i love these derps

bangtan x twitter derp faces

Jay Park went on IG Live for the very first time just to show off his blue socks lol! Since its his Bentley, of course he can put up his feet up on the dashboard ey…. his driver/manager is pretty good looking too! Jay then went live for at least three more times! In his words: “Shit is fun.” xD

“DEADASS BRUH, DEADASS! SHIT IS MAD CORNY YO!” Omg hahaha he’s imitating fans comments about his deadass antics lmao

Fan: Aye B!
Jay Park: C D! E F GEE! hahahaha omg Jay is seriously mad corny for sure. xD

Jay singing Merry Christmas is priceless. xDDDDD

Grandpa Jay with his wise words of wisdom. 

Look at my feet for inspiration……ahahaha…okay Jay, okay.

Watch on jayfatuasian.tumblr.com

This is what happens when Jay Park teaches Loco how to dance. The most hilarious “Expectations vs Reality” ever. xD Jay’s surprised “Oh” and Loco’s confused expression makes it so much better haha… [My Little Television]

But with Jay Park as the instructor, you’ll get the most hyped motivator you could ever need xD

Take notes, Loco. How to seduce in Jay Park sexy style…

Or a derp style works too.

And then Loco read a comment that the viewers could see Jay Park’s undies jutting out from his ripped jeans…hahahaha…..

But then again you’ll see it anyway when Jay Park asked the viewers if they want to have a “d*ck party” xDDDDD

And that in a nutsshell is what happens when you let Jay Park teach you how to dance. xD