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Just a chicken

Me and some friends recently started a new campaign, with a team consisting of a Firebolg cleric, an aasimar paladin (me), and two kenku, one a necromancer and the other a rogue. We started off in a town that was raided by goblins, which dropped whatever they looted if we killed them.

DM: “Upon killing the goblin, he drops his sack and you noise the bag is moving.”

Necromancer: “I check the bag”

DM: “You investigate the bag and find a chicken, still alive, along with some loot.”

Me and cleric: “A what?”

DM: “A chicken.”

Necromancer: “Is it a special chicken?”

DM: “No, its just a chicken”

Necromancer: “I wana use detect magic on the chicken.”

Me: “You’ve gota be kidding me.”

DM: “Uhh…ok, you use detect magic on the chicken, and find out its just a normal chicken.”

Necromancer: “I wana put it in my bag.”

Me: “Its a chicken, just leave it here!”

Necromancer: “No its mine now were taking it.”

Moving on, we ran into more goblins while investigating a building

Necromancer: “Im gona run out of the room and use magic armor on the chicken”

Me: “You can’t be serious.”

DM: “You can’t…ok you know what, fine; you cast magic armor on the chicken.”

Me: “I swear to god i will destroy that chicken”

Rogue: “Hes a safe boi now”

Me: “Dont encourage him!”

We’ve been playing for a good 4 weeks and we still have the chicken. His name is Jeffery

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I can't be the only one that needs to see some Jamie in 1968 with Claire and Bree! When Bree was walking in the college to the music, I could only imagine if Jamie was with her, maybe something with all three of them, not sure what something a family would go out to do then so whatever you think of!

Coo Coo Ca Choo Mrs. Randall ! 

(FMM!Jamie will take Bree on college visits eventually, but in the meantime, here is some giffy Crack )

1968, The Graduate AU 

Frank Randall (God rest him) died a few years ago, leaving behind Dr. Claire Randall, M.D. and no children. 

She managed pretty well and is loving life pretty unapologetically. Needing a break from hospitals, she now teaches *Anatomy* at a top university. 

Today, she’ll take a tea break from grading exams, during which point she *hopes* to encounter Dr. Fraser, the younger and freshly-graduated-from-his-PhD junior professor of *Chemistry.*

They’ve met quite a few times since the start of term. 

Sparks have flown between them. 

*Many* sparks

I mean, Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, may as well rename the sciences wing ‘Spark City,’ but no fires, yet. 

Dr. Randall thinks it’s high time to pull out the lighter fluid. 

Jamie (*in tweed*)

*enters the faculty lounge*

*His eyes meet Claire’s*




*avert their eyes and go about their business*

*but Claire is grinning into her mug*  

Claire: “Busy week, Dr. Fraser?” 


*Jumps about a mile and runs into the counter* 

 *Clears throat*  

“Aye, a bit…Not too much….. Pretty quiet actually….No, not really.” 


 *Grins to herself at his awkwardness.* 


*fiddles with the contents of snack drawer.*

Dr. Jones from New York must be in town, he thinks, fingering a Ding-Dong

Claire: “Jamie?” 


*Releases the Ding-Dong* 

*Then nearly faints hearing his first name from her mouth* 


*can’t stop looking at her mouth* 

*I mean LOOK AT IT* 

*remembers that he hasn’t replied* 

“Huh? I mean yes, Dr Randall?” 

ClaireDo be a dear and bring me some honey from above the sink? For my tea?”

Jamie: “Oh aye, glad to.” 

*Fumbles for the honey* 

*holds it out for her, trying to get their fingers to touch like they do in the movies* 

Claire: “Ah, yes. Thank you.” 

*Stirs in the honey* 

*takes sip* 

*Looks sidelong at Jamie, who has gone to fetch his coffee*

“And what do you like to do with honey, Jamie?” 



Claire: “Do you put it in your tea or do you prefer to drizzle it on…”

*looks at him over the rim of her teacup*



*is discombobulated by her tone* 

“Och, erm, aye? Aye. Yes, drizzling is—” 


*like a purring cat* 

“Or do you prefer to…lick it?” 


*sips his coffee*

“Well, that—that doesna seem verra santi—” 

Claire: “…right out of the….honeypot?” 




*partially recovers* 

*FULLY gets her meaning*

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*shit, too soon?*


*NOT too soon* 

*is down* 

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*is amused*

*is likewise most exceptionally down* 


*sets down his coffee* 

*tries to play it cool….coy…..*

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*mistakes this for reticence* 

*downs the whiskey that is 79% of what’s in her teacup*




*demonstrates how ready he is*

*for any and all lessons*  

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*looks longer* 

*begins making very rapid, very detailed plans for that honey* 

*speculates they might need another bottle* 

Jamie: “Dr. Randall, you’re trying to seduce me, are ye no’?”


