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“I love everything about this! I asked them all to add whatever they wanted- Stephen: About time Emily: heart, crowns & David doodles David: These two! Finally!!! Thank you for an incredible #OTA weekend! And for being so fun about this op @david_ramsey @EmilyBett @StephenAmell”

I love everything about this! I asked them all to add whatever they wanted- Stephen: About time
Emily: heart, crowns & David doodles
David: These two! Finally!!! Thank you for an incredible #OTA weekend! And for being so fun about this op @david_ramsey @EmilyBett @StephenAmell

@beemichelle7 So epic.

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Prompt idea I'm too nervous to try writing: One of the Side's eyes change colors depending on his mood, and no one notices until they're nearly black one day from sadness/red from anger, and whatever you want can happen afterwards. You choose what colors represent which emotions, which side, and any relationships (I love them all). Angst is appreciated but fluff is also wonderful. Sorry if it's a bad prompt it's just an idea I had. You're an amazing writer!

A/N: This is an amazing prompt! I put a slightly different spin on it, but it’s still the same basic idea. I’m also now obsessed with this au, and will probably write more of it in the future. Enjoy!

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Patton was at the core of a lot of Thomas’s feelings. And not that this was new news, all the other sides knew this. There was a reason they called him the “heart” after all. However, there was something odd that happened to Patton because of his emotions. His right eye would change colors. While his left eye would stay the same warm brown color, the other would change according to his emotions. When he was happy, it would be a golden yellow. When he was sad, it was a dark blue, so dark it was nearly black. When he was scared or anxious, it would turn purple. When he was calm, it was light blue. And the list of colors could go on and on.

So yes, Patton’s right eye could change colors. And he hated it. It made him feel ugly and out of place. Thankfully, none of the other sides seemed to notice his… condition. That is, until now.

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Thanksgiving night

I’ve been thinking about thanksgiving night, after Frank leaves the Lieberman’s, and how it feels as if there is a scene missing. Frank (Pete) doesn’t join them for dinner as now that the family has been reunited, he has no place there – but after, when he drives away, I can see him making one more stop before he goes back to whatever hideout he’s using, and pulling up outside of Karen Page’s apartment.

He doesn’t make any move to get out of the car, doesn’t call her, just sits there for a few moments until he catches her silhouette in the window.

Takes a breath and drives away.

James as a Cuddler ~Headcanons~

 James March x OC

Requested by @flowrveils

A/N: James and cuddling, as requested! Also, I apologize for the lazy title, but I hope you enjoy these nonetheless, lovely! x

Title may change

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~ James is a devoted lover

~ He is more than willing to shower his partner with all sorts of affection

       ~ Timely pet names and terms of endearment

        ~ A willingness to do whatever to make them happy

       ~ Attention to their needs

~ But he isn’t much of a cuddler

~ However, if his partner likes it, he will make sure to do it as often as possible

        ~ Preferably every night

        ~ Every other at the very least

~ He’ll let them rest on his chest while wrapping his arms around them securely

        ~ They can count on occasional kisses to the top of the head and a few affectionate words murmured to them

        ~ “You are my true queen, and I shall never let you slip from my arms.”

        ~ “Until the sun falls from the sky and the heavens burn in conflagration.”

~ Even after they drift off to sleep, he’ll continue to hold them tightly

~ And maybe he’ll realize that being able to give his partner that level of intimacy and sense of security actually makes him feel good

~ Not that he’ll ever, ever admit that aloud

People are not property to fight over during the holidays

I don’t care who you are - romantic partner, family member, close friend, anything. You do NOT have the right to “possess” someone for the holidays, especially if other people want to see them and/or it stresses them out and/or it fuels their anxiety disorder.

Holidays are NOT a time of relaxation for everyone. They are a time of great stress for some people because every year they come around (in particular: Thanksgiving, Christmas) they anticipate their loved ones/friends/whatever to fight over them like toddlers, not taking into consideration anything for the person’s feelings or anxiety.

Stop stressing these people out. Stop trying to emotionally kidnap or blackmail someone because you don’t like the fact they want to see someone you don’t like or “approve” of.

it’s really not that hard to go ‘hey! the person you’re talking about is actually terrible and here’s why, please don’t support them or talk about them positively. here’s some sources.’

vs, like

‘you dumb fucking idiots, x is a KNOWN x, you should fucking KNOW that already, i’m so much better than you for knowing, and also i’m going to treat you like you’re somehow in on it and totally supportive of whatever they did, like you’re basically just as bad, but i’m not, because i know this known fact (it is known by me). i love being condescending to strangers online for no reason and expect them to know everything i do!’. 

