i love these candids so much

The second the words came out of your mouth– the moment my mind grasped the situation.. I instantly stopped and detached myself from having any feelings towards you. Not in a negative way and not in some petty, childish, upset way. I heard every word and it was true, which made it hurt more.

So instead of typically trying to fight for us, I just flipped a switch. I turned off any sort of memories or feelings I had for you. It was my mind and body’s way of survival: forget you ever happened. Pretend it was some sort of day dream. Otherwise how the hell would I get through this?

Yes, our futures have so much in store for us. We can and will both move on with our lives and try new things; maybe move somewhere new, meet new friends and eventually fall in love again. You’ll meet a good girl that’ll give you everything you want and need, but you can’t compare every next potential candidate you meet to me– it won’t get you anywhere. It’s true when you said our love will always be there. It will be.

Maybe in another eight years we’ll bump into each other again. Maybe we’ll pick up where we left off. Or maybe you’ll be married with that good girl you deserved. With a few kids. That house you wanted. The dog. And maybe I’ll have someone as well. We’ll say “hello,” of course– Always polite to each other. Ask how the other is doing, maybe even give each other a hug good bye pretending that you still don’t make me nervous whenever I see you.

It’s funny how we have always been the masters of bad timing when it came down to us.

—  aftertheam

I really want to believe that there was a plane where they had polaroid cameras and the IPRE crew went crazy with it. Like hundreds and hundred of photos, all lining the halls of the ship. There are selfies of the twins, and samey sunset pictures that Magnus took cause he thought they were so pretty and blurry candids of Davenport because no one can get a good picture of him. Just a space ship covered in photographic evidence of how much these goofs loved each other

My Mum travelled to her motherland Kenya in 2014 for the first time in 5 years. The sun was setting, the rest of the family were in the living room playing and talking, I caught this candid moment of her in reflection sitting on the balcony overlooking the street near her childhood home.

By Imran Suleiman

a montage of some of stan’s “excellent” parenting skills, as requested here by thejournalsaregone.

Every person behind the scenes on Voltron when asked about LGBT rep says ~you’ll have to wait and see~ about it

To me that indicates it’ll be a plot-relevant surprise?

I really can’t think of anything it could be other than Sheith…

But maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

Still it wouldn’t be such a ~secret~ ~we’ll let that play out as it goes~ if it wasn’t going to be big?

I know there are doubters but I think there definitely will be LGBT content in Voltron if only subtextually (but heavy enough for older viewers to get it like Korrasami or Bubbline). I don’t think people would be all ~wait and see~ about it if it weren’t going to happen that would be a dick move, but also Jeremy Shada said “Don’t worry you’ll be happy” about it.

Lauren Montgomery seemed momentarily excited when she probably thought that interviewer was going to ask about sheith. They were JUST talking about Shiro and Keith, look at how she sort of perks up before the interviewer says “Keith and Lance” then she does a polite smile before looking momentarily annoyed loool. JDS perks up a little too.

If it’s going to be a “big deal” major reveal then it’s going to have to be a main character - otherwise it’s dumb to make people anticipate it so much if it’s just going to be Coran or something. So lets look at our options (Note I’m going to only count without-a-doubt stated in text stuff here, also I understand that just because there’s an established like for one gender doesn’t mean they can’t be bi/pan/etc. - I’m just counting all canon evidence so far):

  • Lance - established romantic feelings for Allura, established that he likes women.
  • Hunk - established romantic feelings for Shay, established that he likes women.
  • Allura - no established romantic feelings, but being pined after by Lance so there’s always the chance they will make her return his feelings since they have built them up so much. Blushed when Keith held her and at Matt’s flirting, so established that she probably likes men.
  • Pidge - No established romantic feelings, no established gender preferences.
  • Keith - no established romantic feelings, no established gender preference.
  • Shiro - no established romantic feelings, no established gender preferences.

So based on this - our most likely options are Pidge, Keith, and Shiro.

Will Pidge turn out to be LGBT+? I think it’s a possibility, sure. With Keith and Shiro not only do they share the candidate status but they also harbor an intense bond within the series. People always dismiss it over the “You’re like a brother to me” line but never consider that this could have been to throw off not only the audience, but the censors as well. Without that line wouldn’t it be extremely difficult to not view the Blade of Marmora as establishing Keith having intense possibly non-platonic feelings for Shiro?

Shiro and Keith have a relationship that’s central to the overall plot of Voltron, and a backstory that has yet to be revealed. When they have so much mystery around their relationship and the question of LGBT content has a “wait and see” attitude it’s hard to not connect the two.

Especially when we consider Keith’s introduction into the series. Often time character’s first interactions says a lot about where they’ll go development-wise. Keith’s introduction is rescuing Shiro, touching his face, and going teary eyed while softly saying his name.

Originally posted by arifakz

AND rescuing him with the blade we know is linked to his identity - something they felt the need to point out in the Blade of Marmora novelization. In fact, in the novelization they seem to indicate it was specifically Keith’s desire to protect Shiro from harm that allowed him to activate his blade.

Keith has vowed to always save Shiro so we know he loves him deeply no matter how that love is interpreted. There’s no way this will not be relevant to the story eventually, perhaps Keith’s love for Shiro being exploited to his disadvantage like what happened with Zarkon and Honerva. This would fit into the LGBT content being a spoiler-y “surprise” we have to wait for.

