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Tfln: maybe after they get back together and H has to go out of town for meetings or something and the missus starts sexting him and he's getting all hot and bothered?

Harry. Missus.

Why did the last 2 and a bit weeks go so quickly?

We had too much fun, didn’t we? You know what they say, love. Time goes by when you’re having fun.

We should have just stayed in bed and slept and done nothing all day. Gone to a library or something and had boring sex.

Sex with you is never boring.

You always find something new to bring to the sheets. Like when you suggested doing the 69 position. Never eaten a girl out whilst she sucked on my cock before.

Didn’t it feel good though?

So fucking good.

I’m laying in bed right now, really REALLY craving you, you know?

Well, if it helps, I’m really REALLY craving you, too.

Should have just joined you on tour.

That would have been so fun. But, you’ve got work to do for the magazine. How is everything going there?

It’s really good. They gave me my own office now. It’s pretty damn gorgeous, too. The view is so lovely! It faces the Thames and you can see all the buses go by and everyone’s bustling past. It’s so lovely.

That sounds so gorgeous! You’ll have to take me one lunchtime.

The window would be great to fuck against.


Seriously. Pushed right up against the glass. Imagine that. We’ve had garden sex in your little pool house; now imagine the thrill of it being in an office. With people outside. 

How high up are you?

7 floors. 

And, I’ve looked from below, too. When I leave for work. It’s hard to get a look in and get photos through the window. You’d have to sneak in with that hideous disguise you have through the front, but, if you get unseen below, people won’t crowd outside to catch a glimpse of you.

Imagine it.

God, love.

I am.

Is it turning you on as much as it is me?


You want me to fuck you against the window in the bright of day, yeah? Stick my cock deep in you and fuck you up against the glass? You’re so dirty.

Your dirty girl.



What about giving you a nice, sloppy, quick blowie against the window? Smush your pretty arse against the window and give everyone a nice view?


That’ll be on my agenda when you get back. I’ll schedule it into my planner. “Give Harry a blowjob against the window of my office.” 

Schedule in “Get a spank from Harry for turning him on when he’s meant to be getting ready for the day.”

Love youuuuu.

Can’t wait to get spanked.

Bent over that desk.


Getting wet at the thought.

Might have to bolt towards the bathroom and get rid of this feeling…

You have an up to date dick pic for me?

Unfortunately not. But, you have loads already.

I do, but, I need some new material.

Give me a couple of hours and I’ll get one to you. I promise you. xxx

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Fave bughead moment?

when their cute-ass relationship persuaded me to dedicate a Tumblr to it and meet all you lovely people??

But in all seriousness, I’m a sucker for the moment when Betty and Jughead are walking home and she kisses him goodbye. Before that moment, as an audience we hadn’t really seen too much of her reciprocating feelings, and Jug does that cute-ass smile afterwards??? What a precious moment for him?? He’s been lacking affection from literally everyone in his life, his family aren’t around or aren’t there for him, and suddenly there’s this girl who he put himself out there and kissed her, and now she’s returning the affection? It must have meant the world to him? 

The Girl Who Never Dances

Series: Little Witch Academia

Characters: Amanda & Diana

Words: 1,460

Genres: General, Romance (?)

A/N: I’ve been wanting to try writing these two for a while now. I love the princess–delinquent dynamic so much. This is just set in another Luna Nova dance/banquet in general. Since we didn’t get to see Amanda in her dress in the show, I put her in it here.


The Girl Who Never Dances

Amanda’s lost count of how many dances and banquets Luna Nova has held over the past four months. But at every single one of them, there’s something she notices.

Or rather, someone

She’s always alone, too, which Amanda never would’ve expected from her at these kind of things. After all, it was expected that the prestigious Diana Cavendish would be having the time of her life at such cordial events, showing off her charisma and charm every time the opportunity presented itself. 

But each and every time without fail, Amanda has noticed she never does such things. 

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I finished a new anime from my list, Accel World, and I have to say, I really enjoyed this one a lot!!
First of all, it’s been a while I truly loved a girl character like Hime (>//v//<), I love her so much, she is mysterious, so smart and badass, but so adorable and sensitive too, she is such a great charac <3333
Then……Haru…….omg I’m sorry but even irl I have this weakness for chubby persons///// and Haru is just one of the cutest charac ever///////// and the fact Kaji is dubbing him doesn’t help at all/////// he lacks of confidence for sure but he is so gentle and shy and so adorable and his reactions are so honest I can’t omg save me I want to protect this boy/////// (AND THE PIGGY AVATAR IS UNFAIRLY CUTE//).
Then for the secondary characs, I have to admit….they are plenty forgettable for me :/ and it’s kinda weird tbh because the anime really takes time to develop them but idk, they never really stand out….the only exception is Niko though, she is so lovable =v= <3

