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Hi, again (?) I think I sent you a submit thingy asking if a certain image was yours… I found the drawing of yours on pinterest (I am assuming is your pinterest) and I wanted to pay homage to it and I sculpted it in my own image? I just wanted to show it to you. I’m not selling it for profit or anything either because I suck at sculpting faces and she looks so derpy -__- I’m going to post it under my blog name/tagged/sergle.. anyways this is what it looks like


We’re home!

I just had to draw some Tfa because… I cannot explain my love for this movie in that one blog post. I spent half of my holidays on this, this gives you an idea! I will probably put in on society6 tomorrow :) 


My Funko Tamatoa figurine arrived! He’s so cute, I love him! The little dork is a bit top heavy and has a penchant for falling down! XD Anyways here are some photos of both my Disney store Tama and Funko Tama with my ever increasing hoard of Tamatoa inspired treasure. He’s taken over my life! D8 But I don’t suffer from this madness, I enjoy every minute of it muhwahaha! Hope you guys enjoy! :D

I may or may not have spent the entire day today animating this little Hatapon.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I am in over my head with this game, and I am loving every second of it. I have to admit that Hatapon is currently my favorite, and I dunno if any of the other lil guys can match him there!

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This is for you @volatile-symphony!!

How I feel about this character:
Is this really even necessary at this point? I. LOVE. SANJI. I’ve loved him from the start! My obsession with collecting as many figurines of him (and Zoro for that matter) aside, I can honestly tell you I had a crush on him from when I was…oh shit. How old was I? Damn I was a scrawny little kid back then.

Now, this may just be me being a sucker for kindness, but I personally didn’t have a very good time growing up. My parents (especially my mother) were (and she still is kind of) abusive. Long sob-story short, I was a very love-starved child. Sanji, weird as he was (I saw was, because I’m talking about the first time we see him at the Baratie) I found to be interesting. He was all nice and cool and then just SNAPS and kicks ass. He didn’t take shit from anyone and yet he was and is still, really, really nice to Nami. (You already know how I feel about Nami, but if you don’t, you can click this sentence to read this same break-down I did for her.)

My first thought was “wow. He really likes women.” until Arlong Park happened. Truth be told, I both admired and was very jealous of Sanji, especially when I saw his flashback with Zeff and their starvation on that godforsaken spit of land. My second thought was “he’s so lucky to have someone to love him like that, even if they’re not his real parents.” 

I admired him because of what kind of character he displayed at both the Baratie and Arlong Park. He was the first to be able to read Nami so easily, despite the fact she was being deceptively mean (and very effectively, might I add.) I found that impressive, but also did chalk it up to him being very obsessed with women. Still, even if it was just because of that, he used that insight to help her and believe in her when Zoro and Usopp wouldn’t. Of course, this admiration grew when he displayed countless times of putting himself in danger for the sake of his crew in situations where he knew Zoro couldn’t or wasn’t there to help them.

Overtime I thought he was sort of the ‘mommy’ if Zoro was the ‘daddy’. They compliment each other that way and as a kid who didn’t know what yaoi was or what ‘shipping’ was, I thought it was cute and funny because men are usually all mean and tough and brave like Zoro. But Sanji was and is still sensitive and perceptive, empathic and sweet. 

Now, I just…there are no words. His history is too relatable to me. I shared a lot of those feelings growing up, especially the ‘take me away from here’‘if I just disappeared I think it would be alright’, ‘why can’t I do anything right?’ and ‘why am I so useless?’, ‘why am I the only one like this?’  and of course “there are to be a place out there where people will accept me’ and I can tell you I was very fiercely protective of whatever friends I had because well…they were all I had. I came back to an empty home, did my homework, ate and went to sleep. In the morning, my parents would be gone and on the weekends when we were together…well, let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant. I wasn’t brave enough to run away or do anything crazy and neither did Sanji at the time. Reiju had to help him out. He had her, but I didn’t have anyone to help me get out of the abusive house I lived in. Well, I had One Piece. And I survived.

All the people I ship with this character:
Zoro. Mom and dad dynamic. Idiots dynamic. In-sync dynamic. All the dynamics, really. They belong together. Both are so Tsun-tsun for each other just C’MON GUYS KISS ALREADY. THE SEXUAL TENSION IS DRIVING EVERYONE ELSE INSANE!

Law. Funnilly enough they did get along pretty well. Sanji didn’t snap at him canon or non-canon (And I’m talking about that Zou filler with Law and Zoro totally being morons and Zoro not wanting to admit he DOES get lost when Law realizes this idiot swordsman who fucking SLICED PICA IN HALF AND ENDED HIS MISERABLE EXISTENCE has the worse sense of direction in the entire planet). But also I find it suspicious that Sanji prepared ONIGIRI which is Zoro’s fave for Law when he didn’t know what else to make for someone who wouldn’t touch bread. (So really, SanLaw/LawSan still loses to ZoSan. Sorry Law.)

Luffy? (I’m a little ‘eh’ on this because Luffy is very Ace to me. As someone with a lot of ‘lust’ and therefore a lot of libido, I feel a muscle-head like Zoro who definitely has TOO MUCH TESTOSTERONE for his own good would do better for someone like Sanji.)

LOL all the ships just became ZoSan by the end.

My Non-Romantic OTP for this character:
Usopp. Sanji’s always letting Usopp depend on him and it’s ADORABLE! He looks out for Usopp like he does for a little brother and I can’t get enough of this BrOTP. They also react in the same way with Zoro or Nami join in in sentiments from time to time.

My Unpopular Opinion About This Character:
Sanji. Is. Fine. The. Way. He. Is. Pervert. And. All. Stop. Fucking. Whining. Like. Little. Bitches. About. His. Perversion. 

I know how he acts. I know how he behaves. But I also know that’s not what he’s really like. It’s part of his ‘default’ face he puts on because he was taught to treat women better than men by his father, Zeff. That’s the aftermath of BOTH Zeff’s parenting, and his deprivation of women for 2 years. IF I WAS DEPRIVED OF ANIME FOR 2 YEARS I WOULD CRY AND SCREAM WHEN I FINALLY GOT TO HUG MY FIGURES AND MY PLUSH TOYS AND WATCH MY MONSTER TRIP AGAIN OKAY?! Oh wait. I did that. After 1 year of deprivation. In Japan. Made a fool of myself at Tokyo One Piece Tower. BUT IT’S OKAY BECAUSE SANJI KISSED MY HAND AND I LOVE THEM ALL UUURGH I CAN’T IMAGINE WHAT IT’S LIKE FOR SANJI.

Anyone who doesn’t accept Sanji the way he is, flaws and all, just needs to not live with any other human being on the planet because apparently they need someone FLAWLESS to like them as they are or, needs to experience deprivation of something they can’t live without for themselves.

Even Oda has shown time and time again the heart-eyes are not part of his true emotions if his shitty brothers can do it too. And they have no fucking hearts.

One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon:

@curlysword @lady-of-time Sanji? Sanji? Please?

Darkest Dungeon Party Tryouts
  • Reynauld: So what do you do?
  • Grave Robber: Make things be full of knives and also steal from you while you're asleep.
  • Reynauld: Joke's on you, I took a vow of poverty. Next.
  • Man at Arms: I shout lots
  • Reynauld: As it happens, we have an opening for a hooting jackass. And what's your damage?
  • Reynauld: Haha, alright then. Stay away from me. Okay, you're the last one today. Thrill me.
  • Antiquarian: I was on Antique Roadshow a bunch and collect Hummel figurines.
  • Reynauld: ...
  • Antiquarian: ...
  • Reynauld: ...
  • Dismas: dude i love that show

that booty doe

shout out to the fam who are starting to understand this “anime” thing and @yourtypicalweeaboo for the larger sized sun god, hinata shoyo 

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