i love these 3 very much

Usually when I make a cast members artwork it is only for one reason and one reason only ! That reason being that I’ve hit a HUGE milestone !OO 3K followers and that number keeps going up ! Oo

I came into this fandom a year ago or so and my stay in it has thus far being amazing and exhilarating ! You have all welcomed me with opened arms and I cannot thank you all enough for this greeting and acceptance amongst you all…! You have all being supportive of me as a person and of my art and you are all extremely kind and just purely the best ! Seriously you are all so sweet and kind with me it’s crazy ! Bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart !

So this is a “follow forever” and I apologies in advance if I’ve missed anyone, you are all amazing and know that I love you all ! You guys are awesome ! <3

In no particular order ! ;)

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I pertinently know that I’ve missed some of you but know that I am deeply grateful for you all ! <3 Thank you for blessing my dash with your presence. Thank you for blessing me by talking to me, sending me heartwarming asks and BLESS you for following me and making my stay in this fandom a freaking amazing experience ! Love you all you sweet summer children ! <3

And lastly, to the newcomers and Anons in my ask box ! Thank you all very much and WELCOME ! Enjoy the ride ! <333

Reasons why I love Julian as the main male character

1)He’s not the conventional kind of man
2)He cares about his family and it’s not very commom for a teenage boy to care so much about it
3)He’d die for anyone of his brothers
4)He was forced to be a mother and a father, instead of being just a brother
5) He loves in an extraordinary kind of way
6)He never stopped loving Mark even when he tought he and Emma were dating
7)He’s poetical
8)He paints, and it’s amazing.
9) He’s always loved Emma, but he left her free to do whatever the hell she wanted, even if it broke his heart every day.


I am soooo grateful that all of you beautiful people gratulated me for my birthday! Also I am SOOO happy so many of you told me how much they love my art and how much they like my blog! 

All of your kind words really encourage me to draw more and try to get the best out of myself and my drawings! 


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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okyio  asked:

!!! i'm loving your sims so far love :'+) they're all unique but they still scream "bia's sims"?! i love them all & i cant wait to see the rest!! i hope you have a great day :'+)

Oml, thank you so much? :’) I tried very hard to make them all different so I am really glad you find them unique 💓 This means a lot 💕 I’ll leave you with this picture of all the 10 sims! I had a lot of fun making them (the last one has not been published yet but she will be soon) 😊 Have an amazing day!

universallytrashworld  asked:

Hey, you should,, tell us more about your sona, for one does she accept hugs




Anyway, her name is just Mush, and I have a really old (and edgy) reference sheet for her-

I have yet to redraw this, because she doesn’t have those constant tears anymore, and the mushroom head is literally just a hat, but the design pretty much stays the same! Yes, she LOVES hugs, like me ;3

She loves prosciutto and spaghetti, obsessed with musicals and Mogeko’s Castle, easily scared, and very tiny :0 At least, her mushroom size. She’s like, 6 inches small, but her human size is 5′1 ;w;

I’ll stop rambling I’m probably annoying djbvdhjfbvjkrrbusg but Mush is basically me, but prettier-

I just hit yet another follower milestone.

Thank you.

To all of my new followers: welcome and thank you for deciding to follow along!

To all of you who’ve stuck with me: y’all are the best and I appreciate you so much!

I’m not big on appreciation posts, because I always forget someone whom I hold very dear. But I love and appreciate you very much<3

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Thank you for the angst. >:D I love your art, it's very clean; I've been using pen for a while, so it's really nice to see some pencil again. :)

You’re welcome! I am glad someone appreciates the angst! xD 
and thank you so much! I prefer using paper, pencil and pen whenever I draw! <3

Fanart for you and MissLadyTale. 

I just want to say one thing, i have drawn Melon before so i knew the work that was i was in for, But Marubi.. Never before have i drawn them and i think with all the strawberries i drew of them, i have mastered drawing them XD

The three of them was quite a challenge but a fun one. And i want to thank you again for making a ref of Marubi’s wings for me, it helped so much. 

This was about 3? days of work? Pretty happy how it turned out and i hope you both like it too.  

I hope you both have a wonderful day/night and are happy together.

Originally posted by sanjayandcraig

@missladytale look my darling a gift for us both and this is so cute awww Marubi looks so happy with his mates/lovers hhhh my heart is melting thank you so very much and it looks amazing my gosh (hug) and this made me smile so much i would love to feature this in one of marubi dubs  on the channel showing your wonderul creation <3 this is awesome ! @the-willow-dragon some reason i cant tag you 

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I stayed up til three in the morning just reading all of your fics and oneshots. Gurl, you have got a gift. All of them where so mothafucking good.

No, you didn’t.

Oh my god. Thank you so much! <3

I am very flattered.

Greetings, love! 


anonymous asked:

Hello :3 I am a huge Johnny Depp fan, and I have been a fan of him for years <3 I love him so much, he saved my life. And it's so difficult to see all these stupid people hating him. HEARD TOOK BACK HER ACCUSATIONS. People don't know the meaning of "innocent until proven guilty"... and it makes me want to cry all the time

hi sweetie, it is very dificult and painful but you have to remember that HE AND WE ARE WAY ABOVE ALL THAT! He is innocent and only the stupid and the envious wish to think otherwise. Johnny’s carreer is going awesome, he has got lots of new movies in the making, his movies are doing great at the box office, he is surrounded by loving and caring people and we will always support him. They can’t take us down! NEVER!!!!

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Hello, beautiful mods~ How would the gang react to seeing their love at first sight? If it's not too much to ask, could you please include Cardia? Because she is my favorite heroine ever, and she deserves as much love as the boys! Thank you!!

We’re all in agreement here: Cardia wins Best Otome Heroine! <3 And you are very welcome. 