Visually there’s nothing to say, the charac design looks great and it never lost quality. The music was also very pleasant, I’ll remember the last one with the choir and the orchestra, so beautiful (;v;) 

Concerning the story, I always loved anime that are linked to video games, that’s why I was curious about this one in the first place. But tbh it ended to be even more surprising and intriguing than I expected *v* it’s a shame it doesn’t go further because each episodes made me more and more curious about how this universe worked. Also, the futuristic world look so cool and I admit, I wish we could have seen more scenes taking place in the “real world” sometimes, I know the anime is about the game, but idk it must be my need of “humanity part”, I always had more emotions seeing the characs as they are than through their avatar. Anyway….
The real bad point of the anime…….the damn fanservice *grrrrrr*, ok it’s not that much but really, it doesn’t need this at all, the anime is already good enough, the FS seems just forced here and I was rolling my eyes when it was happening each time (–’).


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if you still want fic prompts, can you do a flower shop/tattoo artist AU with zoe and alana? (i know you already wrote a fic with them, but we barely have content with the deh girls)

there is never gonna be a day when i don’t wanna write this pairing! my inbox is still open, and i love the deh girls so much! thank you so much for the submission! by @neglectedrainbow

Alana is finishing up an order when the tinkling bells of another customer ring overhead. She glances up, her entire body halting as she catches sight of the new customer. It’s a girl, around her age, perhaps a little bit younger, with long, wavy locks of light brown hair. She’s wearing light blue jeans, and her entire upper body is covered in colorful, vibrant, detailed tattoos.

Alana stares for perhaps a bit too long (definitely much too long) before catching herself. She returns to her work, hastily tying up the last bundle of flowers–a rather unusual bouquet of sunflowers, requested by a haphazard-looking women yesterday evening–and setting them aside. 

The stranger approaches her countertop. She’s wearing a soft black shirt, one that hangs off her shoulders just slightly, revealing columns and swirls and rows of patterns, colors, designs. Alana stares again. There’s a large tattoo of an indigo flower running up her forearm, the vibrant purple color capturing her attention.

Surrounding the indigo are swarths of other tattoos, similar in style and technique, of seemingly everything imaginable. A quote runs up the side of her arm, in a small, cursive script, and a few numbers are scrawled across her wrist. Each tattoo is unique, different, full of color and personality, something that, one anyone else, would seem haphazard or random, but, on her, seems like a quilt, a quilt of life. Alana blinks a few more times, wondering when she became so existential.

The stranger clears her throat. Alana jumps violently, blinking rapidly, “Um, hi!”

“Hello,” the other replies slowly, but she’s smiling, her eyes bright.

“How may I help you today?” Alana tries to focus on what she is saying, rather than this new, beautiful woman. My Lord, she thinks wearily, I really am so gay.

The woman chuckles slightly, “I have a friend who’s graduating from college this weekend, and I wanted to get him something.”

“A friend?” Alana asks, without thinking.

The tattooed girl’s eyes crinkle knowingly. “Yeah. But, just a friend.”

“Right.” Alana’s cheeks begin heating up. “So. Um. Well, roses are very common in celebratory situations, but I guess it really depends on the person? Do you know what he likes?”

The other shrugs, “He likes the color blue?”

“Um…well, we don’t normally use blue flowers, because they tend to… People say that they can look artificial in bouquets and such, but, um… Oh!” Alana springs to action, rushing around her work space to grab a few example flowers. “We could do a mix? Some Asiatic lilies, white roses, white carnations, cream roses, and a few blue statices. Oh, and of course some greens, to even things out, and…” She shows Zoe the small combination of flowers, a beautiful array of colors, calming and airy.

The girl smiles, fully, and Alana’s heart may melt just a little, not that she’ll admit it. “Perfect,” she whispers.

Alana smiles back, fidgeting with her glasses a little. “Great, I’ll just… What’s your name?” She pauses. “For, um, for ordering purposes, you know, um?”

“It’s Zoe. Zoe Murphy.”

“Oh, great, I’m-I’m Alana…Beck.”

“Nice to meet you, Alana Beck,” Zoe says, and her voice flows like summer wind.

Alana nods, not wanting to end the moment of serene calm that brushes over them both as they meet eyes. “You too.” Alana clears her throat, “Do you work in the area, Zoe?”

