i love them soooo much t t

Here a little fanart, it took me an entire day BUT when i read the end of fading away i could’t resist, is not a professional work but i did my best soooo…………..HAPPY NEW YEAR AND THANK YOU FOR BRING ME HAPPYNESS WITH YOUR COMIC, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT :3C


OH Gosh.. they.. they look so happy…


They’re so adorable in your style, seeing them being happy together makes my heart really crying T/////T Ahhh Thank you so much!!!

Crona and Zeref plushie

Okay, so I order two plushies from the amazing @alainaprana and I just got to open them and AHHH they’re so good! Pics ahead! 

Zeref! And his ridiculous outfit! Seriously I love Zeref but daannggg is his outfit silly. I’m super impressed with that collar, it actually sticks up- how.

Crona! Chibi/Kid/adorable version. I love how they look constantly surprised and confused- it really fits! And that hair yo. Hopefully it won’t rip (the cuts, not the seams, I know those are super-strong) but dang is it impressive.

Confused baby and Grumpy baby together. I wonder what they’re looking at? 

And ya. I LOVE THESE PLUSHIES! They’re a lot bigger than I thought they’d be, but they’re like perfect hugging size? And they’re soooo soofffttt. 

I know I’m a bit old (or a lot old) to like plushies but I don’t care. These guys are incredible and I love them so much.

Alaina, you did an amazing job. I know anime dolls aren’t your normal commission, but these things are so perfect. The details (like Crona’s hair and Zeref’s outfit) are perfect- which given that neither character is a model of realism is really impressive. And I love their expressions- they fit them really well! They’re just really adorable.


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can you give me some author recs? i need new fics to read help

Of course!
@daveeddiggsit I always recommend Bri because she’s like the first x reader writer I ever really fell in love with and she’s just an amazing person
@imaginebeinghamiltrash only has 3 fics up but damn they are so good! And she’s the Angelica to my Alexander
@fragmentofmymind her Lin series is soooo good and I hate that I still haven’t finish it I just keep forgetting because I have so much stuff on my mind.
@musicalmiranda her series the mysterious Miranda is amazing you have to read it
@secretschuylersister her Lin fics are amazing go check them out!!

There are so many more amazing people but honestly right now I can’t think. But definitely go check these girls out!

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oh my goodness I love how you draw animals soo much what the heck just look at those dogs and horses and don't even get me started on how you draw people its all just soooo goooood

AHH I’M SORRY I DIDN’T REPLY TO THIS thank you so much!!! animals are so much fun to draw so i’m glad that you enjoy them too!!

So if you’re wondering what Nikkipet is up to nowadays between working, prepping for a big con, doing commissions, and dying, she’s very much into Voltage’s SLBP at the moment. (I won’t forget about the sketches from the Dynasty Warriors garbage pile I created HeHEHEHE it’s only a matter of time before I redraw some of them)

Soooo Tokugawa Ieyasu was released some time ago and I can’t say I still hate him as much as I did at Yukimura’s route but we’ve grown quite a love-hate relationship :3 I’ve sketched this some time ago

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Let us just forget out the Sirius/Reg fiasco. Isn't it clear Sirius messed up and he knows it? Look at him moping around. Remus is a cutie and Sirius knows that he loves him, let them work it out and Reg is perfectly adorable with Barty so lets leave them all be, in their couples. You'll all work it out like the grown adults you are won't you guys? Also, Cissa and Dorca, I love them already! Girls, did you enjoy your night? Will you see eachother again?! :D

Sirius: Yes, let’s please forget.

Narcissa: I had soooo much fun.

Dorcas: We’re meeting up in a few days ;)

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Lewy or Milik

i’m really sentimental when it comes to arek milik (like… it’s a serious issue). he’s the reason i’ve been smiling during the euros (i am not over euros yet), i was all sad when he got injured and now i’m really happy to see him play again. great guy, very charming, loving, seems like a guy who you’d definitely wanna befriend. he’s been making so much progress in the past year i’m soooo proud of him!

lewy is an amazing footballer. nobody would deny that. he’s loving, true to his word, he cares for others, he’s an inspiration for all young boys these days (in poland, i mean). he’s the best we have ever had, 100%.

i can’t choose. i really can’t. they’re two my favorite strikers and as a poland-born i fucking admire them both an incredible lot.

yep. not choosing. i tried, believe me i tried hahahah. i’m not making a big decision.

speaking of football abilities and skill - robert

speaking of personality - arek

speaking of who i prefer - NOPE. BOTH.

