trust, you hope, you dare
You choose to feel and care
I thought that I was strong ‘til I bumped into you

What do I know about love?
What do I know about love?

Everything I thought I did
You’ve gone and changed it, kid
You’re what I know about love


She’s asleep.

Oh. That’s good. Come on.

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Do you feel that kaneki will become more like the old king? Or arata? He's looking so tired, due to not eating. Maybe something tips him over the edge and he stops holding back on both ghoul and humans

I think it’s more likely that he’ll come to terms with the fact that he has to kill humans for survival. The great thing about Nishiki is that he knows how to talk to Kaneki realistically without making him feel like he needs to defend his way of thinking. 

In very few words– and without pointing fingers– he gets Kaneki to understand that people’s lives depend on his desires and actions. Unfortunately, Kaneki is still stuck in that “instead of hurting others, be the one who gets hurt”, and by trying to do as little damage as possible, he’s accidentally writing a death sentence for his followers. People need to eat, and they need to actively fight for freedom and balance in their lives rather than hiding away and tipping the scale in the CCG’s favor. 

He seems to slowly be grasping that now, but kind of in the wrong way. Rather than coming up with a solid plan, he comes back with his regular old way of thinking.

But the thing is, Nishiki recognizes that fakeass “I’m going to get myself killed” smile, and purposefully brings up something a little more personal than “all these people”. 

Things are about to get extremely real for Kaneki with the knowledge of Touka’s pregnancy. He is suddenly faced with a life that he is, in part, responsible for creating, and I know he’ll do everything in his power not to let that kid feel abandoned by his parents the way he did. 

In an ass-backwards kind of way, a child would be a beacon of light for Kaneki.  He still loves his friends, and wants to protect and do his best for everyone, but … he doesn’t cherish his own life. If anything, this should give him a path to follow– for his future, for Touka’s, and maybe for his child– even if that path involves choosing the death of others so that he and his loved ones may live. 

About princesses and dragons

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Angst (but fluff cause I’m a slut for fluff!) 

A/N: So, in Spain today is St. George’s day. A day when girls receive a rose as a present and the boys a book from their s/o. It’s a day based in the world knowed legend about the princess who is rapted by a dragon and a knight who comes in her rescue.

Summary: The legend says that the princess awaits for a shinny armor knight to come and rescue her from the terrible dragon… But maybe you don’t want to be saved at all from your Dragon

A bubbly laugh echoes through the walls of the compound followed by your delighted chuckles. 

- He’s the cutest thing ever - you state amazed by the tiny human on your arms. Elisabeth, a brilliant scientist who works for Tony, had bring her new born son to the compound so all the Avengers can know him. This little boy should be very proud of himself by having grown ass men and women, who had fight againts aliens, amazed about his small existence. They all are making a circle around you and him while his mother can’t stop laughing.

- Let me grab him - Tony makes grabby hands demanding to hold the little one

- You already hold him! It’s my turn - Natsha pushes him with her elbow placing herself in front of you. You handle him to her carefully and the small boy tangle his fingers on Nat’s red hair. 

You step back, your grin threaten to break your cheeks by the cuteness of the situation. Turning your head you realize that Bucky is nowhere to be seen. He has been there a minute ago… Crossing your gaze with Steve he shoots you a sad smile. You frown.

Leaving everyone on the livingroom you walk through the compound searching for him. He is nowhere, what the hell? The only part of the tower to look is the one which Stark is remodeling, but no one goes there, there’s no lights, neither windows yet. But your instinct makes you do a step forward and before you realize you are walking over bricks and empty cases searching for him. 

You really don’t expect to find him there so you startle a bit when you spot his figure in the middle of the dark.

- B-Buck? 

He doesn’t move his head from between his legs and you can’t see his face because his arms block your view. You step towards him and kneel. 

- Bucky? - you try again. This time he raises his head and you gasp noticing his red and puffy eyes - Hey, what’s wrong? - inmediately your hands go to his face to check for possible injuries - What happened James?

Not saying a word he grabs your wrists and push your hands away from him

- Nothing, go away - he says, deadpan

You froze. You try to reach him again

- Buck what…? - but before you can touch him again he flinch back and looks at you sternerly

- I said go away, I don’t want you here - he grunts

You feel a pang on pain in your chest and it becomes difficult to breath naturally

- What the hell? Why are you talking to me like this? - you spat hurted, why is he being so rude with you? - James, please, talk to me, what’s the problem? - Because of the lack of light you can’t utterly read his facial expression and you are getting nervous

- I don’t want you here - he shakes his head - I don’t need you, go away Y/N - he says a little bit louder 

- Bucky…. - you blink fast trying to contain the tears

- Leave me alone, damn it!! - he shouts. You flinch away a little bit scared, he has never shouted to you

- No!! not until you tell me what the hell happens! - you shout back

He grunts tired and stands up ready to leave you alone in the dark room. With your heart beating fast on your chest you jump on your feet and put your body on the door, blocking the only way out of the room.

- Move - he just says not meeting your eyes

- Move me - you dare, some tears escaping from your eyes

- Y/N… - he grunts but doesn’t move a muscle to touch you

- Bucky - you retort

He sighs shakily and raise his hands to his face

- Just give up… please - his voice small, fragile, opposite to the one he used just a second ago - Give up on me

- What are you saying Buck…? 

