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Jungkook Scenario: Shared Fates - Part 1.

Request: Girls hello!! I love everything about this blog❤️❤️ you have no idea! Can i request jungkook being a prince? But i want something a bit different like y/n saving Jungkook? Something that is different and a little funny and romantic too! Is this too much? Maybe y/n can be a bandit and she thinks the prince is full of himself but helps him get over a difficult journey. I will be so happy if you can make this❤️

Genre: Fluff / Drama.

Part 2

The city was on fire, the royal guards were falling dead like flies as you could hear the screams but not without taking with them some of the revolters. You watched everything from a distance the fire wouldn’t touch you but if it kept spreading like that then you’d have to find a new place to stay the night.
The smoke burned high and black over the castle, the city at its feet in total clamor. You adjusted your hood over your head watching everything from the hill in which your current home was located. Snorting you looked down at the piece of bread you had been munching, those royals must be pissing on their beds or running around like chickens without heads.

Looking around you saw the irony of it all, you were in a poor part of the city, this was a just a crashing point for the homeless or the errant, everyone that wanted to remain unknown to the big royal city ahead stayed there at the hill. People often avoided it, as they said strange things were cooked there. But today the hill was untouched and the glamorous capitol would soon become ashes.
A hand grabbed your shoulder making you draw the dagger hidden on a flap on your robe. You turned around as the man in front of you still held your shoulder, but with the blade pointing at his neck he looked more than mortified.

-It’s me, Y/N, It’s me, remember me?-

You examined the man in front of you, the long beard and opulent vestment, he didn’t belong to this part of the city, and you did know him. He had been a loyal client of your father when he worked as a smith, you hadn’t seen him in a long time, you didn’t see much of old man Shiyoung after your father died, he was after all, one of the king’s counselors, judging by the state of the city you could tell all the counseling had gone wrong.

-What are you doing here?- you asked putting down the dagger, although you kept it out in your hand.

-I need a favor, I didn’t know who else to ask and at this time…- he looked to the burning city and then at you. -I figured I could trust you-

-You can’t- you rushed to answer. -Whatever it is I want no part in it-

The old man didn’t let you dodge him. -Please, this… I wouldn’t ask this if I had other choice, but you know how to handle yourself, you know these lands and the use of weapons- he stared down at your dagger and then you, you were trying not to glare at him for pointing out your position as mere bandit, when someone said “you know your way around” it wasn’t exactly a compliment, but to the old man it seemed to be today an extremely valuable asset. -There is gold- he assured.

You had your ears on that, gold was scarce and after today even rich people would be ruined. -How much?-

-Whatever sum you precise-

You frowned at that, when people were willing to pay too much it was usually a lie, or a death trap -What do I have to do?-

Shiyoung told you to follow him, going down the hill but instead of taking the main road he pulled you the a side, going into the woods almost blindly as the torch he had lit barely brought light to the place, but as he had said, you knew these lands and you knew these woods so that didn’t worry you. What grabbed your attention was the cart that you could see a few meters from your position and the horse that was tied to it.

-What is this old man?-

-Y/N, I brought you here with the trust I bared for your late father, and because I know that your rough life gave you some… skills-

-What is it?- you insisted not amused by him naming your father.

-The city will fall, the defenses had fallen and it’s only a matter of time, there’s help coming but, but it’d be too late if I do nothing-

You were losing patience with this old man, you were about to turn around and go when you saw him pull the cover of the cart. A man sat upright when the cover was out of the way, you recognized him as you had seen him a couple of times, riding on a fancy caravan one time, winning a tournament, and how could you forget, ignoring every single person around him as he rode to the castle in his mighty white charger, oh there you had him, the crown prince.

-Please, I beg of you Y/N, save our prince-

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EXO Reaction to You Showing Them Around Your Native Country

I would seriously love to show any of these boys my home town. I think it would be so much fun and so cute! Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun:  He was beyond excited to see all around your home country. He was running around the moment you stopped the car. He wanted to see everything that your country had to offer; from the parks to the supermarkets. You watched as he raced ahead of you, finding it adorable how eager he was to see everything. “Come on, (Y/N)! You have to catch up! I don’t know where I’m going!” He screamed at you as he ran ahead.

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Chanyeol: He had no idea how long it was going to take for you guys to get to your home town, but he was loving the view of all the foreign surroundings that passed outside the car window. “Hey, Chan, we are here,” you told him happily. Chanyeol looked out the window in amazement, not realizing that he was already there. Everything about it looked different from the way his home area looked in Korea. “Wait, this is really it? We are really here? Whoa!”

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Chen: He was ready with his camera to take all the pictures that he could of your home country. It was nothing new for you for him to tease you about being foreign. He constantly made jokes telling you that Korea was better or that you were lucky you were now in the best place in the world. However, he made it clear that he was always just joking. As soon as he was able to see your country, he took out the camera and started taking all the pictures he could. “Wow, jagi, this is all so beautiful.”

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D.O.: All of the foreign signs and new surrounds made Kyungsoo completely confused. He looked around at everything, trying his hardest to understand it the best that he could, but he could not figure out a lick of it. As the two of you were going around your home town, you ran into a few of your friends, instantly falling into conversation with them in your native language. He stared at the two of you guys, absolutely lost as to what was happening. Every now-and-then you would turn towards him, and he would just stare at you with his big doe eyes.

