i love them so much i had to gif them

Just wanted to point out that (like @hufflepuffpanda said in her post,  his heart eyes are on) BUT ALSO LOOK AT HIM, HE NODDED!!!!!!! If Adam wasn’t there, he would have totally said something like ‘‘yeah, she really is’‘ and Kristen would have figured it all out (you know that he is incredibly in love with Amy)

(Click on the pic for a higher resolution).

The coloured version, as requested! I simplified Moon’s colour scheme MASSIVELY and made the non-white elements paler so as to not clash so much with the white that now takes up a majority of the outfit (so it’s not as dramatic a change from Super to Eternal). And thanks to Photoshop’s animation function, I can show what the “standard” uniform would look like for each of the senshi.

I hope you like them!

Like them…? Sorry but I don’t like them… I LOVE THEM!.

Sis you keep proving how talented and skilled you are!. Your vision of the Eternal fuku looks even better in colour!. Wish they had went with this design 💖.

Gabriel The Sweetie

gif is not mine

Title: Gabriel The Sweetie

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 762

Warnings: hurt/comfort, angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all love this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

You sat in the middle of your bed, staring at your phone.  Your ex was texting you repeatedly.  They went on and on about how terrible you were and how you’d never find a love like you had with them.  Not only that, but they were already telling you about how they had met someone else.  It was starting to become unbearable.

You thought that when you broke it off with them, that the torture would stop, but it didn’t.  If anything, it only made things worse for you.  You tried to talk to Sam and Dean about it, but there was nothing they could do or say to make things better.  They weren’t the most comforting people in the world.

There was a knock on your door and Gabriel came through seconds later.  The smile that was on his face quickly faded as he saw the indifferent expression on your lips.  “[Y/N] are you okay,” Gabriel asked, suddenly worried that something was wrong.  “Where’s that smile that I’m so used to seeing?”

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Title: Meals on Wheels

(gif belongs to of-badges-of-guns <3)

A/N: Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: Anon - “I love your writing so much is it possible to have 65, 22 with Gibbs please ? They are always fantastic<3”

Word Count: 706
Pairing: Jethro Gibbs x Reader & Team x Reader

22. “You smell nice.”
65. “I brought you dinner.”

Being a member of high clearance and the DOD you knew about all-nighters, all-nighters and forgetting to eat or simply not having the time to get food. It was the same for your husband, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. His job - one of the main things that attracted you to him some years ago - involved a lot of late nights that turned into all-nighters. This wasn’t any different.

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Oookay. So. I guess this is a Christmas/General holiday present for @thatsthat24 because I love him very much.
I worked a good 2 weeks on this because I’m busy and don’t have time to animate much. Not counting when I wasn’t working on it this still took a good 10 hours. I’m not proud of how choppy the animation is, but I hope, Thomas, that you can appreciate it? Plus I’m relatively proud of the art itself

Anyways, for @thatsthat24
I made this because you pulled me out of a terrible place. I’ve had crippling anxiety since losing my dad at the age of 6, and some form of depression with it since I was young, and I’ve been suicidal for many years. Pretty much for the past two years I’ve had nights at LEAST once a week usually more where all I wanted at all was to be dead and for the pain to be gone. And for many of those nights there were things and people who snapped me out of it for the time being. But the feeling came back every time, within a week. And those people have saved my self.

However, I’ve been watching your stuff since around when you started making Vines and you always cheered me up at least a little. But it wasn’t regularly. After a while I lost you for a few months until a month or so ago, when I rediscovered you and was instantly hooked, far more than before. I instantly started drawing things for you and sending them and you saw all of them and said such nice things and it just boosted my low confidence so much and made me so much happier. Your words make me smile and cry but in the end it all makes me feel better and not worse, no matter how strong my reaction. And not just your words to me, it’s your undying love for your fans, both as your fans and as individual people that keeps me going and feeling loved.
Since I got hooked with you and started actually interacting with you, I’ve definitely had some extreme lows. Many anxiety and panic attacks and more than a few mental breakdowns. But never since I first registered how much you meant to me and how much happier you make me have I wanted to kill myself or wished death upon myself. That’s progress for me.