- I’m saying that i’m letting you go Y/N, you are free, you don’t have to be stucked with me in the dark, damnit - you can’t see his eyes but you know that he is crying 

- W-what? - the world start spinning dangerously, your blood pumping hard by your veins

- Be happy doll, I want you to be happy - he ducks his hands and between his eyelashes you can see his blue tired eyes sparking because of the tears - Go away from me, found someone who can give you all what you deserve

- Stop, Bucky, stop - is hard for you to gulp now - what are you saying? W-Why are you saying this to me? - you plant your hands on his chest and this time he doesn’t reject your touch

- I don’t want to drag you with me to the darkness, and that’s all I am… darkness - your mouth falls open, he thinks that he’s not good enough? 

- Buck stop right now, you are not! You are a good man who makes me truly happy - you raise your hands to his face and force him to look at you - I don’t want anyone else, never crossed my mind. I’m happy Bucky, you make me happy

- You deserve so much better Y/N - his eyes detach sadness - What if someday you want kids? I’m not sure I can give you all what you need doll, I’m not enough… - he has seen you with Elisabeth son? All of this is because it?

- Stop saying this Buck! You are more than enough, you hear me? You are the man who I choose to love, with everything that you are, your present and your past. I want and LOVE all of you, James. I don’t know where life will bring us, neither if I’ll want kids or.. iguanas - you chuckle -  but I just know one thing - he looks fixedly at you, eyes a little bit wider - Every step of my life I make, I’ll do it with you by my side. We are in this together, okay? I love you Bucky, forever. You are enough, you hear me? Never say that again, please - you voice cracks a little by the end and your eyes get wet again seeing how, down his cheeks, run tears which he doesn’t try to wipe away.

- Doll.. I…I - he tries to talk but emotions overwhelm him and you are suddenly wrapped by his arms which hugs you close to him. The embrace you share is full of emotions and you correspond to it with all your forces, rubbing his back when all his body trembles while he sobs, face hided on your hair.

- I love you Bucky - you say, one time and another - I will repeat it to you until you believe me, I don’t care how many times I’ll have to say it

- I do - he sniff kissing your scalp - I do believe you Y/N, I love you so fucking much… 

You push back softly and raise on your tip toes to peck his swollen lips. He corresponds the kiss and lifts you from the ground to deepen the kiss. Your arms round his head while your legs make the same on his waist, and you drop little kisses over his jaw and face until he stops crying. 

- You are stucked with me forever man, I don’t care how awful your taste on music is - you tease playfully and your heart inflates on your chest when he gives you a wide brigh smile.

- My pleasure doll - he kiss your lips tenderly

And like that, the most dark room on the tower, gets the brightest for you. Happily you will spend your days stucked in there with him.

A/N: Yeah, I have always had a weak spot for the dragon :)

im what you want thats the fucking thing you know it 

you wanted to marry me for fuck sakes maybe we were too young or too dumb to even say that

or maybe it was the truth im still trying to figure that out 

the problem was that you tell your family everything and they choose and influence you 

me on the other hand ive always had my own mind

you love me “kid” so stop making the same mistakes over and over and over and stop fucking thinking youre world is better without me in it you just said its not 

remember something you can go as far away from me block me do anything but you cant run away from your mind even less your heart

you put everyone ahead of me and i dont think you saw it 

i let go of everything for you i would have given up my dreams if you were just nicer and made me your priority 

ill be honest i havent cried since wednesday 

ive been doing alright but i know you arent and i knew when you’d reach out id have to pick myself up again 

look basically what im saying is and if youre friends and family arent telling you this then i dont know what is going on but

you dont let the girl you love and want to marry or the girl you miss or want my your side 


you fight, you pull out something from your mind and you do something crazy

dont do it when its too late 

dont realize you lost THE girl you want and need when its wayyyy too late

forcefully inside your heart

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Title: forcefully inside your heart
Pairing: Choi Minho/Reader
Summary: With puffed cheeks, a few eye rolls and pouts, she had noticed Minho was jealous, but he couldn’t see he beauty she saw in every single one of his movements and actions.

Jealousy, that feeling that burned inside one’s chest and made you want to just forget that you ever liked someone; even if you were the most beautiful person in the eyes of the world, you still felt jealousy because there was always something unique in everyone in this world that you wanted to have. Minho bit his bottom lip as he looked at the TV blankly because that’s what he does these days, only looking at those shows that he didn’t care about since the moment she started working at her dream place. She was incredibly intelligent, he knew that but the moment she got inside that building, she decided to talk about all the good things in her work and he felt left out. He didn’t know a thing about her career option and he tried to keep up with her, but he couldn’t. Minho’s mind was in acting, learning scripts, singing songs and composing, but he was never one to get the best grades in school. It’s not like she pays attention to that since Taemin has always been really intelligent and quick minded, perhaps that’s the reason why she was sitting in the kitchen with him as the two talked.

It was wrong…damn, incredibly wrong to be thinking that way but Minho wanted to be the perfect boyfriend and he failed miserably. Taemin, however, was good at keeping conversation with her and he almost felt like he was left out. Not even after reading the textbooks from her university or trying his hardest to keep up with her conversation, he could understand what she was saying…he was absolutely lost. Taemin was supposed to come that night because he needed help with taking care of one of his little cousins and there Minho was, squishing the baby’s cheek as he hears the deep conversation the other two were having about some subject in specific. He even gets to be childish enough to mock Taemin when he was talking, puckering up his lips as if he was the younger man.

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Congratulations MM fandom

You have invented a new kind of stupid
A ‘damage you can never undo’ kind of stupid
An ‘open all the cages in the zoo’ kind of stupid
‘Truly, you didn’t think this through?’ kind of stupid

Let’s review
You’ve created accounts in which you grab and take any kind of art and start reposting, never giving credit or receiving any kind of permission.

Artist begged you to stop from the start , you refused to
So desperate for attention are you?
This isn’t some petty thing, this is copyright infringement.
You know why others can post but you can’t?
They ask permission from that artist !!

So yeah, congratulations!
You’ve redefined the legacy of MM

Artist work day and night for the love they draw on paper
They bring smiles to every piece of art they make
They see these accounts taking credit. “ of god what have I done to deserve it getting stolen”
They desperately write “ can you please remove it”
And it only falls to closed eyes.
But I’m here to tell you,
This is still copyright infringement
And if a written letter from the artist won’t suffice.
Then a lawsuit is going to have to do.

You think we are kidding, we are tired.
People being entitled to art, taking advantage .
Many are leaving the fandom thanks to you all.
Now everyone is pissed.
Do you know why?

They love the artist more then the people who repost.
They will choose the happiness of the artist over everything else.
Mystic Messenger!
The artist are the best thing in this fandom
So never lose sight of the fact that you have been blessed with these artist.


i love all of the royal romance’s love interests!!!

first we have liam, who is just… the epitome of a sweetheart. kind, caring, considerate towards MCs feelings and emotions. always wants to make sure she feels comfortable. wants to do what’s best for his kingdom and cares about all of his people as if they were family. total babe.

then we have hana, who yet again, is just such a total sweetheart. is always there for mc and roots for other women to succeed in life. total softie. tries her best to make her parents proud but is slowly learning to let go of their pressures and put her own feelings and wants in life first. also a total babe.

and last but certainly not least, maxwell! cares so much about his brother and his family and wants to do whats best for them. tries his hardest at everything in life. cares so much about mc it hurts. cares so much about his bud liam and will do anything to ensure his happiness. sick dance moves. 

JUST KIDDING GUYS, OFC I KNOW THERES ANOTHER LOVE INTEREST, who could forget madeline?? bc ofc pixelberry wouldn’t only give us one female love interest to choose from in a game, that’d just be silly!!! we have madeline here who totally isn’t just a stereotypical mean girl whose given no depth and character development just for the sake of a stupid plot line that no one cares about!! she’s got SUBSTANCE people!!! 

that’s it!! there’s all the love interests in the royal romance. what a wholesome group of babes <3

lemme babble for a sec here about a YOI fic i might wanna write it’s about Yuri and him growing up i think that’s important but this is mostly just me yammering tbh

i was rly inspired by the new character depth that we got to see from Yuri in Welcome to the Madness manga and his artistic decision in the routine itself. he’s going through a really important phase in his life where he is trying to figure out who he is and exactly what he wants. he’s a teenager. he’s 16 years old and hardly has friends (he’s got, like, one really good friend), is treated like a child by the older skaters (even though he fucking won GOLD at the GPF yall are rude), is constantly being controlled and isn’t allowed freedom–

i think that would really really fuck him up over time and frustrate him, especially with all of the extreme pressures that he faces as a world class athlete. he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. he won gold at the GPF at the age of 15 and he cant let himself lose that title of “prodigy” because he’d be disappointing himself horribly. he has immense pride and a work ethic that cannot be messed with. he has literally sacrificed so fucking much just to be able to get to where he is. 

i think Yuri’s story also parallels Viktor’s story in the sense that Viktor didn’t focus on life or love for, like, 20 fucking years and Yuri is really down that same path. he is now being forced to think about love and life because those around him are making him. he was like Viktor– he wasn’t thinking about something as silly as love; he says so when Viktor was assigning Eros and Agape. when he was assigned Agape, he was forced to think about love. he had to think about love for his family, his friends, and just general love for little things in his life because if not then his routine would have failed. 

i think that now that he’s growing up, he wants to be able to flourish. he wants to let his friendship with Otabek grow because it’s important to him and he’s never had that before. he wants to get better at what he does. he loves skating so fucking much and he expresses in WTTM that he DESPERATELY wants to have the freedom to express himself on the ice the way he wants to. he wants to show his true self to the world because he literally thinks that that will be the “key to his salvation.” like i fucking LOST IT when he said that i really did. it was actually kind of heart breaking???like wow fuck this kid has been doing what everyone else wants him to do but now he’s growing up and he wants to have some fucking freedom. please let him have that.

i wanna write a fic exploring that a bit. i wanna have a fic where Yuri is facing immense pressure and everything is hitting him all at once. when you’re at that age and things just start getting extremely complicated, it really feels like the entire world around you is collapsing. i want him to fucking scream at everyone that he wants to do what he loves to do and have the ability to choose what he wants to do. i want him to yell that he wants to be taken seriously because he fucking deserves that shit. i want him to fucking run out of the rink during practice because he’s so beyond frustrated and his emotions are everywhere and run to a river that is close by the rink and just throw down his bag on the grass and scream. he just cries because he’s confused and doesn’t know what to do with his life. it all just hurts and he’s struggling with his emotions and he knows it’s probably the hormones because he’s growing up but he feels so fucking trapped and controlled. he is having a harder time training because of his body changes and everything is off balance and it’s like he has to relearn how to find his center every single damn week because growth spurts are an absolute fucking nightmare for figure skaters. having a legitimate horrible fear that he’s going to fail because of these changes. just missing his grandfather and Moscow. missing his friend that is all the way in Kazakhstan, also training. missing the feeling of completely just letting go and being himself and showing the world what he’s truly made of. missing that moment, that one flickering moment in his long life, where he felt fucking alive and reborn on the ice. he misses all of that so much. he wants it back but everything is so complicated now. 

i wanna just see his struggles of learning maturity and finding out what it means to be Yuri Plisetsky. overcoming his struggles and then facing new ones. trying his damn best with everything and anything possible because he will be fucking DAMNED if he doesn’t kick Struggles right in the fuckin balls because FUCK YOU. 

i just wanna write that. 

