i love them so much do you remember the way it was before that

kent is a people-pleaser kind of like bitty but also really not.

bitty likes to please others by disappearing and helping and being helpful and useful and invisible. he wants to give you what you needed before you even knew you needed it. he wants to figure people out and he wants to make them feel safe and listened to and understood and cared for. he’s supportive in one of the best ways, just doing his best for everyone because he doesn’t want anyone to ever feel alone the ways that he sometimes did growing up. but he also doesn’t want to draw too much attention to it and he gets embarrassed if you give him too much credit for how much he does for others. but he does so much.

kent wants to make himself pleasing. he likes crowds and he likes entertaining people and every second of his life he is trying to make sure everyone around him is having good time and feels cool and fun and funny. kent pays attention to you and remembers your major and gives you his full attention, always, because that makes people happy, and he wants people to be happy because they are around him. he wants you to feel amazing when you spend time with him, because then you will like him and you will like being around him. kent parson is great at parties.

and like. the thing is. people-pleasing is a trait usually adopted by socially anxious people who are really really really worried about being disliked. it’s a defense mechanism. it’s “i am afraid everyone hates me so i am going to do everything i can to be the most Likeable person possible so that maybe marginally fewer people will hate me.” it can be a great, lovely trait, but it’s also one that can be indicative of some deeper self-esteem issues. and bitty and kent absolutely both have those in spades.

which is one reason why i love bittyparse. because bitty and parse’s people-pleasing traits are so different but they actually complement each other so well. these two dudes are legitimately good for each other.

kent’s version of people-pleasing makes the other person feel like they are cool and interesting and awesome, which is something bitty absolutely is but doesn’t quite believe he is. but kent parson is great at making people feel like they are great. being around him would make bitty feel sexy and fun and likeable, to the point that bitty would really start to believe it. i think being around kent would inspire bitty to some confidence he doesn’t quite have yet, which he really really deserves and needs. because bitty would try to deflect and say, “aw, thanks, but it’s no big deal,” and kent would stare him down and say, “no, it’s awesome, you’re awesome, i can’t believe how thoughtful you are.” kent parson would not let bitty disappear. he wouldn’t take for granted all that bitty does.

AND THEN KENT. kent needs someone to watch him and care about him and help. quietly. because if someone helps him too loudly kent is just gonna get embarrassed and shut down (at first; he gets better about it over time). but making a scene is not bitty’s style. instead, bitty is just. there. noticing and observing and helping. making kent feel like he is worth the effort and time and care. bitty would make kent feel like there is always someone noticing him and paying attention to him and. just. kent needs that. he needs to know that someone cares about him for him, because part of him is afraid that people only like him because he makes them feel good, that it’s all fake, that if he turns it off for one fucking moment everyone’s going to leave him. but bitty would never make him feel like that. bitty is just. steady. always, always steady.

anyway i love them and they’re great together.

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i hope you'll feel better soon! congrats on the followers!!! also, do you have any bilingual hunk&lance headcanons?

Thank you so much!!! And as for the headcanons…

  • I may have mentioned this before, but I have this headcanon that Lance is super good at learning languages. He loves to learn them too because it means that he can talk to and get to know more people, which is pretty awesome tbh. 
  • He caught on to English real quick because he always took the time to listen to American music and sing along, it’s the best way to practice language if you ask me.
  • He loves to listen to music in all different languages, even if he doesn’t quite understand them yet.
  • He probably took French in high school because it’s the so-called “language of love” and he wanted to impress people he was flirting with. Turns out he really enjoyed learning it and he wants to learn a bunch of new languages in the future.
  • Lance has trouble trying to remember various words all the time because he keeps coming up with the word in a different language, which is not what he needs right now, thank you very much.
  • He talks to himself in Spanish when he’s feeling homesick, it’s a comforting sound and it keeps him grounded. Plus, it reminds him of his family and the fact that he’s doing this for them.
  • Hunk probably learned English a lot earlier on in life because of how common it is on Samoa, but he prefers speaking Samoan to anything. He never uses English when he’s with his family.
  • He talks to himself in Samoan all the time, it’s so calming and he loves it because it’s such a pretty language and it makes him feel at home.
  • Lance and Hunk will rant to each other in Spanish and Samoan respectively because, even though they can barely understand a word of what the other is saying, it’s such a nice feeling to be able to talk freely. 
  • They are the greatest of friends and will often teach each other small phrases and words because just spreading the language is a happy feeling.
for god’s sake, delete his messages, or stop reading them at least. stop letting him control your thoughts. come up with something different to think about when he pops into your mind. trust yourself. spend your time doing something that makes you happy. stop blaming yourself. remember that things worked out this way for a reason. know that you deserve better. get up everyday with a goal, and achieve it. know that some days will be worse than others, that some days you will still miss him so much it hurts. accept those days, and keep going. clean your room, keep yourself organized, and don’t look at pictures of him. don’t stalk him on social media, it will only hurt you more. stop over analyzing. most of all, don’t let him determine your happiness, learn to love yourself, and know you are worthy. he is not your existence, you were here before him and you will be fine without him.