For Your Protection- Peter Pan Imagine (requested)

Request:  Hi darling, I love your account and was wondering if you could do an imagine with Peter Pan in the reader where the two of them get into an argument over Y/n going somewhere on the island where she shouldn’t be or she causes trouble somewhere and they fight over it? Thank you soooo much once again I love your blog more than anything! xxx

“I just don’t see what the big deal is! I’m not dead or anything, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t break a bone, I’m not bleeding and no damage was caused, Peter.” You stressed as you made your way through the crowded forest with greenery captivating every line of sight.

The dark forest  was not something to become easily accustomed to and the lack of sunlight made it even harder to navigate through the woodsey landscape at night. You were sure all the Lost Boys had foreseen sleep by now… well all except the one trailing directly on your tail in an angry manner.

Pan had been fuming the whole route back to camp on your ‘lack of following the most uncomplicated and straightforward set of rules put in place for your own safety’, as Peter himself put it.

“That’s not the point Y/n and you know it! My point is, I only asked a small amount of things for you to abide by on this island and the most important one I foregrounded, you decided to ignore!” His voice boomed as loud as thunder and his steps were as earth shattering as lightning. You quickened your pace wanting to be as far away as possible from him. A sudden pressure clasped around your wrist. You glanced down to see Pan’s large hand coiled around your reddening wrist. His grip was death like and cold. Sighing, you managed to test a quick pull to see if he would budge though he refused remaining his stubborn self.

Peter pulled your body close to his own, leaning down so his lips hovered over your own. With his frustrated gleam still intact, Pan leaned back allowing fresh air to pass through the given space between the two of you.

“Listen here, love, and listen good. You may be my bird, but that does not mean and any way whatsoever the simplest of rules do not apply to you. I have no problem setting you in your place if you decide to keep bending them and taking advantage of my kindness towards you. Do you understand, Y/n?” Silence settled over the forest air as you soaked in his every word. In some ways Peter was right. You had always been adventurous and lately it seemed to have been getting the best of you.

Peter Pan had warned you about wandering around Pixie Hollow especially exploring the land unattended. Of course your bold curiosity got the best of you and as soon as Felix, who Pan had asked to keep watch over you, Pan himself having already shone light on your exploiting ways ( he knew it was best to have someone near you at almost all time to make sure you didn’t cause too much trouble), turned his attention away from you for just one brief moment, you were off.

Winding rushing through your hair and branches brushing past your side made you feel even more than amazing, it made you feel free. Now yes, you did love Pan, there was no doubt. That fact of the matter was sometimes he could be a bit controlling and at times you felt as if your voice didn’t matter in the relationship. Though Peter felt the exact opposite and cared for you more than anyone before, his possessive side could out do his sweetness more than necessary. All he wanted was your safety and to protect you from all evil lurking around the island of Neverland but there were times when it came out wrong and Pan just couldn’t hold it back.

“You’re lucky the Blue Fairy was feeling forgiving today or else we could be stuck in a very tough spot right now, darling. You know how much pixie dust controls their lives and for you to be foolish enough to-”
“It was an accident, Peter! I didn’t mean to! I only wanted to know what it felt like… how was I supposed to know the fairies were low on that stuff. I thought the island basically ran off the magic and created new pixie dust everyday!” You spoke in a soft tone. Even the smallest of wrong wording could easily set off Pan and that was the last thing you would ever dream of in that situation. A harsh scoff cleared through Peter’s throat and his voice drifted in the air sounding annoyed.

“Well you should’ve know! It’s nearly winter, of course the dust is in scarce portions! The fairies will be heading into hibernation for most of the winter and dust doesn’t grow as fast during that time period, they need to gather up as much as possible so they can survive. God, I’m sure even my Lost Boys were aware of that obvious fact…” Your throat was quick to tighten at his words. He went unfazed by this comment and gave you a small overview before continuing his path back to camp. But you weren’t about to let him slip away so effortlessly.

“Oh yeah and what’s that suppose to mean, hm? Am I not as smart and bright as your precious little Lost Boys? Am I that much more fragile than them that I have to be constantly watched over like a child-”
“-Y/n let it go and get back to camp already. We’ve had this discussion far too many times and I think tonight proves that you should be watched over.” His heavy boots crushed the crisp leaves beneath his weight as his pace rose with his strong words. Growing irritated you came to a halt with your fist bunched up in a tight ball of fury at your sides. You stomped your foot on the ground completely fed up with Pan’s selfish ways and shouted at him,

“If anything tonight should prove that I shouldn’t be watched over! If you didn’t have your band of Lost Boys breathing down my neck and watching my every move when you aren’t five feet from me, maybe I wouldn’t have had to go on the Faires ground to finally feel carefree and have a fun adventure. I thought that was why I came here in the first place! I hardly feel useful when all I do is create pesking jobs for your little minions. It’s the exact same here as it was back home, Pan. I’m not loved and I’m as useless as ever!” Your usually sweet and silk like voice was now replaced with a rough and shaky voice. 