Imagine that Carl likes to sing when he is alone, he sings when he is on watch, when he is trying to make Judith sleep, when he showers, when he goes out in the woods reading comics or just walking away from the pressure Alexandria puts on him. He sings songs his dad uses to hear when they were driving from Georgia to his uncles or grandparents’ house, it brings memories to him, memories from a good time when dead weren’t eating people everywhere. His favorite, and the one wich lyrics he knows from the begging to the end, is one from ‘Florence and the machine’ that’s called ‘no light’.

One day, he is just on his room getting dressed, his dad and Michonne are looking for supplies and won’t come back until the end of the week, so he’s alone in the house with his sister sleeping on the other room. He starts singing.

“You are the hole in my head,
you are the space in my bed,
you are the silence in between what I thought and what I say,
you are the night time fear,
you are the morning when it’s clear.
When it’s over, you’ll start.
You are in my head, you are in my heart…”

So he keeps singing, he doesn’t noticed when someone got in the house because of concentrating on his own voice as he headed to the door.

“No light, no light in your bright blue eyes,
I never knew daylight could be so violent.
A revelation in the light of day,
you can’t choose what stays and what fades away,
and I’ll do anything to make you stay.
No light, no light.
Tell me what you want me to–”

“That was fucking beautiful and breath taking, kid” a raspy voice says when he opens the door, Carl’s face whitens at the sight of Negan’s smile “I already told you, but Lucille loves songs, and that one, oh… That one is her new favorite”

Carl’s face changes from white to red as Negan walks away to Judith’s room, whistling the same song he had been singing perfectly. He had hear everything.


Thanks to @ask-the-marauders-and-evans for sending me a message with the idea. All the love for you 😘😘

We love you (BTS Fluff)

 Words: 937

Warning: Fluff

@nerdynerdbookworm requested:  Hey! Can I just say that I love your blog?! I was wondering if you could do a really squishy/fluffy scenario with the boys for me? I’ve just been having a hard time with life lately and need some cheering up ☺ and I love your writing

A/N: Thank you very much for liking my writing and my blog <3 It really means so much for me to knowing that you enjoy ^^. Here you go!

A/N²: Don’t let this “hard time” let you down. You can talk to me whenever you want to.

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You were not the kind of person who was sad, walking on the corners. No, you were happy, amused. You were just facing one of those seasons in a person’s life that things are hard. You just needed something to release everything. All your stress. But you weren’t the kind of girl that let people realize your bad moments. Even the 7 most important people in your life.

It was 9:00 pm at night and you were at your home, watching some TV to distract yourself when your phone buzzed.

Jimin [9:05p.m.]: Hey, Y/N! You’re so gone these days. We miss you; you haven’t come to visit us lately. How about we go out? Together?

You breathed deeply. You were missing them too, but you really didn’t want to hang out. All you wanted was some time to yourself. But how could you avoid him?

 You [9:08p.m.]: Hi Chimchim! Ah, I miss you all too, but I don’t want to hang out, I’m kind of tired. I’ll just finish this movie and go to bed.

Damn it, Y/N, why are you avoiding Jimin? You miss him and he misses you! You thought. He had called you to go out at least 3 times that week. You started feeling worst.

Jimin [9:13p.m.]: You? Y/N doesn’t want to hang out?

Jimin [9:13p.m.]: Are you okay? You never prefer to stay at home instead of hang out with us. Is something bothering you? Have I done something?

Poor Jimin…No, you didn’t do anything. You were dying at the thought of him blaming himself.

You [9:15p.m.]: No, Jimin. It’s not your fault.

Jimin [9:18p.m.]: Then why are you avoiding us? Why are you avoiding me?

You started feeling tears coming. He was one of your best friends. You knew you could just talk to him.

You [9:21p.m.]: Chimchim, I’m not at a good moment. I’m not good at all; I just want to stay alone for a while. You know me.  I don’t like to show people when I’m bad or something

That’s it. You waited for an answer that never came. Twenty minutes had passed away and he hadn’t answered you. You thought that maybe his cell phone had lost battery or something. You stood up from the couch, meaning to go upstairs and just sleep when a knock on the door made you jump. Who can it be, so late?

 You opened the door and almost fall to the ground when you saw them. Jungkook, Taehyung, Hobi, all the 7 members there, standing in front of you. Jin was holding a bag and Yoongi had two bottles of soda in his hands, Namjoon had two more in his.

“What are you d-“ you started saying but were cut off as Jimin excused himself and entered into your house, the boys following him before giving you a peck on your cheeks. You closed the door and stared at them, who were placing the stuffs on the table in front of the couches and sitting at the carpet. What?

 You stayed there standing, not understanding what was happening.

“If you don’t want to hang out, then we came” Jimin said.

