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This is a (decently long, sorry for the lack of writing these past few days) one-shot for the below prompt! It… didn’t turn out exactly like the ask, but I hope you like it anyway! I’ve been wanting to try writing trans!lance for a while because I absolutely love that hc, and I really enjoyed writing this, so let me know if you guys like it, because I could definitely see myself doing another fic with it.

Trans! Lance where an asshole alien keeps miss gendering Lance and being transphobic and he starts to get upset and then the team overhears this happening and are about to kick the aliens ass.

I tried to make it gen… but it ended up being very klance, especially at the end… so uh… I hope you like it anyway! Sorry this always happens when I try to write gen fics.

Only half the team knew.

Contrary to their belief, Lance was actually an expert secret keeper. With a large family like his, he had to know when to keep his mouth shut. So, despite the loud, obnoxious, open persona he displayed for the others, he could also be sneaky.

He’d the had practice of years sneaking out of the Garrison, or even his house when he was little to go see the beach at night with his siblings.

So, keeping a secret on an unbelievably large castle ship with only six other people on it was easy.

Or at least, it should’ve been.

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Don't Mess with What is Mine(Jerome Valeska x Chubby Shy Reader)

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Prompt: The reader and Jerome go to the club so Jerome can do business with some guys, while you walk around alone a guy is flirty with you and says inappropriate things to you, which doesn’t make Jerome react nicely.

Warning: Murder, mention of sex, I think some cursing.

Note: I love this little ginger asshole and would feel like a very protective boyfriend especially if his girlfriend was shy.

It really was a surprise to many of your friends and family when they found out you were dating Jerome Valeska. It was also a very big surprise to the public when the headline came out “PSYCHO CRIMINAL JEROME VALESKA MANAGES TO STEAL THE HEART OF SHY MRS. Y/L/N” You didn’t really mind being called the psycho’s girlfriend since you knew deep down Jerome was good. Also to many they said that you managed to make the maniac go soft but that theory was discarded very fast after Jerome went on a killing spree. But he was very sweet to you. God he loved you so much. He knew how shy you could be sometimes so he would always act so sweet around you. He really didn’t want to scare you off so he tried to be the best boyfriend there ever was.

Then on one Saturday afternoon, Jerome asked you if you would like to join him in going to the club with him since he had to do some business with some guys. He knew the club wasn’t really your scene but he wanted to ask you just incase. What really surprised him was when you agreed to join him in going.

So now it was later that night and you arrived at the club. Jerome accompanied you inside. One minute you walked in there was a lot of noise and people, which really wasn’t your favorite, but you still put on a smile on your face. That was something Jerome loved about you how you could make any situation, negative or not, positive. So when you were inside the club Jerome lead you to the guys he needed to talk to.

“Well hello Jerome. Who’s this lovely lady with you today. She is way to beautiful for you.” One guy spoke. His comment made you blush a little which Jerome noticed, and didn’t appreciate.

“This is y/n. My girlfriend, note MY girlfriend.” Jerome spat back.

“Don’t worry I won’t be stealing your girl. Now let’s get to business.”

Before Jerome started talking with the guys whispered in your ear “Hey doll there a booth in the back of the club, why don’t you go and save it for us ok? Then when I’m done here I can go buy a couple drinks. Would you like that.” You nodded and headed over to the booth Jerome was talking about. You took a seat at one side of the booth and shortly after a guy sat beside you.

“Hey sweetcheeks what’s your name.”

“My name is y/n and if you don’t mind I was saving that seat for my boyfriend.”

“Well I don’t see his name on it. Anyway how about you forget about your little boyfriend and let a real man show you a good time. I know exactly how to make a woman moan.” He moved closer into your face and moved his hand up your thigh.

“No-o thank you-u. Ummm I have to use the restroom if you excuse me.”

“Ok sweetheart don’t be too long.” he said winking at you. You quickly went to go find Jerome. The guy was lucky Jerome wasn’t there when he was flirting with you he would have been dead in five seconds flat. You spotted Jerome over at the bar ordering both of you drinks. You walked up next to him so quietly he didn’t even noticed. So you pulled on his sleeve to gain his attention.

“Oh hey sweetcheeks is everything ok?” Jerome asked. You shook your head and moved to whisper in his ear “After I sat in the booth, this guy just sat next to me. He started to flirt with me and made me feel really uncomfortable. Can we just leave?” You could see Jerome expression turned into a little jealous but mostly anger how dare someone make his sweet little y/n uncomfortable, that guy was going to pay.

“Yes of course doll we can leave but I have to use the restroom. Wait here a minute will you?” You nodded. Instead of heading to the bathroom Jerome headed over to the guy. When Jerome reached the booth he sat across from the guy. The guy was about to speak until Jerome interrupted. “So you’re the guy flirting with my girl. Let me just say it pal I don’t really appreciate it, you know. Hearing some lousy drunk idiot making an attempt to steal my girl isn’t the way I wanted to spend the night.”

“Oh so your the minx’s little boyfriend. Don’t worry she wasn’t interested. Well I might have persuaded her to come home with me, show her what sex is with a real man not some freak show like you, but sadly you showed up.” This guy knew exactly how to bush Jerome’s buttons. “Obviously you have had sex with her,” the guy leaned into the table. “tell me some tips, what makes her scream, what’s her favorite position?”

“Alright you asshole, stop talking about my girlfriend like that, she’s mine and if you make one more comment, your dead.” Jerome pulled out a knife hiding it under the table so the guy couldn’t see it.

“Oh sure what are you going to do.” That was the last straw. Jerome walked out of his seat and came right in the guy’s face, the knife facing his neck.

“This should teach you not to mess with things that are mine.” That being said Jerome stabbed the neck right into the guy’s neck. Before anyone noticed the scene Jerome walked over to you. “Alright I’m ready to go.” he said and he intertwined his fingers with yours.

“Thanks.” you whispered into his ear, while pecking his cheek softly, making him blush a bit. As you moved your head away from his face, you flicked your eyes over to the booth in the corner so he knew what you were talking about.

“Anytime, doll. Now let’s go home.” After he said that you both headed home, hands intertwined.

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The Dinner Party

just a random idea that came to me in a fever dream earlier this week. rated E for explicit smutty smut smut. enjoy!

“You want me to do what?”

Peeta frowned at her foot, wielding the nail polish brush threateningly. “First, I want you to hold still.” Katniss wriggled her toes defiantly but then obliged, hardly daring to breathe when he swiped the coral nail polish onto her big toe in nice, even strokes. It looked perfect, of course. He could always paint better than she could, even nails.

“Seriously, though. You want me to go to a dinner party with you?” she asked. He glanced up at her with a crooked smile before he started painting her next toenail.

“You make it sound like I’ve asked you to strip naked and run around the block or something,” he said, focusing on her toes. She snorted, then clamped her lips shut when he shot her a warning look. Snorting made her foot jiggle, apparently. “It’s just a dinner party. Delly asked everyone to bring a guest–someone, and I quote, ‘interesting.’ So I’m asking you.”

Katniss stared at the top of his head, his blond curls falling across his forehead as he worked. “But I don’t really know her. And what a weird stipulation,” she said with a laugh.

Peeta shrugged. “Delly likes her theme parties,” he muttered, tongue poking out the corner of his mouth as he delicately painted her pinky toe. Satisfied with his work, he shot her a triumphant smile. “And you’re the most interesting person I know.”

She rolled her eyes. “Says the guy who paints nails better than any girl I know.”

He gave her a look of mock offense. “Are you questioning my masculinity? You know how I feel about rigid gender roles.” Then he held up his hand, palm flat, fingers spread. “And who’s got a steadier hand than me?” She kicked playfully at his hand, and he made a noise of protest, grabbing her ankle to place her foot down on the coffee table. “Don’t mess up my hard work.”

Katniss slumped down into the couch, chewing on her lip. “You know I don’t like people. How am I supposed to be interesting around a bunch of strangers?”

Screwing the nail polish bottle shut, Peeta sat back on his hands. “Just think of it as a challenge. See how often you can work into the conversation that dry wit and razor-sharp sarcasm of yours without them realizing you’re insulting them.”