This is getting long so I’m gonna try to wrap it up.
This animation/gif thing is pretty much to show how Thomas made my month a happy time with sad times in it not a sad time with happy days sprinkled through, and how he brought a lot more happiness into my every day life.

Tldr; Thomas Sanders is an angel who saved my life

I was rereading The Lynburn Legacy last week and I kept noticing all of Kami’s descriptions of her clothes… All of these are (at least partly) described in the books. ft. Jared’s jacket. separate images on my art blogsociety6 

(also partly inspired by walkingnorth‘s fashionable fictional character thing :))

Lucifer’s Preening

gif is not mine

Title: Lucifer’s Preening

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,209

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This is a second part to An Angel’s Preening   which was requested by @cadyjay and @mylittlesupertimewolf. I hope you all love this as much as I do <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3

Ever since you preened Gabriel and Castiel’s wings, word about it traveled around in heaven.  You knew Balthazar had to be the one who spilled the beans.  You didn’t want to spend your days preening the wings of every angel in heaven.  You needed to get some air.  You grabbed your coat, brushing past the Winchester brothers.  “I’ll be back in an hour or two.  I just need some fresh air,” you shouted over your shoulder.

“Be careful out there,” Dean yelled, his voice stern.

“Always am,” you shot back.  You smiled to yourself at how protective they were of you.  You climbed the stairs, exiting the bunker in a hurry.  If you had to preen another set of wings you were going to go insane.  

As you walked down the road, your eyes scanned the area around you.  It was peaceful and quiet; just what you needed.  You felt the breeze flow through your hair as you closed your eyes.  Your eyes shot open at the sudden sensation of someone or something else’s hands on you.  When you looked around, you noticed you weren’t by the bunker anymore.  You were in some strange room in a building.

You looked around the strange room, suddenly all alone.  You shrugged, “I guess I’ll just leave.”  You grabbed the blade you kept in your jacket.

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Am I allowed to submit more than one? Because your writing is just so spot on that I need as much of it as I can get - requested by @impalaimagining

Read THIS (Girlfriend part 1) then give THIS (little drabble I did for Girlfriend) a glance then read THIS ( Girlfriend 2) - now, as you were…

You had always loved the Supernatural Conventions; you had watched all of them on YouTube courtesy of the fans that had recorded and posted them for all to enjoy. This was however, the first time you had attended a Supernatural Convention. Being Jared Padalecki’s girlfriend definitely had some perks, and not just the obvious ones. Jared had set up everything so you had access anywhere. 

This was easy, you thought to yourself as you strolled through the vendors area. You and Jared had not gone public with your relationship yet and no one knew who you were. You were just another fan here to enjoy the weekend. 

The last three months had been amazing since you met Jared on that family cruise. You didn’t get to see each other, but you spoke every day, video calling when time allowed. When he told you he wanted you to come to the Convention this weekend, you jumped at the chance to spend time with him. So here you were, biding your time while he and Jensen did their photo ops and meet and greets. You picked up a few things for Mary as you looked around and a few for yourself as well. 

Your phone started buzzing and lit up with Jared’s face. 

“Hi Baby! You all done now?” I asked, answering my phone.

“Yeah, we are. I have about an hour before the afternoon panel starts. Meet me by the back door and we can grab some lunch before okay?” Jared asked.

You met up with him and the two of you were able to enjoy a quiet lunch before the panel started. Even though you had a seat, you were staying in the green room during the panel and were having the time of your life as everybody passed through. You got to watch everything on the screen backstage and laughed watching the boys have a good time. Where did the fans come up with these questions?!

“Hi, my question is for Jared.” You heard the young girls voice. “Jensen posted on his Twitter and Instagram accounts that he and Danneel dragged you on their family Disney cruise a few months ago. I wanna know if you had any fun or if you got stuck watch JJ and the Twinckles while Jensen and Danneel had a good time?” She giggled at the end of her question and it was so cute.

“Well, that is a good question, Miss. Turns out I did have a really good time. I grumbled the entire flight to Jay for dragging me on that vacation, complaining about being there, the flight, the cruise, everything. And now I have to thank him for bringing me on the best vacation I have ever had.” Jared replied to her question, keeping eye contact with her. This is how they really connect with the fans.