*regains a modicum of composure* 

*raises an eyebrow*

Seduce you, eh? Pray tell, who’s the one naked in the faculty lounge, lad?” 

Jamie: “Weel, if you’ll take a wee look southward… I think you’ll find that it’s the two of us, now.” 




Woman is asking about plaster stepping stone kits. I show her the selection of them. They contain plaster, mosaic pieces, a mold, and letter stamps so you can say whatever you want on them. The example images says ‘The Smiths’ on it because that’s… what all our examples say on them. Because it’s a common surname. 

“What if I don’t want it to say The Smiths?”

Pause for laughter. Oh no, wait- she’s serious. 

“You don’t have to.”

“Well, I certainly don’t want it to say The Smiths!”

Well, lady, make it proclaim your love for The Cure. I’m not about to police your taste in music. 

The Week of Pearlmethyst is here!

Sunday, June 25th - Pride Month (Pearl & Ame celebrating Pride!)

Monday, June 26th - On Homeworld Together (Are they lost? Escaping?)

Tuesday, June 27th - Human AU (Pearl & Ame as humans, doing human stuff!)

Wednesday, June 28th - FREE DAY (Whatever you darn well please.)

Thursday, June 29th - Bonding with Steven (They love each other, & smol son!)

Friday, June 30th -  Argument/Make-Up (Cuz’ lets face it, it happens!)

Saturday, July 1st - Cuddling (Make it cute. REALLY CUTE.)


Please keep submissions PG-13 in nature! It’s ok if you post things early/late, etc. 

Tag your images/fics @annadesu so I can find them! Tagging them “pearlmethyst” would also be helpful/get you some traffic!

You can also PM me the links to your art/fics. 

If I miss you, don’t be afraid to let me know! Let me know if you have questions!

Have fun, guys! <3

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Boyfriend! Lee Daewhi please~ ^^

lee daehwi as your boyfriend~

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  • the cutest bf tbh
  • but also the sassiest 
  • doesn’t mind if you call him daehwi or david but he gets a little flutter in his chest when you say his name cutely
  • takes so many selcas with you on his phone and sets his wallpaper to one of them
  • doesn’t really get jealous because he puts a huge amount of trust in you
  • he makes sure to send you texts throughout the day to check up on you
  • cares about you a lot
  • buys you so much food!!!
  • “you need energy so i bought you lunch and a snack”
  • is so so supportive of whatever you do
  • randomly gets emotional about your relationship so he sends you long paragraphs through texts enumerating all the reasons why he loves you
  • or on the other hand he sends you memes with no context at all
  • pretends to be annoyed when you wear his clothes but he secretly loves it
  • never fails to tell you he loves you
  • because he does!!! so much!!!
  • gets teased by the bnm boys because he’s the youngest but is obviously so so whipped already
I love you all.

I love all the Deppheads. I love all the die hard fans. I love the people who saw him in that one movie one time. I love the people who haven’t even heard of Johnny. I love the people who try to spread hate instead of love. Because hate is an absence of love. I love those people who tear down other people because it makes them feel happy. Like Johnny Depp makes me feel happy, whatever they do makes them happy.

I spread love, not hate because it is the rain that grows flowers, not thunder or lightning.

I love Johnny Depp and his movies.

It makes me happy. Do what makes you happy. Love what makes you smile ❤️

So please, I beg, if you have a different opinion than mine or others, please please please let us go our separate ways. I need this. I need love, not hate. I especially don’t need the kind of hate that hides behind the anonymous option.

Thank you, have a good day 😚😚😚

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cause of death: your tags under the nose nuzzling gifs

Dear Isi, it’s 11:11 (close your eyes it is), and i’m currently crying, because, not only were Isak and Even would meet each other, but whatever may come between them, they will always find their way back. When Isak read again that one text, he realized something quite simple, life could not be without Even. And when they hugged one another, you know they were holding each other’s entire world right in their arms. In this universe, in every universe, whether the curtains might be orange, or yellow, or green, Even will always be on the blue pillow, Isak on the grey, sleeping peacefully side by side. Arms holding each other. This was home. This is home.

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Do you think Mona became better after whatever she did but at some point the girls bad behavior turned her against them? I do love Mona but I don't know why I still don't trust her. I think A.D. will meet her in whatever place she is and again tell her to lure the girls to him or her. I guess the same scene will happen as it happend in 2x25 when Charlotte met Mona at the end of the episode and asked everything about the girls.

