i love these 3 very much

Thank you for everything <3 and I love you forever and always taylorswift

3K FOLLOWERS?! WHAT?! This is unbelievable, thank you guys so much! You are the nicest community I could ever asked for. You are all amazing individuals. (I get anon hates but I’ll let that one slide off)

I don’t even think I deserve 3k followers with my crap posts and blog. Even when I just had 1k and 2k followers. I don’t really think I deserve this. I am very happy and I am smiling from ear to ear right now. Just thank you so much!

I don’t know what to do to celebrate (why do I need to celebrate anyways lol) I just love you guys to bits <3 I mean that. I don’t think you guys as just number on my followers but as beautiful human beings and just being the best ever!


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You're so pretty and I love your style so much, especially being a big girl myself. What would you suggest wearing to an office/workplace that's appropriate, but still keeps your mori/strega style?

Thank you very much <3 

I’m not sure how formal or modest you have to be but I’m thinking like a cute peplum jacket or top.

Then wear a flowy dress underneath or layer several skirts. If your work environment is more laid back try these looks.

If you’re overwhelmed by the complexity or thinking okay how am I going to get all these break them down. Look where the base is. Is it a dress or is it a top and a skirt okay that’s where you start. Then look how it’s layered is there a jacket or sweater, is their a skirt layered over top. Then add your jewelry, accessories. And I think the most important thing if you want to go with a strega or mori look is find one really unique piece and add that to your everyday wear. Like something that’s very particular to the fashion like asymmetrical, or oversized, long, a layered or patchwork skirt. Just to play it safe have very minimum patterns. A lot of the time I like to wear like a color palette where I find a pattern and work around the colors that are in it and layer things with that. Or just find pieces that flow the same in different colors and once you get two or three stick with those and you’ll be all snazzed up in no time. And like I said if you break down the outfits its so easy to thrift this stuff or find old clothes you can modify to look the way you want. And lately it seems like brand stores are catching on to the oversized, extra long look so it’s a perfect time to grab those pieces now! I hope this helps <3

So I was gonna do this with 100, but things got busy, so doing it now. This number may be low to others, but I still can’t believe I have over 150 now and I wanna thank you all for following be, very much appreciated. I have some amazing partners and made nice friends here. <3
If you’re not on this list it’s because I don’t know you that well, but you’re still awesome
In no particular order is this list

The ones I just want to make crazy science with:
cloniing (and of course all your blogs <3)  lovesjellospencer-the-wolf -cravenaddictofeskimopies - ofhostilities

My dudes:
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Allie X, Thank you for CollXtion I. I have listened to CATCH and BITCH nonstop. I loved the songs so much I researched more on you to find out why you're so appealing to me. Of course it's X. For so long now I have felt similar to you, feeling X. I've searched very long to find myself, always coming up with dead ends and leading to more unhappiness...I've added X to my handle since I'm still searching. Thank you for everything thus far, may we journey together. <3

Yes may we journey together supersakurax. Keep searching bravely and I will too.


Okay so today I’m going home, I arrived on Thursday night and today is Tuesday so I stayed for 4 full days as I left this morning at 8am, and arrived at around 8pm on the Thursday, these 4 days have been absolutely perfect, and this was our second meet, first time I stayed for 2 weeks. I know 4 days isn’t much and it’s flew by, but being with my girl is the best thing in the world, yes the journey may suck because it’s around 12 hours but it’s for her and i will do anything for her, absolutely everything. I’m pretty upset whilst writing this but that’s obvious, I mean I just had to say goodbye to the love of my life for another 2-3 weeks before I can see her again, ugh I’m honestly so in love, touch is such an important thing and I honestly miss touching her skin so much, just holding the person I love in my very own hands, nothing beats that. I can’t wait to see you again baby, it won’t be long and i know we’ll have such a perfect time again, as always. You’re the love of my life which you know and I can’t be without you, we may be apart from distance but never apart in heart, I love you baby, forever and always to the moon and back infinite times.