how to get over the boy who was everything to you

everything i never say // #67

if you wanna break these walls down, you’re gonna get bruised

fandom: haikyuu!!
rating: m
pairings: iwaoi, bokuaka, kagehina, daisuga, kuroken, kiyoyachi, tsukkiyama
content warnings: violence, character death
other details: until dawn au; unfinished

This journal is an account of the wendigo. This creature is REAL and DANGEROUS! If you are reading this, you will have questions. But I do not have all the answers. This is all evidence and stories of my own experience.

“…‘Wendigo’,” Akaashi slowly repeated, narrowing his eyes. He had remembered hearing something about those before. Weren’t they some kind of old Native American legend? If so, what were they doing all the way in Japan?

The wendigo grows out of CANNIBALISM! When a human is desperate and craves food, trapped on the mountain in the fierce winter storms, when they have eaten nothing for many days, the Wendigo spirit will begin to possess them. Even the strongest are weak to it. They will kill without remorse. They will eat the flesh raw from the corpses.

The eyes turn first and become milky and white. Then the teeth become longer, like fangs. The creature grows and the skin is pulled taut across the bones.

There is no avoiding it.

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The Forgiveness Promise

The bee always pauses before it stings;

that’s why the taste of honey is so bitter-

because for a split second, the instant between pain and not-pain

was infinitesimal.

Forgive yourself for these moments.

For the tiny chasm between being OK and being less than.

Remember multiple choice, how certain options can be eliminated

in the blink of an eye, how sometimes spaces in which you feel good

can disappear as quickly as the tide recedes with the right pull of the moon.

But remember they can always reappear.

Forgive yourself whether or not they do.

And always, understand how love simultaneously

hurts and heals, how sometimes it can open holes

that feel like gaping chasms.

Forgiveness closes them all.

Tell yourself, I am my own dog-eared page in this story of life

with one corner folded down - I am saving my place,

no matter how much I would rather turn up the corner

and find my way out of this book for good.

Forgive yourself for wanting to find the way out.

Remember standing as a child knee-deep in mud and laughing,

when you were young and new

and nothing had changed, at least not yet.

Forgive yourself for all the changes.

Forgive yourself for how you feel.

Whatever is felt, feel it.

- Meggie Royer

When we feel pain, sometimes our first reaction is to blame ourselves for the pain, to tell ourselves we could have done something to prevent it. We sometimes think we brought it on ourselves. Sometimes we even think we deserve it. But the truth is it’s the very last thing we deserve. We have to learn to forgive ourselves for the moments when we feel like staying in bed rather than getting up to go to work, for the moments when we forget how to apologize and spit fire instead.

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SHIT MAN I REMEMBER FIRST FINDING DW OVER A YEAR AGO AND COMMENTING HOW MUCH I LOVED YOUR WRITING BUT DIDNT CARE FOR LEVI/EREN AS A SHIP BUT NOW YOURE GONNA DO VIKTUURI? marry me pls, I'm so happy I found your posts floating in the tags because NOW I KNOW and your writing is probably going to blow me away *again*

<3 <3 thank you, sorry for being one of those writer’s that hordes the one ship XD I can’t help it!

But I love viktuuri so much and can’t get the idea of them as wild fishes out of my head, so you guys are in luck!

I recently decided that I hate the way the first chapter turned out so I’m reordering everything and doing rewrites in the coming weeks, after I get a couple of assessments out of the way. So it might be a couple of weeks before I post that, but still soon :)

not for anything but I’ve been reading posts about slfl, and some people said that at the show last night the boys felt so much love that they got kind of emotional and luke was crying. and idk it just hit me hard because I think that people don’t realize they have feelings and think they don’t care about the fans, but they do, a lot. and I think that as fans we should remember that they are people and just because they are boys doesn’t mean that they don’t care about anything. so I guess just please think twice before you might post stuff that could be taken the wrong way, because I believe they do see a lot of it and it really can make them doubt themselves. spread love instead, because that’s what the new broken scene is all about and what they stand for