“Really, how so?” She asked him.

He looked a little shy before he flicked his tongue out, running it over his kips. “Well, I actually met someone on that cruise. Y’all may not know this, but…” He paused and through the screen, I saw him get up off his stool and head backstage. My heart was stuck in my throat. He is not going to do what I think he is going to do, is he? I am so shy and if he thinks he is gonna drag me out there on that stage, he is insane.

“Baby?” I heard him ask me, but I refused to open my eyes and look at him. I just shook my head. 

“Jared, I can’t go out there.” I opened my eyes and they locked on his instantly. “I can’t.”

“Taylor, you can. I don’t want to hide you from anyone. You are family. We are all family. Please?” He wrapped his arms around me and I felt safe. “I won’t let go of you for a second. I promise.” I nodded and he led me out on stage and helped me up onto his stool.

The crowd was crazy loud and I was turning multiple shades of red, but he didn’t leave my side. Jensen rose and gave me a big hug.  Kissing my temple, he whispered in my ear “We got you, it’s okay.” 

Jared cleared his throat, turning back to the fan and continued, “So y’all, I was telling you I met someone. Everybody say ‘Hi’ to Taylor.” The crowd went wild, everyone yelling ‘hi.’ 

“Hi everyone.” I spoke into the microphone Jared held in front of me. 

“So I just wanted y’all to meet my girlfriend. She is the reason that trip was the best of my life.” He wrapped his arms around me, kissing me gently in front of everyone. “I love you.” He murmured in my ear.

I turned my head to whisper in his ear so only he could hear me. “Amen Padaleski.” 

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C’mon In

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: C’mon In

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,116

Warnings: talk of abuse, angst, fluff, hurt/comfort

A/N: I know it’s late, but I was easily convinced to post this tonight. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

This was requested by anon: I’d like to request a Pride imagine of the reader going to Pride after their ex beat them and Pride cleaning the reader up and comforting them.

It was late at night and Pride was walking through the squad room.  He stopped to look at your desk.  You had been on edge lately and he was worried about you.  Earlier in the day, you had jumped at his touch.  It broke Pride’s heart.  As much as he wanted to know what was going on, he didn’t want to pry.

“Pride,” you squeaked, standing in the entrance to the office.  You were holding your arms, your keys in your hands.  “I need your help…”

When the agent peered over at you, his eyes grew wide.  You were covered in cuts and bruises.  Your nose and lip were bloody and there was a cut on your forehead.  It didn’t look too deep, fortunately for you.

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I will never in my life get over this gif. 😩 Like, Tristan…this is being RECORDED!!! u smug faced bitch… 😶 And then we have Bradley who is clearly unfazed by the whole situation. And even though it’s hard to tell, I’m almost possible that he had that douchebag smile going on behind his hand. 😤 Someone please send HELP!! I hate these cute motherfuckers and their inability to control their hormones… (Team Tradley…i hate them so much. 😭)

We’re going vintage in this companion piece to the Astro Orbitor!

I had to include the skyway, as it holds special significance to me: many moons ago in vintage Tomorrowland, my dad proposed to my mom while sky-bucketing from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland. Dawww right? 

(Actually, they rode them the wrong way the first time, and he made my unsuspecting mom ride them again so the order from fantasy to tomorrow would be right for the proposal!)

Posterized Parks Series // Tomorrowland

AN: Sorry if this is a little later than I had hoped for, today was just plain awful :( but, I still am happy that I was able to get it up. Writing these imagines just makes my day brighter! Anyway, this is part two to “The Dance”. Like I always say, I don’t normally do sequels, but I needed a break from some of the new requests (I love you guys so much for sending them) and when someone requested it I couldn’t say no. Thanks anon! *The gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore all spelling errors! Xoxoxoo :3

Recap: Natasha knows that Pietro is attracted to you (reader) but you don’t believe her, so she dares you to give him a lap dance in front of everyone. You, being drunk like the rest of them, do it and Pietro decides that he’s had enough of the dance and wants something else…

Warning: Smut. I am awful at writing it, so don’t be expecting good quality smut (is that even a thing?).