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i love reading your laviyuu fics; it always makes my day whenever i see that you've posted up a new fic:3 i remember reading breakfast on pluto and i just knew that i am going to be in love with your storytelling and how you capture different facets of kanda and lavi ^3^ so if you don't mind me asking, what drew you into the laviyuu ship? (because i love your fics so much and gahhh i just want to see what you see that makes them your OTP <3 <3 <3 <3)

oohhhhhh thank you n////n 

Please don’t regret this because you got me started about Lavi/Kanda and I can’t shut up about them so:

1. I started shipping them not very seriously look at my life now *sighs* because I wanted to read more dgm fics after trawling through Yullen ones and there wasn’t any other pairing that really caught my interest (I actually liked Kanda/OC fics the most but they’re rarely written well)

2. I can’t say when it became a problem but it has a lot to do with this shipping manifesto: Chronicles of Tragedy and Love, the Tale of Lotus and the Rabbit: the Lavi/Yu Ship Manifesto. Though outdated now (’twas written way before the Alma arc) it opened my perspective to the different facets of both of them that made me believe they could work not just well, but great together.

a) One thing that was mentioned that I will never forget was about Lavi meeting Allen for the first time and already knowing what happened (with Lala) and calls him ‘beansprout’. Who else calls Allen that except Kanda? Though it’s so subtle but it implies that Kanda and Lavi converse behind the scenes, much more than the usual I’M GONNA KILL YOU RABBIT and HEH YOU CAN’T CATCH ME YUU-CHAN, which I think is so important in that canonly, they communicate. How great is Kanda communicating with anyone, truly? You don’t see many panels with them together, but you also can’t say they don’t sit and talk (without the shouting) sometimes, because they clearly do.

b) Their personalities also bring a huge set of dimensions, which I love. I don’t write canon verse much but Lavi as a Bookman is incredibly angst squeezing worthy. He has to be curious by nature, I’d think out of all the exorcists he must be the most curious about Kanda, because Kanda has something to hide. Allen has a whole destiny ahead of him but he clearly has no clue what the hell is going on with him, but Kanda, Kanda habours the secret of the second exorcist project. Does Lavi know about it? Know about it and kept his mouth shut? So many implications if he does or does not. I need this to be answered.

3. Back to your actual question, OP, they just complement each other in many many ways that I believe an actual relationship can work between them. I ship many pairings because they look good together, but rarely does a pairing convince me that they could work out in any universe, in a million billion of ways with the promise of even death will not do us part. 

4. Ironically enough I think Lavi is a very sincere boy and its his sincerity and idiot perseverance that i is able to break the walls that Kanda puts up around himself. Kanda, on the other hand, is a loner by nature, and I know exactly how it feels like to be one, and the kind of people that shine bright in your life, want you to do better, to be better, are people like Lavi.

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Thank you very much for tagging me darling, it’s been really sweet of you ; u ; 
(and I love the princess peanut thing, for some reasons lol Just wanted to let you know^^”)

1. First K-Pop song you ever heard: Technically it has been SHINee’s Lucifer, though I consider Big Bang’s haru haru as the official one.
2. First K-Pop group you liked: Big bang (I started listening to Big bang and SHINee basically at the same time, but I was more interested in big bang at first)
3. First ever bias: G-dragon/Key (even though I was generally more interested in Big Bang, I was still totally crazy about Key OTL)
4. Current bias: like, only my ultimate? Then Key.
5. Song you know all the words to: none^^”
6. Favorite girl group: I can’t pick one :( Like, I have many and I can’t chose and absolute one among them, so I’ll tell them all: f(x), red velvet, 2ne1, mamamoo and miss A
7. Favorite boy group: SHINee
8. Favorite solo artist: I’m in love with Ailee, IU and Lim kim. Don’t ask me to pick.
9. Favorite dance: I have too many, I can’t possibly list them all. At the current moment I’m especially obsessed with Your number’s choreo though
10. First K-Drama: Goong. And it has been the only one I’ve ever started to watch. I’ve stopped after a few episodes though because I wasn’t liking it that much; the drama doesn’t stand a chance against the manhwa.
11. Favorite K-Drama: none
12. Least favorite K-Drama: …does goong count? lol
13. How long you’ve been a K-Pop fan: I don’t know tbh. I think I’ve been for a couple of year, maybe three or maybe even something more lol Yeah, actually I’ve started getting interested in kpop in my first uni year so it should be about three years/almost four.

And now I’m supposed to tag 20 people, right?
Then I’ll go with: ktshinee, mapachevaca, herewegobebe, aedan-mills, closetmvp, natsame, prettykeytty, minhosfuckboy, pinkcakeicing, foreverdreamingstar, jinki-and-his-bitches, taeberius, anyebbeo, xk8rsx, shawol-hearted, shininghime, jinkirella, chickenmaniac, 5hawol and wantonewsbabies.
And I think that should be all^^ Needless to say, if any of you don’t feel like doing this game, feel free to ignore it :)

Have a nice day :3

GRASSHOPPURR : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jULUb-nidPI
GRASSHOPPURR : 3:03 is very Gene
ME : XD Oh god yes
ME : I can now totally imagine Gene defending this idea.
ME : “It’s so much easier to pick up things from it, IT MAKES MUCH MORE SENSE”
GRASSHOPPURR : + you look like a pregnant woman
ME : “Also it makes you feel like a KANGAROO MOTHER SO THERE”
GRASSHOPPURR : … or a kangaroo mother

…And so

Well, it’s grasshoppurr’s birthday today so now was as good a time as any to draw this, I guess. I said I’d do it, and now it’s done…

…God I sure as hell don’t know. XD *Sends random love to grasshoppurr*

deedee-sims replied to your photoset “Some random scenery pictures from the backyard.”