Pan’s tall figure came to a halting stop in the middle of the nature made course. An instant wave of regret washed over as your eyes met his dark and cold stare. His dark green eyes were narrowed and full of astonishment, but not the good kind. His broad shoulder were pushed back making his towering height grow by the slightest inch, though it was enough to cause another bone chilling shiver to make it’s way down your spine.

The tension was almost unbearable, that was until Pan broke it with his gelid words,

“What did you just say, bird?” You casually diverted your attention to the ground trying your absolute best to mask your fear. Bringing your bottom lip between your teeth and chewing on it lightly, you shrugged nonchalantly and stepped forwards ready to head back to your tent and let sleep greet you. Not that Pan was about to allow that.

Taking a long stride to the side, his frame blocked your only escape path and led you straight into his chest.

His hands were quick to capture your shoulder while his other timidly gripped your chin, pressing the pad of his thumb into the skin beneath your chin, forcing you gently to look up at him. Peter Pan’s stare could make any soul, brave or not, want to dig a hole and hide in it until his storm like self passed.

“Do I not make you feel loved anymore, darling? Is that really true?” You really hadn’t meant what you said, it was just overwhelming and exasperating to not have a single second to yourself. Eyes were always on you.

“No Peter, you do… honestly. It’s just I feel like more of an object needing to be watched over and you never let me play the fun games that the other boys get to-”
Pan had changed his posture and his shoulders slumped hearing your words being addressed. He knew some of his antics were a bit too much but he only did it because he cared for you.

“It’s for your own protection, love. The games the boys play are far too dangerous for you to be playing and I’m sorry for that but I don’t want to risk losing you over a stupid Lost Boy missing his aim and hitting you. I couldn’t bare the thought of it. I hope you can understand why I-” Cutting him short, you leaned forward placing your body flat against his and wrapping your warm arms around his waist, much to Peter’s surprise. 

He stumbled back before regaining his control and holding you close in his protective embrace. After sometime of him holding you near you felt him shift and then his lips pressing against the top of your head.

“I’m sorry, Y/n. I do want you to at least let someone know when you’re venturing off around the island, at least when I’m not around. Other than that I suppose I can withdraw the boys from your watch if it’ll make you feel better.” You nodded fleetingly stepping back from the boy you had grown to love more than anything and smiled gratefully.

“Yes Peter. I would very much appreciate that, thank you.” A faint smirk lined his lips cockily. He reached down hastily and locked his hand around your own, this time lovingly.

“Anything for you, bird. Now I suggest we head to bed before your little acts of rebellion cause us anymore wasted sleep time.” He joked pressing his lips sweetly to your own and whisking you back to camp with the thought of a blissful sleep in mind.

-Daizy xx


mmmhmmhmhmh I drew these a while ago and just never posted them when will I stop drawing on lined paper who knows

my ocs are Love Live! ocs ofc, and my fave LL au of all time is @ask-otonokids (if u haven’t seen their blog pls go check it out, the art is so cute and the au in general is so pure and sweet) soooo here are the Melody STARS!☆ members as babies, plus ren bc the trips gotta stay together

I’ve never rly been great at drawing children but I love this au so much and my brain wouldn’t let this go so here we are (u can click on them for their names if you’re new to my ocs !!)

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Hello. I was wondering if Abigail still has plans to rewrite the Cut and run series and if she does when will it be published? I haven't heard any news in a while and I love those books soooo much I just need to know thanks :)

She does indeed! The rights revert in 2018, but it’s a LOT of material to do big edits/rewrites on, so I don’t know if they’ll actually all re-release in 2018 or if the first five books may end up being off the market for a little while while Abi finishes getting them ready for re-release.

Monsta X Reaction To Their Girlfriend Wanting To Break Up Because She’s Worried She’s Distracting Them From Work

Aw, what a compliment, thank you! >///<


“You are not distracting me! I would definitely tell you if you did, but you don’t”


“Ah why would you think that? I don’t want you to leave me, don’t be silly”


“Don’t say that. I love you soooo much!”


“Hey, if I disliked the fact that you’re distracting me I would break up with you myself. But I really like you, and I don’t mind anything you do”


“You are not distracting me at all, if I never said that before then it’s untrue, ok?”