“Do you want people to hate me?” she asked wryly, folding her arms over her chest. He grinned.

“Delly said interesting. She didn’t say anything about likable.” He laughed when she flipped him off, then pushed off the floor to stand up. “I should head home. But I swear, if you just be yourself, people will love you.” She didn’t think it was that simple. Peeta never had to worry about getting people to like him; it just came naturally to him. But she didn’t argue the point, letting him pull her up from the couch. With cotton balls stuffed between her toes, she wobbled after him to the front door. Grabbing his jacket from the coat rack, he turned to her. “So you’ll come?”

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this is what happens when I headcanon with the incomparable @ananbeth ! lol thought I’d share these because we had tons of fun with it and it’s fucking solid as hell if I do say so myself 

  • Percy and Frank who grow up together and go surfing constantly
  • Percy laughs every time he watches big Frank get into this tiny car 
  • Percy and Frank who grew up like cousins 
  • their moms are best friends and their houses are down the street from one another 
  • Percy making jokes and Frank laughing hysterically, his face bright red 
  • when they meet Annabeth in the 7th grade Frank immediately KNOWS that she and Percy are gonna get together But he has to watch them both be idiots around each other for years
  • Frank getting demoted to the back seat of the car when they start dating and he’s like “guys….I know you’re in love but… Please”
  • LITTLE FRANK HELPING LITTLE PERCY WITH HOMEWORK sitting at Sally’s kitchen table, a plate of warm cookies in the middle 
  • patient Frank who is constantly encouraging Percy and Frank never brings it up when they’re older 
  • Percy is like "I would not have made it without you” and Frank is like “you’re crazy, that was all you man”– it means so much to Percy
  • also, going back to the original image: Surfer bros
  • getting up at 5am to get out on the waves before school then falling asleep in class later
  • Frank always misses a spot of sand on his leg no matter what he does
  • Percy’s hair is always crisp from the sand and salt
  • Frank after his growth spurt and he’s like “Percy why are those girls laughing at me, did I spill on my shirt again” and Percy is like “…no, I don’t know” and Annabeth is like “you guys are idiots, they’re giggling because they’re checking you out”
  • Frank goes red and is like “…I’ll be in the water if you need me”
  • Sally packs them a cooler of snacks for summer beach days. Frank always has at least 3 different SPF sunscreens with him. He wears one of those dorky tan bucket hats. Percy has a pair of old beat up vans that are his beach shoes. 
  • blasting music with the windows down as they drive home. 
  • bonfires on the beach. 
  • floating on their boards out in the water during sunset, which they call “the best seats in the house”
  • Frank living with the Jacksons during his mom’s deployments 
  • Sally and Percy helping him make care packages to send her
  • this leads us to even better territory: Bunk beds.
  • Percy isn’t allowed on the bottom bunk because he kicks the top mattress when he’s bored
  • he always pops his head down to ask Frank obscure questions late at night and Frank is like “PLEASE" 
  • they try to build a treehouse?
  • It’s terrible bless them
  • until Sally steps in and helps them then they spend all their time there
  • hiding out, and playing super heroes and stuff
  • they sleep there one night and it’s such an ADVENTURE
  • It’s where Frank goes when he wants to feel brave
  • they both go back up there the night before they’re about to leave to go to different colleges for the first time in years. They can barely fit and they’re both wearing their college sweatshirts 
  • Frank’s mom passes away when he’s 15, and he goes missing after the funeral 
  • they look all over for him until Percy suddenly realizes where he is 
  • he finds Frank in the treehouse holding the medal his mom was given
  • Percy scoots in and doesn’t say anything but Frank eventually looks up and he’s kinda still crying and he’s like "she would want me to be brave…right?" 
  • And Percy is like "she would want you to be whatever you need to be to get through this" 
  • Frank looks back down at the medal as he runs his thumbs over it and he’s like "I wanna be brave”
  • imagine them going off to separate colleges and keeping up a long distance friendship
  • Frank goes to the northwest like Oregon or something and Percy is like “I don’t understand how you traded the beach for the forest” and Frank is like “Says the guy in the middle of New York!” “Frank, it’s different
  • imagine successful NY Percy who buys his mom a cabin in Montauk so she can be closer to him 
  • Percy finally being able to provide for his momma because he recognises how much she gave to him when he was growing up
  • he just wants her to be able to enjoy life and not worry about things the way he did when he was growing up– wants to give her the peace of mind she always gave him
  • he never begrudges the childhood he had, but he wants to be able to provide for his kids and give them a childhood that he couldn’t really have
  • imagine them seeing each other when they fly home for break after their first semester 
  • Percy is like “did you hear the slo mo music as we ran to each other or was it just me” and Frank is like “no I heard it too" 
  • (Possible Annabeth being like "that’s cause I was playing it on my phone for your romantic reunion”)
  • She would totally video it too and caption it like, Percy gets less excited when he sees me after a long break or just Reunion 💕
  • she loves it– loves her boys
  • the first time Annabeth gets to go into the treehouse it’s such an occasion 
  • Frank puts up fairy lights to make it fancy
  • it’s her 15th birthday and her and Percy have been dating for a couple of months 
  • They have a little cupcake for her 
  • There’s streamers
  • Percy is like “you’re in the club forever now” and it’s this sweet moment cause she’s used to moving around and not having a home
  • Frank excuses himself after they sing happy birthday but not without blushing furiously and tripping over his feet
  • his clip on tie falls off on his way out 

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While at a hotel the Chocobros and their girlfriends get into a bad argument, the guys say something they regret from anger (like "I don't need you anymore" something angsty as hail) and when their S.O's sneak out of the hotel during the night, the guys freak out? Your blog is awesome by the way

Thank you so much! <3 Things said out of anger can ruin relationships all the time. This is both a fun and unique prompt that I looked very forward to writing.



Noctis dug his fingers in his hair, it had been 4 hours, 4 hours ago, he had yelled at you, over something so stupid.

“Just leave me the hell alone, since I’m not good enough for you, why don’t you just leave.”

The look of hurt, betrayal and sadness that crossed your face, only for you to stand up straight. Staring the man in the eye,

“All right, fine.”

Had he not been so upset, the Prince wouldn’t now be sleeping on the far side of the bed, rolling over to look to you. Maybe he could apologize in the dead of night, and it would help his mind to rest just a little. Only to realize that you weren’t there! Yet he felt you get in the bed.

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Colorblind Spot Conlon.

Give me a colorblind Spot.

A Spot who doesn’t know there’s something wrong with the way he sees colors until kindergarten when they learn them.

He gets so frustrated when they’re talking about red and green because those colors are the same as yellow and blue!!!!

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"Don't be fucking rude!" please? xx

enemies to lovers is my ultimate kink goodbye

There were no words to describe just how much I hated Harry Styles. The way he dressed like an off duty model, the way he never cut his goddamn hair, the way he always got what he wanted. I had begged our director not to cast him in the role opposite me.

“I’ll do anything, please, give another guy a chance.”

She raised her eyebrows at me, “I’ll give another guy a chance when they get as good as Harry.” I sighed and closed my eyes as she continued. “We don’t give handouts in the theater and we certainly don’t let our disdain for other actors get in the way of our art. So be professional, I expect more from you than this petty nonsense.”

“Yes ma'am.” I murmured as I looked over her shoulder at Harry who was talking to some of his friends, laughing about something he had said that I’m sure wasn’t funny as he picked his satchel up off the ground and threw it over his shoulder.

Harry knew I hated him. It wasn’t a secret. He also knew he would get this role and we would have to play lovers. He knew I would rather die than play someone who was supposed to be in love with him. And he auditioned for the role anyway, winking right at me when he announced which role he wanted. Fucking wanker.


We did our first scene together the next day, scripts in hand as we proclaimed our love for each other. In my head I was thinking of absolutely anything else, like what I was going to eat for dinner tonight.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop!” Our director yelled as Harry leaned in to kiss me. I tried not to slump in relief. “I feel nothing.” She threw her hands up in the air, “I picked the two of you because you’re the best I have and I thought you could overcome your differences–”

Harry and I immediately started babbling, trying to defend ourselves, talking over one another.

