i love them soooo much t t

Dating Luna Headcanons

I love her soooo much!

  • “Luna, don’t do that.” “Who’s gonna stop me.
  • Luna wants to pick you every single flower. If you don’t distract her, she will straight up steal from peoples’ gardens in their faces
  • Writes you corny little notes saying she loves you, hands them to Pryna, and has her deliver them to you when you’re in the same room
  • You’re the only person, aside from Ravus, who seems to be concerned for her well-being. Most people don’t pay her any mind, since she doesn’t complain
  • Adores physical contact. She likes to trace lines, kiss spots, nuzzle into anything soft…
  • Loves to hold hands Sometimes she miscalculates and grabs a stranger’s hand, but she’s so cute nobody really cares
  • You try to introduce her to memes but for some reason, the only one that sticks is this emoji: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • She draws it on everything
  • Don’t let her get it tattooed on herself

I got tagged by the lovely @leanarutherford to post five of my fav drawings (thank you so much for tagging me, this is an awesome taggy thingy haha). I do have older drawings stored on another hard drive but I was too lazy to go looking for it, soooo I just looked through my 2015 until now folders haha~

Tbh, I could have posted only 5 Critical Role or Dragon Age drawings because I have so many I like T_T BUT I decided to make a nsfw post too : > just…under the cut orso haha *coughs*

Aaaaand I’m gonna taaaaaag (and always feel free to ignore ofc!): 

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Edit: The nsfw version can be found on my other blog huehue

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Is it bad that I WANT Toffee and Moon to be related solely so people wouldn't ship them anymore? I've actually had fans tell me he's better for her than River. You know, her loving, caring, loyal husband that had done nothing wrong to her? Like, yeah, the murderous vengeful jerk who is going after her daughter is soooo much better.

That won’t stop *some* shippers though.


Just wanted to share a lovely fan art I commissioned from @monkey-boyzz whose art I really adore. 

At the time I ordered this, I was immensely addicted to “Ballerina” (AKA “Leap!”) and I needed some fan art to fangirl to. But since at the time (and I think now) there wasn’t much out there I decided to commission a favorite artist of mine. 

I wanted to make the best out of this order so I decided to cross it over with something else I really like - Sofia the First (I first thought of it because Amber reminded me a bit of Camille). And after a while these lovely pieces were born.

Sofia and Amber’s ballerina outfits fitted so well with the theme of “Ballerina”, I’m really glad it turned out looking so nice. And the second piece is soooo cute, look at them and tell me they wouldn’t be such lovely sisters to each other. 

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I'm baaaaack! “I made this for you.” For MadaKaka please! Someone has to be blushing. Both of them have to be blushing. Ok they don't have to be if you don't want them to be but blushing madakaka just gets me lol! Thank you so so soooo much!!!

It was obvious that Kakashi was hiding something behind his back and that was not a good sign. His lover was eccentric, to put it mildly, and his imagination immediately took off in all sorts of strange directions wondering what he was about to get himself in to. 

“Kakashi,” he said. “I can see you hiding something.”

“I, uh, I made this for you.” Kakashi brought his hands in to view and held out a scrap of blue cloth. Madara took it and unfolded it to see an adorably lopsided henohenomoheji sewn on one side. In fact, opened like this he could see that there were two identical pieces. 

He looked up with a bemused smile to see a slight flush on his lover’s cheeks. Before saying anything he could not resist leaning over and kissing that line of red. 

“What’s this?” he asked. Kakashi rubbed at the base of his neck. 

“They’re for your cat summons,” the younger man explained. “Me and the boys wanted to give them something so that they know they’re part of the pack too now. And…and so you know…that we see you as family…if you want.” 

Madara’s eyes went wide as his own face turned cherry red. He fought the urge to lift the small scraps of material and hide his face in them. He’d never been so touched by such a small gesture in his entire life. For someone like Kakashi to see him as family - to include his beloved summons - he couldn’t think of a higher honor. 

“I…thank you,” he choked out in a thick voice. Kakashi gave him a tiny grin and rubbed at his hairline again, awkward in the face of his emotional offering. “Oh get over here,” Madara demanded gruffly. 