“Y/N” Taehyung called, “Why didn’t you tell us you weren’t ok?” he asked, his voice with a little of sadness.

You blushed. You knew you should’ve at least explained them what was happening instead of just avoid them. You felt tears coming again but this time you couldn’t hold them back. You started crying and quickly felt Taehyung’s arms around you, hugging you tight.

“Shh, we’re here” He whispered.

“I-I’m sorry. Guys, I’m sorry” you whispered, “I should’ve told you. I’m sorry” you said as you leaned your head against Tae’s shoulder.

 “Come on, let’s sit” he said and walked with you to join the boys. You sat between Yoongi and Kookie, smiling at them.

“It’s nothing to worry about. I’m just facing a hard season and I didn’t want to bother you with it” you said.

“Bother us? Y/N, you never think about that. We love you; we wanna see you happy every day and every time. I know how you are but stop keeping it to yourself, you can always share your problems with us” Jin said.

“Yeah. Please don’t do that again. Don’t avoid us. We like you so much” The shy maknae said, his cheeks blushing as much as yours.

“Thank you, guys. I love you all” you said.

“So, I know we can sleep here. I bet I would look amazing in one of yours long sweatshirts” Hobi said playfully and you smirked.

“Oh yeah, you are a diva” you kidded back.

“So, what were you doing before we got here?” Jimin asked.

“I was going to bed” you admitted.

“No. No way. We brought a lot of sneaks and junk food, soda and a lot of movies. You are not sleeping” Namjoon said determinate before standing up and choosing a movie.

 You felt happiness filling you up.  You looked at their happy faces. The thought of that seven great, amazing, gorgeous guys there, supporting you, worrying about you was everything you needed to feel to get better. You loved them so much. As friend, as army, as everything was possible. You knew they loved you too, and that whenever you need to, they would be there for you.

Hard To Trust ch 10

Here you go, my loves! Hope everyone enjoys! Give @pathybo all kinds of love!!

Hard to Trust 10

The next day you were going back to the dorms after your fear landscape and you saw Eric coming towards you.
“Come with me, initiate.” He said. He took you up a hall that you weren’t very familiar with. It was where his apartment was located. You watched as he typed his code in the lock at the door and let you in first. As soon as the door closed, he grabbed your arm and pinned you against the door, closing the space between the two of you.
“You will be the death of me. You know we can’t happen, it’s against he rules, but I can’t stay away from you anymore.” He whispered.
“I’d rather be factionless with you than dauntless without you.” You whispered back leaning your head closer and kissed him. Then there was a loud knock on the door.
“Eric, I know you’re in there and I know Y/N is with you, Max was in the control room and he saw you both coming up here on surveillance cameras. It’s better if she comes with me now, he’s on his way.” Four said through the door.
You opened the door and went with Four to avoid any commotion from Max. Eventually Max calmed down noticing that you were not in Eric’s apartment and Eric came up with an excuse that you forgot something when you stayed in his place and Max seemed ok with that, but you didn’t have the same luck with Four.
“You have got to be kidding me! Seriously, Y/N? After everything I’ve done for you, you choose Eric? I went back to that hell hole for you! I trained you so you could come here and we would finally be together! But no, you chose Eric. I love you and anyway you chose Eric, you’re unbelievable.” He dropped all the burden on you and left. You stayed in the hall not knowing what to do about all that. Four loved you. Everything Jordan said was true. Four had more than a crush on you, he loved you.

The next two days Four avoided you like the plague, and so did Eric. You were avoiding your friends and any human contact yourself. Your fear landscape had come to be. All these emotions were driving you insane. You understood that Eric was avoiding you because of Max and that Four was avoiding you cause he was hurt, but what were you supposed to do? You felt rejected and because of that hurt you pushed all others away.

