i love them they're the BEST

they really weren’t kidding when they said this is their best album yet. every single song on the going seventeen album is absolutely incredible. I don’t know how they keep doing it but they’ve truly outdone themselves and I’m so so proud of them all.

Normal best friends: *get mad if the other don’t know everything about the them*

Dan and Phil: *hope the other doesn’t know everything about them*

It is wednesday and this is a long duck 


hollenstein - faceless


♛ Skins Meme → Four OTPs → (¾) Chris & Jal

Jal, look at me, I was perfectly happy killing myself, alright, but then you asked me to try. And for the first time in my life it felt like someone actually gave a shit, and that person was worth trying for. And now I’d, I’d fucking make the word record biggest sandwich if you asked me to. I’d kick old grannies in the tits, I’d fill the rivers with Panda Pops. I fucked up big time. I’m more than sorry. I love you, Jal. You’re my whole world.


The fortunes of the world will rise and fall but here in this kingdom we will endure.

Okay honestly one of my favorite things about Ouran is Kyoya’s character development???

 He’s one of the most static characters; he’s calm, cool, collected, intelligent, and the obvious moral compass of the group,

 But as the season goes on you start to notice a few cracks…like, the kind where you see the real Kyoya poking through, begging for someone to let him out???

 As you learn his backstory you realize that while he’s the mother of the group, he’s actually the child of his family, which makes SO MUCH SENSE, 


 And I feel like that somehow corresponds with everything he does within the club, and why he’s so meticulous about everything, because maybe in his subconscious somewhere he thought to himself,

 "If my father were to ever catch me in this club, at least I would have something to show for it,“ which is why he’s so undeniably efficient with all that he controls.

 And the way he feels about Tamaki is absolutely PRECIOUS to see, because at first you feel like he thinks of Tamaki as a genuine moron, (which is how I felt really, I can’t really speak for everyone,) and then you get to the, “And so Kyoya Met Him!” episode.

Which is when you finally get to see how exactly their friendship began in the first place, the history behind our daddy and mommy of the Host Club. And you realize, “Hey, I wasn’t that far off. Kyoya DID think he was a moron, at one point.”

And while Kyoya still thinks Tamaki is an idiot, it’s more of a term of endearment at this point, rather than an insult. Because as weary as he is of Tamaki’s antics, when he thought he was gonna lose him, Kyoya absolutely lost it.

And that was A FREAKING PLEASURE to see because you realize NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES KYOYA CALLS HIM AN IDIOT, OR MORON, OR REFERS TO HIM AS A BURDEN, you know in your heart that that silly blonde prince means the world to Kyoya, and that is in fact his best friend. 

So throughout the season, obviously each character makes their own significant steps to becoming more individual, coming into themselves, but Kyoya’s developement is definitely one of my favorites.


Never before had the world seen four such giants coexisting. Sometimes friends, more often enemies, these men held Europe in the hollow of their hands.



oisuga weekend: day three: costumes / promises

a follow up to this…! which in turn is a follow up to my hc that suga ended up giving oikawa the milk bread (but not before scoffing the entire first packet in front of him with kageyama) and his number :3c