Preview - From Peeta, with love

This is another snippet from my contribution for A Candle for the Caribbean Charity Anthology benefiting the victims of Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean. It is being hosted by @loveinpanem. If you’d like information on how to donate visit them. Every little donation helps. Thanks in advance for your generosity. Preview
Hi my lovely lady,
First of all, we should make sure that you use your own email address.
Haymitch sent me a message last evening and offered to Skype me instead. He was willing to wear a pink negligee to get my attention. I don’t want to look at Haymitch in pink satin and ruffles. So what about you using your own email address and then we can make a new date for a chat, Skype or whatever you want? Or we could use another messenger service. One we could use with our smartphones too. If you have a suggestion, I’m all ears. end preview. If you want to read the whole story - well donate.

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@all dads. Dadsona wouldn’t mind having another baby with his partner after being together for a while. What are their reactions when he sits his lover down and explains that having another baby is a big deal to him. Twist is this dadsona is trans and could have a biological kid which is what he wants as much as he hates the idea of being pregnant.

Anon: dads react to dadsona telling them he’s pregnant? (either mpreg or trans dadsona or whatever you prefer)
Anon: I just found this blog and This is just lovely. really it is! I was wondering Dads, how would you react to a new child? (Not Amanda though, as awesome as she is).

Mat: He’s immediately onboard. His family is the best thing to have happened to him and being able to expand that family is a gift to him. He’s so excited when Dadsona gets pregnant he probably experiences Couvade syndrome (sympathy pregnancy). He does his best to be there for Dadsona whether that be having at him coffee spoon with him or reducing his hours towards the end to be at home with Dadsona.

Robert: He says no at first, it comes out before he can stop himself. When he sees how upset Dadsona looks, he back tracks and tries explaining himself. It comes out a mess; he just so scared of messing everything up again. Of being a bad dad and partner, of going back to how he used to be. If Dadsona is patient and supportive, he comes round to the idea. Robert will need a lot of reassurance to get through this.

Joseph: It’s more complicated for Joseph. They have four very young children and Amanda already. There’s finance to think about and he and his kids just went through divorce. He’d love to just say yes but it’s not that simple. He and Dadsona would have to sit down and have a long talk about what this would mean for them and the children.

Damien: This is also complicated for Damien, if Dadsona is also trans it’d mean using a donor. If Dadsona is not trans than he’d be the one getting pregnant or they’d use a surrogate. They also would have to sit down and talk about all their options, what it means for and what they’re both comfortable with. But ultimately with both their kids grown he’d like to have another baby. 

Craig: He’s immediately concerned with how little time he’d be able to spend with Dadsona during the pregnancy. He might ask Ashley to take on more the business responsibilities for while. Starts making a calendar plan for all the stages of pregnancy. Probably also comes out in Couvade syndrome.

Brian: Yes, yes and yes! He’s so ready to have a child with Dadsona. They’re two weeks into the pregnancy and he’s already building the crib and decorating the baby room with Dadsona and Daisy. Announces it to everyone if Dadsona’s comfortable with it and touches his belly all the time.

Hugo: His first concern is how Ernest would take it, he explains they’d have to sit and talk it out with him first. Hugo is afraid that Ernest will take like he’s trying to replace him. Then he’s concerned about Duchess jumping on Dadsona and before Dadsona can stop him he’s pacing around the living room listing all the things that can go wrong. Dadsona will have to sit him down and assure him they won’t happen, after he gets over the panic and spoken to Ernest he’s all for it.

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Could we please get a modern day "real world" AU scenario (or whatever you see fit) where s/o falls in love with him after he's lost the ability of his legs and is basically at his lowest point? What would his reaction be? ( I always imagine Gyro being Johnny's childhood friend in this AU, with both of them living in Texas or something lol) (real world being no stands, just to be clear) JOHNNY NEEDS MORE LOVE

headcanons under the cut!! warn for johnny being depressed and suicide idealation

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alright, we got a serious problem going on at my house

recently my mom got a thing called “circlego with disney”. what does it do? basically, it makes curfews, obnoxious time limits, lets parents look at your private stuff and it blocks sites. now, this isn’t the average circle that hooks up to your WiFi only, this one hooks to your WIRELESS CARRIER AND WIFI.

I already got a VPN, but I fear that’s not enough to stop this thing. so, that’s why I need your help.

my mother can’t know that I’m on tumblr or discord, because she will block the sites no matter what the excuse is. tumblr and discord is where I met a huge majority of my friends, and I can’t let this thing stop me from talking to them.

if you know ways to bypass the circlego with disney, PLEASE TELL ME.

DO NOT JUST LOVE THIS POST. reblog, reply, dm me, whatevs.

in reward ill give you free art requests, as much drawings as you’d like. 10, 100, 1000, you pick it. just PLEASE HELP A GUY OUT PLEASE AND THANK YOU

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Imagine prompt: While in a hotel for a video, Ryan stays up late into the night watching previous episodes of theirs while Shane does whatever Shane does and Ryan sometimes points out in videos where it may or may not have been a reach on his part about ghosts (ex: literally just the wind) and, Shane being Shane, he teases him about it and makes jokes and they spend most of the time bickering back and forth about it and God I love them

Confession: I’m not a very witty person. It’s one of the things I find challenging when it comes to writing them– body language and speech pattern, I can do. Actual bickering? Just in really short bursts.