Finally the day had come. The final fear landscape test, your last day as an initiate. You left the dorms and were going to the cafeteria for breakfast. Alicia and Chris had left before you while you were getting ready, so you were walking by yourself when a hand grabbed your arm. You smiled lightly thinking it was Eric but when you looked to the person beside you shock coursed through your body. Jordan was beside you grabbing your arm tight and you couldn’t breathe. His deep voice danced in your mind.
“Hey babe, miss me? I know you did. Come with me, I want to show you something.” He grinned, pulling you behind him.
“Let me go, Jordan! I don’t want to go anywhere with you.” You shouted, trying to pry his fingers off your arm.
“You think that pathetic big boyfriend of yours will come and save you? Yes, my beautiful fiancé, I know about you and Eric, I have my informants here. Will he save you? I don’t think so, you’ll see.” He dragged you through the halls and when you reached his destination he placed his hand over your mouth and whispered. “Don’t say a word or you will spook them, just look how nice it is.”
He turned you to face the other side of the corridor where you clearly saw Amy making out with some guy, but you couldn’t see who it was just yet. Jordan whispered in your ear.
“Just wait, wait. There we go.”
And then you saw him, Eric. Making out with Amy. Tears formed in your eyes and you managed to free yourself from Jordan’s grip and ran in the opposite direction.
You stopped by the chasm and sat there. The emptiness and rushing water of the chasm used to calm you down, but not today. You were feeling drained, weak and emotionally broken and you were going to your final emotional test. You didn’t even care anymore. You cried by yourself until it was time for your final test.
You took a big breath and walked into the waiting room. You sat beside Alicia and held onto her. She saw how hurt you were and knew that you needed her. She didn’t say anything, just held you.
The door opened and Four called your name, you stood up and went to your final test. Entering the room you saw Eric with Max. Stupid asshole, he didn’t even know you saw him with Amy. You couldn’t look at him any longer. Noticing your agitation, Four lead you to the chair.
“Y/N, are you ok? You seem upset. I’m sorry about the other day, I had no right to throw all that on you. Please forgive me.”
“It’s not about that, Four. I already forgive you. I’ve missed you” You said.
He smiled at you and lead you to the simulation chair. “You know the drill, be brave.” You took a quick glance Eric’s way as the serum’s effects took you over,
You went through your fears very bravely and easily until you reached the last one. All your loved ones despising you, saying mean things to you. When Eric stepped up and said he never felt anything for you and that he was just following Max’s orders, Jordan looked at you saying that he told you so, that no one cared about you. You punched him in the face and said
“I do! I care about myself and that’s all that matters.”
You thought you were finished, but a new fear started and you didn’t know how to deal with that. You were back at that hall looking down at Eric and Amy, watching them make out with Jordan by your side showing the spectacle to you. In your mind Eric was watching you watching him. You punched Jordan again, making sure he knew that no matter what happened you would never ever go back to him. Then it was over. You were awake now.
You sat up in the simulation chair and Four was already by your side. Your eyes met Eric’s; he seemed surprised. You let Four walk you out of the room.
“You did great. That last fear though, that was new.” He said.
“I know, I didn’t expect it, but let’s say something happened. I thought I would fail when I realized I had a new one.” You said sighing.
Four rubbed your back. “You can stay with your friends now, the results will be up at dinner time at the cafeteria. Max will give a speech.” He left you with the others calling the next name for their final test.
You, Alicia and Chris were hanging out at the cafeteria having dinner and waiting for your final scores. You were a little scared of failing.
When Max stood up at the balcony with Eric by his side, you felt a pain in your heart. “Initiates, the final stage is over, today you will become full members of dauntless. For those who didn’t make it the guards will lead you to the exit. For those who made it, congratulations! Here are your scores.”

You zoned out. You made it, and you were second! You were so thrilled. There was celebration going on all around you, you and your friends screaming and hugging each other, you didn’t notice Eric approaching you.
“Congratulations, you’re dauntless now!” He said
“Thanks.” You said, trying to avoid conversation.
“Can I talk to you in private?” He pleaded.
“Are you serious? Do you think I’m stupid? There’s nothing to talk about. If you saw my final fear, you know I saw what you did.” You were almost screaming at him.
“I’m still your leader. Lower your voice down and come with me. Now.” He ordered.
You followed him outside and as soon you got alone he started talking.
“They set us up, she kissed me and I pushed her away.” He was trying to explain.
“That’s not what I saw, but it doesn’t matter. I was a fool to think that something was going on between us. You’re just like Jordan, you just want to hurt me. Congratulations, you succeeded.” You said, turning to walk away.
Eric grabbed your arm. “You know me better than that Y/N. You know that Jordan is the one you shouldn’t trust, not me! I didn’t do anything wrong and I want you to know I would never betray your trust.” He was opening himself up to you and you didn’t believe him.
“I’m sorry, it’s a little hard to trust. I don’t believe you.” You turned around and left. Eric knew he would need to do more to get you back, so he didn’t follow you.
You went back to your friends and Max approached you. “Congratulations, initiates, from now on you’re dauntless! Tomorrow you will choose your jobs and your living places! Be here at 8 am.” He said to you all.
“Thank you, sir.” The three of you spoke at the same time.
Warren came up to you and held you and lifted you up. “We did it!! I just can’t believe you were better than me.” He said jokingly .
“Funny guy, do you want me to show you? I can beat you up right here.” You joked back. Warren was becoming a great friend of yours even with the crush he had on you.
Despite all the celebration and happiness of your friends, you were feeling sad and defeated about all that had happened with Eric, so you excused yourself and went back to the dorms.

That night you didn’t sleep well. The day’s stress kept you awake most of the night. How could Eric expect you to trust him after what you saw?

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Since you are bored, may i ask…favorite malec au?

And suddenly I am not bored anymore… 😂

Pumpkin, please. Why are you doing this to me? I hate making decisions. Seriously, I am literally the worst at choosing. Why do you think I’ve already made 5 Malec fic recs? lol

But duh… if I really have to: 

answer game thingy
tagged by a ray of sunshine called @zacharybosch :)

1) Nicknames - Frankie, monster, toaster, bud, alcoholic and lawn mower. I’m not at liberty to explain the rest but alcoholic is pretty blunt guys

2.) Gender - thaaaats a mystery

3.) Star sign - Aquarius cause I need another reason to remember I’m hydrophobic.

4.) Height - 5′7″ I think, I can reach ontop of the fridge if that helps as a visual aid :|

5.) Time – I just woke up from a half day long nap it took a good minute to even comprehend if it was a.m or p.m…it’s p.m

6.) Birthday - Feb 18. Yknow. The one day that edges on the one that could have changed my sign to NOT AQUA.

7.) Favourite band – its always gonna be a tie between MCR, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.

8.) Favourite solo artist – Justin Timberlake …Shakira does things to me. Michael Jackson is my father. I have no lines with music.

9.) Song stuck in my head – ….*under breath* fergalicious… *leaves*

10.) Last movie you watched – V/H/S: Viral, cause that skateboarder scene, am I right? Savage

11.) Last show you watched – Im in the middle of a “LOST” crisis that I don’t know how I got into but also don’t know how to get out of… so many tropical polar bears. So many questions.

12.) When did I create my blog – howwww would one figure that out without scrolling for seven hours…?

13.) What do I post – this blog, straight up Hannibal and shit doodles lol my non-hannibal doodles will never see the light of day here

14) Last thing I googled – okay so this is important because I spent 2 hours trying to figure out the word for fish, the way poultry is the term for bird meat basically. I learned so much about the seafood industry in the process- meanwhile… “birds are to poultry as fish is to ___ ?” had me screaming until I rang my sister who simply said “it’s just seafood you fucking twit” so…there’s that lol

15.) Do you have other blogs – yeah one personal filled with dorky shit and porn and another with Hugh’s stupid face :p

17.) Why did you choose your url – a long time ago someone I worked with at my first job told me they had a dream I was a feral forest kid. He kept calling me Toni of the trees. *deep shrug*

18.) Following – *chokes on beer* like a thousand, I didn’t know that I never check lmao

19.) Followers – 1,591 I love you all but what are you doing here everything is labeled trash

20.) Favourite colours – dark green, orange, grey, black, white, I’m a fucking flamboyant sonofabitch

21.) Average hours of sleep – wow ok so I go from two three or four hours of sleep to sometimes 16 so

22.) Lucky number – 100. Don’t know why. Honestly more of a cursed number cause it’s a bad tick of mine to count to 100 in my head when I’m nervous or jittery

23.) Instruments I played – guitar hero and rockband, sometimes I dabbled with air drums

24.) What am I wearing – Xfiles tee shirt, Alaska hoodie, sweat pants, socks…I gotta go get smokes so boots soon?

25.) How many blankets I sleep with – that throw blanket people put on couches cause I literally live on a couch

26.) Dream job – I’ll retain that I want to be a cop, but god knows I’m likely going to end up on the streets asking for change and or beer

27.) Dream trip – U.K. for like a million reasons, Russia, I liked Canada I’d like to go back *shrug*

28.) Favourite food – breakfast food, all breakfast food especially bacon egg cheese croissant, there’s this monster breakfast burrito Burger King has that’s trying to clog the hell out of my arteries. Just. All breakfast.

29.) Nationality – ‘Merican with a black Cajun mum and a white Irish pop. They’re like opposite ends of the colour spectrum lol

30.) Favourite song - Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back, hasn’t changed since middle school and never will. 💪🏼

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Why they’re shy...

I’ve been thinking lately why they come across as so shy…. I have a theory. 

Their self esteem definitely plays into it, and the fact that they’ve been bullied as teens, and kids, really all throughout their lives. They’ve relied on each other for everything, including love, closeness, partnership, emotional support etc.

But I have not, seriously, thought so much about the fact that they try to distance themselves from others, because they’re afraid that they’ll say something, or do something that will reveal their (possible) relationship. That fear, seems at times to be all encompassing. 

As we’ve seen, they only really show off Grethan, under controlled circumstances where they can choose what to put into the video, and what not to. But when they’re in other people’s videos, in interviews, in meetings with fans, and in candid shots by other people, they’ve been seen to be quite serious, stoic, shy and distanced. 

What do you guys think? 

The development

is what I think about when I watched those scenes as I was creating that gifset - Carol telling Rick he didn’t have to like what she did, he just had to accept it…I LOVE that scene because it shows how much Carol has grown since season one, from being abused by Ed, to standing up to Rick, the “alpha male” leader, and saying “I did this. Accept it.” Unapologetic for her choices, she didn’t like it, but she did it.

When she asks if Rick would have done something if Carl and Judith were in danger, or if he’d have just gone back to his crops and pretended things were going to be okay…I think about the scene in “Consumed,” where Carol tells Daryl she just prayed and hoped things would be okay, but she didn’t DO anything. I love that you can so clearly see the progression and development of her character and the impact Sophia’s death had on her.

Every choice Carol has made since Sophia’s death, has been directly affected by that moment when Sophia walked out of the barn. Everything she has done has been a result of her choosing to be PROACTIVE, instead of reactive, not wanting to repeat her “mistakes”: wanting to kill the governor in his sleep, to avoid the war; teaching kids how to use weapons, to avoid them ending up like Sophia; killing Karen and David, before they infected the rest of the prison and killed others; going undercover at ASZ to see what was really going on, and stealing weapons to help protect her group in the eventuality things went south…

Despite the questionable choices the writers have made with other characters and their stories and development, I believe Carol’s has been the most consistent, and is the most evident.

anonymous asked:

How would 2PM parenting style be? Like would they be really present or maybe more work focused, playful, strict, etc? Love your blog! ;*

Thank you :) I hope this is what you wanted ~

Jun. K - would be very fun and playful and almost have a friend-like relationship with his child(ren). I can see him asking his kid(s) for help/advice planning a surprise event for mom or asking for their opinions on other stuff, basically little things that would make him feel like a friend to them. They would totally be comfortable telling him any of their problems and asking him for advice as well. The bond between them would be unbreakable. Even though he gets very wrapped up in his work and doesn’t even take breaks most of the time, by the time he becomes a father almost all of his attention would be on them. He’d spoil them endlessly with love and attention and hours of play time. Just picture MinJun chasing his little baby around the house and the baby laughing hysterically while waddling away as fast as their diaper would allow 😭💚 there would no doubt be plenty of days when you’d come home or walk into the living room and see them on the living room floor, breathing heavily from the lengthy play session they just had. But even with is playful and chill side he would be great at sitting his child down and having a serious one on one talk. Whether it be about safe sex or bad grades or bullying or anything else, he would definitely have the ability to sit them down and say ‘hey, I heard what happened at school today but I wanna hear your side" and once he hears what they had to say he’d figure out how to handle the situation. In terms of discipline, I see him asking his kid what they think they deserve as punishment and take that into consideration. Overall he would be a very loving and approachable father and because of that, when the time comes for discipline or other serious matters, his children would have the utmost respect for him because they know he’s loves them dearly and will listen to what they have to say.