“I’m not complaining because I love you~”


“Oh come on, you know I don’t thiink that”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

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Guys!! I finally finished Infini *throws confetti* it was soooo good and so emotional, I teared up so many times, I loved everything, I can't wait for more! I think and I can't believe I'm going to say this but Luka might be my favorite Kotova ever 🙈I love them all but he has a special place in my heart. Thank you for your amazing work ❤❤ I've been reading through your asks and it looks like you need to sell more so we can get future Aerial books so what can Fizzel Force do??

Thank you so much!! *tosses confetti with you* Everything you said put a huge smile on our faces :DD (We love that you love Luka so much!) 

Some ways the Fizzle Force can help support the Aerial Ethereal Universe: purchasing the books (not pirating them), shouting about ‘em off the rooftops – to do this, leaving reviews on Amazon & iBooks, talking about the books with friends, retweeting & sharing buy links that we post or post ones of your own <3 Basically just getting the word out there that these books exist and others may like ‘em. 

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The post of soul eater are making me want to reread it all over again 😍Also making me become obsessed with soul x maka. ❤thanks for all the post!!!!!!!

You probably shoooooould (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ // I used to watch the anime but didn’t call my attention at all, by that time believe me or not I didn’t know manga existed. The manga is waaay so much better LIKE I TOTALLY LOVED IT. AND ITS SO UNDERRATED.

I ship them soooo bad but then Black Star is so cute too and Kid ughhh, they make it so difficult but I’m loyal to makaxsoul ♥‿♥// btw thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it :’D

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tbh "I can’t wait for Bellamy and Clarke to have in depth disagreements about their leadership styles that eventually lead to more mutual respect, understanding and trust." THIS SOUNDS SO MUCH BETTER!! I can't see them displaying their love 24/7 (kissing, holding hands, etc). But I'm here for disagreements that make their bond even stronger

Honestly, in depth disagreements that lead to more mutual respect, is just another way to express love soooo….I see no downside. 


I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but I saw a few other people in Ghost fam post some sketches of what they’d like or think Papa IV may look like. It was actually pretty hard, because I love Papa III so much I don’t ever want to see him go! But, since it’s going to happen no matter what, I thought a Neo-Victorian theme would be what I’d want the most. And we all know those Victorians loved them some ritual occultism, so I gave him Masonic Jewels, but with a Grucifix twist~

I’d love to tag the artists in my Ghost Fam, but I know we’re all so attached to 3, I don’t want to make anyone sad. Soooo, do it if you want to dears~

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I really love this blog omg! also, it'd be really cool if you made another or something?? I ship reg/Sirius so much omg but I don't really think with your characters it would be realistic??? like your Sirius just really doesn't seem like he'd ever get together with regulus?? ugh but I ship it so much

I’m glad you love the blog!  I wouldn’t make a seperate one for Reg/Sirius.  On my main blog, I post a lot of Blackcest things but to be honest as I said in a previous ask, I don’t know where things are going yet.  It might happen on this blog, it might not.  We’ll see what our characters do next ;)

I’m soooo happy you ship them.  They are like my all time OTP *dies*

Can we please just take a moment to talk about how raw and deep B.A.P’s new album ‘MATRIX’ is going to be. I mean, Yongguk put all the work into producing the album and stated today in their comeback showcase that the songs on it weren’t written for the purpose of getting number one. He wrote them to express all the experiences and hardships that the members went through during their year hiatus. Not going to lie, their songs sounded amazing, but I’m sure that lyrics will only make them so much more meaningful. B.A.P is back and I couldn’t be any more happier with the album that they produced for it. Please send all the love and support for their new ‘MATRIX’ album to show them that all their hard work didn’t go to waste. B.A.P hwaiting~~  ♡ 


Don’t worry, you won’t! Your drawings are always so beautiful <3 I can’t wait to see all of them finished!! *-* I love your style so much! AND THAT RHADA asdfjfkasda :3 (About Val I suppose anything chocolate, pink, birdish - or rhada lol - related works fine with him! :) )

Easier said than done xD I always mess up something (you should have seen how I messed up Aphrodite’s sleeve, this was close to an apocalypse) But asdfghjkl thank you so so soooo much!! (Your style is much better tho & I love seeing your art so much) Ahh I must thank you!! You just gave me an idea for Val!! <3 You saved me!! (/;u;)/♥

50 Things I love about The Monkees - Part One

I’m joining in with the #50forMonkees50th thing, and this is a completely random list of songs, moments, episodes, stories - generally anything related to/involving the Monkees. This will be broken down to 5 “things” per post, and they will all be in a totally random order!!

