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This is from @thelittleredwhocould and I am soooo in love!

You said you had a rough day, so I wrote you a little Wincest something to maybe cheer you up?

The boys’ first time isn’t until much later in life, after they’ve both been to help and back, and decided they can do without each other. The hunt was rough- vampires, naturally- and Dean couldn’t help it. The moment the motel room door clicked shut behind them, he grabbed his brother’s head in his hands and kissed him with all the passion a lifetime of pining can muster.

Now Dean is nervous, adrenaline driven bravado gone and replaced with gentle trembling hands on his brother’s chest as he unbuttons the red flannel Sam looks so damn good in. The more perfect golden skin, dusted with just the right amount of chest hair, that’s revealed, the more nervous Dean gets. He doesn’t want to stop, though. He’s wanted this for years and now it’s happening, and he needs it to go right.

“Dean,” Sam says, hands jumping from his hips to his face. “Dean, look at me.”

Dean lifts his eyes to meet Sam’s, breath catching in his throat at what he sees there. They’ve both been through so much- more than anyone should have to endure- but Sam is here. Sam is stroking his thumbs over Dean’s cheekbones and smiling that sweet, familiar smile Dean’s been in love with since they were kids.

“I’ve got you.” Sam’s voice is as soft as his touch. “It’s okay.”

Sam leans in and kisses him softly. Dean melts against the larger man with a soft sigh. Just like that, Sam is in charge and Dean’s pretty okay with that. He’s okay when big hands strip them both bare and lay him out on the bed, and when those same hands set out to discover all the hidden secrets of his body. This is Sam, after all, and there’s no one Dean trusts more than Sam.

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Hey, Cap! I was wondering, could you maybe do some more Sanvers + Sara fics, because I absolutely love how you write Sara? <3

She’s on her way to drunk – she’d rather be high, but Gideon doesn’t supply everything – and she’s thinking about Snart.

About Snart and Laurel and about Jackson.

Jackson, who’s very much alive but whose eyes haven’t been quite the same since they traveled back to the Civil War.

She heaves a sigh and glances around the bar approvingly. She knows – because Kara had told her in hushed tones and with eyes that reminded her of both Laurel’s resilience and, a little bit, of her own inner demons – that this bar has seen so much death. Too much death, too much blood.

But, looking around, what she’s seeing is life. So much damn life.

She wonders what Rip would think of a place like this. All these aliens, all these humans. 

Hell, she wonders where Rip is.

She takes another long, slow swig of her drink as her eye catches on the tight-as-sin jeans hugging Kara’s sister’s ass just so. A subtle grin forms on her lips.

The woman putting her arms around the eldest Danvers sister as Alex lines up a shot on the pool table – the detective, Maggie, her name was – is lucky.

But hell, so is Alex.

Her sister may be Supergirl, and live with all the attendant dangers involved therein. But that’s exactly the thing.

She lives with them. Because Alex’s sister is alive.

“Lance!” Maggie’s voice drags her out of Laurel’s reproachful look and into the present, into the bar. “Isn’t a night out of the Waverider supposed to mean you having fun?”

Sara sighs with a twisted grin and swirls her drink around the glass before finishing it in one go. She signals for another before standing and sauntering over to the couple, swishing her hips just a little bit more than she normally would.

She watches Alex gulp and her grin deepens.

“You’ve got two assumptions there, Sawyer. One: that nights in the Waverider aren’t wild and wacky fun. And two: that I’m not having fun sitting at the bar drinking alone.”

She flinches with a crinkled nose and a grimace as the words come out of her mouth.

“Did it sound less sad in your head, Sara?” Alex takes pity on her, and Sara pretends to glare.

“So what do you two do for fun then? Other than the obvious?” She points between them, somehow suggestive without being lewd, evocative without being objectifying.

“She loses to me at pool.”

“I try to get her to give me flash grenades.”

They speak at the same time and Sara grins, reaching up to grab herself a pool cue from the rack on the wall.

“Flash grenades? Is that what the kids are calling it in 2017?” she grins as she starts setting up the table for a fresh game.

Alex blushes and stammers and Sara winks at Maggie.

“They might be adoptive sisters, but somehow the oddly attractive awkwardness runs in the family, huh?” she asks, and Alex splutters some more.

