i love them so much ohmygod

Teen Wolf 6x17

-Jethan being adorable is something that made my week 100 times better.
-Scott at the start of the episode I’M CRYING!!! No, really, I wanted to cry with him. He looked so… so broken.
-Deucalion YES
-Wow, Deucalion has some moves.
-Thiam, I’m blessed.
-Theo stopping Liam from killing Gabe at his way: “we’re gonna need to kill the witnesses too, we’re gonna need shovels, etc.”
-Liam actually stopping.
-Liam: “Why you keep trying to save me?”
-Scott’s code: Keep people alive.
-Gabe being the thrid wheel between Thiam.
-The sheriff trying to show Monroe that she shouldn’t trust Gerard but she doesn’t care (goddamit woman!).
-Lydia at the hospital showing her bare shoulder. Was that relevant?
-Sassy Peter at it again!!
-That scene at the sheriff’s station, god I love Papa Stilinski!!
“I never said Gerard wouldn’t beat me. I said he wouldn’t beat Scott.” YESS!!!
-Peter and Malia moment.
-Damn the eyeless bodies!!
-The feral pack dead, holy fuck
-Gabe: “I did it for you.”, “I’m trying to keep you alive.”
-Fuck, now I’m shipping Gabe and Nolan what the fuck? Nope, you can’t catch me gay thoughts.
-I mean, don’t tell me you didn’t get that vibe from them. Go on, I dare ya!!!
-Scalia and Thiam = powercouples
-Peter, ohmygod I love him so much.
-Malia: “Something in my head convinced you.” and then Scalia flashbacks.
-Did all of you heard Peter’s voice as he said “He’s going to get himself killed.”
-Holyfuck, character development.
-Peter: “Don’t fall in love with a dead man.” Malia: “Too late.” AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!
-Jethan’s entrance at the school!! The music, the slow-motion, but that entrance tho!!
-Fucking Monroe.
-Jackson: “Happy anniversary.”

Teen Wolf 6x20 [finale]

-Wait, what’s happening?
-That look is like Season 3B Scott!! The one in the trailer, remember?
-Oh, Scott looks so hot on his bike!!
-Wait, is this like a flashforward? Really?!
-Scott: “I’m gonna tell you a story, maybe it’ll sound familiar.”
-Oh no, it’s barely a minute and I’m gonna cry already.
-Aww, he saved a new werewolf. I wonder if he’ll join the pack.
-Scott: “I’ve got my own story. There were parts I didn’t expect. People who I thought would’ve be with me forever… are the ones that I lost.”
-Chris’ face!! It’s obvious that Allison was hinted there!!
-Scott then looks at Chris: “Some people I thought I could never trust… ended up saving my life. More than once.”
-“Your story, how does it end?”
-Okay, and then we go back to the present. Or would it be the past? Past! Yes, past!
-Fuck these hunters.
-Deucalion is still alive!! He’s crawling!!
-Stiles: “You didn’t think you’d do this without me, did ya?”
-Derek appears.
Derek: “Without us?”
-The last time we’ll get to see the intro.
-Monroe coward!! She’s running away!!
-Stydia banter! Hahahaha!
-Deucalion is dying :c
-“He can’t beat you… and he knows it.”
-Deucalion being an Scott fan ‘till the end.
-RIP Deucalion.
-Aww, Scott’s face. Crying!!
-That Scerek hug!!! I’m crying!!!
-Scott: “You came back for Beacon Hills?”
Derek: “No. I came back for you.”
-Fucking Gerard, die already.
-Drop dead, I’m serious.
-Jackson: “Come a little closer. I’m gonna shove that thing so far up your ass!!”
-“I’m going to tell you where to find all of them.” FUCK
-Parrish!! :(
-Papa McCall! :(
-Scott calling Theo to go and save Liam (and Mason and Corey). Like you need to tell him to save his boyfriend.
-Stiles telling them how he and Derek meet again and came back together to BH.
Lydia: “You convinced the FBI to bring an intern on a extremly dangerous field operation?” THAT’S MY STILES!!
-Stiles’ version vs Derek’s version
-Even if you don’t ship them you gotta admit that was a pretty good scene!
-Nolan is still alive YES!! THANKS!
-Mama McCall to the rescue!!
-Fuck Gerard and Monroe!!
-Scott about the Anuk-ite: “It will find us.”
-Peter, close your eyes!! Peter!!
-Lydia and Stiles to the rescue!!
-Aww, no matter what everyone says, I loved seeing how Lydia and Jackson reacted to the other :)
-Fuck all the haters
-Jackson: “You did that?”
Lydia: “Yeah, I did that.”
Stiles: “I kicked down the door.”
-Loved how the two of the reacted to Jethan. Sweet~
-Loved Lydia.
-Fuck, he’s got a gun! Liam!!
-Liam: “What are you doing here?”
-Lydia’s face as she says “You still have a tail.”
-I’m soo happy to see Thiam together once more! And I was so waiting for the elevator scene!
-I love that hospitals/elevators are their thing.
-theo: “I’m not dying for you.”
Liam: “I’m not dying for you either.”
Me: *gasps*
-Ohmygod, did you see the way Theo looked at Liam and then at his lips. JUST FUCKING KISS HIM!! DO IT!!
-WHY YOU WON’T KISS AND LET ME DIE HAPPY?!! *strangled whale noises*
-Liam: “….But I will fight with you.”
Me: *can breathe again*
-Oh yeah, they’re going to fight together!! Ohshitohshit!
-Power couple
-I’ve always thought that couples that fight badass together, stay together. It’s just a fact.
-Theo and Liam turned to the other at the same time! To protect the other!!
-Also when they got shot they fell beside the other! #Thiam4ever
-Derek worried about his Alpha
-Derek gently helping Scott to lie down *wipes away tear*
-Ethan: “How about we don’t fight it, just get out friends and get the hell out of here?”
-Parrish!! :C
-“Is only three of you.” YES
-“Sheriff. You refer to me by my proper title… deputy.”
-There you have your “60”!!! KICK THEIR ASSES!! #LOVESHERIFFFOREVER
-Jackson, don’t open them! DON’T!!
-Me *sees Ethan*: FUCK
-Yes Papa McCall!
-Oh no…
-Not this bitch.
-I made a post about it and I knew I was right!! Fuck
-Wow, Kate’s already there?
-Family reunion
Kate: “I’m your daughter. I’m an Argent.”
Gerard: “But still one of them.
-Wow, that even hurt me
-FUCK he shot her!
-Did Chris just saved Kate? Wow.
-Fuckfuckfuckfuck VoidStiles VoidStiles
-I’m not ready for that shit nope
-Jeff, how could you do that to– the Nogitsune NOPE
-"You failled everyone. Especially her” AHHH!!
-Poor Scott!!!!!
-“Shoot both of them” that was mean.
-Scott sees everyone! Even the bad guys! (a Berserker, Oni, one Dread Doctor)
-I’m crying!!
-The rules of being a shapeshifter!!
-Scott: “We’ve got weaknesses. And we’ve got lines that we can’t cross.”
-Mountain ash.
-Fuck, Monroe is getting away!!
-Aww, that Jethan moment and then they’re interrupted!!
-“Now it’s over.”
Jackson: “Good to see you, coach.”
Coach: “You too, Jackson.”
-Ow, now that the Anuk-ite is gone and so is the fear, mostly everyone is back to normal. Inlcuding Gabe.
-Theo’s face as he looks down at Gabe, I’m crying! Because even if that kid just tried to kill them (and actually shot him and Liam) he’s still a kid!! And he was afraid!
-Gabe: “It hurts… It hurts.”
-We all thought/wanted Theo taking Liam’s pain but he’s taking Gabe’s!!! Ohymgod!!!
-Character development
-For me, they’re cannon. I don’t care if they didn’t kiss or held hands/hugged or anything, neither did Stydia in this episode and they are cannon.
-Thiam is cannon y'all!!!
-Even Nolan was crying :c
-I never thought I would be sad about Gabe but here I am, bawling my eyes out.
-Back at the Argents
Chris: “Your family… is right in front of you.”
-Wait, Chris, don’t turn around! He can still shoot you!
-Werejaguar eyes!
-Oh, Chris let Kate have him!!! YESS!!
-Chris walking away all badass and leaving Kate to kill Gerard YESS!!
-I never thought I would be saying this to her but YOU GO GIRL!!
-Papa Stilinski, Parrish and Papa McCall was a team I neve knew I needed!
-“Parrish. Drop the weapons.”
“Yes, sir.”
-Monroe: “Someone pick up the radio and tell me what’s happening!”
Liam: “You lost.”
-THAT WAS SO BADASS!! LIKE, DAYUUM, LIAM!! And Theo standing behind him like a proud boyfriend.
-Stydia holding hands, aww.
-Lydia: “Malia, kiss him.”
-Wait, did she just remembered when she stopped Stiles’ panic attack with a kiss? That’s so sweet!!! I hope all Stydia shippers are happy!
-Scott’s eyes are back!! fuck, I was so worried.
-The pack can breathe again.
-Stiles’ reaction, ohmygod
-Scalia :)
-Ohmygod, the people of BH aren’t against the pack!! THANK GOD!! I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT THAT!!
-Liam and Nolan as co-capitans.
-Just like Scott and Jackson were and they also had bad blood between them but got over it.
-Liam: “You did. Because you’re a great coach.” aww my heart
-Coach: “You’re right. I am a great coach.” *cries in Spanish*
-I don’t know if you’ve realized but the shots of Theo, Peter and Morey with Deaton are all from previous episodes. Just saying.
-Because some people were complaining about Theo being in the tunnels and Morey learning about supernatural stuff (and not being Stiles the one to learn). Calm down your tits.
-“Now we’ve got allies who used to be enemies” and they show Theo, I’m so happy!! #rendemptionaf
-“We have protectors.” and they show Peter glowing his eyes!!
-“We have friends willing to fight for us.” - Deaton showing a book to Mason and Corey
-I think that part described the other members of the pack so well :)
-Mama McCall and Papa Argent!!! YESS!!!!! AWWWW!!
-Jethan!!!! AWWWWWW!!!
-Aww, Scott saying goodbye to Chris as he held his hands *crying*
-Monroe, that bitch
-YES, THE PACK!! They’re coming together!!
-And it’s raining, nice touch.
-You know, I know it’s supposed to be like, the central pack (no offense to the others) but I would’ve loved to see Mason, Corey and Theo with them as well. Or maybe under different circumstances, but all of them together.
-Scott’s speech!!
-That wink!! Sciles4ever
-Alec: “Who are they?”
Scott: “My friends. My pack.” YES!!!!!!
-Scott: “And you can be with us if you want. But you’re gonna have to fight.” that’s right, homie boy!! If you want to be in the McCall pack, you’re gonna have to fight!!
-Scott: “You’re not a moster. You’re a werewolf. Like me.” DECEASED
-Slow-motion as the pack comes together!
-I’m not crying you’re crying!!
-The first ones who get together are Derek, Scott, Stiles and Lydia!! That’s like the four that where from the very beggining!!
-And then comes Malia and Liam, important members as well!
-It was weird seeing the new kid between them but meeh…
-Scott should’ve flashed his eyes at the end.
-Oh, the moon!!

I know it’s been months since 4x22, but for the team in 5x01 the events that happened in the previous episode were only just a few hours ago. So I sort of got this nostalgic kind of feel while watching 5x01 thinking:

Ohmygosh only a few hours ago were Daisy and Robbie kicking ass together and making great heart eyes at each other like the power couple they are. Only a few hours ago did we get the “But I’m here now and that’s good”/“That is good” exchange. Only a few hours ago did we get a little bit of a forlorn Daisy asking if Robbie really had to leave right away because he just got back and she’s going to miss his selfless, stubborn, fiery-headed ass. Only a few hours ago did we get Robbie entrusting Daisy with the most important person in the world to him which freaking says a lot. Only a few hours ago did we get That Look™ as Robbie turned to Daisy one last time before he went into the portal.

Ugh, I’m too emotional for this, I need to lie down ;w;

How’s That For Vanilla?

Request: “I love your Newt smut. It uh relaxes me tbh. Can I request one where like, the reader teases Newt to the point of Newt entering Beast mode and like yeah. Love your writing.” + “Boiii do I gotta request for u, ohmygod okay so lk I don’t know much about sex toys and when they were invented, but imagine how Newt would react upon you asking him to use them on you during the sex???? Like boi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) can you pls do a fic on this?? I would be most grateful <3 bless”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: SmuT of course!

A/n: sorry that this is a lot shorter than I hoped it would be! but u know me, I have a lot more Newt smut to write! ;^)

Originally posted by sensualkisses

“I have a surprise for you.” You skipped as your rounded the corner to your apartment.

“Hm? And what’s this surprise?” Newt asked, raising his brow in a certain amused fashion.

“If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?” You giggled. The tall, freckled man wrapped his arms around your waist, spinning you with an excited chuckle.

He let you go, but the motion of the twirl had left the snowflakes around you zooming around in a slight whirlwind, one landing on Newt’s nose. You grabbed his hand with your gloved one and continued to the door of the apartment block.

“I’ll give you a hint.” You turned to him as he fetched the key from his pocket. “It’ll be sure to warm us both up.”

“Good. I’ll need something to unfreeze my bones.” He said, frowning as his hands continued to pat his pockets. You groaned, pulling out your own wand and chanting a quick “Alohomora”.

“How many times has it been now? 3 just this week?” You sighed. Newt shrugged.

“I bet the Niffler has gotten his grimy paws on it again.” He replied.  

You both continued up the stairs to your shared apartment, smiling wildly as the anticipation spurred inside of you. Once you got inside, Newt was quick to discard his coat and scarf, pulling you into a tight embrace so he could lay a warm kiss on your cheek.

“Time for the surprise?” He asked, his eyes lit up eagerly.

“Go wait in the bedroom.” You smiled, and he beamed back at you, turning to head towards the bedroom.

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hi!! I really liked your brother!daniel au and um may I request an au of Daniel as a cat café owner please~ :))

yes, of course! 

Originally posted by predebutdaniel

thanks for requesting!!

- the best cat cafe on the block

- takes really really good care of the cafe and the cats too

- treats the cats as if they are his own children (which they are hehe) until they get adopted but even then, he will still wish them luck

- his cafe isn’t that big honestly?? but it’s really homey!!

- little polaroids of the cats or pictures of his co-worker jisung, minki and the cats are plastered on the wall

- and he would have fairy lights stringing around and always have soft music playing in the background

- at first the barista minki was in control of the music, but he always ended up playing lady gaga or gfriend’s me gustas tu for 3 days straight  (listen,,,3 days doesn’t sound a lot but it is oK)

- to the point where customers wouldn’t even come to the store and obviously business slowed, so daniel had to kick off minki and it ended up that daniel was in charge of it hehe

- not that he minded,,i mean he played some good bOPS like orange caramel, oh my girl or iu mhmmm

- ok anyways!! daniel has made a separate play area for cats to play in after you were done eating because he knows it isn’t pleasant to have cat hair in your food or drink (and also to keep the cafe sanitary because he knows cat hair gets evERYWHERE)

- the separate room has a door connecting to the cafe and its filled with toys and little chairs or couches

- he buys the little toys with the feather you know that you pull and the cat chases it hehe and a bunch of others

- but also has the little houses or posts that they can rub or scratch on. he also has the little platforms or trees that they can climb on because their comfort means the most to daniel and he isn’t afraid to tell customers off if they disrespect the cats

- but requires customers to purchase something and all funds go to the cats because he ain’t rich

- makes little latte art with designs of cats!! him and minki are the best that because jisung tried once,,,and it ended up looking like a glob than a cat LMFAO

- you’re a regular at the cafe, to the point where the workers and daniel knows who you are because you go there that much hehe

- you would always purchase a drink and do your work before playing with the cats

- and unbeknownst to you, daniel has basically liked you ever since he saw you

- he didn’t know you that well?? he knew your name, your favorite drink, and that you loved cats because why else would you come here??

- but when he would see you, the butterflies in his stomach would intensify and his palms would sweat so much that he would almost drop the marker he used to write down your order

- but lowkey you thought daniel was cute so you kept coming here in hopes of seeing him

- and obviously, his co-workers knew about this little crush because you were all daniel talked about, especially when he would see you play with the cats hehe

- ‘’ i saw [name] today and she looked so beautiful,,im in love’’

- ‘’have you ever saw someone so beautiful??’’

- ‘’dO YOU SEE THIS!! The cats love her, it must be a sign’’

- ‘’ohmygOD daniel stfu go ask them out or something!!”

- ‘’ !! do you want me to die of embarrassment!!?!’’

- ‘’if it makes you stop talking about them, then yes’’

- and behold, daniel actually does it

- it takes days of convincing from jisung and minki before he manages to do it

- this time, instead of a cat design, he makes a heart out of the foam and wrote a message on paper before sticking it on your plate

- and you’re like ?? why are you here no offense

- but daniel just flushes as he gestures to your plate and you look and you’re like

- ‘’theres a note?? is this from you?”

- and daniel could only nod before you read the note and you’re like

- oh

- o h

- OH

- ‘’yes, i would love to get to know you better!”

- dating cafe!owner daniel would include: staying in the cafe when you’re done with work or classes to play with the cats and destress

- and daniel is like ‘’you know,,you don’t have to pay to play with the cats you know,,, you’re my significant other-’’

- and you just cut him off because?? how can you not pay??

- ‘’listen, i know im your s/o but i still want to pay so you can feed the cats and buy them cute things!! you deserve it because you work so hard,,,and also because this place is where i met you :))’’

- and daniel just melts,,,because how did he deserve someone like you?

- you helping him deal with paperwork or buying things that the cafe needs at times

- and daniel insisting that you didn’t have to do it but is secretly grateful that you did

- going out on dates,,,only to go to other cat cafes to see what ideas you guys can incorporate into daniel’s hehe

- the cafe and daniel’s apartment has become your second home 

- like you would go visit daniel everyday that minki and jisung would naturally become close to you

- but also staying in daniel’s apartment because his was closest to where you worked, and sometimes you would crash at his place 

- and eventually moving in one day once you guys got really serious hehe 

- but also taking you out on expensive dates because you deserve the best!!

- or watching movies in his apartment together after a long day and snuggling with peter and rooney (is that his cats names?? i don’t remember im sorry jndksnf sd)

- having your first kiss in his apartment and the two of you blushing furiously when you pulled away

- ‘’can i do that again?”

- lots and lots of skinship like his hand would be holding yours when you both are out, head laying on your lap when you’re at his apartment, or cuddling closely when the two of you became tired

- shy laughter and hiding faces into the pillow in the morning after because wow you couldn’t believe this just happened??

- a sweet and happy relationship with the occasional cuddles from cats!!

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whom do you wish you were friends with on tumblr

i wish I was friends with paula @softestboyes zayan @instarbuckswithdan and shrishtea @rollerbladingphan  :(((((( they seem so nice and cool but so intimidating to talk to :((((

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OMG, thank you so much for all your compliments ! And you’re welcome ! It’s a real pleasure to draw SanSan, I love them ! I’m so glad to receive goods feedbacks on my works of them, it’s very motivating ! Normally, I’ll make others SanSan fanarts very soon ! I hope you’ll like these … ;)

Thanks again ! <3 

Got7 reaction: them liking a girl with an afro


Originally posted by lomlmark

you: “do you like my hair?”
*looks at you with a straight face* yeah, I guess.
you: “would you like me more with different hair?”
*gif* ahh, so cute


Originally posted by baepsaeboyss

*shooketh by how amazing your hair looks*  Oh my god!! Your hair is amazing!! I love your hair!! Have you seen your hair??? Ohmygod it’s amazing!!!


Originally posted by jypnior

ignore the subs
*stares at you in awe* why do I love your hair so much?


Originally posted by jypnior

*stares at your hair, then thinks about the hair styles his previous crushes/girlfriends had* wow, you’re so  beautiful


Originally posted by choiyoungjae

“You look so cute though! Can I touch it? Let me touch it!”


Originally posted by tanjhent

*Just stares you down normally at first, with a cocky expression, because he thinks you’re pretty; looks at you from bottom to top, when he reaches the hair he giggles a little* 


Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark

*just stares at you smiling, fascinated by your hair; you ask him ‘what?’* nothing *keeps starring*

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