i love these covers so much


Sooo who here knows the anime Inuyasha?!

Here is another bass flute cover which I hope you will enjoy.. please do let me know your thoughts and as always… thank you so much for all the love and support… really!


I love this part of the Dirk Gently soundtrack oh-so much, and wanted to share that love with you all in a little piano cover. Hope you enjoy it!

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Hello love! For those cuddle prompts could you do 6 and 10 with gramander (or if your not feeling them a pairing of your choice)? I hope you’re having a beautiful day xx

Thank you so much! Modern Police!AU, and both fluffy and angsty.

Warnings: mentios of torture, PTSD

The inside of Newt’s car was an exact projection of Newt himself – covered in old tweed, full of pointy angles digging in your back, and stuffed with things. Literally, terrifyingly stuffed. Uncomfortably crammed in the backseat of the Beetle – the paint so faded and encrusted with mud its green was barely recognizable – Percival could see stacks of scientific papers tied together with actual twine, numbers of Scientific American covered in felt-pen notes and dog-ears, rolls of sturdy grey tape, vials filled with different shades of mud, his battered shell phone buried in a sprawl of granola bars shoved hazardously under the passenger seat, and an untouched package of plastic zip ties that, had it been anyone else, would have sent his cop senses tingling with serial killer vibes. 

Having seen how neat and clinical his laboratory was, the spectacle was even more shocking.

Still, there were pleasant surprises buried there, too. Interesting glimpses into the car owner’s personality. The scent of grass and plain soap hanging heavy in the cabin, for example. The pack of nicotine gums shoved in the cup holder. The couple of photo taped on the dashboard behind the wheel – one with Newt smiling wide and hugging a hairy nightmare of a creature with teeth as long as his head, and the other occupied with an auburn-haired head Percival easily recognizes as Theseus’s.

His brother and his beasts, Percival’s muddy brain processed. He made a humming sound in the back of his throat. It vaguely sounded like “aww”. He keeps them close everywhere he goes. That’s cute.

Distantly, he knew that thinking about Newt Scamander’s photos while nearly going into hypothermic shock and being stranded in the middle of a frozen forest wasn’t a good sign. He simply didn’t have enough strength to worry about it.

He heard muffled sounds floating to him from his left – grunts and rustles of clothes, the clack of a car door snapping closed. A gust of wind mixed with snow rushed in, rolling across Percival’s skin, and he felt himself flinching hard enough to bang his head against the opposite window. He couldn’t swallow down a whimper, body curling, shoving itself as far as possible from the cold out of pure, raw instinct. He realized his heart should pick up speed now, but it wasn’t – beats slow and thick and frail. He was cold, so fucking cold.

He blinked. Focusing was hard. Memories resurfaced. Another whimper crawled out of his mouth, turning shriller, rasping.

Last time he felt like this he was dying. Last time he was still with him, and, and –

The contact of another body against his stopped the images. Which was strange. The body was lean and angular, but corded with muscles – smelling clean and fresh-sweat and definitively male. Any other time it had happened since Grindelwald, Percival had fallen apart like a ball of yarn pulled loose, vitals all over the place, panic attacks biting him in the ass. Even with his father. Even with Theseus.

But now, it wasn’t happening. The memory simply faded. No threats whispered in his ear, each word cultured and carefully articulated as he got described how his friends would find his skinned body. No phantom fingers grazing his skin – retracing his scars. There was only the taut, slim body pressing around him, wrapping him, the heat of it almost intoxicating. At some point Percival’s eyes had closed, and against the dark canvas of his eyelids he pictured the body as a shape of light, pure, unbridled warmth seeping into his chilled skin. His lungs. His mind.

“Detective Graves.” The voice sounded familiar. It grew closer – inches from his ear. “Percival. It’s okay, you’re safe. But I need you to open your eyes now. I have to make sure you’re here. Open your eyes. Please.”

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Admin Sav if you haven’t heard Jin’s cover of mom have you heard Jin’s cover of I Love You?????? When I first heard it his voice was so beautiful and I was almost in tears

um? n o? i am unaware of this god’s covers? since w h e n? brb… let me do some research. 

ya’ll cry with me here (x)

omg why did he cover such a sad song? who hurt him? i will fite? are those his vocals harmonizing with him too? oh shit… i’m so in love with this man. wahhhh~ high notes? but— but w o w. how does this god-gifted man not get enough lines? guys… i’m not even fckin lying… i’m like literally in tears… i’m so fcked for jin and his talent like omg please… i’m so in love wow… high noTES! h i g h  n o t e s! H I G H  N O T E S!!

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I forgot how Glorfindel just shows up in Fellowship and his only description is that he was shiny and had really great hair. He then proceeds to offer them all alcohol and let’s Frodo borrow his horse. What a guy.


Clearly that website is mistaken. She always was and always will be number 1.

they’re standing in a different order for the first time in history are they okay has the universe overturned

Things I noticed after watching IT a second time

- Eddies little “sorry mommy” ((im yelling))

- how they all watch each others backs while walking through the school

- Stan calmly explaining about the bar mitzvah

- Eddies little hands over his mouth when Richie was freaking out about his missing poster

- also Richies glance to Eddie when he’s freaking out about his missing poster

- How Richies glasses make his eyes look slightly bigger

- Bills quivering lip

- How quick they were to accept Mike and Ben into their group and how quick Mike and Ben fit in

- Beverlys rings

- Blonde kid in Henry’s gang looks like Draco Malfoy

- Eddie’s so small and cute I love my son

- Richie holding Eddie’s face after they find Pennywise attacking him

- Every time something happened with Eddie and his asthma whether is was just him using his inhaler or the fact that he could barely breathe when Pennywise was attacking him just makes me want to hold him forever

- Eddie buying Richie ice cream

- Bev just looked so scared covered in all that blood I’m in love with her

- “Derry started as a beaver trapping camp.” “Still is! Am I right boys?”

- We didn’t see Bill with his parents much (his mother not at all) and I just think that shows how alone he was in his need to find Georgie, and why he felt so betrayed when his friends gave up too

- Ben’s room ❤️

- Eddie’s little red shorts

- Bev: “I need to show you something?” Richie: “More than you showed us yesterday at the quarry?”

- Beverlys slow-forming smile

- Richie and Eddies long ass hug at the end

- Eddie looked so sad when his mother took him away after he broke his arm he was just so sad

- Henry’s shaking hands over his face when his dad shot the ground next to him

- “Nothing like a little fear to make a paper man crumble.”

- Stan Mike and Eddie all in the “Bill no what the fuck” club

- Richie eventually joining this “Bill no what the fuck” club after Eddie was put in danger

- “Bills gonna kill you!” AKA Georgie’s fear of disappointing Billy. (Fuck you, Pennywise.)

- The way Pennywise looks at Richie after he calls his lair a “crackhouse”

- “Don’t breathe through your mouth.” “Why?” “Because then you’re eating it.”

- That was Eddie coming out of the Matress? I didn’t realise it was him the first time.

- “Not every plant is poison ivy, Stan.”

- Pennywise used Eddie to lure Richie (cue me sobbing)

- Stans little bunch of curls peeking out through his bandage

- Bens lil nose

- Mike always looks so scared and worried I just want to protect him

- Bills pyjamas that are almost to small for him in the beggining of the movie

- also the cinematography in the beginning (well, the whole movie actually) is beautiful and part of the reason I love this movie so much

- Ben’s cliché kiss to wake up Beverly has been so overused in the past we all thought it wouldn’t work but it did and that surprised us.

- Pennywise is a fucking hoarder

- The fact that Stan and Eddie left first is just foreshadowing for what happens next and I want to cry


I don’t care who you are or who you stan, you NEED TO WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW.

Even if you don’t like kpop, if you have no idea who he is, please watch this.

For those of you who don’t know - this is Jo Kwon, a kpop idol; he started as a singer in a ballad group called 2AM, and he has also released solo albums. He’s always been a bit “different” in the kpop industry, he’s extremely out there and often dances to girl group songs and wears “girl” clothes. 

These past few weeks he has been a part of a show where he made a lot of cover songs, most of them of originally female performers (last week he performed a Byonce song and omg he was amazing). He has been getting a lot of hate for it, because people don’t understand him and think he’s a drag queen. He said last week that he’s not, that he’s just a performer and this is what he does - perform.

This week, on the last episode of the show, he performed Lady Gaga’s “Born this way”. You can see in his eyes how powerful the lyrics are to him (he also has that sentence tattooed on his back. And has a dog named Gaga lol). This performance is his way of saying “fuck you” to those haters. 

I love Jo Kwon with all my heart, and he keeps on inspiring me every single time. There aren’t many kpop idols like him, and he’s one of the most talented, hardworking and genuine people out there.

Please love and support him!

(and if you haven’t listened to his solo album I recommend Animal and I’m Da One because those songs are just amazing)