I’d be more than happy to do Code: Realize Guys (Plus Cardia) Falling In Love at First Sight Headcanons! Here ya go. ^^  

– Mod S 

Arséne Lupin: When Lupin falls in love at first sight, it’s like he’s feeling his own heartbeat for the first time. Like he’s fully aware of how human and how mortal he is. It’s a confusing feeling to him, but one that he does not dislike. His instinct to protect that person and shower them with love is so strong that there is no way he can control his own actions. 

Abraham Van Helsing: Van has the most physical effects when he falls in love at first sight. His stomach is light and queasy, but this is mostly due to fear. Being in love and so attached to someone after so much loss is scary to him, so he will definitely try to push his feelings away. At the end of the day, he can’t. So he devotes himself to defending his loved one. 

Impey Barbicane: Impey’s reaction to falling in love at first sight is awe. He cares so much for so many people, but he knows it’s love when he looks at the person and feels like they are otherwordly; like a sun that could never be eclipsed. Because of these feelings, he wants to keep his loved one around him always and go above and beyond to help them. 

Victor Frankenstein: When Victor falls in love at first sight, he feels foolish for even thinking that it would be a good idea to love someone who was so beautiful. Even though he thinks the love might be fleeting, he enjoys the feeling. Also, his love drives him to try and work harder in order to be worthy of someone so great. The person would be his inspiration. 

Saint Germain: Saint Germain feels confused when falling in love at first sight. He has no idea why he’s allowed himself to feel something that he knows he can never have. Despite the sorrow, he ends up relishing in the feelings since he finds it beautiful not only because love is beautiful, but because it is a dream that seems so wonderful and unattainable. 

Cardia Beckford: Cardia feels warm and excited while falling in love at first sight, though she can’t really put those labels on it due to her trouble understanding what exactly she’s feeling in the first place. Once she’s figured it out, she’s smiling all the time and fantasizing about how she can improve the life of this person and how she can help them and make them smile. 

stellacendia  asked:

Hi! I love A Simple Suggestion; it's one of my favorite ml fics. It's kind of funny because I have plans to move out in a few weeks with one of my best friends, and reading A Simple Solution has really helped me feel less stressed about my own move. It's fun to read for any reason, but I also like reading it to relax and reassure myself. So thank you very much for writing this!

aw, im glad i could help in a little way!!!!! thank you so much for reading!! <3

b'ys… the wrestling has been very good the past 3 nights. and we still got 2 more nights to go for this week. im fucking LIVING. i love wrestling SO MUCH

anari13  asked:

Hey, as a person who paid for the zine, I wanted to let all contributors known, that I'm still enraptured by the art, touched by the effort, and grateful for the work. I'm sorry you all suffered such a heartbreak. Non the less I'm in love with all your imagination and talent. And it's still a great gift for me! I'm very thankful it all exist! <3

thank you so much for your support!

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈 (you don't actually have to do this if you don't feel like it, I hate things that are like YOU HAVE TO, but I just wanted to say you're one of my favorite tumblrs, whether you're writing or not, whatever you're blogging about. <3)

THANK YOU SO MUCH IT’S A VERY MUTUAL FEELING, no horrible pun intended lol i love seeing you on my dash and enjoyed your storiessssss!!!!

i dont have anything really to say about myself so instead, you wanna see what i unexpectedly dropped $30 on? lmao

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laneygthememequeen  asked:

Aaron, jack, and Rafael


Husband: Aaron, I’m sorry Rafael, but I just really love Hotch lately haha. I need my hotch loving <3. LOOK IT, HE’S SO PRECIOUS. 

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Best Friend: Jack, I told you: best stories, best wit, best intelligence, and best advice = ideal best friend. He’ll tell you how it is. He’s freaking Jack McCoy. 

Brother: Rafael, dude we would be a powerful pair of siblings though. Law is apparently a family business. And yo, I’d finally meet my match for sarcasm. 

anonymous asked:

@Kate_kitsune for the character ask :3

  • favorite thing about them - hmm how nice they are?
  • least favorite thing about them - uh
  • favorite line - HMMMMMMM
  • brOTP - dude they have so many good friends
  • OTP - No one i guess :0
  • nOTP - them and sadness
  • random headcanon - nothing!
  • unpopular opinion - They’re great and amazing and i love them very much :D
  • song i associate with them - thats a lot of happy songs
  • favorite picture of them - I don’t have any :’)

anonymous asked:

Maybe for future years consider restricting how many classes one person can host? It seems odd that you talked about how many classes you couldn't fit in and yet have some people hosting 2-3 (maybe more) classes. It seems like its going to lead to worse classes (due to the workload of those hosting a few) and really makes it seem very clique like when a few names are popping up again and again on the schedule.

As someone who goes to cons because I love to teach, I’m viscerally against having an overt “Maximum X classes per person” rule.  To me it sends the wrong message (specifically, “We want you, but not THAT much!”) and becomes an adjudication nightmare when you have to consider copresenters, roundtables, and such.

In this particular case (Charmed! 2018), I also had to work within a budgetary restriction:  my budget will only let me give free admission to 20 presenters, so once I had someone up for two classes (the minimum for free admission), giving them another class was easier on the budget than adding another presenter, and less douchy than adding more 1-class presenters who couldn’t get compensated.

The average classes per presenter is actually only 1.89 (72 classes, 38 presenters).  The most any one person is leading (vs. copresenting on) is four; those people submitted a lot of really interesting ideas, some of which did not make the cut.  What we have is, I believe, the best compromise between getting new presenters, presenters from under-represented groups, and cool topics while staying within the budget I have to work with.  I’ll keep looking for ways to tweak the process going forward, though, so thanks for making your suggestion.