“The Dance” (Part Two)

One second you were in the living room giving Pietro (and the rest of the Avengers really) a show that you would only ever give if you were drunk, and the next you were slammed up against a bedroom door. He still held your legs at his side, your feet dangled at his hips.

Pietro’s lips were on your neck in a second; sucking on your skin, softly biting, and completely driving your crazy.

“Pietro…” You groaned as you dug your fingers in his bleach white hair, pulling at it and making him moan.

He reached around you, still keeping his lips on your neck, and fumbled to find the door handle. When he did he kicked it open and practically threw you onto his bed. He left you there for a small moment, quickly shutting the door then coming back to you. He hovered above your, staring down at you with his big blue eyes.

“Before we get too far, I was hoping that you would finish that dance…” Pietro said huskily. You grinned drunkenly at him and nodded slowly.

Pietro moved so quickly that you had barley been able to see him get up. He grabbed a chair that was sitting in the corner and placed it across from where you were sitting on the bed, the back pressed up against the wall.

You cocked up and eyebrow at him as he sat back in the chair, watching you with hungry eyes.

“You coming, baby?”

You smiled at the double meaning. “Not yet, but you will be.”

He grinned as you made your way over to him and sat on him like you had before. He began to move your hips, but this time you were much more comfortable because you were alone.

Pietro swore in his native tongue and began to roll his hips up to yours with matching speed. You groaned loudly and arched your back.

He laughed huskily and began to assault your skin with his mouth once more.

Within a split second, the rolls reversed and you were in the chair and Pietro was on to of you, grinding on you. His pace was a lot quicker and rougher than your had been.

“Pietro!” You all but shouted.

He grabbed you and quickly slammed you back on the bed.

Gasping, you both worked to rip off each other’s clothing. You wondered if you would have ever done this if you were sober.

“Nat thought that you liked me…” You said between heavy breaths. “That’s why she dared me to give you a lap dance…”

He kissed your lips roughly and mumbled. “Baby, I’ve like you for a long time.”

He placed kisses all down your neck and over your chest whilst mumbling onto your skin, something along the lines of  ’Remind me to thank Romanoff later’.

You were both naked soon enough, and the next hour or so of your life was full of pleasure and some mild foreign swears.

Pietro rolled off of you and stroked the hair that was sticking to your face from the sweat, bot of you were breathing heavily. “Y/N, maybe we should, you know, actually go out on a date sometime.”

((*Covers my face up to hide my insane blush* I am sorry if this smut sucked, I’m not really good at writing them. I know it was short, so sorry about that too. I hope you guys liked it still though! Tell me what you thought! Xoxoxo :3))


I love this because after the whole unofficial break up between them in Texas and them starting to date other people, I’m pretty sure their friendship has crippled a bit and is trying to figure out what exactly is “normal” again. They haven’t really found a grounding for their new relationship and conversations have been pretty awkward between them. So the reason I love this so much is because Lucas doesn’t HAVE to bump in to her, he consciously does it because he wants some kind of contact from her after who knows how long of a drought he has had from Riley’s usual touchy nature. He could of easily have said “excuse me” or waited for her to move slightly for him to get by, but nope! He gallops along smiling because he finally has a reason to be in close proximity with Riley. You can literally see Riley’s shock and internal screaming due to Lucas being so close again, she doesn’t even look him in the face. I love that she’s so stoic and expressionless to all of it, and you can just imagine her heart beating so fast after that pang of shock it receives from realizing its Lucas right next to her. Just imagine that current of happiness, nervousness, and excitement you get when you can literally feel your crush right next to you, I don’t know about you but that’s what I imagine Riley must be feeling at that moment. I’m sorry I just love this scene so much!

The TPTB Quotes ~ Calzona

Shonda Rhimes, Writer, ‘Sanctuary’ & 'Death And All His Friends" | Grey’s Anatomy 06x23 & 06x24|

“When I pitched this finale at the beginning of Season 6 (those of you who know me know that I pitch the end of the season first and we work towards it), when I pitched a gunman shooting up the hospital, it seemed fine.
Really it did.
And then 20 or so episodes later, I started to write it and it did not seem fine. It did not seem fine at all. On an almost daily basis, I would come into work and throw myself down on the sofa in the middle of the office and burst into tears like a…well, like a bitch baby. And I would tell the other Grey’s writers, “I don’t think I can do this. It’s too horrible. People are getting hurt. That man is shooting them.” Buckets of bitch baby tears….