1. Dolenzmith

my original post here

Let’s kick it off with the Ultimate. These two mega babes have chemistry that is second to none. The ULTIMATE BROMANCE. I could go on for approximately 7 and a half years about why I love these two together, but I’ll try to keep it brief because I’ve said so much of it before. These two together are SPECIAL. The way they’re so different and bounce off each other and just get in each other’s faces is just……I can’t. I can’t put it into words. This also makes it soooo easy to ship them together too, if you’re into that kind of thing. I wrote a literal essay about why they’re perfect together (you can read it here). You can also just look at my #dolenzmith tag on my blog for more Micky/Mike greatness :D They’re both gorgeous and funny, and the fact that they have always been pals makes my heart happy. There has never been any beef between these two because they’re SOUL MATES. There I said it. SOUL MATES. Bros4Life. BFFs. BAEs. My OTP. They also have so much respect for each other which is awesome. DOLENZMITH > everything else, sorry.

2. Davy’s Screen Test

I mean can we just stop for a second and appreciate how absolutely precious this boy was??? I’m not sure how it’s legal for anyone to be as adorable as Davy Jones was in his audition for The Monkees?????? He was only 19 here but looks even younger and he is so charming and precious and I’m feeling emotional today anyway but I just watched his screen test again and almost cried LOL, he is just too cute for this cold ugly world I can’t stand it. His laugh at the end makes my soul happy and he has the cutest face I have ever seen OMG. Everyone should just take a moment to watch this again because he was soooo special and he seems so pure in that clip. I can’t say anything coherent about this actually apart from, as someone who has always loved (and still loves) boybands, Davy is the Ultimate. There have been some massive cuties in boybands since the Monkees, but none compare to Davy Jones. Not your Nick Carters or Mark Owens or Justin Timberlakes or Harry Styles’ of this world. SOZ. You were all cute AF but you’re no Davy Jones. Sorry.

Originally posted by littlehorrorshop

I mean stab me with a pitchfork look at this precious angel. I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight thinking about how the world wasn’t pure enough for someone as adorable as him BYEEEEE

3. Headquarters and the Monkees taking control

I mean I know this has been spoken about 9248928 times, but to me it’s one of the greatest - if not THE greatest - story in pop history. Four boys in a manufactured band, not allowed to have any real control over the music they put out, not allowed to play their own instruments on their records even though they were more than capable, finally saying “FUCK YOU” to the Powers That Be and doing it themselves and releasing HEADQUARTERS which is basically a punk album in it’s DIY/FUCK YOU/REBEL mentality (lmao watch music snobs cry themselves to sleep over comments like that.) I know it was only for one album that they really did own it and do it all themselves, but what a great album it was too! I mean you all know the story. Here’s my review of the album itself if you want a gander - CLICK! :D

4. Monkees on Tour

This is one of my favourite episodes and I seriously wish they had’ve done more like this, or at least an extended episode showing more live/behind the scenes tour stuff. There isn’t enough footage of the Monkees playing live in their heyday…hardly anything at all, actually. I know it was a different era but I’d KILL to have uninterupted footage of them playing live, seeing that they were actually pretty damn good at what they did and capturing the energy of the audience. Honestly it’s a travesty that they didn’t release footage of an entire concert (I know we have the audio which is great, but I want to see it too.) HOWEVER, this episode is still awesome, if not a little cheesy in places (like when the boys are having their “alone time”…that’s slightly cringey but blesss). We also have gems like Davy playing with that swan (that is bigger than him, LOL), and Micky saying he wanted to ride a horse bareback while also in bare feet (what a twat). ALSO Peter getting angry at Micky for sleeping in (and Micky’s gorgeous little sleeping face omg). LOVE IT.

5. Daily Nightly

This song is so weird and amazing. It was definitely a grower for me; when I first heard it I was pretty indifferent about it, I didn’t dislike it but compared to how catchy and upbeat so many other Monkees tunes are, Daily Nightly wasn’t one that immediately grabbed me. Over time though, I realised it was one of their best ever songs. Micky sounds lovely (lol duh), and Mike’s lyrics are just…Mike. Odd. Brilliant. But I also love the video to this (I can’t really call it a romp as it’s just them sitting there!). The black and white looks awesome and they all look so pretty. Micky owns the camera, and I love that Davy and Peter are just being a little bit silly without taking anything away from the “performance” (Peter’s arm-ography though, lmaooo), and Mike…LOL. Mike does absolutely nothing but sit there in those shades looking at Micky like “Yes babe. Sing my song. WORK IT. I’ll just sit here being the silent genius that I am.” Amazing. Also Micky and the moog!!!! PSYCHEDELIC.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the 50 Things I Love about The Monkees :D