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hi!! I really liked your brother!daniel au and um may I request an au of Daniel as a cat café owner please~ :))

yes, of course! 

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thanks for requesting!!

- the best cat cafe on the block

- takes really really good care of the cafe and the cats too

- treats the cats as if they are his own children (which they are hehe) until they get adopted but even then, he will still wish them luck

- his cafe isn’t that big honestly?? but it’s really homey!!

- little polaroids of the cats or pictures of his co-worker jisung, minki and the cats are plastered on the wall

- and he would have fairy lights stringing around and always have soft music playing in the background

- at first the barista minki was in control of the music, but he always ended up playing lady gaga or gfriend’s me gustas tu for 3 days straight  (listen,,,3 days doesn’t sound a lot but it is oK)

- to the point where customers wouldn’t even come to the store and obviously business slowed, so daniel had to kick off minki and it ended up that daniel was in charge of it hehe

- not that he minded,,i mean he played some good bOPS like orange caramel, oh my girl or iu mhmmm

- ok anyways!! daniel has made a separate play area for cats to play in after you were done eating because he knows it isn’t pleasant to have cat hair in your food or drink (and also to keep the cafe sanitary because he knows cat hair gets evERYWHERE)

- the separate room has a door connecting to the cafe and its filled with toys and little chairs or couches

- he buys the little toys with the feather you know that you pull and the cat chases it hehe and a bunch of others

- but also has the little houses or posts that they can rub or scratch on. he also has the little platforms or trees that they can climb on because their comfort means the most to daniel and he isn’t afraid to tell customers off if they disrespect the cats

- but requires customers to purchase something and all funds go to the cats because he ain’t rich

- makes little latte art with designs of cats!! him and minki are the best that because jisung tried once,,,and it ended up looking like a glob than a cat LMFAO

- you’re a regular at the cafe, to the point where the workers and daniel knows who you are because you go there that much hehe

- you would always purchase a drink and do your work before playing with the cats

- and unbeknownst to you, daniel has basically liked you ever since he saw you

- he didn’t know you that well?? he knew your name, your favorite drink, and that you loved cats because why else would you come here??

- but when he would see you, the butterflies in his stomach would intensify and his palms would sweat so much that he would almost drop the marker he used to write down your order

- but lowkey you thought daniel was cute so you kept coming here in hopes of seeing him

- and obviously, his co-workers knew about this little crush because you were all daniel talked about, especially when he would see you play with the cats hehe

- ‘’ i saw [name] today and she looked so beautiful,,im in love’’

- ‘’have you ever saw someone so beautiful??’’

- ‘’dO YOU SEE THIS!! The cats love her, it must be a sign’’

- ‘’ohmygOD daniel stfu go ask them out or something!!”

- ‘’ !! do you want me to die of embarrassment!!?!’’

- ‘’if it makes you stop talking about them, then yes’’

- and behold, daniel actually does it

- it takes days of convincing from jisung and minki before he manages to do it

- this time, instead of a cat design, he makes a heart out of the foam and wrote a message on paper before sticking it on your plate

- and you’re like ?? why are you here no offense

- but daniel just flushes as he gestures to your plate and you look and you’re like

- ‘’theres a note?? is this from you?”

- and daniel could only nod before you read the note and you’re like

- oh

- o h

- OH

- ‘’yes, i would love to get to know you better!”

- dating cafe!owner daniel would include: staying in the cafe when you’re done with work or classes to play with the cats and destress

- and daniel is like ‘’you know,,you don’t have to pay to play with the cats you know,,, you’re my significant other-’’

- and you just cut him off because?? how can you not pay??

- ‘’listen, i know im your s/o but i still want to pay so you can feed the cats and buy them cute things!! you deserve it because you work so hard,,,and also because this place is where i met you :))’’

- and daniel just melts,,,because how did he deserve someone like you?

- you helping him deal with paperwork or buying things that the cafe needs at times

- and daniel insisting that you didn’t have to do it but is secretly grateful that you did

- going out on dates,,,only to go to other cat cafes to see what ideas you guys can incorporate into daniel’s hehe

- the cafe and daniel’s apartment has become your second home 

- like you would go visit daniel everyday that minki and jisung would naturally become close to you

- but also staying in daniel’s apartment because his was closest to where you worked, and sometimes you would crash at his place 

- and eventually moving in one day once you guys got really serious hehe 

- but also taking you out on expensive dates because you deserve the best!!

- or watching movies in his apartment together after a long day and snuggling with peter and rooney (is that his cats names?? i don’t remember im sorry jndksnf sd)

- having your first kiss in his apartment and the two of you blushing furiously when you pulled away

- ‘’can i do that again?”

- lots and lots of skinship like his hand would be holding yours when you both are out, head laying on your lap when you’re at his apartment, or cuddling closely when the two of you became tired

- shy laughter and hiding faces into the pillow in the morning after because wow you couldn’t believe this just happened??

- a sweet and happy relationship with the occasional cuddles from cats!!

Sebastian and Ciel going to the zoo together and like all the while they’re holding hands only letting go to just point at animals and telling the other that that animal is him or looks like him and then when they go to have lunch Ciel removes the vegetables he hates from his plate and putting them in Sebastian’s while Sebastian secretly places the sweets on Ciel’s tray because even though Sebastian does like eating sweets sometimes he knows how much Ciel just loves to devour them and he like puts the mushrooms back in Ciel’s plate because he knows how much he hates them just as a distraction as he places that piece of cake and Ciel’s laughing a lot that tears fall down and his face is all red and he actually has to take a deep breath while Sebastian just stares fondly at the younger male as he smiles and realizes that “ohmygod I really love him”

How’s That For Vanilla?

Request: “I love your Newt smut. It uh relaxes me tbh. Can I request one where like, the reader teases Newt to the point of Newt entering Beast mode and like yeah. Love your writing.” + “Boiii do I gotta request for u, ohmygod okay so lk I don’t know much about sex toys and when they were invented, but imagine how Newt would react upon you asking him to use them on you during the sex???? Like boi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) can you pls do a fic on this?? I would be most grateful <3 bless”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: SmuT of course!

A/n: sorry that this is a lot shorter than I hoped it would be! but u know me, I have a lot more Newt smut to write! ;^)

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“I have a surprise for you.” You skipped as your rounded the corner to your apartment.

“Hm? And what’s this surprise?” Newt asked, raising his brow in a certain amused fashion.

“If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?” You giggled. The tall, freckled man wrapped his arms around your waist, spinning you with an excited chuckle.

He let you go, but the motion of the twirl had left the snowflakes around you zooming around in a slight whirlwind, one landing on Newt’s nose. You grabbed his hand with your gloved one and continued to the door of the apartment block.

“I’ll give you a hint.” You turned to him as he fetched the key from his pocket. “It’ll be sure to warm us both up.”

“Good. I’ll need something to unfreeze my bones.” He said, frowning as his hands continued to pat his pockets. You groaned, pulling out your own wand and chanting a quick “Alohomora”.

“How many times has it been now? 3 just this week?” You sighed. Newt shrugged.

“I bet the Niffler has gotten his grimy paws on it again.” He replied.  

You both continued up the stairs to your shared apartment, smiling wildly as the anticipation spurred inside of you. Once you got inside, Newt was quick to discard his coat and scarf, pulling you into a tight embrace so he could lay a warm kiss on your cheek.

“Time for the surprise?” He asked, his eyes lit up eagerly.

“Go wait in the bedroom.” You smiled, and he beamed back at you, turning to head towards the bedroom.

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kagehina headcanon: hina gets his ear pierced as a 3rd year and sometimes lets natsu choose his earrings (cuz hes the greatest brother) so he comes to school/dates/practice w ladybugs and sunflowers in his ears. kageyama thinks its so frickin cute. sometimes (after lots of blushing and indecision) kags works up the courage to kiss his boyfriends ears. even after natsu gets bored of choosing his jewelry, hina still wears them cuz he knows kags thinks its cute. (hope you feel better soon dear <3)



hinata shows up with like black studs sometimes and kageyama can tell when natsu is having her Punk Phase and he and hinata just roll with it

or like, she just puts stickers on his ears. just fucking stickers. Hinata loves them.

there is so much potential in this aaaaaaa i love soft domestic kagehina omg thank you so much love <3333

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Hi I'm new to MONSTA x and kinda wanna stan them? I don't know much about them so can u tell me about each member and like describe the group a bit (inside jokes, ships, close members, and the essentials)? Thx~

sadhkajs I literally began stanning during fighter era and im already this far in goOD LUCK this is rlly long so i put it under a read more

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*same anon who asked for baby Newt & Theseus again* OH MY GOD!! That was ADORABLE!! I can't handle how cute that was & the little story/explanation you gave. "I've been wanting to draw these two again" PLEASE DO! I love Newt & Theseus in fanart/fics so much! And you linked mamin to it too! If they respond I might just die of happiness. You two are my fav fanartists & I get so excited when I see either of you posted something new. I'm still fangirling over the fact you responded to my ask. <3 <3

HELLO THERE! HEHE THANK YOU I’M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT Aaaahhh I love writing little tiny ficlets :’D I honestly just like to babble about the characters I love so I end up doing that HAHA I’m glad you find them entertaining!

Aaww, yeaa, she did respond! Mamin is such a sweetheart and I love talking to her about Theseus’ and Newt’s bond

ohmygod, I don’t even know what I did to receive that sort of praise but I am so so so flattered??? I don’t even know what to say??? It’s such an honor to be called someone’s favorite fanartist so thank you so much!

aaaa I actually did a continuation drawing that’s about the small filclet I wrote in the prev post! And I also did another ficlet thing heh

Newt wakes with a shudder, a sudden coldness cloaking over him and a sense of wrongness halting his breath with a shaky gasp. His hands twitch towards the blankets that have been pushed away, eyes still heavy with sleep. It ins’t until he hears the first soft whimper that his body jolts, instantly uncurling from his fetal position. Theseus. His mind registers with alarm that the warmth he had been missing was in fact, his brother’s embrace.

He sits up, face twisting in concern. The sight of his brother’s quaking, curled up form had his stomach knotting itself, and the unnaturally high-pitched whines of distress cut through the ringing silence of the night and right into his heart. Newt reached out a gentle hand to brush back sweat-soaked locks, the other moving to tenderly stroke down Theseus’ arm. His lips formed around his brother’s name, hushing and whispering gentle assurances.

He hated seeing his brother like this, usually so strong and composed, now small and fragile. Theseus was anything but. Newt carefully draped his arm and leg over the shaking form in a manner emulating Theseus’ usual sleeping position; ever the protector. Voice pitched low, he began to hum a soft melody, singing quietly to dispel whatever night-terror had dared disturb his precious family.

Newt may not be able to protect his brother from the real horrors of the world, but here, in their own space, he offers his love and comfort as respite- a soothing balm to ease the wounds inflicted by living. He embraces the role of his namesake, keeping vigilance over the night alongside the moon until sobs die away into occasional soft hiccup and the shudders finally still.

Newt doesn’t have the heat of his brother’s arms encasing him in their protection, but somehow -having Theseus in his arms, safe- he feels all the warmer for it.


I’m sorry I have to go off right now. I mean I’m not that sorry cuz you don’t have to read this lol. Just a warning this is a big rant so like don’t read if you don’t care haha.

There will probably be no lol’s or haha’s anymore in this post because I’m crabby.

So okay, if you didn’t know I’m a nanny this summer for one 9-year-old kid with Down Syndrome. I work Monday-Thursday from 6:30-3:30/4:30. He has summer school Tuesday-Thursday from 8:10-12:40 so I have all that time to do whatever I want (I’ll talk more about this later). I make good money ($400 a week, I get paid even while he’s at school) and I know it’s a good job. I know I’m lucky I don’t work in retail or in a factory or in an office or whatever. But this is still a job. It still has its struggles and difficulties. I’m so sick of telling people I’m a nanny and having them look at me like it’s not a real job. It’s not easy. There are times where I’m sitting reading a book and he starts crying for no reason. He’s not all that verbal so I have to try and figure out what’s wrong. And then I start to feel guilty if I’m sitting doing nothing while he’s watching TV or whatever. Whenever I complain to my friends about it they’re like, Oh I would love to have your job. It sounds so easy or, At least you don’t work here or whatever. They talk to me like it’s not a real job, like I’m just a babysitter who gets paid an unfair amount. Let me throw you into my job, okay? Here’s this kid you met a month ago who doesn’t adjust well to change. You’re now responsible for his life. By the way he runs out of the house sometimes so lock the door. Like, UGH I can’t even put into words how stupid I feel when I tell people I nanny. Yes, it sounds grand when I say I can go home for 4 hours or that I can read my book while he watches TV or that I have 3-day weekends every week, but I know that none of my friends could do it. They talk a big game but if I thrust them into my job they couldn’t do it.

And then there’s Vacation Bible School. I’m running it at my church this year. Running it. Not just volunteering. I’m running it. That means I pick the program, I assign volunteers, I buy supplies, I make decorations, I prep crafts, I respond to emails. I do every damn thing. Yes I have help from a few adults at church, but help consists of them answering questions I have via email. I’ve been cutting out damn felt bears for hours and slicing and painting cardboard and running to the dollar store and CRYING because it’s so much work. Like I said earlier, I have 4 hours while my kid’s at summer school, but I can’t just go home and sleep. For 4 hours straight I’m driving around town buying supplies and then going home and working some more. It’s exhausting. And then on the weekends I’m doing more of it. Every second of me not doing something is another second I’m falling behind. The only time I have to fully relax and sit on my computer without feeling guilty is when I’m in bed. Right now as I’m typing this I’m taking a break from cutting more bears. I should be doing that but I desperately needed to stop. I’m going insane.

On top of all of that my best friend (who I planned to do a million things with this summer), is suddenly always busy. We have plans and then I remind her to ask her mom and she’s like “Oh wait I’m busy that day.” Okay well I’m busy from August to May, seven hours away from you and this is your only time to see me. Can’t you make time? I’m always the one asking to make plans and she’s always the one shutting them down. I miss my best friend and I’m sick of begging her to spend time with me.

This is not the summer I wanted. I’m tired all the time. When I said the only time I can get on my laptop is at night, I didn’t mention that by 9:00 I want to go to bed. Tonight I’m watching Big Brother which is on from 9-10 and I already just want to DVR it.

Like I said, I know my life is so easy. I’m so lucky to have this job that everyone wants and this and that. I just am so sick of people acting like this isn’t hard for me. No one is taking me seriously and I’m sick of it. I’m so so sick of it. I love the kid I nanny, even though he drives me up the wall insane sometimes. I’m so excited for the actual week of VBS and I know it’s going to do so much for the kids who go. I know all of these things but that doesn’t make any of this easier.

I’m going to have nightmares about red felt bears attacking me in my sleep. I so don’t want to work on them anymore but we only have 68 done and that’s not enough. That’s not nearly enough. I’m on the constant verge of tears and ohmygod I’m so tired.

So long story short I haven’t been on all that much because I’m slowly dying everyday x

Look at them! LOOK! My heart actually stopped for half a second. Alex is just so adorable when they’re embarrassed.
(I cropped May and Hades out for a variety of reasons, mostly to keep the focus on my lovely Mx. Cyprin here, but also cause they look just significantly less innocent than Alex does here.)

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That seungchuchu little thing was the cutest thing ever?? Just to be obnoxious and give my input, I've lived in Korea for several years and it's my native language. For m/m couples, the ones I've known so far sometimes do call the other hyung, sometimes they don't. Like the ask before me said, 자기야 (darling/honey) is a more common address for really close couples. I haven't really seen 내사랑 (my love) used in a public or verbal context. It's a little weird to speak it in a conversation? (1/2)

It’s not common for Koreans to use terms that include possessive adjectives out in front, from my experience, and even if they do, it’s often the other’s name. But in like written form, like letters, GO CRAZY WITH STUFF LIKE THAT. It’s the cutest and more adorably intimate thing ever. (2/2) thank you for blessing us with your writing! I can’t wait for more!

(in reference to this post and this one)

oooh omgomog ok thank you that is good to know!!! i just [clenches fist] love terms of endearment so much and seunggil—stony and serious seunggil—using them on phichit ohmygod can you just imagine it just. ok. pause rn. and picture it. seunggil calling phichit 자기야 (”jagiya”) and phichit just preening