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You seem to love Yoosung. And so I thought I'd share in the love. Like I'm sorry if this sounds rude (I don't mean it to be AT ALL) but it's just an observation that sometimes people make Yoosung out to be a babyish, Rika obsessed person. And while the jokes are funny, I feel like his character development is overlooked in the process. Like how he overcame depression and became strong and wiser after everything that happened? I just love him so much. Precious boy.

yes,OK,ANON, i have gotten a few scattered Yoosung hate messages but i normally delete them because i dont want to pay attention to that kind of behavior and this is a yoosung kim safe space that will not even THINK about posting any hate but you came to me wanting to share the love, so ima just pop off for a sec mmk (also youre very polite which is cool cause im nOT)

TBH the “im not rika” joke is STALE. i,,,try not to post it cause it just perpetrates a negative image of yoosung and i know its all fun and games and blahblahblah but im just..,,tiredt. especially because a lot of people LEGITIMATELY DO NOT LIKE HIM because of his “”cousin complex”” like let me just fucking say that,, my boy is dealing with GRIEF! THE DEATH OF HIS COUSIN OBVIOUSLY HAD A REALLY, REALLY BIG IMPACT ON HIM. like remember why he fucking fails all his tests and does nothing but game all day??? those are signs of depression my homies. if you dont like Yoosung because he is still dealing with grief im???? SORRY THAT HIS GRIEVING PROCESS IS NOT ROMANTIC ENOUGH FOR YOU????? WHAT the fuck honestly. your seven-obsessed asses, when DURING SEVENS ROUTE HE LITERALLY YELLS AT MC, but then Yoosung compares you to Rika, WHICH BYE THE WAY IS A FUCKING COMPLIMENT COMING FROM HIM, and suddenly he is some kind of untouchable???? fuck that. and you better not come @ me with “shes not dead” or “but she’s a snake” CAUSE THE RIKA THAT YOOSUNG KNOWS IS ESSENTIALLY A DEAD ANGEL.,,, like…ok,,,…u dont like being compared to rika..,,,im SURE YOOSUNG DIDNT FEEL TO GREAT WHEN HIS COUSIN DIED,EITHEr. OH! AND, not only did essentially his best friend die,,BUT IT WAS LIKE THIS SKETCHY ASS SITCH WHERE THERE WAS NO BODY AND SOMEONE WHO HE THOUGHT WAS A HAPPY PERSON APPARENTLY COMMITTED SUICIDE LIKE BNCH!!!! THE BOY HAS NO FUCKING CLOSURE OF COURSE HE WANTS TO SEE RIKA IN YOU!!! TF!! open your damn eyes to the struggles of yoosung kim and respect his development as a character

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This is so out of the blue but I noticed that you seem to have a liking for sunflowers So I thought I'd share if you didn't already know the Spanish word for them because I think it's really pretty and I feel like you might like it Hirasol which combines twirling and sun together The twirling sun flower which is a lovely visual I to think about and that's it just thought I'd share with you Ry Have a lovely day!

I can’t believe I still deserve this much pure of an ask 

I think Lotor and Keith could help each other out above and beyond the fact that they’re both half Galra. They both appear to have grown up isolated from one half of their ancestry, and I think it would be interesting to see them bond over this shared isolation. Lotor has been raised and immersed in Galra culture, and from what we’ve seen he has a deep understanding of it. But since Altea is destroyed, and the only remnants of its inhabitants/culture live on in Coran and Allura, it’s not hard to assume he was never given a lot of information about this other half of him and he was probably even told to distance himself from it as much as possible. (I.e. if he’s able to shapeshift or inherited any kind of Altean magic from his mother, he was probably forbidden from using them.) On the other hand, Keith wasn’t aware of being half Galra for a majority of his life, alongside the fact that he didn’t even know that aliens existed. Although he’s aware now, the Galra at large are his enemies and want him and his friends dead. He could probably learn something about the good part of Galra culture from the Blade, but even then most if not all of them seem to be full Galra, and they still wouldn’t be able to counsel him in dealing with his half race existence.

I know it will never happen in canon but provided the right circumstances, it would be cool to see Keith and Lotor talk about the fact that they’ve both been cut off from one half of themselves for a majority of their lives and just be able to vent about that with someone who understands. 


Had the absolute bestest night for my leaving do with my work friends. Feeling a bit emosh at how many people came and they legit all went round the table and said what they were gonna miss about me and yes there were a few tears.

So here’s my face after I got home - the filters are 100% needed since I cried off most of my make up 😂

Love my work fam so much and I’m so sad that I had to say goodbye today 😘

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Hey, just here to express my love for your fanfiction, 'Moonset deep' lmao. Thank you so, so much for sharing this idea with the world? I love it. So, thank you, so so much <3 (Also I know, this isn't really a question. But,, it's my appreciation for your writing. That counts for something, right?)

