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@alcassin asks: “Well if today is angst day… consider first time Asra had to wipe mc memories”

You know I put my computer away but as I read this request a voice in my head was screaming, “DO THIS. THIS IS ASRA ANGST. GO GURL GO WRITE IT!” Legit my heart was racing and now I shall drag everyone with me to angst dimension whether you like it or not. And yes I am listening to some depressing music to get me in the mood.

Here is the song I listened to while writing this (if you start the song at 1:45 you will be slapped with instant feels)

Asra first time wiping MC’s memories:

  • Asra’s mind was almost numb with the thought of what he was going to do next.
  • His hands shook before him as he looked down. He had never been so afraid in his life but he knew he had to do this.
  • Before him, MC was sitting on the floor against a wall, unresponsive to anything. He tried talking to them as gently as he could but nothing would wake them out of this trance.
  • MC looked frightened, their eyes clouded with fear and confusion. It was as if they didn’t see Asra before them.
  • Asra knelt before MC, taking their hands in his own, Asra spoke softly, trying to not break down.
  • “Y/N can you hear me? I am so sorry Y/N..Please talk to me.” Asra looked at them in a desperate attempt to get them back. 
  • But alas his words could not get to them.
  • His final words to them before erasing their memories were, “I love you Y/N. So much that I can’t let you suffer like this.”
  • With a shaky breath, Asra lifted the palm of his hand, covering MC’s eyes before whispering an incantation. His other arm holding them in a firm embrace one last time.
  • Saying the spell that would wipe out memories was the hardest thing Asra could do. By the time he finished, tears stained his cheeks.
  • Pulling his hand away, MC looked at Asra confused and worried. They reached out to brush a tear from Asra’s cheek.
  • “Are you alright Master?”
  • Asra was not alright. How could he? But he couldn’t tell them that.
  • He smiled at them, brushing the remaining tears from his eyes, “Yes I’m fine. I just got something in my eyes is all.”
  • Asra practically had to bite his lip from weeping and losing control. His heart felt heavy, weighed with guilt and heartbreak.

(Tadashi and Honey being absolute dorks on the dance floor, numero dos)

Honey and Tadashi are spending their Saturday night at some retro, 50’s sock hop downtown. They’re snickering at their own ridiculous attempts to jitterbug, wearing the era-appropriate costumes Honey insisted they attend in, and subconsciously pulling each other closer with each twist and turn. It’s all just so them.

The tenth-or-so song begins to fade, and then – there it is. The chords blare louder and louder. It’s that Sugar Sugar song, from the Archies. Honey’s face drops in feigned embarrassment as Tadashi turns to give her a shit-eating grin. Oh no.

Before she can protest, the lyrics start and Tadashi belts out “OOOOOH, HONEY HONEY” as loudly and terribly as he can, just like the thousands of times he has before. Honey is blushing and giggling and begging him to stop because “people are staring, Tadashi!” – but secretly, she never wants this to end. Tadashi sings intentionally worse as the song progresses, especially at “pooour your sugar on me, Honey”; he adores the crimson it brings to her cheeks. 

Honey is peeking out from behind her fingers now, giggling like mad and refusing to admit how much she loves this. It’s contagious coming from her, but Tadashi tries his hardest to refrain from laughing along. He knows that the more he sings, the more she laughs; and that’s the best music he could hope to hear all night.


I love all of this and there is nothing I do not love. This is so them omfg I’m gonna cry precious angels i love this so muchhgngnhngh


May I offer you my hand, Sun Princess?

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Words: 2127

Kiyoyachi Week Day 1, AU/Flowers

Kiyoko might have a huge crush on the girl from the flower shop across the street, and it makes her best friend’s life suffering.

Also on AO3.

Ennoshita is lounging around on the sofa in the waiting area, flipping through a magazine Kiyoko knows doesn’t interest him, and she’s trying her best to ignore the fact that he will start shooting jabs at her from behind that wall of glossy paper any second now, concentrating on finishing the last work so she can close up shop.

From inside here, Kiyoko can’t see the sky, but it had to be an endlessly beautiful play of soft colours, pink and gold and maybe a last, tiny bit of blue which turns the light into this wonderful shade filling the streets.

Across of it, bathed in this particularly lovely light, a tiny woman started gently picking up the scattered pots of vibrant flowers in front of her shop, ready to close up Black Star Flowers!!.

Kiyoko revels at how carefully, with how much affection Yachi treats her flowers, at how the sun makes her hair and skin glow and how she always, always seems to smile a stray kind of smile, as if she doesn’t know what exactly she is smiling about, but does it anyway, because it is so foreign to her not to enjoy being alive -

Ennoshita clears his throat and Kiyoko knows she’s doomed.

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