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Then Again, P13  Peter Parker x Reader

Author’s Note:

Hello, everyone! I know I said this chapter was going to be super short, but I had a chance to write for a whole hour this week (a miracle!) so it turned out longer than I originally thought :) It’s pretty consistent with the usual word count now. On that note, huge thank you to @girl-tips-from-satan for listening to me ramble and helping me enormously with this chapter. 

Also, I tipped 300 followers! That’s insane. If you guys ever want to talk about anything, feel free to send me a message! I would love to get to know you guys better. 💞💞💞 (Plus, if you guys have any questions about this fic, ask away! I’ll answer anything I can without spoiling too much 😉)

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Without further ado,

Then Again, Part 13:

(Words: 1,483)

He came back?

A hard crash in the bathroom slaps me awake. The consequent groan confirms it’s Peter who’s likely just tripped over his own feet. My eyes snap open on impact and my heart leaps.

The light from the bathroom is outlining the door in harsh gold, a shadow darkening the left floor corner. I close my eyes again, unable to handle the sudden light, and focus on keeping my body completely still. I’d rather he doesn’t know I’m awake. I’m not ready for what we might say to each other.

I just can’t believe he came back.

This thought swims the perimeter of my brain again and again, almost endlessly alongside my concentration to stay still until, of course, the door eventually opens. There’s a burst of light popping red against my eyelids. Don’t move. Don’t move. Don’t move. It’s only a second though before it goes black once more. If I could make a sound, I’d sigh.

The moment the door closes though, the silent air freezes. If I could see anything, I’m certain I would be able to pick out every particle of dust in the room halted, standing like statues in their assigned places. Everything around me - and me - feels trapped in this tiny timeframe. At once I’m far too warm.

He really came back?

Peter’s trying to be quiet, I can tell. Maybe that’s why I’m too aware of myself. My breathing shifts from an involuntary function to a mess of trying to regulate it consciously. I hate it. Breathe in. One, two, three, four. And out for five, four, three-

I hear something creak near the window. Is he really-? But then I realize it’s only the closet. He’s staying, then? I wish I were facing the other way so I could try to peek and see what he’s doing.

Without warning the blanket pulls.


The bed dips behind me, the springs compressing enough that I can sense exactly where Peter’s weight is centered. He’s inches from my back.

Holy shit.

His head must be close to mine on the pillow because something is tickling my scalp. What else is it, if not his breathing near my hair?

God, I’m still thinking about my own breathing.

Peter adjusts slightly.

Focus. In for one, two, three, four. And out for five, four, three, two, one. Shut up, brain, please. The heaviness in my lungs is making it difficult though. I need to turn over to relieve the pressure on my ribcage.

Slowly, steadily, and as convincingly as possible, I roll my shoulders over and push my legs to follow. It’s awkward and disjointed. As it would be, probably, if I were asleep. For good measure, I place my arm over my eyes. That should keep me from trying to sneak a glance. I really shouldn’t risk him knowing I’m not asleep particularly because I should be. The competition. I need to be ready. If I let Michelle down-

He’s touching me. What is he doing? His fingers are brushing mine as if - but now they’re gone. What?

One, two, three, four. Five, four, three two one. One two three four. Five four three-

Peter’s voice nearly makes me jolt.

“I’m serious about what I said before.” He pauses. My mind sprints through too many of things he said tonight and my stomach drops. “I’m really, really sorry.” What? “Anything you decide is suitable, I’ll do whatever you want if it helps you forgive me. I swear, I never meant to be such a jerk and I’ll never act like that again. Just tell me what you want me to do.”

He’s apologizing… and for the second time tonight, apparently.

That’s Peter. That’s the person I’ve been friends with for so long. He’s really back.

It’s unbelievable, I realize, how much I’ve missed him this week.

All I want is for us to be on the same side again.

My hand feels cold now, my fingers itching to have his back for a moment. I think I get the gesture now. Coming from Peter, it might’ve been a question, a mini request for compromise, a hint at truce in case I was awake. The shock of the initial contact made it weird in the moment, but in hindsight, it is uniquely Peter. Almost weird, but oddly perfect in context. I can’t believe he’s back.

Come tomorrow, the two of us are going to have a lot to work through and I know that. Yet… I almost want to say something, to signal back that it’s okay. If his apology is genuine, as it sounds and I trust it is, I should do something too, right?

God, I’m just going to do stupid things until I die. With that in mind, I ignore the protests forming in my head and let my who cares? side have control for once.

I roll over onto his side of the bed and, quite frankly, onto him. Sort of. My hand fumbles across his shoulder before awkwardly reaching across his middle to latch on, as Michelle is well familiar with. He half-jumps. By instinct, I immediately pull myself closer, my fingers pressing themselves against his bare ribcage.

Why didn’t you change into pajamas? Damn you, Peter.

I really thought he would at least have a t-shirt.

Although I’ve seen him shirtless a handful of times before, like an hour ago, it’s suddenly a very different thing to physically feel him this way.

“Uh, um. Y/N? Are… are you awake?”

Don’t move a muscle, definitely don’t answer.

“I don’t want to be weird or anything….” He hesitates. “But my arm is going to go numb if- if I stay like this. So it’s, you know, logical I guess, if I move a bit? But if it’s weird you can, you know, just hit me or something. Or maybe I should sleep on the floor? I was going to once I-”

I force a fake, drawn-out exhale and for some stupid, idiotic reason, I pull myself up a bit more, my leg by habit (I’ll pretend) following the overall motion to slide between his knees. Why am I like this? I can picture how this must look: Peter on his back, his arm crushed under me as I cling to him like a koala bear or tree frog. Our ankles knock against each other slightly. That itself gives me a sense of security, like being locked into a safe place.

Peter stills.

“So you’re not awake?”

Only Peter would ask this right now. The question tickles the top of my head. I can tell from the quick intake of breath that he’s about to keep talking - but given the situation, I think my heart might combust if he whispers another apology.

“Peter,” I mumble. “Please, shut up.”

His chest freezes under my head. He definitely knows I’m awake now. He nods.

“Yeah. Okay.”

Why did I have to say something?

My face is burning and his skin seems more like a furnace than a human body. I could play it off tomorrow as if I had been still asleep… but he knows, he has to know. That really wasn’t a convincing still-sleeping voice. Just as I consider rolling off the bed, rolling under it, and staying there for the next twenty years, Peter moves.

He slides his arm from under my own and wraps it around my shoulders. His right hand brushes my hair away from my face.

I’ll be surprised if he can’t feel the heat from my forehead. God, why are we always so awkward?

I expect him to stop there, but he combs through, rather hesitantly, twice more. The second time, one of his fingers catches on a tangle. He accidentally tugs it (I bite my cheek to keep from jumping) before he pauses and half-pats my head like sorry, my bad. He drops his hand to his side and sighs. His breathing begins to deepen. Admittedly, I wish he hadn’t stopped.

Peter shifts slightly.

He starts to say something, but hesitates - a half-formed sound trailing off.

Then, there’s a long pause. We both seem to be waiting for the other.

What are we going to do after tomorrow, Peter?

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

This time, I don’t say anything back.

Instead, I kick the corner of the blanket bunched around my foot - the one that isn’t between his legs - until I can tell it’s finally covering both of his feet too. Once I’m certain he has enough of the blanket, I settle in a bit more and hope he doesn’t think it’s weird.

This is such a stupid idea.

Still, it’s better than I imagined. And how many times have I imagined this? An embarrassing amount and honestly -

His arms tighten around me. The knots in the back of my neck relax.

It’s a thousand times better than I imagined.


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So I’ve always made custom content as a follower gift, but I upload CC pretty often so it wouldn’t be that special. So I decided to do something different

I wanted to make a follow forever -thing, but I don’t follow many people… forever. So I made this Thank you -post as a… thank you. I’m out of words already, but please keep reading :)

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I just reached 500 followers and I cannot express how grateful I am for all of you!! It really warms my heart to see how much you all have been loving my legacy so far. I am going to open up sim requests soon as a thank-you gift as well. In case anyone was wondering, the girl on the banner is my simself <3 

I’m going to start with some blogs who I really look up to and who I have became friends with :)

@siimflower​ - She is the reason I have a simblr in the first place and I am so thankful for that! Her posts are absolutely adorable and her custom content is top notch too!!

@pourcupine - She is a ray of sunshine and her legacy is so. good. I would seriously recommend stopping everything and scrolling through it!!

@elfelondra​ - She is really sweet and fun to talk to! She reblogs great custom content as well!

@peonypyxels - Her posts are amazing! I’ve never messaged her but her sims are gorgeous omg.

@apricoto​ - She makes beautiful edits and is so dedicated! She is really kind to her followers too :)

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Thank you again and I’m so sorry if I missed anyone!!

F(x) as Teachers I Have

Amber: AP English

  • super sweet
  • sends out cards when people get a’s and for holidays
  • tomboy-ish
  • a living meme
  • instead of teaching a lesson, showed us stranger things memes bc she had just finished the show and thought they were funny
  • bad puns™
  • has framed photos of dogs she thinks are cute

Luna: Art

  • gives extensions constantly
  • asks us about our day
  • shows us pictures of her cats
  • always late
  • broke a girl’s pencil and brought her a new pack
  • her room smells like vanilla
  • calls everyone ‘sweetie’ and ‘sweet pea’
  • flicks glitter on people when they’re “darkening her mood”

Victoria: Math

  • living fossil but acts like a 6 year old
  • i once called her mom after she called me her daughters name
  • too nice
  • everyone says shes mean but it’s just tough love
  • used to be a dancer
  • dresses nice
  • strangely flexible
  • does too much charity work
  • is at peace with her life and i think that great

Krystal: World History

  • h o t
  • youngest teacher is the school
  • 100% don’t know what he’s doing
  • knows all the school gossip
  • we can’t tell if he’s being mean or sarcastic
  • dresses like a model
  • called a kid the wrong name for 2 month and almost cried when he found out
  • will roll his eyes when people ask dumb questions
  • p e t t y
  • refuses to get a cactus for his room solely bc we told him to

Sulli: AP Earth Science

  • really funny
  • never gives hard work
  • has given up
  • used to date another teacher and they just make weird eye contact in the halls
  • gave me some pity points on the science fair bc i cried
  • has this natural cuteness that i envy
  • she disappeared for a while and than magically returned
  • dressed up as a disney princess every day of spirit week
  • under appreciated
  • misunderstood bc people think she’s rude but she’s really nice

There is no character in literature I love so much as Bard Eanrin from the Tales of Goldstone Wood series by AE Stengl - ok, well, I love Wit from Stormlight Archive with ferocity too - but Eanrin wins my heart’s first place for his gorgeous looks, sassy mouth and tragic life (both the real and the self imposed parts).

So I thought I’d bestow a little commissioned fanart of the aforementioned faerie poet … knight … bard … gentleman … cheeky cat … forlorn lover … wearer of scarlet … blind songster … (I could keep going) on the world ~

Artist: @phantomrin (dang, that outfit, girl!)

