i love these booklets


alex turner // everything you’ve come to expect // album booklet edits

photos: zackery michael

So, I FINALLY got my TF2 music CD (more than three weeks after its release date #valvetime)!

I would have loved to get the vinyl version because it also comes with a huge poster, but without a record player that wouldn’t make much sense. ^^’
Oh well.
Anyway, I love the collection of SFM photos in the booklet. And when I looked at the pictures I found something:

Someone here probably already pointed this out, but: “F. Pauling”, huh? Interesting! Which English female first names start with F? Fiona? Felicity?

We’ll find out eventually, I hope.

Currently doing my Odyssey homework and drinking a WHOLE bunch of caffeine. What are you doing this weekend? Also, I am using the bookmark I got in OwlCrate’s January box and I love it!!! 

Also, I started Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and I really like it so far. I was super intimidated going into it but I was so surprised by how much I love it! What are you currently reading?

another piece I made for the fan art booklet, because screw it. i have many lovely ideas in my head and i want to show the team just how much of an inspiration HTTYD/RTTE is to me.

henceforth, i drew the dragon riders as the voltron paladins. it was pretty easy to figure out which rider would be which paladin


|| 5 april 17 ||
Hi-hi! I guess this is my first proper post of my bujo. I’m still quite new to this whole thing (I only started my bujo in late December), but I really love planning and doodling and attempting to get my life sorted lol. I’m currently on holidays, but trying to stay productive and keep up to date with some assignments (although you can probably see from my bujo I’m failing terribly). This week’s spread was v pastel blue and purple inspired with some tear-outs from a LUSH booklet (I love them they’re so great for collages etc.), and the ‘April holidays’ title was inspired by a bujo spread I saw but I don’t remember who posted it (but creds to them). The pens I used to create this week’s spread are in the last pic. I look forward to posting more soon, happy studying/holidays!
// “In a dark corner of the universe, I’ve found a star for my own.” - D-Day //


Track 1: Honeymoon

Track 2: Music to Watch Boys To

Track 3: Terrence Loves You

Track 4: God Knows I Tried

Track 5: High By the Beach

Track 6: Freak

Track 7: Art Deco

Track 8: Burnt Norton (Interlude)

Track 9: Religion

Track 10: Salvatore


blurryface lyric booklet:

1) at the bottom middle of the first picture, there is what appears to be a scared person (tyler?) with eyes open wide as if they are terrified/scared of something

2) the same person is shown but with a red hat (beanie, like the one in stressed out) with their eyes now closed

3) the 2nd picture is placed on top of the 1st to close the eyes of the person, but why? to calm them? to rid them of this fear?

ahhhh I know the news about some of the NU’EST boys being on produce 101 is a bit of the past, BUT I’M STILL SAD BY IT. Sad that it had to come to that :(

I was not a big fan of them in the first place, but the Canvas album is one of my favourite releases of that year!! It definitely stands out too! They have a unique style that I love. ALSO, wow I bought the physical album and I was blown away???? Like it was so aesthetic… and I loved how they were like postcards instead of a booklet… That way I could put some up on my wall lol. Definitely one of my favourite albums ever! *sigh* 

In the end, I support their decision since they probably thought long and hard about it. Good luck boys, I wish you all the best. I hope your hard work pays off well.

sadsymphonys  asked:

Hey, can you tell me the names of those sex-ed booklets you had in second grade? I'd love to have a look at them for future reference!

Yep, it was The Body Book for Girls, The Feelings Book, and The Girls Head to Toe Guide

Are You Nervous pt 5

Summary: Your first official date with Taehyung as your boyfriend.
Members: Taehyung (V) x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,538 Words

Sorry this chapter took so long and it is so short and not smutty. I just really liked how this ended up as an ending to the Are You Nervous series. I really hope you guys like it just as much as I liked writing it <3

-Admin Kat

Pt. 1, Pt.2, Pt. 3Pt.4

“Get your shoes on.” Taehyung demanded as he pushed open your door. You looked up at him in surprise. You were still sleepy from the night before and you hadn’t honestly expected to see your new boyfriend awake already. Boyfriend. You almost laughed at the new title. It was so weird. Seeing the boy who you had only ever seen as a best friend, now being your boyfriend. Ah, my boyfriend! You practically screamed. Honestly you had expected to wake up and realize that it was all just a dream or a joke. But nope. Here he was, standing in your doorway, fully dressed, and waiting for you to get up for whatever adventure he had planned for the day.

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