“Enough!” She pinched the bridge of her nose and took a deep breath. “The two of you are going to do an exercise together to work on your intimacy.”

“Fantastic.” Harry muttered sarcastically. “I don’t need to do this exercise,” He said louder, “She’s the one who clearly zones out when doing scenes with me it’s like she’s not even there.”

I started to defend myself but she said, “Then maybe you should try to be more captivating, Harry, honestly I almost fell asleep myself listening to you.” I snickered and Harry glared at me, “You’ll both do the exercise or I recast the both of you.” We started to protest but she held up a hand, “If one of you can’t do it you both lose your parts. Work together.”

I was furious. I couldn’t believe this idiot was going to make me lose my role.

“Now, the exercise.” She clapped her hands together, “Props! Get me some blankets and pillows!”

I already did not like where this was going and I could see the look of horror mirrored on Harry’s face as we watched the props team set up a makeshift bed in the middle of the stage.

“I want the two of you to lay down under those blankets like you’re husband and wife and I want you to talk to each other. I don’t have to hear it, no one in this room has to hear it, but I want you to talk. I’ll know if you didn’t do it right so don’t even try to fake it.”

I looked around the room at the rest of the cast and crew, “…With everyone watching?”

She rolled her eyes, “Everyone take a twenty minute break!” She announced and everyone dispersed, leaving us alone on the stage. She soundlessly pointed to the blankets and pillows and turned away from us.

Harry and I glared at each other for a few moments, “Are you going to do this or are you going to continue acting like a child who throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way?”

I rolled my eyes and walked towards the blankets, “Don’t be fucking rude.”

“Maybe if you were nice to me I wouldn’t be,” Harry said sitting down next me, “You know, most people like me, I’m still not sure why you don’t.”

“It must really kill your ego that I don’t like you, huh?” I settled onto the pillow, Harry following after me, facing each other on the ground. “The one girl in the whole world who won’t get on her knees for you.”

“Not close enough!” Our director yelled from the audience.

I sighed and scooted closer to Harry.

“Put your arm around her! Jesus, you’re in love for Christ’s sake.”

Harry sighed and put his arm around me, pulling me close enough so I could feel his breath on my face. “Only girl who won’t get on her knees for me, but didn’t take much to get you into bed.” Despite myself, I laughed and our foreheads touched. “Ah, she has a sense of humor after all.”

I stopped laughing, “I’ve always had a sense of humor, you’re just not funny.”

“Why aren’t you touching him, Y/N?” I sighed at the sound of her voice before resting a hand on his cheek, lightly scratching against the stubble on his jaw.

He smirked at me, the smug asshole. “That feels nice.”

I resisted the urge to slap him and instead took a deep breath. “Come on, it’s not that bad pretending to be in love with me.” He squeezed my waist. “I’ve been told I’m an excellent lover.” He whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine. “Let yourself fall in love with me for a minute.” He said and his voice was so soothing I closed my eyes. “I could fall in love with you. I’ve thought about it sometimes, when I watch you onstage. You’re so incredibly talented, you’ve brought me to tears more than once. I’ve always wanted to act opposite you even though you hated me.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I was so still, I wasn’t entirely sure I was breathing. “And those lips…” He pulled back from my ear until his forehead touched mine, “I’ve thought about kissing them more times than I care to admit.”

I stared at him, suddenly conscious of every place his skin touched mine. “This is all part of the exercise, right?” I whispered.

He blinked. Instead of answering his finger reached up to graze my cheek and then cupped behind my neck before pulling me to him, our lips colliding gently at first as they explored unfamiliar territory. He was a nice kisser. He had soft lips and knew when to speed up movements, when to pull me closer, when to nibble on my lip and I was breathless when he finally pulled away. His eyes were wild as he looked at me, thumb still idly stroking my cheek.

“Of course.” He breathed. “Just for the exercise.” But he made no move to pull away from me and instead rubbed his thumb over my lower lip.

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hcs for bad boy tsun jungkook and his nerd jimin please. Like where they're dating but some people keep bothering JM because they think JM don't deserve JK and JK stand out abt it

//when they started dating everyone was really surprised. it wasn’t a common sight to see  jeon never-committed jungkook holding park book-worm jimin’s hand tightly.

//jeon is all cold faces, furrowed eyebrows and deathly glares. he usually gets into fights out and in school, despite everyone knowing they shouldn’t mess with him. he has like a fan club? more like ‘we are your friends bc we are afraid you will beat us to death :D’ and the typical ‘his mysterious aura is so hot pls jungkook marry me’.

//park is all gentle smiles and caring heart. he’s usually reserved, sits put at the front of the classroom and pays attention to the teacher. he’s nice and friendly, almost literally everyone is friends with him.
park and jeon are totally opposites.

//despite that, jungkook found himself attracted by jimin’s smiles and kind gestures. jungkook will not admit it, but jimin got him wrapped around his cute little fingers since that fateful day in which jungkook was staying behind at detention, forced to stack books to their right place and jimin offered his help.
“I practically live here, so i know every book’s place.”
the rest of the week jungkook spent all his afternoons in the library not giving a living shit he was confined into such awful place, because jimin’s smile and company was worth it.

//it took jungkook three months of awkward flirting and disguised dates (”hey jimin let’s go get ice cream after class” “ugh why?” “there’s a promo, if u go with your boy– your friend u can eat more ice cream so let’s go” “oh…ok”) for them to officially become a couple.

//jungkook accompanies jimin to his classes, hands held tight and cheeks tinted red.
“See you later jiminnie.”
“what? no kiss?” says jimin with a tiny pout that makes jungkook almost coo out loud. jungkook gives in to his boyfriend’s cuteness and pecks his cheek.
“no silly, not in the cheek.” mumbles jimin but before jungkook has the time to refuse “because ugh no it’s embarrassing, you are so needy” jimin pulls him in by his collar and their lips press together. it’s short and cute and jungkook internally wishes it would last longer.

//jungkook’s grades improve slightly and when his teachers ask he just shrugs his shoulders, but jimin knows better. he knows jungkook is putting in effort to do good because he wants to impress him (”hey jimin help me with this” “what? you wanna study math?” “It’s not that i want to but since we spend so much time here together i might just do something to not get bored” “You know you can leave if you want….” “Nah, its ok…who’s gonna make sure you don’t drown in your books if i leave….” “aww jungkookie, you worried?” “shut up….”)

//jimin is the first and only one who rode jungkook’s motorcycle. and also the only one jungkook has lent his favorite leather jacket to “so you stop complaining you are cold…..hearing u sniffling all the time it’s annoying”

//jungkook brings him a flower from his grandma’s garden every day. jimin always smiles and kisses him for the gift. if jungkook holds him in place so the kiss lasts longer none of them make the effort to point it out.

//people speak about them, and it crushes a little jimin’s heart when he hears girls on the corridor whisper how they aren’t going to last (“jungkook is not one to commit, his relationships never last more than a month”) or how jimin, despite being everyone’s friend because of his gentle nature “is not enough nor worth of Jungkook’s time”. He just endures it, because he knows they are just jealous, and even if jungkook tries to look annoyed half the time jimin knows he cares about him, it shows in the little details.

//“don’t mind them” says jungkook squeezing jimin’s hand with his own. Jimin turns his head back to him, now focused on jungkook instead of the group of guys gossiping about them. “they can talk whatever they want.”
“even if they say you don’t love me? or that I’m not good enough for you?”
“yeah,” replies jungkook, gentle smile on his lips -the one he reserves only for jimin. “because as long as you are aware of my feelings i don’t need to prove myself to those idiots.”
“I know…. i know you like me-”
“no jiminnie, I love you”

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For the prompts: "is this your first time?" "So...what are we now?" And "rise and shine, sweet thing." Some prinxiety of you don't mind. ;)

[cough] so I might have made this angsty… sorry? [cough]

Tag list: @zadi-jyne @musicphanpie-b @ajumbleofwords @love-sanders-sides @lostin–translation @holdnarrytight @strange-dark-son @mikey-girl12

Warnings: self-hatred, self-depricating thoughts, mentions of transphobia at the end, physical and verbal fighting (though v little on the physical), angst to fluff ending

They’d been sitting on Virgil’s back porch for just over an hour, silently staring up at the stars, before Virgil finally piped up.