There’s laughter and there’s blushing and there’s flirting.

There’s Maggie losing and there’s Sara giving her pointers and there’s Alex messing up on purpose so Sara gives her pointers, too.

There’s even more laughing and blushing and flirting after that.

But after a few games – and a few more drinks – Sara’s eyes keep flitting to Maggie’s hip.

“What?” Maggie wants to know, checking her fly. “Lance, what – “

“Your shield. My dad’s a cop, too. A detective.” She pauses and sips on a bottle of beer, shaking her head. “No. It’s 2017. He’d be a captain, now. Hard to keep track sometimes.”

“Did he want you to join the force?” Alex asks, hopping up to sit on the pool table until M’gann waves her off from across the bar.

Sara laughs, low and liquid and just this side of lost.

“Hell no. He wanted us to stay far away from that gig. Too dangerous. He taught us how to handle a gun and how to defend ourselves, but…” She shrugs and she sighs and she twists her mouth into a small grin. 

“The Gambit,” Maggie supplies softly, because she’s heard the stories.

“Do you ever wanna go back? In the Waverider?” Alex asks, and Sara nods and then shakes her head and then nods again.

“If I hadn’t gone with Ollie, Laurel might have. And I… the hell that those years were? I would never risk putting that on my sister. Or on the timeline.”

Maggie takes Alex’s hand when Sara mentions Laurel, and Alex reaches for Sara’s.

“Well, don’t we know how to have fun?” Sara chuckles dryly after a few moments of damp silence.

“We do, actually,” Alex grins, kissing Maggie’s hand and squeezing Sara’s. 

And that giddiness – borne, not of levity, but of gratefulness, to be alive, to be breathing one more day, to be holding hands with… well, with family – spreads through Alex’s fingertips and into Sara’s, into Maggie’s.

And the rest of the night is exactly what a night away from the Waverider should be.

in chains + leather jackets (bang your little head)

Soooo, this has been rolling around in my head for about a month, I started actually working on it last week, and now it’s finally done!  I love the Rowdy 3 (all 5 of them) so much. SO MUCH. I made a mix for them/about them/for them. I used to make fanmixes and and icons and layouts and shit all the time, and I haven’t done any of it in years, but these little punks wouldn’t get out of my head (tbh I hope they never do, my precious little delinquents). BEHOLD, I hope u like it k bye:

in chains + leather jackets (bang your little head)


1. The Gutter Twins - Idle Hands

2. The Veils - Here Come the Dead

3. My Goodness - Cut Teeth

4. The Afghan Whigs - Going to Town

5. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Little Thing Gone Wild

6. King Tuff - Headbanger

7. Murder City Devils - Murder City Riot

8. Sleigh Bells - Riot Rhythm

9. Wildlife - Born to Ruin

10. The Music - Breakin’

11. Blitzen Trapper - Street Fightin’ Sun

12. T. Rex - Calling All Destroyers

13. Iggy Pop - Lust for Life (The Prodigy Remix)

14. Black Sabbath - Paranoid

15. The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

16. Rise Against - Wolves

17. Japandroids - Adrenaline Nightshift


Dear Diary                                                                              April 22nd

today I didn’t do anything interesting :(

but I’m very excited because my cousins are coming to visit!!! I haven’t seen them in a really long time because they live far away and also can never come because of school or my auntie and uncle have work :(

we’ll have so so so so so soooo much fun! :D

Dodie ♥


Dodie, 9 years old.

Protect this precious child. I just want them to be happy together. T_T

I love your fanfics and art soooo much !!! nnnggggghhh !! Keep the good work ! PTW is my absolute favorite villain!deku fic. ;D

Lots of love all the way from France !

(It’s been so long since the last time I drew on tablet so its a bit sloppy, sorry. Also, Todoroki’s hair’s a fucking pain to draw)

This is so fuckign pure I’m dying omg his lil smile and THE LIL TODO ON THE SIDE IM WEEPING OK THIS IS SO CUTE


(Also: sweet jesus I feel you @ the todoroki’s hair thing I can’t draw it properly for the life of me I can only draw spiky/fluffy hair and his hair is fLAT AS FUCC SO I HAVE TO MAKE IT FLUFFY)

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May I get omega Shinsou fluff? Like him moving in with his fem alpha and him a new nest? Btw I love your writing soooo much!!