“Yeah, actually. I’m a tattoo artist down on Lexington.” Zoe brushes a hand through her hair. “So, I’ll come pick up the full bouquet tomorrow, yeah?”

And they’re both smiling. “Perfect.” Alana wonders how it got so warm in this shop.

“And, if I were to, maybe, also, I don’t know, ask you out, for non-order-related purposes… Would that be okay?”

Alana’s head shoots up, as she blinks rapidly, trying to stop her heart from beating so rapidly. “That would-that would be more than okay, I-yes. Yes.” She nods, and then they’re both smiling again, even wider this time.

“I have an appointment in just a moment, so I gotta go, but I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Alana nods again, and there’s the emerging feeling of butterflies in her stomach. “Yes, yeah, I’ll-I’ll see you tomorrow.” Zoe walks out of the store with the promise of returning at 4 the next afternoon to pick up her flowers…and her new date.

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Is being called 'goofy' a bad thing or a compliment? I'm a woman, and yes I do laugh and smile a lot. It's just my personality. But recently, every guy that approaches me says that they did because I seemed 'cute and goofy'. I feel like they're calling me a 'cute dumbass' so they see me as 'easy' and it makes me self-conscious to the point where if I don't even like to smile or laugh anymore. Please tell me I'm just reading too much into this.

girl, you got yo eyeballs breaking thru the back side of the book… 🙄

being goofy is lit af. I’m goofy af. nigga i love my personality.

and being goofy is certainly not being a dumbass. tf

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May I pretty please have a follow up to the note-writing fic? I just love it too much

AN ~ here you are, at long last! also for the ever-supportive, ever-patient @agentcalliope. Enjoy! (feel free to continue prompting from this verse if inspiration, I’m loving it, and there are so many options!)

For those of you who missed the original note-writing fic, it’s here, and definitely best to read that before this. For those who just need a quick reminder; it’s the High School AU in which the girls find out that Fitz’s absent father is, to Fitz’s  displeasure and significant stress, back in his life. He’s been keeping to himself, but they’re determined to help in any way(s) they can.


and now for the new part, which can also be found on AO3 here. Angst/hc with a happy/fluffy ending :D



The jangle of his keys was the only sound in reply as Fitz pushed through the door and into the foyer. He scouted ahead of Jemma and Daisy who followed him in, and lingered in place while he stuck his head into the laundry and down the hall, calling as he went. His mother was probably at work – which was probably a good thing, because she’d be disappointed to find him skipping out of school in the middle of the day, especially for her sake. Still, it made him feel better to be here – to know that nothing was out of place, somehow, even though he had no concrete way of actually measuring that.

The Fitz house was a perpetual mess. The kitchen was half-decent, but beyond that, shuffling papers and abandoned cardigans and aprons and half-baked ideas to clear space had become a way of life. He didn’t mind it, being surrounded by the tumble of his life, but he could have done without the reminders, here and there, of his father’s lingering presence. A coffee cup. A magazine. One of Fitz’s own inventions, knocked off the dining table and not replaced. He collected it and deposited it back onto the table for fixing later, and retreated to the kitchen.

He screwed up his nose. It was still not right in here. It still felt like him.

“Fitz?” Jemma leaned her head in to check on him, and Fitz beckoned them further in.

“Come on,” he said. “’s probably the cleanest room in the house, anyway. Want a drink?”

He set about making them each a hot chocolate, and ran a sponge over the bench and the stove while waiting for the water to boil. It settled him somewhat, feeling like he could wipe away his father’s touch, but after so many years of just him and his Mum, the sudden sense of violation was taking a while to clear. As his mother had said, though, there was nothing else to do but cover the bad memories with good ones; drown them out. He wasn’t sure about the nothing else part, but still, looking around at Daisy and Jemma – especially Jemma, who had finally marred this year’s perfect attendance record to be here – he felt reassured.

“Thanks for coming with me, guys,” he said. “I know it’s nonsense, but…”

He looked around at the kitchen. It wasn’t nonsense at all, really, it was his. And it was scary to know that someone could come and take it all away.

“Hey, it’s cool,” Daisy assured him. “I get the privacy violation thing. I have to go through so many damn checks and controls. Shitty curfews, clothing checks one time, internet control – not that that works, but they try, so the principle applies. Sometimes my ‘parents’ even get the keys to my room. It’s gross. I’m not theirs.”

She screwed up her nose, mimicking the expression he’d made earlier. He couldn’t be sure if she’d seen him, and was mimicking him on purpose, but he smiled anyway. It was satisfying, to feel understood.

“Have you thought about calling the police or something?” Jemma wondered. “Surely he can’t just show up like that.”