Kakashi laughed and came closer for a hug, snuggling up against him in a way which always made Madara wonder if they shouldn’t switch summoning contracts. His love was more cat than he was dog and he himself had quite a large bark. 

“I love you, you know,” Kakashi murmured in to his skin. 

“I love you as well,” he replied. “And I’m glad to be part of your family.”

Sibi-wife I live and breathe for blushing MadaKaka! Thank you so much for giving me an excuse to write these awkward boys again!

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One night while you’re asleep, Lance leans into your belly and tells your baby how much he loves them even though they aren’t born yet and proceeds to sing the baby a soft lullaby. When he’s done he kisses your stomach and turns over to go back to sleep but not before hearing you say, “I didn’t know you could sing like that.” and Lance just blushes like the cutie he is<3

“Tell anyone and I’m never baking my brownies for you again” he threatens teasingly before kissing your bump one more time. 

Daddy Wednesday™

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I don't know if anyone asked this yet (sorry if you answered this) but what got you to ship Kustard? :> i love your art soooo much btw

No one’s asked me this yet don’t worry. The short answer is @crushingonsans

But they’re honestly so wonderful together. I started shipping them the moment I read fanfiction with them interacting tbh. I just like the idea of two broken people coming together and making each other better. (I imagine that they look at each other a lot and wonder “how the hell did I get so lucky to have him?” and I lose my shit every time)

Also thank you ;v; im glad you’re enjoying my art!

Here a little fanart, it took me an entire day BUT when i read the end of fading away i could’t resist, is not a professional work but i did my best soooo…………..HAPPY NEW YEAR AND THANK YOU FOR BRING ME HAPPYNESS WITH YOUR COMIC, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT :3C


OH Gosh.. they.. they look so happy…


They’re so adorable in your style, seeing them being happy together makes my heart really crying T/////T Ahhh Thank you so much!!!

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Okaaaayyyyy last one (I know I went a little overboard with these requests). “Sorry I’m late.” For KakaHana (again I know I'm horrible but you write them so well!!!!) thanks so so soooo much! And actually I just thought of another pairing so maaaybe one more after this. But you can totally ignore all of these if you're busy or whatever please don't feel pressured to write them!!!

Hoooo boy are you ready for this? Cause I wasn’t ready for this. Sibi-wife you can request as many as you want haha. Hit me with ‘em. I might not get to them all today but you can fill my inbox as full as you like. 

That last jump might have used just a little too much chakra, Kakashi thought with a wince, listening to the sound of roof tiles dislodging behind him. He didn’t have the time to stop and go back though. He was late - so incredibly late - and it wasn’t even his fault. 

The mission was supposed to last only three days, keeping him occupied and preventing him from driving himself mad with anticipation. Instead he had somehow wound up slogging through Waterfall country for over a week. He’d been halfway home home already when the messenger hawk had reached him. He needed to get home now

His feet touched down on a billboard advertising the same shampoo Pakkun liked him to buy. Wood splintered as he hurled himself back off, pushing himself faster now that he had entered the Village. He rebounded off the side of a water tower, leaving a generous dent in it before alighting on yet another roof. He ran along the peaks of a line of houses before launching himself forward one last time.

His final jump landed him just outside of a window he was sure was only left open in anticipation of him. He slid inside, feet barely skimming the floor before he was rushing over to the bed inside the room. 

“Sorry I’m late! I’m so sorry!” 

Hana looked up at him and smiled tiredly.

“That’s okay, love,” she said as he gently swept the hair from her face and kissed her clan markings. “You missed all the action, though.” Kakashi trembled slightly and his breath caught in his throat.

“Can I…?” He couldn’t get the words to come out. Hana chuckled quietly and held up the bundle in her arms. 

“Hatake Kakashi, I’d like you to meet your son. Would you like to hold him?”

Kakashi’s whole body was shaking but his hands were rock steady as he lifted the small body wrapped in light green blankets. His son was small and pink, pudgy in the way all newborns were. His little bow mouth was open in sleep, his eyes squinting and scrunching as he twitched restlessly. 