Chansung - Would be such a loving and attentive father as well. He already loves kids so he’d love his kids a million times more. He would try his very best to teach his children everything he knows, mistakes and all. He’d be the type of father to take his kids to tons of different lessons so they can have a variety of things to choose from and develop a passion for though there’s a good chance that they’d want to take taekwondo classes just like him 💚 I think he’d be kind of strict like if his kids did something he considered to be unacceptable he would very straightforwardly say ‘no, don’t do that’ and they would know that there’s no room for arguing. He’d really enjoy spending time with his children whether it’s just watching tv together to helping them with homework or something more involved like camping, building things, etc. Whatever it is he’d just be happy to be with them and almost get to know them instead of being just an authority figure.

Taecyeon - He’d of course love his children but I feel like he’d be a little flustered when it came to discipline. Like he wouldn’t want his kids to feel oppressed or like he’s a mean father but he wouldn’t want to be too lenient and cause them to lose respect for him and not take him seriously. Whenever it came time for disciplining he’d say 'I’m gonna go speak to your mother about this and we’ll come to a decision together’. He might get the hang of it eventually but it’d take a while. The same uncertainty would apply for other small but important things like if his baby has a tiny cough he’d panic and ask you 'is he/she okay??’ And you would have to reassure him that your baby is fine and just needs a little bit of medicine. Then even when he’s buying medicine (or anything else for the baby such as bottles and diapers) he’d call you and give you a whole list of what’s in front of him and read the labels of everything to you so you can help him choose which one to get. Besides that I think he’d like to indulge his kids in what they wanted like he’d want them to come to him with a project idea or something else they wanted to do and be more of a guide/helper; instead of suggesting things he’d let them be free and support their wishes.

WooYoung - would be the crazy fun father that the kids absolutely adore. He would be terrible with discipline for the most part, letting his kids get away with a lot and even praising them if it were something like a prank. Pretty much like the dinner table scene in The Incredibles, (if you haven’t seen that movie I’m judging you), but basically they’re at dinner and the mother tells the father about a prank that the older son got in trouble for in school and the father says 'no way, how’d you pull that off? that’s awesome!“ And the mother is like 'hello you’re not supposed to be happy about this’. That would be a common scene with WooYoung as a father. If it were something very serious though he’d sit his kid down and tell them 'you know I’m not really strict for anything but what you did was really messed up and will not happen again’ and his child will realize that it must really be serious if his usually laid back father is disappointed. Apart from discipline he’d be very creative when it comes to doing things together with his child like designing a toy together or coming up with an original game, anything to get the creative juices flowing. His ability to be a little childish when he wants would help out greatly.

Nichkhun - he’s almost like a father figure already to the young ones in his family so he’d be a father that you could totally rely on and depend on. I know he’d be strict with his daughter(s) but I also think he’d be strict his his son(s) too which is not very common in fathers. He’d want to keep his daughter completely sheltered from the male species (excluding himself of course) but once he decided to let her date or even talk to boys he’d want every detail of what’s going on. He’d be respectful but he’d take full authority as her father as well. With his son he’d make sure he told him on a daily basis to be respectful and treat any girl as well as he treats his mother and since he himself always treat you like a queen he’d often say to his son 'see? this is how you treat women.’ Besides relationships he’d also have firm rules but he’d be pretty chill as well. It would be well known that they can have their freedom and have a good time with their father as well so long as they stick by the rules and remain mindful and respectful.

JunHo - have you seen the way he treats his cats? Multiply that a million times and that’s how much he’d love his children. I think he’d be super fascinated by them as they’re growing, especially when they’re babies and you’d often find him just staring at his baby and murmuring things to him/her like 'are you uncomfortable? is this blanket too stuffy?’ how are you not tired yet?’ Meanwhile you’re just chuckling to yourself because your baby is like two months old and just drooling while staring at him. As they get older he’d be a pretty cool dad, one of those dad’s that will tease his kid (lovingly) in front of his friends and actually make his friends laugh but then his kid will destroy him with a comeback and it’d be fine because they have that relaxed relationship. I think he’d be a combination of strict and carefree like if his child did something wrong he’d say something like 'seriously? you thought that was a good idea?’ That way he’d be addressing the problem but not in a forceful way that makes his kid feel sad or less than, if that makes sense.

Press Your Number

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PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5

“The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service. Please hang up and try again.”

Jay tapped the ‘end call’ button and tossed his phone onto the couch beside him. He ran a hand through his hair before he let his head fall back and his eyes slip shut.

“You okay?” Hyuk Woo questioned as he entered the lobby. “Shouldn’t you be heading home? Your anniversary’s coming up, right? Weren’t you guys going on some sort of trip? How’s the planning going?”

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