“So… Why are you doing this? I’m clearly not your type–I mean, I’m ‘the epitome of of all things dark’ and you’re… You’re basically glitter personified; just a giant ball of shiny stuff that everyone loves. Did someone set you up to this? Oh, god, is this one of those pranks where you try to get close to me and then humiliate me in front of the school? I thought you were at least better than that.” Virgil’s voice grew bitter and quiet as he stood up and walked to the railing.

Roman’s head snapped to the darkly-clad boy standing a few feet away. “What? No! That’s–I’m not… Why would you even think that?” He moved to stand up when Virgil whipped around, tears streaming down his face.

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If you're still taking prompts...Killian is sick but carries on and the team don't notice. Cue guilt when they figure out he's been suffering in silence (bonus points for Charming figuring it out)

i LOVE THIS PROMPT! I hope this is okay lol. Set in season 3 cos, why not?

The fact he was late should have been the first sign something was wrong. He entered the inn slightly out of breath and looking paler than usual. Dark circles were still visible underneath his eyeliner and his clothes disheveled.

“Too much rum last night?” David sniped, taking in his haggard appearance.

“Something like that.” He offered without gusto.

“Now you’re finally here, we need to arrange search groups to tackle the north woods.” Emma interrupted, getting them straight down to business.

She split them into two. Herself, David and Killian would scout the north-west while Regina and Robin would gather the merry men and take the north-east.

“You ready?” Emma asked the pirate rising slowly from his chair.

“Aye… i’ll meet out out front.” he informed her before disappearing down the hall towards the bathroom.

Neither took any notice, heading towards the front of the inn to head out.

The trek through the woods was quiet. Killian kept falling behind being rather sluggish in his movements, much to Emma and David’s irritation. A sheen of sweat had formed on his skin causing it to glisten in the freezing temperatures.

“Look, if you’re too hungover you might as well head back.” David offered none too kindly.

“I’m not and i’m fine.” Killian gritted out.

His words didn’t convince them as he leaned against the nearest tree for support, knees almost buckling as he turned his head and began dry heaving.

Emma and David turned with mild disgust, letting the man empty his stomach in private.

They turned back to find him panting, weakly grabbing for the flask in his pocket.

“Yeah, that’ll help.” Emma snapped. “Seriously, just go back, Killian.”

He swilled a mouthful of rum around before spitting it out, rinsing his mouth of the horrible aftertaste. His jaw clenched as he stubbornly put the flask back and marched forward passing the two sheriffs.

“I said i’m fine. Let’s carry on, shall we?”

Both Emma and David sighed at his reluctance to give up. He clearly seemed pissed off that they’d called out his drinking habit, so if he wanted to make himself feel worse by proving some point, they weren’t going to stop him.

It got to lunch time and they’d had no such luck. They decided to head back to the diner to regroup and go over anything they might have missed.

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Accidental Kissing

Hi there! I’ve really wanted to start incorporating writing into my blog and this is my first real attempt. I wrote this on my own, and it’s just some phan fluff, but I’d love to write more if you guys want to send prompts or anything like that <3

Summary: Phil has a crush on Dan and during a gaming video Phil might accidentally kiss him.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or anything in this writing other than the writing itself

Please don't repost this anywhere or claim it as your own <3


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Concept 4:

Stiles is drunk. The party slides around him in washes of color and sound– everything transient, nothing sticking. Bass thumps in his eardrums, turning his stomach. Derek appears as a blessing, half out the door before he even makes it through the foyer, but still the most solid thing Stiles has seen all night.

“I hate this,” Stiles whispers, his breath hot against Derek’s sensitive ear. “You’re the only person here worth talking to.”

“Okay,” Derek says, his hand settling solid and reassuring on Stiles’ hip. “So let’s go somewhere that isn’t here.”


“What were you even doing there?” Stiles peers at Derek curiously over the rim of his mug. The coffee isn’t quite strong enough to dissolve tooth enamel, but coupled with the brisk walk from the rave to the diner, it’s doing wonders for counteracting his buzz. “A warehouse party isn’t really your scene.”

Derek shrugs, placidly plowing his way through a mountain-high portion of chicken souvlaki. His knees keeps knocking against Stiles’ under the chipped Formica tabletop, and Stiles can’t find it in himself to pretend to mind.

“Didn’t really look like your scene, either,” Derek says, meeting Stiles’ gaze unblinkingly. His wackadoo eyes make Stiles’ head spin, and it’s easy to blame it on the booze. Bourbon, Stiles thinks admonishingly. When will you learn that bourbon is not your friend.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” he huffs, darting his hand across the table to snatch a few of Derek’s fries, nearly knocking a glass of water over in the process. Derek rolls his eyes heavenward with a sigh, and then rotates his plate so that the truly impressive mound of deep fried potato is facing Stilinskiwards. Stiles bites down on a victorious whoop, and grabs another handful to cram into his mouth.

Derek watches him chew happily, his ridiculous eyebrows drawn together in the expression Stiles has categorized as “exasperated but fond.” It’s much preferred to the look that Stiles used to get, which was better classified as “imminent manslaughter”.

“So, this is nice,” Stiles begins, at the same time Derek sets down his fork and says, “Scott told me about your fight.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I have a scenario where tendo has an s/o who's friends don't really understand why she likes him and he over hears them asking her why his s/o is even dating him in the first place and she starts to list the multitude of reasons she has for liking Tendo and at the end she's like "and that's why I love him" but this is the first time she's ever admitted it out loud? Idk how it would end but I guess you could end it however you want, my only request is that u make it really fluffy? Thanks ILY!

He knew her friends didn’t like him.

He could see it in their eyes when they first met. Frowns were casted upon their faces and out of the corner of his eye he saw them mouth, ‘why him?’ At the time he just ignored it, he knew the way girls were. His older sister had always complained that guys in her class were good-for-nothing, backstabbing, sonuvabitches who, to quote her directly, “were an abomination to female kind.” Girls were supposed to despise guys at first sight, weren’t they? He was honest they would call him a ‘fuckboy’ or ‘douche bag’ or whatever else behind his back once he walked away. He was sure it was just their natural instinct to protect their friend. He was sure they would get used to him eventually. Although, he soon learned to never trust his instincts.

He should’ve known after four months of them dating, their petty little hate parade on him wasn’t just a feeble attempt to protect their friend. It was elementary school all over again when he heard, ‘monster’ slip past gloss caked lips for the first time. Half of him wanted to die, right then, right there, because the people that meant most to the person that meant most to him, loathed him. He knew he shouldn’t let them bother him, because his girlfriend would always assure them they were just being ‘girls’. Although, after the fifteenth time one of them had passed by him and coughed, ‘freakshow’ under her breath, he knew they weren’t just being girls. They were being bullies, and it seemed like such a childish thing to say. They were tormenting him to break up with her, and god knows what they say to her, but in that moment, Tendou knew somebody was out to get him.

His obsession with finding out the truth came crawling up on him one month later. The mocking never ceased to end, and with all his power did he try to suppress the pettiness they produced. She had started growing a bit more distant, he noticed. Late night conversations were cut short by nine o’clock, greetings in the hallway were becoming shorter and shorter, soon they were just small waves in his general direction before she was pulled away by a menacing hand. He didn’t want their relationship to end, not like this at least. He wished she would just stand up for herself, or something, but she never did. Unless someone did something, anything, their relationship was going to be an endless cycle of ‘dump him’ and ‘stay with me’ until all came down in shambles.

