i love them so much it's actually physically painful

Just rewatching scenes and...

can we just talk about Greg Ellis knocking Cullen’s lines out of the park for a minute?

Read moring for gushing fangirlism and Cullen romance spoilersss

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OITNB season 3 thoughts (not in any particular order)

Piper what the actual fuck. 

Stella is bae.

Alex is also bae?

Nicky is also bae??


Pennsatucky, your redemption arc is equal to Zuko’s in its greatness. And also, Coates can fuck himself because you’re too good for him.

Boo, you are such a cinnamon roll.

I love Gloria and Sophia so much, and seeing them fight physically pains me.

Pornstache is Pornstache no more.

Daya you are too precious for prison. 

I may have gained a slight ounce of respect for Aleida.

Seriously, Piper, what the actual fuck.

Um, I hate Healy but ship him and Red??

Soso and Poussey? Hell yes.

I actually really want to read Suzanne’s weird smut.

Norma, I love you, but no.

I miss Nicky so fucking much.

Bennet, you’re crossed off my bae list. For now.

Piper, goddammit.