Fitz shrugged.

“The car’s in his name, I’m pretty sure. Plus, I’m a kid, so anything of mine he can control if he wants to, I think. I’m not sure what Mum did back when they split. Maybe she could see a lawyer, I don’t know.”

Lawyers – good lawyers - were notoriously expensive, of course, but Jemma decided to zip her lips, especially since Fitz seemed to be avoiding eye contact with her. He obviously didn’t want to talk about it, and she didn’t want to risk putting her foot in her mouth; sometimes she forgot that not everyone came from a well-off and extremely well-educated family. Perhaps she’d broach the idea of her father having a look at the state of the Fitz family’s affairs, but that was a conversation for another time. For now, she sipped her hot chocolate and wondered if she should offer to help Fitz clean instead. He seemed satisfied by his work, though, and took up his own mug for a drink.

“Should – should we maybe go back to school?” Jemma suggested. “I suppose there’s no point now. By the time we get back up there, there’ll only be twenty minutes or so left. We might as well make the most of the afternoon.”

The others were in agreement, so they bundled themselves out of the kitchen in search of what to do. Fitz herded them away from his bedroom. It was a pigsty born of preoccupation, depression and anger that nobody needed to see, to be honest, and instead they flocked to the living room. Cups and papers and blankets were shuffled around as the television awoke, and Jemma and Daisy made themselves comfortable fighting over the remote.

“YES!” Daisy shouted all of a sudden, holding the remote high in the air and dangling it over Jemma’s head. “Mythbusters. Fitz? Mythbusters?”

“Yes!!” Fitz clapped and Daisy tossed the remote to him so that he could adjust the settings.

“What’s Mythbusters?” Jemma wondered.

“Only the greatest show on Earth,” Fitz muttered.

“These two guys do science,” Daisy explained. “Like, real science, to figure out if you could like…blow up a car by shooting at its fuel tank, stuff like that.”

“You can’t-“

Daisy held up a finger. “Even if they find out that you can’t, they’ll mess with stuff until you can. Like, they’ll put propane in the tank or something instead.”

Jemma’s eyes widened.

“Science, explosions, hilariously Southern accents,” Fitz summarised. “What more does an afternoon need?”

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Oh wow ngl are reading that explanation of why you love jotaro i kinda feel like my "i really love lisa lisa, suzie q, and jolyne bc im really fucking gay" is kinda a weak reason lol. I mean ive accepted how gay i am but maybe i should bullshit a slightly better reason lol

oh my god

I was going to write so much more about Jotaro like I easily could have done another 3 or 4 paragraphs but I was cold and tired- heck

listen that’s a solid reason too, I have characters that I like because I’m just?? girls are so lovely?? I’m like that with Yukako like you get to see enough personality ect but she’s not as much a centre point like Jotaro is 

you can have favourite characters for any reason, it’s never weak as long as it means something to you! 

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I can relate to your feelings about dead girl walking, I love the song waayyy too much. I also love the dead girl walking reprise.

YESSS I prefer the first version but the reprise is so so good as well!

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I wasdating this girl for two years We fell in love & thts what hurt us in the end we missed each other too much when she was awayThen things got hard cause she was in college & I wasn't & we cldnt handle bein apart for longer then 9 days or we would fall apart&argue to cover up missin e/o but it got so bad we broke up I havnt talked to her in months can't get over her she's the one for me People are supposed to break up because there not in love anymore not bc they completely r idk what to do.

You both tried it again and again but somehow it just doesn’t work. It’s not your fault. Looks like you both just aren’t meant to be. I’m sorry but sometimes it’s better to go separated ways.

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I hope you don't mind but we loved the doll maker you used and linked so much that we made a few of our own alters in it too, it's so nice and has so many options, and everyone had a lot of fun helping with it! It's probably the best one we've seen so far, thanks for sharing that link!

im SO GLAD i really like it too!!!!! its rare that you can make boys and girls accurately on the same doll maker! im glad you liked it!!!!!

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i think that lauren didn't ment to write it like that, things are just so overwhelming and stressing rn, i think she was anxious and in panic so she didn't really thought about what she was going to tweet for too long, i still think that camren was real after all because of dinah, and the other girls, because of the starres and the touches and the indirects on tumblr an instagram, and thank you 4 being there and still shipping them ❤❤ love you so much for not giving us all up☺️☺️❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏

not giving up on this ship but im just gonna stay silent and ship them on the low now :) 


don’t let anybody tell you you’re any less than what you are!! you are important, and you deserve to be treated that way!

150 days of harley quinn — day 81

Batgirl Adventures (1998)