It was the Friday night before mocks week, and Tendou knew he had a million and one things he should be doing. Although, like an idiot, he found himself wandering around campus at eight o’clock at night, doing nothing in particular except letting the steady raindrops fall onto his now matted hair. The entirety of this scenario was miserable, hell, he probably looked like an Andy Biersack stan to anyone who dare caught him wandering around like this. The rain started pouring down harder, claps of thunder and lightning illuminating the sky. His shoes began to get sloshy and drops of rain began to fall into his eyes, and he began to thank whatever god he prayed to for the library just twenty feet away from him. With a slightly awkward jog he darted into the facility, the old woman behind the front desk giving him a curt nod upon his arrival, muttering something about closing in an hour, but he didn’t really care. He didn’t find himself in the library much, not since volleyball practices became more and more extensive. Although, he remembered there was a nice pod up on the second floor, a reading corner, as it was called, with bean bag chairs and fairy lights and he was sure he would destroy the place with his soaking wet being, but nothing was stopping his from going up there anyways. The old lady could kiss his ass if she told him otherwise. Although, all his plans had backfired the moment he stepped foot on the top floor, catching a glimpse of an all too familiar, acrylic nailed hand, and the chime of a giggle he loved so much. His heart was in his throat, then, as he darted behind a bookshelf barrier. Curiously, carefully, he peeked out, only to find his girlfriend, and the entirety of her friend group, huddled around in a circle. He wasn’t sure if it was sweat dripping down his forehead, or rain, but he knew he was nervous, and really had no clue why. He could abolish each and every one of them if he wanted to, in every way, shape and form they were weaker than him, but even then, he was nervous, and he had no idea how to escape his refuge from behind the bookshelf.

Twenty minutes past and he sufficed to sitting down, carefully pulling a book out from the wall up behind him and skimming through its pages. He was in no way interested, just passing the time as the girls conversation droned on, the occasional mentioning of a boys name or a giggle catching his interest, though. Although, it wasn’t until he heard his name being choked out with such malice did he put the book down, all attention gravitating towards the conversation happening behind him.
“I still don’t get why you’re with Tendou.” Came the remark, quick and fast and out of nowhere. “If you could have anyone on that team besides Tendou, who would you go for?”
There was an elongated pause, the only noise to be heard was the rapid beating of his heart.
“I’d still go for Tendou.” His girlfriend sighed. “I’d find a way to get him.”
“You wouldn’t go for Ushijima-kun?”
“What about that Semi guy? I hear his casual attire is atrocious, though.”
Comments kept spilling out everywhere, but Tendou couldn’t quite catch them all. He had to suppress a giddy giggle upon the words she had said. He knew it was pathetic of him to get so excited over such a thing, but after a month of doubt, to hear that he was still wanted was just music to his ears.
“I really don’t get what you see in him, still.” Came a sigh, and the clatter of something being set down.
“What isn’t there to get?”
“I mean, doesn’t he just seem… standoffish? You’ve seen him play, we’ve all seen him play, he’s a freak. He doesn’t get along with anyone except Ushijima-Kun, who I’m sure is just tolerating him for his reputation…”
The insults just kept pouring on, and on, and on, until Tendou could feel himself on the verge of tears. The last thing he needed on this godforsaken night was his insecurities to be dug up and laid out in front of him after three years of digging a hole and laying them down six feet under. The last thing he needed was for his girlfriend, the one person he trusted above all else, to just sit there and take it, embarrass him while they just kept talking.
“Are you done yet?” Came a sudden peep, through the ruckus of calamity. All went quiet and a throat was cleared, and Tendou physically braced himself for what was to come.
“What you said isn’t false, Satori is the weirdest guy in the school, or whatever.” She began, and Tendou could feel his heart drop from its former place in his throat. “Although, have you ever stopped to consider maybe that’s why I like him? Maybe I’m sick and tired of the status quo, tired of a photocopied generation with limited options to choose from. He’s different, and I love that, and if that makes him a freak, so be it.”
There was another elongated pause, Tendou, his girlfriend, all the girls in the circle, and even the old lady sitting at the front desk downstairs, were dead silent.
“I’m done with you guys bashing on my boyfriend like this. Every single time I see him you have to say something. Why do you always have to be so negative? Can your sad little pea brains even articulate that he makes me happy? That ‘freak show’ has been a better friend to me than all of you since the day I met him, and if you’re just going to sit around and disrespect him all the goddamn time, I’m not going to sit here and respect you.”
There were whines, protests, feeble attempts at apologising, but Tendou didn’t hear them. There were tears dripping from his eyes and he didn’t even attempt at wiping them away. There was shuffling, the dramatic zipping of a bag, and aggravated footsteps. She barked something at them again, and he wasn’t sure if the pounding he heard was his heart beat or her footsteps getting closer. Suddenly, she stormed through the set of bookshelves he cowered behind, and she didn’t even notice him. She didn’t notice him until he swung out an arm and grabbed her ankle, causing her to jerk backwards and gasp.
“Satori?” She whispered, her voice nearly broken. He stood up from him place on the floor and smiled, her worried expression something he didn’t like to see. Her face was red and fuming, eyebrows scrunched up in a concerned manner.
“You’ve been crying.” She muttered, her fingers quick to wipe his cheeks. Tendou just kept smiling, his eyes desperate to meet hers. “How long have you been here for?”
Without saying anything, he kissed her, his hands desperate in her hair and his mouth, voracious. She let a giggle slip in between them, and boldly shuffled out of the protection of the bookshelves. A chorus of gasps erupted, and Tendou couldn’t help but feel like he was in some cheesy, American high school rom-com. Confidently, he flicked the group of girls off, beginning to kiss his her in a way that was far too lewd to even be considered kissing. He didn’t care, though, because she seemed just as into it, tongue and teeth and all, tugging at his damp hair and lower lip. Suddenly, she broke the kiss, grabbed his hand, and darted towards the exit of the library, laughing the entire way.
“I love you, Satori.” She announced, once they were dancing in the open rain. “More than I can articulate out loud.”

He knew her friends didn’t like him, but all that mattered was that she did.

It Didn’t Hurt

Ya boi back at it again with the angst I’m sorry

Sort of inspired by this post  by @overly-analogical. 

Summary: Patton lies to himself, time and time again — their biting remarks don’t hurt, of course they don’t — but he can’t stay strong forever. Hurt/comfort, can be seen as polysanders I guess?

Alternate title: Patton learns a valuable lesson about not bottling up your feelings.

It didn’t hurt.

Every biting remark and mean comment; each insult, meant to hurt him, to push him down — he could take them all in stride. He was the father, the heart of their family. He needed to be happy, and strong for his kiddos.

It didn’t hurt.

The others had problems, troubles, and he needed to stay strong; like a lighthouse in the middle of a foggy night, unyielding in its ability to bring them back home. His smile was their light, a beacon to guide them through the turbulent seas of their worries and fears; and his arms were the home that they found when they returned, his arms and his comforting voice, his reassurances that, come what may, they’d be okay.

It didn’t hurt.

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Kirishima, battered and broken from his fight with the yakuza, lays in a hospital bed, barely coherent from painkillers and brutally honest. His friends come and go and Izuku, who spilled strawberry milk all over himself, had to go last so he could clean himself up. All the others had gone already, chased off by bullheaded nurses who didn’t want 20 teenagers running around the hospital at the same time.

“Hey hey, Midoriya?” 

Izuku looks up from the get well cards on the little nightstand beside the beeping bed, so many that some were stacked precariously on top of each other like a house of cards. The tallest one on top is a shiny red one with a vintage Crimson Riot Hero Card taped inside beside a familiar scrawl that says “Think Ahead Next Time, You Fucking Idiot”.

“Yeah, Kirishima? Is something wrong? Did you need a nurse? Are you injuries acting up? Is it-”

“How can- how can I…” 

Izuku has seen Kirishima cry. He knows what remorse appears like on him, he knows what apology folds there are around his mouth and he knows what the sympathy tears that bubble up from the corners of his eyes look like. He only knows that the present face, shown only to him, looks nothing like those and then all of those at once.

“Ki-Kirishima?” Midoriya tightens his fists, apprehension choking his throat, “What’s going on?”

Kirishima, his hands bandaged together to hide the cracks and scars that would inevitably appear, clutch the sterile sheets until his hidden knuckles turn pink, slowly reddening. “How can I be useful to anyone, with a quirk like this?”

“Your hands!” Izuku bounces his eyes around for the call button, “You’ve opened up you wounds again!”

“Who fucking cares?!” 

Izuku’s full attention is focused on Kirishima’s bright, bright eyes.