Rocking his child back and forth, Kakashi smiled at his wife with wet eyes. He’d thought he knew what love felt like before. Now he knew how wrong he was. He’d never felt anything like he did right at this moment. 

“You did so well,” he murmured. “He’s so beautiful. You’re both beautiful.” He leaned over to kiss Hana again, careful to support his baby boy. 

Hana hummed and closed her eyes.

“Yeah, I know,” she said with a light smile before drifting off to sleep. 

Kakashi stood guard over her and watched his two most precious people sleep. He’d been late for the beginning. But he promised himself he would be there for the rest of their lives. 


When will OLF pt.5 be out? 

when is part five of our little family coming out? i rlly love the plot, uve done an amazing job !

Literally done reading “ our little family pt4 ” I literally can’t wait for chapter 5😩

When are you uploading the next part of “Our Little Family” I have been anticipating it well 😊😊😊

Waiiitttinggg for olf pt 5!! 😉

to all of my lovely followers who have had this dying question hahah the answer is:


I know that’s super vague but i’m swamped wth soooo much rn especially since it’s the end of the school year but good thing is I am 70% done with part 5, it’s jut some parts i rlly wan’t them to be good but i’m having the tinies bit of a writer’s block. So hang in there OLF fans because the wait IS WORTH IT I PROMISE!

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Hi, soooo. I love promptio, and I'd love to participate, but I haven't actually done anything for a fandomweek before, so how does that work? Will there be prompts for each day to fill? (because, as much as I'd love to participate, life's super stressful atm and I don't know if I could come up with 7 different fics/drabbles without a bit of inspiration)

Yes, there will be prompts :). I’ll have two for each day so you can pick one or the other or combine them in some way. Or if they just help give you another idea that isn’t the prompt then feel free to do that. They’re just there to, like you said, help give ideas. And done feel stressed to do each day, if you can only find the time to do a few that’s awesome too! And on the last day there will be one prompt or “free” which can be whatever you want or you can pick something from another day you didn’t have time to do or finish. Any fanwork is welcome, fics, art, edits, playlists, etc. This is just for fun and to spread the promptio love. Thanks!

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I'm a leo. If I was born 2 weeks early I'd be a leo. 2 weeks later I'd be a Virgo. No one likes us. all Leo's do is attempt to entertain and make people happy and come off annoying and dramatic. We try though. We just want to be loved as much as we love you.

I like Leos because of that reason. I love that you guys just want to make everyone happy. I know soooo many people who love Leos. The ones I’ve met have been loud and not my type but even then, I didn’t dislike them. Just didn’t vibe with them. Just continue being your lovely selves Leos.

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Hey, Nicole :) Hope you’re doing well! Thanks for the ask.

3. What is the best fandom you’ve ever been involved in?

As of right now, the Scorpion fandom. It’s the first and still relatively only fandom I’m heavily involved with (knowing people, chatting). Love all you guys!

10.  Is there a fandom you read fic from but don’t write in?

I read Brooklyn 99 fics, but don’t write them. I’m not sure how I would piece together the dynamic.

31. What’s the nicest thing someone has ever said about your writing?

There are so many nice people, but I guess maybe the nicest comment is when people say my writing makes them feel something–makes them cry or laugh. I love that.

42. List and link to 5 fanfiction authors who are amazing:

OHHHHHHHHH, this is wonderful. You are definitely included Nicole, but I’ll give five more.

Okay, here are five in no particular order:

Fanfiction Questions

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Maybe its too soon but can i ask for a part 2 of the headcanons? I loved them soooo much!💖

its never too soon skskwkk i love doing headcanons ! thank you !