Title: Lost in Tomorrow

Commissioned by: @todaybybryn

“Do you understand, mortal?” Eanrin said. “We Faerie know it’s the spirit that counts, and all else is malleable. Beauty or ugliness; brawn or frailty; height or lack thereof–these appearances can be exchanged with scarcely a thought! But the truth…now, that’s another issue. The truth of the thing, the person behind what you perceive with any of your paltry five senses…Creature of dust, it’s the truth that counts! And you’ll rarely find more truth than in Faerie tales.”
With those words, the golden man dwindled into the golden cat, and try as he might, the Chronicler could perceive him as nothing else. But he was still Eanrin, and he smiled, pleased with himself.
“That wasn’t a half-bad monologue. Do you find yourself inspired to new heights of ambition?” he asked. ~ Dragonwitch
by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

I got my heart broken recently so here are 30 songs I like that fit that heartbreak category.

I Live - The Symbols
Go Now - The Moody Blues
What Do You Know - The Left Banke
A Teenager in Love - Sha Na Na (my preferred version)
Excuse, Excuse - The Seeds
Sad And Alone - The Seeds
Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things) - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Bedazzled - Peter Cook & Dudley Moore Trio
Boy Meets Girl - Ron Grainer Orchestra
Adios Amor (Goodbye My Love) - The Casuals
Lost My Lover - The Peep Show
Too Much Between Us - Procol Harum
Climb That Tree - The She Trinity
Finding It Rough - Hat & Tie
Take Me For a Little While - Cher
Lonely Avenue - Peter & Gordon
You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me - Dusty Springfield
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart - The Bee Gees
Don’t Go Away - Margo Guryan
Don’t Lead Me On - The Smoke
Without Him - Astrud Gilberto
Lost - The Box Tops
My Darkest Hour - The Clique
Love Me Again - Strawberry Alarm Clock
Never Again - The Shangri-Las
Lies - Nancy Sinatra
By The Way - The Tremeloes
We Had a Good Thing Goin’ - The Cyrkle
Put Yourself in My Place - The Supremes
No News - The Glories

anonymous asked:

I just want to find a girl who's down to adopt a dog or three with me someday and cuddle and make out for hours in bed and never get annoyed at me for being overly affectionate and send me dirty messages during the day sometimes and share her favorite things with me is it too much to ask

this is me…. you’ve found me

he says i know you love me, and you know that this is the moment you’re going to die, at the mercy of a boy who flutters his eyelashes at you like he could catch you in its web. he says he knows, and that’s the worst part. god, find something you haven’t feared more than giving too much of your heart away, especially to someone who doesn’t give a single part back. there is a very big difference between loving him and him knowing you love him, and you are terrified. find something more real than this. you are a girl made of dreams, and he is standing here solid and structured, telling you that he knows. you know that your silence is betraying your answer, and you are shaking. what do you do here? you can tell him you don’t, and it’d be a lie. you can tell him you do, and you will lose a part of you then. what do you do here? why is he not saying anything else? you are not prepared for this situation. you were just going to love him in drowned out silence until he moved on to something more beautiful, and you were going to let him go. he says i know you love me, and he is leaning forward to touch you, and you are on fire. it does not make sense that it sounds like a confession at his lips when it is your secret. he is using his hands to tilt your head up, catch his eyes which you have been avoiding. oh. he’s trying to say he might love you too. you just weren’t listening.

anonymous asked:

Hey, so I'm not pansexual, but I'm pan-romantic (& Demisexual... I think? Possibly Poly too), and I know how you feel on the crush thing. I'm in that position right now... except with three girls... at the same time... and they're all pretty much my best friends. One is Pansexual, another is Bi, and the other is Straight (but I still love her and I hate myself for it). And I'm just like "I love all of you and I want to give you safety and happiness and pretty much the world." But yeah... : )

ohhh at least maybe one of them could return the feelings!! you never know i’m sending you all the luck and hope in the world🍀

a-rosewood-by-any-other-name  asked:

Do I even want to know what "selfcest" is? Or should I hide in my blissful ignorance in this regard?

Oooooh trust me Luna you for sure want to remain hidden in your blissful ignorance in this regard !