Ahh thank you so much! I really appreciate that! I wouldn’t enjoy writing these fics as much as I do if I didn’t know others enjoyed reading them (〃ω〃) it’s great motivation!!

I hope I can write more that you enjoy ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

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Okay so this will be a bit long, I'm not sure how many parts it will be. I sent you an anon a few days ago which you answered so first off Thank You. Since others were sharing there stories I thought I'd share mine about how antis influenced my becoming a 1D fan. I was not aware of 1D until 2012 at least not consciously. Then they performed at the Olympics and I was like oh so those are the kids that sing that song I have a love/ hate relationship with, WMYB. I didn't think much of them beyond

2) not sure where the cut was sorry if I repeat - i didn’t think much of them again until Haylor, I didn’t know anything about Larry then and I still knew it was a fake a** relationship for publicity, I felt sorry for Harry and what ever songs she would attribute to him. I was actually following another PR generated ship at that time and could see some parallels. So here’s me continuing to mind my own business in blissful ignorance and then SOML was released, i loved it but had no idea it was 1

3) So I find out that SOML is 1D and I’m a little taken aback, i thought my boyband days were behind me (ha what a cruel joke) and here is where i begin to fall down the rabbit hole known as the 1D fandom, I’m reading some random article about fandoms and social media and they mention tin hatters and Larry and I’m like huh…? So of course I go looking and I’m reading all these posts about coincidences and “bromances” and I’m like wow these Larries are out there but then one made the mistake of

4) providing a link to a Larrie tumblr. I looked at the gifs, then tracked down the videos I watched it all. I also paid close attention to the other 3 and how they responded, that often revealed even more than Louis or Harry. There was just too much, sometimes they’d try and be subtle and sadly they just drew more attention in their efforts, other times it seemed they didn’t give af. I also noticed what wasn’t said, how things were worded and all the times they looked off camera or nervous

5-I think) I could see the shift in all of the boys, how much more guarded they became as time went on- antis will say it’s all the Larries fault and yet none of the other ships seem to have caused any rifts, something to think about. Whether you believe in Larry or not you can’t tell me that L&H are not friends, the MITAM promo should put that to rest, which begs the question, why the narrative that they went from bffs to loathing? Hmm? Everything is so extra and in your face with these two, wh

6) Everything is so extra and in your face with these two, why? In the matter of “babygate” why was it announced so early in the pregnancy? Most people don’t tell their family that early let alone the public. She is NOBODY, no one knew who she was or would even care if she was pregnant so it’s not like it would have gotten out. No official statement. Simon confirms, just shadyness all around. The most telling thing for me was the other boys silence. I mean those 3 were awkward AF. More than GMA

7) was that interview with Louis & Niall (he’s wearing a hat) N looked so uncomfortable, like he wanted the couch to swallow him up and L looked pi**ed after that I don’t think any interviews addressed it again. Hmm? Thats just some of the things that have pulled me into the 1D & Larrie fandoms. All because some journalist called you ladies and gentlemen crazy and antis linked me to you ☺ Contrary to the anti belief, I have not drunk the kool aid unwittingly, I am capable of forming an opinion

8) it’s just not the one they wanted me to. I’ve looked at both sides and continue to do so. Don’t think recent information and circumstances haven’t given me pause but for me most days I still am all in. I’m certain they were together and am like 90-95% sure they still are Like I said in a previous anon I leave room for doubt but the antis have yet to deliver a compelling counter argument. They are childish and vindictive even if I changed my mind tomorrow I’d stick with the Larries.

last finally) This side of the fandom seems much more welcoming to opposing views (as long as you are respectful) and more supportive of ALL four members of 1D which is ultimately why I’m here. To end I’d tell antis that I’m an old enough fan to remember when the late George Michael, Jonathan Knight, Lance Bass and Ricky Martin were “straight” maybe they should do some research and not believe everything they’re told.


anon i think i fell in love with you somewhere between this sentence:

“Contrary to the anti belief, I have not drunk the kool aid unwittingly, I am capable of forming an opinion. It’s just not the one they wanted me to”

and this one:

“To end I’d tell antis that I’m an old enough fan to remember when the late George Michael, Jonathan Knight, Lance Bass and Ricky Martin were “straight” maybe they should do some research and not believe everything they’re told.”

thank you for taking the time to send this. i’m always fascinated by how other people ended up in this fandom particularly when, like me, you experienced the het/neutral side of things first before going … wait a minute there’s something shady here (also i had the same experience with haylor that you did - knowing it was fake despite not being a larrie at the time [while also following another pr relationship *cough robsten cough*]).