Look, I’ve been wanting to come back for a long time and I almost backed out today because the thought of lifting any boxes up to my condo was too much. Then I remembered that this lovely place has people, very very beautiful people, who do that for you.  Which is great because tour rehearsals are killing me right now —granted, they might not be killing me as much if I didn’t go home and eat half my weight in tacos every night, but that’s beside the point right? Speaking of tacos, I might have bought a bunch and placed them in the lobby area for anyone who wants them. As sort of a ‘hello, I’ve missed those of you who I know and am eager to meet those I don’t’. So, go help yourself before they’re all gone! There are beef, chicken, veggie, and vegan ones! Anyway, long story short, hello. I’m Selena, pickles are the way to my heart, and you look beautiful today. 

Do you remember in heir of fire when this happened?

“Rowan stiffened. He’d asked her point-blank what had happened when his friends had arrive—if any of them had tried to help. She had tried to avoid it, but he was relentless, and she finally told him that only Gavriel had shown any inclination. She didn’t blame his men. They didn’t know her, owed her nothing, and Rowan had been inside, in harm’s way. She didn’t know why it mattered so much to Rowan, and he told her it was none of her business.“

Why did Rowan make such a big deal of it? The only answer I can think of is that it happened before.

Lyria was the most important person in his life– still is probably. She was his mate and Rowan loved her above all else, but when he left her for war, were his friends with him when he was “winning all that glory [he]… so foolishly sought”?

“’And then we got word that our enemies had been secretly trying to gain entrance to Doranelle through the mountain passes.’“

Maeve is not stupid, she would not have called all her warriors to war without leaving some to guard Doranelle. We know that wolves guard the mountain passes to Doranelle. (Fenrys and Connall? Maybe even Gavriel.)

If they were in retreat when their enemies attacked, would Maeve have called those who lived in the mountains to evacuate? Most of the weak magicked  Demi-Fae lived there, as Mistward illustrates. Would Maeve have cared enough to let them take shelter in Doranelle? I think not.

“’I flew home. As fast as I’d ever flown. When I got there, I found that…found she had been with child. And they had slaughtered her anyway, and burnt our house to cinders.’“

Rowan’s friends, following orders from Maeve by retreating had not saved Lyria and even though Rowan could not hate them for it– they were merely following orders after all, but there must be some measure of resentment there. They had the power to save Lyria and they did not. Maybe that is why Rowan is not as close to his friends as he could have been. Maybe that is why he loathes Maeve with such rancor. And maybe that’s also why Rowan cares a lot more for the demi-Fae than his fellow immortals.

So two hundred or so years later, when the same thing happened: Aelin, his bonded and carranam was in need of help, or just someone to slap some sense into her and drag her past the barrier but yet again his friends left her in the dust like with Lyria.

And poor Rowan lost it when he saw that Aelin was going to die in those blasted mountians facing those horrible creatures. He completely lost it because he had failed to protect her once again. Rowan had left her to fight the Valg alone.

“’You left me, she had said to him.That was when he’d snapped—the wounds of centuries ago rising up to swallow him’“.


They were lying together in bed like they did most nights now.  She’d explained their whole situation to Adam by this point and he understood and, still a bit hesitantly, let her go sleep over with Holden most nights.  And so there they were, so much more comfortable and familiar with each other now than the first night she remembered both of them being stiff and unsure, but now they fit together perfectly and he held her and she curled up to his side and- it was just everything she could ask for and everything she was so afraid to lose.  Because she loved him- and she wasn’t really sure in what way yet.  She didn’t think she was in love with him, but that didn’t mean she could love him in a different way.  Even if it was confusing.  And then she thought back to weeks before when she’d talked to Jace in that stupid grocery store and she’d shouted feelings she didn’t even know she had…  Sex?  Holden was attractive- more than that he could even be hot at times without really understanding it even though Emma knew plenty of other girls did too.  And on top of it- there was this hope…  Because Emma never thought anyone would want to be intimate with her in that way due to the scars that were sketched into so much of her pale skin.  But Holden wasn’t afraid of her and he didn’t think they were disgusting.  “Hey Holden?…” she whispered, knowing he was still awake because his breathing hadn’t really steadied the way she learned it did when he fell asleep, “I uh- I was just wondering if you’ve ever had sex before…” she muttered, knowing the question was out of nowhere, and personal and her cheeks heated up a bit as she curled a little closer into his chest.

Interesting parts during James Dashner Google Hangout

He was interviewed on June 30, 2016 : his editor, Krista, read him questions written by the fans, and here’s what I’ll remember :D

Regarding the Fever Code :

- Here is a good question : in the Fever Code do we get to see how the characters (like Newt, and Alby and Minho…) were before the memory swipe?