Wish I could make as pretty gardens as you! *_*

It’s very simple. Pick the bush and click click click :D Hehe, but thank you so much! It’s the best compliment for me when people love my gardens \(*0*)/

frottana-sims replied to your photoset “My simblr crushes: vimpse ♥ catlover800 ♥ javapixels…”

Yeay! For the first time I’m showing on this thing! :3

I always loved your pictures! And now I see your gorgeous makeovers poping up on my dash and it really gladen me <3

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I really, really like the way to handle anons like that. You seem to be a great and balanced person and it just makes me smile how you don't flip out on them. Also, the way you draw is fabulous. I really love the way you work with colors and shading. *-* Keep being awesome!

I’m just an extremly happy person, I have a great life..I guess this makes it
easy for me to be more patiently about this kind of  conversations..it’s
the first time for me thought I recieve such ‘lovely’ messages x)
thank you very much dear >//3//<

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★★★★ ★★ ★★ ★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★ ★★ ★ ★★ ★★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★★ ★★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★★★ ★ ★ ★

Send me a ‘★’ if you actually like my blog. Takes a second, means a lot.

EEEE! Thank you very much! So many lovely stars! //sends so many them back because I like your blog, too! <3

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes Simoun. It's my favorite anime but the fandom is practically non-existent. Do you have any favorite characters?

Oh god don’t even get me started. I love Simoun so much. I must have watched it like 3 times back in high school. Actually I just put in on in the background on the TV in my room and now I’m getting no work done because I keep looking over at it. There’s just something about a Eastern show focusing so much on Western style religion as well as gender roles and homosexuality and a whole boat load of other things that just keep me up thinking about them. It’s just like, I was raised in a very religious family you know? and so many of the main characters are so religious and confident in their religion. 

I’ve always found myself going back to that scene near the end where Aeru asks Neviril how she could accept God’s love if she’s a solider and she’s killed people. Neviril is just so unconcerned cause she’s always had this unwavering faith but she’s not some blind idiot. She completely disgraces their religious leaders by telling them to their faces that she didn’t care what their God thought but like I never saw that as her denying her faith? Maybe she’s questioned it but like she loves their God ya know? I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love Neviril’s character and I could go on and on. Aeru is great too and her questioning of the religion that Neviril is so strong in is so powerful too. She never makes fun of it, she just really doesn’t understand and she’s a really interesting character all on her own and man I love her too.  

But then like these teenagers act so much like teenagers that it hurts sometimes. Like they actually have sex, make mistakes, are all over the place emotionally, all while they’re fighting a war. And it’s implied that they can’t even be adults until they choose a gender which just like adds this whole other layer of these kids fighting and killing and touching each other but they’re kids, kids making adult mistakes, kind of like what Utena is all about. Adult decisions don’t make you an adult, they make you a child making an adult’s decisions.

And then there’s so much else to talk about with this show. So much more about the way it talks about religion and sex and gender and like so much. I could seriously talk about it for days and I din’t even know you liked it too this is the best, I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone else who’s even seen it.     

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List 20 facts about yourself! It could be about anything, like your favorite color or a weird trick you can do. Now send this to your 3 of your favorite people that you follow when you're done!

i’m just gonna do 10 bc i’m lazy lol

1) i love shopping whoops

2) i very much enjoy reading (i need more books to read so hmu if ya got any good ones)

3) i also enjoy writing

4) i love boba so much, i buy it at the grocery store and cook it up at home for myself

5) i play violin

6) and guitar

7) and ukulele

8) i’m going to a yo-yo ma concert tonight and i’m pumped

9) i just started watching parks and rec and i love it

10) i also love the office


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I love your style! You're like one of my art senpais :'D Have a great day *runs away and hides*

me rn:

no but seriously thats very nice thank you very much <3 

taylorswift you did it, you have made this tour better than the red tour. But it wasnt like we were doubting you anyway. 

coming from a person who only saw snippets of it: it looked absolutely perfect :) from the beautiful costumes to the unexpected mashup everything looked stunning!! 

I hope you know we are so very proud of you and love you so much<3