So, I’m gonna throw this out to the general public with an additional imagine: Imagine them watching videos, propped up in their hotel bed. Shane occasionally reaches over to point out Ryan’s funniest expressions. Ryan leans over to show Shane the moments when his lanky limbs get in the way of the camera. Little by little, they get closer and closer until they’re practically in each other’s laps. They’re tired. They don’t wanna move, and the other is really comfy and warm and they fit just right.

They fall asleep, just like that. (And when they wake up, they stay like that, too. Just cuddling. They don’t talk about it, of course. Because they always assume that that’s how they’re always going to be. So they revel in each other a little longer and every thing is just right.)

(It just occurred to me, anon, that you might’ve meant this to be platonic. I apologize. I turn everything I touch into a shippy thing.)

Okay So...

<< @belch-huggins helped me with this idea, Meaning they pretty much came up with it and I’m posting but giving credit. :) 

So In the book, Vic approaches the losers and thinks about joining them but doesn’t. Now, my idea or headcanon whatever you wish to call it is this: 

He doesn’t because he just slowly becomes the Loser’s club mom.
Like he slowly just adopts all of them and looks after them and tries to keep them safe from Henry and the others, while still picking on them himself. No one ever said he was a good mom, but he’s a mom and he is trying his best. >>

my heart hurts its been nearly 3 years since i lost contact with the first love of my life and i still miss them and think about them each day… i think i was in the wrong when we broke up and i feel like id be doing them a disservice by trying to get them back after theyve probably moved on by now. but i miss them so much. even though theyve probably changed. even though they would be cold to me if i met them again. its stupid but i keep catching myself hoping whatever love that we had is strong enough that we’ll somehow find our way back to each other years from now. but i dont know if thats really something possible. it’s the most bittersweet hollow thing to know that the best way to care for the person you love and miss is to leave them alone

Who wants another super painful thing I was thinking about? 

Asra travels a lot right? Probably to other countries, so it stands to reason that he probably speaks other languages, if not fluently then well enough to get by in whatever country he’s in. In between all of the things he had to help the Apprentice re-learn, maybe he taught them another language, or at least the basics of ones they’d be most likely to encounter from customers at the magic shop, but not all of the ones that Asra himself knows… 

So he tells the Apprentice that he loves them in one of the tongues he knows they don’t speak. Maybe he says it every morning over breakfast instead of good morning, or every night as they get ready for bed, but he definitely, definitely says it every time he has to leave. Because it’s the only way Asra can tell them without hurting them until they come back to him and when they do he’ll say it in every language they both know. 

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everyone seems to have this deep emotional conection to dnp and love them so much and I feel like a fake fan for being over here just chilling. I don't really care about being noticed or meeting them and I perfectly fine just watching whatever from interactive introverts ends up on youtube? I love them, but I don't care that much? help

that’s totally valid, anon! this “fake fan” thing had to end. fans can’t be categorised. there’s not an official chart. you can be a fan and not wanting to meet them or spend money on them, it’s ok. you don’t have to do these things in order to be considered a fan of something.
for some people it’s important to see them live and get the chance to talk to them and hug them and buy their merch. that’s fine.
but other don’t care and that’s also fine!!
don’t stress too much about this :’)

let’s talk about dan and phil

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Yes, I clearly said in the ask that I'm aware my feelings about sex can change as I get older. And I'd love to not have to bother but the world is 90% sex, let's face it. And if saying "ay I'm asexual btw" helps me out when I'm being flirted with (either to make them stop or as a psa) or whatever the case is, I'm going to do it because it makes me more comfy. And it's exhausting to watch people turn that overused rhetoric on the aroace community just because a couple of us are annoying about it.

“the world is 90% sex” is where our views diverge. you have to understand that although it feels like everyone is having great sex and you’re all alone, nobody actually has the sex life of a cishet white dude in a tv show. sex is fraught with cultural baggage; it’s shamed and glorified alternatively. this is way more complex than the ace community makes it out to be

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What's better than hating oneself on their birthday?




yes that is you.

you may not see it, but you are so many positive things (i don’t know you, how could i, but i believe in nice people, and i believe you’re one of them) 

your birthday should be the happiest of days!!! It’s like, i survived tot years! I LIVED tot years and no one is ever gonna stop me!!!
You’re gonna kick asses til you’re old and do whatever you like to, if something makes you happy you’ll do it and that’s it! 

you are worth and important, and you should learn that, by baby steps and with people that love you, but i’m sure you will learn that.