“Who, just,” Kirishima spits, his tears dripping down cracked lips to his pointed teeth, “who cares? I can’t- I’m not useful to anyone like this. I’ve tried so hard, and it hasn’t done anything for anyone!” He lets out a sob. “Who am I good for if I can’t even help someone who needs me?! What kind of man am I?!”

“You’ve always been a good man…” Izuku tries.

“A man,” Kirishima spits, “that can’t save his friends. I can’t be a hero like this. I’ll just get everyone killed.”

“You’ve just got to get better-”

“How though?! I’ve done all that I can! It’s a simple hardening quirk, it’s not flashy and it’s not a good fighting quirk and it’s no good against another defensive quirk. What am I supposed to do now? How do I- how do I save you guys?” He quiets. “How can I be useful for you if I’m not useful myself?”

Izuku’s nails bite into his palms. Slowly, he unclenches one. It’s twitching, but it’s better than the shaking that the other one is doing. “You do the best you can,” he states, voice low like a terrible secret, “and hope that it’s good enough.”

A scarred hand, long healed, lays gently on top of a hand whose wounds are fresh, kindred spirits in their fights to save lives.

The nurse finds them like that, and scolds Izuku for not calling out sooner.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you do hcs (or scenarios, whichever you prefer) for Zen, Saeyoung, V & Saeran (I don't know if you do Vanderwood, if you do then it'd be nice for him too, but if you don't then just forget it XD), as to how would they react to a poor innocent & naive MC, like, so gullible that she got herself in trouble because someone told her to go with them and she listened because... because she's so gullible?;; Hope you have a nice day...!

I had the time of my LIFE writing this omg. I came up with a few different instances where our MC could get herself into trouble, so only one of them is specifically like the one in your ask, but I do hope you like them!


  • The two of them were out on a date, getting some ice cream and just walking through the streets
  • It was the weekend, so there were plenty of people about, and Zen was just getting… a bad feeling about something possibly happening to MC
  • Like his dreams, he always trusts his intuition, so he was keeping a really close eye on her the entire time, enough for her to mention it
  • “Zen, you ok? You’ve been watching me like a hawk this whole date!” she joked
  • Feeling a little guilty, he laughed it off and decided to let it go. He was pretty sure he wasn’t going to lose her, but that hunch kept scratching at the back of his mind:
  • She’s so cute, anyone would just want to take her!
  • And so naïve she’d probably just think they were being nice and follow right along…
  • Little did Zen know he hit the nail right on the head. He had gone to the bathroom and asked MC to wait outside and literally in the five minutes it took him to be gone, she had disappeared
  • d e a t h
  • He freaks out, asking people all over the street if they’ve seen what they think sounds like a really generic description of a girl but to him it’s his princess, the love of his life, he can’t lose her so where is she
  • He wouldn’t have even found her if he hadn’t accidentally dropped his phone with all the frantic running around that he was doing
  • When he bends down to retrieve it, out of the corner of his eye he sees her standing by the back of a white van in a secluded area, talking to some random creepy guy, and Zen can see two other guys sneaking around the other side
  • Now I don’t know if Zen has some kind of wrestler or MMA fighter blood in him but he decimates those guys. No questions asked, he jumps into the fray and beats them tf down
  • Takes MC home immediately and gives her like a three-hour long lecture on stranger danger and did she never learn this when she was a kid wtf MC
  • From then on he vows to always use the bathroom before they leave the house or when they get home, plus The Buddy System™ is foolproof


  • As we all know, Saeyoung is the type of person to use the same type of joke on different people until he gets the reaction he’s looking for
  • And from the moment he met her, Saeyoung could tell MC was exactly the kind of gullible person his jokes would have the perfect effect on
  • He knew the perfect one to use
  • It had never worked on a single person up until now, but he felt confident that MC would be the one
  • They were hanging out, playing video games and just generally goofing around like two idiots… but Saeyoung was ever plotting out his move, the perfect moment to strike
  • MC offhandedly mentioned something and Saeyoung knew. The time was now.
  • He sighed deeply and said, “Man, that reminds me so much of updog.”
  • MC was almost positive she had heard incorrectly, so not wanting to look like an idiot, she just didn’t reply and nodded quietly
  • Saeyoung was shook, and for just a moment his confidence faltered. He was positive MC hadn’t heard the joke before… So why didn’t she fall for the line? No… there was no way MC knew.
  • Composing himself, he waited until they had reached a different topic of conversation and tried again, this time speaking very clearly
  • “Oh, you mean kind of like updog?”
  • He was practically sweating with anticipation as he watched the telltale face-scrunch of confusion take over MC’s expression. The world moved as though in slow-motion as she opened her mouth, breathed in, and asked:
  • “Um, what’s up dog?”
  • Saeyoung died twice that day… once, from the onslaught of uncontrollable laughter that erupted from his body, and the second time, from the Bitch Slap of Rage issued to him by an extremely unamused MC


  • Now, V knew that MC was an incredibly trusting and sometimes naïve girl
  • But he had never witnessed her in the act of doing something majorly gullible, so he felt like he must have just assumed or that was just what her personality seemed like
  • He felt uncomfortable leaving her alone in the house sometimes when he left for long periods of time on trips, so he felt like it would be a good idea to try leaving for short periods of time at least once a week just to convince himself that she’d be safe
  • On one such day, he decided to make a visit to Jumin’s place and told MC that he’d return later that evening, so she should just order pizza around 7 and he’d be back by 7:30
  • He figured nothing could possibly happen
  • But oh lord was he wrong
  • V came back at 7:30, as promised, and opened the front door to hear a movie playing in the other room
  • He smiled to himself, thinking that he would join MC and they’d have a nice, relaxing movie night where they could just cuddle on the couch
  • Walked through the kitchen, grabbed a slice of pizza on the way in (which was already halfway gone, to his confusion… MC didn’t usually eat that much or that fast), and walked into the TV room, opening his mouth to say: “I’m h—“
  • V’s plate fell on the floor as he took in the scene before him:
  • MC, sitting on the couch, watching a movie with the pizza guy
  • “Hey, V! Jason here noticed I was by myself and asked if I wanted some company till you came home!”
  • The guy is out within a matter of seconds, so fast that MC barely has the opportunity to explain that nothing happened and that she’s fine
  • As soon as the door shuts behind Jason, V e x p l o d e s with “He could have been a murderer or a burglar or a rapist or any other number of terrible things and you could have died or had something terrible happen to you and ANYTHING can happen in a half hour and”
  • This is a RARE side of V and he doesn’t stop talking for a good hour or so until MC finally gets him to calm down, promising she’ll never talk to or be involved with strangers in any way from now on
  • He actually has to pry himself from her side when he has to go on work trips though


  • MC gets a lot of emails since she works for the RFA
  • 99% of the emails are valid, from guests that the RFA members suggest or close connections
  • But some emails are… Not so much
  • Saeran takes good care of MC and makes sure she’s always protected, and looking scary helps when they’re in public too and anyone thinks of getting too close
  • But he never expected her to be so gullible because that’s sort of the one thing he can’t protect her from. Plus, being so protective all the time doesn’t allow for many instances where she can do something gullible
  • But he learned a harsh lesson when one day MC came swaggering into the room saying, “Saeran, we’re gonna be rich!”
  • There was a pause
  • Saeran’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he assumed there was a story behind this, and probably not a good one. “Explain.”
  • MC’s eyes light up as she tells the story of how she received an email from a Nigerian prince who became aware that a distant relative of his was wrongly arrested and in need of help. The prince is fabulously rich, but can’t spend money at the moment and fervently asks MC for her help
  • She continues, “He must know that the RFA is filled with important and sometimes rich people who would be willing to give him a hand!”
  • By the end of the story, Saeran’s hands are balled into fists and he’s struggling not to start screaming and yelling right off the bat
  • “So… did you… give this guy… any money?”
  • “Not yet, no! I figured I would let you know before I did anything.”
  • Saeran practically melts into his chair from the pure relief washing over him like a tidal wave
  • He gets angry like a minute later of course, because that was a really close call, and gives MC a long long long long lecture on never paying attention to an email like that ever again, EVER.
  • Then tightens up the computer’s security system because you can never be too careful with gullible MC

Someone probably beat me to the punch and made a post like this already, but honestly, I just had talk about this scene.

