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How did you know that your husband was the man God planned for you to be with? Were there any signs?

Hi friend,

I didn’t really know at first. I did, however, know that Matthew was the first man that I ever trusted right away. I just felt comfortable around him. I trusted him. Right away. Which was very unusual for me as I tend to be extremely uneasy around men and it takes a lot for me to fully trust them. 

I knew that I trusted him, and I knew that he was a genuinely good person. I knew that he was willing to do whatever it took to make me happy. He put me and my wants before himself and his wants. He brought me closer to God. He made me want to be a better person. He made me want to talk to God and read His Word and love others like never before. He wasn’t like other guys who had been interested in me. He wasn’t of the world. He didn’t text me inappropriate things or tell me inappropriate things. He wasn’t just in it for my body. He was in it for me. He loved me. Fully. No matter what. 

I knew that I trusted him, and I knew that he loved me (like it says for husbands to in Ephesians 25-33), and I knew that he loved Jesus. 

All my love,


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how about Iroh x Happiness?

Let me tell you something. There are very few things in the world that I love more than Zutara and Harmony, but Iroh x Happiness is without a doubt one of them.

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

Although I’m sure Iroh probably did his fair share of sins during his military campaigns back in the day, I can only see the man he was during the actual time line of the show.
So based on that….
I want Iroh to wake up every day and be able to do whatever brings him joy. Whether if that involves playing Pai Sho, challenging Boomi and Aang to bending matches, pestering kitchen staff over their lack of skill in the art of preparing tea, or attending political meetings with his nephew (aka his most precious adopted son) so he can advise but also make Zuko crack a smile or two.

I want Iroh to open his own tea shop–one in the Fire Nation and another branch in the Earth Kingdom because of nostalgia and pretty Earth Kingdom ladies.
I want Iroh to find love and companionship again in a woman if that is what he wishes.

By everything good and holy in the world, let Iroh swell with pride and joy every time he notices what a wonderful, incredible man and leader his nephew has become. To have Zuko in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways show his uncle his deep respect, love and appreciation for him. All of that because it’d make Iroh so blissfully happy.

I desperately want Iroh to be able to dote on and enjoy his grandchildren; I think he’d be the most amazing grandfather, constantly taking care of the little ones, telling them stories and taking them on mini adventures; feeding them sweets before dinner time and teaching them how to play instruments and bending stances.
And of course, telling them of how ridiculously grumpy and sulky their dad used to be. Katara would laugh and play along adding her own testimony, while Zuko would sulk and pout.
Actually, I want Iroh to become everyone’s grandfather.
So have Iroh work closely to Zuko in reconstructing the Fire Nation and the New World. Have Iroh participate in the Fire Nation market and festivals, telling the young and impressionable tales of his travels and the lessons they should take from his stories. Have Iroh participate in debates, let him lecture in universities and give bending classes. Have Iroh teach children how to play pai sho and the Tsungi horn on Music Nights.
I think Iroh would enjoy feeling needed and busy again.

But most of all, let Iroh spend his days enjoying the company of his family.
Have Iroh arm wrestle with Toph while exchanging colorful advice.
Have Sokka take Iroh on wild hunts while they bounce off invention ideas off each other.
Have Iroh remind Aang he is still only human–and “still very much just a kid”–when Avatar duties get too heavy. Let them talk about their beliefs and tactics.
Please let Iroh spend peaceful evenings with his nephew full of laughter and long conversations.
Let Iroh change diapers and give baths to little water bender babies with their father’s golden eyes but with their mother’s temper. Let him get soaked from head to toe only to just create steam to his grandchildren’s delight.
Let him have tea and sweet breads with Katara every day at 3pm so they can both talk and relax from the day’s events.

As long as he is with those he considers family, he will be.

Send me a ship and i’ll rate it

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Maybe something with timetravel? Post-timeskip Garp traveling back in time to when Ace was just a baby and changing things because he wants his grandsons to live, and live happy fulfilling and long lives, not just survive, whether they're marines or pirates or whatever. This idea has been haunting me for almost two years but I can't write it no matter how much I love it.

Garp grins, holding Ace securely in his arms as he leaned back in his chair thoughtfully, ignore the quiet noises that he was making to entertain himself.

Dadan was still his first choice. The first person that he wanted to take Ace to and let them hide him away where no one would ever think that he was the Pirate King’s son. Except, he knew how that life ended for his grandson, murdered by Akainu saving his youngest grandson. He didn’t want that, not this time.