Thank you so much honey<3 Some Shinsou fluff coming right up!

People told them they were rushing things, but Shinsou didn’t care. He loved his Alpha so much and couldn’t wait to start a life with her.

 After going back and forth, the agreed he should move in with her, as his place wasn’t in the best part of town, and within the week, he had packed everything up and was settling into her place. 

It hadn’t been as easy as he was expecting though. It was a new place that smelled overwhelmingly strong of his Alpha, and while that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, he was used to being able to go to his home, with his scent. 

The consent presence of someone was also harder to deal with then he originally thought it would be.

But the worst part was his nest was gone, and it was way harder to deal without then he anticipated. 

 “Shinsou, don’t you think it’s time for you to make a nest?” another week had gone by, and he was trying his hardest to content himself with their shared bed as a nest. It wasn’t working. 

“I guess. Don’t want to take up to much space though.” his Alpha gave him a playful whack to the back of the head. 

“Dummy, you won’t take up space. Now go and find someplace you like, I’ll get some blankets!” she nods to herself and gets up, off to find the stash of fabric she’d started hording months ago for Shinsou. 

He already knew where he wanted though. The closet they shared in her bedroom. It was small, smelled of both of them, and wasn’t someplace just anyone who came into the house would see. 

“Is this ok?” he makes his way to the bedroom, and motions to the closet. 

“Sure! Here, I got these on sale last month, aren’t they soft?” she eagerly hands him a large pile of still packaged blankets. 

“Heh, they are. You didn’t have to buy anything though, I still have my old stuff.” 

“Mix it together, something clean with your scent might help you relax more.” she’s already bent over the floor in the closet, puling out old boxes and clothes they hadn’t bothered hanging up.

Shinsou snickers, coming up behind her and giving her ass a slap. She squeals, stand up with a flushed face. 

“What the hell?”

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist. It just looked so cute up in the air like that.” 

“Ok, now you’re on clean out duty.” she pouts, pointing at the closet. 

“Ah? Do I get to look through any embarrassing photos or diaries I find?” 


Just finished the premiere…all that Sabezra though, my heart is so happy! I love subtle things soooo much, even if I didn’t ship them I’d love how protective Ezra is of Sabine, she is part of his found family and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her like honestly bless <3

Hi there, I’m Vanessa and I just wanted to let everyone know that we are one day closer to reputation entering our lives and I can’t wait!
@taylorswift, I know this album is going to be absolutely EVERYTHING & MORE! I can’t wait to pick out my new favorite TS songs and lyrics!
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a math & chemistry exam to study for as I have them both later this week. Gotta hit the books now.
Love you soooo much @taylorswift! 🖤🎧✨❤ @taylornation

Here a little fanart, it took me an entire day BUT when i read the end of fading away i could’t resist, is not a professional work but i did my best soooo…………..HAPPY NEW YEAR AND THANK YOU FOR BRING ME HAPPYNESS WITH YOUR COMIC, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT :3C


OH Gosh.. they.. they look so happy…


They’re so adorable in your style, seeing them being happy together makes my heart really crying T/////T Ahhh Thank you so much!!!

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Hi, I've been reading a bunch of your wonderfully written fics and I just wanna say how thankful to you I am about there being little smut in them, if any in some series (if I'm recalling right) I love fanfic so much but soooo many writers write smut and I mean totally their prerogative but I'm grateful for some who don't, because sometimes it's triggering and so to find a series that's well written without it is a joy, and so are you. Thank you so much! Hope you have a wonderful blessed day!!💕

Thank you so much for your kind words, anon. I mean.. I like smut, but I don’t feel like I’m any good at writing it, so I try not to… Im better at implying it;) thank you for reading anon.

Also, @percywinchester27 has a lot of great stories on her master list and they are all smut free, incase you’re looking for more readings!

@taylorswift thank you for being you 💕 My merch came today and I feel soooo happy💃💃💃💃! 😭 I’m gonna try them all tomorrow cause today I was cleaning the house so I couldn’t 😩😂
PD: I don’t live in the US but I have family there so I bought my merch and they send it to me today 💕 ALSO, my sister in law did everything she could to get the target shirt for me 😭😭😭SHE LOVES ME SO MUCH😭😭😭👯

Watching “Raven’s home” makes me so happy but...