I’m sure all of you remember the infamous bathroom scene. This new flashback from episode 12 puts things into a different perspective. 

Here Yuri is, watching Yuuri’s past GPF performance. He’s trying his best to look disinterested yet you can tell he’s clearly interested. He even goes as far to admit that Yuuri’s step sequence grabbed his attention. And when he mentions the failed jumps he sounds almost…disappointed.

He isn’t making fun of him for messing up his jumps. He wants to see Yuuri be able to succeed and successfully complete a program.

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That’s My Name, Don't Wear It Out Pt. 3 (Jason Todd x Reader)

AU/Prompt Used In Pt. 1 : “I’m your neighbor and I can hear you fucking someone who shares my name” AU by @mewlink 

A/N: I would like to thank and give creds to @avengerdragoness for helping me come up with ideas for this story. Italics are just your thoughts. 

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @avengerdragoness @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @tim-help

Pt.1  Pt.2 Pt.4 


Well, shit.

Jason told you to go inside your apartment before his unwanted guest said anything to offend you. You tried your best not to listen to their argument but the walls were no help.

“Oh, come on, Jason! You ended what we had going on just for some (girl/guy) you barely even know?!”

“I ended things with you because of who you are as a person! I was already planning on ending everything last night! Fucking you wasn’t on my agenda, you know?!”

Jason’s voice was dripping with venom. When he’s angry, it’s like he’s a different person.

“But, Jason…I love you, damn it!”

“Love isn’t just sex for fucks sake! Do you really think I would love you after all that? Do you think I care about your so called feelings?! It’s what we agreed to never let happen between us! No strings attached! No feelings!”

“Look at me in the eyes and say you don’t love me!”

“I don’t love you!”

They fell silent. After a minute or two they screeched, “This is all because of them!” And with that, you heard the sound of footsteps running out of his apartment. 

You let out a sigh of relief, waiting a few minutes before it was safe to leave your apartment. A few minutes passed and you walked outside to knock on Jason’s door, “Jason?”

He opened up right away, “Come in.” He said, seething.

You didn’t hesitate at all. You walked in without a word heading straight to his living room and sat down on his couch.

He closed the door, copying what you just did but sat across from you, letting out a suffering sigh, “I know you heard all that.”

You nodded, “Yeah…”

He crossed his arms behind his head, nose pointing up towards the ceiling. The two of you didn’t talk, letting the comfortable silence stretch on.

He’ll talk about it when he feels like it. 

You were going to break the silence, but his phone stole that opportunity. He fished it out from his pocket and answered, not checking the caller ID, “What?” He growled.

You couldn’t make anything out of what the caller was saying, but it seemed very important by the way it intrigued Jason, “He finally has what he owes?…I’m on my way,” He hung up and gave you an apologetic look, “(Y/N), I’m sorry but I really need to go to work.”

You shook your head and stood up, “Don’t worry! You do what you gotta do.”

I didn’t know he worked at night.

You both said your goodbyes before you left back to your apartment. You were still in the outfit you wore for the date, so you took it off for a long shower. You didn’t know how long you were in there, thinking about what happened not too long ago.

What kind of person did Jason stop sleeping with? Why does he hate them so much? And there’s no point for them to hate you either.

You sighed, turning off the water and started getting ready for bed.


When morning arrived and you realized you were off from work today, you slept in a little later. Eventually, you dragged yourself out of bed and started to do your morning routine. Today, you had to go grocery shopping for basically everything. 

You sighed as you walked out of the building, looking up at the gray Gotham sky, and started to head over towards your car. Before you opened the door you had to double take, there was a long harsh slash on the car paint. You groaned, slamming your forehead on the car in agony, “Damn kids.” You muttered. 

“You alright, sweetheart?”

You turned your head and raised an eyebrow, Jason was parking his motorcycle behind your car, “You just arrived from work?” 

He shook his head and got off, “Nah, I arrived from work a few hours ago. I just came back from visiting a brother of mine. So where are you…?” He noticed the slash when his eyes trailed down towards your car,” What the fuck happened?” He leaned down, examining the damage.

You shrugged, “Probably some idiot kids who did it. It’s no biggie.”

He scowled, “No biggie, (Y/N)? Who cares if it was a damn kid or not? You need to find out who the fuck did this.”

You sighed, he was right, “Fine, but do you know where I can go to fix this?”

He scratched the back of his head, trying to not look at you in the eye, “Um…if you want, I’ll take your car to a repair shop after you take me to wherever it is you’re going.”

You gave him a sincere smile, “Sure, I’d like that.”

He grinned, and snatched the keys from your hands, “Cool! I’m driving.” He got in the car before you could even respond. You smiled and rolled your eyes, getting in to sit on the passenger seat, “To the super market, kind sir.”

“As you wish, my lady.”

You felt your face heat up. Gosh darn it (Y/N), you only met him last night! Stop getting baby butterflies in your stomach!

One of the things you figured out about Jason is that he loves to go fast.

“C-could you go a bit slower, Jason?” You were clutching the sides of your seat.

He snorted, “I am going slow.”

Oh, great.

The both of you arrived in no time thanks to Jason’s driving skills. After parking the car and heading inside, you took a shopping cart and started listing down the things he could help you get but gave up after noticing how much stuff you need, “You know what, just get anything that’s necessary, Jay.”

He stopped dead in his tracks, looking completely thrown off, “What?”

You realized what you just said, “Oh sorry, it just slipped out. If you don’t like me calling you that then-”

“No, no! You can totally call me that!” He rubbed the back of his neck, looking down at the floor, blushing, “I don’t even know why I felt so surprised.” He murmured. 

You told him to not worry about it. You thought it was very cute when he became flustered. The two of you parted ways to look for all the groceries you need. You walked down the cereal aisle, browsing for your favorite while pushing the cart. Once you found the one you were looking for, you reached up to get it but suddenly, you were pushed to the side.

You grunted, your hip hitting the cart, “What the hell?”

“Sorry, about that.” Someone said bitterly, “I didn’t see you there.”

You felt a shiver run down your spine, the person who hit you “unintentionally” was the same person from last night. You gulped slightly, “No hard feelings.” 

They smirked, “I take it we share the same name, (Y/N).”

You fold your arms across your chest, “That’s my name, don’t wear it out.”

They clenched their jaw, scrutinizing you, “I saw you walk in with my Jason.”

You laughed, “Last time I checked, he doesn’t want to be your Jason.” You retorted.

When did I get this confident?

Before they could taunt you back, Jason called out for you, “(Y/N), I found some nacho chips we could eat tonight,” He walked up from the other side of your cart, placing the bag inside, “All we need is some cheese and- Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me. Why the fuck are you here?”

You noticed how quickly they changed their tone when they saw Jason, “I just wanted to seize the day and buy some groceries, babe.” They said sweetly.

You rolled your eyes, even the way they speak irks you.

“Don’t fucking call me that,” He took in a sharp breath, trying to control himself, “You don’t even come here, so just fucking leave.” 

They pouted, “What are you talking about, babe? I always come here.”

He started walking slowly towards them, “Yo, stop fucking lying you-” 

You placed a hand on his chest and stood in front of him, “Jason, forget them. They’re not worth it.”

He kept sending them death glares. Jason grabbed your wrist and started pulling you towards the exit, “Hey, wait what about the food?!” 

“Forget it, you’re eating at my place tonight.” He said, intensely.

You looked back over your shoulder, sticking your tongue out and winking at your new enemy when you saw how irate they were. 

Later after that terrible encounter with Jason’s ex-FWB, the two of you just hung out driving around the streets of Gotham.

“Jay, are you okay? You seem tired.” You were driving this time but you noticed how droopy his eyes were.

He yawned, forcing himself to keep them open, “Yeah, I’m just a little tired.”  

The repair shop can wait.

You asked him if he wanted to go back home, considering the fact that he probably didn’t sleep at all last night. The sun was setting as you drove back to your apartment. 

After parking and heading upstairs, you told him that you’ll just order takeout so he can get all the rest he needs. Before the two of you said your goodbyes, he saw a package in front of your apartment door, “I think you have a secret admirer.” He said, jokingly. 