“What am I gonna do with you, brat,” Ace grabs the finger Garp used to tap his nose, burbling happily. “Yeah? I can’t do that either, what ever you just said. And I don’t steal peop-” Garp stops.

That grandson stealer had been one of Roger’s men and everyone and their mother knew that Rayleigh was Saboady with his wife, Garp pauses, was Rayleigh even married to Shakky at this point? He didn’t care. They were both talented fighters and good enough at haki that Garp was sure it could make a difference for his grandson in the future.

“What do you think, brat?” Garp asks. “Think it’s a good idea?”

Ace doesn’t answer, still distracted by Garp’s finger. Adorable, Garp had forgotten how cute his grandchildren were as babies. Well, at least Ace and Luffy, he hadn’t known anything about Sabo’s early years for the longest time. Actually.

“I have to steal your brother too, don’t I?” Garp sighs tiredly. “Or make sure you grow up on Dawn. Eh, we’ll figure out how to get your little brother later. I’m an old man who wants his grandchildren to grow up to be old men, I’m too old for all these little details.”

Ace giggles and Garp grins.

“Sir,” He glances up at his assistant. “We’re on approach for Saboady. Are, are you ever going to explain where you got the baby?”

“My grandson?”

“Dragon reproduced?”

“Hm,” He doesn’t answer. “I expect you can keep this quiet, can’t you? He’s just a child, a baby.”

“Of course sir.”

Garp is still proud of his second, the man had seen him take in Ace, bring Luffy to Dawn, and visit both of his pirate grandsons and said nothing to anyone about them.


Rayleigh is on his feet the moment that Garp steps into the room, his feet unsteady, but he’s upright and that’s what mattered.

“I didn’t expect you to be drinking yourself to death,” Garp frowns at him. “Don’t think I should let you two meet while you’re this drunk.”

“It’s only you,” Rayleigh says blinking until he’s only seeing one Garp. “Here to take me in?”

“No,” Garp answers. “Here to introduce you to someone. Come on, you’ve been making noises the whole time, why are you so quiet now?”

Rayleigh looks down from Garp’s face, blinking slowly at the bundle of blankets in his arms, two tiny fleshy things waving, “Is that a baby?”

Garp laughs, “That’s right. This is my grandson. Say hello.”

“How old is that kid? I don’t think it can talk.”

“You gonna come look at the kid? I’m not here to arrest you, I swear on,” He pauses. “I’ll swear on anything you think is appropriate.”

Rayleigh sighs, stumbling slightly as he moved to peer at the baby, “Hello?”

“Ace,” Garp answers the unasked question. “Portgas D Ace. Well his mom gave him his father’s last name, but Portgas is less likely to get him killed.”

“Monkey would get him killed?”

“No,” Garp snorts when Ace finally starts cooing and making tiny noises again. “Gol would.”

Rayleigh’s heart stops, “What?”

“You knew Rouge, I know you knew Rouge.”

“I knew Rouge, I didn’t know she and Roger were having a kid!” Rayleigh hisses staring at Ace with new eyes. “Why do you have him?”

“Because Roger asked me to take care of him and Rouge died making sure he wasn’t born until last month,” Garp answers. “I want you to help me raise him. You and the kid.”

“You want me and Shanks to help you raise Ace? Is this a trap?”

Garp frowns, “It’s, it’s not a trap. I… Ace is going to be his parents’ son. He’s going to become a pirate one day, I’m sure of it. I want him to live, to grow up and to never worry that he won’t be able to care for himself.”

“You mean that.”

“He’s my grandson.”

Rayleigh laughs, “Alright, alright. I guess I’ll help raise the kid. If he’s anything like either of his parents he’s going to be a little monster.”


Shanks isn’t actually sure what he’s doing on this island. Rayleigh had asked him to stop by not too long after he had made a name for himself, one of the Yonko.

“Brat,” Garp states meeting them on the dock. “I see you made it.”


“Come on, Rayleigh is in the mountains, I’ll lead the way.”

Shanks glances at Benn, who shrugs, hand staying on his gun as they follow him. The path is far too long, but Garp doesn’t stop once, not until they reach the top and he falls to the side.

“Got ya, Gramps!” One of the tiny blurs that took him down laughs excitedly. “Got ya!”

“We did!” The other grins.

Garp laughs, “I see. Is this what you’re teachin’ my grandsons, Rayleigh? To attack their old grandfather?”