No. I think after Mona was caught the first time, I think she’s always been on a quest to get answers about who the bigger A’s were, and to protect the girls. I think Hanna pushing Mona this time was why she ended up so deep in the game but I definitely think Mona has been out to protect the girls for a very long time

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hon hON HON IS THAT SUM NASTY FRENCH I SEE HERE 👀 First you bless me with this AU, then with your beautiful art, and now with your absolutely perfect headcanons I'm dying here. I love this blog and I luv me sum français -French anon

IT IS BUT WHATEVER GETS ME TO PRACTICE MY FRENCH IS 👌👌👌 but omg thank you!!! the submissions are what make this au come to life really its such a joy waking up to new ones every morn and i wish i could get to them all 😭😭

Right up there with the likes of Firefly, Still Star-Crossed has already fallen into the cult TV show category. Fans desperately want more but for a variety of reasons (we know why), we won’t get another season. Or at least we’re gonna have to REALLY fight for it.

To the fanfic writers, artists and video makers, the fandom needs you right now. For those who are no strangers to getting the attention of TPTB, do your worst. Sign the petition. Light up the necessary Twitter pages. Let’s make some NOISE. Whatever you can do (remember fans have revived shows before), try.

I haven’t really been inspired to do any fan art or fanfiction since Bamon (TVD) but man have I been excited over Rosvolio. Those two…my depression takes a break when I’m watching them. We all have our reasons for falling in love with what we’ve seen so far, let’s put our passion to good use. I really don’t want to give up without a fight.

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Whatever you said Harry, you fuck up hazza. He is known for always saying and doing things he shouldn't have done. I'm terribly sorry for him. He needs serious help in pr things. Goofing around with kids or talking how sorry himself because he have to walk behind his mother coffin or throw d cards is not working anymore. Ps im not his haters. I'm like you his fan ( not anymore) follow this blog because of him. I'm just terribly disappointed 😔. Whatever Sam love u -K-

Yup, he needs to collect his ducks and put them in a row asap, poor ducks are all over the place. Thanks anon ^^ ♥

guys… matsuhana is just so good. Soo Good. they support each other and tease each other and even when the other person is busy they’ll just walk by and brush a hand against the other’s shoulder or hair to say “hey, i’m here and you matter to me a lot” and then they just go on doing whatever it was that they were doing. 

they talk about the silliest things and its great. sometimes they call each other their “saltmate” because they like to just complain about shit to each other for a long time

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Prayer request: my partner's parents, who gave her ptsd as a child, are being increasingly worse to her since she moved home for the summer, she might have to leave, I'm worried that they might do something to her/her cat or that she may hurt herself. Could you pray for our peace and her safety? Thank you so much

I’m so sorry your partner is in this situation. We’ll be praying hard.

Protector God,
This person is living with people who ought to provide her with safety and love, but who instead are a source of pain. Hold her close; offer her the parental love she does not get from them. Soften the hearts of her parents to be kinder, if you can. Protect her fiercely from their words and cruelty – and keep her cat safe, too.
Whatever they say or do, envelop her in a surety of your love, in a blanket of courage and comfort. And grant your peace and hope to her partner, too.


Would it be weird if I reblogged some of my older fics? I don’t like self reblogging too much (I do it with my edits sometimes though) but I’m thinking maybe some stuff that didn’t get a lot of love flew under the radar and maybe if I reblog them you’ll see something you didn’t read before? Does that make sense?

In the meantime I’m working on having something new up tonight hopefully, I’m relying on @writing-obrien to keep me motivated today. 😂❤️

Angel of Mercy, angel delight
Give me my reward in heaven tonight
And if I give up my sword, won’t you give me the right
Angel of Mercy give me heaven tonight

-Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits  Communique 1979

I was struck by inspiration while driving home from the Grocery Store.  Inspiration usually strikes at stupid times like that.  Angel of Mercy came up on my playlist, and as any self respecting Dire Straits fan, I put it on repeat at top volume.  I love this song.  (I’m listening to it right now.)  For whatever reason I thought of an armor mod I had tracked on the nexus a while back and how I’d love to see Danse in it.  This isn’t exactly what I envisioned, but it ain’t to bad.  (Turns out NPCs in Fallout are a lot less compliant than sims when you’re trying to pose them.)

KCon Day 1 😶

So, because I talk about them so much I feel like I need to share how I feel after seeing SF9 live tonight.

They are truly incredible performers. There was not one moment during their stages where they didn’t look like they were giving 100%. They were very interactive with the crowd during both their audience and their performance. They all did their best to speak in English even though it seemed a bit harder for some of them and I thought that was really sweet. And, they’re hilarious. Every time they were allowed to just say whatever they wanted they had the whole room cracking up. I am extremely proud to call SF9 my ult group. They deserve every bit of love and attention they receive.