  • yixing likes to call baekhyun pretty or beautiful at the most random of times (because he knows baekhyun adores his compliments)
  • baekhyun could literally be changing a diaper and yixing would come up behind him, place a quick kiss on his cheek, and murmur “my beautiful babies,” before going back to whatever it was he was doing before
  • from time to time, he’ll accidentally pass out on their living room floor, and since baekhyun can’t quite pick him up yet (and doesn’t want to wake him), he just drapes a blanket over yixing and makes sure there’s a pillow under his head
  • for her second birthday, their daughter received a pair of pet bunnies (which baekhyun had intended as a gift for yixing, too. he was elated)
  • yixing always forgets the epipen when he takes her for playdates with chanyeol’s son
  • she hasn’t tested allergic to anything other than horses, but baekhyun wants each of them to carry one around, just in case, so he always takes one to them
  • and ends up staying to catch up with chanyeol
  • the pair easily becomes two rowdy wine moms, leaving yixing and chanyeol’s s/o to tend to the kids
  • baekhyun doesn’t mind when women at the supermarket flirt with yixing
  • because it’s so amusing when 1) women mistake them for good friends, even though their daughter (who takes after baekhyun) loudly calls for her “daddies” whenever there’s something she wants to toss into the buggy and 2) when yixing doesn’t quite catch that they’re trying to flirt with him, not just being kind
  • a few months after their daughter turns three is when i see them finally adopting another child (he’s already a year old and cute as a button. he’s also chinese)

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Gurl, your last pictures are beautiful! ❤ I know what it feels to think that your pictures look like shit, and you would like to take them all over again and edit them 150 times! But trust me you don't have this problem ;) Also for the editing, it's okay to experiment. I too am trying different things cause I'm never satisfied ^^" Anyway keep up with the good work!! And I can't wait to see what happens next! ❤

Thank you soooo much!! A lot have people been telling me they’re good, so I might be overreacting a little bit. I thank you very much for this sweet message and I am still absolutely in love with your legacy❤️❤️

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Omg, seriously! Thank you for all the plus size fics! You have no idea how much I love them! It's just so amazing! As a plus size person reading fics specifically catering to ...well.. fat women is soooo good. And you take up the matter of it so well! <333333

To the lovely @makacs,

Haha, it’s no problem darling! I absolutely love writing for plus-size readers, and you motivate me even more by telling me how much you love them!! And to be honest, the only reason why I take up the matter so well is because I”m a plus-size reader myself, so I definitely understand our struggles XD

That being said, I want to tell you that you’re beautiful and you shouldn’t let people convince you otherwise. Just in case you hadn’t heard it at all today ;)) You truly are special.

With love and support,

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I've always had a weird relationship with my body but for the last year or so it's been on the positive side ((honestly thanks to you, I have a similar body shape and it took role models like you for me to realise how wonderful it is)). But I have hip dips and recently they have been making me really self conscious, I hate wearing tight dresses or bottoms just bc of my hip dips. Do people actually notice or is it all in my mind??? Can I get rid of them??? Soooo much love babyyy xxx

Hey babe ❤️❤️ it’s all in your head. Don’t think so negatively about yourself, it won’t get you anywhere ! We all have things we might not really like about ourselves but that’s okay as long as it doesn’t affect you in the long run! As no one is perfect !
Exercise to be happy and to feel better about your body…the right people will definitely not care how your hips look like ! I love ya no matter how your hips might look x

I saw @cloversdreams had been playing with this character sorter and I’m always a sucker for that kind of thing soooo…

It started playing hard ball and asking me the tough questions like: 

to which I was like “Excuse you?!” because I can’t choose between my sons. But no, it didn’t stop then. 

Really?! How am I supposed to pick between A+ Super Dad and A+ Super Mom?!  I can’t. In all honesty I can’t.  Maybe I’m bias because I RP Izuku but, I can’t choose Inko over All Might or vice versa. 

But I ended up with this:

Ha! My sons can’t even win against each other in a popularity contest. Not with me anyways.  

At least this one isn’t as long as the kingdom hearts one

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That episode was a rollercoaster. I hated Robert. I wanted Aaron to be done with his shit. I was a sobbing mess because Robert is a precious butterfly and should be protected. I needed to hug Aaron and never let him hurt again. And that ending. Gah I rewatched it soooo much. I love them.

They weren’t lying when they said it would be lmao. I agree with you except I didn’t go into the episode hating Robert or ever hate him during it. I’m proud of him but yeah, same on everything else lovely.