“Marines are to be surprised,” One boy says brightly. “Right Uncle Rayleigh?”

“That’s right, Ace.”

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how the heck do you get tumblr to NOT fuck up the quality of your pictures, no matter how i edit or resize mine, they always turn out blurry. teach me ur ways (also i love your blog and your story)

omg i still struggle w the quality tho!! sometimes they STILL look blurry and im just like WHATEVS

but for my gameplay pics i crop them to 21.389 x 10.5 and resize them to width of 1000px

for my edits like vertical ones i crop them to 8.111 x 19.858! and i usually dont resize them!!!!!!!!! hope i helped!!!!!

unpopular opinion

i know Robert fucked up but I don’t want them broken up (although I think can happen) we have already seen that by themselves are lost and  I don’t think that would serve to something, i want it fix it together I say may sound stupid but they need each other together they are more stronger
however whatever happens, love and support my boys

I hope I have known how to explain thinking with my linguage and translate it into English is different


A collection of mini comics I’m too lazy to color! Clic the images for stuff to read!

1) “hi baby” is something you can actually say to him in an episode! He normally will laugh, but I thought if it was Leaf telling him that he would just. Not be prepared. Also Leaf totally saw Nevra say that to a lot of people (and wink) and thought it was a normal way to say hello!

2) Chrome being angry for whatever reason and Leaf trying to help. They did hear something about petting heads but at the same time Leaf don’t always pay attention to what people are saying so they’re not sure anymore. But hey, it worked! Again, because Chrome wasn’t prepared for Leaf doing that, not that he’s usually ok with people petting him. BUT IT’S LEAF SO.

3 ) Based on the last ep I played. Was like “wow” when he said that cause wanting to help/be useful is everything for Leaf! And couldn’t believe for a second tat they had something so important in common. Also they’re both looked down for being young, push aside, mocked, ALL THE FUN STUFF!


henlo i’m yoshi i’m a coffee bitch™ (personal assistant) my camera roll is full of pictures of lizards bc i am the lizard prince and i love all my babies i’m an avid fan of doing whatever the fuck you want + highly encourage embracing who you truly are i’m here to remind you daily to drink water n you bet i’ll check everyday cus i’m fucking caring as heck buster n i like holding hands n getting platonically snuggly while watching movies and um aliens exist ily brush your teeth 🌱 🌱 

✿ ps catch me on gh at softestkarma and pls use they/them pronouns for me i would love that  ✿














F.R.I.E.N.D.S (1994)

i love how much louis loves his family and how much they love him. like they just seem so involved in each other’s lives and seem to really care about each other a lot. it doesn’t look like it’s just for show and that’s so beautiful it’s so nice to see like, a person who’s in the public eye, not shy away from being affectionate or being a mama’s boy or whatever, and it’s just rly nice i love them lol it’s rly pure!!!!!

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this is probably not a bright question but do you think that people should only hear a few kinds of music genres that "define them"? What would you think about people who likes only some songs of a lot of completely different kinds of music?

That person seems pretty rad!

Music is universal, just like love and food! Whatever you like, you like! 

And sure, it defines you. But it doesn’t define all of you. 

I tend to like acoustic music, flowy dresses, and flower crowns. But I also regularly enjoy television shows and movies with darker themes, am a huge history buff, is able to write 10k words in under 5 hours, and can tell you nearly anything about the NYC subway and architectural system. 

My music would tell you I’m a hippie, my entertainment would tell you I’m a masochist, my political beliefs would tell you I’m a liberal, my stories would tell you I talk about injustice and imperfection, my writing speed would tell you that I’m a masochist, and my interests would tell you I’m a huge nerd. 

Don’t let one thing define you! Be friends with a diverse range of people, learn about new things every day, and load up your Spotify with whatever the hell you want! 

Someone who listens to a diverse range just seems human to me, as do most people! 

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Can i get some headcanons for rohan, jotaro, kakyoin, and josuke with a s/o that really loves plants

I hope these are okay!

☆ Rohan ☆

  • He’s not particularly interested in plants; he’s had to do a bit of research on them for his manga, but all around he’s neutral. If it what makes his s/o happy, then whatever; he won’t do too much arguing if his s/o starts decorating the house or tending a garden.
  • Admittedly, he thinks it’s kind of cute how they talk to the flowers in the windowsill; he’d never say anything about it though, and may occasionally snark at them for their habits.