Also, Highlight.

What guys. They’re live stage was so fun and they were very cute and funny. Not to mention they killed every song. Like, my boys can sing, lemme tell you. Nothing but pure talent.

And as for G-Friend, Zion.T, and KNK, Grade A talents. KNK was first to perform and they were incredible. Their stages were flawless. Gfriend, amazing. Vocals on point, I was shookt (Yerin wasn’t there due to being busy with a different schedule so I was a little sad because she’s my bias). And I never really listened to Zion.T before but he was very good. He’s so sweet and his live performance was so good.

That caps off day one. Everyone slayed and SF9 snatched my soul.


Right Wing - Jake Guentzel x Reader

Anonymous said: since you asked, I’d love a Jake Guentzel imagine! you can let your imagination run wild on the topic

Anonymous said: yo if you could write a jake guentzel imagine it’d be cool!! it can be about whatever you’d like

A/N: since these were both basically just telling me to do whatever I want I just combined them lol. also don’t know where the idea came from I just really wanted to write about playing. also also Jake is a literal angel I’m crying I love this beautiful boy.

Warnings: language

Word Count: ~730

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When you told Jake about your hockey background when you met, he got extremely excited and begged you to come skate with him and the team some day at a practice. 

You finally gave in after about a week of him begging and attended a practice with him one day, with all of your equipment in tow. 

It was really easy for Jake to get you to do stuff. Go get ice cream with him at strange hours of the night, go to clubs when you hated clubbing, go to practice and play hockey with his team. He was just so hard to say no to. You assumed it was probably harder for you since you were in love with the boy. 

You had already met most of the guys and only added a few introductions when you arrived before letting the boys change into their gear and doing the same yourself. 

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I’m just loving this dress. It’s so comfortable and super easy to just do whatever with, and will likely be my go-to for the foreseeable future.

 The second picture is the ‘reward’ for going to the premiere of the new Transformers movie, which my sister and I went on Tuesday night. It beat my expectations, and wasn’t overly bad. I like it better than the last movie, and a lot more than the second movie, so if you like the Transformer franchise, go for it. Lots of explosions, action and all that stuff.

 And THESE CARDS! I found them a while back and they disappeared, which I happened to come across at a store near where I work while I was wandering around the other day. I know in the long haul it’s a small thing, but hey, if there’s a card company out there who recognizes same sex couples, I’m all for it. As is said, love is love. 🌈 💜

 Well, work was fine on Wednesday and Thursday - pretty uneventful actually. I took today off (Friday) because we were overstaffed and I have plenty of vacation days, so there you go. I spent the morning… sleeping, really. I finally got up around 10:30, used my phone for a half hour then finally got up.

 By around 1 I had started to be a bit more productive and decided to go on a long walk (4-5 miles?). It’s a beautiful day, so by that time, the temperature was hovering at/above 80 degrees. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got burned a bit. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, followed by an even warmer Sunday at at around 90 degrees.

 Tomorrow I won’t have a chance to walk, because after work I have plans to once again go over and play some board games at my friend’s place, which will probably go until past 10. Work ‘till past 4, hang out with them for 6 hours or so… it’s going to be a long day. Hopefully I’ll come out to them. You never know though, I may just chicken out as I always do. sigh

 I hope you have all had a nice work week, and may this weekend be the best ever!

 - Lana

Because I have too many ocs and I like to share them, have an OC I made in like, 24 hours. Mayuri Arakaki. Her quirk is that she can shoot scalding hot water from her mouth. Because of it she needs to stay constantly hydrated since the water comes from the moisture in her body. It also looks like she’s ‘drooling’ all the time but it’s really just her quirk producing small amounts of water and it dripping out of her mouth. She’s really pessimistic and blunt, she doesn’t like to sugarcoat things. I just really like her and I’m really proud of how she came out.

Okay listen. I need to be honest with you.

I fucking LOVE HER. Like haha let’s mess with the drooly girl hey what’s up you idiot *she just like turbo spits scalding hot water into their face* I love her and her triangle mouth

does it hurt her since the water’s hot? Or is she, like used to it? Either way that’s fucking metal petition to replace mineta with this gal here

Why the fuck does a sketch of two arms, have 58 fucking notes????
The rest of my art that I put effort into don’t get that love, but whatever.

Also, I’ve gained 11 NEW FUCKING FOLLOWERS SINCE I’VE MADE MY WAY AROUND THE VILLAINOUS FANDOM, WTF??? Welcome I guess, but don’t be surprised if don’t post art for a while from time to time. I’m lazy af. Also, some of them art pretty cool artists, nice ta meet’chya!