OR you can be like me and be a silly, naive and waaaay too much curious of a person and then be trapped into being so very entertained by that whole “selfcest”discourse that Elle ( @magnusragnor ) Ellie ( @magnusbaene) and Ceci ( @daddariossmile ) are having ! =p Which was so very entertaining ! I think Elle collected some receipts on the matter ;) 

After the “vampire boner” discourse they had I have got to say when I saw that the “selfcest” discourse started I was so hipped because I knew it would be so entertaining ! Sorry girls ! love you all ! <3


Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧

i love girls

ok dude girls are so cute okay like let me tell you:

you dont even gotta be the typical good looking skinny girl with a small face and abs okay

girls are so cool they have this aura of confidence, even if theyre super insecure. IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN BUT ITS GREAT YES GIRL WORK IT

like you can TELL that each and every one of them are special and wow im just so excited to tell you how much i love them ?????

1. theyre so gentle and even if theyre more masculine theyre still soft and good like yes YOURE A GIRL and IM A GIRL THANK U FOR UNDERSTANDING!!!

2. wlw especially: theyre really legit with u???? like straight up (more lyk gay up u feel) tell me whats up girl whatchu feelin whatchu need

3. hair- long hair or short hair????? ALL R NICE seriously okay i dont care if ur hair’s messy or neat or if ur bald whatever it’s cute nice

4. girls rock the wearing clothes thing (and the not wearing clothes thing but im not gonna talk about that) !!!! every girl has a different style and holy shit it’s so nice to see a girl wear something they like because THEY ARE RADIATING i love it

5. girls are so smart like no matter how dumb they think they are or how “bad” their grades are they probably like something and know a lot about it and it’s always so enchanting to listen to a girl talk about,,,, anything

i have many many more things but pls add !!!!!

I didn’t even realize how annoyed I was at the general way women in comedy shows are portrayed until TAZ didn’t do the thing and I realized how amazing it was.

The thing is: when you have a group of funny male characters and one or two women, and the women are always super mature and emotionally together and much too responsible and reasonable to engage in shenanigans.  Basically the perpetually annoyed straight man for the jokers to butt up against.

And then TAZ introduced Lup, and immediately she was petty, and smug, and egotistical, and FUCKING HILARIOUS, and it felt like taking a breath of air when I didn’t even realize I’d been underwater.  She’s allowed to be every bit as ridiculous and self-obsessed as her brother, and they just trust that we’ll love her the same way we love Taako, faults and all - they never feel like they’re apologizing for putting a girl in with all this silliness, not once!  And, like, they joke about  a “competent woman” - she is HIGHLY competent!  And very moral!  And capable of tremendous love and sweetness!

And she ALSO wants her fucking fifteen dollars back, GREG GRIMALDIS.

Why I love Max Mayfield
  • When Max is introduced you think she’s gonna be a stereotypical tomboy, but she has way more depth
  • Like instead of being the stereotypical guy’s girl who says shit like, “I only hang out with guys cause girls are too much drama,” she walks right up to Eleven, so excited to introduce herself and become friends with this girl she’s heard so much about
  • And even though Mike’s feelings for Eleven are what’s keeping him from letting her into the party, she recognizes that’s not Eleven’s fault and she doesn’t hold it against her (she’s more emotionally mature at 13 than I am now, tbh)
  • She uses words like “presumptuous” and “derivative”
  • You’d think after everything she’s been through with her family, she’d be emotionally closed off, but she’s so vulnerable and honest with Lucas while they talk on top of the bus
  • She straight up stabs her abusive step-brother with a syringe to stop him from beating up Steve (LIKE SHE PROBABLY SAVED STEVE’S LIFE, NBD), not only badass but such a smart move
  • And then she takes her babysitter’s bat with nails and tells Billy that his abuse towards her and her friends ends now. what a brave bamf.
  • She wears pants to the snow ball because it’s what she feels comfortable in and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks (and she still looks super cute and feminine)
  • She’s played by Sadie Sink, a literal angel
  • In conclusion: Max is amazing and I love her