Like, when I was a kid and watched That’s So Raven, I just loved Raven and Devon soooo much, they were like, my first Ship man. I just cheered for them, they were so cute.. and now, years later, I learn that they DID end up together?? And now they’re apart?? Like… Fuck that hurts?? T__T

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I love that kpop imagine, seven and yoosung were so cute! Can you possibly add saeran to those head canons?

no problem! i’ll just link the headcanons and add on to them here.



  • ok soooo
  • he pretty much already has the “bad boy” look down
  • tattoos?? chokers??? dyed hair?? checkkk
  • and he’s got the attitude to match
  • so when he finds out about your little obsession he really doesn’t care bc you’ve got him
  • “don’t tell me i have to sing and dance too”
  • seven:  “you’re definitely going to sing and dance with me”
  • now you’ve got a video of a too-enthusiastic seven and a saeran who dances and sings with no emotion, it’s terrifying

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Do you know/Can you recommend any more blogs that write for Merle & Yondu? I need more of them in my life.. Besides that, I love your writing! Keep up the good work and don't forget to spend some time for yourself besides all the writing since you've been writing soooo much <3

I usually read from @multi-villain-imagines and @rookerstash-after-dark, idk who else (i just don’t have that much time to read) :3

Ya’ll don’t realise how much I actually love the new IT. My mum has every single Stephen King book so I’ve grown up reading them and watching the film versions and honestly I had such high hopes for this film and it truly delivered. I literally gushed to everyone after I saw it for the first and then second time about how spectacular it was. I’m a huge old school horror buff and I really can’t stand any modern horror films but the new IT made me soooo happy and I’m so ready for the sequel

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can i ask why you hate y*****n

i mean i don’t hate hate them as a ship…it’s just that i had some shitty experiences with some of the extreme shippers and as much as i don’t want that get to me i was never able to enjoy them as much (lol that sound so dramatic)

(and also my top top top ships are yoonseok and vmin..soooo that doesn’t help in loving them i guess :DD)

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zoe congratulations you deserve each of your followers and more💛 i don’t really have a fun fact about myself but i love pancakes....? does that count as an interesting fact lmao

ahh thanks so much bab!! and i love pancakes too!! 

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Book your blog reminds me of: Note To Self by Connor Franta

Fictional Character your blog reminds me of: Hunni from OHSHC

Comments: I love your blog so much!!! feel free to hmu sometime you seem like such a sweetie and i always love seeing your url in my notifs!

I am doing Blog Rates!

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Hello! I truly truly love your blog ♥♥♥ Thank you for posting such amazing stuff about our lovebirds T-T (I miss them so much!) I wanted to ask you about the BTS, I saw there are soooo many from the several dvd (the korean one, the thai one etc) can you recommend me the best ones, possibly with english subtitles? Thank you in advance!♥♥♥

as far as I know,  Korean BTS is longer than Thai one but there hasnt been any subtitle for the BTS yet cuz it’s really long T^T

btw thanks for loving my blogggg 


There isn’t much to study here yet because I am only doing three classes so far (two more start in November!) but I have worked my hardest, and I am really enjoying them all. In particular it is great to learn about Native American history, which I know nothing about! Also I got some new highlighters and they’re soooo pretty, I love having a full set (even if it isn’t a trendy brand haha)

oh hey an update: so college is amazing. I have SO MANY friends! I have been integrated into the trans boi community and they have been a really strong foundation for me to really explore my gender identity. Also I am in an a cappella group now and it’s so great bc I have a lot of lady friends who I sing with. its a little weird bc i don’t identify as a girl but I’m usually getting called she/her in the group which I guess I can’t complain too much about bc I fucking auditioned for it in the first place and a lot of other people didn’t get in so I should just be thankful I got in. SOOOO I love being in the all-female a cappella group bc we are all such great pals and I love them. There is on gal in the group who always uses my correct pronouns so bless her.
I’ve started binding with my gc2b binder and omg it’s so amazing and feels so great. I was just on fall break for a few days so I couldn’t bind at home but I’m back at school and can’t wait to bind again.
I miss my car and some of my friends from high school but other than that I really can’t imagine a better time in my life than right now.