i love them so much sdfghj

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since you like Helsa, have you read a fanfic called Disarm, by allsevendwarves? It's such a good fic, and I feel it doesn't get the attention it deserves. If you haven't, I highly recommend it! (btw If you have any good Helsa fanfics to recommend to me, please do! Helsa is the OTP of my life I love it so much sdfghj)

I have not, but I’ll give it a read.
As soon as the movie came out, I was a helsa shipper. I was one of the first to post a fanfic for ‘em too, back when I had time for that haha.

I actually have a hard time finding fanfiction in the helsa ship that I’ve enjoyed. I don’t know why, there’s plenty of it. I guess it always just goes off in a direction that bores me idk. If any of YOU Hans x Elsa shippers have good fic recommendations, list them in my inbox

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The link to the fic the Anon is talking about is here: