i love them together

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But imagine Hopper taking Joyce on an actual date. Both of them getting dressed up and going somewhere nice. Like Joyce has probably never been on a nice date before knowing Lonnie.

Oh God, just picture those two dorks going through outfits - Will and Jonathan assuring their mom that she looks incredible but she is just frustrated with everything she owns (she should’ve gone shopping, why didn’t she - no she shouldn’t, her sons got to eat as well) and Hopper chain-smoking like hell and brushing his teeth every two or three cigarettes, cursing and looking at his watch so not to lose track of time (not that the damn thing seems to be working anyway)

And when it’s finally time and Hop gets there Will looks so proud of his mom (the air gets knocked out of Hopper for a moment there when he first looks at her) and Jonathan says nothing but they share a look and nod at each other - Jonathan trusts Hopper, he knows everything’s going to be all right and his mom is going to have a good time - God knows she needs it - as long as he doesn’t hear about the details. No, he better just show Will the new mixtape he made for Nancy, see what his little brother thinks…

While Hopper does take Joyce to a really nice restaurant in a town really close to Hawkins (he asked for advice - more specifically he asked Flo for advice) and it’s ridiculous how nervous they both are - his palms are sweating for God’s sake - and they try that smalltalk thing but after the first glass of wine they simply laugh it off. That’s not them, they know each other better than that, they have been through together so much that this shouldn’t be so hard, so they relax. Relax and then start talking like the good friends they are (or learned to become again) and then the night turns perfect.

He mentions he should buy Flo a little thank you gift and Joyce exclaims, “I knew she had something to do with this!”

(She can’t remember the last time she went on a real date - the back of Lonnie’s car seemed perfectly fine to him until they got married, then the boys came and… well, she won’t give this a second thought, not tonight, Lonnie’s not part of her life anymore and he won’t be ever again).

The ride back home is quiet but comfortable, Joyce leans against her seat and blinks lazily, watching the road. Hawkins is quiet by now, it’s not that late but when he stops in front of her house, the lights are low and they can see the sky, clear with just enough stars sprinkled and twinkling and they take a deep breath at the same time, turning their heads to look at each other.

She smiles and reaches for his hand, starting to thank him and his voice sounds deep and hoarse when he says “yeah… don’t mention it”. And they can’t really say how long they stay there, looking at each other, into each other’s eyes, finger entwined, until there’s shuffling of clothes and Hopper is leaning in and Joyce closes the distance between their faces, and their lips are pressing against the other but soon enough part open to let their tongues brush and explore, no rush, just tasting how each other feel after so long.

(They feel right.)

They keep kissing, slow and tender, none of them wanting it to end or be the first to part but eventually they do; Joyce’s eyes still closed as Hopper brushes his thumb lightly over her bottom lip (so full and so soft, and it’s like he never stopped being in love with her). They both want more, but they both know it’s not quite the time yet.

So she whispers her good-nights and her thank yous and is about to step out when she suddenly sits back in, and he doesn’t know if he smiles or frowns but she shakes her head and snorts, shrugging out of his jacket, “I almost took it with me”.

He smiles all the way back to his place. 

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So, kinda cliche, but maybe Mafia Sans flirting with a singer at a speakeasy that he has a crush on

You tried not to laugh when he leaned forward, propping his skull on his hands as he smirked at you. “so, you come here often?”

“I work here, you lazy bag-of-bones.” His grin only grew, flashing a line of straight white teeth. For a skeleton, he had the best teeth you’d ever seen. Where’d he get his dental work done, or was it just a monster thing? You were tempted to ask, but decided against it.

“m’just kiddin’ with ya, doll. still, a pretty little thing like you, in a place like this? now don’t go tellin’ me that you don’t deserve better–cause i happen to think you do.”

You scoffed, rolling your eyes as you swirled the bright green drink in your hand. It smelled like green apples, & tasted just as sweet. “You know a better gig I could grab, feel free to spill the beans. But for what I got, it’s a good little place. Nice customers, decent pay, & I get to do what I enjoy.”

“yeah, you’re not the only one.” The pinpricks of light peeking out from under his trilby felt like they were burning a hole into you, and you refused to meet his stare, as if refusing to lose some unspoken game that only the two of you were privy to. “you’re quite the songbird, aintcha?”

“I try.” You shrugged, taking another sip of your drink. You could feel his eyes following your hand all the way up to your face, then back down as your resettled your glass on the table, and made a point to slide your fingertips across the table’s surface, as if testing him. It worked, and he followed the movement all the way. “Is that your way of saying I’ve got talent?”

Now you were finally looking each other in the eyes. Well, as best you could, considering the height difference, plus the way his hat dipped over his face. Two pinpricks of white stared at you from half-lidded sockets, & Sans chuckled. “yeah, somethin’ like that.”


Meanwhile in Japan, Live Spectacle Naruto has successfully ended with a total of 96 performances. 👏👏👏

I love how close Imamura Miho (Haku) and Uchida Asahi (Zabusa) have become to each other. They are always interacting on Twitter and take photos together. Sweet! 💕

And the dorks. 😂 I love them to the moon and back. 👌❤️

The parallels between Mikleo having Sorey’s back during the war and the two of them armatizing before they have to kill Gramps… this idea that they’re a unit, yeah, but even deeper the idea that they help bear each other’s burdens, they bear the weight of their decisions together… why are they like this I love them

I’m happy they exist. 
I’m happy they’re together.
I’m happy I meet them.

I love their smiles.
I love their talent.
I love their friendship.

They do everything for us.
They give us their love.
They deserve ours in return.

As A Fan of GMW...

I want ALL of the characters to be happy. Okay, I hardcore ship Joshaya, but I’m all for them being apart for awhile because it’s healthy, but would honestly love for them to come back together. I love and respect Smackle although I ship Riarkle with my all. As a fan of Girl Meets World, I respect all ships and shippers, and I also will respect whatever ships end up together.

The way I cut the picture, it looks like Michael is taking a picture of them kissing. Maybe it’s for Anders? :’D

For the OC kiss week, @kirkwallgirl‘s ADORABLE Jayden and my Michael!  (Jayden is not a Hawke in this AU!) I love these together, and I love them as a trio with Anders. They are the cutest. 

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I know Lance and Tom are having their break and keeping out of the public eye (tho judging by all the fan photos from yesterday, Tom was out and about all over London) for a bit, but I was wondering when the next chance to see them together might be? Does Tom have an UK appearance Lance might be at? Or does Lance have anything in America Tom might be with him for? I just love seeing them together, it makes my heart happy when not much in the world does. :)

This is the only one coming up that I know of http://www.londonscreenwritersfestival.com/whats-on/sessions/writing-strong-relatable-and-most-of-all-authentic-lgbtq-stories-and-characters
But I’m sure there will be plenty of public appearances coming up :)

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May I ask what stopped making you ship Larry as a romance?

I make a difference in shipping and believing. I do ship Larry as a romance, love fanfics with them being in love, but I don’t believe they are together in real life. 

I did believe it however, until Freddie was born. That was the moment I woke up and thought to myself that they would never go as far as using a baby to hide a gay relationship. Louis had sex with Briana, Freddie came out of it (a wonderful accident, haha). This made me believe in Elounor in retrospect, too.

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What about an m Taurus and an f Scorpio relationship?

otp tbfh i love them together, they’re my favorite sister sign combo. I think the attraction between them is very intense and believe it or not, I feel like they have so much in common. They keep each other very grounded and they know exactly what the other needs. it’s a great balanced relationship. love it!