Callie and Arizona. Are together! Yay! I don’t like them apart. They are so great as a couple, so funny and sweet and emotional, that keeping them apart was not even an option right now.
This baby thing, it is hard. It is an impossible situation. But in the end, they were each willing to give a little. And that means they can make it work. No matter what they end up actually deciding on the baby front. When they kiss at the end, that’s the one bright spot we have to hold on to.
They love each other. Nothing else matters.“

“Callie and Arizona. I mean, I feel like we watched what I thought was a really lovely progression between the two of them.
Going from Callie being furious at Arizona and not talking to her at all, to Arizona saying the thing that I think she’s been thinking all season. If you notice every time Callie says, ‘We have to talk,’ Arizona would say, ‘Are you going back to men? Is that what’s going on? Are you going back to men?’
Her greatest fear is that Callie is a visiting lesbian, she’s a vacationing lesbian, she’s not actually in this relationship. Callie says, ‘When are you gonna stop blaming me for not being good enough lesbian for you?’ And Arizona says, ‘When, you know, you prove to me that you’re really in love with me and not with being in love.’
And that was such a wonderful true moment of two people who are basically saying their greatest fear. They’re arguing, but they’re saying their greatest fear.
Cause Callie’s afraid she’s not good enough lesbian, and Arizona’s afraid that Callie doesn’t really love her. And, when in fact you discover in that scene with Gary Clark, the exact opposite’s true.
They both really love each other. And Callie’s speech to that little girl about Arizona’s super magic smile is one of my favorite things ever. It’s the sweetest, sweetest moment. And I love that in that moment Arizona’s first instinct is to throw her body over a child. And Callie’s instinct is to protect them both.
It was very beautiful and kind of a metaphor for them and their future and the family unit, which I thought was really beautiful.
So I loved the end, and we talked about this- Jessica and Sara and I talked about this a lot in the writer’s room- In the end, Sara says, ‘I don’t wanna ha-‘ Callie says, ‘I don’t wanna have kids if it means I can’t be with you.’ And Arizona says, ‘We’ll have kids. We’ll have tons of kids. We’ll have ten kids. Cause I can’t live without you and our ten kids.’ It’s like my favorite moment, because it’s not really about kids at all.
The kids issue is not settled. What’s settled is they know they wanna be together no matter what. So that was kind of an amazing moment. I felt like it was a grown up moment for the two of them. It’s not about what you’ll give me or won’t give me. It’s about them.”

"It was such an experience…. At the table read for the first part of the season finale, I was worried for my unborn child, my blood pressure was so through the roof. Every time the gunman would come around the corner, we’d just be terrified! It wasn’t until the second part that he came into peds, and literally, when they got to the stage direction where he appears in the door, I screamed. Screamed, screamed, screamed – a lot. It was very well mapped out, and it amply terrified everyone. There was so much more, Shonda probably could have made that a four-hour finale. But yeah, we kinda got off easy.” - Jessica Capshaw

“You know Jessica and I laughed a lot because we didn’t ..our characters didn’t get hurt, at all. We came 'this’ close to the shooter but unscathed, made it out alive and changed people because of it. I just think, the whole episode is such reminder that how short life can be and there are so many things that are out of our control. And, that well connected. There have been so many shootings in schools, colleges, high schools and it’s just really saddening. And I think it just brought the point home that our characters are really traumatized by all this in different ways and it was just a reminder how precious life is.” - Sara Ramirez

Other Quotes

“I was surprised because everyone was surprised. But I actually had the personal experience of having a friend who is married to a pediatric neurosurgeon, and I was able to glean from him the perspective that when your day, for years and years, is comprised of saving children’s lives, you know every single thing that can go wrong…. And even though though [Arizona] said it has nothing to do with her brother having died, I think there’s some of that in there.
Someone once said to me, “To have a child is to understand what it’s like to have your heart walk around outside your body.” Why would you want to love something more than anything else in the whole world if you knew all the things that can go wrong? So I understood it. Also, I was talking to one of the writers and she said – and I think it’s so true – that Arizona needed some dirtying up. She was so perfect.
She would be like, “I’m not having kids, I’m not relenting,” which doesn’t sound great, when the fact is that straight or gay, we expect women to have kids. So it was interesting to hear her reason for not wanting to have that. And Callie wasn’t that nice about her pushback – “Well, I do.” I’m sure [that debate] will continue to go on, especially with the bloggers” - Jessica Capshaw

“Well what she has been through has obviously been an amazing journey of self discovery, and, has now found someone who really wants to be with her and is happy to be with her and loves her and likes her and all that serious stuff and an equal.
Arizona Robbins, I think brings in a much deserved and much needed kind of love that she hasn’t had yet.
And so what we’re gonna see is the two of them exploring that kind of positive, healthy relationship that is grounded, and it doesn’t mean that they don’t argue or have moments like that but I think that’s gonna be nice. I think Callie kind of deserves that right now” - Sara Ramirez

“Jessica is amazing, She and Sara have really committed [to this story], and they have amazing chemistry together. It’s been great to watch that develop. For me, it is very ‘Mer-Der-like’ to watch them together.” - Shonda Rhimes

A Jurassic Love Story

 Prompt- “Oooo could you do a prompt where Owen and reader are both raptor handlers, but are getting married and they end up getting married in the raptor enclosure as they wanted their girls to be a par of the wedding." 

Warnings- None 

 Requested by-Anon 

 *flashback* (6 years ago)

 Whistle after whistle. You walked up the stairs to the raptor paddock, giving guys the middle finger each time they’d whistle. Sure you were the only female that worked there, but it didn’t give them the right to disrespect you. Owen, your new boss, met you at the top of the stairs. 

 "You must be Y/N." 


 "Pleasure to meet you. Now, prepare for rejection, the raptors usually don’t take a liking to new employees.” You smiled and brought your fingers to your lips, and whistled. Four raptors came barreling through the underbrush. They chattered as you gave them commands, but they listening and completed every command. Once you threw them a treat, you smirked and dusted your hands before leaving a dumbfounded Owen behind. 

 (5 ½ years ago)

 You peeked around the corner at Owen, who was trying, and failing, to talk to the raptors. 

 "Blue, what do you think? Should I ask her out? I really like Y/N. So yes. Yes I should. Wait- I can’t. What if she rejects me?“ Blue and the others made a sound that sounded like a laugh, resulting in you laughing. Owen spun around and without missing a beat, you answered his question. 


 (1 year ago)

 "Come on, Y/N!” Owen urged as he pulled you toward the raptor paddock. 

“Did we not just leave here? I thought we were going home!” Owen only smiled and laughed as he dragged you up the steps. 

 "So?“ You squinted at Blue in the trees, eating something that looked like a banner. 

 "Is Blue eating a banner?” Owen’s eyes widened as he turned around and face palmed. Barry was bent over laughing.

 "It’s not funny! That was supposed to say ‘Will you marry me?’ But it’s ruined. Stupid me. I shouldn’t of put that much faith into them.“ Owen mumbled, his eyes had a glassy look to them. 

 "Well to answer your question, yes. Yes, I will marry you.” Owen looked at you surprised. He wrapped his arms around your waist and spun you around. 


 You smiled at the memories, your head laid on Owen’s shoulder as you danced. The raptors chattered as you and Owen danced. Owen kissed he top of your head, and you felt a tear hit your head. You pulled back a little bit.

 "Are you crying?“ He shook his head, but you knew better. 

 "I love you, Owen. So much.”

-Future- (8 years)

 "Y/D/N! Come on! We’re going to see the raptors.“ You yelled up the stairs. 

"I’m coming Mommy!” Your five year old daughter said as she ran down the stairs. You held your six month old in your arms. 

 "Let’s go see, Daddy.“


I changed it around a bit! I hope you still like it! Feedback appreciated!

i recently hit 10k followers and to be honest i never expected to hit this number especially since all i ever do is cry over the boys. this warmed up the end of my 2016 and i definitely do not deserve this amount of love but i thank each and every one of you for always showing me so much love.  so i’m here with another follow forever because without these people my blog probably won’t even last for so long. 💕

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