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Wind — [Farewell to Naruto]
Cover by Ronya

So… I finally watched the last episode of Naruto today… And…. idk if y’all know this about me…. but….. I am and always have been sincerely in love with this flaw-filled mess of a series… it means so much to me…. so…. I had to do SOMETHING to bid the series that shaped most of my childhood farewell. What better than quickly cover my favourite song of the entire show…

• Original song: Wind by Akeboshi
• Music Box Arrange: [here]

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top 5 rebelcaptain fics! (btw your rebelcaptain fics are my favourites in the fandom, you're really talented xx )

Thank you so much! :)

Okay, so, there are entirely too many wonderful fics in this fandom for me to possibly be able to narrow a list down to my ultimate top five. So this is more going to be a list of five fics I really love that I’ve either read recently or immediately sprang to mind when thinking about the question. By no means comprehensive! :)

Also, my rebelcaptain rec tag has a bunch more. :)

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TOP 6 movie posters

Ohh that’s a good one. This is going to be a long post because I can’t answer this and not put the posters in here too haha. Technically the Fantastic Mr. Fox one is a blu-ray cover and not a poster, but I love it so I’m going to include it anyways. 


position_official _
GOT7 Jinyoungie sings ‘I Love You' 
he’s handsome but he sings well

#GOT7 #Jinyoung #GOT7 #GOT7Jinyoung 
#Position #ILoveYou #ChannelA, #Singderella 

PS: Position is the original singer of I Love You, the song Jinyoung covered in the recent episode of Channel A <Singderella>

Translation: chilHD

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Luna! You're so big now! What's your favorite book?

Hi! Yes, I’m very big! So that means I get more than one favorite book!

I still like Goodnight Moon. But! I have new books! About the moon!!! And SPACE.

This is a good one! Mommy got it from the librarby, but I loved it so much that the cover got bended. So I used my money and now it’s mine! There are lots of really good pictures of planets. Did you know there are so many planets?? Like more than eleven! So many!!

This is a hard book! I still don’t understand it all! But it has a cat?? So I told Daddy to let me buy it! But this book is for bigger kids. So I must get bigger to understand! I want to read the space cat book!!!

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i absolutely love your cover of such small hands by la dispute on your youtube channel. I tried searching the chords, however it doesn't sound like how you play. do you mind telling me which chords you played and your strumming pattern? REALLY REALLY want to learn this song.

CAPO 3, Am, F, C, G (this pattern is throughout the WHOLE song so it’s v easy) and the strumming pattern is just whatever you decide to make it your own. (Am) I think I saw you in my sleep Darling (F) I think I saw you in my dreams you were stitching up the © Seams on every broken promise that your body couldn’t (G) Keep, I think I saw you in my sleep (Back to Am and repeat!) If you think I should make a guitar tutorial lemme know! But this should be pretty straight forward!

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Top 5 AUs

Ooohhh okay I interpreted this as like, general AU-universes I love to read in? In which case:

  1. Modern AU: Super generic and covering like a billion AU subgenres but I really love establishing a universe in which characters from a really dangerous and war-torn world can just chill, get to meet each other organically, get to hang out and be soft and silly. It’s my absolute fave.
  2. Royalty/High Fantasy AU: Blending the two together, but yeah: put people in castles and give them titles and have there be complicated throne lineage and guards and dresses and swords. Yes, here for it, 100%.
  3. Harry Potter AU: Love me a good Harry Potter AU. Sorting people is the most fun, and that world is a delight to play around in.
  4. Coffee Shop AU: Why haven’t these gotten old who knows not me.
  5. Soulmate AU: I’ve never tried writing one of these, but I’ve loved so many of the ones I’ve read.

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Today is the day of birth of one mars bar @whensunscollide.

Mars you are amazing. You are so kind and lovely.
You have an amazing voice I honestly look forward to your covers so much. I may have cried a lil when you asked if you could cover my song.
I also adore how you write. I basically just love all your content.
I love you so much I’m so glad I met you. I’m a very lucky bean.

All of this stuff that I’ve mentioned is the reason I forgive u for killing a fish. Jsyk ;)


Climb, climb. Tower of beloved corpses.

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