  • He eventually grows fond of all the plants; they give him something to sketch absentmindedly when his s/o isn’t around, and he didn’t quite realize how much they’d brighten up his home. He may begin adding a few plants to his s/o’s increasing collection- but if they mention it, he’ll get prickly.

☆ Jotaro ☆

  • Surprisingly, Jotaro knows a decent amount about plants and flowers. His parents have always been into gardening, so it’s just kind of something he picked up without realizing it.
  • He doesn’t particularly care either way, but when his mother learns that his s/o likes plants, she won’t leave them alone. Nearly every week she’s telling Jotaro to give his s/o this flower bulb, or maybe this new bag of soil, or a few new flower pots; normally he’d argue, but these gifts make his s/o happy, so he just rolls with it.

  • On occasion, he may surprise his s/o by taking them to a local flower festival as a date. He pretends it’s a hassle, but he’s clearly enjoying himself.

☆ Kakyoin ☆

  • Kakyoin’s equally interested in plant life, so he enjoys having an s/o he can share that with. He finds gardening relaxing; he’s set up a space in his backyard filled with nothing but his favorite flowers, and he’s more than willing to share that with his s/o, planting their favorite flowers there too.
  • He’s also very good at flower arranging, so if his s/o knows anything about flower meanings, he’ll enjoy putting together bouquets for them to see if they can figure out what each one means.

  • He also thinks it’s cute how excited his s/o gets around new flowers or trees; since he loves seeing their face light up, he may want to bring them along next time his family takes a trip, so they can see the local plant life firsthand.

☆ Josuke ☆

  • Josuke knows very little about plants, so he won’t quite understand why his s/o likes them so much, but he’ll do his best to enjoy them too. He’ll probably ask the same few questions over and over, but at least he’s trying to learn.
  • Whenever he sees a new kind of flower, he’s picking it or buying it to take home and show his s/o, to see if they know what it is and if they like it. His mom gets jealous, so he starts bringing her random flowers too.
  • He helps his s/o keep their plants alive a bit longer than usual by using Crazy Diamond; this seems to have some odd side effects though, so he might have to stop that eventually.
List of what I'll be posting/reblogging so you can choose if you want to follow me or nah

☆ I only post Voltron related stuff ☆

(Romantic) SHIPS:
- Klance (I post this one more than I post the others)
(I just love Lance too much)

- All of them but mostly Lance.

- Text posts with whatever is going on inside my head.
- When I finish some stuff here I’ll be posting some art.
- I’m writing something and when this something is finished I’ll post it here as well
- Expect me posting some fanfictions every now and then.

That’s it bye!

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Hi! My name is Dani and I'm from Minnesota. I recently found out about this anti trans group who is trying to block a high schooler from using the locker room of their preferred gender, right in my home state. They have hired lawyers, and paid for public speakers to try and sway the school board. I am going to speak in opposition to them, and I am looking for firm points I can use against them. I would love the community's input to make sure I have the strongest argument for my case! Thank you!

Sure, Dani, it’s always great to see more trans people speaking out!

One big thing to keep in mind: what’s obvious, basic and self-evident to us as trans people is probably scary and foreign to this school board. Trans people as rational, complete human beings? Check. Trans people as actually their genders and not whatever people want to assign to them based on their bodies? Check. To get through to them, you’ll need to explain some really, really obvious things without seeming condescending. No one likes to find out they’re wrong, especially not when they feel like they’re being talked down to. 

Apologies for the ensuing text wall!

Some ideas for talking points: 

  • Look at the people most affected by these laws: trans kids and their families. Do they want this rule? Nope. Who does? People with no experience with the trans community. Pandering to the whims of people who are disconnected from the situation and ignoring the people this rule would affect the most is ridiculous - like asking a child’s third cousin in New Hampshire to choose their school in Minnesota instead of just going to their parents. How would they know anything?
  • If rules like this were necessary, we would already be seeing attacks. We’re not. Where are all the bathroom predators in states where there are no potty police laws on the books? What about all the entire countries where bathrooms aren’t sex-segregated? If there are no weirdoes pretending to be trans to creep on people in locker rooms now, and there are still none after the rule passes, it did not make anyone safer. Look at North Carolina  - there were 0 such attacks before HB2, and 0 after. The stated purpose of the law - to protect (cis) women and girls - was not accomplished. There was, however, a spike in calls to trans suicide hotlines - which shows you the real motivation for passing the law.

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Do you workout? If so, what's your workout routine?

I used to work out all the time but now that I’m in college I’ve kinda slacked off.

My main two must haves are nice arms and abs. Sometimes I’ll go for runs because I do love running but it’s more or less just to clear my head and be by myself than it is to exercise. If I go to the gym with Hunter I’ll do a half hour on the elliptical and a half hour on the treadmill. I do a ton of arm exercises and ab exercises. I can link them down below because I feel like that’s easier than be describing them. One thing I learned while being in college is that I took being a two sport athlete for granted because I was forced to be in shape and workout and could eat whatever I want. Now I look at a brownie and gain ten pounds.

Arm exercises I love:

Lateral arm raises

Overhead tricep extensions 

Tricep dips 

Lat pulldown 

Ab exercises I love:

Russian twists

Ab exercises with medicine ball 

By now means am I an expert!! Half the time I look like a chicken running around the gym with my head cut off. 

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This is probably the most common ask/confession/whatever you've received ever, but I hate how the girls are /always/ being saved by the guys(usually their love interest). In the last chapter, we saw Wendy almost going into her Dragon Force mode, but she never got the chance to actually take on Acnologia(don't remember the exact reason but I'm like 90% sure it had something to do with Jellal protecting her and Erza first). It pisses me off so much because Wendy has such potential! Let them fight!

Everyone, shippers and critics alike, predicted that Jellal would jump in to save Erza and Wendy, and they were right. But…..I’m blank. When you reach the level where even Jellal’s antics go from making me instantly livid to just….bored and not caring, you’ve truly reached a new plane of writing, Mashima.

goblin- i love it. shading is a little bland but he’s adorable
vista- GORGEOUS. i was talking to my bf last night about what it could be. feathers, bamboo, wind gusts, kites? how about all of it
apparel- it’s..like, perfect. not too big, not too small, i love the bells and jewellery

skins- not..really a huge fan of quite a few of them. like, most of them. i wanted that beautiful PC accent to win but whatever lol

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What don't you like about modern feminism/why aren't you a feminist according to you?

Because feminism is pretty much whatever definition people want it to have, that’s one.

The feminist movement of today is more interested in whining and doesn’t respect women who disagree with them. Feminists also don’t call out terrorists within their movement, instead they proudly parade them. How lovely is that. They don’t do anything in the US except whine. Frankly, I’m sick of them attributing every problem to men and the “patriarchy.”

I don’t need feminism and I don’t need their solutions for everything, which seem to mostly revolve around government solving their problems. 

What right am I missing? Please tell me what rights I still don’t have? Because I can do anything a man can do. Do I have to work hard for what I want? Yes! But that doesn’t mean I need the government to help me do it. 

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Polyflapbomb and razzaraptor for the ship thing!

Razzaraptor…that one’s quite rare, isn’t it?  Still very cute.

I’d like to think Arin and Barry have a strong bond.  Especially when he stayed behind during the no-so-grump changeover.  Thinking about it, that was probably a rough time for Barry.  He was close friends with both of them.

There’s not too much out there for this pairing but I do have a couple I really like.  One is technically Razzaflaptor but whatever.

Five Years by RebelCC

Just Because It’s Scary Doesn’t Mean…by grumpyhanson

and can’t forget the Plants vs. Zombie episode


For Polyflapbomb

I really like this one.  I already liked Polybomb, but then I read some Ninjaflaps fics and watched the episodes with Suzy and Brian and loved their dynamic.  And I already liked Arin with Brian and Dan with Brian, so why not combine them all? 

This one is still kinda rare, but there’s content out there. 

When Our Bodies Meet by dovingbird

(I may have spammed these prompts)

Prompt 1 2 3 4 5 by @thirst-for-math-daddy

and I’m eagerly awaiting @sweetiefiendfics A/B/O polyflapbomb and @devilgate-drive apocalypse polyflapbomb

Slow and Steady by grumpyhanson

prompt by @theseusinthemaze

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Yay! Eddie ships boi. Um i'm a Hufflepuff/Pukwudgie. But i consider myself an aggressive Hufflepuff bc i ain't afraid to fight with people who mess with my friends. I'm like hella insecure tbh. I play guitar and i sing when im alone. I want to study criminology and or maybe be on broadway bc i've always wanted to be in plays and stuff. Im also a huge nerd.

I ship you with Marius!

He loves the fact that you can be extremely sweet, yet know when you have to fight for the right reasons. He’s very much the same way in that regard. He adores when you sing, and of course will join in on occasions. And whatever aspirations you have, he is always there to try and help fulfill them.

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