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Kai: It was a magical trip to him. He loved you, and he loved learning everything about you that he could possibly. He had read up a ton about your native country and even tried his hardest to learn at least a little of your native language. As soon as you arrived, he stared at everything with a huge smile on his face. He found everything beautiful. “(Y/N), this is all so amazing. Wow, is that where you would go after school? You worked there? What is that place?” He asked you numerous questions to get a better idea of what it was like to live there.

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Lay: He was pretty used to traveling to different countries at this point. From China to Korea to America, he was somewhat confident in his abilities to adapt. As the two of you came went into the old coffee shop that you used to go to, he was quick to head straight to the counter. He insisted on trying to figure out the places of your country without your help, but he was happy to have you there in case he needed any help.

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Sehun: It was as though he was at home already in your country. He was smooth about the culture shock, taking it all in and acting as though it was nothing to him. He roamed around your home town, just strolling and listening as you told him about the areas and what they were and when you used to go to them. It was amazing to you to see how cool and collected he was acting, even though you knew that deep inside, he was probably a super shy and lost boy who was just trying to act cool.

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Suho: It was all about the food to him. He wanted to see the place where you used to eat, taste the food of your home country. As soon as the two of you landed in your country, you took him to the place where you loved to eat the most. He immediately started to scarf down the food, wanting to understand the taste of your country. “After this, we should go get something that you used to eat for desert. Then maybe a movie?” He suggested, wanting to make your tour into a date.

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Xiumin: With Minseok’s facial synchronization, his face was completely filled with excitement. You were happy to finally be back home. Minseok’s expressions followed yours, looking just as happy as you did. Not only was he copying your expressions, but he was also genuinely astonished by everything that he was looking at. Every place that you showed him, even if something simple, meant something to you, which meant that it meant something to him. “Whoa! Wow! That’s so cool!”

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Halloween Fic

So I have two different ideas for a Rowaelin Halloween fic. I’ve started both of them but only plan on finishing one.

And because I didn’t do anything for my 500 follower milestone that I reached last week (I’m so happy guys, thank you so much! I love you all!) I decided that I’ll let you guys pick which fic I write. These are the choices:

1. Aelin and Manon drag Rowan and Dorian to a haunted house with bets placed about which boy screams first

2. Fenrys drags the Cadre to a haunted house where a certain blonde actress takes particular interest in scaring the shit out of Rowan.

And guys, by ‘haunted house’ for these, I mean a seriously scary one. Like, for reference, I’m using details from The Eastern State Pententiary where I went a few years ago, so look that up if you wanna know how scary I’m talking.

And they’re both modern AU’s and they’re both VERY Rowaelin, even though there’s other characters involved.

Let me know which one you want to read! Whichever one gets the most support is the one I’ll write and post!

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh hun there is no way we are bored with this series.... well atleast I'm not and I'm pretty sure no one else is. This series gives me so much life and I almost screamed when I saw the Revlon cuz I thought it was an update. So just wanted to spread all the love cuz Double Trouble is much appreciated and so very very loved!!!❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤

thaaaank youuuu

I am just getting continuously insecure about this series. I see new likes under DT, but then the same people don’t read DTR and that makes me think not always happy stuff. I have sooo many ideas for this series and dunno if I should use them for only Stony fics, because if I use them for DTR, not many people will read them

but thank you again! it is actually readers like that give me the needed boost to write an update!

and I appreciate the Iron Man colors you used with the hearts you sent me ;D


So I read this: http://askfriskandcompany.tumblr.com/post/132831302437/use-your-imagination-sans

and it got me thinking.

Do you have any idea how adorably demonic Sans and Toriel’s lovechild would be?!

I don’t have a tablet or any program on my computer other than ms paint, so I had to try to sketch it out by hand. I did it in like five minutes, so bare with me.

(Why the fuck are you sideways?)

(Giant homemade scarf because Toriel wouldn’t want them to freeze~)

I really just love the idea of this little skele-goat/cow/dog thingy. They would be so fucking cute, and then they’d grow up to a scary pun loving motherfucker.

If someone else would want to draw them, or maybe even suggest a name, that would be AWESOME. 

I should explain

My dad is a very controlling and manipulative man. I love him but this is just facts. I’ve explained to both my parents that I do not want to share my tumblr with most people who know me personally because this is a place where I mostly come to scream into the void. This is my space. If I didn’t live with them, maybe I’d be alright with them following me on here, but seeing as I don’t get much privacy this is my go to place.

My father told me today that he’s been following my tumblr but wouldn’t tell me my name, so I have no idea if he’s bluffing. If he searches hard enough, I’ve gotten well known enough that I have no doubt he could find it if he actively sought it out. Hence, if he’s on here, reading this right now, Dad, you can go fuck yourself.

I respect you too much to ever say that to you but this is my space and if you are blatantly going against what I asked just because you have this sick obsession with the possibility that I’m hiding something from you then good for you. You’re not scaring me off tumblr, and you can keep looking for all I care but at least be up front with what a controlling obsessive man you are who can’t fucking deal with me having one thing you’re not in control of.

my opinion on the signs
  • aquarius:
  • pisces:
  • aries: jackson wang i love you so much you have no idea i would give up of one of my lungs and both of my kidneys for you i would rob all the stars and lock them inside of a small box in order to see you happy,, your smile make the sun appear useless... please never forget how great you are,,, im in love you i want to scream Wow thank you for existing god bless King of china king of everything king of my soul
  • taurus:
  • gemini:
  • cancer:
  • leo:
  • virgo:
  • libra:
  • scorpio:
  • sagittarius:
  • capricorn: