i love them so much it's actually unreal

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Why am I so obsessed with your blog lately??? Ive been on here like twice a day for a week and I've gone so far back in your tags it's actually unreal! I love everything about this blog! Anyways, you're an above-averagely cool individual so rock on, my fine friend. Seems like you're no stranger to carrying your head high. PS: your family is stinkin' adorable. what a beautiful inspiration. xoxo.

There’s so much I can’t say but feel about all of this. Everyday is new and brings a new level of revealed truth and emotions.
I’m dealing with resentment and disgust now.
I don’t want to post much bout those feelings and experiences though.
I’m having them. They’re strong and real and are oddly healing too.
But to be open and verbal about the depth of them is dangerous. There are a thousand bouncing thoughts that are now beginning to settle. I’m beginning to see who people really are instead of who I hoped they were. I held many people in higher esteem than they deserved. I’m starting to tap into the reality of what that means.
It’s a different kind of loss and grief to comprehend.

We go through levels of grief, right… But it isn’t in steps. I’m finding more that I’m slipping around between them.
I’m sure my blog is boring right now, as I’m trying to navigate through this.
I appreciate you sticking around. I’m surprised that you’re invested still.
Thank you for caring about me so much.

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What keeps you shipping OQ? I feel like I'm still shipping them only based on 3B, and maybe a few scenes in 4A and 5A. After 4A, we have nothing new to talk about except this stupid baby storyline. This is OQ's entire story, the baby plot, and there wasn't even any payoff for OQ. Idk. Do you think OQ can ever recover from this nonsense? What I mean is, do you think the focus of their storyline will ever shift to their relationship again, to something other than the baby?

I think part of the bedrock of their relationship is the respect and admiration they have for each other as parents, so if you think that the baby storyline is something that needs to be shunted aside, or something that has no payoff for them, you’re overlooking the core of their characters. 

She loves that he is a good dad, he loves that she is a good mom. Do they love this situation? No. But It’d wager that when they get back from the underworld and hopefully have some time to settle in and try to be a family, she’s going to love watching him be a good dad to his children, and he’s going to love watching her open her heart to do the same. Parenthood is the most fulfilling thing in Regina’s life - it saved her - and I believe Robin has said similar things about Roland saving him after Marian’s death. 

It’s a terrible, terrible storyline, and it pushes them forward in their relationship way too quickly, but I do think that for Robin and Regina, parenting with a partner they love and respect, building a home and raising a family, that’s incredibly fulfilling. And it was always going to be a family that was stitched together with love, not biology. 

I do wish they would give them more time, and more focus. I wish if they were going to do this damn baby storyline they’d give it the screen time its due, so we can see them move through it, and all the complicated emotions, and the eventual emotional payoff of them doing this together would maybe feel more earned that way. But it’s OUAT, I’ve learned not to expect much. lol

As for what keeps me shipping them - I love that they’re grown. They’re mature. They are committed to each other, and that’s enough for them. They want to be together, and be content, and raise their kids. There’s a simplicity to them that I actually really enjoy. A realism, despite the totally unreal situations that they’re in. They’re supportive, and steady, and yet we still know there’s this undercurrent of passion there. I wish we got to see a bit more of that passion, but I have to say that as much as I love the morning-after-in-the-vault kisses (and I do, oh god, I do) two of my favorite OQ kisses have been this season. Her kissing him by the side of the pond after he’s almost taken to hell, and their kiss in Camelot before he goes to get her tea. And I love that last one so much because it is small, and domestic, and settled. 

And that’s what I’d love to see them have the chance to be - domestic and settled. Because at the end of the day, Regina’s not someone whose dream was adventure. Or power. Or riches. Or any of that. Her dream was to love. And with Robin, she gets that. And that’s why I ship them so hard, I guess. I’m not shipping them any less this season than I was in 3B or in 4. If anything, I ship them more.