Otherwise, it would be something casually mentioned by these characters - which would be a disappointment and not deserve so much secrecy. Feels like it has to be important. One of these characters getting a random side character as a same sex love interest would feel really left field but I guess it would be more satisfying than the former at least.

But if Voltron is going to have “big deal” LGBT content in an established relationship in the series it seems like Sheith is the only candidate with all the build up behind it since episode 1.


I hope you all don’t mind me posting candid photos of Bill. I just love them so much. They show Bill in a normal light, like he’s a real person. Red carpet photos or screencaps and interviews make actors look surreal, almost like cartoons. Bill’s such a social butterfly, I wish I was more like that.

reddie headcanon

modern reddie headcanons

- eddie and richie have math and science together, aka richie’s least favorite classes because he’s not very good at them because he can’t fucking concentrate
* whenever eddie notices that richie looks confused or annoyed or angry, he texts him “beep beep, babe?” because even though the other losers use it as a way to tell him to shut up, eddie uses it as a way to ask if he’s ok without actually asking him.
- richie’s ringtone for eddie is ‘lights down low’ by MAX because it makes him think of how much he loves eddie
- eddie’s ringtone for richie is ‘sexyback’ by justin timberlake because the losers all came up with a dance to that at stan’s birthday party
- their lockscreens are candid sleepy pictures of the other it’s adorable
- they watch how i met your mother together and eddie almost broke richie’s hand when they watched the last episode because he was so pissed about how it ended (but eddie still calls richie the ted to his robin)
- eddie sings to richie while they’re doing homework together, but he doesn’t always mean to, he just gets distracted and starts humming and then singing quietly and richie always smiles uncontrollably it’s so sweet
- richie’s entire snapchat story is just pictures of eddie and videos of eddie and him talking about eddie
* his twitter and instagram are pretty much the same it’s vvv cute
- richie plays the guitar for eddie sometimes and eddie will sing along softly and he supports him 100% when he says he wants to start a band with bev and stan and bill but then he says he wants eddie to sing and he gets v nervous but it’s ok
- eddie has a secret tumblr dedicated to cute pictures of richie
- they go to homecoming together and they take hella cute pictures and richie convinces eddie to grind with him but it’s awkward and sweet just like eddie
- eddie can rap “bodak yellow” by cardi b and richie heard him in the shower and thought it was the funniest shit ever, so he recorded him doing it snd put it on his snapchat story

BNHA 161

Very late into the game cuz of thanksgiving but here are my thoughts about it:

Before I get into what I really wanna say, you guys know I obviously have to blab about Deku:

030 Shirtless Deku~Okay, so he apparently still has his scars?? Looks like Hori did forget to draw them after all, and the way he immediately cut the doctor off was freaking hilarious. The boy already knows how bad his arms is so he doesn’t need to hear it again. Still though, that means the handicap is still there…

Oh Izuku you sweet precious child, you were already planning on visiting her? Izuku’s literally the sweetest thing ever, and I love Dadzawa so much.

Now getting to the main issue. It was pretty obvious that Izuku was in a good mood before he found out about Nighteye, guess he was under the impression that he was going to survive and everything would be alright (kinda reminds me of a similar scenario in Naruto) But anyway, looking at Izuku here, you could tell that he was obviously shocked and a bit happy to see All Might, since he hadn’t seen him in a while…

But his expression is just so… gosh darn it Horikoshi…. 

It’s really sad that these two care about each other so much, but because of their contradicting ideologies they could never make up. Now AM finally gets to see him again… but for the last time. Nighteye’s constantly been searching for a way to change All Might’s future (even after everything that happened to them, Nighteye still cares about All Might ;A;) while All Might has been blaming himself for not being able to properly face him after all these years. 

…And then poor Mirio comes in. I honestly keep forgetting that everyone knows about All Might’s true form, so when I read this page I was like “lol what?”


Omg Mirio….MIRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, what this this ray of sunshine do to deserve this? He lost his quirk, and now he’s loosing his mentor. A few chapters ago you wouldn’t even believe he could make a face like this, and then Izuku’s expression too…. gosh darn it Hori!!!!

I just feel so bad for him… I feel like everything’s he been through, and everything he’s worked for,  has just gone down the drain, and has become absolutely worthless. Honestly, not even Shouto’s backstory made me this sad.

And like most people predicted, Nighteye finally acknowledged Izuku. Not in a way that would make him be a better candidate for OFA, but like, a true hero who believes in hope…or something like that. I just love the fact he thinks highly of Izuku now.

Nighteye did look into Mirio’s future though, and judging by his expression in the next page, I think Mirio will become a great hero in the future, a great QUIRKLESS hero probably.

And he smiled…he knows how amazing Mirio’s future will be. 

All Might’s face hurts me so much here…like I really wasn’t expecting him to cry. the man has been through so much in his life, and to lose someone that cared about him so deeply…is just too sad.

But on a sidenote…

Dadzawa, the Lock family, along with two precious bois and their dad.

Added bonus:

IDGAF-Zawa. I mean the guy’s had both arms broken and twisted, a broken face, and pretty much lost all the skin on his elbow so 10 stitches is like a mosquito bite for him XD