You smiled, playfully hitting his shoulder, “Shut up.”

You picked up the package, examining it. It was wrapped in gold wrapping paper with a green bow on top. Taped next to the bow was a note, Jason looked over your shoulder, “’Welcome to your new home! Hope this will come in handy.’” He read out loud, “Do you even know what that means?”

You shook your head, “Not if we don’t find out.” You ripped off the wrapping paper letting it fall to the floor and opened the box. 

You screamed at what was inside, dropping the box on the floor, “Oh my gosh!” You had to squeeze your nose shut because of the putrid smell.

Your body was swaying from the disgusting odor. You almost fell but Jason caught you before you hit the floor, “What’s wrong?!”

You just pointed at the box, whimpering as tears streamed down your face. 

Jason peered inside, but was so revolted that he kicked the box down the hallway.

Inside was a dismembered human hand.

Drunk Call - Daniel Seavey

Summary: Y/N is drunk at a party and calls Daniel for help.

Pov: 3rd

Warnings: Cussing, drinking, kinda sad 

Word Count: 1489

A/N: If you really want to cry listen to the stripped version of Moondust by Jaymes Young while reading.

“Alright I won’t drink that much tonight I promise.”

In the back of her mind she remembered muttering those words to her best friend but it was a lot harder for her to care now that she was drunk dancing against the first guy she grabbed. Vaguely, she remembers recognizing him yet she couldn’t remember who was behind her.

“Damn babe.” A gruff voice mumbled, his words all came out as one incoherent mess. She could feel his hands on her hips and she tried to convince herself they were Daniel and not his. But she knew all too well that Daniel wouldn’t be holding her anymore, but with her ass pressed against some guy it was all too easy for her to forget reality and imagine her ex instead.

“Y/N come on that’s enough.” Jess told her while attempting to pull her best friend away from him.

“You’re no fun.” She giggled as she tried to pull her arm out of her friend’s grasp, but she was already being pulled past the dancers and into the front yard. Every time she fell into someone or tripped over her own feet she would giggle softly and Jess’ agitation was only growing.

“Y/N seriously you told me you wouldn’t drink, and we’re supposed to be friends I don’t care if you’re drunk I can’t believe you’d grind on my fucking ex. I’m tired of babysitting you.” She rambled and her tone was getting harsher the more she spoke. Her arms were crossed across her chest and her drunk friend could tell that wasn’t a good sign but she just couldn’t bring herself to care.

“Then don’t. I don’t need you here, I just wanna have fun.” Y/N said simply with a shrug, she barely even noticed how her words were slurring together.

“Ever since you and Daniel broke up you’ve been acting like a real bitch,” Jess stated plainly before walking away and getting in her car, “find your own way home. I’m done.”

Instead of going back to the party, she collapsed onto the bench in front of the house and watched Jess drive away, leaving her stranded. It took a few moments for her to register the tears rolling down her cheeks and all she could think about was the fact that alcohol was supposed to make you forget. It was supposed to make her carefree, it was supposed to make everything go away. But all of the pain was still there. She was bound to get alcohol poisoning before she would ever forget about how much she missed Daniel. Pulling her knees to her chest and burying her face in them, she let the tears fall.

Jess was supposed to be her best friend and she wished that she could just open her eyes and Jess would be next to her comforting her but she knew she fucked up. Just like she fucked up with Daniel. This wasn’t how things were supposed to happen. Your teen years are supposed to be fun, not filled with crying at a party because you ruined everything with the two people you care about most. She knew it was a terrible idea, but she pulled out her phone and hovered over the all too familiar number before she pushed away her thoughts and called it.

“Y/N, what’s wrong, are you okay?” His voice rang through the phone. Desperately she tried to conjure up any words but all she could think of was how much she missed his voice. She could tell he woke up just to answer her because his voice was slightly raspy and it reminded her of how they used to be. He used to put her ringtone as the loudest one in his phone so that when she called him after a nightmare he could respond.

“Not really. I’m messing things up like always.” She mumbled with a dry chuckle. With a sniffle, she wiped away her tears with the back of her hand and silently wished that everything would just go back to how it used to be. All she wanted was for this to be just a regular Friday night call where she asked him if he wanted to go to McDonalds even though it was three in the morning. She missed those nights so much.

“Where are you?” He asked her with that same gentle tone she always knew him to have. She could hear him moving around in the background and it was all too familiar.

“Jack Avery’s party. I kinda lost my ride can you pick me up?” She asked as she clutched the phone to her ear as if it were some magic lamp that would make everything okay.

“Of course. I’m on my way. How much did you drink? Have you been drinking water?” He interrogated and she could practically hear the concern laced in his voice. Of course, Daniel would be the type to worry about if you drank enough water. Part of her wished he wasn’t such a good guy because it made it even harder to get over him.

“Shitty beer has some water in it right?” She asked humorlessly as she heard him moving around and his car starting.

“I have some water in my car. Just stay on the phone with me I’ll be there soon,” he paused, “do you wanna talk about what happened?”

“Oh, you mean me being an idiot and hurting my best friend? Not really.” Even she was annoyed with how her words slurred together; all it did was remind her of all the stupid decisions she had made that night.

“Jess loves you. Nothing will tear you two apart. People make mistakes, she may be hurt now but she’ll forgive you because that’s the kind of person she is.” He told her. She envied how he always knew exactly what to say.

“God, I hate how you’re so good at cheering me up. It makes it a lot harder for me to not do stupid things like this.” She muttered into the phone wishing her words would be drowned out by the music coming from the house behind her.

“It’s not stupid. Even if we aren’t together anymore we’re still friends and I want you to still be able to call me when things like this happen.” He told her and she buried her head in her hands. Why did he have to be such a nice guy?

“But this happened because of you! Well not because of you like it’s not your fault but I’m at a party I hate, drinking stuff I can’t stand and dancing with guys I don’t even like because I miss you and my dumbass self can’t get over you. Daniel, you were the best thing I ever had and I fucking lost you.” She let all of her thoughts flow out of her mouth and she knew she definitely shouldn’t be talking at all but she didn’t even care anymore. It was so easy for her to pretend she wasn’t telling him any of this because she didn’t have to see his face; she didn’t have to face the truth.

She thought his silence meant he was done talking but she realized he got quiet because his car had pulled up to the curb across from her. And there he was looking at her like she was his world, that look in his eyes crushed her. Without a word, she hung up and scrambled into his car with a hatred towards herself when she realized how difficult it was to walk without tripping.

“I miss you too. I love you more than anything Y/N, I’m tired of pretending like I don’t. I thought you didn’t care anymore, you were the one who left me.” He admitted his voice quivering, she could see the pain in his eyes and she hated knowing she was the one that caused it.

“Because you’re the golden boy Daniel. You’re this perfect guy, this caring person who just wants to make everyone happy. Not to mention you are fucking gorgeous, I don’t deserve a guy like that. You deserve to be with someone so much better than me.” She told him adverting her eyes. If she looked at him that crushed look in his eyes would kill her.

“That’s why you left me? You are the most beautiful, kind, hilarious girl I’ve ever met. I don’t want anyone else, I just want to be with you. Y/N I love you.” He said making her turn back to him.

She let everything go and decided making good decision was overrated so she leaned forward and captured his lips with hers. Immediately, her arms wrapped around his neck in attempt to get as close to him as possible. Like usual, she could taste the faint flavor of watermelon. He pulled away and leaned his forehead on hers.

“Please be mine again.”

strawbicecream  asked:

Kaito.. you don't know how much you made me squeal when you let Frisk actually solve the crossword puzzle (even though it was unsolvable).. In the game, I actually tried solving the crossword puzzle and my brother told me I was an idiot because it was just there for a joke... I was LITERALLY staying there for 30 mins looking for a pen and a way to solve the puzzle... x3 Sorry if I annoyed or bothered you or anything! *~* I love your art and comics!!

Look, guys, we have another Frisko in here!

To be honest, I also tried to solve the crossword puzzle xD And my Frisky Bits has a gentle side that wants to please everyone, so of course they would try to make Papyrus happy and solve it ;D

In the end, it was unsolvable… but they tried!