- Absolutely, yep. I keep joking with people that in this book in some ways we have resurected certain characters that people love, because it’s a prequel, so they haven’t had a chance to meet their untimely demise yet. So, yeah, in The Fever Code, you will see all this people that most of you have fallen in love with, we’ll see Newt, we’ll see Chuck, we’ll see Alby, and we’ll see Teresa, and some of them are major characters in the books some of them are minor, but you will pretty much see everyone you know and love from the original trilogy in this book The Fever Code and they will have their full memories, and the whole thing, even the memories, well… I better quit talking but…. there’s some cool interesting things along the way.

Regarding Newtmas (or any ship, really) :

- Okay so, I am NOT a very versed… I haven’t much knowledge of fanfiction in terms of reading, I don’t really read fanfiction, I don’t know if you do, James, but I know that I am fully aware of the Newtmas ship and you have a fan who asks : did you ever think that was a thing that would  arise? I think that when you started writing the book there weren’t many ships, there weren’t many fanfiction or shipping but… what do you think of it? the Newtmas? …Or maybe I should slip it?

- No, no, I got it. Of all the insane crazy passionate things that my fans have bombarded me with, Newtmas has to be simultaneously the most awesome but also the most crazy-hilarious and… it just provided so many opportunities for fans to argue and get to know each other. But I think it didn’t really develop until the second and third books came around and it really exploded during the movies, just because people get to know the characters more and more and… Yes, there’s a lot of people around there who think that Thomas and Newt have this thing going on. *laughs gently and smiles* And they’re very insistent, trying to make me clarify or you know, put my stamp of approval on it. Which I refuse to do completely, because that’s the magic of reading and storytelling, it’s that we all take our own things from it. So, often, (and people may think this is a cop out, but…) to the really passionnate Newtmas fans… and you know, I don’t ever meant to make (a lot? a laugh?) of it or anything…. I just tell them : “hey! if you believe in it, then 100% absolutely positively it’s true because  that’s the contract I create with my readers”. I write the book and then they read it and they interpret it and so… It’s like telling someone, if they think an apple is delicious, you can’t say “no, you’re wrong, an apple is not delicious”. You are in charge of the book when you read it, and so if you think it’s true, it IS true, and if you like it, that’s the way it is. You’re in charge. You’re the receiver on this contract, so… Is that a good enough answer?

- I like that answer. I also think that in my mind, they are in love, in a brother-… like they are a deep family-brotherhood, they would do anything, they have obviously done anything for each other, but I also love both the visuals- the actors and the movies, and I think that they are cute, and… they’d be cute. As a couple. *she laughs, a little embarassed*   

- Oh yeah, it was already a thing with the books, but then the movies made it explode ten fold because you have Dylan O’Brian and Thomas Brodie Sangster. But there’s no doubt that those two characters are just so important, and that’s one of the central theme in the series, friendship and loyalty, and nobody displays that better than these two guys, so merry Newtmas to all you Newtmas fans!

Extra info :

  • apart from Newt’s prologue, everything will be in Thomas’ POV (…..damn).
  • JD likes Brenda and Teresa both, he doesn’t prefer one or the other, and he didn’t intend it to be something like a huge romantic triangle.
  • the Hogwarts sorting question was interesting but aouch, JD doesn’t really know his HP basics. (But he could see the boys in Slytherin. All together.)
  • Some love for Gally by JD, thank you

I might also get a lot of flack for this but I REALLY LOVE STANFORD GUYS. He’s a really interesting character and he has so many apparent flaws and I know he’s being a dick to Stanley but I kind of get it and I kind of relate to that sort of shit because I’ve FELT THAT BEFORE and even though I never hold grudges, sometimes some things are “unforgivable” and people really have to prove themselves and you can be blind to what they do for you, or have done for you, if you get into a certain mindset.

I’m not saying it’s healthy or that it excuses Stanford’s behavior towards Stanley (it doesn’t! and I can’t wait for him to figure that out!!), but THAT I FEEL IT. I HAVE FELT IT. I know in a way what he’s going through, and I’ll be making a detailed post about what I think Stanford’s perspective/feelings of what happened to them were. Because remember; the science fair feels “unfair” to us because Stanley told that part of the story and it was unfair TO HIM and the way he registered it. We didn’t get to fully understand Stanford’s side and that’s just as valid as Stanley’s. I hope to explore that in depth, and hopefully others will agree with me too.